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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55154

Chapter 55154 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Wang, Z-Wu.; Wang, X.; Li, X.; Chen, Z.; Zhao, L-Cheng.; Li, Y.; Wu, Y-Feng., 2010:
Prevalence and trend of metabolic syndrome in middle-aged Chinese population

Loviselli, A.; Ghiani, M.E.; Velluzzi, F.; Piras, I.S.; Minerba, L.; Vona, G.; Calò, C.M., 2010:
Prevalence and trend of overweight and obesity among Sardinian conscripts (Italy) of 1969 and 1998

Tabesh, H.; Hosseiny, S.Mahdi.; Kompani, F.; Saki, A.; Firoozabadi, M.Saeed.; Chenary, R.; Mehrabian Fard, M., 2014:
Prevalence and trend of overweight and obesity among schoolchildren in Ahvaz, Southwest of Iran

Looker, A.C.; Melton, L.Joseph.; Harris, T.B.; Borrud, L.G.; Shepherd, J.A., 2010:
Prevalence and trends in low femur bone density among older US adults: NHANES 2005-2006 compared with NHANES III

Sun, H.; Ma, Y.; Han, D.; Pan, C-Wei.; Xu, Y., 2015:
Prevalence and trends in obesity among China's children and adolescents, 1985-2010

Molaison, E.Fontenot.; Kolbo, J.R.; Zhang, L.; Harbaugh, B.; Armstrong, M.G.; Rushing, K.; Blom, L.C.; Green, A., 2010:
Prevalence and trends in obesity among Mississippi public school students, 2005-2009

Flegal, K.M.; Carroll, M.D.; Ogden, C.L.; Curtin, L.R., 2010:
Prevalence and trends in obesity among US adults, 1999-2008

Doshi, J.A.; Polsky, D.; Chang, V.W., 2007:
Prevalence and trends in obesity among aged and disabled U.S. Medicare beneficiaries, 1997-2002

Skinner, A.Cockrell.; Skelton, J.A., 2014:
Prevalence and trends in obesity and severe obesity among children in the United States, 1999-2012

Kolbo, J.R.; Zhang, L.; Molaison, E.Fontenot.; Harbaugh, B.L.; Hudson, G.M.; Armstrong, M.G.; Werle, N., 2013:
Prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity among Mississippi public school students, 2005-2011

Zhang, L.; Kolbo, J.R.; Kirkup, M.; Molaison, E.Fontenot.; Harbaugh, B.L.; Werle, N.; Walker, E., 2014:
Prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity among Mississippi public school students, 2005-2013

Toh, S.; Li, Q.; Cheetham, T.Craig.; Cooper, W.O.; Davis, R.L.; Dublin, S.; Hammad, T.A.; Li, D-Kun.; Pawloski, P.A.; Pinheiro, S.P.; Raebel, M.A.; Scott, P.E.; Smith, D.H.; Bobo, W.V.; Lawrence, J.M.; Dashevsky, I.; Haffenreffer, K.; Avalos, L.A.; Andrade, S.E., 2013:
Prevalence and trends in the use of antipsychotic medications during pregnancy in the U.S., 2001-2007: a population-based study of 585,615 deliveries

Gu, B.; Ke, X.; Pan, S.; Cao, Y.; Zhuang, L.; Yu, R.; Qian, H.; Liu, G.; Tong, M., 2013:
Prevalence and trends of aminoglycoside resistance in Shigella worldwide, 1999-2010

Hawkins, E.J.; Malte, C.A.; Imel, Z.E.; Saxon, A.J.; Kivlahan, D.R., 2012:
Prevalence and trends of benzodiazepine use among Veterans Affairs patients with posttraumatic stress disorder, 2003-2010

Mastropietro, D.J.; Omidian, H., 2013:
Prevalence and trends of cellulosics in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Kim, Y.Joung.; Han, J.Won.; So, Y.Seop.; Seo, J.Young.; Kim, K.Young.; Kim, K.Woong., 2015:
Prevalence and trends of dementia in Korea: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Randriamanantany, Z.A.; Rajaonatahina, D.H.; Razafimanantsoa, F.É.; Rasamindrakotroka, M.T.; Andriamahenina, R.; Rasoarilalaomanarivo, F.B.; Hanitriniala, S.P.; Herisoa, F.R.; Rakoto-Alson, O.A.; Rasamindrakotroka, A., 2012:
Prevalence and trends of hepatitis C virus among blood donors in Antananarivo, from 2003 to 2009

Kafi-abad, S.Amini.; Rezvan, H.; Abolghasemi, H.; Talebian, A., 2009:
Prevalence and trends of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus among blood donors in Iran, 2004 through 2007

Flichman, D.M.; Blejer, J.L.; Livellara, B.I.; Re, V.E.; Bartoli, S.; Bustos, J.A.; Ansola, C.P.; Hidalgo, S.; Cerda, M.E.; Levin, A.E.; Huenul, A.; Riboldi, V.; Treviño, E.M.C.; Salamone, H.J.; Nuñez, F.A.; Fernández, R.J.; Reybaud, J.F.; Campos, R.H., 2015:
Prevalence and trends of markers of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus and human Immunodeficiency virus in Argentine blood donors

Park, M.Jung.; Boston, B.A.; Oh, M.; Jee, S.Ha., 2009:
Prevalence and trends of metabolic syndrome among Korean adolescents: from the Korean NHANES survey, 1998-2005

Beltrán-Sánchez, H.; Harhay, M.O.; Harhay, M.M.; McElligott, S., 2014:
Prevalence and trends of metabolic syndrome in the adult U.S. population, 1999-2010

Johnson, S.; MacDonald, S.Farrell.; Cheverie, M.; Myrick, C.; Fischer, B., 2012:
Prevalence and trends of non-medical opioid and other drug use histories among federal correctional inmates in methadone maintenance treatment in Canada

Aekplakorn, W.; Inthawong, R.; Kessomboon, P.; Sangthong, R.; Chariyalertsak, S.; Putwatana, P.; Taneepanichskul, S., 2014:
Prevalence and trends of obesity and association with socioeconomic status in Thai adults: National Health Examination Surveys, 1991-2009

Zhao, G.; Ford, E.S.; Ahluwalia, I.B.; Li, C.; Mokdad, A.H., 2009:
Prevalence and trends of receipt of cancer screenings among US women with diagnosed diabetes

Skelton, J.A.; Cook, S.R.; Auinger, P.; Klein, J.D.; Barlow, S.E., 2010:
Prevalence and trends of severe obesity among US children and adolescents

de Onis, M.; Blössner, M.; Borghi, E., 2013:
Prevalence and trends of stunting among pre-school children, 1990-2020

Ghiasvand, R.; Lund, E.; Edvardsen, K.; Weiderpass, E.; Veierød, M.B., 2015:
Prevalence and trends of sunscreen use and sunburn among Norwegian women

Wu, J.M.; Vaughan, C.P.; Goode, P.S.; Redden, D.T.; Burgio, K.L.; Richter, H.E.; Markland, A.D., 2014:
Prevalence and trends of symptomatic pelvic floor disorders in U.S. women

Li, X.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, J.; Duan, Z.; Xin, S., 2014:
Prevalence and trends of the abdominal aortic aneurysms epidemic in general population--a meta-analysis

Rhine, T.; Gittelman, M.; Timm, N., 2012:
Prevalence and trends of the adult patient population in a pediatric emergency department

Gupta, R.; Singh, B.; Singh, D.Kumar.; Chugh, M., 2011:
Prevalence and trends of transfusion transmitted infections in a regional blood transfusion centre

Markland, A.D.; Richter, H.E.; Fwu, C-Wen.; Eggers, P.; Kusek, J.W., 2011:
Prevalence and trends of urinary incontinence in adults in the United States, 2001 to 2008

Mahboub, B.; Al-Hammadi, S.; Prakash, V.P.; Sulaiman, N.; Blaiss, M.S.; Redha, A.Al.; Vats, D.M., 2014:
Prevalence and triggers of allergic rhinitis in the United Arab Emirates

Agarossi, A.; Ferrazzi, E.; Parazzini, F.; Perno, C.Federico.; Ghisoni, L., 2009:
Prevalence and type distribution of high-risk human papillomavirus infection in women undergoing voluntary cervical cancer screening in Italy

Olesen, T.Bech.; Iftner, T.; Mwaiselage, J.; Kahesa, C.; Rasch, V.; Ngoma, T.; Munk, C.; Kjaer, S.Krüger., 2015:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus among 1813 men in Tanzania and the relationship to HIV status

Moore, R.A.; Ogilvie, G.; Fornika, D.; Moravan, V.; Brisson, M.; Amirabbasi-Beik, M.; Kollar, A.; Burgess, T.; Hsu, R.; Towers, L.; Lo, J.; Matisic, J.; Brooks-Wilson, A., 2010:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus in 5,000 British Columbia women--implications for vaccination

D.V.yst, H.; Clifford, G.M.; Nascimento, M.Claudia.; Madeleine, M.M.; Franceschi, S., 2009:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus in carcinoma and intraepithelial neoplasia of the vulva, vagina and anus: a meta-analysis

Konno, R.; Tamura, S.; Dobbelaere, K.; Yoshikawa, H., 2011:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus in healthy Japanese women aged 20 to 25 years old enrolled in a clinical study

Liu, X.; Zhang, S.; Ruan, Q.; Ji, Y.; Ma, L.; Zhang, Y., 2010:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus in women with cervical lesions in Liaoning Province, China

Guo, J.; Zhao, F.; Liu, R.; Mu, Y., 2010:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus infection in women from Datong, China

Piana, A.; Sotgiu, G.; Castiglia, P.; Pischedda, S.; Cocuzza, C.; Capobianco, G.; Marras, V.; Dessole, S.; Muresu, E., 2012:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus infection in women from North Sardinia, Italy

Afshar, R.Malekpour.; Mollaie, H.Reza.; Fazlalipour, M.; Arabzadeh, S.Alimohammad., 2014:
Prevalence and type distribution of human papillomavirus infection using the INNo-Lipa assay, Kerman, Southeast Iran

Smith, J.S.; Lafage, V.; Schwab, F.J.; Shaffrey, C.I.; Protopsaltis, T.; Klineberg, E.; Gupta, M.; Scheer, J.K.; Fu, K-Ming.G.; Mundis, G.; Hostin, R.; Deviren, V.; Hart, R.; Burton, D.C.; Bess, S.; Ames, C.P., 2015:
Prevalence and type of cervical deformity among 470 adults with thoracolumbar deformity

Temelkova-Kurktschiev, T.S.; Kurktschiev, D.P.; Vladimirova-Kitova, L.G.; Vaklinova, I.; Todorova, B.R., 2009:
Prevalence and type of dyslipidaemia in a population at risk for cardiovascular death in Bulgaria

Grover, S.; Kumar, V.; Chakrabarti, S.; Hollikatti, P.; Singh, P.; Tyagi, S.; Kulhara, P.; Avasthi, A., 2013:
Prevalence and type of functional somatic complaints in patients with first-episode depression

Sumritivanicha, A.; Chintanavilas, K.; Apisarnthanarak, A., 2011:
Prevalence and type of microorganisms isolated from house staff's mobile phones before and after alcohol cleaning

Tecco, S.; D'Attilio, M.; Tetè, S.; Festa, F., 2009:
Prevalence and type of pain during conventional and self-ligating orthodontic treatment

Salvagno, G.L.; Lippi, G.; Bassi, A.; Poli, G.; Guidi, G.C., 2008:
Prevalence and type of pre-analytical problems for inpatients samples in coagulation laboratory

Lippi, G.; Bassi, A.; Solero, G.Pietro.; Salvagno, G.Luca.; Guidi, G.Cesare., 2008:
Prevalence and type of preanalytical errors on inpatient samples referred for complete blood count

Xu, F.; Sheng, Y-Y.; Mu, Z-L.; Lou, W.; Zhou, J.; Ren, Y-T.; Qi, S-S.; Wang, X-S.; Fu, Z-W.; Yang, Q-P., 2008:
Prevalence and types of androgenetic alopecia in Shanghai, China: a community-based study

Albustanji, Y.M.; Albustanji, M.M.; Hegazi, M.M.; Amayreh, M.M., 2015:
Prevalence and types of articulation errors in Saudi Arabic-speaking children with repaired cleft lip and palate

Kagira, J.M.; Maina, N.; Njenga, J.; Karanja, S.M.; Karori, S.M.; Ngotho, J.M., 2011:
Prevalence and types of coinfections in sleeping sickness patients in kenya (2000/2009)

Lim, J.Jung.; Jung, J.Im.; Lee, B.Young.; Lee, H.Gui., 2014:
Prevalence and types of coronary artery fistulas detected with coronary CT angiography

Zhang, L.Jiang.; Zhou, C.Sheng.; Wang, Y.; Jin, Z.; Yu, W.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, B.; Fang, X.; Cui, X.; Li, K.; Huang, W.; Zheng, L.; Ji, X.Man.; Hoffman, C.; Schoepf, U.Joseph.; Lu, G.Ming., 2014:
Prevalence and types of coronary to pulmonary artery fistula in a Chinese population at dual-source CT coronary angiography

Wangsrimongkol, T.; Manosudprasit, M.; Pisek, P.; Chittiwatanapong, N., 2014:
Prevalence and types of dental anomaly in a Thai non-syndromic oral cleft sample

Heffernan, H.M.; Woodhouse, R.E.; Pope, C.E.; Blackmore, T.K., 2010:
Prevalence and types of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among urinary Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. in New Zealand

Ashaye, A.; Ashaolu, O.; Komolafe, O.; Ajayi, B.G.K.; Olawoye, O.; Olusanya, B.; Adeoti, C., 2014:
Prevalence and types of glaucoma among an indigenous African population in southwestern Nigeria

Bonvehi, C.; Ardiaca, M.; Barrera, S.; Cuesta, M.; Montesinos, A., 2014:
Prevalence and types of hyponatraemia, its relationship with hyperglycaemia and mortality in ill pet rabbits

Kaley, J.Raible.; Bornhorst, J.; Wiggins, M.; Yared, M., 2013:
Prevalence and types of misrepresentation of publication record by pathology residency applicants

Reiner, Željko.; Tedeschi-Reiner, E., 2013:
Prevalence and types of persistent dyslipidemia in patients treated with statins

Javanbakht, M.; Stahlman, S.; Pickett, J.; LeBlanc, M-André.; Gorbach, P.M., 2014:
Prevalence and types of rectal douches used for anal intercourse: results from an international survey

Nemec, A.; Arzi, B.; Murphy, B.; Kass, P.H.; Verstraete, F.J.M., 2012:
Prevalence and types of tooth resorption in dogs with oral tumors

Lopez-Picazo, J.J.; Ruiz, J.C.; Sanchez, J.F.; Ariza, A.; Aguilera, B.; Lazaro, D.; Sanz, G.R., 2010:
Prevalence and typology of potential drug interactions occurring in primary care patients

Checchi, F.; Cox, A.P.; Chappuis, Fçois.; Priotto, G.; Chandramohan, D.; Haydon, D.T., 2013:
Prevalence and under-detection of gambiense human African trypanosomiasis during mass screening sessions in Uganda and Sudan

Hill, K.; Goldstein, R.S.; Guyatt, G.H.; Blouin, M.; Tan, W.C.; Davis, L.L.; Heels-Ansdell, D.M.; Erak, M.; Bragaglia, P.J.; Tamari, I.E.; Hodder, R.; Stanbrook, M.B., 2010:
Prevalence and underdiagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among patients at risk in primary care

van Mourik, Y.; Rutten, F.H.; Moons, K.G.M.; Bertens, L.C.M.; Hoes, A.W.; Reitsma, J.B., 2014:
Prevalence and underlying causes of dyspnoea in older people: a systematic review

Najati, N.; Saboktakin, L., 2011:
Prevalence and underlying etiologies of neonatal hypoglycemia

Usir, E.; Lua, P.Lin.; Majeed, A.Bakar.Abdul., 2013:
Prevalence and usage of printed and electronic drug references and patient medication records in community pharmacies in Malaysia

Chao, M.T.; Abercrombie, P.D.; Nakagawa, S.; Gregorich, S.E.; Learman, L.A.; Kuppermann, M., 2015:
Prevalence and use of complementary health approaches among women with chronic pelvic pain in a prospective cohort study

Pearce, M.S.; Mann, K.D.; Singh, G.; Davison, B.; Sayers, S.M., 2015:
Prevalence and validity of self-reported smoking in Indigenous and non-Indigenous young adults in the Australian Northern Territory

Tabata, M.; Grab, J.D.; Khalpey, Z.; Edwards, F.H.; O'Brien, S.M.; Cohn, L.H.; Bolman, R.Morton., 2009:
Prevalence and variability of internal mammary artery graft use in contemporary multivessel coronary artery bypass graft surgery: analysis of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Cardiac Database

Schmitto, J.D.; Rajab, T.K.; Cohn, L.H., 2011:
Prevalence and variability of internal mammary graft use in contemporary multivessel coronary artery bypass graft

Kahi, C.J.; Hewett, D.G.; Norton, D.Lee.; Eckert, G.J.; Rex, D.K., 2011:
Prevalence and variable detection of proximal colon serrated polyps during screening colonoscopy

Reis, H.França.Correia.dos.; Ladeia, A.Marice.Teixeira.; Passos, E.Carvalho.; Santos, Fávio.Guilherme.de.Oliveira.; Wasconcellos, L.Tapioca.de.; Correia, Lís.Cláudio.Lemos.; Menezes, M.Silva.; Santos, R.Dáttoli.Gouvêa.; Bomfim, V.Guerrero.do.; Rocha, Mário.de.Seixas., 2009:
Prevalence and variables associated with physical inactivity in individuals with high and low socioeconomic status

Gómez-Sáez, N.; González-Álvarez, I.; Vilar, J.; Hernández-Aguado, I.; Domingo, M.L.; Lorente, M.F.; Pastor-Valero, M.; Parker, L.A.; Picazo, N.; Calbo, J.; Lumbreras, B., 2015:
Prevalence and variables associated with solitary pulmonary nodules in a routine clinic-based population: a cross-sectional study

Pena, F.Montes.; Modenesi, R.de.Faria.; Piraciaba, M.Clara.Teixeira.; Marins, R.Magliano.; Souza, L.Barros.Muniz.de.; Barcelos, A.Ferreira.; Soares, J.da.Silva., 2011:
Prevalence and variables predictive of depressive symptoms in patients hospitalized for heart failure

Stack, A.G.; Casserly, L.F.; Cronin, C.J.; Chernenko, T.; Cullen, W.; Hannigan, A.; Saran, R.; Johnson, H.; Browne, G.; Ferguson, J.P., 2015:
Prevalence and variation of Chronic Kidney Disease in the Irish health system: initial findings from the National Kidney Disease Surveillance Programme

Minnick, A.F.; Mion, L.C.; Johnson, M.E.; Catrambone, C.; Leipzig, R., 2007:
Prevalence and variation of physical restraint use in acute care settings in the US

Townsend, J.A.; Brannon, R.B.; Cheramie, T.; Hagan, J., 2014:
Prevalence and variations of the median maxillary labial frenum in children, adolescents, and adults in a diverse population

Muñoz, Jé.; Coll, O.; Juncosa, T.; Vergés, M.; del Pino, M.; Fumado, V.; Bosch, J.; Posada, E.J.; Hernandez, S.; Fisa, R.; Boguña, J.Maria.; Gállego, M.; Sanz, S.; Portús, M.; Gascón, J., 2009:
Prevalence and vertical transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi infection among pregnant Latin American women attending 2 maternity clinics in Barcelona, Spain

Schmitt, M.; Depuydt, C.; Benoy, I.; Bogers, J.; Antoine, J.; Arbyn, M.; Pawlita, M., 2013:
Prevalence and viral load of 51 genital human papillomavirus types and three subtypes

Chong, P.Pei.; Tung, C.Hong.; Rahman, N.Asyikin.Bt.Abdul.; Yajima, M.; Chin, F.Wai.; Yeng, C.Lim.Siew.; Go, E.Soon.; Chan, C.M.L.; Yawata, N.; Yamamoto, N., 2015:
Prevalence and viral load of oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) in pterygia in multi-ethnic patients in the Malay Peninsula

Broccolo, F.; Chiari, S.; Piana, A.; Castiglia, P.; Dell'Anna, T.; Garcia-Parra, R.; Maneo, A.; Villa, A.; Leone, E.B.; Perego, P.; Maida, A.; Mangioni, C.; Cocuzza, C.E., 2009:
Prevalence and viral load of oncogenic human papillomavirus types associated with cervical carcinoma in a population of North Italy

Lee, G.Q.; Bangsberg, D.R.; Muzoora, C.; Boum, Y.; Oyugi, J.H.; Emenyonu, N.; Bennett, J.; Hunt, P.W.; Knapp, D.; Brumme, C.J.; Harrigan, P.Richard.; Martin, J.N., 2015:
Prevalence and virologic consequences of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance in Uganda

Caetano, K.Antonieta.Amorim.; França, Dânia.Dias.da.Silva.; Carneiro, M.Aparecida.Dos.Santos.; Martins, R.Maria.Bringel.; Stefani, M.Martins.de.Araújo.; Kerr, Lígia.Regina.Franco.Sansigolo.; de Matos, M.André.; Moraes, L.Carneiro.; Teles, S.Araujo., 2013:
Prevalence and virologic profile of HIV infections among female sex workers in Goiânia City, central Brazil

Pinarbasi, B.; Onel, D.; Cosan, F.; Akyuz, F.; Dirlik, N.; Cakaloglu, Y.; Badur, S.; Besisik, F.; Demir, K.; Okten, A.; Kaymakoglu, S., 2008:
Prevalence and virological features of occult hepatitis B virus infection in female sex workers who work uncontrolled in Turkey

Attia, K.Alain.; Eholié, S.; Messou, Eène.; Danel, C.; Polneau, S.; Chenal, H.; Toni, T.; Mbamy, M.; Seyler, C.; Wakasugi, N.; N'dri-Yoman, Térèse.; Anglaret, X., 2012:
Prevalence and virological profiles of hepatitis B infection in human immunodeficiency virus patients

Murthy, G.V.S.; Vashist, P.; John, N.; Pokharel, G.; Ellwein, L.B., 2010:
Prevalence and vision-related outcomes of cataract surgery in Gujarat, India

To, K.Gia.; Meuleners, L.B.; Fraser, M.L.; Do, D.Van.; Duong, D.Van.; Huynh, V-Anh.Ngoc.; To, Q.Gia.; Phi, T.Duy.; Tran, H.Huy.; Nguyen, N.Do., 2014:
Prevalence and visual risk factors for falls in bilateral cataract patients in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Grangeiro, A.; Holcman, Márcia.Moreira.; Onaga, E.Taeko.; Alencar, H.Duarte.Ramos.de.; Placco, A.Luiza.Nunes.; Teixeira, P.Roberto., 2013:
Prevalence and vulnerability of homeless people to HIV infection in São Paulo, Brazil

Widanarko, B.; Legg, S.; Stevenson, M.; Devereux, J.; Eng, A.; 't Mannetje, A.; Cheng, S.; Pearce, N., 2012:
Prevalence and work-related risk factors for reduced activities and absenteeism due to low back symptoms

Luckhaupt, S.E.; Dahlhamer, J.M.; Ward, B.W.; Sweeney, M.H.; Sestito, J.P.; Calvert, G.M., 2013:
Prevalence and work-relatedness of carpal tunnel syndrome in the working population, United States, 2010 National Health Interview Survey

Smith, S.; Craig, L.C.A.; Raja, E.A.; McNeill, G.; Turner, S.W., 2014:
Prevalence and year-on-year trends in childhood thinness in a whole population study

Salifou, S.; Attindéhou, S.; Salifou, C.Folakè.Arikè.; Pangui, L-Joseph., 2014:
Prevalence and zoonotic aspects of small ruminant mange in the lateritic and waterlogged zones, southern Benin

Mastroiacovo, P.; Maraschini, A.; Leoncini, E.; Mossey, P.; Bower, C.; Castilla, E.E.; Feldkamp, M.L.; Halliday, J.; Little, J.; Robert-Gnansia, E.; Castilla, E.E.; Boulyjenkov, V.; Harris, J.; Bower, C.; Dolk, H.; Calzolari, E.; Feldkamp, M.; Castilla, E.E.; Zezza, S.; Abramsky, L.; Addor, M-Claude.; Arias, W.; al-Gazali, L.; Amar, E.; Baker, M.A.; Barisic, I.; Bianca, S.; Nesima, G.; Bourne, D.; Boyd, P.; Calder, D.; Castilla, E.E.; Cocchi, G.; Copeland, G.E.; Correa, A.; Csáky-Szunyogh, M.;, 2014:
Prevalence at birth of cleft lip with or without cleft palate: data from the International Perinatal Database of Typical Oral Clefts (IPDTOC)

Sahoo, S.; Suvarna, S.; Chandra, A.; Wahi, S.; Kumar, P.; Khanna, G., 2013:
Prevalence based epidemiological cancer statistics: a brief assessment from different populations in India

Aghakhani, N.; Sharif Nia, H.; Soleimani, M.Ali.; Bahrami, N.; Rahbar, N.; Fattahi, Y.; Beheshti, Z., 2011:
Prevalence burn injuries and risk factors in persons older the 15 years in Urmia burn center in Iran

Rich, T.A.; Feng, L.; Busaidy, N.; Cote, G.J.; Gagel, R.F.; Hu, M.; Jimenez, C.; Lee, J.E.; Perrier, N.; Sherman, S.I.; Waguespack, S.G.; Ying, A.; Grubbs, E., 2015:
Prevalence by age and predictors of medullary thyroid cancer in patients with lower risk germline RET proto-oncogene mutations

Klusonová, H.; Stepánová, V.; Plísková, L.; Stilec, R., 2009:
Prevalence change of HGV(GBV-C) infection and its coinfection with HBV a HCV infections in haemodialysis patients

Luntamo, T.; Sourander, A.; Santalahti, Päivi.; Aromaa, M.; Helenius, H., 2012:
Prevalence changes of pain, sleep problems and fatigue among 8-year-old children: years 1989, 1999, and 2005

Liu, H.; Tang, Z.; Weng, D.; Yang, Y.; Tian, L.; Duan, Z.; Chen, J., 2009:
Prevalence characteristics and prediction of coal workers' pneumoconiosis in the Tiefa Colliery in China

Zhang, Z.; Guo, X.; Zhang, Q., 2010:
Prevalence characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among Escherichia coli isolates collected in Zhengzhou

Kim, D-Sup.; Yoon, Y-Seung.; Yi, C.Ho., 2011:
Prevalence comparison of accompanying lesions between primary and recurrent anterior dislocation in the shoulder

Fishbain, D.A.; Gao, J.; Lewis, J.E.; Bruns, D.; Meyer, L.J.; Disorbio, J.Mark., 2016:
Prevalence comparisons of somatic and psychiatric symptoms between community nonpatients without pain, acute pain patients, and chronic pain patients

Halland, M.; Koloski, N.A.; Jones, M.; Byles, J.; Chiarelli, P.; Forder, P.; Talley, N.J., 2013:
Prevalence correlates and impact of fecal incontinence among older women

Beljaars, Dëlle.E.A.; Valckx, W.J.A.R.M.; Stepan, C.; Donis, J.; Lavrijsen, J.C.M., 2016:
Prevalence differences of patients in vegetative state in The Netherlands and Vienna, Austria: a comparison of values and ethics

Karnik, N.S.; Soller, M.V.; Redlich, A.; Silverman, M.A.; Kraemer, H.C.; Haapanen, R.; Steiner, H., 2010:
Prevalence differences of psychiatric disorders among youth after nine months or more of incarceration by race/ethnicity and age

Kapito-Tembo, A.P.; Mwapasa, V.; Meshnick, S.R.; Samanyika, Y.; Banda, D.; Bowie, C.; Radke, S., 2010:
Prevalence distribution and risk factors for Schistosoma hematobium infection among school children in Blantyre, Malawi

Ishibashi, K.; Watanabe, K.; Takaoka, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Kita, S., 2012:
Prevalence effect in haptic search

Wolfe, J.M.; Brunelli, D.N.; Rubinstein, J.; Horowitz, T.S., 2014:
Prevalence effects in newly trained airport checkpoint screeners: trained observers miss rare targets, too

Clark, C.J.; Bloom, D.E.; Hill, A.G.; Silverman, J.G., 2010:
Prevalence estimate of intimate partner violence in Jordan

Taggi, F., 2010:
Prevalence estimate of three dichotomic characteristics by the analysis of pools, with an application for simulation of the joint detection of cocaine, cannabis and alcohol

Ramírez, M.; Teresi, J.A.; Holmes, D.; Martínez, V.; Lantigua, R., 2007:
Prevalence estimates and health-related correlates of cognitive impairment from a probability sample of community-residing Latino elders

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