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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55162

Chapter 55162 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Santoro, N.; Cirillo, G.; Xiang, Z.; Tanas, R.; Greggio, N.; Morino, G.; Iughetti, L.; Vottero, A.; Salvatoni, A.; D.P.etro, M.; Balsamo, A.; Crinò, A.; Grandone, A.; Haskell-Luevano, C.; Perrone, L.; del Giudice, E.Miraglia., 2009:
Prevalence of pathogenetic MC4R mutations in Italian children with early onset obesity, tall stature and familial history of obesity

Dorjee, S.; Heuer, C.; Jackson, R.; West, D.M.; Collins-Emerson, J.M.; Midwinter, A.C.; Ridler, A.L., 2008:
Prevalence of pathogenic Leptospira spp. in sheep in a sheep-only abattoir in New Zealand

Fredriksson-Ahomaa, M.; Wacheck, S.; Koenig, M.; Stolle, A.; Stephan, R., 2010:
Prevalence of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in wild boars in Switzerland

Fondrevez, M.; Minvielle, B.; Labbé, A.; Houdayer, C.; Rose, N.; Esnault, E.; Denis, M., 2014:
Prevalence of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica in slaughter-aged pigs during a one-year survey, 2010-2011, France

von Altrock, A.; Roesler, U.; Merle, R.; Waldmann, K-H., 2010:
Prevalence of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica strains on liver surfaces of pigs and their antimicrobial susceptibility

Stahl, R.; Luke, A.; Ma, C.Benjamin.; Krug, R.; Steinbach, L.; Majumdar, S.; Link, T.M., 2008:
Prevalence of pathologic findings in asymptomatic knees of marathon runners before and after a competition in comparison with physically active subjects-a 3.0 T magnetic resonance imaging study

Ritter, L.; Lutz, Jürgen.; Neugebauer, J.; Scheer, M.; Dreiseidler, T.; Zinser, M.J.; Rothamel, D.; Mischkowski, R.A., 2011:
Prevalence of pathologic findings in the maxillary sinus in cone-beam computerized tomography

Brillantino, A.; Monaco, L.; Schettino, M.; Torelli, F.; Izzo, G.; Cosenza, A.; Marano, L.; D.M.rtino, N., 2008:
Prevalence of pathological duodenogastric reflux and the relationship between duodenogastric and duodenogastrooesophageal reflux in chronic gastrooesophageal reflux disease

Ladouceur, R.; Dubé, D., 1995:
Prevalence of pathological gambling and associated problems in individuals who visit non-gambling video arcades

Etel, C.; Tabchi, S.; Bou Khalil, R.; Hlais, S.; Richa, S., 2013:
Prevalence of pathological gambling in Lebanese students

Romo, L.; Legauffre, C.; Genolini, C.; Lucas, C.; Morvannou, A.; Lerfel, Y.; Adès, J., 2012:
Prevalence of pathological gambling in the general population around Paris: preliminary study

Li, D.; Hu, F.; Wang, F.; Cui, B.; Dong, X.; Zhang, W.; Lin, C.; Li, X.; Wang, D.; Zhao, Y., 2013:
Prevalence of pathological germline mutations of hMLH1 and hMSH2 genes in colorectal cancer

Durkee, T.; Kaess, M.; Carli, V.; Parzer, P.; Wasserman, C.; Floderus, B.; Apter, A.; Balazs, J.; Barzilay, S.; Bobes, J.; Brunner, R.; Corcoran, P.; Cosman, D.; Cotter, P.; Despalins, R.; Graber, N.; Guillemin, F.; Haring, C.; Kahn, J-Pierre.; Mandelli, L.; Marusic, D.; Mészáros, G.; Musa, G.J.; Postuvan, V.; Resch, F.; Saiz, P.A.; Sisask, M.; Varnik, A.; Sarchiapone, M.; Hoven, C.W.; Wasserman, D., 2013:
Prevalence of pathological internet use among adolescents in Europe: demographic and social factors

Wartberg, L.; Kriston, L.; Kammerl, R.; Petersen, K-Uwe.; Thomasius, R., 2015:
Prevalence of pathological internet use in a representative German sample of adolescents: results of a latent profile analysis

Fargen, K.M.; Rahman, M.; Neal, D.; Hoh, B.L., 2013:
Prevalence of patient safety indicators and hospital-acquired conditions in those treated for unruptured cerebral aneurysms: establishing standard performance measures using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample database

Khraishi, M.; MacDonald, D.; Rampakakis, E.; Vaillancourt, J.; Sampalis, J.S., 2011:
Prevalence of patient-reported comorbidities in early and established psoriatic arthritis cohorts

Silveira, A.Magalhães.; Feltrin, P.Paulo.; Zanetti, R.Virgínia.; Mautoni, Mário.Cláudio., 2007:
Prevalence of patients harboring temporomandibular disorders in an otorhinolaryngology department

Asigau, V.; Lavu, E.K.; McBride, W.J.H.; Biloh, E.; Naroi, F.; Koana, E.; Ferguson, J.K.; Laman, M., 2015:
Prevalence of patients with acute febrile illnesses and positive dengue NS1 tests in a tertiary hospital in Papua New Guinea

Chauvenet, M.; Lepage, Côme.; Jooste, Vérie.; Cottet, V.; Faivre, J.; Bouvier, A-Marie., 2009:
Prevalence of patients with colorectal cancer requiring follow-up or active treatment

D.G.ndt, C.; Bilsen, J.; Van Den Noortgate, N.; Lambert, M.; Stichele, R.Vander.; Deliens, L., 2007:
Prevalence of patients with do-not-resuscitate status on acute geriatric wards in Flanders, Belgium

Khader, M.I.; Snouber, S.; Alkhatib, A.; Nazzal, Z.; Dudin, A., 2013:
Prevalence of patients with end-stage renal disease on dialysis in the West Bank, Palestine

López-Pisa, R.María.; Mazeres-Ferrer, O.; Julià-Nicolas, Mía.Teresa.; Bertrán-Pi, C.; Almeda-Ortega, Jús., 2012:
Prevalence of patients with high complexity and/or high dependency for case management in primary care

Vieira, A.A.; Ribeiro, S.A.; de Siqueira, A.M.; Galesi, V.M.N.; dos Santos, L.A.R.; Golub, J.E., 2011:
Prevalence of patients with respiratory symptoms through active case finding and diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis among prisoners and related predictors in a jail in the city of Carapicuíba, Brazil

Benfari, G.; Rossi, A.; Dandale, R.; Toniolo, M.; Cristofoletti, A.; Ribichini, F.; Vassanelli, C., 2014:
Prevalence of patients with severely reduced aortic valve area and low gradient despite a preserved ejection fraction. Results from a cath-lab data base

Campo-Arias, A.; Ceballo, G.Augusto.; Herazo, E., 2010:
Prevalence of pattern of risky behaviors for reproductive and sexual health among middle- and high-school students

Murgiano, L.; Drögemüller, C.; Sbarra, F.; Bolcato, M.; Gentile, A., 2015:
Prevalence of paunch calf syndrome carriers in Italian Romagnola cattle

Spiess; Bolliger; Borer-Germann; Murisier; Richter; Pot; Walser-Reinhardt; Watté; Hässig, 2015:
Prevalence of pectinate ligament dysplasia in golden retrievers in Switzerland

Westphal, F.Luiz.; Lima, L.Carlos.de.; Lima Neto, Jé.Corrêia.; Chaves, A.Rodrigues.; Santos Júnior, Vítor.Lazarini.dos.; Ferreira, B.Luize.Cunha., 2009:
Prevalence of pectus carinatum and pectus excavatum in students in the city of Manaus, Brazil

Huang, W-Chan., 2012:
Prevalence of pediatric Helicobacter pylori infection in Taiwan

Kelly, E.A.; Parakininkas, D.E.; Werlin, S.L.; Southern, J.F.; Johnston, N.; Kerschner, J.E., 2014:
Prevalence of pediatric aspiration-associated extraesophageal reflux disease

Ferreira, Fávia.Regina.; Nascimento, L.Fernando.Costa.; Cirvidiu, D.Camargo., 2012:
Prevalence of pediatric dermatoses in a university hospital in southeastern Brazil

Li, J.; Motsko, S.P.; Goehring, E.L.; Tave, A.; Pezzullo, J.C.; Jones, J.K., 2011:
Prevalence of pediatric dyslipidemia: comparison of a population-based claims database to national surveys

Kapil, U.; Kaur, S., 2011:
Prevalence of pediatrics metabolic syndrome (PMS) amongst children in the age group of 6-18 years belonging to high income group residing in national capital territory (NCT) of Delhi

Poudat, A.; Nasirian, H., 2009:
Prevalence of pediculosis and scabies in the prisoners of Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan province, Iran

Oh, J-Min.; Lee, I.Yong.; Lee, W-Ja.; Seo, M.; Park, S-Ah.; Lee, S.Hyun.; Seo, J.Hoon.; Yong, T-Soon.; Park, S-Jung.; Shin, M.Heon.; Pai, K-Soo.; Yu, J-Ran.; Sim, S., 2011:
Prevalence of pediculosis capitis among Korean children

Soultana, V.; Euthumia, P.; Antonios, M.; Angeliki, R-Schultze., 2010:
Prevalence of pediculosis capitis among schoolchildren in Greece and risk factors: a questionnaire survey

Manrique-Saide, P.; Pavía-Ruz, N.; Rodríguez-Buenfil, J.C.; Herrera Herrera, R.; Gómez-Ruiz, P.; Pilger, D., 2012:
Prevalence of pediculosis capitis in children from a rural school in Yucatan, Mexico

Arslan, S.; Savaser, S.; Yazgan, Y., 2012:
Prevalence of peer bullying in high school students in Turkey and the roles of socio-cultural and demographic factors in the bullying cycle

Moro, F.; Mavrelos, D.; Pateman, K.; Holland, T.; Hoo, W.L.; Jurkovic, D., 2015:
Prevalence of pelvic adhesions on ultrasound examination in women with a history of Cesarean section

Kepenekci, I.; Keskinkilic, B.; Akinsu, F.; Cakir, P.; Elhan, A.Halil.; Erkek, A.Bulent.; Kuzu, M.Ayhan., 2011:
Prevalence of pelvic floor disorders in the female population and the impact of age, mode of delivery, and parity

Rosenkrantz, A.B.; Lewis, M.T.; Yalamanchili, S.; Lim, R.P.; Wong, S.; Bennett, G.L., 2014:
Prevalence of pelvic organ prolapse detected at dynamic MRI in women without history of pelvic floor dysfunction: comparison of two reference lines

Bruining, D.H.; Siddiki, H.A.; Fletcher, J.G.; Tremaine, W.J.; Sandborn, W.J.; Loftus, E.V., 2008:
Prevalence of penetrating disease and extraintestinal manifestations of Crohn's disease detected with CT enterography

Allen, J.E.; White, C.J.; Leonard, R.J.; Belafsky, P.C., 2010:
Prevalence of penetration and aspiration on videofluoroscopy in normal individuals without dysphagia

Wu, H-Chao.; Tuo, B-Guang.; Wu, W-Min.; Gao, Y.; Xu, Q-Qing.; Zhao, K., 2008:
Prevalence of peptic ulcer in dyspeptic patients and the influence of age, sex, and Helicobacter pylori infection

Chen, P-Hung.; Golub, J.S.; Hapner, E.R.; Johns, M.M., 2008:
Prevalence of perceived dysphagia and quality-of-life impairment in a geriatric population

Swahnberg, K.; Hearn, J.; Wijma, B., 2009:
Prevalence of perceived experiences of emotional, physical, sexual, and health care abuse in a Swedish male patient sample

Lane, M.E.; Hourani, L.L.; Bray, R.M.; Williams, J., 2012:
Prevalence of perceived stress and mental health indicators among reserve-component and active-duty military personnel

Wirth, R.; Bauer, J.M.; Willschrei, H.P.; Volkert, D.; Sieber, C.C., 2010:
Prevalence of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in nursing home residents--a nationwide survey in Germany

Melichar, B.; Doležal, Jří.; Srámek, V.; Kalábová, H.; Krčmová, L.Kujovská.; Hyšpler, Rír.; Studentová, H.; Vošmik, M.; Pecka, M.; Svobodník, A.; Pecen, L.; Doležel, M.; Solichová, D., 2014:
Prevalence of perfusion defects detected by stress 99mtechnetium sestamibi myocardial perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography in asymptomatic patients with breast cancer

Aguirre-Zorzano, L.Antonio.; Estefanía-Fresco, R.; Telletxea, O.; Bravo, M., 2014:
Prevalence of peri-implant inflammatory disease in patients with a history of periodontal disease who receive supportive periodontal therapy

Schuldt Filho, G.; Dalago, H.Renata.; Oliveira de Souza, Jão.Gustavo.; Stanley, K.; Jovanovic, S.; Bianchini, M.Aurélio., 2016:
Prevalence of peri-implantitis in patients with implant-supported fixed prostheses

Koldsland, O.Carsten.; Scheie, A.Aamdal.; Aass, A.Merete., 2010:
Prevalence of peri-implantitis related to severity of the disease with different degrees of bone loss

Benavides, O.Edel.Trujillo.; Cruz, E.Paredes.; Marun, C.Maroun.; Herńandez, M.M.Guerrero., 2007:
Prevalence of periampullary diverticular, its association with choledocolithiasis and technical sucess with ERCP

Reddy, S.Reddy.Veeram.; Thomas, R.Lee.; Ross, R.David., 2009:
Prevalence of pericardial effusions in children with large atrial or ventricular septal defect

Rinke, S.; Ohl, S.; Ziebolz, D.; Lange, K.; Eickholz, P., 2011:
Prevalence of periimplant disease in partially edentulous patients: a practice-based cross-sectional study

Ghavami, M.; Abedinzadeh, R., 2011:
Prevalence of perinatal central nervous system anomalies in East azarbaijan-iran

Wieland, B.; Summers, J.F.; Häsler, B.; Mancho-Alonso, C.; Craig, A.; Allenspach, K., 2012:
Prevalence of perinuclear antineutrophilic cytoplasmic autoantibodies in serum of healthy Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers in the United Kingdom

Tomás-Vila, M., 2007:
Prevalence of periodic limb movement disorder in infancy

Marcus, C.L.; Traylor, J.; Gallagher, P.R.; Brooks, L.J.; Huang, J.; Koren, D.; Katz, L.; Mason, T.B.A.; Tapia, I.E., 2015:
Prevalence of periodic limb movements during sleep in normal children

Rotimi, V.O.; Salako, N.O.; Divia, M.; Asfour, L.; Kononen, E., 2010:
Prevalence of periodontal bacteria in saliva of Kuwaiti children at different age groups

Pulido-Rozo, M.; Gonzalez-Martínez, F.; Rivas-Muñoz, F., 2012:
Prevalence of periodontal disease and oral hygiene indicators in high school students from Cartagena, Colombia

Holtfreter, B.; Kocher, T.; Hoffmann, T.; Desvarieux, M.; Micheelis, W., 2010:
Prevalence of periodontal disease and treatment demands based on a German dental survey (DMS IV)

Bostancı, V.; Toker, H.; Senel, S.; Sahin, S., 2016:
Prevalence of periodontal disease in patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever: a cohort study from central Turkey

Zovko, Ržica.; Glavina, D.; Mabić, M.; Cvitanović, S.; Šarac, Z.; Ivanković, A., 2015:
Prevalence of periodontal diseases in North Herzegovina

Artuković, D.; Spalj, S.; Knezević, A.; Plancak, D.; Pandurić, V.; Anić-Milosević, S.; Lauc, T., 2007:
Prevalence of periodontal diseases in Zagreb population, Croatia, 14 years ago and today

Schara, R.; Skaleric, E.; Seme, K.; Skaleric, U., 2013:
Prevalence of periodontal pathogens and metabolic control of type 1 diabetes patients

Mahendra, J.; Mahendra, L.; Kurian, V.M.; Jaishankar, K.; Mythilli, R., 2009:
Prevalence of periodontal pathogens in coronary atherosclerotic plaque of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Jiménez, M.C.; Sanders, A.E.; Mauriello, S.M.; Kaste, L.M.; Beck, J.D., 2016:
Prevalence of periodontitis according to Hispanic or Latino background among study participants of the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos

Nanaiah, K.Pallavi.; Nagarathna, D.V.; Manjunath, N., 2014:
Prevalence of periodontitis among the adolescents aged 15-18 years in Mangalore City: An epidemiological and microbiological study

Brito, F.; de Barros, F.Cervo.; Zaltman, C.; Carvalho, A.Teresa.Pugas.; Carneiro, A.Jose.de.Vasconcellos.; Fischer, R.Guimarães.; Gustafsson, A.; Figueredo, C.Marcelo.de.Silva., 2008:
Prevalence of periodontitis and DMFT index in patients with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Eke, P.I.; Dye, B.A.; Wei, L.; Thornton-Evans, G.O.; Genco, R.J., 2012:
Prevalence of periodontitis in adults in the United States: 2009 and 2010

Shaju, J.P.; Zade, R.M.; Das, M., 2011:
Prevalence of periodontitis in the Indian population: A literature review

Bonifácio, J.D.; Aquino, D.R.; Franco, G.C.N.; Cortelli, S.C.; Cogo, K.; Guimarães dos Santos, J.; Costa, F.O.; Cortelli, J.R., 2012:
Prevalence of periodontopathogens in a black Brazilian secluded community matched with a black urban population

Sermsathanasawadi, N.; Thangrod, R.; Hongku, K.; Wongwanit, C.; Ruangsetakit, C.; Chinsakchai, K.; Leelaphatanadit, C.; Therasakvichya, S.; Mutirangura, P., 2014:
Prevalence of perioperative asymptomatic proximal deep vein thrombosis in Thai gynecologic cancer patients

Heussen, F.M.; Tan, C.S.; Sadda, S.R., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral abnormalities on ultra-widefield greenlight (532 nm) autofluorescence imaging at a tertiary care center

Chicharro-Luna, E.; Gracia-Vesga, M.Angel.; Orozco-Beltrán, D., 2014 :
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and associated factors in elderly patients using an automated oscillometric device

Wang, Y.; Li, J.; Xu, Y-wei.; Buaijiaer, H-simu.; Yang, J-gang.; Yuan, H.; Hu, D-yi., 2010:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and correlative risk factors among natural population in China

Chen, P.; Ma, Y-tong.; Yang, Y-ning.; Liu, F.; Huang, D.; Li, X-mei.; Huang, Y.; Ma, X.; Xie, X.; Yang, S-Jing.; Yu, Z-xiang., 2011:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and its correlative risk factors in Xinjiang Uygur and Kazak adult populations

Tekin, N.; Baskan, M.; Yesilkayali, T.; Karabay, O., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and related risk factors in Turkish elders

Sodhi, H.S.; Shrestha, S.K.; Rauniyar, R.; Rawat, B., 2008:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease by ankle-brachial index and its correlation with carotid intimal thickness and coronary risk factors in Nepalese population over the age of forty years

Jabbari, M.; Kazemi Jahromi, M.; Bahar, N.; Yousefi-Far, E.Sadat.; Arabi, M.; Asefi, N.; Mahmoudian, A., 2013:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in hemodialysis patients

Cacoub, P.; Cambou, J-P.; Kownator, S.; Belliard, J-P.; Beregi, J-P.; Branchereau, A.; Carpentier, P.; Léger, P.; Luizy, F.; Maïza, D.; Mihci, E.; Herrmann, M-A.; Priollet, P., 2009:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in high-risk patients using ankle-brachial index in general practice: a cross-sectional study

Cimminiello, C.; Borghi, C.; Kownator, S.; Wautrecht, J.Claude.; Carvounis, C.P.; Kranendonk, S.E.; Kindler, B.; Mangrella, M., 2011:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in patients at non-high cardiovascular risk. Rationale and design of the PANDORA study

Rabia, K.; Khoo, E.M., 2008:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in patients with diabetes mellitus in a primary care setting

Carvounis, C.P.; Nikas, N., 2015:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in subjects at moderate cardiovascular risk: Greek results of the PANDORA study

Sanna, G.; Alesso, D.; Mediati, M.; Cimminiello, C.; Borghi, C.; Fazzari, A.Lucia.; Mangrella, M., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in subjects with moderate cardiovascular risk: Italian results from the PANDORA study Data from PANDORA (Prevalence of peripheral Arterial disease in subjects with moderate CVD risk, with No overt vascular Diseases nor Diabetes mellitus)

Agarwal, A.K.; Singh, M.; Arya, V.; Garg, U.; Singh, V.Pal.; Jain, V., 2013:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus and its correlation with coronary artery disease and its risk factors

Akram, J.; Aamir, A-ul-hassan.; Basit, A.; Qureshi, M.Saleem.; Mehmood, T.; Shahid, S.Khurram.; Khoso, I.Ahmed.; Ebrahim, M.Ashraf.; Omair, A., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in type 2 diabetics in Pakistan

Blanes, J.I.; Cairols, M.A.; Marrugat, J.; Solanich, T.; Doiz, E.; Ros Die, E.; Cairols, M.A.; Volo, G.; Ortega, J.M.; Gesto, R.; Moreno, R.M.; Martinez Perez, M.; Martinez Melendez, S.; Gutierres Alonso, V.; Barba, A.; Recio, A.; Julia, J., 2010:
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease and its associated risk factors in Spain: The ESTIME Study

Violi, F.; Daví, G.; Hiatt, W.; Lip, G.Y.H.; Corazza, G.R.; Perticone, F.; Proietti, M.; Pignatelli, P.; Vestri, A.R.; Basili, S.; Alessandri, C.; Serviddio, G.; Fascetti, S.; Serra, P.; Palange, P.; Greco, E.; Bruno, G.; Averna, M.; Giammanco, A.; Sposito, P.; D.C.istofaro, R.; D.G.nnaro, L.; Loria, P.; Pellegrini, E.; Cominacini, L.; Mozzini, C.; Spovieri, M.; Spagnuolo, V.; Cerqua, G.; Cerasola, G.; Mulé, G.; Barbagallo, M.; L.S.iuto, S.; Monteverde, A.; Saitta, A.; L.G.llo, A.; Malatino, L, 2014:
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease by abnormal ankle-brachial index in atrial fibrillation: implications for risk and therapy

Suárez, C.; Manzano, L.; Mostaza, J.; Cairols, M.; Palma, J.C.; García, I.; Acosta, A.; Diodado, F.; Comas, L.; Marco, J.M., 2007:
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease evaluated by ankle brachial index in patients with metabolic syndrome. MERITO I study

Desormais, I.; Aboyans, V.; Guerchet, Mëlenn.; Ndamba-Bandzouzi, Bébène.; Mbelesso, P.; Dantoine, T.; Mohty, D.; Marin, Bît.; Preux, P.Marie.; Lacroix, P.; Guerchet, Mëlenn.; Ndamba-Bandzouzi, Bébène.; Mbelesso, P.; Pilleron, S.; Désormais, Iéana.; Lacroix, P.; Aboyans, V.; Desport, J-Claude.; Jésus, P.; Tchalla, A.; Marin, Bît.; Clément, J-Pierre.; Lambert, J-Charles.; Dartigues, J-François.; Preux, P-Marie., 2016:
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease in the elderly population in urban and rural areas of Central Africa: the EPIDEMCA study

Reed, J.F.; Eid, S.; Edris, B.; Sumner, A.D., 2009:
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease varies significantly depending upon the method of calculating ankle brachial index

Stephens, J.Koryo.; Ofori, M.F.; Quakyi, I.Akyinbah.; Wilson, M.Lee.; Akanmori, B.Dicky., 2014:
Prevalence of peripheral blood parasitaemia, anaemia and low birthweight among pregnant women in a suburban area in coastal Ghana

Ibarra, C.Tomás.R.; Rocha, Jé.de.Jesús.L.; Hernández, Rúl.O.; Nieves, R.Efrén.R.; Leyva, R.J., 2013:
Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy among primary care type 2 diabetic patients

Erbas, T.; Ertas, M.; Yucel, A.; Keskinaslan, A.; Senocak, M.; Aktekin, B.; Altunbas, H.; Aydin, H.; Balci, M.Kemal.; Karayalcin, U.; Karsli, B.; Yazicioglu, G.; Yegin, A.; Asik, I.; Ates, Y.; Cin, M.Ozduman.; Gullu, S.; Kesik, Y.; Mutluer, N.; Sener, O.; Tuzuner, F.; Bozdemir, H.; Isik, G.; Kirim, S.; Koc, F.; Ozbek, H.; Sarica, Y.; Tetiker, T.; Yerdelen, D.; Bayraktar, F.; Erkin, Y.; Karci, A.; Oztura, I.; Saklamaz, A.; Sengun, I.S.; Yesil, S.; Arac, N.; Aydogdu, I.; Erhan, E.; Sarac, F.; Sayg, 2011:
Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy and painful peripheral neuropathy in Turkish diabetic patients

Evans, D.; Takuva, S.; Rassool, M.; Firnhaber, C.; Maskew, M., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in antiretroviral therapy naïve HIV-positive patients and the impact on treatment outcomes--a retrospective study from a large urban cohort in Johannesburg, South Africa

Malhotra, P.; Choudhary, P.Prateem.; Lal, V.; Varma, N.; Suri, V.; Varma, S., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in multiple myeloma at initial diagnosis

Saeidi, M.; Sasannejad, P.; Foroughipour, M.; Shahami, S.; Shoeibi, A., 2011:
Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in patients with HTLV-1 associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP)

Al-Rifai, R.; Arabi, A.; Masrouji, R.; Daouk, M., 2012:
Prevalence of peripheral vascular calcifications in patients on chronic hemodialysis at a tertiary care center in Beirut: a pilot study

Pradeepa, R.; Chella, S.; Surendar, J.; Indulekha, K.; Anjana, R.Mohan.; Mohan, V., 2015:
Prevalence of peripheral vascular disease and its association with carotid intima-media thickness and arterial stiffness in type 2 diabetes: the Chennai urban rural epidemiology study (CURES 111)

Dutta, A.; Smith-Jack, F.; Saunders, W.P., 2016:
Prevalence of periradicular periodontitis in a Scottish subpopulation found on CBCT images

Haghshenas, M.; Zahed Pasha, Y.; Ahmadpour-Kacho, M.; Ghazanfari, S., 2012:
Prevalence of permanent and transient congenital hypothyroidism in Babol City -Iran

Hashemipour, M.; Ghasemi, M.; Hovsepian, S.; Heiydari, K.; Sajadi, A.; Hadian, R.; Mansourian, M.; Mirshahzadeh, N.; Dalvi, M., 2014:
Prevalence of permanent congenital hypothyroidism in isfahan-iran

Singh, L.Pal.; Bhardwaj, A.; Kumar, D.Kishore., 2012:
Prevalence of permanent hearing threshold shift among workers of Indian iron and steel small and medium enterprises: a study

George, B.; John, J.; Saravanan, S.; Arumugham, I.Meignana., 2012:
Prevalence of permanent tooth loss among children and adults in a suburban area of Chennai

Compston, L.Isobel.; Li, C.; Sarkodie, F.; Owusu-Ofori, S.; Opare-Sem, O.; Allain, J-Pierre., 2009:
Prevalence of persistent and latent viruses in untreated patients infected with HIV-1 from Ghana, West Africa

Smith, A.; Choudhary, A.Kumar., 2014:
Prevalence of persistent falcine sinus as an incidental finding in the pediatric population

Devroey, D.; Radermecker, R.P.; Van der Schueren, B.J.; Torbeyns, B.; Jaken, R.J., 2015:
Prevalence of persistent lipid abnormalities in statin-treated patients: Belgian results of the Dyslipidaemia International Study (DYSIS)

Vena, D.A.; Collie, D.; Wu, H.; Gibbs, J.L.; Broder, H.L.; Curro, F.A.; Thompson, V.P.; Craig, R.G., 2016:
Prevalence of persistent pain 3 to 5 years post primary root canal therapy and its impact on oral health-related quality of life: PEARL Network findings

Kennedy, J.; Roll, J.M.; Schraudner, T.; Murphy, S.; McPherson, S., 2015:
Prevalence of persistent pain in the U.S. adult population: new data from the 2010 national health interview survey

Cavalcante, M.Alina.Gomes.de.Mattos.; Coelho, S.Neiva.; Lacerda, Hísa.Ramos., 2007:
Prevalence of persistent proteinuria in stable HIV/AIDS patients and its association with HIV nephropathy

Plans, P.; Jansà, J.; Doshi, N.; Harrison, T.G.; Plasència, A., 2008:
Prevalence of pertussis antibodies in umbilical cord blood samples in Catalonia, Spain

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Prevalence of pervasive developmental disorders among children at the English Montreal School Board

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