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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55165

Chapter 55165 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Britton, P.C.; Bossarte, R.M.; Lu, N.; He, H.; Currier, G.W.; Crilly, J.; Richardson, T.; Tu, X.; Knox, K.L., 2011:
Prevalence, correlates, and symptom profiles of depression among men with a history of military service

Dev, S.; Peterson, P.N.; Wang, Y.; Curtis, J.P.; Varosy, P.D.; Masoudi, F.A., 2014:
Prevalence, correlates, and temporal trends in antiarrhythmic drug use at discharge after implantable cardioverter defibrillator placement (from the National Cardiovascular Data Registry [NCDR])

Nock, M.K.; Green, J.Greif.; Hwang, I.; McLaughlin, K.A.; Sampson, N.A.; Zaslavsky, A.M.; Kessler, R.C., 2013:
Prevalence, correlates, and treatment of lifetime suicidal behavior among adolescents: results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement

Kucirka, L.M.; Farzadegan, H.; Feld, J.J.; Mehta, S.H.; Winters, M.; Glenn, J.S.; Kirk, G.D.; Segev, D.L.; Nelson, K.E.; Marks, M.; Heller, T.; Golub, E.T., 2010:
Prevalence, correlates, and viral dynamics of hepatitis delta among injection drug users

Lo, W.Hon.; Fu, S.Nga.; Wong, C.King.Ho.; Chen, E.San., 2015:
Prevalence, correlates, attitude and treatment seeking of erectile dysfunction among type 2 diabetic Chinese men attending primary care outpatient clinics

Grant, B.F.; Chou, S.Patricia.; Goldstein, Rë.B.; Huang, B.; Stinson, F.S.; Saha, T.D.; Smith, S.M.; Dawson, D.A.; Pulay, A.J.; Pickering, R.P.; Ruan, W.June., 2008:
Prevalence, correlates, disability, and comorbidity of DSM-IV borderline personality disorder: results from the Wave 2 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

Stinson, F.S.; Dawson, D.A.; Goldstein, Rë.B.; Chou, S.Patricia.; Huang, B.; Smith, S.M.; Ruan, W.June.; Pulay, A.J.; Saha, T.D.; Pickering, R.P.; Grant, B.F., 2008 :
Prevalence, correlates, disability, and comorbidity of DSM-IV narcissistic personality disorder: results from the wave 2 national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions

Pulay, A.J.; Stinson, F.S.; Dawson, D.A.; Goldstein, Rë.B.; Chou, S.Patricia.; Huang, B.; Saha, T.D.; Smith, S.M.; Pickering, R.P.; Ruan, W.June.; Hasin, D.S.; Grant, B.F., 2009:
Prevalence, correlates, disability, and comorbidity of DSM-IV schizotypal personality disorder: results from the wave 2 national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditions

Price, A.; Lee, W.; Goodwin, L.; Rayner, L.; Humphreys, R.; Hansford, P.; Sykes, N.; Monroe, B.; Higginson, I.; Hotopf, M., 2015:
Prevalence, course and associations of desire for hastened death in a UK palliative population: a cross-sectional study

Ravera, S.; Visser, S.T.; de Gier, J.J.; de Jong-van den Berg, L.T.W., 2011:
Prevalence, cumulative incidence, monotherapy and combination therapy, and treatment duration of frequently prescribed psychoactive medications in the Netherlands: retrospective database analysis for the years 2000 to 2005

Ortiz Marrón, H.; Vaamonde Martín, R.J.; Zorrilla Torrás, Bén.; Arrieta Blanco, F.; Casado López, M.; Medrano Albero, M.José., 2012:
Prevalence, degree of control and treatment of hypertension in the adult population of Madrid, Spain

van der Meer, J.; van Rood, Y.R.; van der Wee, N.J.; den Hollander-Gijsman, M.; van Noorden, M.S.; Giltay, E.J.; Zitman, F.G., 2013:
Prevalence, demographic and clinical characteristics of body dysmorphic disorder among psychiatric outpatients with mood, anxiety or somatoform disorders

Stingone, J.A.; Ramirez, O.F.; Svensson, K.; Claudio, L., 2011:
Prevalence, demographics, and health outcomes of comorbid asthma and overweight in urban children

Palesh, O.G.; Roscoe, J.A.; Mustian, K.M.; Roth, T.; Savard, Jée.; Ancoli-Israel, S.; Heckler, C.; Purnell, J.Q.; Janelsins, M.C.; Morrow, G.R., 2010:
Prevalence, demographics, and psychological associations of sleep disruption in patients with cancer: University of Rochester Cancer Center-Community Clinical Oncology Program

Janus, E.D.; Bunker, S.J.; Kilkkinen, A.; Mc Namara, K.; Philpot, B.; Tideman, P.; Tirimacco, R.; Laatikainen, T.K.; Heistaro, S.; Dunbar, J.A., 2008:
Prevalence, detection and drug treatment of hypertension in a rural Australian population: the Greater Green Triangle risk factor study 2004-2006

Prasad, S.B.; Fahrtash, F.; Malaiapan, Y.; Meredith, I.T.; Cameron, J., 2010:
Prevalence, detection, and management of the metabolic syndrome in patients with acute myocardial infarction: role of an obesity-centric definition

Ackland, P., 2014:
Prevalence, detection, evaluation and management of chronic kidney disease

Addo, J.; Smeeth, L.; Leon, D.A., 2009:
Prevalence, detection, management, and control of hypertension in Ghanaian civil servants

Zhang, C-yu.; Niu, G-ming.; Zhao, S-gang.; Arong; Wang, Z-guang.; Jiang, M-fang.; Huri, L., 2013:
Prevalence, detection, management, and control of hypertension in the population of Mongolian and Han nationalities with age ≥ 55 years in a pastoral area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Agaku, I.T.; Filippidis, F.T., 2015:
Prevalence, determinants and impact of unawareness about the health consequences of tobacco use among 17,929 school personnel in 29 African countries

Violan, Có.; Foguet-Boreu, Qí.; Flores-Mateo, G.; Salisbury, C.; Blom, J.; Freitag, M.; Glynn, L.; Muth, C.; Valderas, J.M., 2015:
Prevalence, determinants and patterns of multimorbidity in primary care: a systematic review of observational studies

Knopf, H.; Hölling, H.; Huss, M.; Schlack, R., 2012:
Prevalence, determinants and spectrum of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication of children and adolescents in Germany: results of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey (KiGGS)

Iwelunmor, J.; Airhihenbuwa, C.O.; Cooper, R.; Tayo, B.; Plange-Rhule, J.; Adanu, R.; Ogedegbe, G., 2014:
Prevalence, determinants and systems-thinking approaches to optimal hypertension control in West Africa

Afonso, L.; Bandaru, H.; Rathod, A.; Badheka, A.; Ali Kizilbash, M.; Zmily, H.; Jacobsen, G.; Chattahi, J.; Mohamad, T.; Koneru, J.; Flack, J.; Weaver, W.Douglas., 2012:
Prevalence, determinants, and clinical significance of cardiac troponin-I elevation in individuals admitted for a hypertensive emergency

Perez-Lloret, S.; Negre-Pages, L.; Damier, P.; Delval, A.; Derkinderen, P.; Destée, A.; Meissner, W.G.; Schelosky, L.; Tison, F.; Rascol, O., 2014:
Prevalence, determinants, and effect on quality of life of freezing of gait in Parkinson disease

Jessani, S.; Bux, R.; Jafar, T.H., 2014:
Prevalence, determinants, and management of chronic kidney disease in Karachi, Pakistan - a community based cross-sectional study

Noens, L.; van Lierde, M-Anne.; De Bock, R.; Verhoef, G.; Zachée, P.; Berneman, Z.; Martiat, P.; Mineur, P.; Van Eygen, K.; MacDonald, K.; De Geest, S.; Albrecht, T.; Abraham, I., 2009:
Prevalence, determinants, and outcomes of nonadherence to imatinib therapy in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia: the ADAGIO study

Hoang, K.Van.; Stern, N.J.; Saxton, A.M.; Xu, F.; Zeng, X.; Lin, J., 2011:
Prevalence, development, and molecular mechanisms of bacteriocin resistance in Campylobacter

Kristjánsson, K.; Pórunn, Góttir.; Jónasson, Mús.R., 2007:
Prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety in patients in cardiac rehabilitation

Sugawa, T.; Fujiwara, Y.; Okuyama, M.; Tanigawa, T.; Shiba, M.; Tominaga, K.; Watanabe, T.; Oshitani, N.; Higuchi, K.; Arakawa, T., 2007:
Prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of extraesophageal manifestations of GERD

van Alphen, S.P.J., 2010:
Prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders in older adults

Khan, K.J., 2010:
Prevalence, diagnosis, and profile of autoimmune pancreatitis presenting with features of acute or chronic pancreatitis

Segal, L.M.; Stephenson, R.; Dawes, M.; Feldman, P., 2007:
Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of ankyloglossia: methodologic review

Gwynn, R.Charon.; McQuistion, H.L.; McVeigh, K.H.; Garg, R.K.; Frieden, T.R.; Thorpe, L.E., 2008:
Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of depression and generalized anxiety disorder in a diverse urban community

Karve, A.; Hayward, R.A., 2011:
Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance in nondiabetic U.S. adults

Segarra-Medrano, A.; Jatem-Escalante, Eías.; Quiles-Pérez, M.Teresa.; Salcedo, M.Teresa.; Arbós-Via, M.Antonia.; Ostos, H.; Valtierra, N.; Carnicer-Cáceres, C.; Agraz-Pamplona, I., 2015:
Prevalence, diagnostic value and clinical characteristics associated with the presence of circulating levels and renal deposits of antibodies against the M-type phospholipase A2 receptor in idiopathic membranous nephropathy

Mardinger, O.; Abba, M.; Hirshberg, A.; Schwartz-Arad, D., 2007:
Prevalence, diameter and course of the maxillary intraosseous vascular canal with relation to sinus augmentation procedure: a radiographic study

Robbins, J.M.; Mallya, G.; Polansky, M.; Schwarz, D.F., 2012:
Prevalence, disparities, and trends in obesity and severe obesity among students in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, school district, 2006-2010

Costantini, M.; Ripamonti, C.; Beccaro, M.; Montella, M.; Borgia, P.; Casella, C.; Miccinesi, G., 2009:
Prevalence, distress, management, and relief of pain during the last 3 months of cancer patients' life. Results of an Italian mortality follow-back survey

Shah, A.H.; Saleha, A.A.; Zunita, Z.; Murugaiyah, M.; Aliyu, A.B.; Jafri, N., 2014:
Prevalence, distribution and antibiotic resistance of emergent Arcobacter spp. from clinically healthy cattle and goats

Lippman, S.A.; Sucupira, M.C.A.; Jones, H.E.; Luppi, C.G.; Palefsky, J.; van de Wijgert, J.H.H.M.; Oliveira, R.L.S.; Diaz, R.S., 2010:
Prevalence, distribution and correlates of endocervical human papillomavirus types in Brazilian women

Sreeramareddy, C.T.; Ramakrishnareddy, N.; Harsha Kumar, H.; Sathian, B.; Arokiasamy, J.T., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution and correlates of tobacco smoking and chewing in Nepal: a secondary data analysis of Nepal Demographic and Health Survey-2006

Verma, V.Kumar.; Taneja, V.; Jaiswal, A.; Sharma, S.; Behera, D.; Sreenivas, V.; Chauhan, S.Singh.; Prasad, H.Krishna., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution and functional significance of the -237C to T polymorphism in the IL-12Rβ2 promoter in Indian tuberculosis patients

Simpson, V.R.; Tomlinson, A.J.; Molenaar, F.M., 2009:
Prevalence, distribution and pathological significance of the bile fluke Pseudamphistomum truncatum in Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) in Great Britain

Smith, F.D.; Ballantyne, R.; Morgan, E.R.; Wall, R., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution and risk associated with tick infestation of dogs in Great Britain

Fleury, C.; Resman, F.; Rau, J.; Riesbeck, K., 2014:
Prevalence, distribution and transfer of small β-lactamase-containing plasmids in Swedish Haemophilus influenzae

Ercegović, A.; Brajković, J.; Surać, I.Kalauz.; Haluzan, M.Basić., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution and types of corneal astigmatism in cataract surgery patients in Sibenik County

Silva, A.P.; Miranda, I.M.; Lisboa, C.; Pina-Vaz, Cália.; Rodrigues, Aácio.G., 2009 :
Prevalence, distribution, and antifungal susceptibility profiles of Candida parapsilosis, C. orthopsilosis, and C. metapsilosis in a tertiary care hospital

Gelberg, L.; Robertson, M.J.; Arangua, L.; Leake, B.D.; Sumner, G.; Moe, A.; Andersen, R.M.; Morgenstern, H.; Nyamathi, A., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution, and correlates of hepatitis C virus infection among homeless adults in Los Angeles

Cecchetti, F.; Ottria, L.; Bartuli, F.; Bramanti, N.E.; Arcuri, C., 2013:
Prevalence, distribution, and differential diagnosis of nasopalatine duct cysts

Feng, Y.; Li, G.; Lv, X.; Xu, Y.; Wu, Q.; Shi, C.; Li, Q.; Yang, B.; Wang, X.; Xi, M.; Xia, X., 2015:
Prevalence, distribution, and diversity of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella in kiwifruit orchards and processing plants

Hoelzer, K.; Sauders, B.D.; Sanchez, M.D.; Olsen, P.T.; Pickett, M.M.; Mangione, K.J.; Rice, D.H.; Corby, J.; Stich, S.; Fortes, E.D.; Roof, S.E.; Grohn, Y.T.; Wiedmann, M.; Oliver, H.F., 2011:
Prevalence, distribution, and diversity of Listeria monocytogenes in retail environments, focusing on small establishments and establishments with a history of failed inspections

Gorski, L.; Parker, C.T.; Liang, A.; Cooley, M.B.; Jay-Russell, M.T.; Gordus, A.G.; Atwill, E.Robert.; Mandrell, R.E., 2011:
Prevalence, distribution, and diversity of Salmonella enterica in a major produce region of California

Sosa, A.Luisa.; Albanese, E.; Stephan, B.C.M.; Dewey, M.; Acosta, D.; Ferri, C.P.; Guerra, M.; Huang, Y.; Jacob, K.S.; Jiménez-Velázquez, I.Z.; Rodriguez, J.J.Llibre.; Salas, A.; Williams, J.; Acosta, I.; González-Viruet, M.; Hernandez, M.A.Guerra.; Shuran, L.; Prince, M.J.; Stewart, R., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution, and impact of mild cognitive impairment in Latin America, China, and India: a 10/66 population-based study

Kich, J.D.; Coldebella, A.; Morés, N.; Nogueira, M.Gomes.; Cardoso, M.; Fratamico, P.M.; Call, J.E.; Fedorka-Cray, P.; Luchansky, J.B., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution, and molecular characterization of Salmonella recovered from swine finishing herds and a slaughter facility in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Guo, J.Jiong.; Luk, K.D.K.; Karppinen, J.; Yang, H.; Cheung, K.M.C., 2010:
Prevalence, distribution, and morphology of ossification of the ligamentum flavum: a population study of one thousand seven hundred thirty-six magnetic resonance imaging scans

Mori, K.; Imai, S.; Kasahara, T.; Nishizawa, K.; Mimura, T.; Matsusue, Y., 2014:
Prevalence, distribution, and morphology of thoracic ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament in Japanese: results of CT-based cross-sectional study

Mori, K.; Kasahara, T.; Mimura, T.; Nishizawa, K.; Murakami, Y.; Matsusue, Y.; Imai, S., 2014:
Prevalence, distribution, and morphology of thoracic ossification of the yellow ligament in Japanese: results of CT-based cross-sectional study

Stockman, J.; Innis, C.J.; Solano, M.; O'Sullivan Brisson, J.; Kass, P.H.; Tlusty, M.F.; Weber, E.Scott., 2013:
Prevalence, distribution, and progression of radiographic abnormalities in the lungs of cold-stunned Kemp's ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kempii): 89 cases (2002-2005)

Thanassoulis, G.; Massaro, J.M.; Hoffmann, U.; Mahabadi, A.A.; Vasan, R.S.; O'Donnell, C.J.; Fox, C.S., 2010:
Prevalence, distribution, and risk factor correlates of high pericardial and intrathoracic fat depots in the Framingham heart study

Davis, G.S.; Patel, M.; Hammond, J.; Zhang, L.; Dawid, S.; Marrs, C.F.; Gilsdorf, J.R., 2015:
Prevalence, distribution, and sequence diversity of hmwA among commensal and otitis media non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae

Quddus, M.Ruhul.; Manna, P.; Sung, C.James.; Kerley, S.; Steinhoff, M.M.; Lawrence, W.Dwayne., 2014:
Prevalence, distribution, and viral burden of all 15 high-risk human papillomavirus types in adenosquamous carcinoma of the uterine cervix: a multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction-based study

Xu, Y.; Mintz, G.S.; Tam, A.; McPherson, J.A.; Iñiguez, Aés.; Fajadet, J.; Fahy, M.; Weisz, G.; D.B.uyne, B.; Serruys, P.W.; Stone, G.W.; Maehara, A., 2012:
Prevalence, distribution, predictors, and outcomes of patients with calcified nodules in native coronary arteries: a 3-vessel intravascular ultrasound analysis from Providing Regional Observations to Study Predictors of Events in the Coronary Tree (PROSPECT)

Khan, A.; Farooqui, A.; Raza, Y.; Rasheed, F.; Manzoor, H.; Akhtar, S.Shakeel.; Quraishy, M.Saeed.; Rubino, S.; Kazmi, S.U.; Paglietti, B., 2013:
Prevalence, diversity and disease association of Helicobacter pylori in dyspeptic patients from Pakistan

Santiago-Alarcon, D.; Bloch, R.; Rolshausen, G.; Schaefer, H.M.; Segelbacher, G., 2014:
Prevalence, diversity, and interaction patterns of avian haemosporidians in a four-year study of blackcaps in a migratory divide

Wilhelmsson, P.; Lindblom, P.; Fryland, L.; Ernerudh, J.; Forsberg, P.; Lindgren, P-Eric., 2015:
Prevalence, diversity, and load of Borrelia species in ticks that have fed on humans in regions of Sweden and Åland Islands, Finland with different Lyme borreliosis incidences

Mo, P.; Zhu, Q.; Teter, C.; Yang, R.; Deng, L.; Yan, Y.; Chen, J.; Zeng, J.; Gui, X-en., 2015:
Prevalence, drug-induced hepatotoxicity, and mortality among patients multi-infected with HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis virus

Woolford, L.; Bennett, M.David.; Sims, C.; Thomas, N.; Friend, J.Anthony.; Nicholls, P.Keith.; Warren, K.Shannon.; O'Hara, A.Jane., 2010:
Prevalence, emergence, and factors associated with a viral papillomatosis and carcinomatosis syndrome in wild, reintroduced, and captive western barred bandicoots (Perameles bougainville)

Rodriguez-Palacios, A.; Koohmaraie, M.; LeJeune, J.T., 2011:
Prevalence, enumeration, and antimicrobial agent resistance of Clostridium difficile in cattle at harvest in the United States

Oates, S.C.; Miller, M.A.; Hardin, D.; Conrad, P.A.; Melli, A.; Jessup, D.A.; Dominik, C.; Roug, A.; Tinker, M.Tim.; Miller, W.A., 2013:
Prevalence, environmental loading, and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium and Giardia isolates from domestic and wild animals along the Central California Coast

de Castro, C.A.Velasco.; Grinsztejn, B.; Veloso, Véa.G.; Bastos, F.I.; Pilotto, Jé.H.; Morgado, M.G., 2010:
Prevalence, estimated HIV-1 incidence and viral diversity among people seeking voluntary counseling and testing services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lahera Vargas, M.; da Costa, César.Varela., 2009:
Prevalence, etiology and clinical findings of Cushing's syndrome

Barge-Caballero, E.; Vázquez-Rodríguez, Jé.Manuel.; Estévez-Loureiro, R.; Barge-Caballero, G.; Rodríguez-Vilela, A.; Calviño-Santos, Rón.; Salgado-Fernández, J.; Aldama-López, G.; Piñón-Esteban, P.; Campo-Pérez, R.; Rodríguez-Fernández, Jé.Angel.; Vázquez-González, Nás.; Muñiz-García, J.; Castro-Beiras, A., 2010:
Prevalence, etiology and outcome of catheterization laboratory false alarms in patients with suspected ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Durnea, C.M.; Khashan, A.S.; Kenny, L.C.; Durnea, U.A.; Smyth, M.M.; O'Reilly, B.A., 2015:
Prevalence, etiology and risk factors of pelvic organ prolapse in premenopausal primiparous women

Dowling, T.C., 2007:
Prevalence, etiology, and consequences of anemia and clinical and economic benefits of anemia correction in patients with chronic kidney disease: an overview

Jain, P.N.; Chatterjee, A.; Choudhary, A.Hom.; Sareen, R., 2009:
Prevalence, etiology, and management of neuropathic pain in an Indian cancer hospital

Cheung, W.W.; Khan, N.H.; Choi, K.K.; Bluth, M.H.; Vincent, M.T., 2009:
Prevalence, evaluation and management of overactive bladder in primary care

Ali, S.Asad.; Soomro, A.Ghani.; Memon, A.Iqbal.; Siddiqui, A.Jamal., 2014:
Prevalence, evaluation and management of preoperative anaemia in the elective general surgical patients

Panchy, N.; Wu, G.; Newton, L.; Tsai, C-Hong.; Chen, J.; Benning, C.; Farré, E.M.; Shiu, S-Han., 2015:
Prevalence, evolution, and cis-regulation of diel transcription in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

de Oña, Mía.; Alvarez-Argüelles, M.E.; Torrents, M.; Villa, L.; Rodriguez-Feijoo, Aón.; Palacio, A.; Boga, J.A.; Tamargo, A.; Melón, S., 2010:
Prevalence, evolution, and features of infection with human papillomavirus: a 15-year longitudinal study of routine screening of a women population in the north of Spain

Karpouzas, G.A.; Malpeso, J.; Choi, T-Young.; Li, D.; Munoz, S.; Budoff, M.J., 2015:
Prevalence, extent and composition of coronary plaque in patients with rheumatoid arthritis without symptoms or prior diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Roberts-Thomson, K.F.; Do, L.G.; Bartold, P.M.; Daniels, J.; Grosse, A.; Meihubers, S., 2014:
Prevalence, extent and severity of severe periodontal destruction in an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population

Nuis, R-Jan.; Sinning, J-Malte.; Rodés-Cabau, J.; Gotzmann, M.; van Garsse, L.; Kefer, J.; Bosmans, J.; Yong, G.; Dager, A.E.; Revilla-Orodea, A.; Urena, M.; Nickenig, G.; Werner, N.; Maessen, J.; Astarci, P.; Perez, S.; Benitez, L.M.; Amat-Santos, I.J.; López, J.; Dumont, E.; van Mieghem, N.; van Gelder, T.; van Domburg, R.T.; de Jaegere, P.P., 2014:
Prevalence, factors associated with, and prognostic effects of preoperative anemia on short- and long-term mortality in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Higashiura, W.; Kubota, Y.; Sakaguchi, S.; Kurumatani, N.; Nakamae, M.; Nishimine, K.; Kichikawa, K., 2009:
Prevalence, factors, and clinical impact of self-expanding stent fractures following iliac artery stenting

van den Bogaart, E.; Berkhout, M.M.Z.; Adams, E.R.; Mens, Pètra.F.; Sentongo, E.; Mbulamberi, D.B.; Straetemans, M.; Schallig, H.D.F.H.; Chappuis, F., 2012:
Prevalence, features and risk factors for malaria co-infections amongst visceral leishmaniasis patients from Amudat Hospital, Uganda

Golitsina, L.N.; Zverev, V.V.; Novikova, N.A.; Fomina, S.G.; Parfenova, O.V.; Epifanova, N.V.; Lukovnikova, L.B.; Morozova, O.V.; Ponomareva, N.V., 2013:
Prevalence, features of circulation, and diversity of human parechoviruses in Nizhny Novgorod

Jones, K.J.; Vandenberg, E.V.; Bottsford, L., 2012:
Prevalence, formation, maintenance, and evaluation of interdisciplinary student aging interest groups

Hunter, M.S.; Gentry-Maharaj, A.; Ryan, A.; Burnell, M.; Lanceley, A.; Fraser, L.; Jacobs, I.; Menon, U., 2012:
Prevalence, frequency and problem rating of hot flushes persist in older postmenopausal women: impact of age, body mass index, hysterectomy, hormone therapy use, lifestyle and mood in a cross-sectional cohort study of 10,418 British women aged 54-65

Robbins, C.L.; Schick, V.; Reece, M.; Herbenick, D.; Sanders, S.A.; Dodge, B.; Fortenberry, J.Dennis., 2012:
Prevalence, frequency, and associations of masturbation with partnered sexual behaviors among US adolescents

Farrington, D.P.; Ttofi, M.M.; Crago, R.V.; Coid, J.W., 2014:
Prevalence, frequency, onset, desistance and criminal career duration in self-reports compared with official records

Bilato, C.; Corti, M-Chiara.; Baggio, G.; Rampazzo, D.; Cutolo, A.; Iliceto, S.; Crepaldi, G., 2009:
Prevalence, functional impact, and mortality of atrial fibrillation in an older Italian population (from the Pro.V.A. study)

Panevska, L.Sushevska.; Zafirova-Ivanovska, B.; Vasileva, K.; Isjanovska, R.; Kadri, H., 2014:
Prevalence, gender distribution and presence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by certain sociodemographic characteristics among university students

Hashimoto, E.; Tokushige, K., 2011:
Prevalence, gender, ethnic variations, and prognosis of NASH

Shi, K.; Jian, F.; Lv, C.; Ning, C.; Zhang, L.; Ren, X.; Dearen, T.K.; Li, N.; Qi, M.; Xiao, L., 2010:
Prevalence, genetic characteristics, and zoonotic potential of Cryptosporidium species causing infections in farm rabbits in China

Rupp, J.; Solbach, W.; Gieffers, J., 2007:
Prevalence, genetic conservation and transmissibility of the Chlamydia pneumoniae bacteriophage (phiCpn1)

Van Dung, N.; Anh, P.Hong.; Van Cuong, N.; Hoa, N.Thi.; Carrique-Mas, J.; Hien, V.Be.; Campbell, J.; Baker, S.; Farrar, J.; Woolhouse, M.E.; Bryant, J.E.; Simmonds, P., 2014:
Prevalence, genetic diversity and recombination of species G enteroviruses infecting pigs in Vietnam

Li, J-ping.; Zhou, H-jian.; Yuan, L.; He, T.; Hu, S-hua., 2010:
Prevalence, genetic diversity, and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from bovine mastitis in Zhejiang Province, China

Gillis, A.; Mahillon, J., 2015:
Prevalence, genetic diversity, and host range of tectiviruses among members of the Bacillus cereus group

Cai, J.; Wang, X.; Zhao, B.; Yao, W.; Wang, X.; Zhu, Q.; Zeng, M., 2014:
Prevalence, genetic drift of haemagglutinin, and antiviral resistance of influenza A/H3N2 viruses circulating in Shanghai in children during 2009-2012

Rautava, J.; Willberg, J.; Louvanto, K.; Wideman, L.; Syrjänen, K.; Grénman, S.; Syrjänen, S., 2013:
Prevalence, genotype distribution and persistence of human papillomavirus in oral mucosa of women: a six-year follow-up study

Škamperle, M.; Seme, K.; Lunar, M.M.; Maver, P.J.; Tomažič, J.; Vovko, Tž.D.; Pečavar, Bž.; Matičič, M.; Poljak, M., 2016:
Prevalence, genotype distribution, and risk factors for hepatitis C infection among HIV-infected individuals in Slovenia: a 1986-2013 update

Donà, M.Gabriella.; Palamara, G.; Di Carlo, A.; Latini, A.; Vocaturo, A.; Benevolo, M.; Pimpinelli, F.; Giglio, A.; Moretto, D.; Impara, G.; Giuliani, M., 2012:
Prevalence, genotype diversity and determinants of anal HPV infection in HIV-uninfected men having sex with men

Figueiredo Alves, R.Ribeiro.; Turchi, Mília.Dalva.; Santos, L.Elias.; Guimarães, E.Machado.de.Britto.; Garcia, Mônica.Maria.Danda.; Seixas, M.Socorro.Cardoso.; Villa, L.Lina.; Costa, M.Cecília.; Moreira, M.Amaral.Rebouças.; Alves, M.de.Fátima.da.Costa., 2014:
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Prevenar 13 authorized in Europe

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Prevent diastolic dysfunction and preserve exercise capacity. Treating hypertension is one of the best ways to help avoid diastolic problems that can lead to heart failure

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Prevent extravasation injury with the use of antidotes

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Prevent falls and immobility: start with these strength-training tips. Our muscles are our first line of defense against falls, mobility loss, and bone fractures

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Prevent flu with a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables

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Preventable Blindness

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Preventable Blindness

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Preventable Contagious Diseases

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