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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55170

Chapter 55170 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Price, C.T.; Ramo, B.A., 2012:
Prevention of hip dysplasia in children and adults

Iwamoto, J.; Sato, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Takeda, T.; Matsumoto, H., 2010:
Prevention of hip fractures by exposure to sunlight and pharmacotherapy in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Crilly, R.G.; Hillier, L.M.; Mason, M.; Gutmanis, I.; Cox, L., 2010:
Prevention of hip fractures in long-term care: relevance of community-derived data

Cheney, G., 1948:
Prevention of histamine-induced peptic ulcers by diet

Leuschner, V.; Bondü, R.; Schroer-Hippel, M.; Panno, J.; Neumetzler, K.; Fisch, S.; Scholl, J.; Scheithauer, H., 2011:
Prevention of homicidal violence in schools in Germany: the Berlin Leaking Project and the Networks Against School Shootings Project (NETWASS)

Loutit, J.F.; Maunsell, K., 2010:
Prevention of homologous serum jaundice

Hightower, R.E., 2008:
Prevention of hospital payment errors and implications for case management: a study of nine hospitals with a high proportion of short-term admissions over time

Wald, H.L., 2012:
Prevention of hospital-acquired geriatric syndromes: applying lessons learned from infection control

Lunøe, M.; Overgaard-Steensen, C., 2018:
Prevention of hospital-acquired hyponatremia

Au, A.; Bell, M.J., 2010:
Prevention of hospital-acquired hyponatremia in children: Are hypotonic solutions safe?

Moritz, M.L.; Ayus, J.Carlos., 2012:
Prevention of hospital-acquired hyponatremia: do we have the answers?

Reed, R.Lawrence., 2011:
Prevention of hospital-acquired infections by selective digestive decontamination

Lin, Y.E.; Stout, J.E.; Yu, V.L., 2011:
Prevention of hospital-acquired legionellosis

Yan, L.; Chen, X-chuan.; Guo, J.; Qi, L-li.; Qian, Y-ming.; Zhou, X-gen., 2012:
Prevention of hospital-acquired pneumonia with Yupingfeng Powder in patients with acute cerebral vascular diseases: a randomized controlled trial

Lupe, L.; Zambrana, D.; Cooper, L., 2013:
Prevention of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in the operating room and beyond: a successful monitoring and intervention strategy program

Anonymous, 2010:
Prevention of hospital-acquired sepsis in intensive care unit (except cross transmission and neonate)

Agua-Doce, A.; Graca, L., 2011:
Prevention of house dust mite induced allergic airways disease in mice through immune tolerance

Yoshimitsu, M.; White, Y.; Arima, N., 2014:
Prevention of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 infection and adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

Wright, S.E.; Rewers-Felkins, K.A.; Chowdhury, N.I.; Ahmed, J.; Srivastava, S.K., 2012:
Prevention of human adenocarcinoma with CpG-ODN in a mouse model

Bahrami, A.; Shojaosadati, S.Abbas.; Khalilzadeh, R.; Mohammadian, J.; Farahani, E.Vashghani.; Masoumian, M.Reza., 2008:
Prevention of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor protein aggregation in recombinant Pichia pastoris fed-batch fermentation using additives

Beekmann, S.E.; Henderson, D.K., 2015:
Prevention of human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS: postexposure prophylaxis (including health care workers)

Borkow, G.; Covington, C.Y.; Gautam, B.; Anzala, O.; Oyugi, J.; Juma, M.; Abdullah, M.S., 2011:
Prevention of human immunodeficiency virus breastmilk transmission with copper oxide: proof-of-concept study

Agmon-Levin, N.; Elbirt, D.; Asher, I.; Torten, D.; Cohen, Y.; Gradestein, S.; Werner, B.; Turner, D.; Chowers, M.; Gottesman, G.; Maayan, S.; Risenberg, K.; Levi, I.; Sthoeger, Z., 2009:
Prevention of human immunodeficiency virus mother-to-child transmission in Israel

Azam, F.; Shams-ul-Islam, M., 2010:
Prevention of human papilloma virus infection with vaccines

Hampl, M., 2007:
Prevention of human papilloma virus-induced preneoplasia and cancer by prophylactic HPV vaccines

Liu, X.; Feng, A.; Cui, Y.; Tobe, R.Gai., 2014:
Prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and cervical cancer in China: how does HPV vaccination bring about benefits to Chinese women?

Malvy, D.; Grangé, G.; Lançon, F.; El Hasnaoui, A., 2007:
Prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced infections: access of adolescent girls to health care. A population-based, cross-sectional observational study

Harper, D.M., 2009:
Prevention of human papillomavirus infections and associated diseases by vaccination: a new hope for global public health

Zimet, G.D.; Buffler, P., 2014:
Prevention of human papillomavirus-related diseases: Impediments to progress

Koliopoulos, G.; Martin-Hirsch, P.; Arbyn, M., 2012:
Prevention of human papillomavirus-related malignancies of the female genital tract

Ryu, B.; Himaya, S.W.A.; Qian, Z-Ji.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Kim, S-Kwon., 2011:
Prevention of hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in HDF cells by peptides derived from seaweed pipefish, Syngnathus schlegeli

Nakajima, Y.; Nishida, H.; Nakamura, Y.; Konishi, T., 2010:
Prevention of hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in PC12 cells by 3,4-dihydroxybenzalacetone isolated from Chaga (Inonotus obliquus (persoon) Pilat)

Brenner, P.; Keller, M.; Beiras-Fernandez, A.; Uchita, S.; Kur, F.; Thein, E.; Wimmer, C.; Hammer, C.; Schmoeckel, M.; Reichart, B., 2011:
Prevention of hyperacute xenograft rejection through direct thrombin inhibition with hirudin

Zhang, Y.; Peng, T.; Zhu, H.; Zheng, X.; Zhang, X.; Jiang, N.; Cheng, X.; Lai, X.; Shunnar, A.; Singh, M.; Riordan, N.; Bogin, V.; Tong, N.; Min, W-Ping., 2011:
Prevention of hyperglycemia-induced myocardial apoptosis by gene silencing of Toll-like receptor-4

Matkevich, V.A.; Rozhkov, P.G.; Simonova, A.Iu.; Kurilkin, I.A.; El'kov, A.N., 2009:
Prevention of hyperhydration complications of intestinal lavage in acute poisonings by psychopharmacological agents

Konetzny, G.; Bucher, H.Ulrich.; Arlettaz, R., 2008:
Prevention of hypernatraemic dehydration in breastfed newborn infants by daily weighing

Albarrán-Diego, César.; Muñoz, G.; Ferrer-Blasco, T.; García-Lázaro, S., 2012:
Prevention of hyperopic surprise after LASIK in patients with refractive multifocal intraocular lenses

Czövek, D.; Peták, F.; Donati, Y.; Belin, X.; Pache, J-Claude.; Barazzone Argiroffo, C.; Habre, W., 2015:
Prevention of hyperoxia-induced bronchial hyperreactivity by sildenafil and vasoactive intestinal peptide: impact of preserved lung function and structure

Malinovsky, J-M.; Lavaud, F.; Demoly, P.; Mertes, P-M.; Plaud, B., 2011:
Prevention of hypersensitivity reactions occurring during anaesthesia. Choice of agents and anaesthetic techniques

Kokubo, Y., 2014:
Prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases: a comparison of lifestyle factors in Westerners and East Asians

Mitsuyama, S., 2011:
Prevention of hypertension by drugs and immunization against angiotensin II

Fuchs, Fávio.D.; Fuchs, S.C.; Moreira, L.B.; Gus, M.; Nóbrega, Aônio.C.; Poli-de-Figueiredo, C.E.; Mion, Décio.; Bortoloto, L.; Consolim-Colombo, F.; Nobre, F.; Coelho, E.Barbosa.; Vilela-Martin, Jé.F.; Moreno, H.; Cesarino, E.José.; Franco, R.; Brandão, Aéa.Araujo.; de Sousa, M.R.; Ribeiro, Aônio.Luiz.Pinho.; Jardim, P.Cesar.; Neto, Aão.Afiune.; Scala, L.César.N.; Mota, M.; Chaves, H.; Alves, Jão.Guilherme.; Filho, D.C.Sobral.; Pereira e Silva, R.; Neto, Jé.A.Figueiredo.; Irigoyen,, 2011:
Prevention of hypertension in patients with pre-hypertension: protocol for the PREVER-prevention trial

Aumiller, J., 2013:
Prevention of hypertension: a global challenge

Erokhin, A.N.; Saĭfutdinov, M.S., 2013:
Prevention of hypertraction neuropathies after transosseous osteosynthesis

Elliott, P.; Spirito, P., 2008:
Prevention of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-related deaths: theory and practice

Danne, T.; Kordonouri, O.; Holder, M.; Haberland, H.; Golembowski, S.; Remus, K.; Bläsig, S.; Wadien, T.; Zierow, S.; Hartmann, R.; Thomas, A., 2012:
Prevention of hypoglycemia by using low glucose suspend function in sensor-augmented pump therapy

Rossetti, P.; Porcellati, F.; Bolli, G.B.; Fanelli, C.G., 2008:
Prevention of hypoglycemia while achieving good glycemic control in type 1 diabetes: the role of insulin analogs

Madihi, Y.; Marikhi, A.; Nasri, H., 2013:
Prevention of hypomagnesemia in diabetes patients

Neville, K.A.; Sandeman, D.J.; Rubinstein, A.; Henry, G.M.; McGlynn, M.; Walker, J.L., 2010:
Prevention of hyponatremia during maintenance intravenous fluid administration: a prospective randomized study of fluid type versus fluid rate

Madi-Jebara, S.; Ghosn, A.; Sleilaty, G.; Richa, F.; Cherfane, A.; Haddad, F.; Yazigi, A.; Antakly, M-Claire., 2009:
Prevention of hypotension after spinal anesthesia for cesarean section: 6% hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 (Voluven) versus lactated Ringer's solution

Bajwa, S.Jit.Singh.; Bajwa, S.Kaur.; Kaur, J.; Singh, A.; Singh, A.; Parmar, S.Singh., 2012:
Prevention of hypotension and prolongation of postoperative analgesia in emergency cesarean sections: A randomized study with intrathecal clonidine

Dhungana, Y.; Bhattarai, B.K.; Bhadani, U.K.; Biswas, B.K.; Tripathi, M., 2008:
Prevention of hypotension during propofol induction: a comparison of preloading with 3.5% polymers of degraded gelatin (Haemaccel) and intravenous ephedrine

Mitra, J.K., 2012:
Prevention of hypotension following spinal anaesthesia in caesarean section--then and now

McLafferty, E.; Farley, A.; Hendry, C., 2009:
Prevention of hypothermia

Xu, H-xia.; You, Z-Jian.; Zhang, H.; Li, Z., 2011:
Prevention of hypothermia by infusion of warm fluid during abdominal surgery

Alten, J.A.; Moran, A.; Tsimelzon, A.I.; Mastrangelo, M-Ann.A.; Hilsenbeck, S.G.; Poli, V.; Tweardy, D.J., 2008:
Prevention of hypovolemic circulatory collapse by IL-6 activated Stat3

Galluzzo, M.; Pennacchietti, S.; Rosano, S.; Comoglio, P.M.; Michieli, P., 2009:
Prevention of hypoxia by myoglobin expression in human tumor cells promotes differentiation and inhibits metastasis

Molnár, A.H.; Varga, C.; Berkó, Aó.; Rojik, I.; Párducz, Aád.; László, F.; László, F.A., 2008:
Prevention of hypoxic brain oedema by the administration of vasopressin receptor antagonist OPC-31260

Liyanage, C.A.H.; Sadakari, Y.; Kitada, H.; Ienaga, J.; Tanabe, R.; Takahata, S.; Nabae, T.; Tanaka, M., 2009:
Prevention of iatrogenic bile duct injuries in difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomies: is the naso-biliary drain the answer?

Renton, T., 2010:
Prevention of iatrogenic inferior alveolar nerve injuries in relation to dental procedures

Nychytaĭlo, M.Iu.; Shapryns'kyĭ, V.O.; Vorovs'kyĭ, O.O.; Karyĭ, I.V.; Babiĭchuk, I.V.; Kapitanchuk, I.A.; Serhiĭchuk, O.L., 2008:
Prevention of iatrogenic injury of the extrahepatic ducts and vessels and diagnosis of choledocholithiasis during open and laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Chen, N.; Aleksa, K.; Woodland, C.; Rieder, M.; Koren, G., 2007:
Prevention of ifosfamide nephrotoxicity by N-acetylcysteine: clinical pharmacokinetic considerations

Muir, D.C., 1981:
Prevention of ill health

Ding, J-Zhou.; Lei, C-Xiang.; Si, G-Chao.; Zhang, H.; Zhu, W.; Peng, Z-Yong.; Wang, W., 2013:
Prevention of immersed hypothermic dogs with nimodipine

Yan, Q.; Du, F.; Huang, X.; Fu, Q.; Chen, S.; Dai, D.; Bao, C., 2015:
Prevention of immune nephritis by the small molecular weight immunomodulator iguratimod in MRL/lpr mice

Műller, M.C.A.; Porcelijn, L.; Vlaar, A.P.J., 2012:
Prevention of immune-mediated transfusion-related acute lung injury; from bloodbank to patient

Terwee, J.A.; Carlson, J.K.; Sprague, W.S.; Sondgeroth, K.S.; Shropshire, S.B.; Troyer, J.L.; VandeWoude, S., 2008:
Prevention of immunodeficiency virus induced CD4+ T-cell depletion by prior infection with a non-pathogenic virus

Tjon, A.S.W.; Jaadar, H.; van Gent, R.; van Kooten, P.J.S.; Achatbi, N.; Metselaar, H.J.; Kwekkeboom, J., 2014:
Prevention of immunoglobulin G immobilization eliminates artifactual stimulation of dendritic cell maturation by intravenous immunoglobulin in vitro

Sussman, G.L.; Liss, G.M., 2012:
Prevention of immunoglobulin e sensitization to latex in health care workers after reduction of antigen exposures

Kim, Y.Ji.; Kim, Y.Woo.; Cheon, Y.Woo., 2014:
Prevention of implant malposition in inframammary augmentation mammaplasty

Hagmann, S.; Schlagenhauf, P., 2011:
Prevention of imported pediatric malaria--travel medicine misses the bull's eye

Velasco-Loyden, G.; Pérez-Carreón, J.Isael.; Agüero, Jé.Fernando.Cabello.; Romero, P.Cabrales.; Vidrio-Gómez, S.; Martínez-Pérez, L.; Yáñez-Maldonado, L.; Hernández-Muñoz, R.; Macías-Silva, M.; de Sánchez, V.Chagoya., 2010:
Prevention of in vitro hepatic stellate cells activation by the adenosine derivative compound IFC305

Wolinsky, J.B.; Liu, R.; Walpole, J.; Chirieac, L.R.; Colson, Y.L.; Grinstaff, M.W., 2010:
Prevention of in vivo lung tumor growth by prolonged local delivery of hydroxycamptothecin using poly(ester-carbonate)-collagen composites

Ageno, W.; Dentali, F., 2008:
Prevention of in-hospital VTE: why can't we do better?

Iwata, K., 2009:
Prevention of in-hospital infection by drug-resistant organisms

Galuska, L., 2011:
Prevention of in-hospital newborn falls

Burger, L.; Fitzpatrick, J., 2010:
Prevention of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia

Gelder, R.N.; Gunderson, B.D., 2012:
Prevention of inappropriate ICD shocks due to lead insulation failure by continuous monitoring and automatic alert

Veltmann, C.; Kuschyk, J.; Schimpf, R.; Streitner, F.; Schoene, N.; Borggrefe, M.; Wolpert, C., 2010:
Prevention of inappropriate ICD shocks in patients with Brugada syndrome

Chwals, W.J., 2012:
Prevention of inappropriate caloric repletion in critically ill children

Ghibelli, S.; Marengoni, A.; Djade, C.D.; Nobili, A.; Tettamanti, M.; Franchi, C.; Caccia, S.; Giovarruscio, F.; Remuzzi, A.; Pasina, L., 2014:
Prevention of inappropriate prescribing in hospitalized older patients using a computerized prescription support system (INTERcheck(®))

Curatolo, N.; Cudennec, T., 2014:
Prevention of inappropriate prescriptions in the elderly

Appelman-Dijkstra, N.M.; Papapoulos, S.E., 2014:
Prevention of incident fractures in patients with prevalent fragility fractures: Current and future approaches

Kohda, Y.; Shirakawa, H.; Yamane, K.; Otsuka, K.; Kono, T.; Terasaki, F.; Tanaka, T., 2008:
Prevention of incipient diabetic cardiomyopathy by high-dose thiamine

Hope, W., 2011:
Prevention of incisional hernia development

Caro-Tarrago, A.; Olona Casas, C.; Jimenez Salido, A.; Duque Guilera, E.; Moreno Fernandez, F.; Vicente Guillen, V., 2015:
Prevention of incisional hernia in midline laparotomy with an onlay mesh: a randomized clinical trial

Rosin, D., 2015:
Prevention of incisional hernia in midline laparotomy with onlay mesh: a randomized clinical trial

Israelsson, L.A.; Millbourn, D., 2013:
Prevention of incisional hernias: how to close a midline incision

Agaev, É.K., 2013:
Prevention of incompetence of sutures of intestinal anastomoses by the method of permanent intramesenteric blockade and lymphotropic therapy

Brunner, M.; Droegemueller, C.; Rivers, S.; Deuser, W.E., 2012:
Prevention of incontinence-related skin breakdown for acute and critical care patients: comparison of two products

Fridland, M.O., 1948:
Prevention of industrial accidents in Moskva

Dailly, S., 2011:
Prevention of indwelling catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Lewis, J.T., 2011:
Prevention of infant deaths

Lewis, J.T., 2012:
Prevention of infant deaths; liaison between hospitals and home services

Hernández Cordero, S., 2012:
Prevention of infant obesity

Achilles, S.L.; Reeves, M.F., 2011:
Prevention of infection after induced abortion: release date October 2010: SFP guideline 20102

Gorenoi, V.; Schönermark, M.P.; Hagen, A., 2011:
Prevention of infection after knee arthroplasty

Lai, L.; Kwa, S.; Kozlowski, P.A.; Montefiori, D.C.; Ferrari, G.; Johnson, W.E.; Hirsch, V.; Villinger, F.; Chennareddi, L.; Earl, P.L.; Moss, B.; Amara, R.Rao.; Robinson, H.L., 2011:
Prevention of infection by a granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor co-expressing DNA/modified vaccinia Ankara simian immunodeficiency virus vaccine

Loczenski, B., 2007:
Prevention of infection by vaccination: simple and effective protection

Rumbak, M.; Cancio, M., 2010:
Prevention of infection caused by gram-positive bacteria in the bloodstream and lungs

Cohen, B.M., 1949:
Prevention of infection following rhinoplasty

Tellado, J.M., 2007:
Prevention of infection following severe acute pancreatitis

Pomakova, D.; Segal, B.H., 2014:
Prevention of infection in cancer patients

Papadopoulou-Alataki, E.; Hassan, A.; Davies, E.Graham., 2013:
Prevention of infection in children and adolescents with primary immunodeficiency disorders

Jennison, T.; McNally, M.; Pandit, H., 2014:
Prevention of infection in external fixator pin sites

Post, M.H., 1949:
Prevention of infection in eye surgery

Zbinden, D.; D'Acremont, Vérie.; Manuel, O., 2013:
Prevention of infection in immunocompromised travelers

Zhang, M.; Luan, H.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, L.; Lv, Y-Man.; He, F.; Chen, Y.; Zeng, H-Bing.; Yao, Y.; Liu, Q., 2014:
Prevention of infection in immunosuppressive patients with autoimmune nephrosis by using an immunostimulating bacterial lysate Broncho-vaxom

Lindsay, W.; Bigsby, E.; Bannister, G., 2011:
Prevention of infection in orthopaedic joint replacement

Friese, C.R., 2007:
Prevention of infection in patients with cancer

Redmond, A.; Donlon, S.; Boyle, G.; McCann, M.; Einarsdottir, H., 2011:
Prevention of infection in patients with chronic kidney disease. Part II: healthcare-associated infections

Ledger, W.J.; Skupski, D., 1997:
Prevention of infection in pregnancy

Grote, S.; Polzer, H.; Prall, W.C.; Gill, S.; Shafizadeh, S.; Banerjee, M.; Bouillon, B.; Bäthis, H., 2012:
Prevention of infection in the current treatment of open fractures: an evidence-based systematic analysis

Leite, G.A.; Farias, I.P.; Gonçalves, Aé.L.S.; Hawes, J.E.; Peres, C.A., 2018:
Coarse- and fine-scale patterns of distribution and habitat selection places an Amazonian floodplain curassow in double jeopardy

Bloomfield, S.F.; Exner, M.; Dietlein, E., 2008:
Prevention of infection through hygiene in the home and community. The need for a family-centred approach

Bârlean, L.; Dănilă, I.; Săveanu, I., 2011:
Prevention of infection transmission in dental laboratories

Pittet, D., 2011:
Prevention of infection, antibiotic resistance: a universal emergency

Widmer, A.; Gastmeier, P.; Battegay, M., 2010:
Prevention of infections

D'Avignon, L.C.; Chung, K.K.; Saffle, J.R.; Renz, E.M.; Cancio, L.C.; Hospenthal, D.R.; Murray, C.K.; Andersen, R.C.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Calhoun, J.H.; Cancio, L.C.; Cho, J.M.; Chung, K.K.; Clasper, J.C.; Colyer, M.H.; Conger, N.G.; Costanzo, G.P.; Crouch, H.K.; Curry, T.K.; D'Avignon, L.C.; Dorlac, W.C.; Dunne, J.R.; Eastridge, B.J.; Ficke, J.R.; Fleming, M.E.; Forgione, M.A.; Green, A.D.; Hale, R.G.; Hayes, D.K.; Holcomb, J.B.; Hsu, J.R.; Kester, K.E.; Martin, G.J.; Moores, L.E.; Obrems, 2011:
Prevention of infections associated with combat-related burn injuries

Forgione, M.A.; Moores, L.E.; Wortmann, G.W.; Hospenthal, D.R.; Murray, C.K.; Andersen, R.C.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Calhoun, J.H.; Cancio, L.C.; Cho, J.M.; Chung, K.K.; Clasper, J.C.; Colyer, M.H.; Conger, N.G.; Costanzo, G.P.; Crouch, H.K.; Curry, T.K.; D'Avignon, L.C.; Dorlac, W.C.; Dunne, J.R.; Eastridge, B.J.; Ficke, J.R.; Fleming, M.E.; Forgione, M.A.; Green, A.D.; Hale, R.G.; Hayes, D.K.; Holcomb, J.B.; Hsu, J.R.; Kester, K.E.; Martin, G.J.; Moores, L.E.; Obremskey, W.T.; Petersen, K.; Renz, 2011:
Prevention of infections associated with combat-related central nervous system injuries

Murray, C.K.; Obremskey, W.T.; Hsu, J.R.; Andersen, R.C.; Calhoun, J.H.; Clasper, J.C.; Whitman, T.J.; Curry, T.K.; Fleming, M.E.; Wenke, J.C.; Ficke, J.R.; Hospenthal, D.R.; Murray, C.K.; Andersen, R.C.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Calhoun, J.H.; Cancio, L.C.; Cho, J.M.; Chung, K.K.; Clasper, J.C.; Colyer, M.H.; Conger, N.G.; Costanzo, G.P.; Crouch, H.K.; Curry, T.K.; D'Avignon, L.C.; Dorlac, W.C.; Dunne, J.R.; Eastridge, B.J.; Ficke, J.R.; Fleming, M.E.; Forgione, M.A.; Green, A.D.; Hale, R.G.; Hayes, 2011:
Prevention of infections associated with combat-related extremity injuries

Petersen, K.; Colyer, M.H.; Hayes, D.K.; Hale, R.G.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Hospenthal, D.R.; Murray, C.K.; Andersen, R.C.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Calhoun, J.H.; Cancio, L.C.; Cho, J.M.; Chung, K.K.; Clasper, J.C.; Colyer, M.H.; Conger, N.G.; Costanzo, G.P.; Crouch, H.K.; Curry, T.K.; D'Avignon, L.C.; Dorlac, W.C.; Dunne, J.R.; Eastridge, B.J.; Ficke, J.R.; Fleming, M.E.; Forgione, M.A.; Green, A.D.; Hale, R.G.; Hayes, D.K.; Holcomb, J.B.; Hsu, J.R.; Kester, K.E.; Martin, G.J.; Moores, L.E.; Obremskey, W, 2011:
Prevention of infections associated with combat-related eye, maxillofacial, and neck injuries

Martin, G.J.; Dunne, J.R.; Cho, J.M.; Solomkin, J.S.; Hospenthal, D.R.; Murray, C.K.; Andersen, R.C.; Bell, R.Bryan.; Calhoun, J.H.; Cancio, L.C.; Cho, J.M.; Chung, K.K.; Clasper, J.C.; Colyer, M.H.; Conger, N.G.; Costanzo, G.P.; Crouch, H.K.; Curry, T.K.; D'Avignon, L.C.; Dorlac, W.C.; Dunne, J.R.; Eastridge, B.J.; Ficke, J.R.; Fleming, M.E.; Forgione, M.A.; Green, A.D.; Hale, R.G.; Hayes, D.K.; Holcomb, J.B.; Hsu, J.R.; Kester, K.E.; Martin, G.J.; Moores, L.E.; Obremskey, W.T.; Petersen,, 2011:
Prevention of infections associated with combat-related thoracic and abdominal cavity injuries

Darouiche, R.O., 2008:
Prevention of infections associated with vascular catheters

Aguilar, C.; Malphettes, M.; Donadieu, J.; Chandesris, O.; Coignard-Biehler, Hélène.; Catherinot, E.; Pellier, I.; Stephan, J-Louis.; Le Moing, V.; Barlogis, V.; Suarez, F.; Gérart, Séphane.; Lanternier, F.; Jaccard, A.; Consigny, P-Henri.; Moulin, F.; Launay, O.; Lecuit, M.; Hermine, O.; Oksenhendler, E.; Picard, C.; Blanche, Séphane.; Fischer, A.; Mahlaoui, N.; Lortholary, O., 2015:
Prevention of infections during primary immunodeficiency

De Maria, E.; Diemberger, I.; Vassallo, P.L.; Pastore, M.; Giannotti, F.; Ronconi, C.; Romandini, A.; Biffi, M.; Martignani, C.; Ziacchi, M.; Bonfatti, F.; Tumietto, F.; Viale, P.; Boriani, G., 2015:
Prevention of infections in cardiovascular implantable electronic devices beyond the antibiotic agent

Mikołuć, B.; Pietrucha, B.; Motkowski, Rław.; Wolska-Kuśnierz, B.; Heropolitańska-Pliszka, E.; Bernatowska, E., 2009:
Prevention of infections in primary and secondary antibody deficiency

Kranabetter, R.; Kramer, A.; Rathgeber, J.; Züchner, K.; Assadian, O.; Daeschlein, G.; Hübner, N-O.; Dietlein, E.; Exner, M.; Gründling, M.; Lehmann, C.; Wendt, M.; Graf, B.M.; Holst, D.; Jatzwauk, L.; Puhlmann, B.; Welte, T.; Wilkes, A.R., 2011:
Prevention of infections under anesthetic breathing with breathing filters: concerted recommendations of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene e.V. (DGKH) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin e.V. (DGAI)

Matsumoto, M.; Shigemura, K.; Yamamichi, F.; Tanaka, K.; Nakano, Y.; Arakawa, S.; Fujisawa, M., 2012:
Prevention of infectious complication and its risk factors after urological procedures of the upper urinary tract

Allemann, P.; Probst, H.; Demartines, N.; Schäfer, M., 2011:
Prevention of infectious complications after laparoscopic appendectomy for complicated acute appendicitis--the role of routine abdominal drainage

Aldaz Herce, P.; Batalla Martínez, C.; Comín Bertrán, E.; Gómez Marco, Jé.Javier.; Gómez Roig, S.; Martín Martín, S.; Morató Agustí, Mía.Luisa.; Puig Barberá, J.; Schwarz, Gán., 2016:
Prevention of infectious diseases

Michel, R.; Demoncheaux, J.P.; Créach, M.A.; Rapp, C.; Simon, F.; Haus-Cheymol, R.; Migliani, R., 2015:
Prevention of infectious diseases during military deployments: a review of the French armed forces strategy

Luke, A.; d'Hemecourt, P., 2007:
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