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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55200

Chapter 55200 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Erickson, B.E., 1999:
Product Review: The many faces of thermal analysis

Erickson, B.E., 1999:
Product Reviews: Ion chromatography

French, N.B.; Priebe, S.J.; Haas, W.J., 1999:
Product Reviews: State-of-the-Art Mercury CEMs

Langhojer, F.; Dimler, F.; Jung, G.; Brixner, T., 2007:
Product accumulation for ultrasensitive femtochemistry

Brownlee, J.M.; Heinz, B.; Bates, J.; Moran, G.R., 2010:
Product analysis and inhibition studies of a causative Asn to Ser variant of 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase suggest a simple route to the treatment of Hawkinsinuria

Simunovic, M.R.; DeNardi, F.G.; Coates, A.J.; Szalay, D.A.; Eva, K.W., 2015:
Product analysis and initial reliability testing of the total mesorectal excision-quality assessment instrument

Berrill, A.; Ho, S.V.; Bracewell, D.G., 2010:
Product and contaminant measurement in bioprocess development by SELDI-MS

Jacobs, A.C.; Resendiz, M.J.E.; Greenberg, M.M., 2011:
Product and mechanistic analysis of the reactivity of a C6-pyrimidine radical in RNA

Lurie-Luke, E., 2015 :
Product and technology innovation: what can biomimicry inspire?

Stone, R.P.; Mowrey-Mckee, M.; Cappelli, Q., 2013:
Product and testing standards: it's important to get it right

McBane, G.C.; Schinke, R., 2012:
Product angular distributions in the ultraviolet photodissociation of N2O

Bu, L.; Nimlos, M.R.; Shirts, M.R.; Ståhlberg, J.; Himmel, M.E.; Crowley, M.F.; Beckham, G.T., 2012:
Product binding varies dramatically between processive and nonprocessive cellulase enzymes

Jung, P., 2011:
Product biomonitoring and responsible reporting

Dempsey, L.P.; Murray, C.; Lester, M.I., 2007:
Product branching between reactive and nonreactive pathways in the collisional quenching of OH A 2Sigma+ radicals by H2

Miyoshi, A.; Yoshida, J-ichi.; Shiki, N.; Koshi, M.; Matsui, H., 2009:
Product branching fractions for the reaction of O((3)P) with ethene

Trevitt, A.J.; Prendergast, M.B.; Goulay, F.; Savee, J.D.; Osborn, D.L.; Taatjes, C.A.; Leone, S.R., 2013:
Product branching fractions of the CH + propene reaction from synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry

Ratliff, B.J.; Alligood, B.W.; Butler, L.J.; Lee, S-Huang.; Lin, J.Jr-Min., 2011:
Product branching from the CH2CH2OH radical intermediate of the OH + ethene reaction

Mebel, A.M.; Landera, A., 2012:
Product branching ratios in photodissociation of phenyl radical: a theoretical ab initio/Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus study

Anonymous, 1972:
Product capsules

Noike, M.; Ambo, T.; Kikuchi, S.; Suzuki, T.; Yamashita, S.; Takahashi, S.; Kurokawa, H.; Mahapatra, S.; Crick, D.C.; Koyama, T., 2008:
Product chain-length determination mechanism of Z,E-farnesyl diphosphate synthase

Feng, W.; Hershberger, J.F., 2012:
Product channels of the CN + HCNO reaction

Faria da Rocha, S.; Kappaun Rodrigues, M.Cristina.; Legemann Monte, M.; Quites Larrosa, A.Paula.; de Almeida Pinto, L.Antonio., 2015:
Product characteristics and quality of bovine blood-enriched dried vegetable paste

Casasent, D.; Silbershatz, G., 1982:
Product code processing on a triple-product processor

Srinivasulu, S.; Acharya, A.Seetharama., 2012:
Product conformation driven splicing of unprotected peptides by reverse proteolysis: influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors

Vidrine, E., 2003:
Product containment in the compounding laboratory

Xu, L.; Yan, S.; Choi, E-Young.; Lee, J.Yong.; Kwon, Y-Uk., 2009:
Product control by halide ions of ionic liquids in the ionothermal syntheses of Ni-(H)BTC metal-organic frameworks

Teague, J., 1982:
Product decision

Mugge, R.; Schoormans, J.P.L., 2013:
Product design and apparent usability. The influence of novelty in product appearance

Seva, R.R.; Gosiaco, K.Grace.T.; Santos, M.Crea.Eurice.D.; Pangilinan, D.Mae.L., 2011:
Product design enhancement using apparent usability and affective quality

Goulay, F.; Trevitt, A.J.; Savee, J.D.; Bouwman, J.; Osborn, D.L.; Taatjes, C.A.; Wilson, K.R.; Leone, S.R., 2012:
Product detection of the CH radical reaction with acetaldehyde

Toth, K.; Amyes, T.L.; Wood, B.M.; Chan, K.; Gerlt, J.A.; Richard, J.P., 2007:
Product deuterium isotope effect for orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase: evidence for the existence of a short-lived carbanion intermediate

Toth, K.; Amyes, T.L.; Wood, B.M.; Chan, K.; Gerlt, J.A.; Richard, J.P., 2010:
Product deuterium isotope effects for orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase: effect of changing substrate and enzyme structure on the partitioning of the vinyl carbanion reaction intermediate

Product development

Fugger, E.; Kuehteubl, G.; Pohl, W.; Wagner, H., 2007:
Product development for weaning in respiratory care

Robb, W.L., 1982:
Product development in medical imaging research

Lysaght, M.J., 1995:
Product development in tissue engineering

Payne, R.W.; Murphy, B.M.; Manning, M.Cornell., 2012:
Product development issues for PEGylated proteins

Church, R.; Clark, C., 2008:
Product development of branded, packaged household goods in Britain, 1870-1914: Colman's, Reckitt's, and Lever Brothers

Cerezal Mezquita, P.; Urtuvia Gatica, V.; Ramírez Quintanilla, V.; Arcos Zavala, R., 2011:
Product development on the basis of cereal and leguminous flours to coeliac disease in children aged 6-24 months; II: properties of the mixtures

Cerezal Mezquita, P.; Urtuvia Gatica, V.; Ramírez Quintanilla, V.; Romero Palacios, N.; Arcos Zavala, R., 2011:
Product development on the basis of cereal and leguminous flours to coeliac disease in children between 6-24 months; I: formulation and acceptability

Sorenson, C., 2009:
Product development partnerships (PDPs) for neglected diseases: considerations on governance

Bishai, D.M.; Champion, C.; Steele, M.E.; Thompson, L., 2011:
Product development partnerships hit their stride: lessons from developing a meningitis vaccine for Africa

Singh, A.Pal.; Ramadan, W.Mossa.; Dahiya, R.; Sarpal, A.S.; Pathak, K., 2009:
Product development studies of amino acid conjugate of Aceclofenac

Mooney, H., 2012:
Product development. And the winner is...

Anonymous, 2012:
Product development: case studies. A new dimension

Shi, C.; Gan, W-Seng., 2012:
Product directivity models for parametric loudspeakers

Patwardhan, P.R.; Brown, R.C.; Shanks, B.H., 2011:
Product distribution from the fast pyrolysis of hemicellulose

Mozaffar, H.; Williams, R.; Cresswell, K.; Morison, Z.; Slee, A.; Sheikh, A.; Team, A.Sheikh.; Coleman, J.; Bates, D.; Robertson, A.; Avery, T.; Blake, L.; Chuter, A.; Slight, S.; Girling, A.; Lee, L.; Lilford, R.; McCloughan, L.; Schofield, J., 2015:
Product diversity and spectrum of choice in hospital ePrescribing Systems in England

Sheriff, D.Sultan., 2011:
Product endorsement by medical practitioners

Glowacki, D.R.; Orr-Ewing, A.J.; Harvey, J.N., 2011:
Product energy deposition of CN + alkane H abstraction reactions in gas and solution phases

Almeida e Silva, C.Márcio.; Okimoto, M.Lúcia.L.R.; Albertazzi, D.; Calixto, C.; Costa, H., 2014:
Product evaluation based in the association between intuition and tasks

Ciammaichella, G.; Belcaro, G.; Dugall, M.; Hosoi, M.; Luzzi, R.; Ippolito, E.; Cesarone, M.R., 2013:
Product evaluation of Ureadin Rx Db (ISDIN) for prevention and treatment of mild-to-moderate xerosis of the foot in diabetic patients. Prevention of skin lesions due to microangiopathy

Madeo, M.; Lowry, L.; Cutler, L., 2010:
Product evaluation of a new chlorhexidine gluconate transparent intravenous line dressing

Zhou, L.; Xie, D.; Sun, Z.; Guo, H., 2014:
Product fine-structure resolved photodissociation dynamics: the A band of H2O

Stsiapanava, A.; Tholander, F.; Kumar, R.B.; Qureshi, A.Aziz.; Niegowski, D.; Hasan, M.; Thunnissen, M.; Haeggström, J.Z.; Rinaldo-Matthis, A., 2014:
Product formation controlled by substrate dynamics in leukotriene A4 hydrolase

Weingart, O.; Altoè, P.; Stenta, M.; Bottoni, A.; Orlandi, G.; Garavelli, M., 2011:
Product formation in rhodopsin by fast hydrogen motions

Osuna, Sílvia.; Rodríguez-Fortea, A.; Poblet, J.M.; Solà, M.; Swart, M., 2012:
Product formation in the Prato reaction on Sc3N@D(5h)-C80: preference for [5,6]-bonds, and not pyracylenic bonds

Gnoth, S.; Jenzsch, M.; Simutis, R.; Lübbert, A., 2007:
Product formation kinetics in genetically modified E. coli bacteria: inclusion body formation

Campos, Lívia.F.de.A.; Lanutti, J.N.de.L.; Paschoarelli, L.Carlos., 2014:
Product functions: interfaces with ergonomic design

Roos, M.; Bansmann, J.; Zhang, D.; Deutschmann, O.; Behm, R.J., 2010:
Product gas evolution above planar microstructured model catalysts--a combined scanning mass spectrometry, Monte Carlo, and Computational Fluid Dynamics study

Xiong, K.; Liu, H.jie.; Li, L.te., 2013:
Product identification and safety evaluation of aflatoxin B1 decontaminated by electrolyzed oxidizing water

Doogue, M.P.; Thynne, T.R.J., 2014:
Product information for generic drugs: old, unloved and sometimes unsafe

Theuretzbacher, U., 2015:
Product information for parenteral colistin varies substantially across Europe

Kasper, J.R.; Andrews, E.C.; Park, C., 2015:
Product inhibition in native-state proteolysis

Murphy, L.; Bohlin, C.; Baumann, M.J.; Olsen, Søren.N.; Sørensen, T.H.; Anderson, L.; Borch, K.; Westh, P., 2013:
Product inhibition of five Hypocrea jecorina cellulases

Cunningham, T.J.; Yao, L.; Lucena, A. , 2008:
Product inhibition of secreted phospholipase A2 may explain lysophosphatidylcholines' unexpected therapeutic properties

Mochalski, Pł.; Unterkofler, K.; Španěl, P.; Smith, D.; Amann, A., 2015:
Product ion distributions for the reactions of NO(+) with some physiologically significant volatile organosulfur and organoselenium compounds obtained using a selective reagent ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Tiemann-Boege, I.; Curtis, C.; Shinde, D.N.; Goodman, D.B.; Tavaré, S.; Arnheim, N., 2009:
Product length, dye choice, and detection chemistry in the bead-emulsion amplification of millions of single DNA molecules in parallel

Piehler, H.R.; Twerski, A.D.; Weinstein, A.S.; Donaher, W.A., 1974:
Product liability and the technical expert

Abelson, P.H., 1988:
Product liability in a litigious society

Anonymous, 1979:
Product liability: danger of legislation

Anonymous, 1980:
Product liability: precautionary advice to dispensing doctors

Coles, A.J.; Compston, A., 2014:
Product licences for alemtuzumab and multiple sclerosis

Skelton, A.C.H.; Allwood, J.M., 2013:
Product life trade-offs: what if products fail early?

Tougas, T.P.; Christopher, D.; Mitchell, J.; Lyapustina, S.; Van Oort, M.; Bauer, R.; Glaab, V., 2011:
Product lifecycle approach to cascade impaction measurements

Turnipseed, W.D.; Lund, D.P.; Sollenberger, D., 2007:
Product line development: a strategy for clinical success in academic centers

Bourassa Forcier, Mélanie.; Noël, Fçois., 2014:
Product listing agreements (PLAs): a new tool for reaching Quebec's pharmaceutical policy objectives?

Aicher, R.H., 1998:
Product marketing within the cosmetic surgical practice

Kuu, W.Y.; O'Bryan, K.R.; Hardwick, L.M.; Paul, T.W., 2012:
Product mass transfer resistance directly determined during freeze-drying cycle runs using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) and pore diffusion model

Anonymous, 1978:
Product news

Anonymous, 1979:
Product news

Anonymous, 1979:
Product news

Anonymous, 1980:
Product news

Anonymous, 1980:
Product news

Anonymous, 1981:
Product news

Anonymous, 1981:
Product news

Anonymous, 1983:
Product news

Anonymous, 1983:
Product news

Anonymous, 1983:
Product news

Anonymous, 1987:
Product news

Anonymous, 2008:
Product news

Anonymous, 2009:
Product news

Anonymous, 2010:
Product news

Anonymous, 2011:
Product news

Anonymous, 2014:
Product news

Penson, K.A.; Zyczkowski, K., 2011:
Product of Ginibre matrices: Fuss-Catalan and Raney distributions

Julínek, O.; Setnicka, Vír.; Rezácová, A.; Dohnal, Jí.; Vosátka, Václav.; Urbanová, M., 2010:
Product of alaptide synthesis: determination of the absolute configuration

Tanaka, H.; Matsuda, T.; Tobina, T.; Yamada, Y.; Yamagishi, T.; Sakai, H.; Obara, S.; Higaki, Y.; Kiyonaga, A.; Brubaker, P.H., 2014:
Product of heart rate and first heart sound amplitude as an index of myocardial metabolic stress during graded exercise

Regmi, P.; Malla, B.; Gyawali, P.; Sigdel, M.; Shrestha, R.; Shah, D.Singh.; Khanal, M.Prasad., 2014:
Product of serum calcium and phosphorus (Ca × PO4) as predictor of cardiovascular disease risk in predialysis patients

Walsh, J.A.; McFadden, M.; Woodcock, J.; Clegg, D.O.; Helliwell, P.; Dommasch, E.; Gelfand, J.M.; Krueger, G.G.; Duffin, K.Callis., 2014:
Product of the Physician Global Assessment and body surface area: a simple static measure of psoriasis severity in a longitudinal cohort

Abramochkin, E.; Razueva, E., 2011:
Product of three Airy beams

Kahhat, R.; Williams, E., 2009:
Product or waste? Importation and end-of-life processing of computers in Peru

Chen, Z.; Eppink, A.T.J.B.; Jiang, B.; Groenenboom, G.C.; Yang, X.; Parker, D.H., 2010:
Product pair correlation in CH3OH photodissociation at 157 nm: the OH + CH3 channel

Debeire, P.; Khoune, P.; Jeltsch, J-Marc.; Phalip, V., 2012:
Product patterns of a feruloyl esterase from Aspergillus nidulans on large feruloyl-arabino-xylo-oligosaccharides from wheat bran

Almeida e Silva, C.Márcio.; Okimoto, M.Lúciar.R.L.; Tanure, R.Leane.Zenni., 2014:
Product perception from sensory stimuli: the case of vacuum cleaner

McCoy, R.W.; Carlin, B.W., 2009:
Product performance variability with home portable oxygen systems may impact patient performance outcomes: it may be the device, not the disease

Hickman, L., 2008:
Product placement in the waiting room

Yang, H-Li.; Wang, C-Shu., 2008:
Product placement of computer games in cyberspace

Wickham, H.; Hofmann, H., 2011:
Product plots

Morlacchi, P.; Wilson, W.K.; Xiong, Q.; Bhaduri, A.; Sttivend, D.; Kolesnikova, M.D.; Matsuda, S.P.T., 2009:
Product profile of PEN3: the last unexamined oxidosqualene cyclase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Wickham, S., 2008:
Product propaganda

Ahlquist, Mårten.; Nielsen, R.J.; Periana, R.A.; Goddard, W.A., 2009:
Product protection, the key to developing high performance methane selective oxidation catalysts

Tantra, R.; van Heeren, H., 2013:
Product qualification: a barrier to point-of-care microfluidic-based diagnostics?

Swenson, D., 2008:
Product quality assurance testing: one hospital's experience

Gramer, M.J., 2014:
Product quality considerations for mammalian cell culture process development and manufacturing

Feng, T.; Keller, L.Robin.; Wang, L.; Wang, Y., 2011:
Product quality risk perceptions and decisions: contaminated pet food and lead-painted toys

Jégou, Hé.; Douze, M.; Schmid, C., 2011:
Product quantization for nearest neighbor search

Vuk, T.; Barišić, M.; Ljubičić, J.; Hećimović, A.; Juraković-Lončar, N.; Šarlija, D.; Jukić, I., 2014:
Product recall: a Croatian experience (2000-2010)

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Buster Brown Clog Children's Shoes

Anonymous, 2010:
Product recalls. Recalls: Children's Animal Masks and Pendants...Clarks children's shoes due to choking hazard...and Baby Jogger Strollers

Anonymous, 2010:
Product recalls. Recalls: Dorel Juvenile Group recalls play yards with bassinets . . . and children's "Big Rex and Friends" Cloth Books

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: Evenflo Children's Activity Centers...Mad Dog Concepts Boy's Pajamas...Boy's Reversible Vests by Bon-Ton stores...and Munire "Newport Rubbed Black" Cribs and matching furniture

Anonymous, 2007:
Product recalls. Recalls: Evenflo Embrace Infant Car Seat/Carriers... Parents Magazines Toy Cell Phones...and children's Take-Apart Townhouse toys

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: Evenflo expands recall of Majestic high chairs...and Evenflo recalls Envision high chairs

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: Fisher-Price Simplicity's Rainforest Portable Play Yards...and Infantino Infant Rattles

Anonymous, 2009 :
Product recalls. Recalls: Infantino infant toys...Pure Fishing children's fishing games...Seattle Cotton Works hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings... and children's flip flops

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free Drops...Toy Trains...and Cobra Electronics Children's Two-Way Radios sold exclusively in Toys "R" Us Stores

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: JC Penney Arizona newborn and infant pants...Window blinds by Green Mountain Vista...and Roman Blinds sold exclusively at IKEA

Anonymous, 2007:
Product recalls. Recalls: Phil & Teds e3 Strollers with double seats... Target baby rattles and ornaments... Target Little Tree Wood Activity Cart Toys... Dollar General metal key chains...and children's bracelets

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: Simplicity bassinets, including Graco and "Winnie the Pooh" brand...and remember controlled helicopter toys

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: Starbucks children's plastic cups...and Cub Scouts totem badges

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: a bad summer for toys from China...but risks should be kept in perspective

Anonymous, 2010:
Product recalls. Recalls: and Graco Harmony High Chairs... Evenflo Top-of-Stair Plus Wood Gates

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: children's blankets...children's hooded jackets with drawstrings...and infant rattles

Anonymous, 2007:
Product recalls. Recalls: children's hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings...and Kids II teethers

Anonymous, 2007:
Product recalls. Recalls: children's necklaces sold at Claire's stores...children's mood necklaces...and BABYBJORN Feeding Spoons

Anonymous, 2010:
Product recalls. Recalls: children's wooden storage rack

Anonymous, 2009:
Product recalls. Recalls: folding toy Build-A-Bear Workshop beach chairs in U.S. and Canada...Eddie Bauer play yards with rocking bassinets...and Fun Express water-based face paints for children

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: magnetic dart boards...children's board book sets...children's hooded sweatshirts...and plush rocker toys

Anonymous, 2008:
Product recalls. Recalls: remote-controlled helicopter toys...Bright Starts Ring Rattles...and It's My Binky Personalized Pacifiers

Anonymous, 2010:
Product recalls. Two important recalls: H1N1 flu vaccine for young children ... and all Roman and Roll-up Blinds

Marotta, G.; Simeone, M.; Nazzaro, C., 2014:
Product reformulation in the food system to improve food safety. Evaluation of policy interventions

Bagga, H.S.; Tasian, G.E.; Fisher, P.B.; McCulloch, C.E.; McAninch, J.W.; Breyer, B.N., 2013:
Product related adult genitourinary injuries treated at emergency departments in the United States from 2002 to 2010

Gee, A.P., 2010:
Product release assays

Medlock, A.E.; Carter, M.; Dailey, T.A.; Dailey, H.A.; Lanzilotta, W.N., 2009:
Product release rather than chelation determines metal specificity for ferrochelatase

Ching, K., 2013:
Product review. Eye-Fi cards

Wu, V.Wei-Keh., 2011:
Product rotational angular momentum polarization in the H+FCl(v=0-5, j=0, 3, 6, 9)→HF+Cl reaction

Hua, S.; Lan, J.; Song, Y.; Lu, C.; Zhang, Y., 2012:
Product safety analysis of somatic cell cloned bovine

Westcott, N., 2013:
Product safety and sustainability go hand in hand

Grayburn, P.A., 2008:
Product safety compromises patient safety (an unjustified black box warning on ultrasound contrast agents by the Food and Drug Administration)

Roscini, C.; Davies, D.M.E.; Berry, M.; Orr-Ewing, A.J.; Booker-Milburn, K.I., 2008:
Product selection through photon flux: laser-specific lactone synthesis

Amemiya, F.; Matsumoto, H.; Fuse, K.; Kashiwagi, T.; Kuroda, C.; Fuchigami, T.; Atobe, M., 2011:
Product selectivity control induced by using liquid-liquid parallel laminar flow in a microreactor

Gu, Q.; Wang, Q.; Fu, A., 2012:
Product standard and quality control of sodium hyaluronate

de Wit, G.; Heazlewood, B.R.; Quinn, M.S.; Maccarone, A.T.; Nauta, K.; Reid, S.A.; Jordan, M.J.T.; Kable, S.H., 2012:
Product state and speed distributions in photochemical triple fragmentations

Pio, J.M.; van der Veer, W.E.; Bieler, C.R.; Janda, K.C., 2008:
Product state resolved excitation spectroscopy of He-, Ne-, and Ar-Br2 linear isomers: experiment and theory

Hesterberg, T.W.; Anderson, R.; Bernstein, D.M.; Bunn, W.B.; Chase, G.A.; Jankousky, A.Libby.; Marsh, G.M.; McClellan, R.O., 2012:
Product stewardship and science: safe manufacture and use of fiber glass

Moriarty, J.; Wenger, J.C.; Sidebottom, H.W., 2010:
Product study of the OH radical and Cl atom initiated oxidation of 1,3-dioxane

Flanagan, P., 2007:
Product traceability and lookback: assuring the integrity of the transfusion process

van Hedel, K.; Martikainen, P.; Moustgaard, H.; Myrskylä, M., 2018:
Cohabitation and mental health: Is psychotropic medication use more common in cohabitation than marriage?

Hoffmann, J.P., 2018:
Cohabitation, Marijuana Use, and Heavy Alcohol Use in Young Adulthood

Fukuda, A.; Usui, M.; Okubo, T.; Tagaki, C.; Sukpanyatham, N.; Tamura, Y., 2018:
Co-harboring of cephalosporin (bla)/colistin (mcr) resistance genes among Enterobacteriaceae from flies in Thailand

David, I.; Carabaño, M.J.; Tusell, L.; Diaz, C.; González-Recio, O.; López de Maturana, E.; Piles, M.; Ugarte, E.; Bodin, L., 2011:
Product versus additive model for studying artificial insemination results in several livestock populations

David, I.; Bodin, L.; Gianola, D.; Legarra, A.; Manfredi, E.; Robert-Granié, C., 2009:
Product versus additive threshold models for analysis of reproduction outcomes in animal genetics

Corchado, J.C.; Espinosa-Garcia, J., 2009:
Product vibrational distributions in polyatomic species based on quasiclassical trajectory calculations

Zhang, W.; Wu, G.; Pan, H.; Shuai, Q.; Jiang, B.; Dai, D.; Yang, X., 2009:
Product vibrational state-to-state correlation in the F + SiH4 --> HF(v(HF)) + SiH3 (0v20) reaction: a crossed molecular beam ion-imaging study

Pollock, R.F.; Qian, Y.; Wisniewski, T.; Seitz, L.; Kappelgaard, A-Marie., 2013:
Product wastage from modern human growth hormone administration devices: a laboratory and computer simulation analysis

Fowkes, W., 1962:
Product "Recognition"

Murakawa, T.; Machida, Y.; Hayashi, H., 2011:
Product-assisted catalysis as the basis of the reaction specificity of threonine synthase

Poisson, T.; Gembus, V.; Oudeyer, S.; Marsais, F.; Levacher, V., 2009:
Product-catalyzed addition of alkyl nitriles to unactivated imines promoted by sodium aryloxide/ethyl(trimethylsilyl)acetate (ETSA) combination

Redman, E.W.; Morton, T.H., 1986:
Product-determining steps in gas-phase Broensted acid-base reactions. Deprotonation of 1-methylcyclopentyl cation by amine bases

Belcaro, G.; Cesarone, M.R.; Dugall, M.; Pellegrini, L.; Ledda, A.; Grossi, M.G.; Togni, S.; Appendino, G., 2011:
Product-evaluation registry of Meriva®, a curcumin-phosphatidylcholine complex, for the complementary management of osteoarthritis

Padeletti, L.; Pappone, C.; Curnis, A.; Zanotto, G.; Calò, L.; Ricciardi, G.; Pieragnoli, P.; Dondina, C.; Raciti, G.; Michelucci, A., 2009:
Product-experience reporting on endocardial defibrillation leads: a 4-year national perspective

Anderson, D.F.; Craciun, G.; Kurtz, T.G., 2011:
Product-form stationary distributions for deficiency zero chemical reaction networks

Uchiyama, T.; Miyazaki, K., 2011:
Product-induced gene expression, a product-responsive reporter assay used to screen metagenomic libraries for enzyme-encoding genes

Gill, R.D.; Keiding, N., 2011:
Product-limit estimators of the gap time distribution of a renewal process under different sampling patterns

Zhu, D.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, M.; Ikeda, H.; Deng, Z.; Cane, D.E., 2013:
Product-mediated regulation of pentalenolactone biosynthesis in Streptomyces species by the MarR/SlyA family activators PenR and PntR

Patel, P.R.; Kallen, A.J.; Budnitz, D.S., 2010:
Product-related adverse events in hemodialysis patients: improving recognition and response

Sandner, P.; Ziegelbauer, K., 2008:
Product-related research: how research can contribute to successful life-cycle management

Zhou, G.; Zhang, J., 2010:
Product-selectivity control by the nature of the catalyst: Lewis acid-catalyzed selective formation of ring-fused tetrahydroquinolines and tetrahydroazepines via intramolecular redox reaction

Zahn, M.; Jeong, M.Lee.; Wang, D.; Trinh, T.; Fay, B.; Ma, W., 2009:
Product-specific sample clean-up and HPLC analysis of aflatoxins for a dietary product

Qu, S.; Kolodziej, E.P.; Long, S.A.; Gloer, J.B.; Patterson, E.V.; Baltrusaitis, J.; Jones, G.D.; Benchetler, P.V.; Cole, E.A.; Kimbrough, K.C.; Tarnoff, M.D.; Cwiertny, D.M., 2013:
Product-to-parent reversion of trenbolone: unrecognized risks for endocrine disruption

Jornitz, M.W.; Meltzer, T.H.; Chiruvolu, V.; Chen, A.; Kanoh, B.; Connoly, C.; Mora, J., 2008:
Product-wet integrity testing of sterilizing grade filters--points to consider

Anonymous, 2009:
Product: Banzel

Sarwat, F.; Ul Qader, S.Ali.; Aman, A.; Ahmed, N., 2008:
Production & characterization of a unique dextran from an indigenous Leuconostoc mesenteroides CMG713

Balaraman, K.; Prabakaran, G., 2007:
Production & purification of a fibrinolytic enzyme (thrombinase) from Bacillus sphaericus

Shegokar, R.; Singh, K.K.; Müller, R.H., 2011:
Production & stability of stavudine solid lipid nanoparticles--from lab to industrial scale

YANO, Y.; ANGER, H.O., 2014:
Production and Chemical Processing of Fe52 for Medical Use. Ucrl-11833

Bryce, P.H., 1918:
Production and Conservation of Food Supplies

Bement, A., 1905:
Production and the Modern use of Carbonic Acid

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Production and characterization of polymer microspheres containing trace explosives using precision particle fabrication technology

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Production and characterization of pyrolytic oils by pyrolysis of waste machinery oil

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Production and characterization of recombinant Manchurian trout thyrotropin

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Production and characterization of recombinant glucose oxidase from Aspergillus niger expressed in Pichia pastoris

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Production and characterization of recombinant human beta-defensin DEFB120

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Production and characterization of recombinant light chain and carboxyterminal heavy chain fragments of tetanus toxin

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Production and properties of 2,3-butanediol; determination of the fermentation acids by partition chromatography

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Production and properties of 2,3-butanediol; fermentation of glucose by strains of Bacillus subtilis

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Production and properties of 2,3-butanediol; the occurrence of acetone as a product of the Aerobacillus polymyxa fermentation

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Production and purification of monoclonal antibodies

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Production and purification of penicillinase

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Production and purification of plasmid DNA vaccines: is there scope for further innovation?

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Production and purification of recombinant adeno-associated vectors

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Production and purification of recombinant enteropeptidase expressed in an insect-baculovirus cell system

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Production and quality control of radioactive yttrium microspheres for medical applications

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Production and quality control of vaccines

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Production and reception of growth factors in the placenta during physiological and gestosis complicated pregnancy

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Production and recovery of monosaccharides from lignocellulose hot water extracts in a pulp mill biorefinery

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Production and recovery process of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from waste activated sludge

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Production and release of antimicrobial and immune defense proteins by mammary epithelial cells following Streptococcus uberis infection of sheep

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Production and release of asexual sporangia in Plasmopara viticola

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Production and release of selenocyanate by different green freshwater algae in environmental and laboratory samples

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Production and repair of implant-induced microdamage in the cortical bone of goats after long-term estrogen deficiency

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Production and reporting of research evidence

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Production and reversal of sensitivity to sound-induced convulsions associated with a pyridoxin deficiency

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Production animals

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Production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from glycerol by recombinant Klebsiella pneumoniae ΔdhaTΔyqhD which can produce vitamin B₁₂ naturally

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Production of 30-fs pulses tunable throughout the visible spectral region by a new technique in optical parametric amplification

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Production of Antibodies

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Production of High Potency Anti-Teschen Disease Serum From Rabbits and Guinea Pigs