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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55204

Chapter 55204 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lerch, M.M.; Layer, P., 2013:
Prof. Dr. Peter Layer

Speidel, H.; Bahnson, C., 2008:
Prof. Dr. Phil. Claus Bahne Bahnson

Hofstetter, A., 2007:
Prof. Dr. Ramon Abascal Garcia's clear statement to fluorescence diagnosis of bladder cancer by 5- amino-levolinic acid

Lin, X.; Liu, X.; Ma, Y.; Mi, Y.; Zeng, W.; Li, J.; Zhang, C., 2018:
Coherent apoptotic and autophagic activities involved in regression of chicken postovulatory follicles

Dunst, J.; Fietkau, R.; Sauer, R., 2013:
Prof. Dr. Rolf Sauer awarded the Karl Heinrich Baur medal 2013

Rivetti, L.Antonio.; Santos,ães., 2012:
Prof. Dr. Rubens de Guimarães Santos: flawless surgeon

Kühnel, W.; Michna, H., 2008:
Prof. Dr. Sport.-Wiss. Dr. rer. nat. Horst Michna (1954-2007)

Gostomzyk, J.G.; Steuer, W., 2007:
Prof. Dr. Walter Steuer: four decades of helmsmanship for public health

Wiegel, T.; Pötter, R.; Hinkelbein, W., 2013:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hinkelbein conferred emeritus status

Kárpáti, S.; Kemény, L.; Otto, O., 2012:
Prof. Dr. h.c. mult Otto Braun-Falco and Hungarian dermatology

Schultze, J.; Kimmig, B., 2013:
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Kimmig conferred emeritus status

Manns, M.P.; Gerken, G., 2014:
Prof. Dr. med. Guido Gerken

Fuchs, H., 2015:
Prof. Dr. med. Hatto F. Fuchs, born 22 December 1925, died 17 October 2014 - the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Medical Specialty, bids farewell to Prof. Dr. med. Hatto Fuchs

Winkler, J.; Steiniger, L.; Vogtmann, M.; Hoheisel, G.; Schauer, J., 2015:
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Schauer on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Xie, S.; Tu, L.; Han, Y.; Huang, L.; Kang, K.; Lao, K.Un.; Poddar, P.; Park, C.; Muller, D.A.; DiStasio, R.A.; Park, J., 2018:
Coherent, atomically thin transition-metal dichalcogenide superlattices with engineered strain

Zeuzem, S.; Galle, P., 2015:
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Galle

Wiezorek, T.; Grabenbauer, G.G.; Sauer, R.; Wendt, T.G., 2015:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas G. Wendt Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University Hospital Jena on his 65th birthday

Skrzypczak, J.; Merrem, G., 2008:
Prof. Dr. med. habil. Georg Merrem (1908-1971)--a historical vignette

Rockman, R., 2014 :
Prof. Fred Volkmar and Ben Popple: Yale Seminar on Autism: Autism and Dentistry : Yale Child Study Center, 2014, Itunes U

Li, G.; Huang, L., 2014:
Prof. Frederick Masoudi: challenges and opportunities in conducting research with observational data

Hole, Günther., 2010:
Prof. Günther Hole on his self-experiments. "What did I actually endure?"

Zhou, C., 2018:
Coherent backscatter enhancement in single scattering

Anonymous, 2012:
Prof. Heonir Rocha 2011 Prize

Anonymous, 1931:
Prof. Herbert Stanley Birkett

Constantini, S.; El-Shafei, I.Lotfy., 2011:
Prof. Ismail Lotfy El-Shafei (1928-2009)

Anonymous, 1941:
Prof. J. B. Collip

Kallivayalil, R.Abraham.; Dalal, P.Kumar., 2014:
Prof. J. K. Trivedi

Wong, R., 2014:
Prof. Jose Luis López-Campos: effective management of COPD

Nardi, A.E.; Hallak, J.E.; Crippa, Jé.A.; Lopes, Jé.Leme., 2011:
Prof. José Leme Lopes (1904-1990): the pioneer of the multi-axial diagnosis

Stypułkowska-Misiurewicz, H.; Lachowicz, K., 2010:
Prof. Kazimierz Lachowicz (MD)--100th anniversary of birthday

Wong, R.; Pei, T.Chu., 2014:
Prof. Kefang Lai: the diagnosis and treatment of cough in China

Ritchie, W.; Campbell, K., 2014:
Prof. Keith Campbell: a personal perspective of a friend and colleague

Pei, T.Chu., 2014:
Prof. Kian Fan Chung: neuropathic mechanisms of chronic cough and views on air pollution

Li, G., 2014:
Prof. Klaus F. Rabe: COPD as a systematic disease

Hao, H-wen., 2010:
Prof. Liu Bi-chen's clinical experience in the use of Sini san

Anonymous, 1903:
Prof. Lorenz And His Claim

Pachalski, A.; Frańczuk, B.; Pachalska, M., 2007:
Prof. Ludwik Bierkowski: in search of the roots of orthopedics, traumatology, and rehabilitation in Cracow

Chatterjee, S.Sekhar., 2010:
Prof. M. M. Mukherjee

Ono, T.; Ota, M.; Riddell, H., 2013:
Prof. Masao Ota was interested in Kaisyun Hospital of Kumamoto

McQuoid-Mason, D.J., 2014:
Prof. McQuoid-Mason responds

Van Eyk, J.; Michael, J.Dunn., 2015:
Prof. Michael (Mike) J. Dunn--paying forward

Goremychkin, E.A.; Park, H.; Osborn, R.; Rosenkranz, S.; Castellan, J-Paul.; Fanelli, V.R.; Christianson, A.D.; Stone, M.B.; Bauer, E.D.; McClellan, K.J.; Byler, D.D.; Lawrence, J.M., 2018:
Coherent band excitations in CePd3: A comparison of neutron scattering and ab initio theory

Ohmi, K.; Kuroo, N.; Oide, K.; Zhou, D.; Zimmermann, F., 2018:
Coherent Beam-Beam Instability in Collisions with a Large Crossing Angle

Anonymous, 2005:
Prof. N.N. Wig : A Larger than Life Persona who Makes People Feel Immediately at Ease

Anonymous, 2005:
Prof. N.N. Wig : Pioneer, Conscientious Researcher, and a Multi-faceted Personality

Drent, M.; Costabel, U.; Baughman, R.P.; Sharma, O.Prakash., 2013:
Prof. Om Prakash Sharma, 1936–2012

Huang, S., 2014:
Prof. Peter Dicpinigaitis: the treatment of chronic cough in adults

May, T.; Canton, P., 2007:
Prof. Philippe Canton passed away this Thursday, September 6th, after a long disease

Singh, V.D.; Thind, M.S., 2012:
Prof. R. S. Thind - lived like a lion and worked like a horse!

Coqui, C.; Roentgen, W.C., 2014:
Prof. Roentgen, inventor of X rays

Anonymous, 2007:
Prof. Ron D. Appel is appointed as new Director of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

D.R.cco, C.; Mutluer, S., 2012:
Prof. Saffet Mutluer: president of the ISPN in 2009-2010

Takakura, K.; Samii, M., 2014:
Prof. Samii, neurosurgeon of the year

Ozkan, J.; Shahbudin, R.H., 2014:
Prof. Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola MB, FRCP, MACC, MACP, FESC, DSc (Hon) has been described as a cardiologist of the world and the father of research and clinical practice in myocardial hibernation

Oermann, M.R.; Carmody, N.; Hemming, A.; Rees, S.; Simakov, N.; Swain, R.; Boyd, K.; Davidson, A.; Corena, L.; Stepanov, D.; Haub, J., 2018:
Coherent beam combination of four holmium amplifiers with phase control via a direct digital synthesizer chip

Spina-França Netto, A., 2011:
Prof. Spina-França

Bhatnagar, A., 2014:
Prof. Sudhir Kumar Bhatnagar: Imagination is the beginning of creation!

Wang, J., 2008:
Prof. Sun Tongjiao's experience in treating senile diseases

Cambi, V., 2011:
Prof. V. Cambi: a champion of the interdependence between Italian nephrology and the EDTA. Interview by Mario Timio

Belolapotkova, A.V.; Borisenko, K.A.; Kopeĭkin, V.Nikolaevich., 2014:
Prof. V.N. Kopeykin (on the occasion of 85th anniversary)

Pavic, R.; Florschütz, V., 2011:
Prof. Vatroslav Florschütz and the Balkan beam frame

Trapp, O.; Schurig, V., 2010:
Prof. Volker Schurig's 70th birthday

Xu, Y.; Liu, J.; Wang, X-yun., 2010:
Prof. WANG Xiao-Yun's experience in treating climacteric syndrome from the pathogenesis of kidney deficiency and liver stagnancy

Li, G., 2014:
Prof. Walter McNicholas: sleep apnea-a disease calling for attention

Shen, M., 2014:
Prof. Wanqing Chen: the past, present and future of cancer registry in China

Anonymous, 1930:
Prof. William Henry Welch

Kurzatkowski, Wław.; Staniszewska, M.; Madaliński, K.; Juśkiewicz, E.; Kuryłowicz, Włodzimierz., 2011:
Prof. Włodzimierz Kuryłowicz (MD) (1910-1991)--100th anniversary of birthday

Yin, L-Ping.; Deng, X-Fang.; Du, R-Ling., 2010:
Prof. XIE Chun-Guang's experience in treating diabetes

Zhang, J-Chun., 2014:
Prof. YUE Mei-zhong's clinical experience in treating common diseases by disease identification and syndrome typing

Xiong, X-Jiang., 2014:
Prof. YUE Mei-zhong, a great master for classical prescriptions

Li, G., 2014:
Prof. Yi-Tao Ding: my dream of building the best humanistic hospital in China

Chen, W-Guo.; Ba, Z-Ma., 2010:
Prof. ZHANG Yi's experience in treating severe arrhythmia

Zhang, L-ling.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, L-ping., 2010:
Prof. Zhang Zhi-jun's experience in the combined treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs--a report of 3 illustrative cases

Maksimović, J.; Gavrilović, V., 2010:
Prof. dr Vera Gavrilović (1923-2009)

Niewiadomska, K.; Sulgostowska, T.; Wincenty, Wśniewski., 2009:
Prof. dr Wincenty L. Wiśniewski--profile and educational activity

Liu, R.; Peng, C.; Wu, W.; Liang, X.; Li, R., 2018:
Coherent beam combination of multiple beams based on near-field angle modulation

Sólyom, Eô.; Velkey, László., 2010:
Prof. dr. László Velkey (1927-2010)

Berta, Aás.; Zajácz, M., 2014:
Prof. dr. Magdolna Zajácz (1932-2013)

van Mien, A.S.J.P.A.M., 1981:
Prof. dr.h.van. genderen's farewell

Antonov, A.V.; Schmidt, T.; Wang, Y.; Mewes, H.W., 2008:
ProfCom: a web tool for profiling the complex functionality of gene groups identified from high-throughput data

Wolf, M.; Ruderisch, B.; Dandekar, T.; Schultz, Jörg.; Müller, T., 2008:
ProfDistS: (profile-) distance based phylogeny on sequence--structure alignments

Kozyryev, I.; Baum, L.; Aldridge, L.; Yu, P.; Eyler, E.E.; Doyle, J.M., 2018:
Coherent Bichromatic Force Deflection of Molecules

Trono, D.; Marzetta, F., 2011:
Profaning the ultimate sanctuary: HIV latency in hematopoietic stem cells

Weiss, S., 1945:
Profenil; a new antispasmodic; a preliminary report

Pandey, A.Kumar.; Nagpure, N.S.; Trivedi, S.P.; Kumar, R.; Kushwaha, B., 2012:
Profenofos induced DNA damage in freshwater fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch) using alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis

Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi, S.; Vangnai, A.S.; Sangthean, P.; Singkibut, S., 2015:
Profenofos insecticide degradation by novel microbial consortium and isolates enriched from contaminated chili farm soil

Payne, W.W., 1938:
Proferin, a New Diabetic Food: (Section of Therapeutics and Pharmacology)

Krag, A.; Munkholm, P.; Israelsen, H.; von Ryberg, Børn.; Andersen, K.K.; Bendtsen, F., 2014:
Profermin is efficacious in patients with active ulcerative colitis--a randomized controlled trial

Laval R.E.; Del Solar, A., 2007:
Profesor Doctor Antonio Del Solar Valenzuela

Pachalska, M.; Pachalski, A.; Schmidt-Pospuła, M., 2007:
Profesor Mieczyslaw Skulimowski: in search of the roots of rehabilitation in Cracow

Anonymous, 1940:
Professeur L. Panisset Décédé

Bochanski, P.G., 2014:
Professing faith, professing medicine: Physicians and the call to evangelize

Bleakley, A., 2012:
Professing medical identities in the liquid world of teams

Rolfe, G., 2009:
Professing nursing as an emancipatory practice: a response to Betts, C.E., The critical practice of professing nursing: a contribution to the professors of nursing debate, Nurse Education in Practice (2008), doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2008.08.001

Thompson, D.R.; Watson, R., 2015:
Professing nursing or not: what's in a title?

Bryden, P.; Ginsburg, S.; Kurabi, B.; Ahmed, N., 2010:
Professing professionalism: are we our own worst enemy? Faculty members' experiences of teaching and evaluating professionalism in medical education at one school

Anonymous, 1964:
Profession and Public Focus on Hospital Discrimination

Rothstein, W.G.; Hannum, S., 2007:
Profession and gender in relationships between advanced practice nurses and physicians

Tognoni, G., 2013:
Profession and research: an invitation to dis- and/or con-sent

Maybery, D.; Goodyear, M.; O'Hanlon, B.; Cuff, R.; Reupert, A., 2015:
Profession differences in family focused practice in the adult mental health system

Anonymous, 2015:
Profession must shape its own future, says BVA President

Polito, G.E., 1988:
Profession under stress

Anonymous, 2011:
Profession welcomes report on access to higher education

Anonymous, 1975:
Profession's Problems-Chairman of Council's Speech at S.R.M

Sprinks, J., 2011:
Profession's leaders urge every nurse to take responsibility for improving care

Anonymous, 2010:
Profession's popular image

Smith, P.; Mackintosh, M., 2007:
Profession, market and class: nurse migration and the remaking of division and disadvantage

Senn, J.Bodart., 2007:
Profession/fire side: who has really changed?

Adami, G.F.; Gradaschi, R., 2010:
Profession: dietician

Anonymous, 1963:
Professional Boxing

Tironi, Márcia.Oliveira.Staffa.; Nascimento Sobrinho, C.Lopes.; Barros,; Reis, E.José.Farias.Borges.; Marques Filho, E.Silva.; Almeida, A.; Bitencourt, A.; Feitosa, A.Isabela.Ramos.; Neves, Fávia.Serra.; Mota, I.Carlos.Cunha.; França, J.; Borges, L.Guimarães.; Lordão,; Trindade, M.Valverde.; Teles, M.Santos.; Almeida, Mônica.Bastos.T.; Souza,, 2011:
Professional Burnout Syndrome of intensive care physicians from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Ferguson, D.A., 1909:
Professional Care of Deciduous Dentures

Harrefors, C.; Sävenstedt, S.; Lundquist, A.; Lundquist, B.; Axelsson, K., 2012:
Professional Caregivers' Perceptions on how Persons with Mild Dementia Might Experience the Usage of a Digital Photo Diary

Anonymous, 1955:
Professional Certification of Sanitary Engineers

Anonymous, 1956:
Professional Cohesion

Bush, V., 1957:
Professional Collaboration

Hassard, H., 1962:
Professional Corporation Proposals

Hart, E.B., 1918:
Professional Courtesy

McCollum, E.V.; Simmonds, N., 1918:
Professional Courtesy

Williges, B.; Jürgens, T.; Hu, H.; Dietz, M., 2018:
Coherent Coding of Enhanced Interaural Cues Improves Sound Localization in Noise With Bilateral Cochlear Implants

Higgins, G.; Pokorny, F.; Zhang, C.; Bodart, Q.; Hennrich, M., 2017:
Coherent Control of a Single Trapped Rydberg Ion

Sheridan, S.M.; Edwards, C.Pope.; Marvin, C.A.; Knoche, L.L., 2009:
Professional Development in Early Childhood Programs: Process Issues and Research Needs

Anonymous, 1928:
Professional Discipline

Rozovsky, L.E., 1988:
Professional Discipline and the Veterinarian's Rights

Shepard, W.P., 1943:
Professional Education

Wegman, M., 1960:
Professional Education and Public Health in Latin America

Grundfest, H., 1962:
Professional Education in Russia

Anonymous, 1960:
Professional Education: Conference on Schools of Public Health - Hacienda de San Miguel Regla, Huasca, Hidalgo, Mexico, November 2-7, 1959

Anonymous, 1928:
Professional Esprit de Corps

Borhani, F.; Alhani, F.; Mohammadi, E.; Abbaszadeh, A., 2010:
Professional Ethical Competence in nursing: the role of nursing instructors

Mueller, J.F., 1930:
Professional Ethics And The Artist

Reeves, W., 1842:
Professional Etiquette

Anonymous, 1951:
Professional Freedom

Anonymous, 1950:
Professional Incomes

Howe, E.C., 1918:
Professional Instruction In Public Health In The United States And Canada

Anonymous, 1939:
Professional Leadership in the School Health Program

Adamson, S., 2013:
Professional Learning Supplement on Infant Massage

Anonymous, 1955:
Professional Liability

Stoler, A., 1984:
Professional Liability Insurance for IV Sedation

dos Santos, G.Borges.; Hortale, V.Alonso., 2016:
Professional Master's in Public Health: from legal precepts to experience in a research and education institution

Dossey, B.M.; Hess, D., 2014:
Professional Nurse Coaching: Advances in National and Global Healthcare transformation

Anonymous, 1912:
Professional Optimism

Wood, A., 2005:
Professional Oversight of Expert Testimony Austin v American Association of Neurological Surgeons

Anonymous, 1914:
Professional Pariahs

Cabry-Goubet, R.; Lourdel, E.; Brasseur, F.; Sanguinet, P.; Demailly, P.; Devaux, A.; Copin, H.; Merviel, P., 2011:
Professional Practice Evaluation: How to improve quality management in procreation centers?

Pfaff, R.A., 1941:
Professional Preparedness

Anonymous, 1937:
Professional Recognition

Cutcliffe, J.; Forster, S., 2010:
Professional Regulatory Nursing Bodies: international variation in the protection of the public

Oyeyemi, A.Y.; Oyeyemi, A.L.; Maduagwu, S.M.; Rufai, A.A.; Aliyu, S.U., 2013:
Professional Satisfaction and Desire to Emigrate among Nigerian Physiotherapists

Butler, N.M., 1902:
Professional Schools And The Length Of The College Course

Thurston, R.H., 1899:
Professional Schools Vs. Business

Brend, W.A., 1922:
Professional Secrecy And Medical Evidence

Anonymous, 1898:
Professional Secrecy and Criminal Offences

Grosvenor, W.M., 1934:
Professional Service And Codes

Katelaris, A., 2012:
Professional Services Review: the audit process we have to have

Masters, C.Scott.; Watt, M.I., 2012:
Professional Services Review: unnatural justice

Alexander, J., 1934:
Professional services Vs "Laboratory Industry"

Bernstein, S.L.; Barsky, C.L.; Powell, E., 2014:
Professional Societies, Political Action Committees, and Party Preferences

Anonymous, 1928:
Professional Study And Examination

Anonymous, 1932:
Professional Study And Examination: The Curriculum To-Day

Anonymous, 1929:
Professional Study And Examination: The Medical Curriculum To-Day

Anonymous, 1926:
Professional Study and Examination: A Note on the Revised Scheme

Delgado, A.; Saletti-Cuesta, L.; López-Fernández, L.Andrés.; Toro-Cárdenas, S.; Luna del Castillo,, 2014:
Professional Success and Gender in Family Medicine: Design of Scales and Examination of Gender Differences in Subjective and Objective Success Among Family Physicians

Oldenhof, L.; Stoopendaal, A.; Putters, K., 2013:
Professional Talk: How Middle Managers Frame Care Workers as Professionals

Horowicz, J.H., 1949:
Professional Training And The National Health Program

Anonymous, 1962:
Professional Unity

Barry, W.T., 1909:
Professional Work As It Connects With The Medical Society And The General Public

Tsiba, J.B.; Mabiala Babela, J.R.; Ngoulou, M.N.; Niambi Poaty, G.; Moukouyou Ndombo, M.; Moukassa, D., 2014:
Professional absenteeism in the pediatric service of the general hospital of Loandjili in Pointe-Noire (Congo)

Dove, J.T.; Weaver, W.Douglas.; Lewin, J., 2009:
Professional accountability in health system reform

Davis, T.M.; Barden, C.; Olff, C.; Aust, M.Pat.; Seckel, M.A.; Jenkins, C.L.; Deibert, W.; Griffin, P.; Herr, P.; Hawkins, C.; McCarthy, M., 2013:
Professional accountability in the tele-ICU: the CCRN-E

Wallis, K., 2014:
Professional accountability of doctors in New Zealand

Oyetunde, M.Olusola.; Brown, V.Bolanle., 2013:
Professional accountability: implications for primary healthcare nursing practice

Jurčević Kozina, S.; Malički, M., 2013:
Professional achievements in medicine: too many unresolved questions

Harber, P.; Alongi, G.; Su, J., 2014:
Professional activities of experienced occupational health nurses

Madej-Pilarczyk, A., 2015:
Professional activity of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy patients in Poland

Nagoshi, S.; Nakazawa, T., 2010:
Professional activity of women in medicine

Ramistella, E.; Maviglia, A., 2011:
Professional activity of "competent physician": actual troubles and future perspectives

Coates, T., 2013:
Professional advice: unique and invaluable

Schwartz, M.D.; Macias-Moriarity, L.Z.; Schelling, J., 2013:
Professional aircrews' attitudes toward infectious diseases and aviation medical issues

Arribas-Ayllon, M.; Sarangi, S.; Clarke, A., 2009:
Professional ambivalence: accounts of ethical practice in childhood genetic testing

Drennan, J., 2008:
Professional and academic destination of masters in nursing graduates: a national survey

Perez, L.G.; Sheridan, J.D.; Nicholls, A.Y.; Mues, K.E.; Saleme, P.S.; Resende, J.C.; Ferreira, Jé.A.G.; Leon, J.S., 2014:
Professional and community satisfaction with the Brazilian family health strategy

Høye, S.; Severinsson, E., 2010:
Professional and cultural conflicts for intensive care nurses

Truong, H-An.; Patterson, B.Y., 2011:
Professional and educational initiatives, supports, and opportunities for advanced training in public health

Weisenfluh, S.M.; Csikai, E.L., 2013:
Professional and educational needs of hospice and palliative care social workers

Anonymous, 2012:
Professional and employment implications of social media

Iveković, R., 2009:
Professional and ethical medical expert quality

Theodoridou, M., 2015:
Professional and ethical responsibilities of health-care workers in regard to vaccinations

Blokhina, N.N.; Haas, F.Joseph., 2012:
Professional and ethical views of the physician humanist F.P.Gaaz

Yaraghi, N.; Du, A.Ye.; Sharman, R.; Gopal, R.D.; Ramesh, R.; Singh, R.; Singh, G., 2014:
Professional and geographical network effects on healthcare information exchange growth: does proximity really matter?

van der Sande, M.; Teunis, P.; Sabel, R., 2008:
Professional and home-made face masks reduce exposure to respiratory infections among the general population

Arria, C.; Arria, G.; Mezzadrelli, G., 2007:
Professional and legal responsibilities of nurses

Romoşan, O.; Bocşan, I.S., 2013:
Professional and management issues in the survey and control of nosocomial infections in general surgery hospitals

Seruya, F.M.; Hinojosa, J., 2010:
Professional and organizational commitment in paediatric occupational therapists: the influence of practice setting

Hansell, C.; Nibbs, R., 2007:
Professional and part-time chemokine decoys in the resolution of inflammation

Dueled, E.; Gotfredsen, K.; Trab Damsgaard, M.; Hede, Børge., 2009:
Professional and patient-based evaluation of oral rehabilitation in patients with tooth agenesis

Vargo, J.W.; Semple, J.E., 1988:
Professional and personal attitudes of physiotherapy students toward disabled persons

Underwood, M.; Bartlett, H.P.; Hall, W.D., 2008:
Professional and personal attitudes of researchers in ageing towards life extension

Simons, E.R.; Kennedy, M.W., 1973:
Professional and personal equality

Martin, D., 2010:
Professional and public ethics united in condemnation of transplant tourism

Pratt, R.; Halliday, E.; Maxwell, M., 2008:
Professional and service-user perceptions of self-help in primary care mental health services

Höglund, B.; Larsson, M., 2016:
Professional and social support enhances maternal well-being in women with intellectual disability - a Swedish interview study

Bennett, A.E., 1948:
Professional and staff problems in operating psychiatric units

Hofmann, Børn., 2014:
Professional answers and ethical issues in non-invasive prenatal tests

Knowlton, E.R.; Lepone, L.M.; Li, J.; Rappocciolo, G.; Jenkins, F.J.; Rinaldo, C.R., 2013:
Professional antigen presenting cells in human herpesvirus 8 infection

Rose, W., 2010:
Professional apathy: who cares?

Nyström, M., 2009:
Professional aphasia care trusting the patient's competence while facing existential issues

Laisne, E., 2011:
Professional approach to the bifocal problem

Heshmati-Nabavi, F.; Vanaki, Z., 2011:
Professional approach: the key feature of effective clinical educator in Iran

Nilsson, M.Skyvell.; Pilhammar, E., 2009:
Professional approaches in clinical judgements among senior and junior doctors: implications for medical education

Fumasoli, A.; Häner, G.; Eggert, A.; Probst, M-Theres.; Hirter, K., 2012:
Professional assessment and reducing anxiety

Wallace, J.D., 1973:
Professional assessment: A Wing and a prayer are not enough

Ronsmans, C.; Scott, S.; Qomariyah, S.N.; Achadi, E.; Braunholtz, D.; Marshall, T.; Pambudi, E.; Witten, K.H.; Graham, W.J., 2009:
Professional assistance during birth and maternal mortality in two Indonesian districts

Anonymous, 1990:
Professional association listing

Anonymous, 1987:
Professional association networking application american journal of health promotion

Bergmann, F., 2015:
Professional association of German neurologists

Anonymous, 1989:
Professional association profiles

Anonymous, 1989:
Professional association profiles

Anonymous, 1990:
Professional association profiles

Taillens, Fçoise., 2011:
Professional association: the future in perspective

Wingate, S., 2009:
Professional associations and conflict of interest

Goodman, E., 1972:
Professional associations united in opposition to Quebec's new Bill 30

Fontanella, M.M.; Panciani, P.P.; Spena, G.; Roca, E.; Migliorati, K.; Ambrosi, C.; Sturiale, C.L.; Retta, F.S., 2014:
Professional athletes and cerebral cavernomas: an obstacle to overcome

See, L-Chu.; Shen, Y-Ming.; Chen, C-Ling.; Huang, T-Mi.; Huang, Y-Hua.; Huang, H-Chun.; Lin, S-Rong., 2012:
Professional attitude of health care workers toward serving HIV/AIDS patients and drug users: questionnaire design and evaluation of reliability and validity

Ponte, Cène., 2009:
Professional attitude throughout life

Al-Sudani, D.; Al-Abbas, F.; Al-Bannawi, Z.; Al-Ramadhan, A., 2013:
Professional attitudes and behaviors acquired during undergraduate education in the College of Dentistry, King Saud University

Bashawri, L.A.M., 2005:
Professional attitudes and career choices of female medical laboratory technology students and graduates: experience from eastern saudi arabia

Heyboer, M.; Wojcik, S.M.; Grant, W.D.; Faruqi, M.S.; Morgan, M.; Hahn, S.S., 2013:
Professional attitudes in regard to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for dental extractions in irradiated patients: a comparison of two specialties

McCoy, M., 2008:
Professional attitudes regarding research--changing the culture one student at a time

López-Jornet, Pía.; Martínez-Beneyto, Y.; Nicolás, A.Velandrino.; García, V.Jornet., 2009:
Professional attitudes toward oral lichen planus: need for national and international guidelines

Svanström, L.; Svanstrom, L., 2013:
Professional autobiography of Professor Leif Svanström - with a focus on injury prevention and safety promotion

Anonymous, 2014:
Professional autonomy and guidelines

Mehmecke, S.; Ohler, C.; Ahting, M.; Schumacher, U.; Ridder, M.; Schmidt, B.; Hiber, A., 2011:
Professional autonomy and independence in nursing. Abutting future oriented processes

Iliopoulou, K.K.; While, A.E., 2011:
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Professional misconduct (Med11/181P)

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Professional misconduct charge dismissed

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Professional misconduct--inappropriate claims to the Ministry of Health (Med11/200P)

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Professional misconduct--inappropriate relationship (Med10/157P)

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Professional misconduct--note taking false and/or misleading

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