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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55205

Chapter 55205 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Waaddegaard, M.; Støving, Ré.Klinkby.; Køhler, C.; Clausen, L.; Jacobi, C.; Heindorff, E.; Rothenborg, A.; Becker, I.; Hecht, L.Kiib., 2009:
Professionalism and quality in the treatment of eating disorders

Santini, R., 2009:
Professionalism and quality of private respectively public treatment of eating disorders

Hatch, T.; Bates, H.; Khera, S.; Walton, J., 2014:
Professionalism and social media: an interprofessional learning activity

Peluchette, J.; Karl, K.; Coustasse, A.; Emmett, D., 2013:
Professionalism and social networking: can patients, physicians, nurses, and supervisors all be "friends?"

Mizusawa, H., 2014:
Professionalism and the Japanese Society of Neurology - for the next 100 years

Macpherson, C.; Kenny, N., 2008:
Professionalism and the basic sciences: an untapped resource

DeJong, S.M.; Benjamin, S.; Anzia, J.Meyer.; John, N.; Boland, R.J.; Lomax, J.; Rostain, A.Leon., 2013:
Professionalism and the internet in psychiatry: what to teach and how to teach it

Dhai, A.; Gardner, J.; Guidozzi, Y.; Howarth, G.; Vorster, M., 2012:
Professionalism and the intimate examination - are chaperones the answer?

Leonard, K.L.; Masatu, M.C., 2011:
Professionalism and the know-do gap: exploring intrinsic motivation among health workers in Tanzania

Opel, D.; Shugerman, R.; McPhillips, H.; Swanson, W.Sue.; Archibald, S.; Diekema, D., 2007:
Professionalism and the match: a pediatric residency program's postinterview no-call policy and its impact on applicants

Bushardt, R.L., 2012:
Professionalism and the power of words: a meditation

Huber, T.S., 2014:
Professionalism and the work-life balance

Terrell, G.Emerson., 2010:
Professionalism as redemption: first figure out the cheat

Wilkinson, T., 2015:
Professionalism as the electricity of medicine

Johnston, J.W., 2009:
Professionalism at its finest

Price, C., 2007:
Professionalism before, during and after interviewing

Anonymous, 2003:
Professionalism begins in medical school

Nakayama, D.K.; Jensen, G.M., 2011:
Professionalism behind barbed wire: health care in World War II Japanese-American concentration camps

van Mook, W.N.K.A.; Gorter, S.L.; de Grave, W.S.; van Luijk, S.J.; O'Sullivan, H.; Wass, V.; Zwaveling, J.Harm.; Schuwirth, L.W.; van der Vleuten, C.P.M., 2010:
Professionalism beyond medical school: an educational continuum?

Moore, R.A., 2009:
Professionalism considerations

Wicclair, M.; Barnard, D., 2012:
Professionalism department

Paus, A.Sofie.Mørner.; Neteland, I.; Valestrand, E.Alexander.; Schei, E.; Müller, K.Erik., 2014:
Professionalism does not come by itself

Burford, B.; Morrow, G.; Rothwell, C.; Carter, M.; Illing, J., 2014:
Professionalism education should reflect reality: findings from three health professions

Leo, T.; Eagen, K., 2008:
Professionalism education: the medical student response

Regis, T.; Steiner, M.J.; Ford, C.A.; Byerley, J.S., 2011:
Professionalism expectations seen through the eyes of resident physicians and patient families

Gunderman, R.B.; Steiman, C.A., 2013:
Professionalism gone wrong

Schneller, E.S.; Wilson, N.A., 2009:
Professionalism in 21st century professional practice: autonomy and accountability in orthopaedic surgery

Nakayama, D.K., 2010:
Professionalism in Kurosawa's medical dramas

Gagnon, K.; Sabus, C., 2015 :
Professionalism in a digital age: opportunities and considerations for using social media in health care

Tetzlaff, J.E., 2009:
Professionalism in anesthesiology: "what is it?" or "i know it when I see it"

Morin, K.; Green, S.K., 2007:
Professionalism in biomedical science

Shashikiran, N.D., 2016:
Professionalism in changing times

Tan, S.; Dai, Y.; Zhang, S.; Liu, L.; Zhao, J.; Petek, H., 2018:
Coherent Electron Transfer at the Ag/Graphite Heterojunction Interface

Jakovljević, M.; Ostojić, L., 2013:
Professionalism in contemporary medicine: if it is an important academic issue, then surely it is a "hot" issue as well

Cheshire, W.P.; Hutchins, J.C., 2014:
Professionalism in court: The neurologist as expert witness

Roos, M.; Krug, D.; Pfisterer, D.; Joos, S., 2014:
Professionalism in general practice in Germany - a qualitative approximation

Surbone, A., 2016:
Professionalism in global, personalized cancer care: restoring authenticity and integrity

Oud, L., 2013:
Professionalism in graduate medical education

Wilkinson, T.J.; Moore, M.; Flynn, E.M., 2012:
Professionalism in its time and place: some implications for medical education

Walsh, K., 2007:
Professionalism in medical education: could an academy play a role?

Blackall, G.F.; Melnick, S.A.; Shoop, G.H.; George, J.; Lerner, S.M.; Wilson, P.K.; Pees, R.C.; Kreher, M., 2007:
Professionalism in medical education: the development and validation of a survey instrument to assess attitudes toward professionalism

Sobani, Z-ul-abedeen.; Mohyuddin, M.Masaud.; Farooq, F.; Qaiser, K.Noor.; Gani, F.; Bham, N.Shahab.; Raheem, A.; Mehraj, V.; Saeed, S.Abdul.; Sharif, H.; Sheerani, M.; Zuberi, R.Wamiq.; Beg, M.Asim., 2013:
Professionalism in medical students at a private medical college in Karachi, Pakistan

Whitcomb, M.E., 2007:
Professionalism in medicine

D'Cunha, J., 2011:
Professionalism in medicine: are we closer to unifying principles?

Campbell, E.G.; Regan, S.; Gruen, R.L.; Ferris, T.G.; Rao, S.R.; Cleary, P.D.; Blumenthal, D., 2007:
Professionalism in medicine: results of a national survey of physicians

Nace, M.Catherine.; Dunlow, S.; Armstrong, A.Y., 2010:
Professionalism in medicine: we should set the standard

Broome, M.E., 2011:
Professionalism in nursing: an old fashion ideal or new world mandate?

Fallat, M.E.; Glover, J., 2007:
Professionalism in pediatrics

Ahmadi, K.; Ahmad Hassali, M.Azmi., 2012:
Professionalism in pharmacy: a continual societal and intellectual challenge

Fan, K.L.; Thaller, S.R., 2012:
Professionalism in plastic surgery

Holdoway, A., 2012:
Professionalism in practice

Buchanan, A.O.; Stallworth, J.; Christy, C.; Garfunkel, L.C.; Hanson, J.L., 2012:
Professionalism in practice: strategies for assessment, remediation, and promotion

Jakovljević, M., 2013:
Professionalism in psychiatry and medicine: a hot topic

Roberts, L.Weiss., 2010:
Professionalism in psychiatry: a very special collection

Leung, A.N., 2015:
Professionalism in radiology

Halpern, E.J.; Spandorfer, J.M., 2014:
Professionalism in radiology: ideals and challenges

Minai, F.N., 2010:
Professionalism in residency training

Borrero, S.; McGinnis, K.A.; McNeil, M.; Frank, J.; Conigliaro, R.L., 2008:
Professionalism in residency training: is there a generation gap?

Zibrik, K.J.; MacLeod, M.L.P.; Zimmer, L.V., 2010:
Professionalism in rural acute-care nursing

Arora, V.M.; Farnan, J.M.; Humphrey, H.J., 2012:
Professionalism in the era of duty hours: time for a shift change?

Guidozzi, Y.; Gardner, J.; Dhai, A., 2013:
Professionalism in the intimate examination: how healthcare practitioners feel about having chaperones present during an intimate consultation and examination

Habal, M.B., 2012:
Professionalism in the real sense of the practice of medicine and surgery

Antonelli, M.Ann., 2009:
Professionalism in the teacher-learner relationship in medical schools: mistreatment

Sit, S.Wan., 2010:
Professionalism in vogue

Cruess, R.L.; Cruess, S.R., 2011:
Professionalism is a generic term: practicing what we preach

Schon, C., 2009:
Professionalism is for everyone. Members' ethical infractions taken seriously by MGMA leaders

Muller, A., 2015:
Professionalism is key in providing services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex South Africans

Fasce, E.; Echeverría, M.; Matus, O.; Ortiz, L.; Palacios, S.; Soto, A., 2010:
Professionalism of physicians from the point of view of physicians and students

Davies, G., 2011:
Professionalism of surgeons: a collective responsibility

Anonymous, 2012:
Professionalism on display at BVNA congress

Kao, A., 2001:
Professionalism reaffirmed

Snider, K.T.; Johnson, J.C., 2016:
Professionalism score and academic performance in osteopathic medical students

Al-Rubaish, A.M., 2010:
Professionalism today

Swan, J., 2012:
Professionalism today: challenge and opportunity

Hollands, M.John., 2015:
Professionalism under the microscope

Brody, H., 2014:
Professionalism versus antiharassment in student evaluation

Erde, E.L., 2008:
Professionalism's facets: ambiguity, ambivalence, and nostalgia

Georges, A., 2018:
Coherent excitations revealed and calculated

Schachter, M., 2010:
Professionalism, again

Tien, M.Z.; Stein, B.J.; Crosson, S., 2018:
Coherent Feedforward Regulation of Gene Expression by Caulobacter σT and GsrN during Hyperosmotic Stress

Geier, G.Richard., 2007:
Professionalism, ethics, and trust

Rentmeester, C.A., 2014:
Professionalism, fidelity and relationship-preservation: navigating disagreement and frustration in clinical encounters

Kavic, M.S., 2011:
Professionalism, passion, and surgical education

Gabb, G., 2014:
Professionalism, patient-centred care and revalidation

Mills, D.; Cracknell, N., 2013:
Professionalism, public opinion and placebos

Wicclair, M.R., 2007:
Professionalism, religion and shared decision-making

Hafferty, F.W.; Brennan, M.; Pawlina, W., 2011:
Professionalism, the invisible hand, and a necessary reconfiguration of medical education

Latshaw, S.; Honeycutt, K., 2010:
Professionalism--a required CLS/CLT curricular component

Christian, F.; Pitt, D.F.; Bond, J.; Davison, P.; Gomes, A.; Bond, J., 2008:
Professionalism--connecting the past and the present and a blueprint for the Canadian Association of General Surgeons

Higgins, G.L., 1990:
Professionalism: Ethics vs etiquette

Dart, R.A., 2010 :
Professionalism: a 'critical care' component in health care reform

Boyle, C.J.; Beardsley, R.S.; Morgan, J.A.; Rodriguez de Bittner, M., 2007:
Professionalism: a determining factor in experiential learning

Brody, H.; Doukas, D., 2015:
Professionalism: a framework to guide medical education

Dupree, E.; Anderson, R.; McEvoy, M.Dee.; Brodman, M., 2011:
Professionalism: a necessary ingredient in a culture of safety

Shunk, R.Lesto., 2013:
Professionalism: a piercing dilemma

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: assessing physician behaviour

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: can it be taught?

Ozar, D.T., 2013:
Professionalism: challenges for dentistry in the future

Obu, S., 2010:
Professionalism: education, research, scientific mind required in clinical practice, humanity and social nature

Antiel, R.M.; Kinghorn, W.A.; Reed, D.A.; Hafferty, F.W., 2013:
Professionalism: etiquette or habitus?

van Mook, W.N.K.A.; de Grave, W.S.; Wass, V.; O'Sullivan, H.; Zwaveling, J.Harm.; Schuwirth, L.W.; van der Vleuten, C.P.M., 2009:
Professionalism: evolution of the concept

Brennan, M.D.; Monson, V., 2014:
Professionalism: good for patients and health care organizations

Ferguson, R.P., 2014:
Professionalism: hard to measure but you know it when you see it

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: how payment models affect physician behaviour

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: logging on to tell your doctor off

Hershberger, P.J.; Zryd, T.W.; Rodes, M.Beth.; Stolfi, A., 2010:
Professionalism: self-control matters

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: social media mishaps

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: social media outreach

Davies, G.L.; Pryor, J., 2007:
Professionalism: the James Pryor memorial lecture

Kay, S., 2013:
Professionalism: the best starting point

Lineaweaver, W.C., 2007:
Professionalism: the end product of the medical profession

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: the historical contract

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: the importance of trust

Chandratilake, M.N.; McAleer, S.; Gibson, J., 2014:
Professionalism: the indicator of a civilised and exemplary medical profession

Hwang, J-I.; Lou, F.; Han, S.S.; Cao, F.; Kim, W.O.; Li, P., 2010:
Professionalism: the major factor influencing job satisfaction among Korean and Chinese nurses

Collier, R., 2013:
Professionalism: the privilege and burden of self-regulation

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: the view from outside medicine

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: the "good doctor" discussion

Johnson, L., 2009:
Professionalism: tips for traveling nurses

Macgregor, R., 2012:
Professionalism: we can all do our part

Fricker, J.P.; Kiley, M.; Townsend, G.; Trevitt, C., 2011:
Professionalism: what is it, why should we have it and how can we achieve it?

Collier, R., 2012:
Professionalism: what is it?

Nicholson, S.; Raval, D., 2009:
Professionalism: what it means to doctors today

Eisele, D.W., 2012:
Professionalism: why it should matter to us. Presidential address at 2011 American Head and Neck Society Annual Meeting

Talbott, J.A., 2007:
Professionalism: why now, what is it, how do we do something?

Acharya, S., 2008:
Professionalization and its effect on health locus of control among Indian dental students

Starr, P., 2010:
Professionalization and public health: historical legacies, continuing dilemmas

Bolam, B.; Chamberlain, K., 2003:
Professionalization and reflexivity in critical health psychology practice

Latham, C.L.; Ringl, K.; Hogan, M., 2012:
Professionalization and retention outcomes of a university-service mentoring program partnership

Gilkey, M.; Garcia, C.Cochran.; Rush, C., 2011:
Professionalization and the experience-based expert: strengthening partnerships between health educators and community health workers

Weir, L.; Selgelid, M.J., 2009:
Professionalization as a governance strategy for synthetic biology

Camenzind, M., 2014:
Professionalization in nursing: the path is still far from completed

Bradt, D.A.; Drummond, C.M., 2007:
Professionalization of disaster medicine--an appraisal of criterion-referenced qualifications

Yokota, Y., 2008:
Professionalization of public health officers in Japan

Bech, K., 2011:
Professionalization of surgeons' handling of operations

Adili, F.; Kadmon, M.; König, S.; Walcher, F., 2014:
Professionalization of surgical education in the daily clinical routine. Training concept of the Surgical Working Group for Teaching of the German Society of Surgery

Portillo, M.Carmen., 2007:
Professionalizing action research and modernization of services

St-Amant, O.; Ward-Griffin, C.; Brown, J.Belle.; Martin-Matthews, A.; Sutherland, N.; Keefe, J.; Kerr, M.S., 2014:
Professionalizing familial care: examining nurses' unpaid family care work

Pelham, A.; Schafer, D.; Abbott, P.; Estes, C., 2012:
Professionalizing gerontology: why AGHE must accredit gerontology programs

Contu, P., 2015:
Professionalizing health promotion? Reflections from the European context

Price, S., 2015:
Professionalizing midwifery: exploring medically imagined labor rooms in rural Rajasthan

Malhi, G.S., 2008:
Professionalizing psychiatry: from 'amateur' psychiatry to 'a mature' profession

Hartshorne, J., 2009:
Professionally applied fluoride for adults (code 8162)

Solanki, G.C.; Lalloo, R.; Myburgh, N.G., 2007:
Professionally applied topical fluoride and fissure sealants: matching insurance claims with evidence

Braut, G.Sverre., 2008:
Professionally defensible work is about good processes

Brody, H.; Hermer, L.D., 2011:
Professionally responsible malpractice reform

Panchaud, C., 2010:
Professionally valued nurses

Graham-Smith, H., 2014:
Professionally yours:

Armstrong, D.; Bridson, J.; Crawford, M.; Cronin, S.; Earley, A.; Ehrhardt, P.; Essex, C.; Gilbert, R.; Gooderham, P.; Hall, M.; Jackson, S.; Mathews, B.; McHugh, K.; Mok, J.; Murray, D.; Osman, J.; Payne, H.; Philips, B.; Puntis, J.; Ravi, A.; Rahman, F.; Rogahn, D.; Rowlands, I.; Samuels, M.; Speight, N.; Wheatley, R.; Williams, C.; Williams, L., 2009:
Professionals Against Child Abuse express support for David Southall

Anonymous, 1979:
Professionals and undergraduate education

Julian-Reynier, C.; Chabal, Fçoise.; Frebourg, T.; Lemery, D.; Noguès, C.; Puech, F.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D., 2009:
Professionals assess the acceptability of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis for managing inherited predisposition to cancer

Karp, D.A., 1987:
Professionals beyond midlife: Some observations on work satisfaction in the fifty- to sixty-year decade

Spence, A.; Hasson, F.; Waldron, M.; Kernohan, W.G.; McLaughlin, D.; Watson, B.; Cochrane, B.; Marley, A.M., 2008:
Professionals delivering palliative care to people with COPD: qualitative study

Martins, Jé.; Biscaia, Aé.; Antunes, A.Rita., 2007:
Professionals entering and leaving the Portuguese health services system

Couty, E., 2013:
Professionals have an excellent awareness of the importance of public service and care

West, D., 2009:
Professionals in power: the czars' first 10 years

Måseide, P.Helge., 2013:
Professionals in the press gauntlet

Ly, K.; Ratnaike, D., 2011:
Professionals online: sharing too much?

McDonald, R.C., 1980:
Professionals or technicians?

Pichert, J.W.; Moore, I.N.; Hickson, G.B., 2011:
Professionals promoting professionalism

Stewart, M.; Scamell, M.; McFarlane, A., 2014:
Professionals respond to GBS article

Stone, B., 2014:
Professionals said Rita had no capacity for recovery. She was effectively written off

Bergman, M., 2010:
Professionals use 'Sydney' to help lighten the burden of kidney disease

Wirth, M., 2008:
Professionals with delivery skills: backbone of the health system and key to reaching the maternal health Millennium Development Goal

Tye-Murray, N.; Spry, J.L.; Mauzé, E., 2009:
Professionals with hearing loss: maintaining that competitive edge

Lynas, K., 2013:
Professionals you can trust: Pharmacists top the list again in Ipsos Reid survey

Argüello, B.; Fernández-Llimós, F., 2007:
Professionals' access to drug package inserts

Fabré, M.; Mossaz, C.; Christou, P.; Kiliaridis, S., 2010:
Professionals' and laypersons' appreciation of various options for Class III surgical correction

Kew, F.M.; Galaal, K.; Manderville, H.; Verleye, L., 2007:
Professionals' and patients' views of routine follow-up: a questionnaire survey

Mann-Poll, P.S.; Smit, A.; van Doeselaar, M.; Hutschemaekers, G.J.M., 2013:
Professionals' attitudes after a seclusion reduction program: anything changed?

González Ortega, E.; Orgaz Baz, Bña.; López Sánchez, Félix., 2012:
Professionals' criteria for detecting and reporting child sexual abuse

Breen, L.J., 2011:
Professionals' experiences of grief counseling: implications for bridging the gap between research and practice

Duffin, C., 2010:
Professionals' failure to spot delirium prompts guidance

van Hezewijk, M.; Hille, E.T.M.; Scholten, A.N.; Marijnen, C.A.M.; Stiggelbout, A.M.; van de Velde, C.J.H., 2011:
Professionals' opinion on follow-up in breast cancer patients; perceived purpose and influence of patients' risk factors

Roncero, C.; Vega, P.; Martínez-Raga, J.; Barral, C.; Basurte-Villamor, I.; Rodríguez-Cintas, L.; Mesías, B.; Grau-López, L.; Casas, M.; Szerman, N., 2014:
Professionals' perceptions about healthcare resources for co-occuring disorders in Spain

Hillborg, H.; Danermark, B.; Svensson, T., 2014:
Professionals' perceptions of and views about vocational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disabilities

Briones-Vozmediano, E.; Goicolea, I.; Ortiz-Barreda, G.M.; Gil-González, D.; Vives-Cases, C., 2014:
Professionals' perceptions of support resources for battered immigrant women: chronicle of an anticipated failure

Atkinson, S.; Bramley, C.; Schneider, J., 2009:
Professionals' perceptions of the obstacles to education for people using mental health services

Séguin, M.; Bordeleau, V.; Drouin, M-Simon.; Castelli-Dransart, D.Angela.; Giasson, Fçois., 2015:
Professionals' reactions following a patient's suicide: review and future investigation

Kaufmann Didisheim, N.; Camus, D.; Gulfi, A.; Castelli Dransart, A., 2007:
Professionals' reactions to patient's suicide

Otero, M.E.; Drasković, I.; Bottema, B.; van Achterberg, T.; Lucassen, P.L.; Degen, S.; Olde Rikkert, M.G.M.; Vernooij-Dassen, M.J.M., 2009:
Professionals' shared competences in multidisciplinary dementia care: validation of a self-appraisal instrument

Adolfsson, M.; Granlund, M.; Pless, M., 2012 :
Professionals' views of children's everyday life situations and the relation to participation

Smith, V.; Begley, C.M.; Clarke, M.; Devane, D., 2013:
Professionals' views of fetal monitoring during labour: a systematic review and thematic analysis

Cramm, J.M.; Nieboer, A.P., 2011:
Professionals' views on interprofessional stroke team functioning

Hemsley, B.; Balandin, S.; Togher, L., 2008:
Professionals' views on the roles and needs of family carers of adults with cerebral palsy and complex communication needs in hospital

Meserve, H.C., 1982:
Professionals, amateurs, and the cure of souls

Patton, A.R., 1959:

Zana, Ágnes.; Konkolÿ Thege, B.; Limpár, I.; Henczi, E.; Golovics, P.; Pilling, János.; Hegedűs, K., 2014:
Professions and fear of death--are they correlated?

Bachl, M., 2009:
Professions and professional identities in transition. From "healer" to "dealer"

Houston, R.A., 2008:
Professions and the identification of mental incapacity in eighteenth-century Scotland

Anonymous, 1952:
Professions in Peril

Abbott, A., 1986:
Professions in america: professional powers

Bonadonna, R.R., 2009:
Professions on the edge: can physicians learn about leadership from the military?

Anonymous, 2014:
Professions rally against changes to Medicare

Yaffe, M.J.; Wolfson, C.; Lithwick, M., 2010:
Professions show different enquiry strategies for elder abuse detection: implications for training and interprofessional care

Duffin, C., 2012:
Professions team up in a bid to eradicate hospital-acquired VTE

Anonymous, 1977:
Professions write to Chancellor

Haw, A., 2007:
Professonalism and the work of the health informatics professional development board

Anonymous, 1928:
Professor A. B. Macallum

Anonymous, 1936:
Professor A. Borrel

Jenkins, W.G., 1890:
Professor A. Graham Bell's Studies On The Deaf

Bell, A.G., 1890:
Professor A. Graham Bell's Studies of the Deaf

Anonymous, 2014:
Professor A. V. Martynov and his school

Teive, Hélio.Afonso.Ghizoni.; Zorzetto, F.Paciornik.; Moro, A.; Munhoz, R.Puppi.; Filho, Péricles.Andrade.Maranhão.; Novak, E.Matos.; Akerman, A., 2014:
Professor Abraham Akerman

Gościński, I.; Kunicki, A., 2009:
Professor Adam Kunicki (1903-1989)--co-founder of Polish neurosurgery

Madaliński, K.; Nowosławski, A., 2012:
Professor Adam Nowosławski (1925-2012)--founder of the Polish School of Immunopathology

Kulczycki, J.; Opalski, A., 2009:
Professor Adam Opalski (1897-1963)- neurologist and neuropathologist

Furman, M.A., 2014:
Professor Adelaida Petrovna Zagryadskaya (on the occasion of her 90th birthday anniversary)

Pêgo-Fernandes, P.Manuel.; Stolf, N.Groppo.; Jatene, A., 2010:
Professor Adib Jatene, a youth of 80 years

Handwerker, H.; Iggo, A., 2013:
Professor Ainsley Iggo, DSc, FRS (1924-2012)

Terasaki, T.; Sugiyama, Y.; Benet, L.Z.; Tsuji, A., 2011:
Professor Akira Tsuji: scientist, educator, and leader

Grayson, M.A., 1992:
Professor Al Nier and his influence on mass spectrometry

Rioux, J-Antoine.; Durette-Desset, M-Claude.; Albaret, J-Louis.; Bayssade-Dufour, C.; Cassone, J.; Landau, Iène.; Petter, A.; Tchéprakoff, R.; Chabaud, A.Gabriel., 2015:
Professor Alain Chabaud (13 March 1923-11 March 2013)

Mittler, P.; Clarke, A., 2012:
Professor Alan Clarke, CBE, March 21 1922 - December 10 2011

Chapman, J.; Minchinton, R.; Metcalfe, P., 2009:
Professor Alan Harold Waters MBBS(Hons), PhD, FRCPA, FRACP, FRCPath, FRCP (1934-2009)

Anonymous, 1935:
Professor Albert Mairet

Derzsiová, Kína.; Mydlík, M., 2014:
Professor Albert Válek (1925-1995) and his contribution to Czech and Slovak nephrology

Ezhov, V.V.; Ponomarenko, G.N.; Kruglova, A.Iu.; Shcherbak, A.Efimovich., 2014:
Professor Aleksandr Efimovich Shcherbak and his role in the development of physiotherapy in Russia as estimated by contemporaries (on the occasion of his 150th birthday anniversary)

Baur, G., 1892:
Professor Alexander Agassiz on the Origin of the Fauna and Flora of the Galapagos Islands

Kabanov, M.Iu.; Solov'ev, I.A.; Rukhliada, N.V.; Utochkin, A.P.; Minnulin, I.P.; Ozerov, V.F.; Minnulin, R.I., 2014:
Professor Alexander Dmitrievich Slobozhankin (commemorating the 85th anniversary of his birthday)

Clayton, H.H., 1903:
Professor Alexander Graham Bell On Kite-Construction

Anonymous, 1932:
Professor Alexander Primrose

Shakhbazian, E.; Martinov, A.V., 2010:
Professor Alexei Vasilevich Martinov

Aschermann, M., 2014:
Professor Aleš Linhart celebrates his fifties birthday

Caullery, M., 1909:
Professor Alfred Giard (1846-1908)

Zmerli, S.;, A., 2011:
Professor Ali El Okbi, a surgeon and activist

Meddle, S.L.; Ludwig, M.; Douglas, A., 2012:
Professor Alison J. Douglas (1961-2012)

Kulczycki, J.; Barańska-Gieruszczak, M.; Dowzenko, A., 2012:
Professor Anatol Dowzenko--clinical neurologist, scientist and educator

Anonymous, 2014:
Professor Anatoliy Petrovich SAVCHENKO: on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his birth

Gruber, F.; Peris, Z.; Wolf, A., 2010:
Professor Andelko Wolf, MD, PhD. (1922-2007), eminent epidemiologist and dermatovenerologist

Ashley, C.C.; Huxley, A.Fielding., 2013:
Professor Andrew Fielding Huxley, OM, FRS, 1917-2012

O'Grady, J.; Burroughs, A.K., 2015:
Professor Andrew K. Burroughs (1953-2014)

Opie, L.; Brink, A.Jacob., 2013:
Professor Andries Jacob Brink: 29 August 1923--17 October 2012

Balch, E.S., 1907 :
Professor Angelo Heilprin As An Artist

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Professor Anna Dyaczyńska-Herman, the founder of the Silesian school of anaesthesiology and intensive therapy — on the 80th birthday anniversary

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Professor Ante Vukas (1910-1991) - always ahead of his time

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Professor António Xavier: colleague and friend

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Professor Arie Brand, vision and development. Interview by Andries van Foreest and Ko Minderhoud

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Professor Aristides Leão. Much more than spreading depression

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Professor Arisztid Kovách would be 90 years old this year

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Professor Arthur Norman Exton-Smith CBE MA MD FRCP (1920-90): distinguished geriatrician and gerontologist

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Professor Arthur Stoll and his contributions to pharmaceutical research

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Professor Artur Czyżyk (1927-2012): an excellent doctor, outstanding researcher, and cofounder of Polish diabetology

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Professor Aschoff did visit Budapest 1909, the 16th International Medical Congress

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Professor Atta-ur-Rahman: towering scientific achievements

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Professor Aylwin Drakeford Hitchin (1907-1996)

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Professor B S Ramakrishna--President, Indian Society of Gastroenterology 2011-2012

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Professor Barry L. Karger turns seventy

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Professor Barry N. Rewcastle (1931-2014)

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Professor Bartlett on skill

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Professor Barus And Colloid Chemistry

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Professor Beeciher's Gift To Yale University

Anonymous, 1894:
Professor Benedikt on Hypnotism and Suggestion: [Second Notice.

Borchardt, R.T.; Benet, L.Z., 2012:
Professor Benet is considered by his peers to be one of the “founding fathers” of the modern pharmaceutical sciences

Borchardt, R.T., 2014:
Professor Benet’s contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences

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Professor Bernhard Pollack (1865-1928) of Friedrich Wilhelm University, Berlin: neurohistologist, ophthalmologist, pianist

Anonymous, 1842:
Professor Berres on the Condition of the Blood in Hydrophobia

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Professor Bertram Pitt on therapy of heart failure after EMPHASIS. "Clear prognosis improvement" (interview by Dr. Med. Dirk Enecke)

Anonymous, 1894:
Professor Billroth as an Operator

Anonymous, 1905:
Professor Bjerknes's Lectures

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Professor Björn Bergdahl --a pioneer in Swedish medical education

Anonymous, 1929:
Professor Boris Babkin

Anonymous, 1936:
Professor Borrel

Anonymous, 1913:
Professor Bowman's Expedition To The Central Andes

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Professor Bozidar Darko Vrhovac (1936-2009)

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Coherent frequency division with a degenerate synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator

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Professor Brian Brown PhD MAppSc BSc LOSc: builder of research capability

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Coherent illumination spectroscopy of nanostructures and thin films on thick substrates

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Professor Broad on the limit theorems of probability

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Professor Brooks On Consciousness And Volition

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Professor Bruce Hall and the ABC

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Coherent injection of light into an absorbing scattering medium with a microscopic pore

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Professor Buytendijk's miracle drug. The vitamin preparation Eviunis and the risks of scientists doing publicity work

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Professor C.L. Wilson

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Professor CHEN Cui-zhen: in pursuit of her dream to give sick children the best available care for her whole life

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Professor CHEN Quan-xin's experience for treatment of insomnia: regulating spirit and quieting heart to help sleep

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Professor CHENG Xin-nong: a famous acupuncture and moxibustion scientist

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Professor CHENG Zhifan and PUMHS Department of Medical History

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Professor Calmette on Plague

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Professor Calmette's Statistical Study Of B.C.G. Vaccination

Anonymous, 1926:
Professor Camillo Golgi

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Professor Carlos Eduardo R. Santos: my experiences with liver metastases of sarcoma

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Professor Cathy Ison: her contribution to the science and practice of STI control

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Professor Cattell's Review Of 'sight.'

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Professor Charles David Marsden

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Professor Charles E. Metz leaves profound legacy in ROC methodology: an introduction to the two Metz Memorial Issues

Anonymous, 1908:
Professor Charles Miner Cooper

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Professor Chen Quan-xin's experiences on treatment of facial paralysis

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Professor Christian Streffer on his 80th birthday

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Professor Christopher S. Potten (1940-2012)

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Professor Clemens von Sonntag (1936 - 2013)

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Professor Conn And The Brooklyn Institute

Anonymous, 1894:
Professor Crookshank's Evidence before the Vaccination Commission

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Professor Curtis's Review Of Petrunkevitch's Morphology Of Invertebrate Types

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Professor Cyril Karabus

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Professor Czesław Gerwel (MD)--100th anniversary of birthday

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Professor D A Mitchison: 60 years of contributions to the chemotherapy of tuberculosis

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Professor DONG Gui-rong's experience for the treatment of peripheral facial paralysis

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Professor Dafydd Stephens 1942-2012

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Professor Daly's Igneous Rocks And Their Origin

Anonymous, 1993:
Professor Dame June Lloyd

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Professor Dame Louise Napier Johnson (26 September 1940-25 September 2012)

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Professor David Poswillo CBE (1927-2003): Skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon, influential scientist, teacher and adviser

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Professor David Walliker

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Professor De Clercq and 25 years of international collaboration on antiviral research

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Professor De Groot On American Sinology

Anonymous, 1899:
Professor Dewar Oa Liquid Hydrogen

Anonymous, 1900:
Professor Dewar On Solid Hydrogen

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Professor Dieffenbach's Memoir on Stammering

Anonymous, 1962:
Professor Digby Chamberlain, C.B.E

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Professor Doctor Carol Davila, General: the founder

Păduraru, D.; Cotrutz, C.Eremia., 2011:
Professor Doctor Constantin Eremia Cotrutz (May 1, 1935-May 15, 2009)

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Professor Doctor Docent Gioconda Dobrescu (September 8, 1926-May 17 2009)

Nacu, C.; Carasievici, V., 2011:
Professor Doctor Veaceslav Carasievici, October 8, 1921-April 5, 2008

Cole, B.L.; Mitchell, D.E., 2014:
Professor Donald E Mitchell the H Barry Collin Research Medallist 2012 Foundation Director of the National Vision Research Institute of Australia

Crompton, D.W.T.; Southgate, V.R.; Lee, D., 2014:
Professor Donald Lee 1931-2013

Beron-Vera, F.J.; Hadjighasem, A.; Xia, Q.; Olascoaga, M.J.; Haller, G., 2018:
Coherent Lagrangian swirls among submesoscale motions

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Professor Dr Klaus Fröhlich

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Professor Dr Med Oskar Fehr: the fate of an outstanding German-Jewish ophthalmologist: an early contributor to cornea and external disease

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Professor Dr. Dieter Häussinger on his 60th birthday

Debus, J.; Wannenmacher, M., 2013:
Professor Dr. Dr. Michael Wannenmacher's 75th birthday

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Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Siegfried Weller

Schlegel, W.; Nüsslin, F., 2014:
Professor Dr. Fridtjof Nüsslin on his 75th birthday

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Professor Dr. Gintautas Jurgis Cesnys, 23 April 1940-28 September 2009

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Professor Dr. Heinrich Friedel on the occasion of his 90th birthday

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Professor Dr. Helmut Coper December 30, 1925-August 30, 2013. Professor for neuropsychopharmacology, FU Berlin (1967-94)

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Professor Dr. Ignacio Chávez Sánchez (1897-1979): pioneer of Latin American cardiology

Anonymous, 1949:
Professor Dr. JOSEF MELLER (Vienna)

Perek, D.; Bozek, J., 2008:
Professor Dr. Jozef Bozek, the honorary member of the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Arnold, M.; Graumann, W., 2007:
Professor Dr. Med. Walther Graumann (1915-2006)

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Professor Dr. Nina Bakracheva

Molls, M.; Vaupel, P., 2013:
Professor Dr. Peter Vaupel's 70th birthday

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Professor Dr. Richard Bruynoghe: A 1951 overview of his bacteriophage research spanning three decades

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Professor Dr. Roma Rokicka-Milewska

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Professor Dr. med. Michael Bamberg on the occasion of his 65th birthday

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Professor Dr. med. habil. Joachim Schauer on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

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Professor Dr. sc. med.Walter Schilling (14th July 1932–7th April 2014)

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Professor Dr.George I.M.Georgescu, June 18 1943-October 31 2005

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Professor Drago Vrbanić - the important contribution to the development of oncology in Rijeka

Anonymous, 1950:
Professor E. D. Adrian, P.R.S

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Professor Earl R. Owen--in memoriam

Anonymous, 1928:
Professor Edouard Charles Albert Robin

Anonymous, 1880:
Professor Edward D. Cope

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Professor Edward Sawyer Cooper, MD: a life devoted to stroke and cardiovascular disease care and research

Anonymous, 1910:
Professor Ehrlich's New Remedy For Syphilis

Flexner, A., 1933:
Professor Einstein And The Institute For Advanced Study

Anonymous, 1930:
Professor Einstein's Address At The University Of Nottingham

Tensini, F.; Moro, A.; Munhoz, R.Puppi.; Silva, T.Spina.; Teive, Hélio.Afonso.Ghizoni.; Lugaresi, E., 2014:
Professor Elio Lugaresi's contributions to neurology and sleep disorders

Turčić, N.; Zuskin, E., 2015:
Professor Emeritus Eugenija Žuškin, MD, PhD 1933-2013

Brouet, J-Claude.; Seligmann, M., 2011:
Professor Emeritus Maxime Seligmann (1927-2010)

Anonymous, 1926:
Professor Emil Kraepelin

Bonnemain, B.; Perrot, E., 2009:
Professor Emile Perrot: seven years of active collaboration with the journal La Quinzaine coloniale (1907-1914)

Anonymous, 2014:
Professor Era Arsen'evna BERESNEVA: on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of her birth

Arnott, E., 2012:
Professor Eric Arnott

Krumholz, A.; Niedermeyer, E., 2013:
Professor Ernst Niedermeyer: electroencephalography's pioneer and World leader

Anonymous, 2014:
Professor Eskender Gafurovich Topuzov (to his 75th birthday)

Prusiński, A.; Herman, E., 2009:
Professor Eufemiusz Herman (1892-1985)

Mendel, L.B., 1897:
Professor Eugen Baumann

Groenhof, G.; Toppari, J., 2018:
Coherent Light Harvesting Through Strong Coupling with Confined Light

Dymecki, J.; Osetowska, E., 2009:
Professor Ewa Osetowska and her contribution to the development of neuropathology in Poland

Anonymous, 1934:
Professor F. C. Purser, M.D

Timio, M.; Schena, F.Paolo., 2011:
Professor F.P. Schena: an all-round protagonist of nephrology

Feng, M-Lan., 2009:
Professor Feng Run-Shen's essential experience in penetration needling method

Nász, Ián.; Faragó, F., 2014:
Professor Ferenc Faragó, Head of the Institute of Microbiology, 1948-1950

Mudrák, József.; Orsós, F., 2014:
Professor Ferenc Orsós and the protection of the environment

Anonymous, 1929:
Professor Fernand Widal

Alfxander, M., 1891:
Professor Ferrel and American Meteorologists

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Professor Flinders Petrie's Scheme Of An Ethnological Store-House

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Coherently combined 16-channel multicore fiber laser system

Krasnok, A.; Baranov, D.G.; Generalov, A.; Li, S.; Alù, A., 2018:
Coherently Enhanced Wireless Power Transfer

Brøsen, K.; Sjöqvist, F., 2015:
Professor Folke Sjöqvist is the 2013 BCPT Nordic Prize Winner in Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

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Professor Fontaine And Dr. Newberry On The Age Of The Potomac Formation

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Professor Frank R. Lillie And The Marine Biological Laboratory

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Coherent manipulation of a molecular Ln-based nuclear qudit coupled to an electron qubit

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Professor Franz Halberg - the grand democrat in the global science. From the molecule to cosmos and back

Anonymous, 1954:
Professor Frederic Wood Jones, D.Sc., F.R.S., F.R.C.S

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Professor Fredrik August Wahlgren

Haneveld, J.Klein., 2012:
Professor Freek van Sluijs:'Progression is not possible without specialization'

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor Fulleborn

Lewis, J.F., 1892:
Professor G. Frederick Wright, Ll. D

Anonymous, 1930:
Professor G. Grey Turner, F.R.C.S

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Professor GUAN Ji-duo: a well-renowned acupuncturist in Sichuan province

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Professor Gaston Guzman on his 80th birthday

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Professor Gavin Mooney 1943-2012

Anonymous, 1892:
Professor Geikie On The Glacial Period

Han, J.; Vogt, T.; Gross, C.; Jaksch, D.; Kiffner, M.; Li, W., 2018:
Coherent Microwave-to-Optical Conversion via Six-Wave Mixing in Rydberg Atoms

Anonymous, 1906:
Professor George Blumer

Holway, R.S., 1912:
Professor George Davidson

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Professor Georgiy Ivanovich Sinenchenko (commemorating the 60th anniversary of his birthday)

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Professor Georgy Nestorovich Speransky (1873-1969): A great soviet paediatrician

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Professor Gerald Bernard Winter MB BS, DCH, FDSRCS ENG, FFD RCSI, FRCPCH (1928 - 2002)

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Professor Gill on assumptions of museum-keepers

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Professor Gilles Mentha (1952-2014)

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Professor Giorgio Pardi and his legacy

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Professor Godfrey Matthew Hewitt (1940-2013)

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Professor Goodwin reply

Anonymous, 1931:
Professor Guido Holzknecht

Evans, W.A., 1917:
Professor Gunn Departs For France

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Professor Gábor Petri was born 100 years ago

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Professor H J Koornhof - a tribute and an appreciation

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Professor H. Bruchmann

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor H. G. Greenish

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Professor HT (Harry) Howat: prime leader in pancreatology development in the UK

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Professor HUANG Xuan-Wei's clinical experience in acupuncture and moxibustion

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Professor Hakan Caner: a life devoted to neurosurgery

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Professor Halsted Replied To

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Professor Hans Otto Lüders

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Coherent midinfrared supercontinuum generation using a rib waveguide pumped with 200  fs laser pulses at 2.8  μm

Velutini-Becker, R.; Velutini-Kochen, J.A.; Buchholz, H-Wilhelm., 2011:
Professor Hans-Wilhelm Buchholz

Wolf, S.; Zwickel, H.; Kieninger, C.; Lauermann, M.; Hartmann, W.; Kutuvantavida, Y.; Freude, W.; Randel, S.; Koos, C., 2018:
Coherent modulation up to 100 GBd 16QAM using silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) devices

Keen, H., 2013:
Professor Harry Keen, champion of people with diabetes worldwide

Zaghloul, M.S.; El-Badawi, S.A.; Abd Elbaky, H., 2008:
Professor Hassan K. Awwad; The Father of Radiation Oncology and Radiobiology in Egypt and the Arab World, His Good Deeds Last Forever and Inspire us for the Future

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Professor Hastings's theory of the corona

Ferrel, W., 1890:
Professor Hazen and Espy's Experiments

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Professor He Pu-ren: the founder of Santong method of acupuncture and moxibustion

Louodop, P.; Saha, S.; Tchitnga, R.; Muruganandam, P.; Dana, S.K.; Cerdeira, H.A., 2018:
Coherent motion of chaotic attractors

A.C., 1900:
Professor Henry Allen Hazen

Bastos, M.Gomes., 2011:
Professor Heonir Rocha prize

van Herpen, G.; Burger, H., 2014:
Professor Herman Burger (1893-1965), eminent teacher and scientist, who laid the theoretical foundations of vectorcardiography--and electrocardiography

Shibuya, M.; Hanafusa, H., 2009:
Professor Hidesaburo Hanafusa: a 50-year quest for the molecular basis of cancer

Hammarskjöld, Börn., 2009:
Professor Hofvander is completely right about circumcision

Anonymous, 1928:
Professor Holger Rasmus Emil Mygind

Sun, M.; Liu, C-Ming.; Yang, H-Yuan., 2011:
Professor Hong-Yuan Yang (1933-2010)

Anonymous, 1901:
Professor Hueppe on Bovine and Human Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1893:
Professor Hueppe on Cholera

Anonymous, 1886:
Professor Hughes On Self-Induction

Meltzer, S.J., 1914:
Professor Hugo Kronecker

Willcox, W.F., 1929:
Professor Huntington's Method In Controversy

Anonymous, 1885:
Professor Huxley On Darwin

Anonymous, 1889:
Professor Huxley and M. Pasteur on Hydrophobia

Anonymous, 1866:
Professor Huxley on the Relation of Physical Science to Medical Science and Medical Education

Anonymous, 1868:
Professor Huxley's Hunterian Lectures

Durán, V.; Schnébelin, Cȏme.; Guillet de Chatellus, H., 2018:
Coherent multi-heterodyne spectroscopy using acousto-optic frequency combs

Martsinkovs'kyĭ, I.B.; Buial's'kyĭ, I.; Shevchenko, T., 2009:
Professor I. Buial's'kyĭ--one of teachers of T. Shevchenko

Savvin, S.B., 1983:
Professor I.p. Alimarin

McLeave, H., 1963:
Professor Ian Aird

Duffy, D.M., 2017:
Coherent nanoparticles in calcite

Thompson, A.J., 2007:
Professor Ian McDonald (1933 2006)

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Professor Ion Cantacuzino--tribute to the 150th anniversary of his birth

Wu, Y.; Cheng, H.; Wen, Y.; Chen, X.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Coherent noise reduction of phase images in digital holographic microscopy based on the adaptive anisotropic diffusion

Anonymous, 1934:
Professor Irving Cameron

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor Irving H. Cameron

Lanzafame, R.J.; Kaplan, I., 2013:
Professor Isaac Kaplan: a tribute

Yan, W.; Yang, Y.; Tan, Y.; Chen, X.; Li, Y.; Qu, J.; Ye, T., 2018:
Coherent optical adaptive technique improves the spatial resolution of STED microscopy in thick samples

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor J. B. Collip, F.R.S

Gates, R.R., 1937:
Professor J. B. S. Haldane's criticism

Anonymous, 1928:
Professor J. J. R. Macleod

Chikte, U.M.E.; Reddy, J., 2009:
Professor Jairam Reddy honored by the International Association of Dental Research

W.W.C., 1880:
Professor James C. Watson

Zheng, E.S., 2014:
Professor James Garden: my experiences and opinions of laparoscopic surger

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Coherent order parameter oscillations in the ground state of the excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5

Bumpus, H.C., 1898:
Professor James Ingraham Peck

Anonymous, 1926:
Professor James Israel

Malina, R.M., 2013:
Professor James M. Tanner and the sport sciences

Grzybowski, A.; Zaba, R.; Alkiewicz, J., 2009:
Professor Jan Alkiewicz, MD, and his influence on 20th century dermatology and mycology

Kuzaj, A.; Piltz, J., 2008:
Professor Jan Piltz

Rowińska-Zakrzewska, E.; Misiewicz, J., 2010:
Professor Janina Misiewicz

Walocha, J.; Skrzat, J.; Klimek-Piotrowska, Wława.; Zawiliński, Jław.; Mizia, E.; Goncerz, G.; Gorczyca, J.; Sokotowska-Pituchowa, J., 2012:
Professor Janina Sokołowska-Pituchowa--a legend in Polish anatomy (1915-2011)

Hyslop, J.H., 1897:
Professor Jastrow's Test On Diversity Of Opinion

Zheng, E.S., 2014:
Professor Javier C. Lendoire: colorectal liver metastases

Bruneval, P.; Glotz, D.; Jacquot, C.; Bariéty, J., 2012:
Professor Jean Bariéty (November 9, 1933 - April 21, 2011)

Karamanou, M.; Vlachopoulos, C.; Stefanadis, C.; Androutsos, G.; Corvisart des Marets, J-Nicolas.; Napoleon, 2010:
Professor Jean-Nicolas Corvisart des Marets (1755-1821): founder of modern cardiology

Ritter, W.E., 1912:
Professor Jennings As A Biological Philosopher

Balwierz, W.; Armata, J., 2008:
Professor Jerzy Armata- leader of Child Oncology and Hematology

Midya, B.; Konotop, V.V., 2018:
Coherent-perfect-absorber and laser for bound states in a continuum

Konturek, S.J.; Kaulbersz, J., 2012:
Professor Jerzy Kaulbersz, pioneer of Polish gastroenterology

Anonymous, 1911:
Professor Johannsen's Columbia Lectures

Anonymous, 1935:
Professor John Anderson

Molmenti, E., 2014:
Professor John B. Chang, MD, FACS, FICA

Tiselius, H.G.; Robertson, W.G.; Fitzpatrick, J., 2015:
Professor John Fitzpatrick in memoriam

Kirby, R.; Fitzpatrick, J.M., 2014:
Professor John M. Fitzpatrick 1948-2014: a life in the fast lane

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Professor John M. Goldman 1938-2013

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Professor John Scott, folate and neural tube defects

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Professor Joseph Tomasch, the founder of the anatomy department of Shiraz Medical School

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Professor Jung's Seminars: Institute Of Medical Psychology

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Professor Jürg Tschopp (1951-2011)

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Professor K. P. Tarasov--the first dean of stomatologic department in National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets. On 90th anniversary of NMU foundation

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Professor Kahp-Yang Suh, 1972-2013

Anonymous, 1927:
Professor Karl Joseph Eberth

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Professor Karl Lederis (1920-2007): always fishing for new ideas

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Professor Kazimierz Jaegermann--forensic pathologist--scientist--thinker

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Professor Kazimierz Orzechowski - initiator of the first university department of neurology in Warsaw

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Professor Keiji Sano: a notable figure in Japanese neurosurgery

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Professor Koch On Malaria

Anonymous, 1907:
Professor Koch On Sleeping Sickness

Anonymous, 1898:
Professor Koch On The Plague

Anonymous, 1897:
Professor Koch and the Rinderpest in Africa

Anonymous, 1899:
Professor Koch on Malarial Parasites

Anonymous, 1897:
Professor Koch on the Rinderpest in Africa

Anonymous, 1906:
Professor Koch's Investigations In East Africa

Anonymous, 1900:
Professor Koch's Investigations on Malaria

Anonymous, 1900:
Professor Koch's Investigations on Malaria: Fourth Report to the Colonial Department of the German Colonial Office

Anonymous, 1900:
Professor Koch's Investigations on Malaria: Second Report to the German Colonial Office

Anonymous, 1890:
Professor Koch's Remedy for Tuberculosis

Williams, C.T., 1890:
Professor Koch's Treatment of Tuberculosis

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Professor Kyu-Chang Wang: President of the ISPN, 2012-2013

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Professor L. Erdey

Anonymous, 1936:
Professor L. M. F. Hendrickx

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Professor LI Rui's mind regulation theory in the clinical application of acupuncture and moxibustion

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Professor Ladd On The Yale Curriculum

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Professor Langley On The Internal Work Of The Wind

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Coherent single-atom superradiance

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Professor Lawrence And The Development Of The Cyclotron

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Professor Leidy's "Fresh water rhizopods of north America"

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Professor Leopold G. Koss (born 1920 died 11 September 2012): in memoriam

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Professor Lev Fyodorovich Ilyin (140th anniversary of the birth)

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Professor León Cintra McGlone, 1947-2009

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Professor Li Shi-zhen's clinical experiences on compatibility application of hegu (LI 4)

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Professor Li Zhi-dao's experience on knee osteoarthritis

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Professor Liebig on the Theory of Respiration

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Professor Liu Shih-hao and the first case study of insulinoma in China

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Professor Lloyd And Vegetable Crystals

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Professor Loizette's Memory

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Professor Long

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Professor Loris Borghi new Rector (2013-2019) of the University of Parma

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Professor Lucjan Stepień (1912-1986)

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Professor Ludvig Sylow

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Professor MJT FitzGerald (1929-2014)

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Professor Manuel José Barbanoj Rodriguez

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Professor Mario Mercuri

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Professor Marion Edwards

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Professor Marja-Liisa Riekkola's 60th birthday

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Professor Marmorek's Serum

Anonymous, 1885:
Professor Marsh On The Dinocerata

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Professor Martin Barratt 1936-2014

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Coherent states field theory in supramolecular polymer physics

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Professor Martin Fishbein memorial issue

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Professor Martin H: son Holmdahl

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Coherent Structures and Spectral Energy Transfer in Turbulent Plasma: A Space-Filter Approach

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Professor Max Westenhöfer on the problem of man's origin

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Professor McDougall's lamarckian experiment

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Professor Meinhart H. Zenk: keeping the legacy alive

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Professor Michael J. Pikal: scientist, family man, educator, colleague and friend

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Professor Michel Millodot: a gentle giant of optometry

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Professor Michelangelo Rizzo

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Professor Mikhail Vasil'evich Alferov (1883-1941)

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Professor Mikhail Vasilievich Grinyov (commemorating the 85th anniversary of his birthday)

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Professor Miltiades Papamiltiades (1907-1987): 20 years since the death of an eminent Greek anatomopathologist and cytologist

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Professor Mitsuru Hashida: his outstanding achievements in drug delivery research

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Professor Morii and my academic life

Anonymous, 1912:
Professor Morris Loeb

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Professor Munro Kerr (1868-1960) of Glasgow and caesarean delivery

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Professor N. Rangabashyam (1933-2013)

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Professor N.N.Elanskii -outstanding military field surgeon 120th anniversary of the birth

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Coherent synchrotron radiation monitor for microbunching instability in XFEL

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Professor Natan Goldblum and the combined vaccination program in Gaza

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Professor Natan Goldblum: the pioneer producer of the inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine in Israel

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Professor Nevin Scrimshaw: the passing of one of the 20th century's greatest public health pioneers

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Professor Newberry on earthquakes

Anonymous, 1909:
Professor Newcomb's Library

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Coherent Timescales and Mechanical Structure of Multicellular Aggregates

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Professor Nils Carstam, MD, PhD, 13 September 1913-28 May 2014

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Professor Nina Berova--winner of 2007 Chirality Medal

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Professor Noguchi's Researches On Infective Diseases

He, V.J., 2014:
Professor Norbert Hüser: the function of immune cells for liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy

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Professor Norhani Mohidin: pioneer, educator and champion of optometry in Malaysia

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Professor O. C. Marsh And Pithecanthropus

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Professor OUYANG Qun's clinical experience on application of single point

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Professor Octávio de Silveira: the pioneer of neurology in the State of Paraná

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Professor Olgierd Narkiewicz--the great Polish anatomist and neuroanatomist of the twentieth century (1925-2010)

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Professor Om Prakash Sharma 1936-2012

Anonymous, 1906:
Professor Osborn And The Secretaryship Of The Smithsonian Institution

Anonymous, 1905:
Professor Osler's Farewell Address

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Professor Otto Marburg, universal neurologist and the 'dean of teachers'

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Professor P Ye Tikhomirov, honored scientist of the Russian Federation (on the 110th anniversary of his birthday)

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Coherent two-dimensional fluorescence micro-spectroscopy

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Professor P. S. Grigor'ev and his role in the development of dermatovenereologic science and practice

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Professor Panos Vardas: president of the European Society of Cardiology

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Professor Parker's Further Studies on the Apteryx

Simpson, B., 2002:
Professor Patrick D Wall FRS

Vanhoutte, P.M., 2009:
Professor Paul M. Vanhoutte--portrait of an extraordinary medical researcher. Interview by Iona MacDonald MA

Anonymous, 2013:
Professor Paulo Manuel Pêgo Fernandes is honored with FMUSP Institutional Centennial Medal

Anonymous, 1924:
Professor Pavlov

Benedict, F.G., 1920:
Professor Pawlow

Mendel, L.B., 1901:
Professor Pawlow's Researches On The Physiology Of Secretion

van Gijn, J.; Gijselhart, J.; Pel, P.K., 2010:
Professor Pel and 'glandular fever'

Gabriel, E.; Mundt, C.; Herpertz, S.; Berner, P., 2014:
Professor Peter Berner (15 November 1924 to 17 November 2012)

D.Bois-Reymond, R., 1891:
Professor Pictet's Laboratory At Berllin

He, V.J., 2014:
Professor Pierce Chow: neo-adjuvant and adjuvant therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma-current evidence

Anonymous, 1935:
Professor Pierre Menetrier

Newcombe, F.C., 1911:
Professor Punnett's Error

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Professor Qiu Mao-Liang's theory of "three benefits" of acupuncture for diseases of digestive system

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Professor R. Cihák-anatomist and embryologist--on his 80th birthday

Philip, M.; McMinn, R.M.H., 2013:
Professor R.M.H. McMinn, MBCHB, Phd, MD, FRCS(eng) (20 September 1923-11 July 2012)

Anonymous, 1961:
Professor Raffaele Bastianelli

Tay, S.Sam.Wah., 2011:
Professor Ragunathar Kanagasuntheram (1919-2010)

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Professor Rainer Gross, benefactor to humanity: a tribute to his legacy to public nutrition

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Professor Rajendra Tandon: Passing of a legend

Bause, G.S.; Waters, R., 2014:
Professor Ralph Waters' Hickman Medal

Anonymous, 1934:
Professor Ramon Y Cajal

Anonymous, 1935:
Professor Rhoda Erdmann

Longhi, S., 2018:
Coherent virtual absorption for discretized light

Georg, D.; Dieckmann, K.; Pötter, R., 2013:
Professor Richard Pötter's 65th birthday

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Coherent wave transmission in quasi-one-dimensional systems with Lévy disorder

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Professor Robert A. Alberty--a legacy of excellence

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Professor Robert Debré: a man who honors life

Mitchell, D.E.; Hess, R.F., 2015:
Professor Robert F Hess DSc PhD MSc DipOptom: awarded the H Barry Collin Research Medal for 2013

Anonymous, 1928:
Professor Robert Fulford Ruttan

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Professor Robert Jansen

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Professor Robert John Pierce, 15 January 1947--7 February 2009

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Professor Robert Shapiro (1935-2011)

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Professor Robinson's Tribute To Asa Gray

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Coherent X-ray source generation with off-resonance laser modulation

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Professor Rolf C. Gaillard

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Professor Rolf Luft, 1914--2007

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Professor Ronald W. Busuttil: my opinion about the national program for diseased organ donation in China

Makrantoni, V.; Marston, A.L., 2018:
Cohesin and chromosome segregation

Anonymous, 1900:
Professor Ross And Leland Stanford, Jr. University

Gilman, D.C., 1901:
Professor Rowland, 1848-1901

Anonymous, 1938 :
Professor Rudolf's Article "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc"

Mendel, L.B., 1897:
Professor Rudolph Heidenhain

Anonymous, 1904:
Professor Rutherford On Radium

Xu, E.X., 2014:
Professor Réal Lapointe: the impact of portal embolization on postoperative morbidity and mortality after liver resection

Sweet, M.; Knight, S., 2011:
Professor Sabina Knight

Anonymous, 1945:
Professor Salomon

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Professor Sam Sideman: a tribute

Anonymous, 1898:
Professor Schenck's Researches on the Predetermination of Sex

Haluzík, M.; Svačina, Štěpán.; Schreiber, V., 2015:
Professor Schreiber - a pioneer in TRH research

Lucas, F.A., 1897:
Professor Scott's Bird Pictures

Anonymous, 1932:
Professor Seidelin

Liceaga, E., 1915:
Professor Selskar M. Gunn

Shapovalov, V.M.; Tkachenko, Sĭ.Pavlovich., 2014:
Professor Sergey Stepanovich Tkachenko (to the 90-th anniversary of the birth)

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Professor Shao Jing-ming: a famous expert of acupuncture and moxibustion

Li, X-feng.; Wang, Y-jun.; Ye, X-lan.; Zhou, C-jian., 2013:
Professor Shi Qi's experience of applying herbal paste for treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions

Chen, N-nan., 2008:
Professor Shi-lin Huang's experience in treatment of aplastic anemia

Saraswat, V.A.; Singh, S.Prasad., 2013:
Professor Shivaram Prasad Singh--president, Indian Society of Gastroenterology 2012-2013

Wasser, S.P.; Chang, S-Ting., 2012:
Professor Shu-Ting Chang on his 80th birthday

Dralle, H.; Wieland, E.; Siewert, Jörg.; Schumpelick, V., 2012:
Professor Siewert and Professor Schumpelick retire. After influencing Der Chirurg for 25 years

Siggelkow, H., 2014:
Professor Siggelkow for vitamin D supplementation "I ask patients to 75 nanomoles dosage"

Anonymous, 1899:
Professor Simon Newcomb

Hill, G.W., 1909:
Professor Simon Newcomb As An Astronomer

Haarhuis, J.Hi.; Rowland, B.D., 2017:
Cohesin: building loops, but not compartments

Driver, J.; London, D.; Penney, J.; Hoffenberg, R., 2008:
Professor Sir Raymond 'Bill' Hoffenberg: a celebration and thanksgiving

Jones, H.W.; Gosden, R.G.; Edwards, R., 2013:
Professor Sir Robert Edwards, 1925-2013

Leese, H.; Edward, R.G., 2014:
Professor Sir Robert G. Edwards FRS: 1925-2013

Hawgood, B.J.; Liley, W., 2010:
Professor Sir William Liley (1929-83): New Zealand perinatal physiologist

Cheyne, W.W., 1880:
Professor Spence on Surgical Statistics

Kazało, T.; Grzybowski, A.; Mondelski, S., 2012:
Professor Stanislaw Mondelski--the prominent ophthalmologist in Poznan. In the twentieth anniversary of the death

Ossowska, K.; Wolfarth, S., 2008:
Professor Stanisław Wolfarth, Ph.D., M.D. (1933-2007)

Anonymous, 1901:
Professor Starr's Recent Work In Mexico

Li, G., 2013:
Professor Stephen Kwok-Wing Tsui: targeting pathogen genomes

Anonymous, 2010 :
Professor Stephen O'Rahilly wins the 2010 InBev-Baillet Latour Prize

Zografi, G.; Byrn, S., 2010:
Professor Stephen R. Byrn: scientist, educator, and visionary

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor Storm Van Leeuwen

Garrison, F.H., 1922:
Professor Sudhoff's Paracelsus

Anonymous, 1885:
Professor Sumner's Economic Essays

Wang, Y-lin.; Zhang, R.; Sun, S-tian., 2009:
Professor Sun Shen-tian's experience in treatment of mental diseases

Lundeberg, T.; Andersson, S., 2008:
Professor Sven Andersson in memoriam--the Swediah father of acupuncture

Villa-Hernández, S.; Bermejo, R., 2018:
Cohesin dynamic association to chromatin and interfacing with replication forks in genome integrity maintenance

Moshetova, L.K.; Knopov, M.Sh.; Yeroshevsky, T.I., 2012:
Professor T. I. Yeroshevsky and his school

Song, S-Yun.; Wang, Y., 2008:
Professor TIAN Cong-huo's experience on clinical acupuncture

Kapusta, M.Małgorzata.; Lenkiewicz, E.; Krwawicz, T., 2008:
Professor Tadeusz Krwawicz

Heidland, A.; Paczek, L.; Orlowski, T., 2009:
Professor Tadeusz Orlowski--in memory of a pioneer in European nephrology and transplantation

Galeev, R.; Larsson, J., 2018:
Cohesin in haematopoiesis and leukaemia

Kokot, F.; Orłowski, T., 2009:
Professor Tadeusz Orłowski -- the founder of Polish nephrology

Komender, J.; Orłowski, T., 2009:
Professor Tadeusz Orłowski: in memory of an outstanding doctor and a leading personality in the scientific life

Spitzka, E.A., 1904:
Professor Taguchi's Brain-Weight

Anonymous, 1880:
Professor Tait And Mr. Herbert Spencer

Farquhar, H., 1884:
Professor Tait on the reality of force

Kawai, G.; Yokoyama, S.; Miyazawa, T., 2011:
Professor Tatsuo Miyazawa: from molecular structure to biological function

Wells, F.L., 1947:
Professor Taylor and the problem of notehand

Komatsu, K., 2014:
Professor Tetsuo Nozoe and my tropylium ion chemistry

Wasser, S.P.; Ikekawa, T., 2012:
Professor Tetsuro Ikekawa on his 80th birthday

P.T.M., 1914:
Professor Theobald Smith And A New Outlook In Animal Pathology

Viny, A.D.; Levine, R.L., 2017:
Cohesin mutations in myeloid malignancies made simple

Conklin, E.G., 1913:
Professor Thomas Harrison Montgomery, Jr

Anonymous, 1926:
Professor Thomas Jonescu

Challacombe, S.J.; Lehner, T., 2013:
Professor Thomas Lehner: archetypal translational scientist

Ford, T.Pitt., 2009:
Professor Thomas Pitt Ford

Ioannidou, A.; Zachaki, S.; Karakosta, M.; Daraki, A.; Roussou, P.; Manola, K.N., 2018:
Cohesin RAD21 Gene Promoter Methylation in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Yang, X-Chen.; Zhao, H., 2013:
Professor Tian Cong-huo's principles, methods, prescription, acupoints and technic for the treatment of arthralgia

Che, J.; Piao, L-hua.; Tian, W-zhu., 2007:
Professor Tian Wei-zhu's clinical experiences in acupuncture treatment of stroke

Anonymous, 1862:
Professor Tiedemann

He, V.J., 2014:
Professor Timothy Pawlik: what have we achieved in hilar cholangiocarcinoma over the past decade?

Moores, R.R.; Huisman, T.H.J., 2007:
Professor Titus H.J. Huisman and the medical college of Georgia

Atkinson, G.; Reilly, T., 2010:
Professor Tom Reilly (1941-2009)

Yamagiwa, J.; Nishida, T., 2012:
Professor Toshisada Nishida (1941–2011)

Nishida, T., 2012:
Professor Toshisada Nishida, a pioneer and a leading scientist in primatology

Kromberg, J.G.R.; Ramsay, M.; Krause, A.; Soodyall, H.; Jenkins, T., 2014:
Professor Trefor Jenkins: a tribute

Alexander, J., 1932:
Professor Troland And Dr. Kunz

Pearn, J., 2014:
Professor Tyndale John Rendle-Short (1919-2010), British and Australian paediatrician: A life in two domains

Boling, W.W.; Ettl, S.; Sano, K.; Uchimura, Y.; Spielmeyer, W.; Vogt, O.; Vogt, C., 2011:
Professor Uchimura, Ammon's horn sclerosis, and the German influence on Japanese neuroscience

Wachowiak, J.; Radwanska, U., 2008:
Professor Urszula Radwanska the Honorary Member of the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Rakhmanin, I.A.; Lutsevich, I.N.; Zav'ialov, A.I.; Eliseev, I.Iu.; Alekseeva, N.I.; Arnol'dov, V.A., 2011:
Professor V. A. Arnol'dov--a hygienist, scientist, university teacher, and initiator of sanitation in Russia (on his 150th birthday)

Nikol'skiĭ, V.Iu.; Voĭno-Iasenetskiĭ, V.Feliksovich., 2012:
Professor V.F. Voĭno-Iasenetskiĭ (Holy Hierarch Lucus): his life and role in Russian dental school development

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Professor V.L. Popov--a scientist, expert, teacher, tutor

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Professor Vadim Alekseevich Kornilov (1937-1993)--one of founders of the theory of vascular trauma

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Professor Valentino J. Stella: scientist, mentor, entrepreneur, family man, and giant in pharmaceutical chemistry

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Cohesin SA2 is a sequence-independent DNA-binding protein that recognizes DNA replication and repair intermediates

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Professor Varaztad Hovhannes Kazanjian (1879-1974)

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Professor Vasily Kuzmich Trutnev (1892-1960)

Anonymous, 1936:
Professor Victor Pauchet

Moshetova, L.K.; Knopov, M.Sh.; Odintsov, V.Petrovich., 2011:
Professor Victor Petrovich Odintsov is a founder of "Russian ophthalmologic journal"

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Professor Vincenzo de Luca

Anonymous, 1893:
Professor Virchow

Anonymous, 1893:
Professor Virchow at Cambridge: A Historic Occasion

Anonymous, 1896:
Professor Virchow on Medical Education

Anonymous, 1899:
Professor Virchow's Jubilee

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Professor Vladislav Potužník born 90 years ago. My personal memories

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Cohesive Polydensified Matrix Hyaluronic Acid for the Treatment of Etched-In Fine Facial Lines: A 6-Month, Open-Label Clinical Trial

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Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® hyaluronic acid volumizer injected for cheek augmentation has additional positive effect on nasolabial folds

Anonymous, 1903:
Professor Von Behring On The Etiology Of Phthisis

Anonymous , 1906:
Professor Von Behring's Treatment Of Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1902:
Professor Von Leyden's Seventieth Birthday

Anonymous, 1892:
Professor Von Pettenkofer on Cholera

Anonymous, 1893:
Professor Von Pettenkofer's Jubilee

Anonymous, 1938:
Professor W. St. Clair Symmers, M.B

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Professor WU Lian-Zhong's special acupoints and effects in treatment of intractable insomnia

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Professor WU Xu's clinical experiences on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain

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Professor Waclawa Celinskathe Honorary Member of the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

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Professor Wacław Kuśnierczyk (1908-1997)--Pro Memoria in the century of birthday

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Professor Walter Whitehead (1840-1913)

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Professor Wang Ju-yi's experience on clinical application of Siguan points

Liu, X.; Wang, Q-Qi., 2012:
Professor Wang Qingqi's experience in treating senile diseases based on the theory of blood stasis

Anonymous, 1881:
Professor Watson's Successor

Shi, J.; Wei, P-Kang., 2013:
Professor Wei Pin-kang's experience in treating chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting: an analysis of herbal medication

Vessal, K.; Saidi, F.; Dutz, W.Felix., 2008:
Professor Werner Dutz (1928 - 1984)

Anonymous, 1915:
Professor Wesley Mills: Born, February 22nd, 1847 Dead, February 13th, 1915

Anonymous, 1908:
Professor Whitman And The Marine Biological Laboratory

Anonymous, 1911:
Professor Whitman's Collection Of Pigeons

Sikorski, A.; Lasiński, W., 2012:
Professor Wiesław Lasiński (1915-2010)

Naruszewicz-Lesiuk, D.; Magdzik, Wław., 2012:
Professor Wiesław Magdzik (MD), the representative of the Polish School of Epidemiology in 80th anniversary of birthday

Hulanicki, A., 1982:
Professor Wiktor Kemula on his 80th birthday

Anonymous, 1905:
Professor Wilhelm Ostwald At Harvard University

Ricketts, D.; Saunders, W., 2016:
Professor William 'Bill' Saunders retires

Scull, A.; Bynum, W., 2013:
Professor William Bynum: academic pioneer, role model and dear friend

D.W.M., 1891:
Professor William Ferrel

Zheng, E.S., 2014:
Professor William Jarnagin: biliary malignancy

Cook, O.F., 1904:
Professor William Morton Wheeler On The Kelep

Anonymous, 1933:
Professor William P. Graves

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Professor Wincenty Wiśniewski's complex experiments about circulation of parasites in the ecosystem of Lake Druzno as a model for activities of the Ichtyoparasitological Section of the Student Scientific Association at the University of Gdańsk

Kosieradzki, M.; Rowinski, W., 2015:
Professor Wojciech Rowinski (1935-2014)

Lindner, W., 2008:
Professor Wolfgang Lindner winner of 2008 Chirality Medal

Anonymous, 1943 :
Professor Wooldridge Retires

Huang, D-e.; Wu, Q.; Chen, C-jiang., 2008:
Professor Wu Bing-huang's experiences in acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis

Brozek, K.; Nasiłowski, Władysław., 2011:
Professor Władysław Nasiłowski

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Professor XIAO Ji-fang's idea on acupuncture-moxibustion

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Professor XIE Qiang's unique acupuncture therapy in otorhinolaryngologic department

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Professor XU Rui-Zheng's experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of auricular acupuncture

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Professor Xin-fang Wang from China is the Father of Modern Echocardiography

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Professor YANG Yun-kuan's experience on treatment of dermopathy with cotton-sheet moxibustion

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Professor YANG Zhao-min's contribution to the education of modern acupuncture and moxibustion

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Cohesive Regulation of Neural Progenitor Development by microRNA miR-26, Its Host Gene Ctdsp and Target Gene Emx2 in the Mouse Embryonic Cerebral Cortex

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Professor Yakov Yulievich Bardakh (1857-1929): pioneer of bacteriological research in Russia and Ukraine

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Professor Yang Jia-san, a famous acupuncture and moxibustion specialist of China in the present age

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Professor ZHANG Yu-Lian's experiences in treatment of post-stroke ataxia by regulating marrow sea acupuncture

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Professor Zbigniew Religa (1938-2009). An outstanding cardiac surgeon. Director, Chancellor, member of Parliament, Senator, and Minister

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Professor Zerbini: 100 years

Chen, H., 2010:
Professor Zhang Zhi-long's experience in the treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications

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Professor Zheng Kui-Shan the father of modern study of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion and needling methods

Konieczna, S.; Majewska, Z., 2008:
Professor Zofia Majewska - the founder of the Polish school of developmental neurology

Russell, J.A.; Herman, J.P.; Zukowska, Z., 2013:
Professor Zofia Zukowska MD, PhD, died 15 April 2012, aged 63 years

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Professor Zygmunt Urbanowicz (1931-2011) - biography

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Professor a. Venugopal: founder of urology at madras medical college

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Professor and the spokesman for nudism

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Professor as a facilitating agent of the teaching learning process: perspective of the nursing student

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Professor charles david marsden (1938-98): an appreciation

Li, L-Fu.; Zhang, H., 2013:
Professor da-yi hu

Alvarez Navarro, M.; Alvarez Bravo, A., 2014:
Professor doctor Alfonso Alvarez Bravo on occasion to his birthday

Ortega Velásquez, L.; Alvarez Bravo, A., 2014:
Professor doctor Alfonso Alvarez Bravo: teacher of generations

Brãnişteanu, D.Dimitrie., 2009:
Professor doctor Dimitrie D Brãnişteanu, September 2, 1938-May 4, 2005

Mustajbegović, J.; Zuskin, E., 2015:
Professor emeritus Eugenija Zuskin

Beritić, D.; Valić, F., 2015:
Professor emeritus Fedor Valić

Capra, J.D.; Frøland, S.S.; Harboe, M.; Jonsson, R.; Ljunggren, H-G.; Wigzell, H.; Jacob, N., 2009:
Professor emeritus Jacob B. Natvig, one of the founders of Scandinavian journal of immunology, turns 75

Kramer, B.; Tobias, P.Vallentine., 2013:
Professor emeritus Phillip Vallentine Tobias (1925-2012)

Roehr, B., 2012:
Professor files complaint of scientific misconduct over allegation of ghostwriting

Nimeroff, I.; Schleter, J.C., 1969:
Professor harry j. Keegan: colorimetrists' spectrophotometrist

Wientroub, S., 2009:
Professor henri bensahel (1928-2009)

Anonymous, 1980:
Professor huxley on evolution

Forrester, D.Anthony.; O'Keefe, T.; Torres, S., 2008:
Professor in residence program: a nursing faculty practice

Anonymous, 2013:
Professor john bryden

Johansson, G., 1969:
Professor k.j. Karrman

Maramis, A., 2009:
Professor kusumanto setyonegoro, 1924-2008

Kudryashova, E.B.; Karlyshev, A.V.; Ariskina, E.V.; Streshinskaya, G.M.; Vinokurova, N.G.; Kopitsyn, D.S.; Evtushenko, L.I., 2018 :
Cohnella kolymensis sp. nov., a novel bacillus isolated from Siberian permafrost

Lawrie, R.A., 1989:
Professor mognes jul

Heo, J.; Beck, A.N.; Lin, S-Fan.; Marcelli, E.; Lindsay, S.; Karl Finch, B., 2017:
Cohort-based income gradients in obesity among U.S. adults

Nicolas, S., 2011:
Professor of adapted physical activities in geriatrics (interview by Anne-Marie Bonnery)

Mörmann, W., 2011:
Professor of computer-based restorative dentistry--an impulse for CAD/CAM?

Zielińska-Psuja, B.; Orłowski, J., 2014:
Professor of pharmaceutical subjects, Jerzy Orłowski (1940-2010)--in memoriam

Anonymous, 1995:
Professor of popular science

Kwaśniewska, J.; Kurnatowska, A., 2012:
Professor ordinarius Alicja Kurnatowska, M.D., Ph.D.--the 80th birthday anniversary: scientific, didactic and organizational achievements in the field of parasitology and medical mycology

Demiaszkiewicz, A.W.; Drozdz, J., 2013:
Professor ordinarius Jan Drózdz DVM, PhD (1931-2013)

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Professor perceptions of college students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Cohort-Controlled Comparison of Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation Using Carlecortemcel-L, a Single Progenitor-Enriched Cord Blood, to Double Cord Blood Unit Transplantation

Travis, J., 1994:
Professor slams mit over center closure

Anonymous, 2015:
Professor warns NHS to be wary of 'silent takeover' by commerce and finance

Lenzer, J., 2012:
Professor was harassed by his university after criticising routine prostate cancer screening, inquiry finds

Lenzer, J.; Wilkes, M., 2013:
Professor who criticized prostate screening seminar did not suffer retaliation, says university

Zhang, H.; Li, L-Fu., 2013:
Professor ya-ling han

Herrmann, T.; Sauer, R.; Mayer, Árpád., 2013:
Professor Árpád Mayer on the occasion of his 70th birthday

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Professorate of Russian provincial morphological departments of medical universities and faculties (Volga region, Urals, Siberia). Some aspects of life and creative work (XIX century--beginning of XXI century)

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Professorial Ethics

Suanet, B.; Huxhold, O., 2018:
Cohort Difference in Age-Related Trajectories in Network Size in Old Age: Are Networks Expanding?

Anonymous, 1914:
Professors In Council

Xu, X-Gang.; Gao, X-Hua.; Chen, H-Duo.; Hercogová, J.; Lotti, T., 2012:
Professors Jana Hercogová and Torello Lotti awarded title of honorary professor, China Medical University, Shenyang, December 2011

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Professors Rudolf Weigl and Ludwik Hirszfeld--in the meanders of history

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Professors and political petitions

Anonymous, 1994:
Professors have their say

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Professors live longer than doctors: immortality bias in survival analysis

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Professors of medicine in East Germany

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Professors of midwifery: the emergence

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Professors of nursing: What do they profess?

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Professors of nursing: academic equity or professional enigma?

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Professors' Facebook content affects students' perceptions and expectations

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Professors' Salaries: Are Equitable Salaries Paid To Professors?

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Professors' perception of students' feelings in the classroom: an analysis

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Professors, politics, and palaver

Yarows, S.A., 2010:
Professors: the world is not flat

Anonymous, 1912:
Professorships In China

Pepper, W., 1927:
Professorships In Medical Schools

Anonymous, 1889:
Professorships Of Hygiene

Papp, Zán.; Bugyi, Ián., 2011:
Professzor Dr. István Bugyi (1898-1981) died 30 years ago

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Proffesional development. Part 1: becoming an EMS leader

Cattell, J.M., 1896:
Proffessor Wilson's Address At The Princeton Sesquicentennial Celebration

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Profibrinolytic effect of Enzamin, an extract of metabolic products from Bacillus subtilis AK and Lactobacillus

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Profibrinolytic effect of the epigenetic modifier valproic acid in man

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Profibrinolytic microparticles are not adequately produced to compensate their prothrombotic effect

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Profibrogenic phenotype in caveolin-1 deficiency via differential regulation of STAT-1/3 proteins

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Profibrotic TGFβ responses require the cooperative action of PDGF and ErbB receptor tyrosine kinases

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Profibrotic agents for venous malformations?

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Profibrotic effect of interleukin-18 in HK-2 cells is dependent on stimulation of the Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) promoter and increased TLR4 expression

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Profibrotic effect of miR-33a with Akt activation in hepatic stellate cells

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Profibrotic potential of prominin-1+ epithelial progenitor cells in pulmonary fibrosis

Anonymous, 1911:
Proficiency In Vaccination

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Proficiency and knowledge gained and retained by pediatric residents after neonatal resuscitation course

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Proficiency assessment of gesture analysis in laparoscopy by means of the surgeon's musculo-skeleton model

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Proficiency differences in syntactic processing of monolingual native speakers indexed by event-related potentials

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Proficiency gain curve and predictors of outcome for laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy

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Proficiency in English sentence stress production by Cantonese speakers who speak English as a second language (ESL)

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Proficiency in oocyte retrieval assessed by the learning curve cumulative summation test

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Proficiency in oocyte retrieval: how many procedures are necessary for training?

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Proficiency in oocyte retrieval: plausible steps before perfection

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Proficiency in positive vs. negative emotion identification and subjective well-being among long-term married elderly couples

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Proficiency in reading pneumoconiosis radiographs examined by the 60-film set with 4-factor structuring 8-index

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Proficiency in science: assessment challenges and opportunities

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Proficiency in the diagnosis of nonpolypoid colorectal neoplasm yields high adenoma detection rates

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Proficiency of PCR in hospital settings for nonculture diagnosis of invasive meningococcal infections

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Proficiency of drug susceptibility testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taiwan

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Proficiency of drug susceptibility testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taiwan, 2007-2011

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Proficiency of eye drop instillation in postoperative cataract patients in Ghana

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Proficiency of individuals with autism spectrum disorder at disembedding figures: A systematic review

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Proficiency of residents and fellows in performing neonatal intubation

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Proficiency of transient elastography compared to liver biopsy for the assessment of fibrosis in HIV/HBV-coinfected patients

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Proficiency of virtual reality simulator training in flexible retrograde ureteroscopy renal stone management

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Proficiency program for real-time PCR diagnosis of Bordetella pertussis infections in French hospital laboratories and at the French National Reference Center for Whooping Cough and other Bordetelloses

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Proficiency requirements

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Proficiency survey-based evaluation of clinical total and allergen-specific IgE assay performance

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Proficiency test for chemical laboratories for the analysis of a pesticide in a formulated product: interlaboratory study

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Proficiency test for clearance mixed-nuclide samples

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Proficiency test for human papillomavirus genotyping in china

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Proficiency test for the determination of heavy metals in mineral feed. The importance of correctly selecting the certified reference materials during method validation

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Proficiency test of gamma spectrometry laboratories in Serbia

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Proficiency test of ⁹⁰Y and ⁸⁹Sr activity measurements in Polish hospitals

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Proficiency testing as a basis for estimating uncertainty of measurement: application to forensic alcohol and toxicology quantitations

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Proficiency testing as the key element in implementing EN13275 olfactometry

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Proficiency testing assessments for nematode worm egg counting based on Poisson variation

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Proficiency testing criteria for clearance level in solid waste gamma measurement in Taiwan

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Proficiency testing experience for viable CD34+ stem cell analysis

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Profile - Dr. Connie D'Astolfo DC

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Profile - Dr. John Z. Srbely, DC, PhD

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Profile - Dr. Maja Stupar, DC

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Profile and deformation coefficients measurement of fast optical surfaces

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