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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55206

Chapter 55206 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Gureje, O.; Oladeji, B.D.; Abiona, T.; Chatterji, S., 2014:
Profile and determinants of successful aging in the Ibadan Study of Ageing

Akinyemi, R.O.; Allan, L.; Owolabi, M.O.; Akinyemi, J.O.; Ogbole, G.; Ajani, A.; Firbank, M.; Ogunniyi, A.; Kalaria, R.N., 2015:
Profile and determinants of vascular cognitive impairment in African stroke survivors: the CogFAST Nigeria Study

Liu, Q.; Wu, L.; Pu, H.; Li, C.; Hu, Q., 2012:
Profile and distribution of soluble and insoluble phenolics in Chinese rapeseed (Brassica napus)

Singh, G.; Amin, Z.; Wuryantoro; Wulani, V.; Shatri, H., 2013:
Profile and factors associated with mortality in mediastinal mass during hospitalization at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta

Wu, Y.T.; Zhu, H.; Harmis, N.Y.; Iskandar, S.Y.; Willcox, M.; Stapleton, F., 2014:
Profile and frequency of microbial contamination of contact lens cases

Najjar Sadeghi, R.; Azimzadeh, P.; Vahedi, M.; Mirsattari, D.; Molaei, M.; Mohebbi, S.Reza.; Zojaji, H.; Fatemi, S.Reza.; Zali, M.Reza., 2011:
Profile and frequency of p53 gene alterations in gastritis lesions from Iran

Barac, M.; Cabrilo, S.; Pesic, M.; Stanojevic, S.; Zilic, S.; Macej, O.; Ristic, N., 2010:
Profile and functional properties of seed proteins from six pea (Pisum sativum) genotypes

Kougioumtzis, A.; Valergakis, G.E.; Oikonomou, G.; Arsenos, G.; Banos, G., 2014 :
Profile and genetic parameters of dairy cattle locomotion score and lameness across lactation

Brazuna, Júlia.Cristina.Maksoud.; Silva, E.Araujo.E.; Brazuna, Júlio.Maksoud.; Domingos, I.Helena.; Chaves, N.; Honer, M.Robin.; van Onselen, V.Joost.; Oliveira, A.Lúcia.Lyrio.de., 2013:
Profile and geographic distribution of reported cases of visceral leishmaniasis in Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, from 2002 to 2009

Donkor, E.S.; Owolabi, M.O.; Bampoh, P.O.; Amoo, P.K.; Aspelund, T.; Gudnason, V., 2015:
Profile and health-related quality of life of Ghanaian stroke survivors

Dutta, D.; Biswas, K.; Arora, R.; Barman, N.; Bhushan, D.; Bhakhri, B.K., 2015:
Profile and height outcomes of children with short stature in north India: an experience from a tertiary care centre

Yuasa, M.; Kishi, R., 2011:
Profile and issues of prospective birth cohort in Japan

Boff, Márcia.Inês.; Hetzel, Márcio.Pereira.; Dallegrave, D.Munaretto.; Oliveira, R.Pinheiro.de.; Cabral, Cúdia.da.Rocha.; Teixeira, C., 2009:
Profile and long-term prognosis of glucose tight control in intensive care unit - patients: a cohort study

Kalula, S.Zimba.; Ferreira, M.; Thomas, K.G.F.; de Villiers, L.; Joska, J.A.; Geffen, L.N., 2010:
Profile and management of patients at a memory clinic

Léophonte, P.; Zuck, P.; Perronne, C., 2008:
Profile and management of patients consulting for a non severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Pragma survey)

Adeyemi, B.; Ross, A., 2014:
Profile and mortality outcome of patients admitted with cryptococcal meningitis to an urban district hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Darien, M.; Wallet, F.; Schoeffler, M.; Tassin, C.; Lieutaud, T.; Piriou, V., 2013:
Profile and motivations of students performing a universitary degree in 2011

Maravić, A.; Skočibušić, M.; Samanić, I.; Puizina, J., 2013:
Profile and multidrug resistance determinants of Chryseobacterium indologenes from seawater and marine fauna

Ansa, V.O.; Ekott, J.U.; Bassey, E.O., 2008:
Profile and outcome of cardiovascular admissions at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo--a five year review

Panigatti, P.; Ratageri, V.Hanumant.; Shivanand, I.; Madhu, P.K.; Shepur, T.A., 2015:
Profile and outcome of childhood tuberculosis treated with DOTS--an observational study

Senguttuvan, P.; Prasad, H.Krishna., 2013:
Profile and outcome of infantile nephrotic syndrome treated in a tertiary care center

Bansal, D.; Marwaha, R.K.; Trehan, A.; Rao, K.L.N.; Gupta, V., 2008:
Profile and outcome of neuroblastoma with convertional chemotherapy in children older than one year: a 15-years experience

Owolabi, L.F.; Ibrahim, A.; Samaila, A.A., 2011:
Profile and outcome of non-traumatic paraplegia in Kano, northwestern Nigeria

Singh, O.; Javeri, Y.; Juneja, D.; Gupta, M.; Singh, G.; Dang, R., 2011:
Profile and outcome of patients with acute toxicity admitted in intensive care unit: Experiences from a major corporate hospital in urban India

Juneja, D.; Gopal, P.B.; Kapoor, D.; Raya, R.; Sathyanarayanan, M., 2013:
Profile and outcome of patients with liver cirrhosis requiring mechanical ventilation

Fawibe, A.E.; Salami, A.K.; Oluboyo, P.O.; Desalu, O.O.; Odeigha, L.O., 2012:
Profile and outcome of unilateral tuberculous lung destruction in Ilorin, Nigeria

Tan, S-Kiang.; Tay, Y-Kwang., 2012:
Profile and pattern of Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in a general hospital in Singapore: treatment outcomes

Sobarzo, A.; Groseth, A.; Dolnik, O.; Becker, S.; Lutwama, J.Julian.; Perelman, E.; Yavelsky, V.; Muhammad, M.; Kuehne, A.I.; Marks, R.S.; Dye, J.M.; Lobel, L., 2013:
Profile and persistence of the virus-specific neutralizing humoral immune response in human survivors of Sudan ebolavirus (Gulu)

Smaglo, B.G.; Pishvaian, M.J., 2015:
Profile and potential of ixabepilone in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Ogunlana, M.O.; Adedokun, B.; Dairo, M.D.; Odunaiya, N.A., 2009:
Profile and predictor of health-related quality of life among hypertensive patients in south-western Nigeria

Mahafzah, A.M.; Daradkeh, S.S., 2009:
Profile and predictors of bile infection in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Lotfi-Jam, K.; Gough, K.; Schofield, P.; Aranda, S., 2014:
Profile and predictors of global distress: can the DT guide nursing practice in prostate cancer?

Tian, Y.; Schofield, P.E.; Gough, K.; Mann, G.Bruce., 2014:
Profile and predictors of long-term morbidity in breast cancer survivors

Mwanza, J-Claude.; Durbin, M.K.; Budenz, D.L.; Girkin, C.A.; Leung, C.K.; Liebmann, J.M.; Peace, J.H.; Werner, J.S.; Wollstein, G.; Budenz, D.L.; Chang, R.T.; O'Reese, K.J.; Gendy, M.; Liebmann, J.M.; Leung, C.K.; Lam, D.S.; Peace, J.H.; Girkin, C.A.; Werner, J.S.; Keltner, J.L.; Kim, E.; Wollstein, G.; Schuman, J.S.; Ishikawa, H.; Noecker, R.J., 2011:
Profile and predictors of normal ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thickness measured with frequency-domain optical coherence tomography

Hodgetts, S.; Zwaigenbaum, L.; Nicholas, D., 2016:
Profile and predictors of service needs for families of children with autism spectrum disorders

Kumar, S.; Saran, R.K.; Puri, A.; Gupta, N.; Sethi, R.; Surin, W.R.; Dikshit, M.; Dwivedi, S.K.; Narain, V.S.; Puri, V.K., 2009:
Profile and prevalence of clopidogrel resistance in patients of acute coronary syndrome

Moura, M.Silva.de.; Carvalho, C.José.de.; Amorim, Jé.Tadeu.Cavalcante.de.; Marques, Mílio.Francisco.Soares.Siqueira.; Moura, Lúcia.de.Fátima.Almeida.de.Deus.; Mendes, R.Ferraz., 2010:
Profile and procedures of the community health agents regarding oral health in the countryside of Piauí State, Brazil

de Melo, W.Augusto.; Uchimura, T.Teruya., 2011:
Profile and process of the care provided to high-risk newborns in southern Brazil

Antonín, M.; Ballester, D.; Esteve, J.; Guilera, A.; Pérez, I.; Ortega, O.; Tarruella, M.; Peya, M.; Guitard, M.L.; Ricomà, R.; Teixidor, M.; Ubiergo, I.; Valls, M.; Zabalegui, A., 2009:
Profile and professional expectations for nursing students

Ferrinho, P.; Fronteira, Iês.; Sidat, M.; da Sousa, F.; Dussault, G., 2010:
Profile and professional expectations of medical students in Mozambique: a longitudinal study

Stewart, L.A.; Power, J., 2015:
Profile and programming needs of federal offenders with histories of intimate partner violence

D.N.cola, G.R.; Nyegue, M.; Montaut, S.; Iori, R.; Menut, C.; Tatibouët, A.; Rollin, P.; Ndoyé, C.; Zollo, P-Henri.Amvam., 2012:
Profile and quantification of glucosinolates in Pentadiplandra brazzeana Baillon

Noor, I.Multazam., 2010:
Profile and related factors of psychiatric problems among victims and survivors of Jogja earthquake

Jiménez, J.J.; Bernal, J.L.; Nozal, M.J.; Toribio, L.; Bernal, J., 2010:
Profile and relative concentrations of fatty acids in corn and soybean seeds from transgenic and isogenic crops

Liu, Z-hua.; Ito, M.; Kanjo, Y.; Yamamoto, A., 2009:
Profile and removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals by using an ER/AR competitive ligand binding assay and chemical analyses

Velayutham, B.Rekha.Vaithilingam.; Nair, D.; Chandrasekaran, V.; Raman, B.; Sekar, G.; Watson, B.; Charles, N.; Malaisamy, M.; Thomas, A.; Swaminathan, S., 2015:
Profile and response to anti-tuberculosis treatment among elderly tuberculosis patients treated under the TB Control programme in South India

Brahme, R.; Mehendale, S., 2009:
Profile and role of the members of ethics committees in hospitals and research organisations in Pune, India

Sturmer, G.; Viero, C.C.M.; Silveira, M.N.; Lukrafka, J.L.; Plentz, R.D.M., 2014:
Profile and scientific output analysis of physical therapy researchers with research productivity fellowship from the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development

Oliveira, M.Christina.L.; Martelli, D.Reis.B.; Pinheiro, S.Veloso.; Miranda, D.Marques.; Quirino, I.Gomes.; Leite, B.Gusmão.L.; Colosimo, E.Antonio.; e Silva, A.Cristina.S.; Martelli-Júnior, Hílio.; Oliveira, E.Araujo., 2014:
Profile and scientific production of Brazilian National Council of Technological and Scientific Development researchers in Pediatrics

Oliveira, E.A.; Pécoits-Filho, R.; Quirino, I.G.; Oliveira, M.Christina.; Martelli, D.Reis.; Lima, L.S.; Martelli, Hílio., 2011:
Profile and scientific production of CNPq researchers in Nephrology and Urology

Oliveira, E.Araujo.de.; Ribeiro, A.Luiz.Pinho.; Quirino, I.Gomes.; Oliveira, M.Christina.Lopes.; Martelli, D.Reis.; Lima, L.Santos.; Colosimo, E.Antonio.; Lopes, T.Junqueira.; Silva, A.Cristina.Simões.; Martelli, Hílio., 2012:
Profile and scientific production of CNPq researchers in cardiology

Tiwari, P.; Kaur, S., 2011:
Profile and sensitivity pattern of bacteria isolated from various cultures in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Delhi

D.Freitas, E.Regina.Ferreira.Sernache., 2010:
Profile and severity of the patients of intensive care units: prospective application of the APACHE II index

Paton, B.Lauren.; Mostafa, G.; Lincourt, A.E.; Kercher, K.W.; Heniford, B.Todd., 2008:
Profile and significance of emergency colonic resections

Sutandyo, N.; Ramli, R.; Sari, L.; Soeis, D.Syafriyetti., 2014:
Profile and survival of tongue cancer patients in "Dharmais" Cancer Hospital, Jakarta

Ukwaja, K.N.; Oshi, D.C.; Oshi, S.N.; Alobu, I., 2015:
Profile and treatment outcome of smear-positive TB patients who failed to smear convert after 2 months of treatment in Nigeria

Patra, S.; Lukhmana, S.; Tayler Smith, K.; Kannan, A.T.; Satyanarayana, S.; Enarson, D.A.; Nagar, R.K.; Marcel, M.; Reid, T., 2015:
Profile and treatment outcomes of elderly patients with tuberculosis in Delhi, India: implications for their management

Oshi, D.C.; Oshi, S.N.; Alobu, I.; Ukwaja, K.N., 2015:
Profile and treatment outcomes of tuberculosis in the elderly in southeastern Nigeria, 2011-2012

Calvó-Perxas, L.; de Eugenio, R.María.; Marquez-Daniel, F.; Martínez, Rül.; Serena, Jín.; Turbau, J.; Vilalta-Franch, J.; Viñas, M.; Turró-Garriga, O.; Roig, A.Maria.; López-Pousa, S.; Garre-Olmo, J.; Castellanos, M.; Batlle, Gıs.; Batlle, D.Genıs.; Gich, J.; Melendez, R.; Molins, A.; Ramio, Lıs.; Serena, Jın.; Silva, Y.; Hernandez, M.; Lejarreta, S.; Lozano, M.; Pericot, I.; Vilalta-Franch, J.; Estrada, A.Turon.; Turbau, J.; Turro, O.; Soler, O.; Alsina, E.; de Eugenio, R.; Luna, A., 2012:
Profile and variables related to antipsychotic consumption according to dementia subtypes

Varnik, F.; Raabe, D., 2008:
Profile blunting and flow blockage in a yield-stress fluid: a molecular dynamics study

Gupta, S., 2013:
Profile by Dr. Bill Scheerer. Sonia Gupta, DDS

Steinhäuser, S.; Richter, U.; Richter, F.; Bill, J.; Rudzki-Janson, I., 2008:
Profile changes following maxillary impaction and autorotation of the mandible

Tsang, S.T.; McFadden, L.R.; Wiltshire, W.A.; Pershad, N.; Baker, A.B., 2009:
Profile changes in orthodontic patients treated with mandibular advancement surgery

Erdinc, A.Ertan.; Nanda, R.S.; Dandajena, T.C., 2007:
Profile changes of patients treated with and without premolar extractions

Cervantes-Arriaga, A.; Rodríguez-Violante, M.; López-Ruiz, M.; Estrada-Bellmann, I.; Zuñiga-Ramírez, C.; Otero-Cerdeira, E.; Camacho-Ordoñez, A.; González-Latapi, P.; Morales-Briceño, H.; Martínez-Ramírez, D., 2014:
Profile characterization of Parkinson's disease in Mexico: ReMePARK study

Kannan, B.; Dong, D.; Higgins, D.A.; Collinson, M.M., 2011:
Profile control in surface amine gradients prepared by controlled-rate infusion

Fukuda, K.; Sekine, T.; Kumaki, D.; Tokito, S., 2013:
Profile control of inkjet printed silver electrodes and their application to organic transistors

Takamatsu, T.; Shioya, S.; Okada, Y.; Kanda, M., 1985:
Profile control scheme in a Bakers' yeast fed-batch culture

Balhara, Y.Pal.Singh.; Gauba, D.; Deshpande, S.N., 2012:
Profile difference between male and female psychiatric patients seeking certificate of disability

Reed, J.A.; Morrison, A.; Arant, C-Anne., 2009:
Profile differences of users of paved versus natural-surface trails

Horiguchi, M.; Ohmori, Y.; Takata, H., 1980:
Profile dispersion characteristics in high-bandwidth graded-index optical fibers

Tejnecký, Václav.; Bradová, M.; Borůvka, Lš.; Němeček, K.; Sebek, Ořej.; Nikodem, Aín.; Zenáhlíková, J.; Rejzek, J.; Drábek, Ořej., 2013:
Profile distribution and temporal changes of sulphate and nitrate contents and related soil properties under beech and spruce forests

Geng, Z-chao.; Jiang, L.; Li, S-shan.; She, D.; Hou, L., 2012:
Profile distribution of organic carbon and nitrogen in major soil types in the middle of Qilian Mountains

Wang, Y-Feng.; Fu, B-Jie.; Chen, L-Ding.; Lü, Y-He.; Wang, D.; Song, C-Jun., 2010:
Profile distribution of sediment particle sizes at a check dam in a small watershed of Loess Plateau

Lu, L-Xiao.; Song, T-Qing.; Peng, W-Xia.; Zeng, F-Ping.; Wang, K-Lin.; Xu, Y-Lei.; Yu, Z.; Liu, Y., 2013:
Profile distribution of soil aggregates organic carbon in primary forests in Karst cluster-peak depression region

Oller, D.Kimbrough.; Pearson, B.Z.; Cobo-Lewis, A.B., 2007:
Profile effects in early bilingual language and literacy

Karamehmedović, M.; Hansen, P-Erik.; Dirscherl, K.; Karamehmedović, E.; Wriedt, T., 2012:
Profile estimation for Pt submicron wire on rough Si substrate from experimental data

Franco, D.; Iani, M.; Passalini, R.; Demolinari, I.; Arnaut, M.; Franco, T., 2013:
Profile evaluation of patients with cleft lip and palate undergoing surgery at a reference center in rio de janeiro, Brazil

Salle, A.J.; Catlin, B.W., 2011:
Profile evaluations of germicides

Cleveland, E.R.; Banerjee, P.; Perez, I.; Lee, S.Bok.; Rubloff, G.W., 2010:
Profile evolution for conformal atomic layer deposition over nanotopography

Vale, C.; Alonso, E.; Rubiolo, J.A.; Vieytes, M.R.; LaFerla, F.M.; Giménez-Llort, L.; Botana, L.M., 2010:
Profile for amyloid-beta and tau expression in primary cortical cultures from 3xTg-AD mice

Skewes-Cox, P.; Sharpton, T.J.; Pollard, K.S.; DeRisi, J.L., 2015:
Profile hidden Markov models for the detection of viruses within metagenomic sequence data

Shah, L.P., 2004:
Profile in courage

Kreutz, C.; Raue, A.; Kaschek, D.; Timmer, J., 2013:
Profile likelihood in systems biology

Saha, K.K., 2013:
Profile likelihood-based confidence interval of the intraclass correlation for binary outcome data sampled from clusters

Sun, Y.; Sun, L.; Zhou, J., 2014:
Profile local linear estimation of generalized semiparametric regression model for longitudinal data

Diaz-Uribe, R.; Cornejo-Rodriguez, A.; Pedraza-Contreras, J.; Cardona-Nunez, O.; Cordero-Davila, A., 1985:
Profile measurement of a conic surface, using a He-Ne laser and a nodal bench

Lin, D.T.; Wan, D.S., 1991:
Profile measurement of an aspheric cylindrical surface from retroreflection

Usuki, K.; Kitayama, T.; Matsumura, H.; Kojima, T.; Uchikoshi, J.; Higashi, Y.; Endo, K., 2013:
Profile measurement of concave spherical mirror and a flat mirror using a high-speed nanoprofiler

Choi, S.; Otsuki, K.; Sasaki, O.; Suzuki, T., 2013:
Profile measurement of glass sheet using multiple wavelength backpropagation interferometry

Hand, D.P.; Carolan, T.A.; Barton, J.S.; Jones, J.D., 1993:
Profile measurement of optically rough surfaces by fiber-optic interferometry

Yu, S-Kang.; Chen, W-Lun.; Liu, T-Kun.; Lin, S-Chieh., 2013:
Profile measurement of transparent inclined surface with transmitted differential interference contrast shearing interferometer

Kakunai, S.; Sakamoto, T.; Iwata, K., 2008:
Profile measurement taken with liquid-crystal gratings

Indebetouw, G., 1978:
Profile measurement using projection of running fringes

Wan, D.S.; Lin, D.T., 1993:
Profile measurements of cylindrical surfaces

Matsumoto, T.; Kitagawa, Y.; Adachi, M.; Minemoto, T., 1991:
Profile measuring method based on reflection characteristics at a critical angle in a right-angle prism

Li, R-Li.; Chai, M-Wei.; Qiu, G-Yu.; Shi, F-Chen.; Sasa, K., 2015:
Profile nutrient distribution and sedimentary characteristics in typical marshes of Sanjiang Plain

Chauhan, V.; Saroha, G.; Thakur, S.; Sharma, R., 2014:
Profile of 'Paederus dermatitis outbreak' in boys hostel of a rural medical college in the north India

Doshi, V.; Shenoy, S.; Ganesh, A.; Rishi, M.Adeel.; Molnar, J.; Henkle, J., 2014:
Profile of Acute Asthma Exacerbation in Drug Users

Cohen, A., 2012:
Profile of Adam Cohen. Revealing potential. Interview by Kristie Nybo

Viegas, J.; Kornblihtt, A., 2015:
Profile of Alberto Kornblihtt

Davis, T.H.; Johnson, A.D., 2014:
Profile of Alexander D. Johnson

Davis, T.H.; Raikhel, A.S., 2011:
Profile of Alexander S. Raikhel

Bjorklund, A.; Bjorklund, A., 2012:
Profile of Anders Bjorklund. Interview by Beth Azar

Gabrielsen, P.; Rinaldo, A., 2014:
Profile of Andrea Rinaldo

Gupta, S.; McMichael, A.J., 2012:
Profile of Anthony J. McMichael

Cashmore, A.R., 2011:
Profile of Anthony R. Cashmore. Interview by Prashant Nair

Mossman, K.D.; Riggs, A.D., 2010:
Profile of Arthur D. Riggs

Mossman, K.; Brunger, A., 2008:
Profile of Axel Brunger

Nair, P.; Grant, B.Rosemary., 2011:
Profile of B. Rosemary Grant

Ashariati, A.; Ugroseno, S., 2013:
Profile of BCR-ABL transcript levels based on Sokal prognostic score in chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with imatinib

Viegas, J.; Imperiali, B., 2014:
Profile of Barbara Imperiali

Viegas, J.; Hahn, B.H., 2013:
Profile of Beatrice H. Hahn

Mubarak, A.; Fadel, W.; Said, S.; Hammar, M.Abu., 2010:
Profile of Behavior and IQ in Anemic Children

Jack, B.; Jack, B., 2012:
Profile of Bill Jack. Interviewed by Kristie Nybo

Luchs, A., 2012:
Profile of Brazilian scientific production on A/H1N1 pandemic influenza

Clark, R.B.; Kobilka, B.K.; Lefkowitz, R.J., 2013:
Profile of Brian K. Kobilka and Robert J. Lefkowitz, 2012 Nobel laureates in chemistry

Ravindran, S.; Beutler, B.A., 2013:
Profile of Bruce A. Beutler

Azar, B.; Levin, B., 2014:
Profile of Bruce Levin

Saka, B.; Landoh, D.E.; Kobara, B.; Djadou, K.E.; Yaya, I.; Yékplé, K.B.; Piten, E.; Balaka, A.; Akakpo, S.; Kombaté, K.; Mouhari-Toure, A.; Kanassoua, K.; Pitché, P., 2013:
Profile of Buruli ulcer treated at the National Reference Centre of Togo: a study of 119 cases

Morgan, E.A.; Pihan, G.A.; Said, J.W.; Yu, H.; Pinkus, J.L.; Dorfman, D.M.; Rodig, S.J.; Pinkus, G.S., 2014:
Profile of CD103 expression in T-cell neoplasms: immunoreactivity is not restricted to enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma

Wal, N.; Venkatesh, V.; Agarwal, G.G.; Tripathi, A.K., 2013:
Profile of CD4 counts and symptoms in HIV positive patients on and not on antiretroviral therapy

Nybo, K., 2011:
Profile of Carol Greider

Bertozzi, C.; Bertozzi, C., 2010:
Profile of Carolyn Bertozzi. Interview by Tinsley Davis

Nair, P.; Sawyers, C.L., 2011:
Profile of Charles L. Sawyers

Mossman, K.D.; Newman, C.M., 2010:
Profile of Charles M. Newman

Nair, P.; Rice, C.M., 2011:
Profile of Charles M. Rice

Nair, P.; Stanish, C., 2013:
Profile of Charles Stanish

Ahmed, F., 2014:
Profile of Christos Papadimitriou

Mangalam, A.; Poisson, L.; Nemutlu, E.; Datta, I.; Denic, A.; Dzeja, P.; Rodriguez, M.; Rattan, R.; Giri, S., 2013:
Profile of Circulatory Metabolites in a Relapsing-remitting Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis using Global Metabolomics

Mossman, K., 2008:
Profile of Claudio Bunster

Gupta, M., 2010:
Profile of Clients Tested HIV Positive in a Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center of a District Hospital, Udupi

A.K.; P.K.; M.G.; A.K.; A.M.; S.S., 2008:
Profile of Clients Tested HIV Positive in a Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center of a District Hospital, Udupi, South Kannada

Ahmed, F.; Will, C.M., 2011:
Profile of Clifford M. Will

Mossman, K.; Tabin, C., 2009:
Profile of Clifford Tabin

Davis, T.H.; Gottschling, D.E., 2015:
Profile of Daniel E. Gottschling

Nair, P.; Nocera, D.G., 2012:
Profile of Daniel G. Nocera

Gupta, S., 2012 :
Profile of David D. Laitin

Downey, P.; Haussler, D., 2008:
Profile of David Haussler

Anderson, D.J., 2009:
Profile of David J. Anderson. Interview by Kaspar D. Mossman

Nair, P.; Mangelsdorf, D.J., 2010:
Profile of David J. Mangelsdorf

Zeliadt, N.; Jablonski, D., 2013:
Profile of David Jablonski

Hillis, D.M., 2011:
Profile of David M. Hillis. Interview by Sujata Gupta

Trivedi, B.P.; Karl, D.M., 2012:
Profile of David M. Karl

Phillips, W.D.; Wineland, D.; Haroche, S., 2013:
Profile of David Wineland and Serge Haroche, 2012 Nobel laureates in physics

Viegas, J.; Lo, D., 2014:
Profile of Dennis Lo

Qari, F.A., 2007:
Profile of Diabetic Patients with End-stage Renal Failure Requiring Dialysis Treatment at the King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah

Downey, P.; Canfield, D.E., 2011:
Profile of Donald E. Canfield

Balasubramanian, S.; Ganesh, R.; Kumar, J.R., 2013:
Profile of EBV associated infectious mononucleosis

Wimmer, E.; Wimmer, E., 2013:
Profile of Eckard Wimmer. Interview by Sujata Gupta

Gabrielsen, P.; DeLong, E., 2014:
Profile of Edward DeLong

Viegas, J.; D.R.bertis, E.M., 2014:
Profile of Edward M. De Robertis

Ahmed, F.; Williams, E.D., 2008:
Profile of Ellen D. Williams

Ding, A.; Hann, M.; Sibbald, B., 2008:
Profile of English salaried GPs: labour mobility and practice performance

Siggia, E.D.; Siggia, E.D., 2012:
Profile of Eric D. Siggia. Interview by Farooq Ahmed

Gupta, S.; Lambin, E.F., 2012:
Profile of Eric F. Lambin

Budiharto, T.; Musat, E.; Poortmans, P.; Hurkmans, C.; Monti, A.; Bar-Deroma, R.; Bernstein, Z.; Tienhoven, G.van.; Collette, L.; Duclos, Fédéric.; Davis, B.; Aird, E., 2008:
Profile of European radiotherapy departments contributing to the EORTC Radiation Oncology Group (ROG) in the 21st century

Wachino, J-Ichi.; Shibayama, K.; Suzuki, S.; Yamane, K.; Mori, S.; Arakawa, Y., 2010:
Profile of Expression of Helicobacter pylori gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase

Mossman, K.; Benzanilla, F., 2008:
Profile of Francisco Bezanilla

Fantino, B.; Beauchet, O.; Savignat, Séverine.; Bouvard, Béatrice.; Legrand, E.; Annweiler, Cédric., 2011:
Profile of French community-dwelling older adults supplemented with vitamin D: findings and lessons

Gelly, J.; L.B.l, J.; Aubin-Auger, I.; Mercier, A.; Youssef, E.; Mentre, F.; Nougairede, M.; Letrilliart, L.; Duval, X., 2015:
Profile of French general practitioners providing opportunistic primary preventive care--an observational cross-sectional multicentre study

Cezar, G.G., 2011:
Profile of Gabriela G. Cezar. Interview by Kristie Nybo

Nair, P.; Ruvkun, G., 2011:
Profile of Gary Ruvkun

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