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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55207

Chapter 55207 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sacoor, C.; Nhacolo, A.; Nhalungo, D.; Aponte, J.J.; Bassat, Q.; Augusto, O.; Mandomando, Iácio.; Sacarlal, J.; Lauchande, N.; Sigaúque, B.; Alonso, P.; Macete, Eébio.; Munguambe, Kátia.; Guinovart, C.; Aide, P.; Menendez, C.; Acácio, S.; Quelhas, D.; Sevene, Eça.; Nhampossa, T., 2016:
Profile: Manhiça Health Research Centre (Manhiça HDSS)

Qiu, J.; Bousser, M-Germaine., 2008:
Profile: Marie-Germaine Bousser: going against the grain

Butler, M., 2011:
Profile: Mark Butler

Lawler, A., 2010:
Profile: Maurizio Tosi. 'The cobra' uncovers ancient civilizations--and cold war political secrets

Ziemer, R., 2011:
Profile: Mayo Clinic Historical Suite and Archives

Qiu, J.; Liu, M., 2007:
Profile: Ming Liu: when the east meets the west

Green, S.C.; Farquhar, G.S., 2011:
Profile: Mobile Medical Museum

Charles, D., 2011:
Profile: Mohamed ElBaradei. From nuclear watchdog to the maelstrom of Cairo

Tardif, J-Claude.; Wilkinson, E., 2013 :
Profile: Montreal Cardiology Institute, Canada

Frood, A.; Austin, C., 2012:
Profile: NCATS--new kids on the block

Kirby, T., 2014:
Profile: NIH's Fogarty International Center

Arnold, C., 2012:
Profile: NIH's disease detectives

Derra, K.; Rouamba, E.; Kazienga, A.; Ouedraogo, S.; Tahita, M.C.; Sorgho, H.; Valea, I.; Tinto, H., 2013:
Profile: Nanoro Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Holden, C.; Travis, J.; Dodman, N., 2010:
Profile: Nicholas Dodman. Can dogs behaving badly suggest a new way to treat OCD?

Taylor, D.A.; Doumbo, O., 2011:
Profile: Ogobara Doumbo. Mali researcher shows how to reverse brain drain

Anonymous, 1987:
Profile: Ottawa charter for health promotion: an outstanding networking effort

Boslego, J.W., 2013:
Profile: PATH's Vaccine Development Global Program

Balter, M.; Wiessner, P., 2010:
Profile: Pauline Wiessner. Anthropologist brings worlds together

Ozkan, J.; Bhatt, D.L., 2015:
Profile: Prof. Deepak L. Bhatt MD MPH FACC FAHA FESC

Cheng, M.Harris.; Ullrich, A., 2009:
Profile: Professor Axel Ullrich

Fricker, J.; Mendelsohn, J., 2009:
Profile: Professor John Mendelsohn

Cowley, S.; Cowley, S., 2012:
Profile: Professor Sarah Cowley

Williams, R.; Lipton, R., 2008:
Profile: Richard Lipton: migraines, magnets, and much, much more

Zielinski, S.; Shine, R., 2012:
Profile: Rick Shine. The reluctant toad killer

Kupferschmidt, K.; Trivers, R., 2012:
Profile: Robert Trivers. Sharp insights and a sharp tongue

Pennisi, E.; Ley, R., 2009:
Profile: Ruth Ley. Gut reactions

Baleta, A., 2013:
Profile: SATVI--a leading light in tuberculosis vaccine research

Merritt, S., 2014:
Profile: Seth Merritt, RN, FNP, LMT, CATOM, CLS

Yang, H., 2014:
Profile: Sinovac

Baleta, A., 2012:
Profile: South African medical school celebrates a centenary

Kaiser, J.; Friend, S., 2012:
Profile: Stephen Friend. The visionary

Bloom, M.Z., 2008:
Profile: Stephen M. Setter--a pharmacist who makes house calls

Bland, J., 2014:
Profile: Stigma and the psychiatrist - Julia Bland talks to Dinesh Bhugra

Butcher, J.; Bressman, S., 2007:
Profile: Susan Bressman: deciphering dystonia in the Big Apple

Fuster, V., 2013:
Profile: The Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III. Interview by Emma Wilkinson

Nagai, R., 2013:
Profile: The Japanese Circulation Society

Scott, J.Anthony.G.; Bauni, E.; Moisi, J.C.; Ojal, J.; Gatakaa, H.; Nyundo, C.; Molyneux, C.S.; Kombe, F.; Tsofa, B.; Marsh, K.; Peshu, N.; Williams, T.N., 2012:
Profile: The Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System (KHDSS)

McCall, B.; Russell, G., 2013:
Profile: The King's College London unit tackling eating disorders

Vail, J., 2005:
Profile: The McGuff Companies, Part 1-Compounding and Manufacturing Share Facilities and Build Corporate Success

McCall, C., 2013:
Profile: The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute thinks big

Anonymous, 2014:
Profile: The Membership Engagement Committee

Yee, A., 2013:
Profile: The icddr,b--saving lives in Bangladesh and beyond

Breiner, K.; Lubenau, H., 2014:
Profile: VAXIMM

Kerr, R.A.; Ramanathan, V., 2009:
Profile: Veerabhadran Ramanathan. From burning dung to global warming and back again

Qiu, J.; Agid, Y., 2007:
Profile: Yves Agid: from bench to bedside and back

Balter, M.; Jacobs, Z.; Roberts, R., 2011:
Profile: Zenobia Jacobs and Richard Roberts. Dating duo illuminates modern humans' journey

Balter, M., 2011:
Profile: Zenobia Jacobs and Richard Roberts. New light on ancient samples

Merali, Z.; You, Z., 2011:
Profile: Zhong You. 'Origami engineer' flexes to create stronger, more agile materials

Qiu, J.; Zhu, J., 2008:
Profile: Zhu Jianhong: citizen of the world

Chow, R.K., 2013:
Profile: an adventurer at nursing's frontiers expands the profession's scope and efficacy

Huber, C., 2013:
Profile: association for cancer immunotherapy (CIMT)

Armstrong, N., 2014:
Profile: james davies

Anonymous, 1987:
Profile: national center for health education

Hanifi, M.Ahmed.; Mamun, A.Al.; Paul, A.; Hasan, S.Al.; Hoque, S.; Sharmin, S.; Urni, F.; Khan, I.Reza.; Mahmood, S.Shaila.; Rasheed, S.; Iqbal, M.; Moula, A.; Rahman, M.; Bhuiya, A., 2012:
Profile: the Chakaria Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Gyapong, M.; Sarpong, D.; Awini, E.; Manyeh, A.K.; Tei, D.; Odonkor, G.; Agyepong, I.A.; Mattah, P.; Wontuo, P.; Attaa-Pomaa, M.; Gyapong, J.O.; Binka, F.N., 2014:
Profile: the Dodowa HDSS

Odhiambo, F.O.; Laserson, K.F.; Sewe, M.; Hamel, M.J.; Feikin, D.R.; Adazu, K.; Ogwang, S.; Obor, D.; Amek, N.; Bayoh, N.; Ombok, M.; Lindblade, K.; Desai, M.; ter Kuile, F.; Phillips-Howard, P.; van Eijk, A.M.; Rosen, D.; Hightower, A.; Ofware, P.; Muttai, H.; Nahlen, B.; DeCock, K.; Slutsker, L.; Breiman, R.F.; Vulule, J.M., 2013:
Profile: the KEMRI/CDC Health and Demographic Surveillance System--Western Kenya

Crampin, A.C.; Dube, A.; Mboma, S.; Price, A.; Chihana, M.; Jahn, A.; Baschieri, A.; Molesworth, A.; Mwaiyeghele, E.; Branson, K.; Floyd, S.; McGrath, N.; Fine, P.E.M.; French, N.; Glynn, J.R.; Zaba, B., 2012:
Profile: the Karonga Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Wanyua, S.; Ndemwa, M.; Goto, K.; Tanaka, J.; K'opiyo, J.; Okumu, S.; Diela, P.; Kaneko, S.; Karama, M.; Ichinose, Y.; Shimada, M., 2014:
Profile: the Mbita health and demographic surveillance system

Delaunay, V.; Douillot, L.; Diallo, A.; Dione, D.; Trape, J-François.; Medianikov, O.; Raoult, D.; Sokhna, C., 2014:
Profile: the Niakhar Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Rossier, Cémentine.; Soura, A.; Baya, B.; Compaoré, G.; Dabiré, B.; Dos Santos, Séphanie.; Duthé, Géraldine.; Gnoumou, B.; Kobiané, J.François.; Kouanda, S.; Lankoandé, B.; Legrand, T.; Mbacke, C.; Millogo, R.; Mondain, N.; Montgomery, M.; Nikiema, A.; Ouili, I.; Pison, G.; Randall, S.; Sangli, G.; Schoumaker, B.; Zourkaleini, Y., 2012:
Profile: the Ouagadougou Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Archinard, P., 2014:
Profile: transgene

Engreitz, J.M.; Chen, R.; Morgan, A.A.; Dudley, J.T.; Mallelwar, R.; Butte, A.J., 2012:
ProfileChaser: searching microarray repositories based on genome-wide patterns of differential expression

Bauer, C.; Glintschert, A.; Schuchhardt, J., 2014:
ProfileDB: a resource for proteomics and cross-omics biomarker discovery

Roca, A.I.; Almada, A.E.; Abajian, A.C., 2009:
ProfileGrids as a new visual representation of large multiple sequence alignments: a case study of the RecA protein family

Roca, A.I., 2014:
ProfileGrids: a sequence alignment visualization paradigm that avoids the limitations of Sequence Logos

Anonymous, 1888:
Profiles Of The Nicaragua And Panama Canals

Rayburn, W.F.; Strunk, A.L., 2014:
Profiles about practice settings of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists fellows

Hamed, A.I.; Al-Ayed, A.S.; Moldoch, J.; Piacente, S.; Oleszek, W.; Stochmal, A., 2014:
Profiles analysis of proanthocyanidins in the argun nut (Medemia argun--an ancient Egyptian palm) by LC-ESI-MS/MS

Wuang, Y-P.; Wang, C-C.; Huang, M-H.; Su, C-Y., 2008:
Profiles and cognitive predictors of motor functions among early school-age children with mild intellectual disabilities

Szterk, A.; Roszko, M.; Małek, K.; Kurek, M.; Zbieć, M.; Waszkiewicz-Robak, Bżena., 2013:
Profiles and concentrations of heterocyclic aromatic amines formed in beef during various heat treatments depend on the time of ripening and muscle type

Facco, S.; Finiguerra, I.; Fuggetta, L.; Garrino, L.; D.M.nte, V., 2015:
Profiles and evaluation process: what integration? Experience of the Local Health Agency TO2 of Turin

Landry, E.; Frajzyngier, V.; Ruminjo, J.; Asiimwe, F.; Barry, T.Hamidou.; Bello, A.; Danladi, D.; Ganda, S.Oumarou.; Idris, S'ad.; Inoussa, M.; Kanoma, B.; Lynch, M.; Mussell, F.; Podder, D.Chandra.; Wali, A.; Mielke, E.; Barone, M.A., 2014:
Profiles and experiences of women undergoing genital fistula repair: findings from five countries

Torgersen, T.; Lindegarth, S.; Ungfors, A.; Sandvik, M., 2008:
Profiles and levels of fatty acid esters of okadaic acid group toxins and pectenotoxins during toxin depuration. Part I: brown crab (Cancer pagurus)

Torgersen, T.; Sandvik, M.; Lundve, B.; Lindegarth, S., 2008:
Profiles and levels of fatty acid esters of okadaic acid group toxins and pectenotoxins during toxin depuration. Part II: blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) and flat oyster (Ostrea edulis)

Bouziane, H.; Messabih, B.; Chouarfia, A., 2011:
Profiles and majority voting-based ensemble method for protein secondary structure prediction

Dumais, A.; D.B.nedictis, L.; Joyal, C.; Allaire, J-François.; Lesage, A.; Côté, G., 2013:
Profiles and mental health correlates of alcohol and illicit drug use in the Canadian population: an exploration of the J-curve hypothesis

van Rij, M.C.; Gielen, M.; Lulofs, R.; Evers, J.L.H.; van Osch, L.; Muntjewerff, N.; Geraedts, J.P.M.; de Die-Smulders, C.E.M., 2011:
Profiles and motives for PGD: a prospective cohort study of couples referred for PGD in the Netherlands

Abbo, C., 2011:
Profiles and outcome of traditional healing practices for severe mental illnesses in two districts of Eastern Uganda

Barwick, M.; Urajnik, D.; Sumner, L.; Cohen, S.; Reid, G.; Engel, K.; Moore, J.E., 2014:
Profiles and service utilization for children accessing a mental health walk-in clinic versus usual care

Hill, E.M.; Evans, K.L.; Horwood, J.; Rostkowski, P.; Oladapo, F.Olumide.; Gibson, R.; Shears, J.A.; Tyler, C.R., 2010:
Profiles and some initial identifications of (anti)androgenic compounds in fish exposed to wastewater treatment works effluents

Wang, H.; Liu, T.; Song, L.; Huang, D., 2012:
Profiles and α-amylase inhibition activity of proanthocyanidins in unripe Manilkara zapota (chiku)

Albert, M.; Massaro, J.; DeCarli, C.; Beiser, A.; Seshadri, S.; Wolf, P.A.; Au, R., 2010:
Profiles by sex of brain MRI and cognitive function in the framingham offspring study

White, S.; Godwin, H.N.; Weber, R.J., 2014:
Profiles in Leadership: Clifton J. Latiolais, MSc, DSc

Stevenson, J.G.; Beham, R.E.; Weber, R.J., 2014:
Profiles in Leadership: Donald E. Francke, MSc, DSc (Hon)

Weisse, A.B.; Guyton, A.C., 2008:
Profiles in cardiology. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D

Fye, W.Bruce.; Roland, C.G.; Meakins, J.Campbell., 2010:
Profiles in cardiology. Jonathan Campbell Meakins

Silverman, M.E.; Fye, W.Bruce., 2008 :
Profiles in cardiology. W. Bruce Fye

Fenlon, E.E.; Myers, B.J., 2013:
Profiles in chemistry: a historical perspective on the national organic symposium

Dores, R.M.; Van Der Kraak, G., 2011:
Profiles in comparative endocrinology: Glen Van Der Kraak

Dores, R.M.; Wingfield, J., 2008:
Profiles in comparative endocrinology: John Wingfield

Triñanes, Y.; González-Villar, A.; Gómez-Perretta, C.; Carrillo-de-la-Peña, Mía.T., 2015:
Profiles in fibromyalgia: algometry, auditory evoked potentials and clinical characterization of different subtypes

Godley, L.A., 2012:
Profiles in leukemia

Campbell, S.G.; Croskerry, P.; Bond, W.F., 2007:
Profiles in patient safety: A "perfect storm" in the emergency department

Cornelissen, G.; Halberg, F., 2009:
Profiles in science: Franz Halberg

Carbone, D.P., 2009:
Profiles in variation: lung carcinogenesis

Cheatham, M.; Schweitzer, A., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism Dr Albert Schweitzer: physician, humanitarian

Cheatham, M.; Heit, G., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism Gary Heit, MD, PhD, and Americare Neurosurgery International

Cheatham, M.; Rambo, W.M., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism William Rambo, MD, Medical Missionary Neurosurgeon

Cheatham, M.; Bansal, K., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism from India to Peru as a neurosurgeon volunteer

Taussky, P.; Cheatham, M., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism. Experiences as a neurosurgical volunteer in Prijepolje, Serbia

Cheatham, M., 2009:
Profiles in volunteerism: Africa and its surgical workforce crisis: defining the need for neurosurgeon volunteers

Cheatham, M.; Walsh, W.B., 2008:
Profiles in volunteerism: Dr William B. Walsh and the SS HOPE

Vovenko, E.P.; Chuĭkin, A.E., 2009:
Profiles next to the walls of the rat cerebral arterioles and venules in acute anemia

Layton, D.; Walton, T.R., 2010:
Profiles of 500 patients who did and 486 patients who did not respond to a prosthodontic treatment questionnaire

Bush, N.; Vanderpool, R.; Cofta-Woerpel, L.; Wallace, P., 2010:
Profiles of 800,000 users of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service since the debut of online assistance, 2003-2008

Purohit, D.P.; Batheja, N.O.; Sano, M.; Jashnani, K.D.; Kalaria, R.N.; Karunamurthy, A.; Kaur, S.; Shenoy, A.S.; Van Dyk, K.; Schmeidler, J.; Perl, D.P., 2012:
Profiles of Alzheimer's disease-related pathology in an aging urban population sample in India

Shen, M.; Wang, S.; Ge, G.; Xing, Y.; Ma, X.; Huang, Z.; Lu, S., 2011 :
Profiles of B and T cell immune responses elicited by different forms of the hepatitis B virus surface antigen

Niepel, M.; Hafner, M.; Pace, E.A.; Chung, M.; Chai, D.H.; Zhou, L.; Schoeberl, B.; Sorger, P.K., 2014:
Profiles of Basal and stimulated receptor signaling networks predict drug response in breast cancer lines

Hutnik, N.; Street, R.Coran., 2010:
Profiles of British Muslim identity: adolescent girls in Birmingham

Sone, H.; Okura, M.; Zaha, H.; Fujibuchi, W.; Taniguchi, T.; Akanuma, H.; Nagano, R.; Ohsako, S.; Yonemoto, J., 2010:
Profiles of Chemical Effects on Cells (pCEC): a toxicogenomics database with a toxicoinformatics system for risk evaluation and toxicity prediction of environmental chemicals

Nishiura, K.; Kunii, Y.; Wada, A.; Matsumoto, J.; Yang, Q.; Ikemoto, K.; Niwa, S-ichi., 2014:
Profiles of DARPP-32 in the insular cortex with schizophrenia: a postmortem brain study

Weber, Mël., 2008:
Profiles of DNA methylation in normal and cancer cells

Rivera, W.L.; Santos, H.J.; Ong, V.A.; Murao, L.Jessica.G., 2012:
Profiles of Entamoeba histolytica-specific immunoglobulins in human sera

Fung, J.; Seto, W-Kay.; Lai, C-Lung.; Yuen, J.; Wong, D.Ka-Ho.; Yuen, M-Fung., 2011:
Profiles of HBV DNA in a large population of Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B: implications for antiviral therapy

Rawat, V.; Bhatta, U.; Pandey, S.; Bhatta, N.; Rizvi, G.; Thapliyal, N., 2009:
Profiles of HIV positive attendees in the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre in Nainital District of Uttarakahand

Brier, M.J.; Kazak, A.E.; Derosa, B.Werba.; Hocking, M.C.; Schwartz, L.A.; Ginsberg, J.P.; Hobbie, W.; Ittenbach, R.F., 2011:
Profiles of Health Competence Beliefs Among Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

Kawaguchi, Y.; Tabata, A.; Nagamune, H.; Ohkura, K., 2013:
Profiles of ILY, VLY and Sm-hPAF interaction with human CD59

Carr, A.; Flanagan, E.; Dooley, B.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Flanagan-Howard, Rín.; Shevlin, M.; Tierney, K.; White, M.; Daly, M.; Egan, J., 2009:
Profiles of Irish survivors of institutional abuse with different adult attachment styles

Rivas-Drake, D.; Mooney, M., 2008:
Profiles of Latino adaptation at elite colleges and universities

Ayalon, L., 2014:
Profiles of Loneliness in the Caregiving Unit

Hajighasemi, F., 2011:
Profiles of MMP-2 expression in Jurkat, Molt-4 and U937 cells

Small, E.; Weller, B.E., 2013:
Profiles of Malawian adolescents at risk for HIV infections: implications for targeted prevention, policy, and practices

Tzoumakis, S.; Lussier, P.; Corrado, R.R., 2014:
Profiles of Maternal Parenting Practices: Exploring the Link With Maternal Delinquency, Offending, Mental Health, and Children's Physical Aggression

Ktsoyan, Z.A.; Beloborodova, N.V.; Sedrakyan, A.M.; Osipov, G.A.; Khachatryan, Z.A.; Kelly, D.; Manukyan, G.P.; Arakelova, K.A.; Hovhannisyan, A.I.; Olenin, A.Y.; Arakelyan, A.A.; Ghazaryan, K.A.; Aminov, R.I., 2010:
Profiles of Microbial Fatty Acids in the Human Metabolome are Disease-Specific

Guthrie, J.T.; Coddington, C.S.; Wigfield, A., 2009:
Profiles of Motivation for Reading Among African American and Caucasian Students

Li, X.; Li, X.; Wang, J.; Wang, X.; Sun, J.; Su, Z.; Zhang, H.; Li, P., 2013:
Profiles of Mycobacterium communities under polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination stress in the Shenfu Irrigation Area, northeast China

Schuetze, P.; Molnar, D.S.; Eiden, R.D., 2012:
Profiles of Reactivity in Cocaine-Exposed Children

Fernández, M.Isabel.; Huszti, H.C.; Wilson, P.A.; Kahana, S.; Nichols, S.; Gonin, Ré.; Xu, J.; Kapogiannis, B.G., 2016:
Profiles of Risk Among HIV-Infected Youth in Clinic Settings

Hardie, J.Halliday.; Landale, N.S., 2013:
Profiles of Risk: Maternal Health, Socioeconomic Status, and Child Health

McMillan, L.E.; Brown, J.T.; Henley, J.M.; Cimarosti, H., 2012:
Profiles of SUMO and ubiquitin conjugation in an Alzheimer's disease model

Yeo, D.Kyu.; Im, S.Bin.; Park, K.Woong.; Shin, D.Seong.; Kim, B.Tae.; Shin, W.Han., 2011:
Profiles of Spinal Cord Tumors Removed through a Unilateral Hemilaminectomy

Dauber, S.; Hogue, A., 2011:
Profiles of Systems Involvement in a Sample of High-Risk Urban Adolescents with Unmet Treatment Needs

van Randen, A.; Laméris, W.; van Es, H.W.; ten Hove, W.; Bouma, W.H.; van Leeuwen, M.S.; van Keulen, E.M.; van der Hulst, V.P.M.; Henneman, O.D.; Bossuyt, P.M.; Boermeester, M.A.; Stoker, J., 2010:
Profiles of US and CT imaging features with a high probability of appendicitis

Burrow, A.L.; O'Dell, A.C.; Hill, P.L., 2011:
Profiles of a developmental asset: youth purpose as a context for hope and well-being

Salas-Wright, C.P.; Clark, T.T.; Vaughn, M.G.; Córdova, D., 2015:
Profiles of acculturation among Hispanics in the United States: links with discrimination and substance use

Wang, K.T.; Heppner, P.Paul.; Fu, C-Chun.; Zhao, R.; Li, F.; Chuang, C-Chun., 2012:
Profiles of acculturative adjustment patterns among Chinese international students

Vogt, V.; Schick, J.; Ansprenger, C.; Braeu, M.; Kroell, T.; Kraemer, D.; Köhne, C-Henning.; Hausmann, A.; Buhmann, R.; Tischer, J.; Schmetzer, H., 2015:
Profiles of activation, differentiation-markers, or β-integrins on T cells contribute to predict T cells' antileukemic responses after stimulation with leukemia-derived dendritic cells

Huang, R.; Zhang, L.; Gu, Q.; Zhou, Y-Hua.; Hao, Y.; Zhang, K.; Liu, Y.; Dong, D.; Wang, S.; Huang, Z.; Lu, S.; Wu, C., 2015:
Profiles of acute cytokine and antibody responses in patients infected with avian influenza A H7N9

Grenier, G.; Fleury, M-Josée.; Imboua, A.; Ngui, Aé., 2014:
Profiles of agencies serving the homeless or those at risk of homelessness in the region of Montreal

Drela, E.; Bieniasz, M.; Durlik, M.; Kaliciński, P.; Czerwiński, J., 2015:
Profiles of all 550 procurements and transplantations of kidneys from living donors in Poland, 1967-2012

Zhou, F.; Zhang, Y.; Sun, Y.; Zhang, F.; Pan, S.; Diao, Y.; Chen, X.; Zhao, Y., 2015:
Profiles of and correlation between objective and subjective outcome assessments following open-door laminoplasty for cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Karlsson, B.; Borg, M.; Eklund, M.; Kim, H.Suzie., 2011:
Profiles of and practices in crisis resolution and home treatment teams in Norway: a longitudinal survey study

Smith, M.; Hubbard, J.A.; Laurenceau, J-Philippe., 2011:
Profiles of anger control in second-grade children: examination of self-report, observational, and physiological components

Murai, J.; Koga, M.; Saito, H.; Mukai, M.; Matsumoto, S.; Kasayama, S., 2012:
Profiles of atherosclerotic risk factors in gastrectomized men

Jayarama, S.; Shenoy, S.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Ramapuram, J.; Rao, M., 2008:
Profiles of attendees in voluntary counseling and testing centers of a medical college hospital in coastal karnataka

Jalihal, A.; Telisinghe, P.Upali.; Chong, V.Heng., 2010:
Profiles of autoimmune hepatitis in Brunei Darussalam

Spilsbury, J.C.; Kahana, S.; Drotar, D.; Creeden, R.; Flannery, D.J.; Friedman, S., 2008:
Profiles of behavioral problems in children who witness domestic violence

Wybraniec, Sławomir.; Stalica, Pł.; Spórna, A.; Mizrahi, Y., 2010:
Profiles of betacyanins in epidermal layers of grafted and light-stressed cacti studied by LC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS

Mason, T.B.; Lewis, R.J., 2015:
Profiles of binge eating: the interaction of depressive symptoms, eating styles, and body mass index

Jenkins, P.J.; Duckworth, A.D.; Robertson, F.P.C.; Howie, C.R.; Huntley, J.S., 2012:
Profiles of biomarkers of excess alcohol consumption in patients undergoing total hip replacement: correlation with function

Inui, T.; Saito, Y.; Sakuma, H.; Hatakeyama, H.; Goto, Y-ichi.; Arai, H.; Sasaki, M., 2012:
Profiles of blood biomarkers in alternating hemiplegia of childhood--increased MMP-9 and decreased substance P indicates its pathophysiology

Shankar, S.P.; Chen, I.Inn.; Keselowsky, B.G.; García, Aés.J.; Babensee, J.E., 2010:
Profiles of carbohydrate ligands associated with adsorbed proteins on self-assembled monolayers of defined chemistries

Hu, Q-Ping.; Xu, J-Guo., 2011:
Profiles of carotenoids, anthocyanins, phenolics, and antioxidant activity of selected color waxy corn grains during maturation

Bonilla-Delgado, Jé.; Rodríguez-Uribe, G.; Cortés-Malagón, E.Mariano.; Sierra Martínez, Mónica.; Acosta-Altamirano, G.; Gariglio-Vidal, P., 2013:
Profiles of cell proliferation and apoptosis in the mouse epithelial regeneration model K6b-E6/E7

Gottschalk, L.A.; Uliana, R.L., 1979:
Profiles of children's psychological states derived from the Gottschalk-Gleser content analysis of speech

Jackson, T., 2010:
Profiles of chronic illness knowledge in a community sample of American adults

Bhome, A.B.; Brashier, B., 2014:
Profiles of chronic obstructive lung disease: characteristics of stable chronic obstructive lung disease in different parts of Asia

Ogawa, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Esaki, M.; Torisu, T.; Iida, M., 2012:
Profiles of circulating cytokines in patients with Crohn's disease under maintenance therapy with infliximab

Lin, C-C.; Liu, C-Y.; Chen, M-J.; Wang, T-E.; Chu, C-H.; Wang, H-Y.; Shih, S-C.; Hsu, M-L.; Hsu, T-C.; Chen, Y-J., 2014:
Profiles of circulating endothelial cells and serum cytokines during adjuvant chemoradiation in rectal cancer patients

Krzystek-Korpacka, M.; Diakowska, D.; Kapturkiewicz, B.; Bębenek, M.; Gamian, A., 2013:
Profiles of circulating inflammatory cytokines in colorectal cancer (CRC), high cancer risk conditions, and health are distinct. Possible implications for CRC screening and surveillance

Kandiel, M.M.M.; Watanabe, G.; Sosa, G.A.; Abou El-Roos, M.E.A.; Abdel-Ghaffar, A.E.; Li, J.Y.; Manabe, N.; E.A.ab, A.El.Salam.I.; Taya, K., 2010:
Profiles of circulating steroid hormones, gonadotropins, immunoreactive inhibin and prolactin during pregnancy in goats and immunolocalization of inhibin subunits, steroidogenic enzymes and prolactin in the corpus luteum and placenta

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Profiling the gastrointestinal microbiota in response to Salmonella: low versus high Salmonella shedding in the natural porcine host

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Profiling the interaction mechanism of quinoline/quinazoline derivatives as MCHR1 antagonists: an in silico method

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Profiling the interest of general dental practitioners in West Yorkshire in using teledentistry to obtain advice from orthodontic consultants

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Profiling the kinome: current capabilities and future challenges

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Profiling the main cell wall polysaccharides of grapevine leaves using high-throughput and fractionation methods

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Profiling the medical admissions of the homeless

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Profiling the mitochondrial proteome of Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) in Thailand: down-regulation of bioenergetics and mitochondrial protein quality control pathways in fibroblasts with the 11778G>A mutation

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Profiling the molecular mechanism of fullerene cytotoxicity on tumor cells by RNA-seq

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Profiling the outer membrane proteome during growth and development of the social bacterium Myxococcus xanthus by selective biotinylation and analyses of outer membrane vesicles

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Profiling the potential biomarkers for cell differentiation of pancreatic cancer using iTRAQ and 2-D LC-MS/MS

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Profiling the presidental candidates

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Profiling the proteome in renal transplantation

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Profiling the proteome of the venom from the social wasp Polybia paulista: a clue to understand the envenoming mechanism

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Profiling the reactive metabolites of xenobiotics using metabolomic technologies

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Profiling the regulatory lipids: another systemic way to unveil the biological mystery

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Profiling the secretion of soluble mediators by end stage osteoarthritis synovial tissue explants reveals a reduced responsiveness to an inflammatory trigger

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Profiling the secretome and extracellular proteome of the potato late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans

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Profiling the selectivity of DNA ligases in an array format with mass spectrometry

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Profiling the sixth base

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Profiling the subjective effects of Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol using visual analogue scales

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Profiling the thermodynamic softness of adenoviral promoters

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Profiling the third-body wear damage produced in CoCr surfaces by bone cement, CoCr, and Ti6Al4V debris: a 10-cycle metal-on-metal simulator test

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Profiling the time-course changes in neuromuscular function and muscle damage over two consecutive tournament stages in elite rugby sevens players

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Profiling the training practices and performances of elite rowers

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Profiling the transcription factor regulatory networks of human cell types

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Profiling the triacylglyceride contents in bat integumentary lipids by preparative thin layer chromatography and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

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Profiling the tuneable R-SMS-Phos structure in the rhodium(I)-catalyzed hydrogenation of olefins: the last stand?

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Profiling the tyrosine phosphoproteome of different mouse mammary tumour models reveals distinct, model-specific signalling networks and conserved oncogenic pathways

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Profiling the tyrosine phosphorylation state using SH2 domains

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Profiling the "pro-environmental individual": a personality perspective

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Profiling thiol redox proteome using isotope tagging mass spectrometry

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Profiling three-dimensional nuclear telomeric architecture of myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia defines patient subgroups

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Profiling trait anxiety: transcriptome analysis reveals cathepsin B (Ctsb) as a novel candidate gene for emotionality in mice

Gomes, S.I.L.; Scott-Fordsmand, J.J.; Amorim, Mónica.J.B., 2014:
Profiling transcriptomic response of Enchytraeus albidus to Cu and Ni: comparison with Cd and Zn

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