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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55208

Chapter 55208 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moreno, T.; Querol, X.; Alastuey, A.; Viana, M.; Gibbons, W., 2009:
Profiling transient daytime peaks in urban air pollutants: city centre traffic hotspot versus urban background concentrations

Rogers, I.L.; Naidoo, K.J., 2015:
Profiling transition-state configurations on the Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase free-energy reaction surfaces

Mustroph, A.; Zanetti, M.Eugenia.; Jang, C.J.H.; Holtan, H.E.; Repetti, P.P.; Galbraith, D.W.; Girke, T.; Bailey-Serres, J., 2009:
Profiling translatomes of discrete cell populations resolves altered cellular priorities during hypoxia in Arabidopsis

Zhong, L.; Coe, S.P.; Stromberg, A.J.; Khattar, N.H.; Jett, J.R.; Hirschowitz, E.A., 2007:
Profiling tumor-associated antibodies for early detection of non-small cell lung cancer

Ran, Y.; Hu, H.; Zhou, Z.; Yu, L.; Sun, L.; Pan, J.; Liu, J.; Yang, Z., 2008:
Profiling tumor-associated autoantibodies for the detection of colon cancer

Römer, P.; Weingärtner, J.; Proff, P.; Roldán, J.C.; Reicheneder, C., 2010:
Profiling type I collagen gene expression in growing mandibular structures

Iphöfer, A.; Kummer, A.; Nimtz, M.; Ritter, A.; Arnold, T.; Frank, R.; van den Heuvel, J.; Kessler, B.M.; Jänsch, L.; Franke, R., 2012:
Profiling ubiquitin linkage specificities of deubiquitinating enzymes with branched ubiquitin isopeptide probes

Murdoch-Eaton, D.; Manning, D.; Kwizera, E.; Burch, V.; Pell, G.; Whittle, S., 2013:
Profiling undergraduates' generic learning skills on entry to medical school; an international study

Thompson, J.R.; Fuchs, M.; McLane, H.; Celebi-Toprak, F.; Fischer, K.F.; Potter, J.L.; Perry, K.L., 2014:
Profiling viral infections in grapevine using a randomly primed reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction/macroarray multiplex platform

O'Toole, C.; Fletcher, P., 2012:
Profiling vocabulary acquisition in Irish

Ding, S.; Zhou, F-Ming., 2011:
Profiling voltage-gated potassium channel mRNA expression in nigral neurons using single-cell RT-PCR techniques

Sinha, S.; Black, M.L.; Agarwal, S.; Colah, R.; Das, R.; Ryan, K.; Bellgard, M.; Bittles, A.H., 2010:
Profiling β-thalassaemia mutations in India at state and regional levels: implications for genetic education, screening and counselling programmes

Garaffo, G.; Provero, P.; Molineris, I.; Pinciroli, P.; Peano, C.; Battaglia, C.; Tomaiuolo, D.; Etzion, T.; Gothilf, Y.; Santoro, M.; Merlo, G.R., 2014:
Profiling, Bioinformatic, and Functional Data on the Developing Olfactory/GnRH System Reveal Cellular and Molecular Pathways Essential for This Process and Potentially Relevant for the Kallmann Syndrome

Rogers, J., 2010:
Profiling. What does a first class NHS leader look like?

Jayson, C.J., 2007:
Profiling: putting the shoe on another foot

Landa-Pineda, César.Manuel.; Guidos-Fogelbach, G.; Marchat-Marchau, L.; López-Hidalgo, M.; Arroyo-Becerra, A.; Sandino Reyes-López, César.Augusto., 2014:
Profilins: allergens with clinical relevance

Santos, A.; Van Ree, R., 2011:
Profilins: mimickers of allergy or relevant allergens?

Yilmaz, K.; Ozkan, P., 2010:
Profilometer evaluation of the effect of various polishing methods on the surface roughness in dental ceramics of different structures subjected to repeated firings

Uppal, M.; Ganesh, A.; Balagopal, S.; Kaur, G., 2013:
Profilometric analysis of two composite resins' surface repolished after tooth brush abrasion with three polishing systems

Bhattacharyya, T.K.; Linton, J.; Mei, L.; Thomas, J.Regan., 2010:
Profilometric and morphometric response of murine skin to cosmeceutical agents

Vaderhobli, R.; Saha, S., 2009:
Profilometric surface roughness analysis of christensen metal temporomandibular joint prostheses

DaneshPanah, M.; Javidi, B., 2009:
Profilometry and optical slicing by passive three-dimensional imaging

Oreb, B.F.; Dorsch, R.G., 1994:
Profilometry by phase-shifted Talbot images

Haneishi, H.; Ogura, T.; Miyake, Y., 1994:
Profilometry of a gastrointestinal surface by an endoscope with laser beam projection

Thomas, L.P.; Gratton, R.; Marino, B.M., 1997:
Profilometry of a liquid-free surface with large slope variations

Royo, S.; Arasa, J.; Pizarro, C., 2008:
Profilometry of toroidal surfaces with an improved ronchi test

Lee, B.S.; Strand, T.C., 1990:
Profilometry with a coherence scanning microscope

Endo, T.; Yasuno, Y.; Makita, S.; Itoh, M.; Yatagai, T., 2005:
Profilometry with line-field Fourier-domain interferometry

Kim, E-Hee.; Hahn, J.; Kim, H.; Lee, B., 2009:
Profilometry without phase unwrapping using multi-frequency and four-step phase-shift sinusoidal fringe projection

Girard, A.; Lemaitre, M.P., 1970:
Profils experimentaux de I'horizon infrarouge de la terre

Warpechowski Neto, S.; Leiria, T.Luiz.Luz.; Ley, L.Lessa.Gaudie.; Ley, A.Lessa.Gaudie.; Dutra, L.Zwan.; Pires, L.Martins.; Kruse, M.Lapa.; Lima,, 2018:
Cohort of Patients Referred for Brugada Syndrome Investigation in an Electrophysiology Service - 19-Year Registry

Wahowiak, L., 2012:
Profit ability. Elizabeth Profit aims to take a swing at pro tennis

Schulte-Wissermann, H., 2008:
Profit at the cost of health and life

Young, D.W., 2009:
Profit centers in clinical care departments: an idea whose time has gone

DerGurahian, J., 2007:
Profit dips a bit. Joint Commission sees revenue, expenses rise slightly

Herr, A.; Schmitz, H.; Augurzky, B., 2011:
Profit efficiency and ownership of German hospitals

Green, R., 1971:
Profit from losers

Fischer, J., 2007:
Profit in health care: four repair proposals

Patel, K., 2012:
Profit is not a dirty word

Kazemier, S., 2009:
Profit margins animal clinics is positive in 2004-2007

Williams, N., 2011:
Profit of gloom

Hahn, P.; Off, J., 2008:
Profit or loss--can handsurgery be profitable?

Galloro, V., 2009:
Profit or loss?

von Gunten, C.F., 2008:
Profit or not-for-profit: who cares?

Godager, G.; Wiesen, D., 2015:
Profit or patients' health benefit? Exploring the heterogeneity in physician altruism

Kazemier, S., 2014:
Profit sharing with differences in work week and capital income

Lindley, L.C.; Mixer, S.; Mack, J.W., 2013:
Profit status and delivery of hospice care for infants: the mediating role of pediatric knowledge

Decker, F.H., 2012:
Profit status of home health care agencies and the risk of hospitalization

de Mol, B.A.J.M., 2009:
Profit through safety: safety plan for a hospital in need

Olstad, D.Lee.; Raine, K.D., 2013:
Profit versus public health: the need to improve the food environment in recreational facilities

Anonymous, 1908:
Profit-Sharing Exploitations

Collen, M., 2012:
Profit-driven drug testing

Banduhn, C.; Schlüchtermann, J., 2013:
Profitability analysis of clinical risk management

Bouchara, J., 2010:
Profitability and gerontology, an impossible association?

Asfaw, A.; Mark, C.; Pana-Cryan, R., 2013:
Profitability and occupational injuries in U.S. underground coal mines

Stone, B., 2011:
Profitability makeover spawns new billing company

Valergakis, G.E.; Gelasakis, A.I.; Oikonomou, G.; Arsenos, G.; Fortomaris, P.; Banos, G., 2010:
Profitability of a dairy sheep genetic improvement program using artificial insemination

Hernando Ortiz, L.; Hinojosa Mena-Bernal, C.; González Sarmiento, E.; González Guilabert, I.; Arana Ruiz, J.; Muñoz Moreno, M.Fe., 2012:
Profitability of a day hospital: analysis of activity, cost and effectiveness

Fernández, E.; Calatayud, Jín.; Jarabo, Jé.Ramón.; Hernando, F.; Rodríguez, O.; Gómez, A.María.; Soria, A.; Del Río, F., 2009:
Profitability of our lung retrieval program from non heart beating donors

García Quero, C.; García Luján, R.; González Torralba, F.; de Miguel Poch, E.; Alfaro Abreu, J.; Villena Garrido, V.; López Ríos, F.; López Encuentra, A., 2009:
Profitability of the bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of focal pulmonary malignant lesions

Jordan, E.O., 1911:
Profitable And Fruitless Lines Of Endeavor In Public Health Work

Becker, C., 2008:
Profitable complications. One analysis says that in some cases infections can actually help a hospital boost its bottom line, but naysayers disagree

Persson, A.; Hemlin, S.; Welin, S., 2007:
Profitable exchanges for scientists: the case of Swedish human embryonic stem cell research

McGoey, L., 2010:
Profitable failure: antidepressant drugs and the triumph of flawed experiments

Doherty, H.; Davis, K.; Miller, K., 2009:
Profitable hygiene system: not an undervalued practice resource, part 1

Tweed, S.C., 2007:
Profitable niches in home care private duty

Lovins, A.B., 2010:
Profitable solutions to climate, oil, and proliferation

Kirby, T., 2012:
Profiteering threatens the altruism of tissue donation

Bachhuber, M.A.; Southern, W.N.; Cunningham, C.O., 2014:
Profiting and providing less care: comprehensive services at for-profit, nonprofit, and public opioid treatment programs in the United States

A.T., 1995:
Profiting from an embarrassment of riches

Sibley, R.J., 2011:
Profiting from health, rather than disease

Lai, M.; Kulak, A.N.; Law, D.; Zhang, Z.; Meldrum, F.C.; Riley, D.Jason., 2007:
Profiting from nature: macroporous copper with superior mechanical properties

Miller, H.W., 1927:
Profits Derived From Segregating College Students On The Basis Of Ability

Anekwe, T.D., 2010:
Profits and plagiarism: the case of medical ghostwriting

Nazarko, L., 2013:
Profits before people? The risks of selling antibiotics

McCartney, M., 2013:
Profits from pregnancy: how trusted organisations sell out women to commercial interests

Carenfelt, C., 2014:
Profits in health care is not unimportant

Anonymous, 1892 :
Profits of Medical Aid Associations

Ouldamer, L.; Marret, H.; Jacquet, A.; Denakpo, J.; Body, G., 2013:
Profits of post-menopausal ovarian conservation at the time of hysterectomy for benign disease: mirage or reality?

Cutler, C.W., 1945:
Profits to Peace-time Practice from Surgical Experiences of War

Terry-McElrath, Y.M.; Hood, N.E.; Colabianchi, N.; O'Malley, P.M.; Johnston, L.D., 2015:
Profits, commercial food supplier involvement, and school vending machine snack food availability: implications for implementing the new competitive foods rule

Pappas, S.H., 2009:
Profits, payers, and patients: responding to changes

Ugbeye, M.E.; Odunubi, O.O.; Dim, E.M.; Ekundayo, O.O., 2014:
Profix cemented total knee replacement: a 5-year outcome review from Lagos, Nigeria

Berkeley, C.; Bonney, V., 1919:
Proflavine Oleate In The Treatment Of Open Wounds

Garin, D.; Oukhatar, F.; Mahon, A.B.; Try, A.C.; Dubois-Dauphin, M.; Laferla, F.M.; Demeunynck, M.; Sallanon, M.Moulin.; Chierici, S., 2011:
Proflavine derivatives as fluorescent imaging agents of amyloid deposits

Feng, Y.; Zhang, H.; Cronan, J.E., 2013:
Profligate biotin synthesis in α-proteobacteria - a developing or degenerating regulatory system?

Silvers, W.C.; Prasai, B.; Burk, D.H.; Brown, M.L.; McCarley, R.L., 2013:
Profluorogenic reductase substrate for rapid, selective, and sensitive visualization and detection of human cancer cells that overexpress NQO1

Taylor, F.; Mangat, N.; Swift, I.R.; Brown, G., 2011:
Proforma-based reporting in rectal cancer

Díaz Betancourt, Mía.Lilia.; Klínger Hernández, J.César.; Niño Castaño, V.Eugenia., 2012:
Profound CD4+ T lymphocytopenia in human immunodeficiency virus negative individuals, improved with anti-human herpes virus treatment

Okoye, A.; Park, H.; Rohankhedkar, M.; Coyne-Johnson, L.; Lum, R.; Walker, J.M.; Planer, S.L.; Legasse, A.W.; Sylwester, A.W.; Piatak, M.; Lifson, J.D.; Sodora, D.L.; Villinger, F.; Axthelm, M.K.; Schmitz, J.E.; Picker, L.J., 2009:
Profound CD4+/CCR5+ T cell expansion is induced by CD8+ lymphocyte depletion but does not account for accelerated SIV pathogenesis

Wick, D.A.; Martin, S.D.; Nelson, B.H.; Webb, J.R., 2011:
Profound CD8+ T cell immunity elicited by sequential daily immunization with exogenous antigen plus the TLR3 agonist poly(I:C)

Lougaris, V.; Baronio, M.; Vitali, M.; Gualdi, G.; Tampella, G.; Moratto, D.; Cattalini, M.; Pilotta, A.; Buzi, F.; Calzavara-Pinton, P.; Plebani, A., 2015:
Profound T-cell defects in Dubowitz syndrome

Quirin, M.; Bode, R.C.; Luckey, U.; Pyszczynski, T.; Kuhl, J., 2014:
Profound Versus Superficial Coping With Mortality Threats: Action Orientation Moderates Implicit but Not Explicit Outgroup Prejudice

Hamilton, S.A.; McNeil, R.; Hollis, B.W.; Davis, D.J.; Winkler, J.; Cook, C.; Warner, G.; Bivens, B.; McShane, P.; Wagner, C.L., 2011:
Profound Vitamin D Deficiency in a Diverse Group of Women during Pregnancy Living in a Sun-Rich Environment at Latitude 32°N

McMullin, C.M.; Bayat, I.; Rytina, E.; See, T.C.; Varty, K.; Coughlin, P.A., 2015:
Profound acute limb ischemia affecting all four limbs following cocaine inhalation

Betten, D.P.; Bridger, D.J.; Felton, B.M., 2013 :
Profound alkalemia secondary to gastric outlet obstruction and acute renal insufficiency

Kaffashian, M.; Shabani, M.; Goudarzi, I.; Behzadi, G.; Zali, A.; Janahmadi, M., 2011:
Profound alterations in the intrinsic excitability of cerebellar Purkinje neurons following neurotoxin 3-acetylpyridine (3-AP)-induced ataxia in rat: new insights into the role of small conductance K+ channels

Bretagnol, A.; Tamburini, Jérôme.; Guedj, M.; Denier, C.; Pène, Fédéric., 2013:
Profound anaemia and acute blindness in a Jehovah's Witness

Quintyne, K.I.; Mainstone, P.; McNamara, B.; Boers, P.; Wallis, F.; Gupta, R.K., 2013:
Profound and persistent painful paclitaxel peripheral neuropathy in a premenopausal patient

Xu, Y.; Kim, E.Ran.; Fan, S.; Xia, Y.; Xu, Y.; Huang, C.; Tong, Q., 2014:
Profound and rapid reduction in body temperature induced by the melanocortin receptor agonists

Burton, M.J.; Holland, M.J.; Makalo, P.; Aryee, E.A.N.; Sillah, A.; Cohuet, S.; Natividad, A.; Alexander, N.D.E.; Mabey, D.C.W.; Bailey, R.L., 2011:
Profound and sustained reduction in Chlamydia trachomatis in The Gambia: a five-year longitudinal study of trachoma endemic communities

Amekoudi, E.Yoan.; Sabi, K.Akomola.; Noto Kadou Kaza, B., 2015:
Profound anemia, hemoglobinuria ... where to stop in the etiological investigation?

Michalak, T.I.; Zhang, H.; Churchill, N.D.; Larsson, Törn.; Johansson, N-Gunnar.; Oberg, B., 2009:
Profound antiviral effect of oral administration of MIV-210 on chronic hepadnaviral infection in a woodchuck model of hepatitis B

Gallagher, D.Travis.; Smith, N.; Kim, S-Kyung.; Robinson, H.; Reddy, P.T., 2009:
Profound asymmetry in the structure of the cAMP-free cAMP Receptor Protein (CRP) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Shatzel, J.J.; Donohoe, K.; Chu, N-Quynh.; Garratty, G.; Mody, K.; Bengtson, E.M.; Dunbar, N.M., 2015:
Profound autoimmune hemolysis and Evans syndrome in two asplenic patients with babesiosis

Takeshita, H.; Kawakami, S.; Fukui, I., 2009:
Profound bicalutamide withdrawal syndrome in a hormone-refractory T4N1 prostate cancer permitting both salvage radiotherapy and cessation of hormonal therapy

Ostri, C.; Zibrandtsen, N.; Larsen, M.; Hamann, S., 2014:
Profound bilateral visual loss after hysterectomy indicated for severe postpartum haemorrhage

Ohlsson, A.; Guthenberg, C.; Holme, E.; von Döbeln, U., 2014:
Profound biotinidase deficiency: a rare disease among native Swedes

Kast, R.E., 2010:
Profound blockage of CXCR4 signaling at multiple points using the synergy between plerixafor, mirtazapine, and clotrimazole as a new glioblastoma treatment adjunct

Lee, W.; Gould, P.A.; Kuchar, D.L.; Subbiah, R.N., 2011:
Profound bradycardia and hypotension in a normal heart

Lim, V.Q.; Lim, B.L., 2011:
Profound bradycardia during skin preparation for inguinal herniorrhaphy

Wilcox, S.R.; Kansagra, A.; Richards, J.B., 2014:
Profound bradycardia with decreased PEEP

Jeon, B-Hyun.; Jang, C.; Han, J.; Kataru, R.P.; Piao, L.; Jung, K.; Cha, H.Ji.; Schwendener, R.A.; Jang, K.Yun.; Kim, K-Sik.; Alitalo, K.; Koh, G.Young., 2008:
Profound but dysfunctional lymphangiogenesis via vascular endothelial growth factor ligands from CD11b+ macrophages in advanced ovarian cancer

Mörner, S.; Lindqvist, P.; Mellberg, C.; Olofsson, B-O.; Backman, C.; Henein, M.; Lundblad, D.; Forsberg, H., 2010:
Profound cardiac conduction delay predicts mortality in myotonic dystrophy type 1

Sala-Mercado, J.A.; Wider, J.; Undyala, V.Vardhan.Reddy.; Jahania, S.; Yoo, W.; Mentzer, R.M.; Gottlieb, R.A.; Przyklenk, K., 2010:
Profound cardioprotection with chloramphenicol succinate in the swine model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury

Sozmen, N.N.; Tuncay, E.; Bilginoglu, A.; Turan, B., 2011:
Profound cardioprotection with timolol in a female rat model of aging-related altered left ventricular function

Triezenberg, S.J.; Peterson, C.L., 2007:
Profound challenges do remain in our understanding of the mechanisms of gene regulation

de Wildt, S.N., 2011:
Profound changes in drug metabolism enzymes and possible effects on drug therapy in neonates and children

Blaha, G.R.; Wertz, F.Denton.; Marx, J.L., 2008:
Profound choroidal hypoperfusion after combined photodynamic therapy and intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide

Dai, C.; Zhao, N.; Wang, W.; Lin, C.; Gao, B.; Yang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Lei, F., 2012:
Profound climatic effects on two East Asian black-throated tits (Ave: Aegithalidae), revealed by ecological niche models and phylogeographic analysis

Doucette, W.; Restrepo, D., 2008:
Profound context-dependent plasticity of mitral cell responses in olfactory bulb

Shahidzadeh, R.; Sridhar, S., 2008:
Profound copper deficiency in a patient with gastric bypass

Vlastarakos, P.V., 2012:
Profound deafness and the acquisition of spoken language in children

Malekpour, M., 2011:
Profound deafness in childhood

Hughes, S.; Pothecary, C.A.; Jagannath, A.; Foster, R.G.; Hankins, M.W.; Peirson, S.N., 2012:
Profound defects in pupillary responses to light in TRPM-channel null mice: a role for TRPM channels in non-image-forming photoreception

Hannon, T.S.; Kirkman, M.S.; Patel, Y.R.; Considine, R.V.; Mather, K.J., 2015:
Profound defects in β-cell function in screen-detected type 2 diabetes are not improved with glucose-lowering treatment in the Early Diabetes Intervention Program (EDIP)

Chang, J.S.; Zhou, M.; Buffler, P.A.; Chokkalingam, A.P.; Metayer, C.; Wiemels, J.L., 2012:
Profound deficit of IL10 at birth in children who develop childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Webb, G.J.; Swinburn, J.M.A.; Grech, H., 2011:
Profound delayed thrombocytopenia presenting 16 days after Abciximab (Reopro®) administration

Schmid, A.; Gianella, S.; von Wyl, V.; Metzner, K.J.; Scherrer, A.U.; Niederöst, B.; Althaus, C.F.; Rieder, P.; Grube, C.; Joos, B.; Weber, R.; Fischer, M.; Günthard, H.F., 2011:
Profound depletion of HIV-1 transcription in patients initiating antiretroviral therapy during acute infection

Bright, D.P.; Renzi, M.; Bartram, J.; McGee, T.P.; MacKenzie, G.; Hosie, A.M.; Farrant, M.; Brickley, S.G., 2011:
Profound desensitization by ambient GABA limits activation of δ-containing GABAA receptors during spillover

Shabani, M.; Larizadeh, M.Hassan.; Parsania, S.; Asadi Shekaari, M.; Shahrokhi, N., 2012:
Profound destructive effects of adolescent exposure to vincristine accompanied with some sex differences in motor and memory performance

John, A.; Connerton, P.Leigh.; Cummings, N.; Connerton, I.Frank., 2011:
Profound differences in the transcriptome of Campylobacter jejuni grown in two different, widely used, microaerobic atmospheres

Padhi, A.; Ross, H.; Terwee, J.; Vandewoude, S.; Poss, M., 2011:
Profound differences in virus population genetics correspond to protection from CD4 decline resulting from feline lentivirus coinfection

Ehrhardt, M.; Leidinger, P.; Keller, A.; Baumert, T.; Díez, J.; Meese, E.; Meyerhans, A., 2012:
Profound differences of microRNA expression patterns in hepatocytes and hepatoma cell lines commonly used in hepatitis C virus studies

Kurek, A.; Peters, E.M.J.; Chanwangpong, A.; Sabat, R.; Sterry, W.; Schneider-Burrus, S., 2012:
Profound disturbances of sexual health in patients with acne inversa

Hofer, C.K.; Straumann, E.; Genoni, M.; Zollinger, A., 2007:
Profound drug-induced thrombocytopenia before urgent cardiopulmonary bypass

Meyer, S.U.; Kaiser, S.; Wagner, C.; Thirion, C.; Pfaffl, M.W., 2012:
Profound effect of profiling platform and normalization strategy on detection of differentially expressed microRNAs--a comparative study

Brinkman, A.C.M.; Romijn, J.W.A.; van Barneveld, L.J.M.; Greuters, S.; Veerhoek, D.; Vonk, A.B.A.; Boer, C., 2010:
Profound effects of cardiopulmonary bypass priming solutions on the fibrin part of clot formation: an ex vivo evaluation using rotation thromboelastometry

Zachar, N.; Neiman, M., 2014:
Profound effects of population density on fitness-related traits in an invasive freshwater snail

Webb, J.R.; Wick, D.A.; Nielsen, J.S.; Tran, E.; Milne, K.; McMurtrie, E.; Nelson, B.H., 2010 :
Profound elevation of CD8+ T cells expressing the intraepithelial lymphocyte marker CD103 (alphaE/beta7 Integrin) in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Hart, A.R.; Trinick, R.; Connolly, D.J.; Mordekar, S.R., 2009:
Profound encephalopathy with complete recovery in three children with familial hemiplegic migraine

McGonigle-Chalmers, M.; Alderson-Day, B.; Fleming, J.; Monsen, K., 2014:
Profound expressive language impairment in low functioning children with autism: an investigation of syntactic awareness using a computerised learning task

Akhtar, W.; Rathod, K.Sinhji.; Alexander, J.; Farooqi, F., 2014:
Profound first-degree atrioventricular block

Liff, J.M.; Labovitz, D.; Robbins, M.S., 2012:
Profound gastroparesis after bilateral posterior inferior cerebellar artery territory infarcts

Carella, A.M.; Ferrara, R.; Orcioni, G.F.; Pepe, G.; Villavecchia, G., 2007:
Profound graft-versus-tumor response in metastatic breast cancer with nonmyeloablative allografting

Berger, K.; Sander, M.; Spies, C.D.; Weymann, L.; Bühner, S.; Lochs, H.; Wernecke, K-D.; von Heymann, C., 2009:
Profound haemodilution during normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass influences neither gastrointestinal permeability nor cytokine release in coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Sideras, K.; Menefee, M.E.; Burton, J.K.; Erlichman, C.; Bible, K.C.; Ivy, S.Percy., 2010:
Profound hair and skin hypopigmentation in an African American woman treated with the multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib

Rigby, M.H.; Parnes, L.S., 2009:
Profound hearing loss associated with oxycodone-acetaminophen abuse

Rivera, Jé.O.; González-Stuart, A.; McLean, S.; Tyroch, A., 2009:
Profound hemorrhage in a patient taking herbal products

Shohet, J.A.; Kraus, E.M.; Catalano, P.J., 2012:
Profound high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss treatment with a totally implantable hearing system

Böhm, S.V.; Constantinou, P.; Tan, S.; Jin, H.; Roberts, R.G., 2010:
Profound human/mouse differences in alpha-dystrobrevin isoforms: a novel syntrophin-binding site and promoter missing in mouse and rat

Samaan, M.Constantine.; Murphy, N.; Costigan, C., 2010:
Profound hyperlipidaemia due to concomitant diabetes and hypothyroidism

Vaqar, A.; Rafiq, A.; Javaid, K.Hussain.; Parveen, R.; Sadaf, R., 2012:
Profound hypernatremia due to central diabetes insipidus

Kimmel, R.J.; Levy, M.R., 2014:
Profound hypertriglyceridemia and weight gain in the first week following initiation of olanzapine: a case report with implications for lipid monitoring guidelines

Donnelly, J.; Lucas, S.J.E.; Thomas, K.N.; Galvin, S.D.; Ainslie, P.N., 2011:
Profound hyperventilation and development of periodic breathing during exceptional orthostatic stress in a 21-year-old man

Freedman, D.B.; Smith, N.; Housley, D., 2007:
Profound hypocalcaemia associated with bilateral cataracts post-total thyroidectomy

Morgan, D.J.R.; Ho, K.M., 2010:
Profound hypocalcaemia in a patient being anticoagulated with citrate for continuous renal replacement therapy

Salinger, E.M.; Moore, J.T., 2011:
Profound hypocalcemia after near-total thyroidectomy in a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patient

Polyzos, S.A.; Anastasilakis, A.D.; Litsas, I.; Efstathiadou, Z.; Kita, M.; Arsos, G.; Moralidis, E.; Papatheodorou, A.; Terpos, E., 2011:
Profound hypocalcemia following effective response to zoledronic acid treatment in a patient with juvenile Paget's disease

Li, R.Lin.; Sherbet, D.P.; Elsbernd, B.L.; Goldstein, J.L.; Brown, M.S.; Zhao, T-Jin., 2012:
Profound hypoglycemia in starved, ghrelin-deficient mice is caused by decreased gluconeogenesis and reversed by lactate or fatty acids

Walsh, M.; Gordhan, A.; Vyas, A.; Dick, H.J., 2013:
Profound hypoglycemia presents with reversible symmetrical ADC signal changes isolated to eloquent cortex of the parietal lobe

Aktan, A.Hamdi.; Ozcelik, A.; Cure, E.; Cure, M.Cumhur.; Yuce, S., 2015:
Profound hypoglycemia-ınduced by vaccinium corymbosum juice and laurocerasus fruit

Ernest, D.; Chia, M.; Corallo, C.E., 2010:
Profound hypokalaemia due to Nurofen Plus and Red Bull misuse

Dalzell, J.R.; Jackson, C.E.; Petrie, M.C., 2010:
Profound hypokalaemia mimicking acute myocardial infarction

Kelly, S.; Lee, P.; Robertson, G., 2007:
Profound hypokalaemia secondary to a large rectosigmoid villous tumour

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Profound hypokalemia and hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis during thiazide therapy in a child with Pendred syndrome

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Profound hypokalemia: unusual presentation and management in a 12-year-old boy

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Profound hyponatremia in cirrhosis: a case report

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Profound inhibition of the PCR step of CF V3 multiplex PCR/OLA assay by the use of UV-irradiated plastic reaction tubes

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Profound insight for hyperextension spinal cord injury

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Profound iron deficiency anemia caused by a small-intestinal cavernous hemangioma

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Profound jaundice in a patient with acute hepatitis C

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Profound knowledge: what drives your safety strategy

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Profound long-term effects of Nazism on patient care in gastroenterology

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Profound morphological and functional changes of rodent Purkinje cells between the first and the second postnatal weeks: a metamorphosis?

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Profound morphological changes in the erythrocytes and fibrin networks of patients with hemochromatosis or with hyperferritinemia, and their normalization by iron chelators and other agents

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Profound muscle weakness and pain after one dose of actonel

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Profound myxedema with normal plasma cholesterol

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Profound neurological injury in a patient with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

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Profound olfactory dysfunction in myasthenia gravis

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Profound pain reduction after induction of memantine treatment in two patients with severe phantom limb pain

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Profound pectus excavatum in Marfan's syndrome

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Profound plasmacytosis in a patient with dengue

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Profound population structure in the Philippine Bulbul Hypsipetes philippinus (Pycnonotidae, Aves) is not reflected in its Haemoproteus haemosporidian parasite

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Profound postoperative hypotony with globe collapse after 25-gauge pars plana vitrectomy

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Profound prerenal azotemia resulting from pyloric stenosis; report of a case with postoperative follow-up

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Profound re-organization of cell surface proteome in equine retinal pigment epithelial cells in response to in vitro culturing

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Profound reduction in hospital admissions and musculoskeletal surgical procedures for rheumatoid arthritis with concurrent changes in clinical practice (1995-2010)

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Profound reduction in sedation and analgesic requirements using extended dexmedetomidine infusions in a patient with an open abdomen

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Profound reduction in the tamoxifen active metabolite endoxifen in a patient on phenytoin for epilepsy compared with a CYP2D6 genotype matched cohort

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Profound reduction of CD4+ lymphocytes without HIV infection: two cases from the horn of Africa

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Profound reduction of invariant natural killer T cells in the peripheral blood of a patient with interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 deficiency

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Profound reductions of flicker sensitivity in the elderly: can glaucoma involve the retina distal to ganglion cells?

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Profound systemic inflammatory response syndrome following non-emergent intestinal surgery in children

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Profound teratospermia does not influence sex chromosomal aneuploidy rate in in vitro fertilization-preimplantation genetic diagnosis cycles

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Profound thrombocytopenia after primary exposure to eptifibatide

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Profound thrombocytopenia immediately following liver transplantation

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Profound thrombocytopenia in patient with ITP treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer and subsequent remission after romiplostim

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Profound urinary protein loss and acute renal failure caused by cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor

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Profuse Hæmorrhage from a small Varicose Ulcer of the Leg

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Anonymous, 2013:
Profusion of malware puts patients at risk

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Progenies From X-Rayed Sex Cells Of Tobacco

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Progenitor Cells for the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction

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Progesterone to prevent preterm delivery: Enigma or ready?

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Progesterone to treat vasomotor symptoms

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Progesterone withdrawal-evoked plasticity of neural function in the female periaqueductal grey matter

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Progesterone--promoter or inhibitor of breast cancer

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Progesterone-induced gene expression in uterine epithelia: a myth perpetuated by conventional wisdom

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Progesterone-regulated caspase 3 action in the mouse may play a role in uterine quiescence during pregnancy through fragmentation of uterine myocyte contractile proteins

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Progesterone: a pivotal hormone at menstruation

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Progestins in HRT: sufferance or desire?

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Progestins: pro-senescence therapy for ovarian cancer?

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Progestogen Therapy in Habitual Abortion

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Progestogen for preventing miscarriage

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Progestogen for preventing miscarriage

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Progestogen-only contraceptive use in obese women

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