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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55229

Chapter 55229 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Taylor, E.Johnston., 2008:
Promoting spiritual health in home healthcare

Ribeiro-Vaz, Iês.; Santos, C.; da Costa-Pereira, A.; Cruz-Correia, R., 2012:
Promoting spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting in hospitals using a hyperlink to the online reporting form: an ecological study in Portugal

Swarbrick, M.; D'Antonio, D.; Nemec, P.B., 2011:
Promoting staff wellness

King, R.J., 2014:
Promoting staff wellness through immunizations

Puig-Ribera, A.; Eves, F.F., 2011:
Promoting stair climbing in Barcelona: similarities and differences with interventions in English-speaking populations

Webb, O.J.; Eves, F.F., 2007:
Promoting stair climbing: intervention effects generalize to a subsequent stair ascent

Webb, O.J.; Eves, F.F., 2012:
Promoting stair climbing: the importance of consistent practice when conducting and reviewing interventions

Allen, P.; Sequeira, S.; Jacob, R.R.; Hino, A.Akira.Ferreira.; Stamatakis, K.A.; Harris, J.K.; Elliott, L.; Kerner, J.F.; Jones, E.; Dobbins, M.; Baker, E.A.; Brownson, R.C., 2014:
Promoting state health department evidence-based cancer and chronic disease prevention: a multi-phase dissemination study with a cluster randomized trial component

Lancioni, G.E.; De Pace, C.; Singh, N.N.; O'Reilly, M.F.; Sigafoos, J.; Didden, R., 2008:
Promoting step responses of children with multiple disabilities through a walker device and microswitches with contingent stimuli

Wiemann, P.; Soukup, A.A.; Folz, J.S.; Wang, P-Mei.; Noack, A.; Keller, N.P., 2018:
CoIN: co-inducible nitrate expression system for secondary metabolites in Aspergillus nidulans

Michaelis, J.; Maruyama, A.; Seitz, O., 2013:
Promoting strand exchange in a DNA-templated transfer reaction

Granacher, U.; Muehlbauer, T.; Doerflinger, B.; Strohmeier, R.; Gollhofer, A., 2011:
Promoting strength and balance in adolescents during physical education: effects of a short-term resistance training

Evans, S.D.; Prilleltensky, O.; McKenzie, A.; Prilleltensky, I.; Nogueras, D.; Huggins, C.; Mescia, N., 2011:
Promoting strengths, prevention, empowerment, and community change through organizational development: lessons for research, theory, and practice

Asarnow, J.Rosenbaum., 2012:
Promoting stress resistance in war-exposed children

Fleming, S.E.; Corbett, C., 2010:
Promoting stringent glycemic control before and during pregnancy: evidence- and theory-based strategies

Watkins, C.L.; Leathley, M.J.; Chalmers, C.; Curley, C.; Fitzgerald, J.E.; Reid, L.; Williams, J., 2012:
Promoting stroke-specific education

Taras, L.Brancaccio., 2003:
Promoting student involvement with environmental laboratory experiments in a general microbiology course

Tanner, K.D., 2012:
Promoting student metacognition

Capp, S.J.; Williams, M.G., 2012:
Promoting student success and well-being: a stress management course

Gauci, S.A.; Dantas, A.M.; Williams, D.A.; Kemm, R.E., 2009:
Promoting student-centered active learning in lectures with a personal response system

Sheridan, M.E.B.; Blue, A.V.; Basco, W.T., 2011:
Promoting students' community service during medical school: the MUSC Gives Back Office

Alford, D.P.; Bridden, C.; Jackson, A.H.; Saitz, R.; Amodeo, M.; Barnes, H.N.; Samet, J.H., 2008:
Promoting substance use education among generalist physicians: an evaluation of the Chief Resident Immersion Training (CRIT) program

Jeste, D.V., 2011:
Promoting successful ageing through integrated care

Heo, J.; Culp, B.; Yamada, N.; Won, Y., 2013:
Promoting successful aging through competitive sports participation: insights from older adults

Cavalieri, T.A.; Noll, D.R., 2013:
Promoting successful aging through effective prevention and management of osteoporosis

Vance, D.E.; Burrage, J.; Couch, A.; Raper, J., 2008:
Promoting successful aging with HIV through hardiness: implications for nursing practice and research

Daffner, K.R., 2010:
Promoting successful cognitive aging: a comprehensive review

Macy, R.J.; Goodbourn, M., 2013:
Promoting successful collaborations between domestic violence and substance abuse treatment service sectors: a review of the literature

Collins-Camargo, C.; Millar, K., 2012:
Promoting supervisory practice change in public child welfare: lessons from university/agency collaborative research in four states

Berlin, L.J.; Shanahan, M.; Appleyard Carmody, K., 2015:
Promoting supportive parenting in new mothers with substance-use problems: a pilot randomized trial of residential treatment plus an attachment-based parenting program

Droller, M.J., 2009:
Promoting surgeon-scientists in urologic oncology: The role of our journal

Luo, J.; Bo, X.; Wu, D.; Yeh, J.; Richardson, P.M.; Zhang, Y., 2011:
Promoting survival, migration, and integration of transplanted Schwann cells by over-expressing polysialic acid

Mohammadpur, A.; Rezaei, M.; Sadeghi, R., 2010:
Promoting survival: A grounded theory study of consequences of modern health practices in Ouramanat region of Iranian Kurdistan

Camolas, Jé.; Santos, O.; Moreira, P.; do Carmo, I., 2015:
Promoting sustainable behavior change in body weight control

Cheadle, A.; Egger, R.; LoGerfo, J.P.; Schwartz, S.; Harris, J.R., 2010:
Promoting sustainable community change in support of older adult physical activity: evaluation findings from the Southeast Seattle Senior Physical Activity Network (SESPAN)

Jones, K.; Blinkhorn, L.M.; Schumann, S-Anne.; Reddy, S.T., 2015:
Promoting sustainable community service in the 4th year of medical school: a longitudinal service-learning elective

Ogbimi, F.E., 2007:
Promoting sustainable economic growth and industrialisation: solution to mass unemployment and poverty

Jesneck, J.L.; Yang, J.Y., 2010:
Promoting synergistic research and education in computational biology and drug design

Yang, J.Y.; Yang, M.Qu.; Zhu, M.Michelle.; Arabnia, H.R.; Deng, Y., 2008:
Promoting synergistic research and education in genomics and bioinformatics

Hall, G.A., 1998:
Promoting synthesis in the analysis of verbal relations

Delk, J.; Springer, A.E.; Kelder, S.H.; Grayless, M., 2015:
Promoting teacher adoption of physical activity breaks in the classroom: findings of the Central Texas CATCH Middle School Project

Zamir, M.A., 2010:
Promoting teamwork through team OSCEs

Rosen, M.A.; Salas, E.; Wu, T.S.; Silvestri, S.; Lazzara, E.H.; Lyons, R.; Weaver, S.J.; King, H.B., 2008:
Promoting teamwork: an event-based approach to simulation-based teamwork training for emergency medicine residents

Tariman, J.D., 2010:
Promoting testicular health

Clarke, C., 2016:
Promoting the 6Cs of nursing in patient assessment

Harrison, T.R.; Morgan, S.E.; King, A.J.; Di Corcia, M.J.; Williams, E.A.; Ivic, R.K.; Hopeck, P., 2011:
Promoting the Michigan organ donor registry: evaluating the impact of a multifaceted intervention utilizing media priming and communication design

Huang, Y-Yi.; Liao, M-Chi.; Chen, Y-Hsi.; Deng, C-Hua., 2009:
Promoting the accuracy of chemotherapy medication administration for nurses: an application of root cause analysis

Jiang, Y.; Li, F.; Zhang, B.; Li, X.; Wang, X.; Huang, F.; Sun, L., 2013:
Promoting the activity of catalysts for the oxidation of water with bridged dinuclear ruthenium complexes

Hu, D-Yi.; Ding, R-Jing., 2008:
Promoting the application of automated external defibrillator to improve survival after cardiac arrest outside hospital

Flatley, M.; Bridges, J., 2007:
Promoting the art of caring for older people

Churchill, S.; Good, A.; Pavey, L., 2015:
Promoting the avoidance of high-calorie snacks. The role of temporal message framing and eating self-efficacy

Pavey, L.; Churchill, S., 2015:
Promoting the avoidance of high-calorie snacks: priming autonomy moderates message framing effects

Eshleman, J.W.; Vargas, E.A., 1988:
Promoting the behaviorological analysis of verbal behavior

Rautureau, P., 2007:
Promoting the clinical nurse

Castor, Fçoise.; Tambouras, Vérie.; Tocheport, P., 2011:
Promoting the collaboration between the nurses' aide and the nurse during the use of MEOPA

McConigley, R.; Shelby-James, T.; Currow, D.C., 2016:
Promoting the consumer voice in palliative care: exploring the possibility of using consumer impact statements

Westermark, K.; Llinares, J., 2013:
Promoting the development of drugs against rare diseases: what more should be done?

Gendron, T.L.; Myers, B.J.; Pelco, L.E.; Welleford, E.Ayn., 2014:
Promoting the development of professional identity of gerontologists: an academic/experiential learning model

Harzau-Ugo, H.; Bouisson, E., 2011:
Promoting the dignity and respect of elderly people in institutions

Baillie, L.; Ilott, L., 2010:
Promoting the dignity of patients in perioperative practice

Morikawa, T.; Imura, K.; Miyake, S.; Ninomiya, K.; Matsuda, H.; Yamashita, C.; Muraoka, O.; Hayakawa, T.; Yoshikawa, M., 2012:
Promoting the effect of chemical constituents from the flowers of Poacynum hendersonii on adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells

Thrasher, J.F.; Reynales-Shigematsu, L.Myriam.; Baezconde-Garbanati, L.; Villalobos, V.; Téllez-Girón, P.; Arillo-Santillán, E.; Dorantes-Alonso, A.; Valdés-Salgado, R.; Lazcano-Ponce, E., 2008:
Promoting the effective translation of the framework convention on tobacco control: a case study of challenges and opportunities for strategic communications in Mexico

Shi, S.; Liu, J.; Yao, T.; Geng, X.; Jiang, L.; Yang, Q.; Cheng, L.; Ji, L., 2008:
Promoting the formation and stabilization of G-quadruplex by dinuclear RuII complex Ru2(obip)L4

Wang, L.; Wen, Y.; Liu, J.; Zhou, J.; Li, C.; Wei, C., 2011:
Promoting the formation and stabilization of human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA, inhibition of telomerase and cytotoxicity by phenanthroline derivatives

Chang, C-Pei.; Lin, G.; Chen, S-Jia.; Chiu, W-Chih.; Chen, W-Heng.; Wang, C-Chia., 2008:
Promoting the formation of an active synthetase/tRNA complex by a nonspecific tRNA-binding domain

Zhai, Q.; Deng, M.; Xu, L.; Zhang, X.; Zhou, X., 2012:
Promoting the formation of tetramolecular G-quadruplexes under freezing condition

Guglielmi, C.L., 2010:
Promoting the freedom to protect

Laliberté, A.; Haswell, M.; Tsey, K., 2015:
Promoting the health of Aboriginal Australians through empowerment: eliciting the components of the family well-being empowerment and leadership programme

Hallett, C.; Wagner, L., 2012:
Promoting the health of Europeans in a rapidly changing world: a historical study of the implementation of World Health Organisation policies by the Nursing and Midwifery Unit, European Regional Office, 1970-2003

Castanheira, J.Luis., 1992:
Promoting the health of adolescents: are we on the right track?

Bigbee, J.L.; Vander Boegh, B.; Prengaman, M.; Shaklee, H., 2011:
Promoting the health of frontier caregiving grandparents: a demonstration project evaluation

Parkes, M.W.; Spiegel, J.; Breilh, J.; Cabarcas, F.; Huish, R.; Yassi, A., 2009:
Promoting the health of marginalized populations in Ecuador through international collaboration and educational innovations

Madsen, K., 2012:
Promoting the health of our youth: why physical activity policies are critical

Caress, A.; Luker, K.; Chalmers, K., 2010:
Promoting the health of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: patients' and carers' views

Watson, M.C.; Lloyd, J., 2014:
Promoting the health of the population

Freudenberg, N.; Manzo, L.; Mongiello, L.; Jones, H.; Boeri, N.; Lamberson, P., 2014:
Promoting the health of young adults in urban public universities: a case study from City University of New York

Bradbury-Jones, C.; Rattray, J.; Jones, M.; Macgillivray, S., 2013:
Promoting the health, safety and welfare of adults with learning disabilities in acute care settings: a structured literature review

Kiser, K., 2013:
Promoting the healthy life

Henggeler, S.W.; Sheidow, A.J.; Cunningham, P.B.; Donohue, B.C.; Ford, J.D., 2008:
Promoting the implementation of an evidence-based intervention for adolescent marijuana abuse in community settings: testing the use of intensive quality assurance

Sandström, B.; Borglin, G.; Nilsson, R.; Willman, A., 2012:
Promoting the implementation of evidence-based practice: a literature review focusing on the role of nursing leadership

Tielemans, W., 2010:
Promoting the importance of cardiac rehabilitation

Sun, J-jun.; Ni, D-feng., 2007:
Promoting the level of surgical treatment for mastoid otitis media

Petrini, J.R., 2007:
Promoting the linkage and analysis of successive pregnancy outcome files in the United States

Honey, M.; Roy, D.; Bycroft, J.; Boyd, M-Anne.; Raphael, D., 2015 :
Promoting the meaningful use of health information for New Zealand consumers

Pearson, G.S.; Evans, L.K.; Hines-Martin, V.P.; Yearwood, E.L.; York, J.A.; Kane, C.F., 2015:
Promoting the mental health of families

Wang, C.; Zhai, Z-guo.; Yang, Y-hua., 2013:
Promoting the network of management and prevention for pulmonary thromboembolism in China

Niethard, M.; Donner, S.; Depeweg, D.; Bode, G.; Schüttrumpf, J.P., 2013:
Promoting the next generation - what can we improve?

Farquhar, S.; Samples, J.; Ventura, S.; Davis, S.; Abernathy, M.; McCauley, L.; Cuilwik, N.; Shadbeh, N., 2007:
Promoting the occupational health of indigenous farmworkers

Lazarus, J.A., 2013:
Promoting the physician led team for patient care: AMA fights FTC overreach

Rothan-Tondeur, M.; Courcier, S.; Béhier, J-Michel.; Leblanc, J.; Peoch, N.; Lefort, M-Claude.; Barthélémy, P.; Bassompierre, Fçois.; Bilbault, P.; Déal, Cécile.; Diebolt, V.; Fraleux, Mèle.; François, B.; Gambotti, L.; Lévy-Marchal, C.; Misse, C.; Roussel, C.; Sibenaler, C.; Simon, T.; Tavernier, B.; Thoby, Fédérique., 2015:
Promoting the place of the allied health professions in clinical research

Vyas, D.; Stinner, N.; Lindsey, C., 2010:
Promoting the professional development of students through the creation of a student organization on a satellite campus: APhA-ASP

Vedel, V.; Scotti, I., 2012:
Promoting the promoter

Stergachis, A., 2015:
Promoting the proper disposal of unused, unwanted, or expired medications

Veltro, F.; Ialenti, V.; Iannone, C.; Bonanni, E.; Morales García, M.Alejandro., 2015:
Promoting the psychological well-being of Italian youth: a pilot study of a high school mental health program

Chong, A.Ming-Lin., 2007:
Promoting the psychosocial health of the elderly- the role of social workers

Pristerà, L.A.; Sgarrella, C.; Luongo, F.; Faina, P.L.; Monticelli, L.; Bolognesi, R.; Pristerà, M.; Citroni, A.; Nisticò, A.R.; Castiglia, C.; Fiumalbi, C.; Porzio, P.; Cioni, A.; Bacci, P.; Buti, A.; Mucci, N.; Arcangeli, G.; Cupelli, V., 2013:
Promoting the quality of health surveillance of workers exposed to wood dust, with particular care to NPSC, in the territory of the Health Agency of Florence

Li, P.; Zhang, J.; Liu, J.; Ma, H.; Liu, J.; Lie, P.; Wang, Y.; Liu, G.; Zeng, H.; Li, Z.; Wei, X., 2015:
Promoting the recovery of injured liver with poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) scaffolds loaded with umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Godin, G.; Germain, M.; Conner, M.; Delage, G.; Sheeran, P., 2015:
Promoting the return of lapsed blood donors: a seven-arm randomized controlled trial of the question-behavior effect

Finn, J.; Atkinson, T., 2010:
Promoting the safe and strategic use of technology for victims of intimate partner violence: evaluation of the technology safety project

Karimbux, N.Y., 2014:
Promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning through peer review and public presentation

Lee, I-Chi.; Liu, Y-Chiang.; Tsai, H-Ang.; Shen, C-Ning.; Chang, Y-Chih., 2015:
Promoting the selection and maintenance of fetal liver stem/progenitor cell colonies by layer-by-layer polypeptide tethered supported lipid bilayer

Kuiper, R.; Pesut, D.; Kautz, D., 2009 :
Promoting the self-regulation of clinical reasoning skills in nursing students

Vandemark, L.M., 2007:
Promoting the sense of self, place, and belonging in displaced persons: the example of homelessness

Safren, S.A.; Blashill, A.J.; O'Cleirigh, C.M., 2011:
Promoting the sexual health of MSM in the context of comorbid mental health problems

Mayer, K.H.; Garofalo, R.; Makadon, H.J., 2014:
Promoting the successful development of sexual and gender minority youths

Behar-Horenstein, L.S.; Schneider-Mitchell, G.; Graff, R., 2009:
Promoting the teaching of critical thinking skills through faculty development

Bloch, S.; Green, S.A., 2009:
Promoting the teaching of psychiatric ethics

Bruce, M.L.; Bartels, S.J.; Lyness, J.M.; Sirey, J.Anne.; Sheline, Y.I.; Smith, G., 2011:
Promoting the transition to independent scientist: a national career development program

Arnold, A.P., 2011:
Promoting the understanding of sex differences to enhance equity and excellence in biomedical science

Lorenc, T.; Marrero-Guillamón, I.; Aggleton, P.; Cooper, C.; Llewellyn, A.; Lehmann, A.; Lindsay, C., 2011:
Promoting the uptake of HIV testing among men who have sex with men: systematic review of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness

Ring, N.; Malcolm, C.; Wyke, S.; Macgillivray, S.; Dixon, D.; Hoskins, G.; Pinnock, H.; Sheikh, A., 2007:
Promoting the use of Personal Asthma Action Plans: a systematic review

Batayneh, M.K.; Marie, I.; Asi, I., 2008:
Promoting the use of crumb rubber concrete in developing countries

Worley, G.H., 2010:
Promoting the use of equestrian helmets: another opportunity for injury prevention

Rivard, L.M.; Russell, D.J.; Roxborough, L.; Ketelaar, M.; Bartlett, D.J.; Rosenbaum, P., 2010:
Promoting the use of measurement tools in practice: a mixed-methods study of the activities and experiences of physical therapist knowledge brokers

Van Peppen, R.P.S.; Schuurmans, M.J.; Stutterheim, E.C.; Lindeman, E.; Van Meeteren, N.L.U., 2010:
Promoting the use of outcome measures by an educational programme for physiotherapists in stroke rehabilitation: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Galimba, J., 2009:
Promoting the use of periarticular multimodal drug injection for total knee arthroplasty

Cho, Y.Ik., 2014:
Promoting the use of substance use survey data

Chuang, W-Ling.; Chiang, H-Ying.; Chen, C-Ying.; Wang, S-Mei.; Ma, S-Ching., 2009:
Promoting the use of the nasopharyngeal airway to treat watery diarrhea

Schauer, C.; Everett, A.; del Vecchio, P.; Anderson, L., 2007:
Promoting the value and practice of shared decision-making in mental health care

Krueger, R.F., 2014:
Promoting the vanguard: rejoinder for "personality disorders are the vanguard of the post-DSM-5.0 era"

Siegel, B.S.; Dobbins, M.I.; Lavin, A.; Mattson, G.; Pascoe, J.; Yogman, M.; Brown, R.T.; Kupst, M.Jo.; Martini, D..Richard.; Blue, B.; Carmichael, T.; Cohen, G.J.; Domain, S., 2013:
Promoting the well-being of children whose parents are gay or lesbian

Anonymous, 2013:
Promoting the work of veterinary nurses

Seaborn, T.; Moulin, J-Alexandra.; Côté, Mélissa.; Tremblay, Y., 2012:
Promoting the "3Rs" principle in developmental biology with early and convenient diagnosis of pregnancy in mice

McCook, S., 2008:
Promoting the "practical": science and agricultural modernization in Puerto Rico and Colombia, 1920-1940

Lecce, S.; Bianco, F.; Devine, R.T.; Hughes, C.; Banerjee, R., 2015:
Promoting theory of mind during middle childhood: a training program

Webster, D., 2014:
Promoting therapeutic communication and patient-centered care using standardized patients

Mazer-Amirshahi, M., 2015:
Promoting therapeutic equity in pregnancy

Kesarwani, P.; Al-Khami, A.A.; Scurti, G.; Thyagarajan, K.; Kaur, N.; Husain, S.; Fang, Q.; Naga, O.S.; Simms, P.; Beeson, G.; Voelkel-Johnson, C.; Garrett-Mayer, E.; Beeson, C.C.; Nishimura, M.I.; Mehrotra, S., 2015:
Promoting thiol expression increases the durability of antitumor T-cell functions

Dirks, M.; Niessen, L.W.; van Wijngaarden, J.D.H.; Koudstaal, P.J.; Franke, C.L.; van Oostenbrugge, R.J.; Huijsman, R.; Lingsma, H.F.; Minkman, M.M.N.; Dippel, D.W.J., 2011:
Promoting thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke

Díaz-Toro, E.C.; Fernández, M.E.; Correa-Fernández, V.; Calo, W.A.; Ortiz, A.Patricia.; Mejía, L.M.; Mazas, C.A.; Santos-Ortiz, M.del.Carmen.; Wetter, D.W., 2014:
Promoting tobacco cessation and smoke-free workplaces through community outreach partnerships in Puerto Rico

Abar, B.; Ogedegbe, C.; Dalawari, P.; Freeman, K.; Boudreaux, E.D.; Illuzzi, F.; Carro-Kowalcyk, S.; Molloy, M.; Bradley, K., 2015:
Promoting tobacco cessation utilizing pre-health professional students as research associates in the emergency department

Sarna, L.; Bialous, S.A.; Rice, V.H.; Wewers, M.Ellen., 2010:
Promoting tobacco dependence treatment in nursing education

Stanton, C.R.; Chu, A.; Collin, J.; Glantz, S.A., 2011:
Promoting tobacco through the international language of dance music: British American Tobacco and the Ministry of Sound

Farber, H.J., 2012:
Promoting tobacco to women of reproductive age harms fetuses

Summerlin-Long, S.K.; Goldstein, A.O.; Davis, J.; Shah, V., 2009:
Promoting tobacco-free school policies through a statewide media campaign

Stern, J.N.H.; Keskin, D.B.; Kato, Z.; Waldner, H.; Schallenberg, S.; Anderson, A.; von Boehmer, H.; Kretschmer, K.; Strominger, J.L., 2010:
Promoting tolerance to proteolipid protein-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis through targeting dendritic cells

Finkel, E., 2013:
Promoting total health

Janelle, A.; Laliberté, A.; Ottawa, U., 2009:
Promoting traditions: an evaluation of a wilderness activity among First Nations of Canada

Forjuoh, S.N., 2010:
Promoting traffic safety in low- and middle-income countries

Nampanya, S.; Khounsy, S.; Rast, L.; Windsor, P.A., 2014:
Promoting transboundary animal disease risk management via a multiple health and husbandry intervention strategies in upland Lao PDR

Farnung, B.O.; Giulotto, E.; Azzalin, C.M., 2011:
Promoting transcription of chromosome ends

Cavallini, E.; Dunlosky, J.; Bottiroli, S.; Hertzog, C.; Vecchi, T., 2011:
Promoting transfer in memory training for older adults

Kain, K., 2009:
Promoting translational research at Vanderbilt University's CTSA institute

Tang, Y-Wei., 2014:
Promoting translational research in human and veterinary medical virology

Ross, J.S.; Gross, C.P.; Krumholz, H.M., 2012:
Promoting transparency in pharmaceutical industry-sponsored research

Marušić, A.; Gasparyan, A.Yuri.; Kitas, G.D., 2014:
Promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies in rheumatology: endorsement of reporting guidelines in rheumatology journals

Safinia, N.; Leech, J.; Hernandez-Fuentes, M.; Lechler, R.; Lombardi, G., 2013:
Promoting transplantation tolerance; adoptive regulatory T cell therapy

Junge, B.; Quiñones, C.; Kakietek, J.; Teodorescu, D.; Marsteller, P., 2011:
Promoting undergraduate interest, preparedness, and professional pursuit in the sciences: An outcomes evaluation of the SURE program at Emory University

Orobaton, N.; Nsabagasani, X.; Ekochu, E.; Oki, J.; Kironde, S.; Lippeveld, T., 2007:
Promoting unity of purpose in district health service delivery in Uganda through partnerships, trust building and evidence-based decision-making

Manderscheid, R.W., 2009:
Promoting universal coverage

Vargas, J.Rafael.; Muiser, J., 2014:
Promoting universal financial protection: a policy analysis of universal health coverage in Costa Rica (1940-2000)

Onoka, C.A.; Onwujekwe, O.E.; Uzochukwu, B.S.; Ezumah, N.N., 2013:
Promoting universal financial protection: constraints and enabling factors in scaling-up coverage with social health insurance in Nigeria

Chirwa, M.L.; Kazanga, I.; Faedo, G.; Thomas, S., 2013:
Promoting universal financial protection: contracting faith-based health facilities to expand access--lessons learned from Malawi

McIntyre, D.; Ranson, M.K.; Aulakh, B.K.; Honda, A., 2014:
Promoting universal financial protection: evidence from seven low- and middle-income countries on factors facilitating or hindering progress

Devadasan, N.; Seshadri, T.; Trivedi, M.; Criel, B., 2013:
Promoting universal financial protection: evidence from the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) in Gujarat, India

Zoidze, A.; Rukhazde, N.; Chkhatarashvili, K.; Gotsadze, G., 2014:
Promoting universal financial protection: health insurance for the poor in Georgia--a case study

Tangcharoensathien, V.; Pitayarangsarit, S.; Patcharanarumol, W.; Prakongsai, P.; Sumalee, H.; Tosanguan, J.; Mills, A., 2013:
Promoting universal financial protection: how the Thai universal coverage scheme was designed to ensure equity

Rittle, C., 2013:
Promoting universal vaccination among workers

Mirza, D.M., 2010:
Promoting unprofessionalism in the UAE?

Rose, S.B.; Lanumata, T.; Lawton, B.A., 2012:
Promoting uptake of the HPV vaccine: the knowledge and views of school staff

Bardsley, A., 2016:
Promoting urinary continence in older women

Agnew, R.; Booth, J., 2009:
Promoting urinary continence with older people: a selective literature review

Booth, J.; Kumlien, S.; Zang, Y., 2009:
Promoting urinary continence with older people: key issues for nurses

Staggers, N.; Rodney, M., 2012:
Promoting usability in organizations with a new health usability model: implications for nursing informatics

Aitken, M.E.; Miller, B.K.; Anderson, B.L.; Swearingen, C.J.; Monroe, K.W.; Daniels, D.; O Neil, J.; Tres Scherer, L.R.; Hafner, J.; Mullins, S.H., 2014:
Promoting use of booster seats in rural areas through community sports programs

Blumenthal, D., 2010:
Promoting use of health IT: why be a meaningful user?

Jilcott, S.B.; Vu, M.B.; Morgan, J.; Keyserling, T.C., 2012:
Promoting use of nutrition and physical activity community resources among women in a family planning clinic setting

Nayak, S.N.; Song, J.; Villa, A.; Pathak, B.; Ayala-Silva, T.; Yang, X.; Todd, J.; Glynn, N.C.; Kuhn, D.N.; Glaz, B.; Gilbert, R.A.; Comstock, J.C.; Wang, J., 2015:
Promoting utilization of Saccharum spp. genetic resources through genetic diversity analysis and core collection construction

Anonymous, 2015:
Promoting veterinary leadership in Indonesia

Williams, C., 2012:
Promoting vocabulary learning in young children who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing: translating research into practice

Braquehais, Mía.Dolores.; Valero, S.; Matalí, J.Lluís.; Bel, M.Jordi.; Montejo, Jé.Eduardo.; Nasillo, V.; Arteman, A.; Padrós, J.; Bruguera, E.; Casas, M., 2015:
Promoting voluntary help-seeking among doctors with mental disorders

Withers, M.; Browner, C.H.; Aghaloo, T., 2013:
Promoting volunteerism in global health: lessons from a medical mission in northern Mexico

Aittasalo, M.; Rinne, M.; Pasanen, M.; Kukkonen-Harjula, K.; Vasankari, T., 2012:
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Promoting your voice and vision with Canadian Nurse

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Promotion from within: a good idea?

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Promotion of Caspase Activation by Caspase-9-mediated Feedback Amplification of Mitochondrial Damage

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Promotion of HACCP approach for the soft drink manufacturers

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Promotion of Nordic collaboration in health services

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Promotion of basic research in the European Union: the European research council (ERC) and the initiative for science in Europe (ISE )

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Promotion of body donation and use of cadavers in anatomical education at the University of Padova

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Promotion of cardiovascular disease by exposure to the air pollutant ozone

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Promotion of chloroplast proliferation upon enhanced post-mitotic cell expansion in leaves

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Promotion of choice in the care of people with bipolar disorder: a mental health nursing perspective

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Promotion of chondrogenesis of marrow stromal stem cells by TGF-β3 fusion protein in vivo. [corrected

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Promotion of clinical practice guideline in fertility preservation for patients with gynecological malignancies

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Promotion of cognitive health through cognitive activity in the aging population

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Promotion of colonization and virulence by cholera toxin is dependent on neutrophils

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Promotion of family physicians must be included in the coalition contract

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Promotion of human welfare

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Promotion of just culture in the emergency department

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Promotion of nerve regeneration in peripheral nerve by short-course FK506 after end-to-side neurorrhaphy

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Promotion of nurses to academic management: discussing their role through the theory of adaptation (70's 80's)

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Promotion of off-label use not always a crime

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Promotion of oral health: need for interprofessional collaboration

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Promotion of oral, dental, and craniofacial research

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Promotion of oxygen transfer in three-phase fluidized-bed bioreactors by floating bubble breakers

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Promotion of traditional Persian medicine; a neglected necessity

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Promotions In The University Of California At Berkeley

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Co-infection of intestinal parasites and Helicobacter pylori among upper gastrointestinal symptomatic adult patients attending Mekanesalem Hospital, northeast Ethiopia

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Promover el bilingüismo: American children should learn Spanish, and so should American child psychiatrists

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Promoviendo una Alimentación Saludable (PAS) design and methods: engaging Latino families in eating disorder treatment

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Prompt HO2 formation following the reaction of OH with aromatic compounds under atmospheric conditions

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Prompt access to expert care is among advice to reduce perinatal deaths in Netherlands

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Prompt and aggressive management of sepsis gives patients the best chance of survival

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Prompt and powerful effect of a practice guideline on caudal additives

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Prompt diagnosis vital

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Prompt use of neuraminidase inhibitors improves survival of children severely ill with flu

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Promptness? - yes, haste? - no

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