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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55230

Chapter 55230 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Maille, L.; Bergere, M.; Lemoine, E.; Camier, B.; Prevost, J.F.; Bourdrel, J.M.; Hammoud, I.; Selva, J.; Vialard, F., 2009:
Pronuclear morphology differs between women more than 38 and women less than 30 years of age

Nicoli, A.; Palomba, S.; Capodanno, F.; Fini, M.; Falbo, A.; L.S.la, G.Battista., 2013:
Pronuclear morphology evaluation for fresh in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles: a systematic review

Arroyo, G.; Santaló, J.; Parriego, Mònica.; Boada, M.; Barri, P.N.; Veiga, A., 2011:
Pronuclear morphology, embryo development and chromosome constitution

Depa-Martynow, M.; Jedrzejczak, P.; Pawelczyk, L., 2008:
Pronuclear scoring as a predictor of embryo quality in in vitro fertilization program

Van Den Bergh, M.Jg.; Fahy-Deshe, M.; Hohl, M.K., 2010:
Pronuclear zygote score following intracytoplasmic injection of hyaluronan-bound spermatozoa: a prospective randomized study

Anonymous, 1885:

Brown, R.W., 1933:
Pronunciation Of Botanical Terms

Han, H-Wei.; Zhan, D-Ying., 2014:
Pronunciation analsis on Jiexi (ST 41)

Stecewicz, Młgorzata.; Wysocki, Rścisław.; Halczy-Kowalik, L., 2007:
Pronunciation and swallowing in patients with tongue deficits following resection of oral cavity tumor

Harris, C.E.S., 2010:
Pronunciation of medical words

Li, R.; Fang, B.; Shen, Y.; Sun, C.; Wang, P., 2010:
Prony analysis method about P-peak detection in ECG

Gerck, E., 1979:
Prony method revised

Koontz, E.; Blouin, V.; Wachtel, P.; Musgraves, J.David.; Richardson, K., 2012:
Prony series spectra of structural relaxation in N-BK7 for finite element modeling

Bridges, C.B., 1921:
Proof Of Non-Disjunction For The Fourth Chromosome Of Drosophila Melanogaster

Boyce, R.W., 1910:
Proof Of The Endemic Origin Of Yellow Fever In West Africa

Lipman, C.B.; Taylor, J.K., 1922:
Proof Of The Power Of The Wheat Plant To Fix Atmospheric Nitrogen

Cotton, F.Albert.; Chiarella, G.M.; Dalal, N.S.; Murillo, C.A.; Wang, Z.; Young, M.D., 2009:
Proof by EPR spectroscopy that the unpaired electron in an Os(2)(7+) species is in a delta* metal-based molecular orbital

Cooper, B., 2016:
Proof by synthesis of Tobacco mosaic virus

Seixas, C.A., 1948:
Proof drink coffee treated with insecticides to combat drill

Claussen, Børgulf.; Næss, Øyvind.; Reime, L.Jostein.; Leyland, A.H., 2015:
Proof firm downsizing and diagnosis-specific disability pensioning in Norway

Vereide, D.; Sugden, B., 2010:
Proof for EBV's sustaining role in Burkitt's lymphomas

Bandara, H.M.Dhammika.; Friss, T.R.; Enriquez, M.M.; Isley, W.; Incarvito, C.; Frank, H.A.; Gascon, J.; Burdette, S.C., 2010:
Proof for the concerted inversion mechanism in the trans-->cis isomerization of azobenzene using hydrogen bonding to induce isomer locking

Taillens, Fçoise., 2008:
Proof from plants

Egidi, Günther., 2010:
Proof not given

Esch, C.; Galperin, A.; Krolitzki, B.; Glasmacher, B.; Shen, A.; Ratner, B.D., 2013:
Proof of Concept of a New Glucose Sensing Technology: Color-Changing Hydrogels Including au Nanoparticles

Anonymous, 2008:
Proof of HIV infection not necessary to uphold testing order

Busch, P.; Lahti, P.; Werner, R.F., 2013:
Proof of Heisenberg's error-disturbance relation

Multari, R.A.; Cremers, D.A.; Bostian, M.L.; Dupre, J.M.; Gustafson, J.E., 2013:
Proof of Principle for a Real-Time Pathogen Isolation Media Diagnostic: The Use of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to Discriminate Bacterial Pathogens and Antimicrobial-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains Grown on Blood Agar

Kurreck, J., 2010:
Proof of RNA interference in humans after systemic delivery of siRNAs

Necchi, A.; Nicolai, N.; Colecchia, M.; Catanzaro, M.; Torelli, T.; Piva, L.; Salvioni, R., 2011:
Proof of activity of anti-epidermal growth factor receptor-targeted therapy for relapsed squamous cell carcinoma of the penis

Moyle, G.; DeJesus, E.; Boffito, M.; Wong, R.S.; Gibney, C.; Badel, K.; MacFarland, R.; Calandra, G.; Bridger, G.; Becker, S., 2009:
Proof of activity with AMD11070, an orally bioavailable inhibitor of CXCR4-tropic HIV type 1

Phillips, C.; Narayanasamy, S., 2011:
Proof of age required--estimating age in adults without birth records

Newman, H.W., 2011:
Proof of alcoholic intoxication

Bachhuber, A.; Wagner, A.; Reichel, G.; Doberenz, M.; Stenner, A.; Hermann, W., 2008:
Proof of botulinum toxin antibodies with the Extensor Digitorum Brevis Test

Friozzi, G., 1948:
Proof of bromosulfaleina hepatica; study in 200 cases

Thieme, D.; Sachs, H.; Uhl, M., 2014:
Proof of cannabis administration by sensitive detection of 11-nor-Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid in hair using selective methylation and application of liquid chromatography- tandem and multistage mass spectrometry

Cockburn, T.; Madden, B., 2011:
Proof of causation in informed consent cases: establishing what the plaintiff would have done

Klingenberg, B., 2009:
Proof of concept and dose estimation with binary responses under model uncertainty

Suzuki, H.; Kondoh, M.; Takahashi, A.; Yagi, K., 2012:
Proof of concept for claudin-targeted drug development

Ansari, H.; Kempen, J.H., 2010:
Proof of concept for combined insertion of fluocinolone acetonide and glaucoma drainage implants for eyes with uveitis and glaucoma

Hruska, C.B.; Weinmann, A.L.; O'Connor, M.K., 2012:
Proof of concept for low-dose molecular breast imaging with a dual-head CZT gamma camera. Part I. Evaluation in phantoms

Hruska, C.B.; Weinmann, A.L.; Tello Skjerseth, C.M.; Wagenaar, E.M.; Conners, A.L.; Tortorelli, C.L.; Maxwell, R.W.; Rhodes, D.J.; O'Connor, M.K., 2012:
Proof of concept for low-dose molecular breast imaging with a dual-head CZT gamma camera. Part II. Evaluation in patients

Bieryla, K.A.; Madigan, M.L., 2011:
Proof of concept for perturbation-based balance training in older adults at a high risk for falls

Rossmanith, P.; Mester, P.; Frühwirth, K.; Fuchs, S.; Wagner, M., 2011:
Proof of concept for recombinant cellular controls in quantitative molecular pathogen detection

Lefebvre, D.J.; D.V.eeschauwer, A.R.; Goris, N.; Kollanur, D.; Billiet, A.; Murao, L.; Neyts, J.; D.C.ercq, K., 2015:
Proof of concept for the inhibition of foot-and-mouth disease virus replication by the anti-viral drug 2'-C-methylcytidine in severe combined immunodeficient mice

Vrancken, R.; Haegeman, A.; Paeshuyse, J.; Puerstinger, G.; Rozenski, J.; Wright, M.; Tignon, Mène.; L.P.tier, M-Frédérique.; Neyts, J.; Koenen, F., 2009:
Proof of concept for the reduction of classical swine fever infection in pigs by a novel viral polymerase inhibitor

Botsis, T.; Lai, A.M.; Hripcsak, G.; Palmas, W.; Starren, J.B.; Hartvigsen, G., 2012:
Proof of concept for the role of glycemic control in the early detection of infections in diabetics

Fuchs, F.Danni.; Fuchs, S.Costa.; Moreira, L.Beltrami.; Gus, M., 2012:
Proof of concept in cardiovascular risk: the paradoxical findings in blood pressure and lipid abnormalities

Crijns, S.P.M.; Raaymakers, B.W.; Lagendijk, J.J.W., 2013:
Proof of concept of MRI-guided tracked radiation delivery: tracking one-dimensional motion

Shad, A.; Rodriguez-Villegas, E., 2013:
Proof of concept of a shoe based human activity monitor

Ma, B.; Simpson, A.L.; Ellis, R.E., 2007:
Proof of concept of a simple computer-assisted technique for correcting bone deformities

Haeufle, D.F.B.; Günther, M.; Blickhan, R.; Schmitt, S., 2012:
Proof of concept of an artificial muscle: theoretical model, numerical model, and hardware experiment

Tian, Y.; Zhang, L.; Ji, R.; Yang, L.; Zhou, P.; Chen, H.; Ding, J.; Zhu, W.; Lu, Y.; Jia, L.; Fang, Q.; Yu, M., 2011:
Proof of concept of directed OR/NOR and AND/NAND logic circuit consisting of two parallel microring resonators

Gomez, J.; Jorge, I.; Durana, G.; Arrue, J.; Zubia, J.; Aranguren, G.; Montero, A.; López, I., 2014:
Proof of concept of impact detection in composites using fiber bragg grating arrays

Sellitto, M.; Bai, G.; Serena, G.; Fricke, W.Florian.; Sturgeon, C.; Gajer, P.; White, J.R.; Koenig, S.S.K.; Sakamoto, J.; Boothe, D.; Gicquelais, R.; Kryszak, D.; Puppa, E.; Catassi, C.; Ravel, J.; Fasano, A., 2012 :
Proof of concept of microbiome-metabolome analysis and delayed gluten exposure on celiac disease autoimmunity in genetically at-risk infants

Lowes, L.P.; Alfano, L.N.; Yetter, B.A.; Worthen-Chaudhari, L.; Hinchman, W.; Savage, J.; Samona, P.; Flanigan, K.M.; Mendell, J.R., 2013:
Proof of concept of the ability of the kinect to quantify upper extremity function in dystrophinopathy

Pallett, D.W.; Soh, E.; Edwards, M-Lou.; Bodey, K.; Lau, L.C.K.; Cooper, J.Ian.; Howarth, P.H.; Walls, A.F.; Wang, H., 2010:
Proof of concept pilot study: prevalence of grass virus infection and the potential for effects on the allergenic potency of pollen

Mehta, L.R.; Schwid, S.R.; Arnold, D.L.; Cutter, G.R.; Aradhye, S.; Balcer, L.J.; Calabresi, P.A.; Cohen, J.A.; Cole, P.E.; Glanzman, R.; Goelz, S.; Inglese, M.; Kapoor, R.; Kappos, L.; Kreitman, R.; Lublin, F.D.; Mann, A.; Marrie, R.A.; O'Looney, P.; Polman, C.H.; Ravina, B.M.; Reingold, S.C.; Richert, J.R.; Sandrock, A.W.; Waubant, E., 2009:
Proof of concept studies for tissue-protective agents in multiple sclerosis

Massingham, L.J.; Johnson, K.L.; Bianchi, D.W.; Pei, S.; Peter, I.; Cowan, J.M.; Tantravahi, U.; Morrison, T.B., 2012:
Proof of concept study to assess fetal gene expression in amniotic fluid by nanoarray PCR

McKinlay, L.; Williamson, P.A.; Short, P.M.; Fardon, T.C.; Lipworth, B.J., 2011:
Proof of concept study to evaluate step-down therapy with inhaled corticosteroid alone or additive therapy on surrogate inflammatory markers in asthma

Bruckert, E.; Duchêne, E.; Bonnefont-Rousselot, D.; Hansel, B.; Ansquer, J-Claude.; Dubois, Aé.; Gaymard, B., 2010:
Proof of concept study: does fenofibrate have a role in sleep apnoea syndrome?

Phan, T.G.; Demchuk, A.; Srikanth, V.; Silver, B.; Patel, S.C.; Barber, P.A.; Levine, S.R.; Hill, M.D., 2014:
Proof of concept study: relating infarct location to stroke disability in the NINDS rt-PA trial

Prasad, B.; Radulovacki, M.G.; Carley, D.W., 2013 :
Proof of concept trial of dronabinol in obstructive sleep apnea

Evans, R.J.; Moldwin, R.M.; Cossons, N.; Darekar, A.; Mills, I.W.; Scholfield, D., 2011:
Proof of concept trial of tanezumab for the treatment of symptoms associated with interstitial cystitis

Wenzler, D.L.; Burks, F.N.; Cooney, M.; Peters, K.M., 2015:
Proof of concept trial on changes in current perception threshold after sacral neuromodulation

Machado-Vieira, R.; Zarate, C.A., 2011:
Proof of concept trials in bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder: a translational perspective in the search for improved treatments

Odama, A.; Wright, G.; Kabuya, C.; O'Mahony, D., 2015:
Proof of concept using tablet computers to survey TB

Guymer, R.H.; Baird, P.N.; Varsamidis, M.; Busija, L.; Dimitrov, P.N.; Aung, K.Zaw.; Makeyeva, G.A.; Richardson, A.J.; Lim, L.; Robman, L.D., 2014:
Proof of concept, randomized, placebo-controlled study of the effect of simvastatin on the course of age-related macular degeneration

Sinclair, P.; Schoch, M.; Black, K.; Woods, M., 2011:
Proof of concept: Developing a peer reviewed, evidence-based, interactive e-learning programme

Chang, J.Ho.; Raphael, D.T.; Zhang, Y.Ping.; Shung, K.Kirk., 2011:
Proof of concept: In vitro measurement of correlation between radiodensity and ultrasound echo response of ovine vertebral bodies

Jacques, P.; Lambrecht, S.; Verheugen, E.; Pauwels, E.; Kollias, G.; Armaka, M.; Verhoye, M.; Van der Linden, A.; Achten, R.; Lories, R.J.; Elewaut, D., 2014:
Proof of concept: enthesitis and new bone formation in spondyloarthritis are driven by mechanical strain and stromal cells

Meyns, B.; Klotz, S.; Simon, A.; Droogne, W.; Rega, F.; Griffith, B.; Dowling, R.; Zucker, M.J.; Burkhoff, D., 2009:
Proof of concept: hemodynamic response to long-term partial ventricular support with the synergy pocket micro-pump

Azmi, A.S.; Wang, Z.; Philip, P.A.; Mohammad, R.M.; Sarkar, F.H., 2011:
Proof of concept: network and systems biology approaches aid in the discovery of potent anticancer drug combinations

Açil, Y.; Springer, I.N.; Niehoff, P.; Gassling, V.; Warnke, P.H.; Açmaz, S.; Sönmez, T.Taha.; Kimmig, B.; Lefteris, V.; Wiltfang, Jörg., 2007:
Proof of direct radiogenic destruction of collagen in vitro

Sun, M.; Bianchi, M.; Hansen, J.; Trinh, Q-Dien.; Karakiewicz, P.I., 2013:
Proof of efficacy is not enough: contemporary management of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma with targeted therapy

Fowler, A.G., 2012:
Proof of finite surface code threshold for matching

Scott-Orr, H., 2011:
Proof of freedom from equine influenza infection in Australia in 2007-08

Shermer, M., 2013:
Proof of hallucination

Hothorn, L.A.; Hasler, M., 2008:
Proof of hazard and proof of safety in toxicological studies using simultaneous confidence intervals for differences and ratios to control

Frag, F.Lho, C.; Rodrigue, D.S.Lva, J.; Costa, N., 1947:
Proof of hippuric acid in the diagnosis of diseases of the liver

Andersson, N., 2012 :
Proof of impact and pipeline planning: directions and challenges for social audit in the health sector

Lee, K.Tae.; Kan, W.H.; Nazar, L.F., 2009:
Proof of intercrystallite ionic transport in LiMPO(4) electrodes (M = Fe, Mn)

Erdman, D., 2010:
Proof of life. Why we must make every possible effort, even when patients 'look' dead

Johnson, O.; Langford, R.W., 2010:
Proof of life: a protocol for pregnant women who experience pre-20-week perinatal loss

Guddat, S.S.; Gapert, Ré.; Tsokos, M.; Oesterhelweg, L., 2013:
Proof of live birth using postmortem multislice computed tomography (pmMSCT) in cases of suspected neonaticide: advantages of diagnostic imaging compared to conventional autopsy

Denison, H.; Nilsson, C.; Kujacic, M.; Löfgren, L.; Karlsson, C.; Knutsson, M.; Eriksson, J.W., 2013:
Proof of mechanism for the DGAT1 inhibitor AZD7687: results from a first-time-in-human single-dose study

Park, H.Soo.; Jung, I.Soon.; Lim, N.Hee.; Sung, J.Hyun.; Lee, S.; Moon, B.Seok.; Lee, B.Chul.; Kang, K.Koo.; Kim, S.Eun., 2014:
Proof of mechanism study of a novel serotonin transporter blocker, DA-8031, using [11C]DASB positron emission tomography and in vivo microdialysis

Saito, T.; Asai, K.; Sato, S.; Takano, H.; Adach, A.; Sasaki, Y.; Namimatsu, S.; Mizuno, K., 2014:
Proof of myocardial autophagy by combining antigen retrieval and the avidin-biotin peroxidase complex method

Shukolyukov, S.A., 2011:
Proof of oligomeric state of frog rhodopsin: visualization of dimer and oligomers on gels after BN- and HRCN-PAGE using antibodies to rhodopsin and by retinylopsin fluorescence

Bui, P.; Rajanahalli, P.; Hong, J.; Weiss, M.L., 2013:
Proof of pluripotency of rat iPSCs missing

Zagolla, V.; Tremblay, E.; Moser, C., 2014:
Proof of principle demonstration of a self-tracking concentrator

Christensen, J.G., 2012:
Proof of principle for crizotinib in anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive malignancies was achieved in ALK-positive nonclinical models

Koch, R.A., 2011:
Proof of principle for inversion of vector sensor array data

Willemse-Erix, H.F.M.; Jachtenberg, J.; Barutçi, H.; Puppels, G.J.; van Belkum, A.; Vos, M.C.; Maquelin, K., 2010:
Proof of principle for successful characterization of methicillin-resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from skin by use of Raman spectroscopy and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis

ter Haar, R.; Wildschut, J.; Sugih, A.K.; Bart Möller, W.; de Waard, P.; Boeriu, C.G.; Heeres, H.J.; Schols, H.A.; Gruppen, H., 2011:
Proof of principle for the synthesis of hydroxy-aryl esters of glycosidic polyols and non-reducing oligosaccharides with subsequent enzymatic coupling to a tyrosine-containing tripeptide

Giarratana, M-Catherine.; Rouard, Hélène.; Dumont, Aès.; Kiger, L.; Safeukui, I.; L.P.nnec, P-Yves.; François, S.; Trugnan, G.; Peyrard, T.; Marie, T.; Jolly, Séverine.; Hebert, N.; Mazurier, C.; Mario, N.; Harmand, L.; Lapillonne, Hélène.; Devaux, J-Yves.; Douay, L., 2012:
Proof of principle for transfusion of in vitro-generated red blood cells

Sorensen, M.D.; Teichman, J.M.H.; Bailey, M.R., 2009:
Proof of principle in vitro study of a prototype ultrasound technology to size stone fragments during ureteroscopy

Csenki, L.; Alm, E.; Torgrip, R.J.O.; Aberg, K.Magnus.; Nord, L.I.; Schuppe-Koistinen, I.; Lindberg, J., 2007:
Proof of principle of a generalized fuzzy Hough transform approach to peak alignment of one-dimensional 1H NMR data

Lawrence, J.A.; Forrest, L.J.; Turek, M.M.; Miller, P.E.; Mackie, T.Rockwell.; Jaradat, H.A.; Vail, D.M.; Dubielzig, R.R.; Chappell, R.; Mehta, M.P., 2010:
Proof of principle of ocular sparing in dogs with sinonasal tumors treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy

van Hylckama Vlieg, A.; Baglin, C.A.; Bare, L.A.; Rosendaal, F.R.; Baglin, T.P., 2008:
Proof of principle of potential clinical utility of multiple SNP analysis for prediction of recurrent venous thrombosis

Seco, J.; Depauw, N., 2011:
Proof of principle study of the use of a CMOS active pixel sensor for proton radiography

Grinenko, A.; Wilcox, P.D.; Courtney, C.R.P.; Drinkwater, B.W., 2012:
Proof of principle study of ultrasonic particle manipulation by a circular array device

Assenholt, M.S.; Vestergaard, A.; Kallehauge, J.F.; Mohamed, S.; Nielsen, Søren.K.; Petersen, Jørgen.B.; Fokdal, L.; Lindegaard, J.C.; Tanderup, K., 2014:
Proof of principle: Applicator-guided stereotactic IMRT boost in combination with 3D MRI-based brachytherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer

Mehnert, U.; Reitz, Aé.; Youssef, S.Abo.; Schurch, B., 2010:
Proof of principle: The effect of antimuscarinics on bladder filling sensations in healthy subjects--a placebo controlled double blind investigation using 4 and 8 mg tolterodine extended release

Schwab, N.A.; Tanner, J.J.; Nguyen, P.T.; Schmalfuss, I.M.; Bowers, D.; Okun, M.; Price, C.C., 2016:
Proof of principle: Transformation approach alters caudate nucleus volume and structure-function associations

Seeliger, E.; Ladwig, M.; Sargsyan, L.; Cantow, K.; Persson, P.B.; Flemming, B., 2012:
Proof of principle: hydration by low-osmolar mannitol-glucose solution alleviates undesirable renal effects of an iso-osmolar contrast medium in rats

Mouchantat, S.; Haas, B.; Böhle, W.; Globig, A.; Lange, E.; Mettenleiter, T.C.; Depner, K., 2014:
Proof of principle: non-invasive sampling for early detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in wild boar using a rope-in-a-bait sampling technique

Schellenberg, A.; Mauen, Sébastien.; Koch, C.Mareike.; Jans, R.; de Waele, P.; Wagner, W., 2015:
Proof of principle: quality control of therapeutic cell preparations using senescence-associated DNA-methylation changes

Howell, M.D.; Talmor, D.; Schuetz, P.; Hunziker, S.; Jones, A.E.; Shapiro, N.I., 2011:
Proof of principle: the predisposition, infection, response, organ failure sepsis staging system

Boes, M.; Bauer, J.; Urbach, H.; Elger, C.E.; Frank, S.; Baron, M.; Zsurka, G.; Kunz, W.S.; Kornblum, C., 2008:
Proof of progression over time: finally fulminant brain, muscle, and liver affection in Alpers syndrome associated with the A467T POLG1 mutation

Anonymous, 2013:
Proof of qualification also possible without colloquium

Altenberg, L., 2010:
Proof of the Feldman-Karlin conjecture on the maximum number of equilibria in an evolutionary system

Bøgsted, M.; Bilgrau, A.E.; Wardell, C.P.; Bertsch, U.; Schmitz, A.; Bødker, J.S.; Kjeldsen, M.K.; Goldschmidt, H.; Morgan, G.J.; Dybkaer, K.; Johnsen, H.E., 2014:
Proof of the concept to use a malignant B cell line drug screen strategy for identification and weight of melphalan resistance genes in multiple myeloma

Wakimoto, T.; Asakawa, T.; Akahoshi, S.; Suzuki, T.; Nagai, K.; Kawagishi, H.; Kan, T., 2011:
Proof of the existence of an unstable amino acid: pleurocybellaziridine in Pleurocybella porrigens

Munro, S.S.; Kosin, I.L., 2014:
Proof of the existence of pre-oviposital embryonic deaths in chickens and their bearing on the relation between fertility and hatchability

Wang, Y.; Hansen, F.Y.; Peters, Günther.H.; Hassager, O., 2008:
Proof of the identity between the depletion layer thickness and half the average span for an arbitrary polymer chain

Elderfield, R.C.; Dodd, T.N.; Gensler, W.J., 2014:
Proof of the position of the acetyl group in certain 9-acetyl-3-substituted retenes; dialkylamino carbinols from 9-acetyl-3-chlororetene

Gampell, R.J., 2016:
Proof of the pudding, British surgeon's story

Sakoda, K., 2012:
Proof of the universality of mode symmetries in creating photonic Dirac cones

Oberemok, V.V., 2008:
Proof of transovarial transmission of Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus (fam. Baculoviridae) with the RAPD-PCR method

Dansie, A., 2013:
Proof of work rights

Bogduk, N.; Fraifeld, E.M., 2010:
Proof or consequences: who shall pay for the evidence in pain medicine?

Carlson, J.J.; Ramsey, S.D., 2013:
Proof or principle? On economic modeling to guide genomic testing in metastatic colorectal cancer

Maytin, M.; Epstein, L.M., 2009:
Proof positive: efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis in device implantation

Weisse, B.; Affolter, C.; Koller, R.E.; Stutz, A., 2010:
Proof testing of ceramic femoral heads for hip joint implants

Cameron, D.J., 2010:
Proof that chronic lyme disease exists

Ciabattoni, A.; Montagna, F., 2013:
Proof theory for locally finite many-valued logics: Semi-projective logics

Peng, H.; Long, F.; Zhao, T.; Myers, E., 2012:
Proof-editing is the bottleneck of 3D neuron reconstruction: the problem and solutions

Chiu, S.; Gericke, N.; Farina-Woodbury, M.; Badmaev, V.; Raheb, H.; Terpstra, K.; Antongiorgi, J.; Bureau, Y.; Cernovsky, Z.; Hou, J.; Sanchez, V.; Williams, M.; Copen, J.; Husni, M.; Goble, L., 2014:
Proof-of-Concept Randomized Controlled Study of Cognition Effects of the Proprietary Extract Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin) Targeting Phosphodiesterase-4 in Cognitively Healthy Subjects: Implications for Alzheimer's Dementia

Wielopolski, L.; Ramirez, L.M.; Coyle, P.K.; Wang, Z.M.; Heymsfield, S.B., 2007:
Proof-of-Principle to Measure Potassium in the Human Brain: A Feasibility Study

Szafraniec, M.B.; Millard, T.P.; Ignatyev, K.; Speller, R.D.; Olivo, A., 2014:
Proof-of-concept demonstration of edge-illumination x-ray phase contrast imaging combined with tomosynthesis

Anderson, W.J.; Short, P.M.; Williamson, P.A.; Morrison, A.E.; Palmer, C.; Tavendale, R.; Lipworth, B.J., 2013:
Proof-of-concept evaluation of trough airway hyper-responsiveness following regular racemic or levosalbutamol in genotype-stratified steroid-treated persistent asthmatic patients

Korotkevich, A.O.; Lushnikov, P.M., 2011:
Proof-of-concept implementation of the massively parallel algorithm for simulation of dispersion-managed WDM optical fiber systems

Kral, F.; Gueler, O.; Perwoeg, M.; Bardosi, Z.; Puschban, E.J.; Riechelmann, H.; Freysinger, W., 2014:
Proof-of-concept of a laser mounted endoscope for touch-less navigated procedures

Collier, R., 2010:
Proof-of-concept projects proving productive

Marx, C.E.; Lee, J.; Subramaniam, M.; Rapisarda, A.; Bautista, D.C.T.; Chan, E.; Kilts, J.D.; Buchanan, R.W.; Wai, E.Pui.; Verma, S.; Sim, K.; Hariram, J.; Jacob, R.; Keefe, R.S.E.; Chong, S.Ann., 2015:
Proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial of pregnenolone in schizophrenia

Bharadwaj, B., 2012:
Proof-of-concept studies in Yoga and mental health

Pericleous, C.; Ruiz-Limón, P.; Romay-Penabad, Z.; Marín, A.Carrera.; Garza-Garcia, A.; Murfitt, L.; Driscoll, P.C.; Latchman, D.S.; Isenberg, D.A.; Giles, I.; Ioannou, Y.; Rahman, A.; Pierangeli, S.S., 2015:
Proof-of-concept study demonstrating the pathogenicity of affinity-purified IgG antibodies directed to domain I of β2-glycoprotein I in a mouse model of anti-phospholipid antibody-induced thrombosis

Larsson, J.T.; Torpdahl, M.; Møller Nielsen, E.; Aspán, A.; Bertrand, S.; Chiou, C-Shun.; Goodman, C.; Heck, M.; Hiley, L.; Hopkins, K.; Hogg, G.; Hyytia-Trees, E.; Izumiya, H.; Jernberg, C.; L.H.llo, S.; Lindstedt, Børn-Arne.; Malorny, B.; Prendergast, D.; Ragimbeau, C.; Sintchenko, V.; Smith, A.; Sørensen, G.; Tietze, E., 2013:
Proof-of-concept study for successful inter-laboratory comparison of MLVA results

Li, L.C.; Adam, P.M.; Backman, C.L.; Lineker, S.; Jones, C.Allyson.; Lacaille, D.; Townsend, A.F.; Yacyshyn, E.; Yousefi, C.; Tugwell, P.; Leese, J.; Stacey, D., 2015:
Proof-of-concept study of a Web-based methotrexate decision aid for patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Luo, H.; Dahlen, P.R.; Johnson, P.C.; Peargin, T., 2013:
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