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The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55234

Chapter 55234 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Propofol versus halothane in paediatric daycase surgery: a comparison of the duration of induction and haemodynamic profile
, Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine 21(1): 80-84 (2011)

Propofol versus midazolam and pethidine in the colonoscopy realization
, Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana 41(3): 214-220 (2011)

Propofol versus midazolam in medical thoracoscopy: a randomized, noninferiority trial
, Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases 88(2): 126-136 (2014)

Propofol versus propofol/ketamine for brief painful procedures in the emergency department: clinical and bispectral index scale comparison
, Journal of Pain and Palliative Care PharmacoTherapy 24(4): 349-355 (2010)

Propofol versus sevoflurane for fiberoptic intubation under spontaneous breathing anesthesia in patients difficult to intubate
, Minerva Anestesiologica 76(10): 780-786 (2010)

Propofol versus thiopental by target controlled infusion in patients undergoing craniotomy
, Minerva Anestesiologica 80(7): 761-768 (2014)

Propofol versus thiopental sodium for the treatment of refractory status epilepticus (Review)
, Evidence-Based Child Health: a Cochrane Review Journal 8(4): 1488-1508 (2013)

Propofol versus thiopental use in patients undergoing craniotomy
, Minerva Anestesiologica 80(7): 753-755 (2014)

Propofol versus traditional sedative agents for advanced endoscopic procedures: a meta-analysis
, Digestive Endoscopy: Official Journal of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society 26(4): 515-524 (2014)

Propofol versus traditional sedative agents for endoscopic submucosal dissection
, Digestive Endoscopy: Official Journal of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society 26(6): 701-706 (2014)

Propofol vs isoflurane anesthesia-incidence of PONV in patients at maxillofacial surgery
, Advances in Medical Sciences 55(2): 308-312 (2010)

Propofol vs midazolam plus fentanyl for upper gastrointestinal endomicroscopy: a randomized trial
, World Journal of Gastroenterology 18(15): 1814-1821 (2012)

Propofol vs pentobarbital for sedation of children undergoing magnetic resonance imaging: results from the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 19(6): 601-611 (2009)

Propofol vs traditional sedative agents for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a meta-analysis
, World Journal of Gastroenterology 17(30): 3538-3543 (2011)

Propofol with N-acetylcysteine reduces global myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury more than ketamine in a rat model
, Journal of Investigative Surgery: the Official Journal of the Academy of Surgical Research 22(5): 348-352 (2009)

Propofol with ketamine following sedation with xylazine for routine induction of general anaesthesia in horses
, Veterinary Record 173(22): 550 (2013)

Propofol withdrawal seizures (or not)
, Seizure 17(7): 665-667 (2008)

Propofol's effect on the sciatic nerve: Harmful or protective?
, Neural Regeneration Research 8(27): 2520-2530 (2013)

Propofol, amobarbital… is it the substance that matters, or the question about the role of the Wada test in brain tumor patients?
, World Neurosurgery 75(3-4): 428-430 (2011)

Propofol, remifentanil and mivacurium: fast track surgery with poor intubating conditions
, Minerva Anestesiologica 77(6): 585-591 (2011)

Propofol--sweet dreams, but not for everyone?
, Critical Care Medicine 39(4): 896-897 (2011)

Propofol-Based Sedation Does Not Increase Rate of Complication during Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Procedure
, Gastroenterology Research and Practice 2011 (2011)

Propofol-associated urine discolouration in critically ill patients-case reports
, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 42(2): 268-269 (2014)

Propofol-based deep sedation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography procedure in sick elderly patients in a developing country
, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 7: 251-255 (2011)

Propofol-based sedation in gastrointestinal endoscopy: getting safer and safer
, Digestion 89(4): 272-273 (2014)

Propofol-based versus dexmedetomidine-based sedation in cardiac surgery patients
, Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 27(6): 1289-1294 (2013)

Propofol-fentanyl versus propofol alone for lumbar puncture sedation in children with acute hematologic malignancies: propofol dosing and adverse events
, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: a Journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies 9(6): 616-622 (2008)

Propofol-induced Brugada electrocardiographic pattern
, Critical Care Nurse 28(5): 23; Author Reply 24 (2008)

Propofol-induced acute toxic hepatitis after brief sedation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
, Endoscopy 40(Suppl): E49 (2008)

Propofol-induced age-different hypocampal long-term potentiation is associated with F-actin polymerization in rats
, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 71(2): 1059-1066 (2015)

Propofol-induced apoptosis of neurones and oligodendrocytes in fetal and neonatal rhesus macaque brain
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 110(Suppl): I29-I38 (2013)

Propofol-induced changes in myoplasmic calcium concentrations in cultured human skeletal muscles from RYR1 mutation carriers
, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 35(6): 894-898 (2007)

Propofol-induced changes in neurotrophic signaling in the developing nervous system in vivo
, Plos one 7(4): E34396 (2012)

Propofol-induced coved-type electrocardiogram during catheter ablation of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. A case of Brugada syndrome?
, Herzschrittmachertherapie and Elektrophysiologie 23(1): 56-58 (2012)

Propofol-induced electroencephalographic seizures in neonatal rats: the role of corticosteroids and γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor-mediated excitation
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 120(2): 433-439 (2015)

Propofol-induced generalized tonic-clonic seizure: a case report
, Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 59(8): 1036-1038 (2010)

Propofol-induced hallucinations and dreams
, Therapie 63(2): 141-144 (2008 )

Propofol-induced hyperamylasaemia in a general intensive care unit
, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 35(6): 920-923 (2007)

Propofol-induced movement disorders
, Annals of Emergency Medicine 51(1): 111-112 (2008)

Propofol-induced myocardial depression: possible role of atrial muscarinic cholinergic receptors
, Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia y Reanimacion 55(2): 81-85 (2008)

Propofol-induced myoclonic seizures after endoscopic procedure in an elderly woman
, Chinese Medical Journal 125(5): 785 (2012)

Propofol-induced pain sensation involves multiple mechanisms in sensory neurons
, Pflugers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology 467(9): 2011-2020 (2015)

Propofol-induced pancreatitis after surgery for thyroid carcinoma
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 176(21) (2014)

Propofol-induced paroxysmal dystonia
, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 18(2): 115-116 (2012)

Propofol-induced protection of SH-SY5Y cells against hydrogen peroxide is associated with the HO-1 via the ERK pathway
, International Journal of Medical Sciences 10(5): 599-606 (2013)

Propofol-induced relaxation of rat aorta is altered by aging
, Journal of Medical Investigation: Jmi 61(3-4): 278-284 (2014)

Propofol-induced sleep: efficacy and safety in patients with refractory chronic primary insomnia
, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 60(3): 161-166 (2011)

Propofol-induced sleep: polysomnographic evaluation of patients with obstructive sleep apnea and controls
, Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery: Official Journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 142(2): 218-224 (2010)

Propofol-induced trismus, causing an unanticipated difficult intubation due to masseter spasm
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 176(30) (2014)

Propofol-induced violent coughing in a patient with Becker's muscular dystrophy
, Indian Journal of Pharmacology 43(4): 476-477 (2011)

Propofol-ketamine vs propofol-fentanyl combinations for deep sedation and analgesia in pediatric patients undergoing burn dressing changes
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 18(1): 43-47 (2008)

Propofol-ketamine vs propofol-fentanyl for sedation during pediatric upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 17(10): 983-988 (2007)

Propofol-related infusion syndrome heralding a mitochondrial disease: case report
, Neurology 82(5): 461 (2014)

Propofol-related infusion syndrome in critically ill pediatric patients: coincidence, association, or causation?
, journal of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics: JPPT: the official journal of PPAG 11(1): 17-42 (2006)

Propofol-related infusion syndrome: rare and fatal
, American Journal of Therapeutics 22(2): E33-E35 (2015)

Propofol-related infusion syndrome: role of propofol in medical complications of sedated critical care patients
, Permanente Journal 17(2): 85-87 (2013)

Propofol-related urine discoloration in a patient with fatal atypical intracerebral hemorrhage treated with hypothermia
, Springerplus 3: 551 (2014)

Propofol-remifentanil TCI sedation for oral surgery
, New Zealand Dental Journal 110(3): 85-89 (2014)

Propofol-remifentanil and the ankle clonus test in scoliosis patients
, Anaesthesia 65(7): 749-750 (2010)

Propofol-remifentanil combination for management of electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with neuroleptic malignant syndrome
, Case Reports in Medicine 2012: 585713 (2012)

Propofol-remifentanil intravenous anesthesia and spontaneous ventilation for airway foreign body removal in children with preoperative respiratory impairment
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 22(12): 1166-1170 (2012)

Propofol-sparing or lipid-sparing?
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 19(1): 54 (2009)

Propofol/alfentanil and propofol/ketamine procedural sedation in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: safety, efficacy and their correlation with pain neuromediator expression
, European Journal of Cancer Care 19(2): 212-220 (2010)

Propofol/dexmedetomidine and propofol/ketamine combinations for anesthesia in pediatric patients undergoing transcatheter atrial septal defect closure: a prospective randomized study
, Clinical Therapeutics 32(4): 701-709 (2010)

Propofol: a review of its non-anaesthetic effects
, European Journal of Pharmacology 605(1-3): 1-8 (2009)

Propofol: a safe drug for physician-led procedures?
, Europace: European Pacing Arrhythmias and Cardiac Electrophysiology: Journal of the Working Groups on Cardiac Pacing Arrhythmias and Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology of the European Society of Cardiology 14(3): 303-305 (2012)

Propofol: an overview of its risks and benefits
, Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry 34(4): 252-258 (2013)

Propofol: its role in changing the practice of anesthesia
, Anesthesiology 109(6): 1132-1136 (2008)

Propofol: neuroprotection in an in vitro model of traumatic brain injury
, Critical Care 13(2): R61 (2009)

Propofol: pro- or anticonvulsant drug?
, Anesthesia and analgesia 108(6): 1993-4; author reply 1994 (2009)

Propofol: sedation with or without analgesia?
, Journal of Emergency Nursing 40(3): 209 (2014)

Propofol: thriller or killer
, Plastic Surgical Nursing: Official Journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Nurses 30(1): 29-31; Quiz 32-3 (2010)

Propolis Modifies Collagen Types I and III Accumulation in the Matrix of Burnt Tissue
, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ecam 2013: 423809 (2013)

Propolis Reduces Phosphatidylcholine-Specific Phospholipase C Activity and Increases Annexin a7 Level in Oxidized-LDL-Stimulated Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ecam 2014: 465383 (2014)

Propolis accelerates the consolidation phase in distraction osteogenesis
, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 25(5): 1912-1916 (2014)

Propolis ameliorates tumor nerosis factor-α, nitric oxide levels, caspase-3 and nitric oxide synthase activities in kainic acid mediated excitotoxicity in rat brain
, African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicines: Ajtcam 11(5): 48-53 (2014 )

Propolis and allergic reactions
, Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences 4(4): 345 (2012)

Propolis and commonly used intracanal irrigants. Comparative evaluation of inflammatory potential
, Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 37(4): 373-376 (2013)

Propolis and commonly used intracanal irrigants: comparative evaluation of antimicrobial potential
, Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 37(3): 243-249 (2013)

Propolis and its Active Component, Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE), Modulate Breast Cancer Therapeutic Targets via an Epigenetically Mediated Mechanism of Action
, Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy 5(10): 334-342 (2013)

Propolis and its constituent caffeic acid suppress LPS-stimulated pro-inflammatory response by blocking NF-κB and MAPK activation in macrophages
, Journal of Ethnopharmacology 149(1): 84-92 (2013)

Propolis and its direct and indirect hypoglycemic effect
, Journal of Family and Community Medicine 18(3): 152-154 (2011)

Propolis and its emerging anti-neoplastic effects: beyond its role in oral dysplasia
, Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology 79(4): 417 (2013)

Propolis as a natural decontaminant and antioxidant in fresh oriental sausage
, Veterinaria Italiana 46(2): 167-172 (2010)

Propolis as an alternative treatment for cutaneous warts
, International Journal of Dermatology 48(11): 1246-1249 (2009)

Propolis as an indicator of environmental contamination by metals
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 92(3): 259-264 (2014)

Propolis as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compounds: which role for flavonoids?
, International Immunopharmacology 11(9): 1386-1387 (2011)

Propolis as potential cosmeceutical sunscreen agent for its combined photoprotective and antioxidant properties
, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 405(1-2): 97-101 (2011)

Propolis as storage media for avulsed teeth: microscopic and morphometric analysis in rats
, Dental Traumatology: Official Publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology 26(1): 80-85 (2010)

Propolis attenuates doxorubicin-induced testicular toxicity in rats
, Food and Chemical Toxicology: An International Journal Published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 67: 176-186 (2014)

Propolis augments apoptosis induced by butyrate via targeting cell survival pathways
, Plos one 8(9): E73151 (2013)

Propolis chemical composition and honeybee resistance against Varroa destructor
, Natural Product Research 28(11): 788-794 (2014)

Propolis cinnamic acid derivatives induce apoptosis through both extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis signaling pathways and modulate of miRNA expression
, Phytomedicine: International Journal of PhytoTherapy and Phytopharmacology 21(8-9): 1070-1077 (2014)

Propolis decreases lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory mediators in pulp cells and osteoclasts
, Dental traumatology: official publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology 30(5): 362-367 (2014)

Propolis derivatives inhibit the systemic inflammatory response and protect hepatic and neuronal cells in acute septic shock
, Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases 15(4): 332-338 ( 2011)

Propolis effect on Th1/Th2 cytokines production by acutely stressed mice
, Journal of Ethnopharmacology 125(2): 230-233 (2009)

Propolis effects on pro-inflammatory cytokine production and Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 expression in stressed mice
, International Immunopharmacology 9(11): 1352-1356 (2009)

Propolis enhances the effectiveness of praziquantel in experimental schistosomiasis: biochemical and histopathological study
, Parasitology Research 113(12): 4513-4523 (2014)

Propolis from Turkey induces apoptosis through activating caspases in human breast carcinoma cell lines
, Acta Histochemica 112(6): 546-556 (2010)

Propolis from northern California and Oregon: chemical composition, botanical origin, and content of allergens
, Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. C Journal of Biosciences 69(1-2): 10-20 (2014)

Propolis immunomodulatory action in vivo on Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 expression and on pro-inflammatory cytokines production in mice
, PhytoTherapy Research: Ptr 24(8): 1141-1146 (2010)

Propolis immunomodulatory activity on TLR-2 and TLR-4 expression by chronically stressed mice
, Natural Product Research 26(5): 446-453 (2012)

Propolis in dentistry and oral cancer management
, American Journal of the Medical Sciences 6(6): 250-259 (2014)

Propolis induced antibacterial activity and other technical properties of cotton textiles
, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 59: 408-416 (2013)

Propolis influence on erythrocyte membrane disorder (hereditary spherocytosis): a first approach
, Food and Chemical Toxicology: An International Journal Published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 49(2): 520-526 (2011)

Propolis inhibits TGF-β1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human alveolar epithelial cells via PPARγ activation
, International immunopharmacology 15(3): 565-574 (2013)

Propolis inhibits osteoclast maturation
, Dental traumatology: official publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology 25(6): 584-588 (2009)

Propolis inhibits the proliferation of human leukaemia HL-60 cells by inducing apoptosis through the mitochondrial pathway
, Natural Product Research 24(4): 375-386 (2010)

Propolis modulates fibronectin expression in the matrix of thermal injury
, Biomed Research International 2014: 748101 (2014)

Propolis mouthwash: A new beginning
, Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology 15(2): 121-125 (2011)

Propolis oil extract: quality analysis and evaluation of its antimicrobial activity
, Natural Product Research 25(15): 1463-1468 (2011)

Propolis organogel as a novel topical delivery system for treating wounds
, Drug Delivery 21(1): 55-61 (2014)

Propolis prevents aluminium-induced genetic and hepatic damages in rat liver
, Food and Chemical Toxicology: An International Journal Published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 48(10): 2741-2746 (2010)

Propolis prevents diet-induced hyperlipidemia and mitigates weight gain in diet-induced obesity in mice
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 32(12): 2022-2028 (2009)

Propolis prevents hepatorenal injury induced by chronic exposure to carbon tetrachloride
, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ecam 2012: 235358 (2012)

Propolis prevents the effects of chronic alcohol intake on ocular tissues
, Ophthalmic Research 42(3): 147-151 (2009)

Propolis protects against high glucose-induced vascular endothelial dysfunction in isolated rat aorta
, Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry 70(1): 247-254 (2014)

Propolis reduces oxidative stress in l-NAME-induced hypertension rats
, Cell Biochemistry and Function 32(2): 150-154 (2014)

Propolis research and the chemistry of plant products
, Natural Product Reports 28(5): 925-936 (2011)

Propolis specimens from different locations of central Italy: chemical profiling and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) quantitative analysis of the allergenic esters benzyl cinnamate and benzyl salicylate
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 59(1): 282-288 (2011)

Propolis standardized extract (EPP-AF®), an innovative chemically and biologically reproducible pharmaceutical compound for treating wounds
, International Journal of Biological Sciences 8(4): 512-521 (2012)

Propolis suppresses CdCl₂-induced cytotoxicity of COS7 cells through the prevention of intracellular reactive oxygen species accumulation
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 35(7): 1126-1131 (2012)

Propolis varnish: antimicrobial properties against cariogenic bacteria, cytotoxicity, and sustained-release profile
, Biomed Research International 2014: 348647 (2014)

Propolis volatile compounds: chemical diversity and biological activity: a review
, Chemistry Central Journal 8: 28 (2014)

Propolis with high flavonoid content collected by honey bees from Acacia paradoxa
, Phytochemistry 81: 126-132 (2012)

Propolis' antimicrobial activity: what's new?
, Le Infezioni in Medicina 15(1): 7-15 (2007)

Propolis: a new alternative for root canal disinfection
, Iranian Endodontic Journal 7(3): 127-133 (2012)

Propolis: a review of properties, applications, chemical composition, contact allergy, and other adverse effects
, Dermatitis: Contact Atopic Occupational Drug 24(6): 263-282 (2013)

Propolis: a wonder bees product and its pharmacological potentials
, Advances in Pharmacological Sciences 2013: 308249 (2013)

Propolis: hypersensitivity reactions
, Prescrire International 19(108): 170 (2010)

Propolis: is there a potential for the development of new drugs?
, Journal of Ethnopharmacology 133(2): 253-260 (2011)

Propolis: properties, application, and its potential
, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ecam 2013: 807578 (2013)

Proportion and acceptance of andropause symptoms among elderly men: a study in Jakarta
, Acta Medica Indonesiana 37(2): 82-86 (2005)

Proportion and characteristics of patients who measure their blood pressure at home: nationwide survey in Slovenia
, Srpski Arhiv Za Celokupno Lekarstvo 137(1-2): 52-57 (2009 )

Proportion and characteristics of γδT cells in different tissues and organs of C57BL/6 mice
, Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 29(5): 449-52 457 (2013)

Proportion and factors associated with depressive symptoms among elderly in an urban slum in Bangalore
, Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the new York Academy of Medicine 91(6): 1065-1075 (2014)

Proportion and prevention of venous thromboembolism among hospitalized patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Beijing
, Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 93(30): 2337-2340 (2013)

Proportion and risk indicators of nonadherence to antihypertensive therapy: a meta-analysis
, Patient Preference and Adherence 8: 211-218 (2014)

Proportion and site distribution of extrarespiratory tuberculosis in 2007-2010 in Romania
, Pneumologia 61(1): 10-14 (2012)

Proportion between wild-type and mutant protein in truncated compared to full-length ATTR: an analysis on transplanted transthyretin T60A amyloidosis patients
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 379(4): 846-850 (2009)

Proportion congruency effects: instructions may be enough
, Frontiers in Psychology 5: 1108 (2014)

Proportion hyperglycosylated hCG: a new test for discriminating gestational trophoblastic diseases
, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer: Official Journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society 24(9): 1709-1714 (2014)

Proportion of CD34(+)CD38(-) cell population in bone marrow of patients with de novo AML as prognostic factor of complete remission at first course of induction chemotherapy
, Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi 19(5): 1268-1272 (2011)

Proportion of Coptidis rhizoma and Evodiae fructus in the compound preparation: its effect in inducing apoptosis of SGC-7901 cells
, Nan Fang Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao 31(2): 226-229 (2011)

Proportion of HIV-1 infected CD8+CD4- T lymphocytes in vivo
, Current HIV Research 6(6): 585-596 (2008)

Proportion of Rh phenotypes in voluntary blood donors
, Medical Journal Armed Forces India 69(4): 330-334 (2013)

Proportion of US adults potentially affected by the 2014 hypertension guideline
, JAMA 311(14): 1424-1429 (2014)

Proportion of US congregations that have people living with HIV
, Journal of Religion and Health 51(2): 371-380 (2012)

Proportion of Urinary Schistosomiasis among HIV-Infected Subjects in Benin City, Nigeria
, Oman Medical Journal 26(3): 175-177 (2011)

Proportion of adults achieving sufficient physical activity increases in South Australia, 1998 - 2010
, Population Health Metrics 11(1): 23 (2013)

Proportion of and risk factors for open fractures of the appendicular skeleton in dogs and cats
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 245(6): 663-668 (2014)

Proportion of antidepressants prescribed without a psychiatric diagnosis is growing
, Health Affairs 30(8): 1434-1442 (2011)

Proportion of breast cancer in women aged 50 to 69 years from Girona, Spain, according to detection method
, Medicina Clinica 143(7): 300-302 (2014)

Proportion of cases of perforated appendicitis: a bad measure of quality of care
, Archives of Surgery 146(7): 885; Author Reply 885-6 (2011)

Proportion of circulating chicken heterophils and CXCLi2 expression in response to Salmonella enteritidis are affected by genetic line and immune modulating diet
, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 140(3-4): 323-328 (2011)

Proportion of crimes attributable to mental disorders in the Netherlands population
, World Psychiatry: Official Journal of the World Psychiatric Association 11(2): 134 (2012)

Proportion of death certificates issued by physicians and associated factors in Korea, 1990-2002
, Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 37(4): 345-352 (2004)

Proportion of deaths and clinical features in Bundibugyo Ebola virus infection, Uganda
, Emerging Infectious Diseases 16(12): 1969-1972 (2010)

Proportion of dementia and its associated factors among elderly patients attending outpatient clinics of Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital
, Medical Journal of Malaysia 64(2): 140-145 (2009)

Proportion of depression among the elderly population in a rural health care setting
, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: Jcdr 8(1): 137-139 (2014)

Proportion of depression and its determinants among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in various tertiary care hospitals in Mangalore city of South India
, Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 17(4): 681-688 (2013)

Proportion of deproteinized bovine bone and autogenous bone affects bone formation in the treatment of calvarial defects in rabbits
, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 38(4): 356-362 (2009)

Proportion of dermatitis attributed to work exposures in the working population, United States, 2011 behavioral risk factor surveillance system
, American Journal of Industrial Medicine 57(6): 653-659 (2014)

Proportion of diabetes type in early-onset diabetes in Japan
, Diabetes Care 30(5): E30 (2007)

Proportion of drug resistance among relapse tuberculosis cases --summary of Ryoken studies 1977-2002
, Kekkaku: 84(12): 778-780 (2009)

Proportion of drug users in treatment who have never undergone serological testing for HIV, HBV and HCV and correlates of failure to undergo testing: Italy, 2005-2007
, Annali di igiene: medicina preventiva e di comunita 21(4): 315-327 (2009)

Proportion of elementary school pupils' anthropometric characteristics with dimensions of classroom furniture in Isfahan, Iran
, Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: the Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences 16(1): 98-104 (2011)

Proportion of ester anion and amide from esters and sodium amide; carbonation of esters; synthesis of malonic acid derivatives
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 68: 26-29 (1946)

Proportion of estrogen or progesterone receptor expressing cells in breast cancers and response to endocrine therapy
, Breast 23(6): 754-762 (2014)

Proportion of excision and cervical healing after large loop excision of the transformation zone for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
, Bjog: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 117(12): 1468-1474 (2010)

Proportion of exposure of passive smoking in teenage group and symptoms precipitated after exposure to second hand smoke
, Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan: Jcpsp 24(6): 446-448 (2014)

Proportion of extended-spectrum ß-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in community setting in Ngaoundere, Cameroon
, Bmc Infectious Diseases 12: 53 (2012)

Proportion of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing isolates among Enterobacteriaceae in Africa: evaluation of the evidence--systematic review
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 69(5): 1177-1184 (2014)

Proportion of family physicians providing maternity care continues to decline
, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: Jabfm 25(3): 270-271 (2012)

Proportion of flat- and depressed-type and laterally spreading tumor among advanced colorectal neoplasia
, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology: the Official Clinical Practice Journal of the American Gastroenterological Association 9(6): 503-508 (2011)

Proportion of food products deficient in ingredient likely to be passed as up to standard
, Analyst 73(862): 28 (1948)

Proportion of general factor variance in a hierarchical multiple-component measuring instrument: a note on a confidence interval estimation procedure
, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology 64(Pt 2): 193-207 (2011)

Proportion of gestational diabetes mellitus attributable to overweight and obesity among non-Hispanic black, non-Hispanic white, and Hispanic women in South Carolina
, Maternal and Child Health Journal 18(8): 1919-1926 (2014)

Proportion of gynecologic cancer patients using complementary and alternative medicine
, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: Apjcp 10(5): 779-782 (2009)

Proportion of healed teeth with apical periodontitis medicated with two percent chlorhexidine gluconate liquid: a case-series study
, Journal of Endodontics 35(9): 1182-1185 (2009)

Proportion of illness acquired by foodborne transmission for nine enteric pathogens in Australia: an expert elicitation
, Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 11(9): 727-733 (2014)

Proportion of incidence of etiological agents in children with non-specific chronic cough in Chongqing: a follow-up study
, Zhonghua Er Ke Za Zhi 48(6): 449-453 (2010)

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Proposal for a new consensus classification for faecal incontinence
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Proposal for a new content model for the Austrian Procedure Catalogue
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Proposal for a new detection method of substance abuse risk in Croatian adolescents
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Proposal for a new grading of Moyamoya disease in adult patients
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Proposal for a new histological classification of IgA nephropathy in Japan and a preliminary report of the international clinico-pathological classification of IgA nephropathy
, Nihon Jinzo Gakkai shi 50(4): 448-455 (2008)

Proposal for a new mediastinal compartment classification of transverse plane images according to the Japanese Association for Research on the Thymus (JART) General Rules for the Study of Mediastinal Tumors
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Proposal for a new microsurgical model for the study of induced endometriosis in Wistar rats. Preliminary results
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Proposal for a new multidisciplinary therapeutic strategy in the breast cancer patient with sentinel lymph node metastasis
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Proposal for a new nomenclature of disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs
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Proposal for a new prognostic score for linac-based radiosurgery in cerebral arteriovenous malformations
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Proposal for a new protein therapeutic immunogenicity titer assay cutpoint
, Bioanalysis 3(23): 2627-2636 (2011)

Coinheritance of α- and β-Thalassemia with a Novel Mutation (HBB: c.268_281delAGTGAGCTGCACTG) in a Chinese Family
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Proposal for a new risk model in myelodysplastic syndrome that accounts for events not considered in the original International Prognostic Scoring System
, Cancer 113(6): 1351-1361 (2008)

Proposal for a new risk stratification classification for meningioma based on patient age, WHO tumor grade, size, localization, and karyotype
, Neuro-Oncology 16(5): 735-747 (2014)

Proposal for a new self-compiled questionnaire in patients affected by temporo-mandibular joint disorders (TMD)
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Proposal for a new staging system for osteoradionecrosis of the mandible
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Proposal for a new tapeworm order, Rhinebothriidea
, International Journal for Parasitology 39(4): 497-511 (2009)

Proposal for a new tomographic device providing information on the chemical properties of a body section
, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 5(4): 207-221 (1986)

Proposal for a new tool to evaluate clinical pharmacy practice based on the percentage of pharmaceutical interventions that influence medical treatments
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Proposal for a novel concept of a hybrid, minimally invasive cardiovascular surgical practice
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Proposal for a nuclear gamma-ray laser of optical range
, Physical Review Letters 106(16): 162501 (2011)

Proposal for a patient database on cardiac interventional exposures for epidemiological studies
, Radiation Protection Dosimetry 129(1-3): 96-99 (2008)

Proposal for a phonon laser utilizing quantum-dot spin states
, Physical Review Letters 111(18): 186601 (2013)

Proposal for a predator for the destruction of Triatoma infestans: Tarentola mauritanica
, Medicina 40(6 Pt 1): 673-677 (1980)

Proposal for a prospective multi-centre audit of chronic subdural haematoma management in the United Kingdom and Ireland
, British Journal of Neurosurgery 28(2): 199-203 (2014)

Proposal for a protocol for the staging of incontinentia pigmenti in pediatric age
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Proposal for a pulse-compression scheme in x-ray free-electron lasers to generate a multiterawatt, attosecond x-ray pulse
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Proposal for a quantitative index of flood disasters
, Disasters 34(3): 695-704 (2010)

Proposal for a quantum delayed-choice experiment
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Proposal for a quantum magnetic RC circuit
, Physical Review Letters 113(3): 037201 (2014)

Proposal for a quantum-degenerate electron source
, Physical Review Letters 98(18): 184801 (2007)

Proposal for a rational classification of neck dissections
, Head and Neck 33(3): 445-450 (2011)

Proposal for a reliable enterococcal cytolysin production assay avoiding apparent incongruence between phenotype and genotype
, Journal of Medical Microbiology 58(Pt 8): 1122-1124 (2009)

Proposal for a required advanced clerkship in chronic disease and disability for medical students
, American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 87(2): 162-167 (2008)

Proposal for a revised 2-step algorithm for the classification of lesions of the skin using dermoscopy
, Archives of Dermatology 146(4): 426-428 (2010)

Proposal for a revised Reference Concentration (RfC) for manganese based on recent epidemiological studies
, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: Rtp 55(3): 330-339 (2009)

Proposal for a revised classification of systemic mastocytosis
, Blood 115(13): 2720-2721 (2010)

Proposal for a revised reference concentration (RfC) for mercury vapour in adults
, Science of the Total Environment 408(17): 3530-3535 (2010)

Proposal for a revised taxonomy of the family Filoviridae: classification, names of taxa and viruses, and virus abbreviations
, Archives of Virology 155(12): 2083-2103 (2010)

Proposal for a role of the Hsp90/Hsp70-based chaperone machinery in making triage decisions when proteins undergo oxidative and toxic damage
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 235(3): 278-289 (2010)

Proposal for a screening test to evaluate the fate of organic micropollutants in activated sludge
, Environmental Technology 32(5-6): 653-661 (2011)

Proposal for a search for cosmic axions using an optical cavity
, Physical Review Letters 102(20): 202001 (2009)

Proposal for a security management in cloud computing for health care
, Thescientificworldjournal 2014: 146970 (2014)

Proposal for a standard system for drawing structural diagrams of N- and O-linked carbohydrates and related compounds
, Proteomics 9(15): 3796-3801 (2009)

Proposal for a standardized PSA doubling-time calculation
, Anticancer Research 30(5): 1633-1636 (2010)

Proposal for a standardized pathology report of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: prognostic significance of pathological parameters
, Korean Journal of Pathology 47(3): 227-237 (2013)

Proposal for a state health technology assessment program
, Wmj: Official Publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin 111(4): 176-182 (2012)

Proposal for a superconducting photon number resolving detector with large dynamic range
, Optics Express 20(5): 5017-5028 (2012)

Proposal for a surrogate surgical invasiveness score to obtain a 'post hoc' quantification of surgical stress and tissue trauma in the context of postoperative outcome assessments
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 112(5): 951-953 (2014)

Proposal for a synthetic lethality therapy using the paralog dependence of cancer cells--response
, Cancer Research 74(17): 4948-4949 (2014)

Proposal for a systematic analysis of polygraphy or polysomnography for identifying and scoring abnormal events occurring during non-invasive ventilation
, Revue des Maladies Respiratoires 31(4): 312-322 (2014)

Proposal for a systematic preoperative assessment of pelvic endometriosis
, Minerva Ginecologica 63(2): 189-194 (2011)

Proposal for a telehealth concept in the translational research model
, Revista de Saude Publica 48(2): 347-356 (2014)

Proposal for a treatment law based on the Scottish model
, Tijdschrift Voor Psychiatrie 49(10): 719 (2007)

Proposal for a trigonometric method to evaluate the abduction angle of the lower limbs in neonates
, Journal of Child Neurology 23(12): 1451-1454 (2008)

Proposal for a unified norovirus nomenclature and genotyping
, Archives of Virology 158(10): 2059-2068 (2013)

Proposal for a unified selection to medical residency programs
, Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira 59(6): 583-588 (2013)

Proposal for a uniform designation of zearalenone and its metabolites
, Mycotoxin Research 27(1): 1-3 (2011)

Proposal for a universal definition of cerebral infarction
, Stroke 39(11): 3110-3115 (2008)

Proposal for a university-community-hospice partnership to address organizational barriers to cultural competence
, American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care 28(1): 22-26 (2011)

Proposal for a urodynamic redefinition of detrusor underactivity
, Journal of Urology 181(1): 225-229 (2009)

Proposal for a "phase II" multicenter trial model for preclinical new antiepilepsy therapy development
, Epilepsia 54(Suppl): 70-74 (2013)

Proposal for aberration-corrected imaging spectrograph
, Applied Optics 36(28): 7114-7118 (1997)

Proposal for acousto-optic tunable filters with near-ideal bandpass characteristics
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Proposal for all-optical format conversion based on a periodically poled lithium niobate loop mirror
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Proposal for all-optical generation of multiple-frequency millimeter-wave signals for RoF system with multiple base stations using FWM in SOA
, Optics Express 19(15): 13957-13962 (2011)

Proposal for an American Institute of Biology
, Science 103(2684): 692 (1946)

Proposal for an International Union of Solar System Physics
, Science 141(3582): 673-674 (1963)

Proposal for an academic Association for Medical Humanities
, Medical Humanities 27(2): 104-105 (2001)

Proposal for an academy
, British Medical Journal 1(5855): 690 (1973)

Proposal for an all-electrical detection of crossed Andreev reflection in topological insulators
, Physical Review Letters 110(22): 226802 (2013)

Proposal for an auto safety directory
, American Journal of Public Health 61(11): 2163 (1971)

Proposal for an auxiliary tool designed to reduce retake rates for lateral radiography of the knee joint
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Proposal for an electron antineutrino disappearance search using high-rate 8Li production and decay
, Physical Review Letters 109(14): 141802 (2012)

Proposal for an evaluation method of the psyco-social risks (stress) and for the orientation of the sanitary surveillance
, Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia 29(3 Suppl): 660-663 (2007)

Proposal for an extreme-ultraviolet selective autoionization laser in Zn III
, Optics Letters 10(3): 128-130 (1985)

Proposal for an integral quality index for urban and urbanized beaches
, Environmental Management 45(5): 998-1013 (2010)

Proposal for an integrative methodology to development the ergonomic program
, Work 41(Suppl): 5772-5774 (2012)

Proposal for an observational test of the Vainshtein mechanism
, Physical Review Letters 109(5): 051304 (2012)

Proposal for an optical laser producing light at half the Josephson frequency
, Physical Review Letters 107(7): 073901 (2011)

Proposal for an optimized protocol for intravenous administration of insulin in diabetic patients undergoing (18)F-FDG PET/CT
, Nuclear Medicine Communications 34(3): 271-275 (2013)

Proposal for an structural reform for the national health system
, Gaceta Medica de Mexico 147(6): 475-481 (2011)

Proposal for an x-ray free electron laser oscillator with intermediate energy electron beam
, Physical Review Letters 108(3): 034802 (2012)

Proposal for anti-TNFalpha therapy in adult patients with rheumatoid arthritis
, Reumatizam 54(1): 16-19 (2007)

Proposal for arbitrary-order temporal integration of ultrafast optical signals using a single uniform-period fiber Bragg grating
, Optics Letters 33(13): 1548-1550 (2008)

Proposal for axion dark matter detection using an LC circuit
, Physical Review Letters 112(13): 131301 (2014)

Proposal for biologic drugs therapy in rheumatoid arthritis
, Reumatizam 57(1): 29-35 (2010)

Proposal for carrier-envelope-phase stable single-cycle attosecond pulse generation in the extreme-ultraviolet range
, Physical Review Letters 113(10): 104801 (2014)

Proposal for cell-free biology
, Seikagaku. Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society 79(3): 203-204 (2007)

Proposal for changes in diagnostic criteria for sexual dysfunctions
, Journal of Sexual Medicine 4(3): 567-580 (2007)

Proposal for classification of the circumaortic renal collar's morphology
, American Surgeon 74(12): 1190-1194 (2008)

Proposal for classifying the severity of speech disorder using a fuzzy model in accordance with the implicational model of feature complexity
, Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 26(9): 774-790 (2012)

Proposal for clinical classification of multifactorial noncarious cervical lesions
, General Dentistry 62(3): 39-44 (2014)

Proposal for coherent coupling of Majorana zero modes and superconducting qubits using the 4π Josephson effect
, Physical Review Letters 111(10): 107007 (2013)

Proposal for continuous white-light cooling of an atomic beam
, Optics Letters 13(2): 102 (1988)

Proposal for contrast-amplified image reconstruction methods by adjusting computed tomography value scale in three-dimensional image processing
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Proposal for creation of small, urbanly located state hospitals
, Diseases of the Nervous System 8(3): 85-94 (1947)

Proposal for defining the relevance of drug accumulation derived from single dose study data for modified release dosage forms
, Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition 36(2): 93-103 (2015)

Proposal for describing procedures to correct varicocele. A new terminology
, Frontiers in Pediatrics 2: 47 (2014)

Proposal for detection of magnetic fields through magnetostrictive perturbation of optical fibers
, Optics Letters 5(3): 87 (1980)

Proposal for direct measurement of a pure spin current by a polarized light beam
, Physical Review Letters 100(8): 086603 (2008)

Proposal for direct measurement of topological invariants in optical lattices
, Physical Review Letters 110(16): 166802 (2013)

Proposal for dosage adjustment and timing of chemotherapy in hemodialyzed patients
, Annals of Oncology: Official Journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology 21(7): 1395-1403 (2010)

Proposal for effective treatment of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infection in mice
, Microbial Pathogenesis 65: 57-62 (2013)

Proposal for electro-optic multiplier based on dual transverse electro-optic Kerr effect
, Applied Optics 47(30): 5701-5705 (2008)

Proposal for ellipsometer configurations allowing phase-sensitive detection
, Applied Optics 36(31): 8179-8183 (1997)

Proposal for enhancing the transmission efficiency of photonic crystal 60° waveguide bends by means of optofluidic infiltration
, Applied Optics 50(21): 4048-4053 (2011)

Proposal for entangling remote micromechanical oscillators via optical measurements
, Physical Review Letters 107(12): 123601 (2011)

Proposal for establishment of a National Sudden Cardiac Arrest registry
, Singapore Medical Journal 52(8): 631-633 (2011)

Proposal for establishment of the UK Cranial Reconstruction Registry (UKCRR)
, British Journal of Neurosurgery 28(3): 310-314 (2014)

Proposal for evaluating the quality of reports of surgical interventions in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: the Surgical Trigeminal Neuralgia Score
, Neurosurgical Focus 35(3): E3 (2013)

Proposal for fabrication-tolerant SOI polarization splitter-rotator based on cascaded MMI couplers and an assisted bi-level taper
, Optics Express 22(23): 27869-27879 (2014)

Proposal for facial type determination based on anthropometry
, Jornal da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia 23(3): 195-200 (2011)

Proposal for fellowship training in pediatric global health
, Pediatrics 121(6): 1261-1262 (2008)

Proposal for field sampling of plants and processing in the lab for environmental metabolic fingerprinting
, Plant Methods 6: 6 (2010)

Proposal for further study of risk factors and health policy for human brucellosis in Northern Jordan
, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 20(4): 280-281 (2014)

Proposal for generating brilliant x-ray beams carrying orbital angular momentum
, Physical Review Letters 100(12): 124801 (2008)

Proposal for graduate school education in the future: from the viewpoint of the Department of clinical Laboratory in a university hospital
, Rinsho byori. Japanese journal of clinical pathology 57(8): 793-796 (2009)

Proposal for halogen atom transfer mechanism for Ullmann O-arylation of phenols with aryl halides
, Dalton Transactions 41(45): 13832-13840 (2012)

Proposal for high-power radiative-collisional lasers
, Optics Letters 7(9): 397-398 (1982)

Proposal for holographic imaging through phase-distorting media without alignment
, Optics Letters 5(8): 327 (1980)

Proposal for identification methodology for urban agglomerations according to directive 91/271/EEC on wastewater treatment
, Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research 64(2): 512-520 (2011)

Proposal for implementing device-independent quantum key distribution based on a heralded qubit amplifier
, Physical Review Letters 105(7): 070501 (2010)

Proposal for in-fiber generation of telecom-band polarization-entangled photon pairs using a periodically poled fiber
, Optics Letters 34(14): 2138-2140 (2009)

Proposal for international colposcopic nomenclature
, Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease 11(3): 200 (2007)

Proposal for international recognition, support and cooperation with the Internet clearinghouse on the Three Rs (Altweb)
, Alternatives to Laboratory Animals: Atla 32(Suppl): 583-584 (2004)

Proposal for inverting the quantum cloning of photons
, Physical Review Letters 108(12): 120404 (2012)

Proposal for juvenile idiopathic arthritis guidance on diagnosis and treatment for primary care pediatricians and nonpediatric rheumatologists (2007)
, Modern Rheumatology 17(5): 353-363 (2007)

Proposal for levels of evidence schema for validation of a soluble biomarker reflecting damage endpoints in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, and recommendations for study design
, Journal of Rheumatology 36(8): 1792-1799 (2009)

Proposal for magnetic/electromagnetic fields protection norms on national level
, Medicinski Pregled 61(3-4): 147-150 (2008)

Proposal for manipulating and detecting spin and orbital States of trapped electrons on helium using cavity quantum electrodynamics
, Physical Review Letters 105(4): 040503 (2010)

Proposal for manipulating functional interface properties of composite organic semiconductors with addition of designed macromolecules
, Physical Review Letters 108(25): 257802 (2012)

Proposal for measuring mechanically equilibrium spin currents in the rashba medium
, Physical Review Letters 99(26): 266602 (2007)

Proposal for medical school nutrition education: topics and recommendations
, Jpen. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 34(6 Suppl): 40s-46s (2010)

Proposal for modification of the ENSAT staging system for adrenocortical carcinoma using tumor grade
, Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery 395(7): 955-961 (2010)

Proposal for new European pharmaceutical legislation to permit access to custom-made anti-sense oligonucleotide medicinal products
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 77(6): 939-946 (2014)

Proposal for new anterior portals for wrist arthroscopic as a complementary approach to open anterior wrist surgery
, Revue de Chirurgie Orthopedique et Reparatrice de l'Appareil Moteur 93(4): 339-343 (2007)

Proposal for new best estimates for the soil solid-liquid distribution coefficient and soil-to-plant transfer of nickel
, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 100(4): 342-347 (2009)

Proposal for new definition of health
, Bmj 343: D5359 (2011)

Proposal for on-chip generation and control of photon hyperentanglement
, Optics Letters 36(18): 3548-3550 (2011)

Proposal for optical fiber designs with ultrahigh effective area and small bending loss applicable to long haul communications
, Applied Optics 46(25): 6330-6339 (2007)

Proposal for optical implementation of the wigner distribution function
, Applied Optics 37(11): 2142-2144 (1998)

Proposal for optically cooling atoms to temperatures of the order of 10-6 K
, Optics Letters 11(2): 73 (1986)

Proposal for panayiotopoulos syndrome criteria
, Folia Medica 48(3-4): 50-55 (2006)

Proposal for patient obligations for access to unapproved medical interventions: both too much and not enough
, American Journal of Bioethics: Ajob 14(11): 25-26 (2014)

Proposal for pharmacy residency leadership certificates
, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy: Ajhp: Official Journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 68(18): 1693-1694 (2011)

Proposal for phase recovery from a single intensity distribution
, Optics Letters 1(1): 10 (1977)

Proposal for photonic quantization with differential encoding using a phase modulator and delay-line interferometers
, Optics Letters 36(9): 1629-1631 (2011)

Proposal for postfabrication fine-tuning of three-port photonic crystal channel drop filters by means of optofluidic infiltration
, Applied Optics 50(17): 2622-2627 (2011)

Proposal for publishing and parallel reporting of case reports on adverse drug reactions to authorities by physicians
, Global Advances in Health and Medicine 2(2): 7 (2013)

Proposal for pulsed on-demand sources of photonic cluster state strings
, Physical Review Letters 103(11): 113602 (2009)

Proposal for recognition of the comfort pattern in clients with pemphigus vulgaris using Fuzzy Logic
, Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P 47(4): 958-964 (2013)

Proposal for refining the definition of dysgranulopoiesis in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes
, Leukemia Research 38(4): 447-453 (2014)

Proposal for revealing quantum nonlocality via local contextuality
, Physical Review Letters 104(22): 220401 (2010)

Proposal for revision of guideline for treatment of stomach cancer
, Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer and ChemoTherapy 35(9): 1505-1508 (2008)

Proposal for rituximab treatment in patients with myasthenia gravis
, Rinsho Shinkeigaku 53(11): 1312-1314 (2013)

Proposal for routine use of mortality risk prediction tools to promote early end of life planning in heart failure patients and facilitate integrated care
, International Journal of Cardiology 167(1): 280-282 (2013)

Proposal for sets of se NMR chemical shifts in planar and perpendicular orientations of aryl group and the applications
, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications 2006: 79327 (2006)

Proposal for size justification of expanded cohort at phase-2-recommended dose
, Investigational new Drugs 29(4): 713-715 (2011)

Proposal for soft-x-ray and XUV lasers in capillary discharges
, Optics Letters 13(7): 565 (1988)

Proposal for staging airway hemangiomas
, Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery: Official Journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 141(4): 516-521 (2009)

Proposal for standardization of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) cardiac sympathetic imaging by the EANM Cardiovascular Committee and the European Council of Nuclear Cardiology
, European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 37(9): 1802-1812 (2010)

Coinheritance of biallelic SLURP1 and SLC39A4 mutations cause a severe genodermatosis with skin peeling and hair loss all over the body
, British Journal of Dermatology 179(5): 1192-1194 (2018)

Proposal for standardized definitions for efficacy end points in adjuvant breast cancer trials: the STEEP system
, Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 25(15): 2127-2132 (2007)

Proposal for studies of mycotoxigenic fungi in foods
, Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi. Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of Japan 51(6): 292-296 (2010)

Proposal for subspecialty physician fellowship training in nutrition and health promotion
, JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition 34(6 Suppl): 57S-62S (2010)

Proposal for suicide prevention in the United States based on the suicide rates by age group in recent years
, West Indian Medical Journal 60(2): 247 (2011)

Proposal for superfocusing at visible wavelengths using radiationless interference of a plasmonic array
, Physical Review Letters 102(20): 207402 (2009)

Proposal for territorial distribution of the 2010 EU road safety target
, Accident; Analysis and Prevention 41(5): 1008-1015 (2009)

Proposal for the Development of an Epidemic Prediction and Monitoring System Based on Information Collected via Online Social Networks
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 202: 318 (2014)

Proposal for the John Cade Fellowship
, Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry 48(1): 10-12 (2014)

Proposal for the breakdown of increased cancer healthcare cost and its improvement
, Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 43(4): 351-356 (2013)

Proposal for the classification of epithelial atypism of pancreatic duct lesions
, Hepato-Gastroenterology 54(79): 2155-2158 (2007)

Proposal for the clinical detection and management of patients and their family members with familial myelodysplastic syndrome/acute leukemia predisposition syndromes
, Leukemia and Lymphoma 54(1): 28-35 (2013)

Proposal for the creation and optical detection of spin cat states in Bose-Einstein condensates
, Physical Review Letters 113(9): 090401 (2014)

Proposal for the determination of the complex degree of spatial coherence
, Optics Letters 1(4): 133-134 (1977)

Proposal for the development of an information system for the evidence-based assessment of medical treatment outcomes and effectiveness
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 202: 319 (2014)

Proposal for the generation of photon pairs with nonzero orbital angular momentum in a ring fiber
, Optics Express 22(19): 23743-23748 (2014)

Proposal for the harmonization of the values of reference for nutritional labeling in Latin America (NVR-LA)
, Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion 61(4): 347-352 (2011)

Proposal for the management of the unexpected difficult pediatric airway
, Paediatric Anaesthesia 20(5): 454-464 (2010)

Proposal for the measurement of backward and total scattering by mineral particles suspended in water
, Applied Optics 34(36): 8345-8353 (1995)

Proposal for the modification of metformin use in patients with chronic kidney disease
, Orvosi Hetilap 153(39): 1527-1535 (2012)

Proposal for the momentum-resolved and time-resolved optical measurement of the current distribution in semiconductors
, Optics Express 20(11): 11694-11699 (2012)

Proposal for the new genus Allokutzneria gen. nov. within the suborder Pseudonocardineae and transfer of Kibdelosporangium albatum Tomita et al. 1993 as Allokutzneria albata comb. nov
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58(Pt 6): 1472-1475 (2008)

Proposal for the next generation--from a standpoint of physician
, Rinsho Biseibutsu Jinsoku Shindan Kenkyukai Shi 24(1): 9 (2013)

Proposal for the promotion of korean neurosurgery
, Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society 43(1): 1-4 (2008)

Proposal for the regulation of canadian embryo services
, Canadian Veterinary Journal 27(5): 227-229 (1986)

Proposal for the systematization of the elastographic study of mammary lesions through ultrasound scan
, Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira 55(2): 192-196 (2009)

Proposal for the teaching of the chemical control of supragingival biofilm
, Brazilian Oral Research 24(Suppl): 33-36 (2010)

Proposal for the use in emergency departments of cardiac troponins measured with the latest generation methods in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome without persistent ST-segment elevation
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 51(9): 1727-1737 (2013)

Proposal for the use of progression-free survival in unblinded randomized trials
, Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 25(15): 2122-2126 (2007)

Proposal for training of workers and researchers as from the participatory return of research results in workers' health
, Work 41(Suppl): 4584-4589 (2012)

Proposal for transfer of Pelagibacillus goriensis Kim et al. 2007 to the genus Terribacillus as Terribacillus goriensis comb. nov
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58(Pt 10): 2287-2291 (2008)

Proposal for tuberculosis death surveillance in information systems
, Revista de Saude Publica 44(6): 1072-1078 (2010)

Proposal for tunable dual channel transmitter and mechano-optical switch based on photonic crystal
, Applied Optics 51(32): 7784-7787 (2012)

Proposal for ultra-high performance infrared quantum dot
, Optics Express 16(4): 2752-2763 (2008)

Proposal for updated listing criteria for heart transplantation and indications to implant of left ventricular assist devices
, Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia 14(2): 110-119 (2013)

Proposal for updating the pseudoxanthoma elasticum classification system and a review of the clinical findings
, American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part a 152a(4): 1049-1058 (2010)

Proposal for vacuum-ultraviolet anti-Stokes Raman lasers based on the group VI elements
, Optics Letters 9(2): 38-40 (1984)

Proposal for verification of the haldane phase using trapped ions
, Physical Review Letters 112(4): 040503 (2014)

Proposal from perioperative nurse--for safe operation and medical care practice
, Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 61(Suppl): S199-S206 (2012)

Proposal from the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics is no capitulation
, Lakartidningen 106(4): 169-170 (2009)

Proposal intensity adequacy of expiratory effort and heart rate behavior during the valsalva maneuver in preadolescents
, Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 103(2): 146-153 (2014)

Proposal of Algoriphagus vanfongensis sp. nov., transfer of members of the genera Hongiella Yi and Chun 2004 emend. Nedashkovskaya et al. 2004 and Chimaereicella Tiago et al. 2006 to the genus Algoriphagus, and emended description of the genus Algoriphagus Bowman et al. 2003 emend. Nedashkovskaya et al. 2004
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 57(Pt 9): 1988-1994 (2007)

Proposal of Bisgaardia hudsonensis gen. nov., sp. nov. and an additional genomospecies, isolated from seals, as new members of the family Pasteurellaceae
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61(Pt 12): 3016-3022 (2011)

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Proposal of Latin-American guidelines for smoking cessation
, Salud publica de Mexico 52(Suppl): S355-S365 (2010)

Proposal of Lysinibacillus sinduriensis sp. nov., and transfer of Bacillus massiliensis and Bacillus odysseyi to Lysinibacillus as Lysinibacillus massiliensis comb. nov. and Lysinibacillus odysseyi comb. nov. with emended descriptions of the genus
, International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 60(Pt 6) (2010)

Proposal of Mingxiaea gen. nov. for the anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast species in the Bulleribasidium clade (Tremellales) based on molecular phylogenetic analysis, with six new combinations and four novel species
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, Journal of the American Society of Hypertension: Jash 4(5): 215-218 (2010)

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, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61(Pt 9): 2284-2291 (2011)

Proposal of Spirillum winogradskyi sp. nov., a novel microaerophilic species, an emended description of the genus Spirillum and Request for an Opinion regarding the status of the species Spirillum volutans Ehrenberg 1832
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 59(Pt 11): 2916-2920 (2009)

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Proposal of Vibrionimonas magnilacihabitans gen. nov., sp. nov., a curved Gram-stain-negative bacterium isolated from lake water
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Proposal of Xanthomonas translucens pv. pistaciae pv. nov., pathogenic to pistachio (Pistacia vera)
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Proposal of a 2-tier histologic grading system for canine cutaneous mast cell tumors to more accurately predict biological behavior
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Proposal of a French health identification number interoperable at the European level
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 129(Pt 1): 503-507 (2007)

Proposal of a Mediterranean diet index for pregnant women
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Proposal of a Nonlinear Interaction of Person and Situation (NIPS) model
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Proposal of a Pr3+-doped telluride fiber amplifier for 1.3, 1.49, and 1.6 microm transmission windows
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Proposal of a clinical score for the molecular test for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome
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Proposal of a comprehensive definition of modified and other forms of mycotoxins including "masked" mycotoxins
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Proposal of a computerized method to assess work related stress according to legal requirements in Italy
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Proposal of a concept and design of a randomized phase III trial investigating the survival effect of para-aortic lymphadenectomy in endometrial cancer
, Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research 40(2): 312-316 (2014)

Proposal of a consensus set of hypervariable mycobacterial interspersed repetitive-unit-variable-number tandem-repeat loci for subtyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing isolates
, Journal of Clinical Microbiology 52(1): 164-172 (2014)

Proposal of a costing method for the provision of sterilization in a public hospital
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Proposal of a critical test of the Navier-Stokes-Fourier paradigm for compressible fluid continua
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Proposal of a flexible structural-organizing model for the Intensive Care Units
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Proposal of a formal gynecologic endoscopy curriculum
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Proposal of a framework for evaluating military surveillance systems for early detection of outbreaks on duty areas
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Proposal of a grating-based optical reflection switch using phase change materials
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Proposal of a health situation report in ortho-pedodontics
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Proposal of a holistic model to support local-level evidence-based practice
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Proposal of a low-cost protocol for colorimetric semi-quantification of secretory phospholipase by Candida albicans grown in planktonic and biofilm phases
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Proposal of a method to assess and report the extent of residual neurovascular tissue present in radical prostatectomy specimens
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Proposal of a new acquisition protocol for bladder cancer visualization with 18F-FDG PET/CT
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Proposal of a new analytical procedure for the measurement of water absorption by stone. Preliminary study for an alternative to the Italian technical normative NORMAL 07-81
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Proposal of a new assessment scale of work load and nursing times (VACTE
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Proposal of a new classification for optimising outcome assessment following partial cricotracheal resections in severe pediatric subglottic stenosis
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Proposal of a new classification for stage III colorectal cancer based on the number and ratio of metastatic lymph nodes
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Proposal of a new degradation mechanism of enalapril maleate and improvement of enalapril maleate stability in tablet formulation with different stabilizers
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Proposal of a new disease concept "biliary diseases with pancreatic counterparts". Anatomical and pathological bases
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Coinheritance of Sicilian (δβ) 0 -Thalassemia and Two Rare Hemoglobin Variants: A Complex Case of Hemoglobinopathy
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Proposal of a new hypothesis on the development of colorectal epithelial neoplasia: nonspecific inflammation--colorectal Paneth cell metaplasia--colorectal epithelial neoplasia
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Proposal of a new limited sampling strategy to predict CYP3A activity using a partial AUC of midazolam
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Proposal of a new lymph node staging system for gastric cancer: study from two institutions in China
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Proposal of a new method for measuring Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) rapidly, quantitatively and non-destructively
, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 13(10): 12367-12382 (2012)

Proposal of a new method to induce ventricular system dilation to simulate the features of hydrocephalus and provide an anatomical model for neuroendoscopy training
, Child's Nervous System: Chns: Official Journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery 30(7): 1209-1215 (2014)

Proposal of a new methodology: tridimensional colposcopy (3D) of the lower genital tract
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Proposal of a new prognostic staging system for pulmonary metastases from colorectal cancer
, Surgery Today 45(5): 576-584 (2015)

Proposal of a new risk assessment method for the handling of powders and nanomaterials
, Industrial Health 53(1): 56-68 (2015)

Proposal of a new staging system for mass-forming intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: a multicenter analysis by the Study Group for Hepatic Surgery of the Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
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Proposal of a new technique for bile duct reconstruction after iatrogenic injury: study in dogs and review of the literature
, Acta Cirurgica Brasileira 22(3): 162-167 (2007)

Proposal of a new tractographic feature for analysis of white matter in Alzheimer diffusion mr images
, Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation 50: 322-327 (2014)

Proposal of a novel classification of leukocorias
, Clinical Ophthalmology 6: 991-995 (2012)

Proposal of a novel dosing schedule of docetaxel by using alpha1-acid glycoprotein as an index
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Proposal of a novel index for selection of optimal annuloplasty ring size for tricuspid annuloplication
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Proposal of a one-dimensional electron gas in the steps at the LaAlO3-SrTiO3 interface
, Physical Review Letters 108(16): 166802 (2012)

Proposal of a personal mobility vehicle capable of traversing rough terrain
, Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology 9(3): 248-259 (2014)

Proposal of a polarization-insensitive echelle grating demultiplexer based on a nanophotonic silicon-on-insulator platform through a dual-grating system
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Proposal of a punch biopsy protocol as a pre-requisite for the establishment of a tissue bank from resected esophageal tumors
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Proposal of a rating scale of posture for simple dysfunctional dysphonia: "S-TRAV"
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Proposal of a risk-factor-based analytical approach for integrating occupational health and safety into project risk evaluation
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Proposal of a risk-stratification system for the Japanese population based on blood pressure levels: the Ohasama study
, Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension 31(7): 1315-1322 (2008)

Proposal of a robust measurement scheme for the nonadiabatic spin torque using the displacement of magnetic vortices
, Physical Review Letters 104(7): 077201 (2010)

Proposal of a score combining red blood cell indices for early differentiation of beta-thalassemia minor from iron deficiency anemia
, Hematology 16(2): 123-127 (2011)

Proposal of a short-form version of the Brazilian food insecurity scale
, Revista de Saude Publica 48(5): 783-789 (2014)

Proposal of a simplified technique for staining bacterial spores without applying heat--successful modification of Moeller's method
, European Journal of Medical Research 12(8): 356-359 (2007)

Proposal of a socio-cognitive-behavioral structural equation model of internalized stigma in people with severe and persistent mental illness
, Psychiatry Research 186(2-3): 402-408 (2011)

Proposal of a synthetic ethylene-vinyl acetate bench model for surgical foundations learning: suture training
, Acta Cirurgica Brasileira 26(2): 149-152 (2011)

Proposal of a thorax segment coordinate system for the 3D kinematical analysis of the cervical spine
, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 14(12): 1041-1047 (2011 )

Proposal of a two-qutrit contextuality test free of the finite precision and compatibility loopholes
, Physical Review Letters 106(19): 190401 (2011)

Proposal of a uniform fiber Bragg grating as an ultrafast all-optical integrator
, Optics Letters 33(1): 4-6 (2008)

Proposal of a wavelength filter with a cut corner based on Equilateral-Triangle-Resonator
, Optics Express 21(14): 16536-16540 (2013)

Proposal of a "Checklist" for endodontic treatment
, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry 6(2): E104-E109 (2014)

Proposal of alternative mechanism responsible for the function of high-speed swimsuits
, Biomedical Research 30(1): 69-70 (2009)

Proposal of an ISO/IEEE11073 platform for healthcare telemonitoring: plug-and-play solution with new use cases
, Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference 2007: 6710-6713 (2007)

Proposal of an acaricide laboratory test larvae immersion of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus: evaluation with cypermethrin and amitraz
, Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinaria 17(4): 242-245 (2008)

Proposal of an agent-based analytical model to convert industrial areas in industrial eco-systems
, Science of the Total Environment 468-469: 394-405 (2014)

Proposal of an analytical pathway for the treatment of poisoning--8 lethal-level points to notice in analysis of postmortem specimens
, Chudoku Kenkyu: Chudoku Kenkyukai Jun Kikanshi 20(2): 155-158 (2007)

Proposal of an architecture for the national integration of Electronic Health Records: a semi-centralized approach
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 180: 917-921 (2012)

Proposal of an effective therapeutic program through linkage of sleep medicine and psychiatry
, Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi 114(2): 134-135 (2012)

Proposal of an end-to-end emergency medical system
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 169: 349-353 (2011)

Proposal of an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography-related perforation management guideline based on perforation type
, Journal of the Korean Surgical Society 83(4): 218-226 (2012)

Proposal of an improved histological sub-typing system for lung adenocarcinoma - significant prognostic values for stage I disease
, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology 3(4): 348-366 (2010)

Proposal of an in silico profiler for categorisation of repeat dose toxicity data of hair dyes
, Archives of Toxicology 89(5): 733-741 (2015)

Proposal of an in vivo comet assay using haemocytes of Drosophila melanogaster
, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 52(2): 165-169 (2011)

Proposal of an index for evaluating pitch instability during actual locomotion with a manual wheelchair
, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 16(Suppl): 130-131 (2013)

Proposal of an individual scientometric index with emphasis on ponderation of the effective contribution of the first author: h-fac índex
, Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular: Orgao Oficial da Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular 27(3): 370-376 (2012)

Proposal of an innovative benchmark for accuracy evaluation of dental crown manufacturing
, Computers in Biology and Medicine 42(5): 548-555 (2012)

Proposal of analytical pathway for the treatment of poisonings--improvement of toxicological analysis in clinical laboratory and reconsideration of useful treatment for poisonings
, Chudoku Kenkyu: Chudoku Kenkyukai Jun Kikanshi 20(3): 277-279 (2007)

Proposal of anti-moesin as a novel biomarker for ANCA-associated vasculitis
, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 17(5): 638-641 (2013)

Proposal of anti-tuberculosis regimens based on susceptibility to isoniazid and rifampicin
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Proposal of autoimmune hepatitis presenting with acute hepatitis, severe hepatitis and acute liver failure
, Hepatology Research: the Official Journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology 41(6): 497 (2011)

Proposal of benchmark to indicate hospital management performance
, Japan-Hospitals: the Journal of the Japan Hospital Association 2008(27): 13-17 (2008)

Proposal of benchmark to study hospital management sustainability
, Japan-Hospitals: the Journal of the Japan Hospital Association 2008(27): 3-12 (2008)

Proposal of bioinstrumentation using shape deformation of amputated upper limb
, Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference 2013: 882-885 (2013)

Proposal of buspirone collision-induced dissociation rearrangement by exact mass measurements
, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: Rcm 23(11): 1742-1745 (2009)

Proposal of categorization of expanded criteria donors in renal transplantation
, Transplantation Proceedings 46(9): 3168-3171 (2014)

Proposal of cervical cancer early detection programme in Croatia
, Lijecnicki Vjesnik 129(5): 158-163 (2007)

Proposal of cut points for the indication of abdominal obesity among adolescents
, Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 93(6): 558-63 603-9 (2009)

Proposal of diagnostic process model for computer based diagnosis
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 180: 315-319 (2012)

Proposal of differential volume rendering reconstruction from X-ray fluoroscopy for clinical veterinary medicine
, Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference 2008: 2213-2216 (2008)

Proposal of digital interface for the system of the air conditioner's remote control: analysis of the system of feedback
, Work 41(Suppl): 5689-5691 (2012)

Proposal of e-learning strategy to teach Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) to undergraduate and graduate students
, Bmc Research Notes 7: 456 (2014)

Proposal of early intervention for adult asthma remission and human H5N1 infection
, Arerugi 58(2): 97-102 (2009)

Proposal of endogenous anticholinergic hypothesis in Alzheimer disease
, Nihon Shinkei Seishin Yakurigaku Zasshi 33(3): 117-126 (2013)

Proposal of entering the mastoid vibration test in health surveillance of workers exposed to industrial solvents
, Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia 34(3 Suppl): 671-673 (2012)

Proposal of guidelines for the appraisal of SEMen QUAlity studies (SEMQUA)
, Human Reproduction 28(1): 10-21 (2013)

Proposal of in situ density calibration for Thomson scattering measurement by microwave reflectometry
, Review of Scientific Instruments 79(10): 10f110 (2008)

Proposal of interpreting analytical results indicating borderline-legal alcohol concentration values in individuals after alcohol consumption or being alcohol-intoxicated
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Proposal of laboratory test panel based on patients' chief complaints in emergency department
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Proposal of membrane transport mechanism of protein-unbound ulifloxacin into epithelial lining fluid determined by improved microdialysis
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 31(9): 1773-1777 (2008)

Proposal of modification for the definition of genetic heterogeneity in HER2 testing in breast cancer
, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 134(2): 162; Author Reply 163 (2010)

Proposal of multicenter study design of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for acute carbon monoxide poisoning
, Chudoku Kenkyu: Chudoku Kenkyukai Jun Kikanshi 25(4): 316-318 (2012)

Proposal of new ICD code for suicide by charcoal burning
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 63(10): 862-863 (2009)

Proposal of new auxological standards for Japanese girls with turner syndrome
, Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology: Case Reports and Clinical Investigations: Official Journal of the Japanese Society for Pediatric Endocrinology 19(3): 69-82 (2010)

Proposal of new classification for postoperative patients with hepatocellular carcinoma based on tumor growth characteristics
, World Journal of Gastroenterology 19(33): 5534-5541 (2013)

Proposal of new classification for stage III colon cancer based on the lymph node ratio: analysis of 4,172 patients from multi-institutional database in Japan
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 22(2): 528-534 (2015)

Proposal of new uncertainty factor application to derive tolerable daily intake
, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: Rtp 58(2): 237-242 (2010)

Proposal of non-invasive experimental model to induce scoliosis in rats
, Revista Brasileira de Fisioterapia ) 16(3): 254-260 (2012)

Proposal of novel staging and grading system of primary biliary cirrhosis
, Nihon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi 108(11): 1817-1822 (2011)

Proposal of objective morphological classification system for hepatocellular carcinoma using preoperative multiphase computed tomography
, Journal of Gastroenterology 49(10): 1430-1437 (2014)

Proposal of performance objectives and sampling schemes for Listeria monocytogenes in fresh meat intended to be eaten cooked under different storage practices
, International Journal of Food Microbiology 184: 50-54 (2014)

Proposal of podocytic infolding glomerulopathy as a new disease entity
, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 12(6): 417-418 (2008)

Proposal of podocytic infolding glomerulopathy as a new disease entity: a review of 25 cases from nationwide research in Japan
, Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 12(6): 421-431 (2008)

Proposal of possible diagnostic strategy for intravascular large B-cell lymphoma--usefulness of biopsy from senile hemangioma
, Rinsho Byori. Japanese Journal of Clinical Pathology 60(3): 201-205 (2012)

Proposal of protocols using D-glutamine to optimize the 2,3-bis(2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulfophenly)-5-[(phenylamino)carbonyl]-2H-tetrazolium hydroxide (XTT) assay for indirect estimation of microbial loads in biofilms of medical importance
, Journal of Microbiological Methods 84(2): 299-306 (2011)

Proposal of psychomotor skill assessment tests for drivers and a protocol for sampling and testing of saliva, blood and urine when there is reason to suspect involvement of substances with alcohol-like effect
, Archiwum Medycyny Sadowej i Kryminologii 62(3): 186-196 (2012)

Proposal of quality indicators for cutaneous vasculitis
, Journal of Dermatology 41(8): 755-756 (2014)

Proposal of remission criteria for IgA nephropathy
, Nihon Jinzo Gakkai Shi 55(7): 1249-1254 (2013)

Proposal of renal artery's ostial projection under virtual geometric correction in infrarenal aneurysms: initial results of a pilot study
, Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular: Orgao Oficial da Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular 29(1): 78-82 (2014)

Proposal of screening fetal heart examination form granted by Polish Ministry of Health Program Kardio-Prenatal 2008
, Ginekologia Polska 80(6): 466-470 (2009)

Proposal of standardized guidelines for the production and quality control of autologous serum eye drops in Korea: based on a nationwide survey
, Transfusion 54(7): 1864-1870 (2014)

Proposal of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office on the forensic psychiatric evidence form: a personal view
, Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi 111(11): 1363-1368 (2009)

Proposal of the Swedish Government Committee for Reform of the Care of Inebriates
, Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 9(3): 372-387 (1948)

Proposal of the global network for the study of green tobacco sickness
, Ciencia and Saude Coletiva 18(6): 1859-1860 (2013)

Proposal of the implementation of an international pharmacy graduate preliminary examination
, Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions 5: 2 (2008)

Proposal of the patient location tracking and query (PLQ) of IHE integration profile for the better patient tracking
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 192: 945 (2013)

Proposal of the quality assessment standard of MDCT (Multi Detector Computed Tomography)
, Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 65(4): 491-502 (2009)

Proposal of the surgical options for primary tumor control during sentinel node navigation surgery based on the discrepancy between preoperative and postoperative early gastric cancer diagnoses
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 21(4): 1123-1129 (2014)

Proposal of the terminological adaptation to Spanish of the ICCS standardization of terminology of lower urinary tract function in children and adolescents
, Actas Urologicas Espanolas 32(4): 371-389 (2008)

Proposal of three-dimensional phase contrast holographic microscopy
, Optics Express 15(20): 12662-12679 (2007)

Proposal of wireless behavioral monitoring system with electric field sensor
, Conference Proceedings: .. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual Conference 2006: 6261-6264 (2006)

Proposal on 3-D endoscope by using grid-based active stereo
, Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference 2013: 5694-5697 (2013)

Proposal on Raloxifene use after prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy in BRCA1-2: hypothesis and rationale
, European Journal of Cancer Prevention: the Official Journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation 23(6): 514-515 (2014)

Proposal on a sustainable strategy to avoid point source pollution of water with plant protection products
, Communications in Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences 74(1): 107-114 (2009)

Proposal on circumcision of boys--where is the child's right?
, Lakartidningen 105(1-2): 58-59 (2008)

Proposal on drug reviews lack structure and evidence
, Lakartidningen 109(26-28): 1302 (2012)

Proposal on iatrogenic risks of urine derived medicinal products
, European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 166(1): 116 (2013)

Proposal on increased competition for medical education and research funding. Risk of geographic drainage
, Lakartidningen 110(23-24): 1141 (2013)

Proposal on limits for chemical exposure in saturation divers' working atmosphere: the case of benzene
, Critical Reviews in Toxicology 42(3): 211-229 (2012)

Proposal on new internship training doesn't fulfill international requirements
, Lakartidningen 105(20): 1457-1458 (2008)

Proposal on reviewing the overall healthcare expenditure and its allocation: focusing on medication expenses
, Nihon Geka Gakkai Zasshi 111(3): 189-194 (2010)

Proposal on the standardized name of commonly encountered hematological diseases and syndromes in Chinese medicine
, Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie he Za Zhi Zhongguo Zhongxiyi Jiehe Zazhi 29(11): 1040-1041 (2009)

Proposal on the usage of conversion factors for fatty acids in fish and shellfish
, Food Chemistry 153: 457-463 (2014)

Proposal that Mycobacterium massiliense and Mycobacterium bolletii be united and reclassified as Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. bolletii comb. nov., designation of Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. abscessus subsp. nov. and emended description of Mycobacterium abscessus
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61(Pt 9): 2311-2313 (2011)

Proposal that the arsenite-oxidizing organisms Thiomonas cuprina and 'Thiomonas arsenivorans' be reclassified as strains of Thiomonas delicata, and emended description of Thiomonas delicata
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61(Pt 12): 2816-2821 (2011)

Proposal to Ban Mobile Missiles Favors Targeting Over Arms Control: President Reagan's endorsement last year stemmed in part from Pentagon concerns that Soviet mobile missiles cannot be targeted; arms control experts say that is why both sides should deploy them
, Science 233(4766): 831-833 (1986)

Proposal to Film Osler
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 61(5): 540 (1949)

Proposal to HEPAP
, Science 265(5169): 169 (1994)

Proposal to Lower State Compensation Fund Fees
, California and Western Medicine 42(4): 273-274 (1935)

Proposal to a quality-assured child and adolescent psychiatric care
, Lakartidningen 106(26-27): 1754 (2009)

Proposal to adjust the WHO clinical staging system
, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 56(5): E133 (2011)

Proposal to allow drug companies to give information to public sparks outcry
, Bmj 337: A3043 (2008)

Proposal to assign Aeromonas diversa sp. nov. as a novel species designation for Aeromonas group 501
, Systematic and Applied Microbiology 33(1): 15-19 (2010)

Proposal to boost number of rural doctors sparks heated debate in Germany
, Bmj 340: C1982 (2010)

Proposal to change General Consideration 5 and Principle 2 of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 64(Pt 1): 309-310 (2014)

Proposal to change bluetongue vaccination rules
, Veterinary record 167(22): 840 (2010)

Proposal to change the name Rhodoligotrophos Fukuda et al. 2012, 1947 to Rhodoligotrophus. Request for an Opinion
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 63(Pt 9): 3545 (2013)

Proposal to characterise legacy Sellafield ponds using SONAR and RadLine™
, Applied Radiation and Isotopes: Including Data Instrumentation and Methods for use in Agriculture Industry and Medicine 70(7): 1162-1165 (2012)

Proposal to construct the operational base of the educative work process in collective health
, Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem 15(6): 1072-1079 (2007)

Proposal to drop depression from GP quality indicators sparks outcry
, Bmj 343: D5073 (2011)

Proposal to elevate Mycobacterium avium complex ITS sequevar MAC-Q to Mycobacterium vulneris sp. nov
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 59(Pt 9): 2277-2282 (2009)

Proposal to establish a nursing care entity with the Cochrane Collaboration
, International Journal of Nursing Practice 13(4): 201-202 (2007)

Proposal to improve the surgical skills of Canadian medical school graduates: the experiences of a medical student and staff surgeon with the Essential Surgical Skills Course in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
, Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie 53(1): E5-E6 (2010)

Proposal to introduce adjustment disorder with disturbed sexual functioning into the revised classifications of DSM and ICD
, Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 36(1): 1-5 (2010)

Proposal to make Methylated Chloroform Official
, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 5(Sect Anaesth): 46-48 (1912)

Proposal to modify Rule 6, Rule 10a, and Rule 12c of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 64(Pt 4): 1452-1453 (2014)

Proposal to modify the International Union Against Cancer staging system for perihilar cholangiocarcinomas
, British Journal of Surgery 101(2): 79-88 (2014)

Proposal to observe the nonlocality of Bohmian trajectories with entangled photons
, Physical Review Letters 110(6): 060406 (2013)

Proposal to reclassify Brenneria quercina (Hildebrand and Schroth 1967) Hauben et al. 1999 into a new genus, Lonsdalea gen. nov., as Lonsdalea quercina comb. nov., descriptions of Lonsdalea quercina subsp. quercina comb. nov., Lonsdalea quercina subsp. iberica subsp. nov. and Lonsdalea quercina subsp. britannica subsp. nov., emendation of the description of the genus Brenneria, reclassification of Dickeya dieffenbachiae as Dickeya dadantii subsp.
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 62(Pt 7): 1592-1602 (2012)

Proposal to reclassify the Streptomyces albidoflavus clade on the basis of multilocus sequence analysis and DNA-DNA hybridization, and taxonomic elucidation of Streptomyces griseus subsp. solvifaciens
, Systematic and Applied Microbiology 32(5): 314-322 (2009)

Proposal to rename Carnobacterium inhibens as Carnobacterium inhibens subsp. inhibens subsp. nov. and description of Carnobacterium inhibens subsp. gilichinskyi subsp. nov., a psychrotolerant bacterium isolated from Siberian permafrost
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 65(Pt 2): 556-561 (2015)

Proposal to replace the illegitimate genus name Prescottia Jones et al. 2013 with the genus name Prescottella gen. nov. and to replace the illegitimate combination Prescottia equi Jones et al. 2013 with Prescottella equi comb. nov
, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 103(6): 1405-1407 (2013)

Proposal to rigorously evaluate the clinical benefits associated with a novel anti-neoplastic strategy outside the confines of a randomized trial
, Oncology 79(5-6): 321-323 (2010)

Proposal to schedule propofol draws reactions
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 238(7): 825-826 (2011)

Proposal to sports pharmacist as a sports doctor
, Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 131(12): 1751-1753 (2011)

Proposal to subclassify stage IV gastric cancer into IVA, IVB, and IVM
, Archives of Surgery 144(1): 38-45; Discussion 45 (2009)

Proposal to transfer Flavobacterium oceanosedimentum Carty and Litchfield 1978 to the genus Curtobacterium as Curtobacterium oceanosedimentum comb. nov
, Fems Microbiology Letters 296(1): 137-141 (2009)

Proposal to unify Clostridium orbiscindens Winter et al. 1991 and Eubacterium plautii (Séguin 1928) Hofstad and Aasjord 1982, with description of Flavonifractor plautii gen. nov., comb. nov., and reassignment of Bacteroides capillosus to Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus gen. nov., comb. nov
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 60(Pt 3): 585-590 (2010)

Proposal to utilize simplified Swensen protocol in diagnosis of isolated pulmonary nodule
, Acta Radiologica 54(7): 757-764 (2013)

Proposal to young pediatric neurologists--thinking about the future by reflecting the past (discussion)
, No to Hattatsu 46(3): 169-178 (2014)

Proposal would increase member dues in 2011
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 235(12): 1378-1380 (2009)

Proposal: a score to select patients for fistulotomy
, Colorectal Disease: the Official Journal of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland 12(5): 487-489 (2010)

Proposal: different types of alteration and loss of consciousness in epilepsy
, Epilepsia 55(8): 1140-1144 (2014)

Proposal: towards multidisciplinary collaborations in clinical practice -from allergy patient organizations
, Arerugi 62(1): 12-19 (2013)

Proposals for a National Research Foundation
, Science 102(2656): 539-541 (1945)

Proposals for the Preservation of the Wisent
, Science 58(1493): 107 (1923)

Proposals For a Compulsory Sickness Insurance Law For California
, California and Western Medicine 62(2): 51-53 (1945)

Proposals and rationale for revision of the World Health Organization diagnostic criteria for polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, and primary myelofibrosis: recommendations from an ad hoc international expert panel
, Blood 110(4): 1092-1097 (2007)

Proposals changed
, Nursing New Zealand 17(9): 4 (2011)

Proposals concerning the nomenclature of the gill fungi including a list of proposed lectotypes and genera conservanda
, Mycologia 38: 240-299 (1946)

Proposals concerning ways of control of hepatitis B in Poland since 2008
, Przeglad Epidemiologiczny 61(1): 113-121 (2007)

Proposals for DSM-5: introduction to special section of Journal of Personality Disorders
, Journal of personality disorders 25(2): 135 (2011)

Proposals for ICD-11: a report for WPA membership
, World Psychiatry: Official Journal of the World Psychiatric Association 13(2): 206-208 (2014)

Proposals for Mental Health in Italy at the End of the Nineteenth Century: between Utopia and Anticipating the "Basaglia Law"
, Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health: Cp and Emh 9: 210-213 (2013)

Proposals for a National Health Council
, Journal. Medical Association of Eire 27(160): 69-70 (1950)

Proposals for a new animal health and welfare framework in Wales
, Veterinary Record 174(10): 235 (2014)

Proposals for a new health democracy in institutions
, Revue de l'Infirmiere 2013(195): 16-19 (2013)

Proposals for a phased evaluation of medical tests
, Medical Decision Making: An International Journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making 29(5): E13-E21 (2009)

Proposals for a scheme for continuing professional development in Pakistan
, Jpma. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association 61(12): 1231-1233 (2011)

Proposals for aligning disaster health competency models
, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 7(1): 8-12 (2013)

Proposals for changes in the Mountain and Dresler mediastinal and pulmonary lymph node map
, Journal of Thoracic Oncology: Official Publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer 2(1): 3-6 (2007)

Co-inhibition as a strategic therapeutic approach to overcome rifampin resistance in tuberculosis therapy: atomistic insights
, Future Medicinal Chemistry 10(14): 1665-1675 (2018)

Proposals for comprehensive approach to patient education for the care of type 2 diabetic patients
, La Revue du Praticien 60(4): 510-513 (2010)

Proposals for designing the food chain information for the implementation of the risk-oriented ante- and post-mortem meat inspection
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Proposals for economic growth: the positive sum strategy
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Proposals for guidelines for vaccination of adults infected with HIV-1 in the Czech Republic
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Proposals for halal assurance scheme open for consultation
, Veterinary record 173(18): 439 (2013)

Proposals for improving the prophylaxis of tetanus in emergency departments
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Proposals for inspecting pharmacies in Transylvania before the General Health Regulation of 1770
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Proposals for leflunomide use to avoid lung injury in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
, Modern Rheumatology 18(5): 442-446 (2008)

Proposals for legal reform in the coronial process 3
, British Journal of Community Nursing 13(4): 183-186 (2008)

Proposals for massive expansion of psychological therapies would be counterproductive across society
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Proposals for mental disorders specifically associated with stress in the International Classification of Diseases-11
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Proposals for model-based paediatric medicinal development within the current European Union regulatory framework
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 68(4): 493-501 (2009)

Proposals for new legal controls on TB in non-bovine animals in Scotland
, Veterinary Record 175(13): 313 (2014)

Proposals for new standardized general diagnostic criteria for the secondary headaches
, Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache 29(12): 1331-1336 (2009)

Proposals for optimization of laser welding in prosthetic dentistry
, Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists 19(1): 69-76 (2010)

Proposals for payment reform in Massachusetts
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Proposals for revised factors in intra-oral radiography shielding calculations
, Journal of Radiological Protection: Official Journal of the Society for Radiological Protection 32(3): 243-249 (2012)

Proposals for sample size calculation programs
, Methods of Information in Medicine 46(6): 655-661 (2007)

Proposals for social class classification based on the Spanish National Classification of Occupations 2011 using neo-Weberian and neo-Marxist approaches
, Gaceta Sanitaria 27(3): 263-272 (2013)

Proposals for social policies to improve the quality of life in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]
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Proposals for standardization of autopsy reports
, Der Pathologe 35(2): 182-190 (2014)

Proposals for standardization of clinical laboratory studies: technology "cytological study of lymph node specimens"
, Klinicheskaia Laboratornaia Diagnostika 2010(11): 35-40 (2010)

Proposals for suicide prevention in general hospitals in Japan
, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 61(6): 704 (2007)

Proposals for the advancement of certification
, Onkologie 35(Suppl): 18-20 (2012)

Proposals for the appropriate organisation of smoking-dependence care and financing its pharmacological treatment
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Proposals for the classification of human rhinovirus species C into genotypically assigned types
, Journal of General Virology 91(Pt 10): 2409-2419 (2010)

Proposals for the establishment of an international health organization
, Official Records. World Health Organization 50(1): 42-45 (1948)

Proposals for the extension of medical care
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Proposals for the future training of anaesthetists
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Proposals for the introduction of history, art and literature issues on the urology subject
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Proposals for the management of gastrointestinal stromal tumours of the stomach
, Surgeon: Journal of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland 5(3): 149-153 (2007)

Proposals for the management of symptoms related to whiplash injuries belong in the wastebasket
, Lakartidningen 107(4): 200; Discussion 201 (2010)

Proposals for the mitigation of the environmental impact of clinical laboratories
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 50(9): 1559-1564 (2012)

Proposals for the organisation of headache services in Europe
, Internal and Emergency Medicine 3(Suppl): S25-S28 (2008)

Proposals for the prevention of kidney disease in Italy by the Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN)
, Giornale italiano di nefrologia: organo ufficiale della Societa italiana di nefrologia 26(Suppl): S3-S6 (2009)

Proposals for validation and revalidation of the dental profession: a postgraduate dental dean's perspective
, Dental Update 36(4): 198-200 (2009)

Proposals of statistical consideration to evaluation of results for a specific region in multi-regional trials--Asian perspective
, Pharmaceutical Statistics 9(3): 201-206 (2010)

Co-inhibition of BET and proteasome enhances ER stress and Bim-dependent apoptosis with augmented cancer therapeutic efficacy
, Cancer Letters 435: 44-54 (2018)

Proposals of undergraduate and postgraduate education to raise stroke-conscious neurologists
, Rinsho Shinkeigaku 52(11): 1123-1125 (2012)

Proposals on standardization of the terminology used in assessing quality of medical service
, Sudebno-Meditsinskaia Ekspertiza 50(3): 17-20 (2007)

Proposals seek to reduce resistance, boost development of new antibiotics
, JAMA 305(18): 1845-1846 (2011)

Proposals to adapt the protection of children to the realities of today
, Archives de Pediatrie: Organe Officiel de la Societe Francaise de Pediatrie 21(12): 1381-1385 (2014)

Proposals to add new paraphilias to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Edition 5 (DSM-5)
, journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 39(1): 137 (2011)

Proposals to ban abortion in Turkey provoke protests
, Bmj 344: E4030 (2012)

Proposals to broaden the UK bolar defence
, Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst 2(5): 573-575 (2013)

Proposals to charge migrants for NHS care are unworkable, says BMA
, Bmj 347: F5342 (2013)

Proposals to clarify how type strains are deposited and made available to the scientific community for the purpose of systematic research
, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58(Pt 8): 1987-1990 (2008)

Proposals to clarify the term "network" applied in the field of the health sector
, Revue Medicale Suisse 4(172): 2024-2027 (2008)

Proposals to improve adherence to immunomodulatory therapies in patients with multiple sclerosis
, Neurologia 25(9): 544-551 (2010)

Proposals to increase the motorway speed limit by 10 mph
, Bmj 344: D7790 (2011)

Proposals to make patients pay for medical visits in Quebec meet resistance
, Bmj 336(7642): 471 (2008)

Proposals to reform French health care spark protests
, Lancet. Oncology 10(6): 543 (2009)

Proposals to strengthen the link between medical education and better health for individuals and populations
, Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges 86(11): 1329 (2011)

Proposals to study veterans criticized
, Science 208(4447): 1015 (1980)

Proposals to trial deep brain stimulation to treat addiction are premature
, Addiction 106(2): 235-237 (2011)

Proposals with Reference to the Idea of a Negro College of Surgeons
, Journal of the National Medical Association 34(2): 76 (1942)

Propose a wall shear stress divergence to estimate the risks of intracranial aneurysm rupture
, Thescientificworldjournal 2013: 508131 (2013)

Proposed 'grant-and-access' program with price caps could stimulate development of drugs for very rare diseases
, Health Affairs 31(11): 2528-2535 (2012)

Proposed 131-cm f/3.5 Achromatic Schmidt Telescope
, Applied Optics 11(12): 2968-2971 (1972)

Co-inhibitory immune checkpoints in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
, Oral Diseases 24(1-2): 120-123 (2018)

Proposed ACGME change in length of radiology residency training before independent call: results of a survey of program directors and chief residents
, Journal of the American College of Radiology: JACR 4(9): 595-601 (2007)

Proposed AJO-DO Resource Center on cone-beam computed tomography imaging
, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics: Official Publication of the American Association of Orthodontists its Constituent Societies and the American Board of Orthodontics 145(6): 711 (2014)

Proposed Alberta physician agreement sets new template
, Cmaj: Canadian Medical Association Journal 176(8): 1073-1074 (2007)

Proposed Algorithm with Standard Terminologies (SNOMED and CPT) for Automated Generation of Medical Bills for Laboratory Tests
, Healthcare Informatics Research 16(3): 185-190 (2010)

Proposed Alteration in the Knee Joint of Prosthesis for Below-Knee Amputation
, Annals of Surgery 120(5): 803-808 (1944)

Proposed Alterations in Procedure for Standard Methods of Water Analysis
, American Journal of Public Health 6(2): 160-172 (1916)

Proposed Amalgamation of London Medical Societies
, British medical journal 2(2343): 1411 (1905)

Proposed Amendment of the Midwives Act
, British medical journal 2(2549): 1360-1361 (1909)

Proposed Amendment of the Dentists Act
, British Medical Journal 1(2621): 697-698 (1911)

Proposed Amendment of the Medical Act
, British Medical Journal 2(1773): 1456 (1894)

Co-inhibitory Molecule B7 Superfamily Member 1 Expressed by Tumor-Infiltrating Myeloid Cells Induces Dysfunction of Anti-tumor CD8 + T Cells
, Immunity 48(4): 773-786.E5 (2018)

Proposed Amendment to C.M.A. Constitution
, California Medicine 91(3): 163-164 (1959)

Proposed Amendment to Constitution: First Publication
, California State Journal of Medicine 3(5): 148 (1905)

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the C. M. a
, California and western medicine 27(2): 225 (1927)

Proposed Amendments to the State Medical Practice Act
, California and western medicine 29(5): 344-345 (1928)

Proposed Amendments to Constitution
, California Medicine 99(6): 412-413 (1963)

Proposed Amendments to the CMA Constitution for Action in 1971
, California Medicine 113(5): 87-88 (1970)

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
, California Medicine 95(5): 321-323 (1961)

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws
, California Medicine 97(6): 373-375 (1962)

Proposed American Electro-Chemical Society
, Science 14(360): 818-819 (1901)

Proposed Banting Medical Research Foundation
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 13(11): 833-834 (1923)

Proposed BioRepository platform solution for the ALS research community
, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Official Publication of the World Federation of Neurology Research Group on Motor Neuron Diseases 12(1): 11-16 (2011)

Proposed Bioactive Conformations of Opiorphin, an Endogenous Dual APN/NEP Inhibitor
, Acs Medicinal Chemistry Letters 3(1): 20-24 (2012)

Proposed Biological Exploration of Mars between 1969 and 1973
, Science 148(3670): 667 (1965)

Proposed British-Dutch guidance on measuring compliance with occupational exposure limits
, Annals of Occupational Hygiene 53(8): 775-777 (2009)

Proposed Bylaw Amendments
, California Medicine 97(2): 110-119 (1962)

Proposed CMA Constitutional Amendment
, Western Journal of Medicine 129(5): 451 (1978)

Proposed CMA Constitutional Amendments
, California Medicine 117(4): 86-88 (1972)

Proposed California Humane Pound Act Is Really Aimed at Stopping Medical Research
, California and western medicine 49(4): 343-344 (1938)

Proposed California Humane Pound Law: How It Would Affect Medicine and Pharmacology
, California and Western Medicine 48(4): 258-261 (1938)

Proposed California Initiative: For Compulsory Health Insurance
, California and Western Medicine 52(3): 103-104 (1940)

Proposed California Public Health Legislation
, California and Western Medicine 38(3): 221-222 (1933)

Proposed Center for Retired Scientists
, Science 135(3507): 961 (1962)

Proposed Central Hospital Board for London
, British Medical Journal 2(1929): 1813-1815 (1897)

Proposed Changes at Guelph
, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 8(12): 354-355 (1944)

Proposed Changes in Article 25 (the Law of Priority) of the International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature
, Science 107(2772): 166-167 (1948)

Proposed Changes in Federal Medical Services
, California Medicine 82(5): 405-406 (1955)

Proposed Changes in Medicare Hospital Payments Would Affect Pharmacy and Beyond: Drug Companies Push to Rein in 340B Discount Drugs
, P and T: a Peer-Reviewed Journal for Formulary Management 38(9): 497 (2013)

Proposed Changes in the Education of Nurses
, Journal of the National Medical Association 14(3): 167-168 (1922)

Proposed Changes in the Society's Constitution and By-Laws
, Journal of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology 6(6): 21-28 (1959)

Proposed Charter of the Royal College of Physicians of England
, Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal 12(9): 241-246 (1848)

Proposed Chemical Mechanisms for the Production of Skin Erythema and Pigmentation by Radiant Energy
, Science 86(2225): 176 (1937)

Proposed Chicago South Side County Hospital Branch Controversy Continues
, Journal of the National Medical Association 52(5): 371-372 (1960)

Proposed Chinese name of Pomacea canaliculata
, Zhongguo Ji Sheng Chong Xue Yu Ji Sheng Chong Bing Za Zhi 27(1): 62-64 (2009)

Proposed Chiropractic Initiative Law
, California and western medicine 51(3): 211-212 (1939)

Proposed Clauses in the Poor-law Continuance Bill
, Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal 1(22): 362-364 (1841)

Proposed CoP reg to expand use of nonphysicians
, Or Manager 27(12): 6-8 (2011)

Proposed Compulsory Health Law for California: A. B. 2172
, California and Western Medicine 50(6): 394-395 (1939)

Proposed Compulsory Inspection and Registration of Stillborn Children
, British Medical Journal 1(1788): 749-751 (1895)

Proposed Confederation of London Medical Societies
, British medical journal 1(2311): 848-849 (1905)

Proposed Congressional Committee on Science
, Science 119(3089): 3a (1954)

Co-injection of human adipose stromal cells and rhBMP-2/fibrin gel enhances tendon graft osteointegration in a rabbit anterior cruciate ligament-reconstruction model
, American Journal of Translational Research 10(2): 535-544 (2018)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment
, California Medicine 90(5): 386 (1959)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment (First Publication)
, California Medicine 93(6): 371 (1960)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment and Bylaw Amendment for Action in 1966
, California Medicine 102(6): 480 (1965)

Proposed Constitutional Amendments
, California Medicine 95(1): 59-66 (1961)

Proposed Constitutional Amendments for Action in 1965
, California Medicine 100(6): 470 (1964)

Proposed Cuts to NASA Budget
, Science 269(5224): 621 (1995)

Proposed DSM-5 Revisions to Sexual and Gender Identity Disorder Criteria
, Virtual Mentor: Vm 12(8): 673-677 (2010)

Proposed DSM-5 revisions to personality disorder criteria need further scrutiny
, Annals of Clinical Psychiatry: Official Journal of the American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists 23(3): 161 (2011)

Proposed DSM-5 substance use disorders for adolescents: if you build it, will they come?
, American Journal on Addictions 21(3): 280 (2012)

Proposed Diagnostic Criteria for the DSM-5 of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Female Adolescents: Diagnostic and Clinical Correlates
, Psychiatry Journal 2013: 159208 (2013)

Proposed EU data protection regulation is a threat to medical research
, Bmj 346: F3534 (2013)

Proposed EU-India free trade agreement could impede manufacture of generic HIV drugs
, Hiv/Aids Policy and Law Review 15(2): 22-23 (2011)

Proposed English Fishery Board
, Science 7(171): 431-434 (1886)

Proposed Explanation of Luminous Particles Observed in Glenn Orbital Flight
, Science 136(3522): 1121 (1962)

Proposed Explorations in Alaska
, Science 5(107): 154 (1885)

Proposed Explorations on the Coasts of the North Pacific Ocean
, Science 5(116): 455-457 (1897)

Proposed Extension of Hampstead Heath: The Estate of the late Sir Spencer Wells
, British Medical Journal 1(1901): 1428 (1897)

Proposed FDA conflict-of-interest guidelines get lukewarm reception
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 99(10): 747-748 (2007)

Proposed FDA rule on sunscreens, part 1: a new label
, Cutis 81(6): 460-462 (2008)

Proposed FDA rule on sunscreens, part 2: UVA
, Cutis 82(1): 17-19 (2008)

Proposed FDA rules on painkillers in U.S. Rile cancer community
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 101(20): 1376-1377 (2009)

Proposed Federal Food and Drugs Act Its Public Health Features
, American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 23(12): 1232-1236 (1933)

Proposed Federation of American Biological Societies
, Science 56(1442): 184-185 (1922)

Proposed Fraunhofer-wavelength atomic filter at 534.9 nm
, Optics Letters 15(20): 1165-1167 (1990)

Proposed French reforms miss the mark
, Science 323(5913): 460-461 (2009)

Proposed GA2LEN standardized allergen battery: what about regional sensitization differences?
, Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology 21(6): 491-492 (2011)

Proposed General Hospital at Putney
, British medical journal 1(2360): 688-689 (1906)

Proposed Giant Airplanes
, Science 70(1823): X (1929)

Proposed HPV vaccine mandates rile health experts across the country
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 99(9): 665-666 (2007)

Proposed Holman Testimonial Fund
, British Medical Journal 1(2256): 752 (1904)

Proposed Hospital for Battersea
, British Medical Journal 1(1799): 1393 (1895)

Proposed Hospital for Infectious Diseases near Dublin
, British Medical Journal 2(1817): 1059 (1895)

Proposed IPPS hinges on accurate documentation
, Hospital case management: the monthly update on hospital-based care planning and critical paths 18(7): 101-102 (2010)

Proposed IPPS rule focuses on quality
, Hospital case management: the monthly update on hospital-based care planning and critical paths 21(7): 96-97 (2013)

Proposed Important Mental Tools for Scientific Thinking at the High School Level
, Science 140(3565): 384 (1963)