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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55242

Chapter 55242 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Macdonald, S.G., 1927:
Prostatic Enlargement following Prostatectomy

Foucar, H.O., 1925:
Prostatic Hypertrophy

Fuller, C.L., 1916:
Prostatic Hypertrophy and Treatment by Suprapubic Prostatectomy

Ross, J.C., 1936:
Prostatic Obstruction And The Indications For The Various Methods Of Treatment

Bumpus, H.C., 1933:
Prostatic Obstruction-Development of Its Surgical Treatment: Part I

Bumpus, H.C., 1933:
Prostatic Obstruction-Development of Its Surgical Treatment: Part II

Williams, H., 1928:
Prostatic Obstruction: A Suggested Procedure For More Accurate Diagnosis And For The Treatment Of Selected Cases

Reinle, G.G., 1926:
Prostatic Obstruction: Management And Mismanagement Of Prostatic Obstructions, With Consideration Of Results Thereof

Macgowan, G., 1903:
Prostatic Obstructions and Their Removal

Winsbury-White, H.P., 1932:
Prostatic Pouch associated with Congenital Spinal Deformity

Maitland, C.D., 1936:
Prostatic Resection: A Simplified Technique

Yu, Z.; Wei, C.; Wang, Y.; Ye, Z.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Z.; Ni, L.; Yang, S.; Gui, Y.; Guan, Z.; Cai, Z.; Lai, Y., 2013:
Prostatic Schistosoma japonicum with atypical immunophenotyping of individual glandular tubes: a case report and review of the literature

Michaud, S.; Moreau, A.; Braud, G.; Renaudin, K.; Branchereau, J.; Bouchot, O.; Rigaud, J., 2013:
Prostatic Stromal Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential (STUMP): definition, pathology, prognosis and management

Kumar Baishya, R.; Vyas, J.; Sabnis, R.B.; Desai, M.R., 2010:
Prostatic abscess

Vandover, J.C.; Patel, N.; Dalawari, P., 2011:
Prostatic abscess

Agarwal, A.; Praveen, C.R.; Hirachan, S.; Karmacharya, A.; Belokar, W.K., 2012:
Prostatic abscess a diagnostic dilemma

Dell'atti, L., 2014:
Prostatic abscess after transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy. Case report

Chen, S.H.; Mouraviev, V.; Mayes, J.M.; Polascik, T.J., 2007:
Prostatic abscess as a delayed complication following cryosurgery for primary prostate cancer

Radermecker, Désirée.; Michaux, I.; Louagie, Y.; Dive, A., 2010:
Prostatic abscess associated with Bacteroides fragilis mediastinitis after heart surgery

Baradkar, V.P.; Mathur, M.; Kumar, S., 2008:
Prostatic abscess by Staphylococcus aureus in a diabetic patient

Nguyen, C.; Dascal, A.; Mendelson, J., 1990:
Prostatic abscess caused by Streptococcus mutans

Morse, L.P.; Moller, C-Cea.B.; Harvey, E.; Ward, L.; Cheng, A.C.; Carson, P.J.; Currie, B.J., 2009:
Prostatic abscess due to Burkholderia pseudomallei: 81 cases from a 19-year prospective melioidosis study

Pierce, J.Rush.; Saeed, Q.; Davis, W.R., 2008:
Prostatic abscess due to community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Agochukwu, N.Q.; Rastinehad, A.R.; Richter, L.A.; Barak, S.; Zerbe, C.S.; Holland, S.M.; Pinto, P.A., 2012:
Prostatic abscess in a pediatric patient with chronic granulomatous disease: report of a unique case and review of the literature

Ewell, G.H.; Bruskewitz, H.W., 1949:
Prostatic abscess in elderly patients

Faris, G.; Metz, Y.; Friedman, B.; Appel, B.; Stein, A., 2008:
Prostatic abscess--diagnosis and treatment

Xu, Q-Quan.; Huang, X-Bo.; Wang, X-Feng.; Zhu, J-Chuan.; Liu, Q-Wen.; Zhang, Z-Xian.; Ma, K., 2007:
Prostatic abscess: a report of 2 cases and meta-analysis of domestic literature in recent 10 years

Porfyris, O.; Kalomoiris, P., 2014:
Prostatic abscess: case report and review of the literature

Tiwari, P.; Pal, D.K.; Tripathi, A.; Kumar, S.; Vijay, M.; Goel, A.; Sharma, P.; Dutta, A.; Kundu, A.K., 2011:
Prostatic abscess: diagnosis and management in the modern antibiotic era

Susaníbar Napurí, L.Fernando.; Simón Rodríguez, C.; López Martín, L.; Monzó Gardinier, J.; Cabello Benavente, R.; González Enguita, C., 2011:
Prostatic abscess: diagnosis and treatment of an infrequent urological entity

Dubos, M.; Barraud, O.; Fedou, A-Laure.; Fredon, F.; Laurent, Fédéric.; Brakbi, Y.; Cypierre, A.; François, B., 2014:
Prostatic abscesses and severe sepsis due to methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus producing Panton-Valentine leukocidin

Graddis, T.J.; McMahan, C.J.; Tamman, J.; Page, K.J.; Trager, J.B., 2011:
Prostatic acid phosphatase expression in human tissues

Erbas, H.; Erten, O.; Irfanoglu, M.Emin., 2009:
Prostatic acid phosphatase in breast cyst fluid

Taylor-Blake, B.; Zylka, M.J., 2010:
Prostatic acid phosphatase is expressed in peptidergic and nonpeptidergic nociceptive neurons of mice and rats

Hurt, J.K.; Coleman, J.L.; Fitzpatrick, B.J.; Taylor-Blake, B.; Bridges, A.S.; Vihko, P.; Zylka, M.J., 2013:
Prostatic acid phosphatase is required for the antinociceptive effects of thiamine and benfotiamine

Araujo, César.L.; Quintero, I.B.; Kipar, A.; Herrala, A.M.; Pulkka, A.E.; Saarinen, L.; Hautaniemi, S.; Vihko, P., 2014:
Prostatic acid phosphatase is the main acid phosphatase with 5'-ectonucleotidase activity in the male mouse saliva and regulates salivation

Sowa, N.A.; Street, S.E.; Vihko, P.; Zylka, M.J., 2010:
Prostatic acid phosphatase reduces thermal sensitivity and chronic pain sensitization by depleting phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate

Zimmermann, H., 2009:
Prostatic acid phosphatase, a neglected ectonucleotidase

Pan, C-Chen., 2011:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma infiltrating intraprostatic adipose tissue

Khan, R.; Maheshwari, V.; Harris, S.Hasan.; Alam, K., 2008:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma metastasizing to the parietal bones

Collins, G.R.; Lopez, Y.; Abreo, F., 2012:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma metastatic to axillary lymph node diagnosed by fine-needle aspiration biopsy

Humphrey, P.A., 2013:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma metastatic to bone

Roy, S.; Hrebinko, R.L.; Cieply, K.M.; Parwani, A.V.; Rao, U.N.M., 2011:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma metastatic to pleomorphic liposarcoma, a "collision phenomenon": report of a case with review of pelvic collision tumors

Patel, V.; Castell, F.A.; Akinwunmi, J.; Francis, I.; Chandrasekharan, L.; Malhotra, R., 2011:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma presenting with metastatic frontal bone involvement and orbital invasion

Liu, Z.; Chang, B.; Guo, S-ming.; Wang, T.; Li, M-chao.; Yang, J.; Chen, K.; Yang, W-min.; Liu, J-hong.; Ye, Z-qun., 2012:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma with glomeruloid structure

Reyes Court, D.; Encina, S.; Levy, I., 2007:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma with mandibular metastatic lesion: case report

Fiandrino, G.; Lucioni, M.; Filippin, F.; Viglio, A.; Nicola, M.; Molo, S.; Necchi, V.; Zmerly, H.; Ravasi, S.; Paulli, M., 2011 :
Prostatic adenocarcinoma with oncocytic features

Walavalkar, V.; Said, B.; Dacosta-Iyer, M.; Ouyang, Y., 2014:
Prostatic adenocarcinoma with solitary metastasis to the uvea

Anonymous, 2009:
Prostatic adenoma and overactive urinary bladder: assessment of symptoms and choice of therapy

Pustil'nik, M.I.; Kapinus, S.S., 2008:
Prostatic adenoma in a 15-year-old

Baydar, D.Ertoy.; Kosemehmetoglu, K.; Akdogan, B.; Ozen, H., 2007:
Prostatic adenosquamous carcinoma metastasizing to testis

Azrad, M.; Zhang, K.; Vollmer, R.T.; Madden, J.; Polascik, T.J.; Snyder, D.C.; Ruffin, M.T.; Moul, J.W.; Brenner, D.; Hardy, R.W.; Demark-Wahnefried, W., 2013:
Prostatic alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is positively associated with aggressive prostate cancer: a relationship which may depend on genetic variation in ALA metabolism

Moreel, X.; Allaire, J.; Léger, C.; Caron, Aé.; Labonté, M-Ève.; Lamarche, Bît.; Julien, P.; Desmeules, P.; Têtu, B.; Fradet, V., 2015:
Prostatic and dietary omega-3 fatty acids and prostate cancer progression during active surveillance

Roux, C.; Thyss, A.; Gari-Toussaint, M., 2015:
Prostatic and renal aspergillosis due to Aspergillus fumigatus in a patient receiving alemtuzumab for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Aglamis, E.; Tasdemir, C.; Yucel, M.Ozgur.; Ceylan, C.; Erden, I., 2014:
Prostatic and testicular parameters in lepromatous patients

Song, S-Houn.; Hong, Y-Hee.; Sasaki, S-ichi.; Roh, S-Gun.; Katoh, K., 2010:
Prostatic androgen-repressed message-1 as a regulator of adipocyte differentiation in the mouse

Martins Pisco, Jão., 2013:
Prostatic arterial embolization

McVary, K.T., 2014:
Prostatic arterial embolization for LUTS/BPH-an opportunity for collaborative research or next prostatic gizmo candidate?

Pisco, Jão.M.; Pinheiro, L.C.; Bilhim, T.; Duarte, M.; Mendes, J.R.; Oliveira, A.G., 2011:
Prostatic arterial embolization to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia

Bilhim, T.; Pisco, Jão.M.; Furtado, A.; Casal, D.; Pais, D.; Pinheiro, Lís.Campos.; O'Neill, Jão.E.G., 2011:
Prostatic arterial supply: demonstration by multirow detector angio CT and catheter angiography

Carnevale, F.Cesar.; Antunes, A.Azoubel.; da Motta Leal Filho, J.Mauricio.; de Oliveira Cerri, L.Mendes.; Baroni, R.Hueb.; Marcelino, A.Sergio.Zafred.; Freire, G.Campos.; Moreira, A.Mota.; Srougi, M.; Cerri, G.Guido., 2010:
Prostatic artery embolization as a primary treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia: preliminary results in two patients

Carnevale, F.C.; Antunes, A.A., 2014:
Prostatic artery embolization for enlarged prostates due to benign prostatic hyperplasia. How I do it

Kurbatov, D.; Russo, G.Ivan.; Lepetukhin, A.; Dubsky, S.; Sitkin, I.; Morgia, G.; Rozhivanov, R.; Cimino, S.; Sansalone, S., 2014:
Prostatic artery embolization for prostate volume greater than 80 cm3: results from a single-center prospective study

Grosso, M.; Balderi, A.; Arnò, M.; Sortino, D.; Antonietti, A.; Pedrazzini, F.; Giovinazzo, G.; Vinay, C.; Maugeri, O.; Ambruosi, C.; Arena, G., 2015:
Prostatic artery embolization in benign prostatic hyperplasia: preliminary results in 13 patients

Golzarian, J.; Antunes, A.A.; Bilhim, T.; Carnevale, F.Cesar.; Konety, B.; McVary, K.T.; Parsons, J.Kellogg.; Pisco, Jão-Martins.; Siegel, D.N.; Spies, J.; Wasserman, N.; Gowda, N.; Ahrar, K., 2014:
Prostatic artery embolization to treat lower urinary tract symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia and bleeding in patients with prostate cancer: proceedings from a multidisciplinary research consensus panel

Abt, D.; Mordasini, L.; Hechelhammer, L.; Kessler, T.M.; Schmid, H-Peter.; Engeler, D.S., 2015:
Prostatic artery embolization versus conventional TUR-P in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: protocol for a prospective randomized non-inferiority trial

Valerio, M.; Fernandez-Cruz, A.; Fernández-Yañez, J.; Palomo, Jús.; Guinea, Jús.; Durán, Rón.; Sarmiento, E.; Carbone, J.; Bouza, E.; Muñoz, P., 2009:
Prostatic aspergillosis in a heart transplant recipient: case report and review

Al-Shahat, A.R.; Shaikh, M.A.; Elmansy, R.A.; Shehzad, K.; Kaimkhani, Z.A., 2011:
Prostatic assessment in rats after bilateral orchidectomy and calcitonin treatment

Billis, A., 2011:
Prostatic atrophy. Clinicopathological significance

Iczkowski, K.A.; Torkko, K.C.; Wilson, R.Storey.; Lucia, M.Scott.; Bostwick, D.G., 2014:
Prostatic atrophy: its spatial proximity to carcinoma and intraepithelial neoplasia based on annotation of digital slides

Garcia, F.U.; Haber, M.M.; Chen, X., 2007:
Prostatic basal cells in the peripheral and transitional zones: zonal variation in morphology and in immunophenotype

Lerner, S.P.; Colen, J.; Shen, S., 2008:
Prostatic biology, histologic patterns and clinical consequences of transitional cell carcinoma

Paterson, A.L.; Sut, M.K.; Khan, A.R.; Sharma, H.K., 2014:
Prostatic biopsies in selected men aged 75 years and older guide key clinical management decisions

Hellawell, G.; Ramírez-Backhaus, M.; Rabenalt, R.; Do, M.; Dietel, A.; Stolzenburg, J-Uwe., 2011:
Prostatic biopsy undergrading: the feasibility of secondary laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy

Anderco, D.; Lazăr, E.; Tăban, S.; Miclea, F.; Dema, A., 2011:
Prostatic blue nevus

Marti-Mestre, J.; Cañis-Sánchez, D.; Jaén-Martínez, J-M.; Bosch Princep, R., 2011:
Prostatic blue nevus. An infrequent histologic diagnosis

Pascual Queralt, M.; Segarra Tomás, J.; Monllau Font, V.; Alberola Bou, J.; Millán Rodríguez, F.; Martínez, C.; Villavicencio Mavrich, H., 2008:
Prostatic calcifications

Köseoğlu, H.; Aslan, G.; Sen, B.H.; Tuna, B.; Yörükoğlu, K., 2010:
Prostatic calculi: silent stones

Il'iash, A.V.; Chibichian, M.B.; Kogan, M.I., 2012:
Prostatic cancer detected at surgical treatment for prostatic adenoma

Pisareva, L.F.; Rozner, V.É.; Boiarkina, A.P.; Odintsova, I.N.; Gurina, L.I., 2012:
Prostatic cancer in males living in the Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk region

Punwani, S.; Emberton, M.; Walkden, M.; Sohaib, A.; Freeman, A.; Ahmed, H.; Allen, C.; Kirkham, A., 2012:
Prostatic cancer surveillance following whole-gland high-intensity focused ultrasound: comparison of MRI and prostate-specific antigen for detection of residual or recurrent disease

Huggins, C., 2011:
Prostatic cancer treated by orchiectomy; the five year results

Jakobsen, H., 2008 :
Prostatic cancer, surgical treatment of localized disease--current and future challenge

Angelsen, A., 2008:
Prostatic cancer--who needs treatment?

Soulié, M.; Beuzeboc, P.; Cornud, Fçois.; Eschwege, P.; Gaschignard, N.; Grosclaude, P.; Hennequin, C.; Maingon, P.; Molinié, V.; Mongiat-Artus, P.; Moreau, J-Luc.; Paparel, P.; Péneau, M.; Peyromaure, Mël.; Ravery, V.; Rébillard, X.; Richaud, P.; Salomon, L.; Staerman, F.; Villers, A., 2007:
Prostatic cancers

Kaplon, D.M.; Iannotti, H., 2008:
Prostatic capsular perforation with extravasation resulting in pubic osteomyelitis: a rare complication of KTP laser prostatectomy

Heras, M.; Sánchez Hernández, R.; Fernández-Reyes, M.J.; Molina, A., 2007:
Prostatic carcinoma as acute renal failure of unknown etiology

Sarenac, T.S.; Janicijevic-Petrovic, M.A.; Sreckovic, S.B.; Radovanovic, M.R.; Vulovic, D.D.; Janicijevic, K.M., 2012:
Prostatic carcinoma bilateral iris metastases

Cerovski, B.; Vidović, T.; Stiglmayer, N.; Popović Suić, S., 2010:
Prostatic carcinoma metastatic to the optic nerve

Viswanatha, B., 2008:
Prostatic carcinoma metastatic to the paranasal sinuses: a case report

Madersbacher, S.; Vutuc, C., 2009:
Prostatic carcinoma screening: sense ur nonsense?

Vezdrevanis, K., 2012:
Prostatic carcinoma shrunk after intraprostatic injection of botulinum toxin

Sakuma, T.; Yoshida, T.; Ohashi, H.; Nishimura, K.; Kawano, K., 2007:
Prostatic carcinoma that arose with hearing loss: a case report

Nesbit, R.M.; Plumb, R.T., 2011:
Prostatic carcinoma treated by orchectomy; a third report based on seventy-five cases observed for at least thirty-five months following orchectomy

Ahmad, Z.; Qureshi, A.; Idrees, R.; Aftab, K., 2009:
Prostatic carcinoma: a Pakistani perspective

Nesbit, R.M.; Plumb, R.T., 2011:
Prostatic carcinoma; a follow-up on 795 patients treated prior to the endocrine era and a comparison of survival rates between these and patients treated by endocrine therapy

Lima, M.V.A.; Nogueira, C.; Oliveira, J.A.A.; Muniz Neto, F.J.; Franco, M.; Tavora, F., 2012:
Prostatic carcinomas with neuroendocrine differentiation diagnosed in needle biopsies, a morphologic study of 7 cases among 465 sequential biopsies in a tertiary cancer center

Petrone, U.; Marascia, G.; Tucci, C.; Petrone, D.; Gaspari, G.; Angelucci, D.; Iacobelli, S., 1997:
Prostatic carcinosarcoma

Furlan, S.R.; Kang, D.J.; Armas, A., 2013:
Prostatic carcinosarcoma with lung metastases

Mekni, A.; Limaïem, F.; Chelly, I.; Nouira, Y.; Bellil, K.; Haouet, S.; Kchir, N.; Zitouna, M., 2009:
Prostatic carcinosarcoma with neuroendocrine component

Bokemeyer, J.; Peppler, C.; Thiel, C.; Failing, K.; Kramer, M.; Gerwing, M., 2011:
Prostatic cavitary lesions containing urine in dogs

Chachadi, V.B.; Ali, M.F.; Cheng, P-Wan., 2014:
Prostatic cell-specific regulation of the synthesis of MUC1-associated sialyl Lewis a

Ricciardelli, C.; Sakko, A.J.; Stahl, Jürgen.; Tilley, W.D.; Marshall, V.R.; Horsfall, D.J., 2009:
Prostatic chondroitin sulfate is increased in patients with metastatic disease but does not predict survival outcome

Tambo, M.; Okegawa, T.; Nutahara, K.; Higashihara, E., 2007:
Prostatic cyst arising around the bladder neck-cause of bladder outlet obstruction: two case reports

Dogan, B.; Canda, A.Erdem.; Akbulut, Z.; Atmaca, A.Fuat.; Duran, E.; Balbay, M.Derya., 2012:
Prostatic cyst causing severe infravesical obstruction in a young patient

Achiche, M.A.; Ben Emna, M.; Blah, M.; Ben Hassine, L.; Chebil, M.; Ayed, M., 2008:
Prostatic cyst causing urinary retention. Diagnostic and therapeutic particularities

Yu, Q-Chun.; Sun, Z-Lei.; Wu, J.; Shi, Q-Li., 2013:
Prostatic cystadenoma: a case report and review of the literature

Kim, S.Woong., 2011:
Prostatic disease and sexual dysfunction

Henline, R.B., 1948:
Prostatic disease; with special reference to early diagnosis and treatment of carcinoma of the prostate

Tsukamoto, T.; Masumori, N., 2008:
Prostatic diseases in elderly men: contemporary diagnosis and treatment of cancer and benign hyperplasia of the prostate

Heckel, N.J., 1949:
Prostatic diseases in old men

Hetzl, A.C.; Favaro, W.J.; Billis, A.; Ferreira, U.; Cagnon, Véria.H.A., 2010:
Prostatic diseases in the senescence: structural and proliferative features

Corrêa, Lívia.L.; Balarini Lima, G.A.; Cavallieri, S.A.; Miranda, L.Carlos.D.de.; Gadelha, Mônica.R., 2014:
Prostatic disorders in acromegalic patients experience of a Brazilian center

Iğdem, S.; Spiegel, D.Y.; Efstathiou, J.; Miller, R.C.; Poortmans, P.M.P.; Koca, S.; Kiliç-Unsal, D.; Okkan, S.; Zietman, A., 2010:
Prostatic duct adenocarcinoma: clinical characteristics, treatment options, and outcomes - a Rare Cancer Network study

Epstein, J.I., 2010:
Prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a mini review

Schieda, N.; Coffey, N.; Gulavita, P.; Al-Dandan, O.; Shabana, W.; Flood, T.A., 2014:
Prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma: an aggressive tumour variant unrecognized on T2 weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Fu, S.; Zhang, M.; Wang, Y.; Li, Q.; Tang, J., 2014:
Prostatic elasticity: a new non-invasive parameter to assess bladder outlet obstruction caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (a canine experiment)

Joseph, F.; Vaidyanathan, S.N., 2014:
Prostatic enlargement in a dog; treatment with stilboestrol dipropionate

Santos García-Baquero, A.; Soler Martínez, J.; Blanco Reina, F.; Vozmediano Chicharro, R.; Morales Jiménez, P.; Hernández Alcaraz, D.; Vivas Vargas, E.; Baena González, V., 2009:
Prostatic enucleation with holmium laser

Mandhani, A., 2009:
Prostatic fascia and recovery of sexual function after radical prostatectomy: Is it a "Veil of Aphrodite" or "Veil of mystery"!

Ma, J.; Gharaee-Kermani, M.; Kunju, L.; Hollingsworth, J.M.; Adler, J.; Arruda, E.M.; Macoska, J.A., 2012:
Prostatic fibrosis is associated with lower urinary tract symptoms

Ceylan, C.; Serel, A.; Doluoglu, O.Gokhan.; Armağan, A.; Yüksel, S., 2014:
Prostatic fluid free insulin-like growth factor-1 in relation to benign prostatic hyperplasia: a controlled study

Borski, A.A.; Pulaski, E.J.; Kimbrough, J.C.; Fusillo, M.H., 2014:
Prostatic fluid, semen, and prostatic tissue concentrations of the major antibiotics following intravenous administration

Umunna, J.I., 2011:
Prostatic fossa gauze-packing in the prevention of blood clot obstruction of the bladder after transvesical prostatectomy

Foguem, C.; Curlier, E.; Rouamba, M-M.; Regent, A.; Philippe, P., 2008:
Prostatic granulomas revealing a peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Boukadoum, N.; Bensoltane, S.; Chettibi, K.; Yassi, F.; Kadi, A., 2013:
Prostatic hydatid cyst: a case study

Chartier-Kastler, E.; Leger, D.; Comet, D.; Haab, Fçois.; Ohayon, M.M., 2012:
Prostatic hyperplasia is highly associated with nocturia and excessive sleepiness: a cross-sectional study

Meguro, N., 2008:
Prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer

Erlikh, N.; Miullerad, M.; Khazanov, V., 2009:
Prostatic inflammation and chronic pelvic pain: diagnosis and treatment

Bernoulli, J.; Yatkin, E.; Konkol, Y.; Talvitie, E-Maria.; Santti, R.; Streng, T., 2008:
Prostatic inflammation and obstructive voiding in the adult Noble rat: impact of the testosterone to estradiol ratio in serum

Bastian, P.J.; Nuhn, P.; Stadler, T.C.; Roosen, A.; Stief, C.G., 2010:
Prostatic inflammation and prostate cancer

Fujita, K.; Hosomi, M.; Tanigawa, G.; Okumi, M.; Fushimi, H.; Yamaguchi, S., 2011:
Prostatic inflammation detected in initial biopsy specimens and urinary pyuria are predictors of negative repeat prostate biopsy

Kwon, O-Joon.; Zhang, L.; Ittmann, M.M.; Xin, L., 2014:
Prostatic inflammation enhances basal-to-luminal differentiation and accelerates initiation of prostate cancer with a basal cell origin

Wong, L.; Hutson, P.R.; Bushman, W., 2015:
Prostatic inflammation induces fibrosis in a mouse model of chronic bacterial infection

Montironi, R.; Mazzucchelli, R.; Lopez-Beltran, A.; Scarpelli, M.; Cheng, L., 2011:
Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia: its morphological and molecular diagnosis and clinical significance

Kanomata, N.; Kozuka, Y.; Moriya, T., 2013:
Prostatic intraepithelial pagetoid histiocyte: a potential diagnostic pitfall

Becker, A.M.; Keck, R.W.; Murtagh, D.S.; Becker, A.B.; Hinman, C.; Selman, S.H., 2010:
Prostatic involution after intraprostatic injection of cobra toxin

Chuang, S-S.; Chang, S-T.; Lee, Y-H.; Chang, K-C., 2008:
Prostatic involvement by nasal NK/T cell lymphoma forming lymphoepithelial lesions

Huguet, J., 2013:
Prostatic involvement by urothelial carcinoma in patients with bladder cancer and their implications in the clinical practice

Hossain, D.; Meiers, I.; Qian, J.; MacLennan, G.T.; Bostwick, D.G., 2008:
Prostatic leiomyoma with atypia: follow-up study of 10 cases

Barba, J.; Tolosa, E.; Panizo, A.Fernando.; Berián, J.María., 2012:
Prostatic leiomyoma. Case report

El-Sharkawi, S.; Vaughton, K., 1997:
Prostatic leiomyosarcoma: the case for combined modality therapy

Pal, R.P.; Bhatt, J.R.; Khan, M.A.; Duggleby, S.; Camilleri, P.; Bell, C.Richard.; Elwell, C.; Kunkler, R.B., 2011:
Prostatic length predicts functional outcomes after iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy

Vermeeren, L.; Meinhardt, W.; Valdes Olmos, R.A., 2010:
Prostatic lymphatic drainage with sentinel nodes at the ventral abdominal wall visualized with SPECT/CT: a case series

Zuazu, J.Rioja.; Iglesias, R.; Costa, D.Rosell.; Rincón Mayans, A.; Brugarolas i Roselló, X.; Santos, A.Panizo.; Polo, Jé.Ma.Berián., 2009:
Prostatic lymphoma and review of the literature

Juta, J.; Subhas, G.; Makarawo, T.; McLaughlin, P.; Pearlman, R.; McKendrick, A., 2012:
Prostatic marker needles to define the anterior dissection planes during APR for rectal cancers in patients with previous radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Lockhart, W.T., 1919:
Prostatic massage

Torelli, T.; Lughezzani, G.; Catanzaro, M.; Nicolai, N.; Colecchia, M.; Biasoni, D.; Piva, L.; Maffezzini, M.; Stagni, S.; Necchi, A.; Giannatempo, P.; Farè, E.; Salvioni, R., 2014:
Prostatic metastases from testicular nonseminomatous germ cell cancer: two case reports and a review of the literature

Yoo, J.Hwan.; Lee, J.Hyun.; Kim, E.Kyung.; Hong, Y.Kwon.; Lee, Y.; Jeong, H.Cheol., 2010:
Prostatic metastasis of large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung

Shimizu, K.; Goto, T.; Maeshima, A.; Oyamada, Y.; Kato, R., 2012:
Prostatic metastasis of pulmonary large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma

Kim, H.; Usui, Y.; Soeda, S.; Kawakami, M.; Kato, S.; Nakajima, N.; Hanai, K.; Kawamura, Y.; Hoshi, A.; Nomoto, T.; Terachi, T., 2012:
Prostatic metastasis of renal cell carcinoma

Fokt, R-Michael.; Templeton, A.; Gillessen, S.; Ohlschlegel, C.; Schmid, H-Peter., 2009:
Prostatic metastasis of renal cell carcinoma successfully treated with sunitinib

Hetzl, A.C.; Montico, F.; Lorencini, R.M.; Kido, L.A.; Cândido, E.M.; Cagnon, V.H.A., 2015:
Prostatic microenvironment in senescence: fibroblastic growth factors × hormonal imbalance

Shen, H.; Zhou, H-Tong.; Wu, H-Fei.; Yu, H-Bo.; Li, B-Jun.; Zhang, B.; Lin, J-Zhong., 2011:
Prostatic middle lobe hyperplasia correlates with bladder outflow obstruction: analysis of 131 cases

Ryan, P.; Finelli, A.; Lawrentschuk, N.; Fleshner, N.; Sweet, J.; Cheung, C.; van der Kwast, T.; Evans, A., 2012:
Prostatic needle biopsies following primary high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy for prostatic adenocarcinoma: histopathological features in tumour and non-tumour tissue

Algarra Navarro, R.; Barba Abad, J.F.; Romero Vargas, L.M.; Tienza Fernández, A.; Panizo, A.; Berián, J.M., 2012:
Prostatic nephrogenic adenoma. A case report

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