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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55249

Chapter 55249 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Djeffal, A.; Messarah, M.; Boumendjel, A.; Kadeche, L.; Feki, A.El., 2015:
Protective effects of vitamin C and selenium supplementation on methomyl-induced tissue oxidative stress in adult rats

Na, Y-Rang.; Seok, S-Hyeok.; Baek, M-Won.; Lee, H-Young.; Kim, D-Jae.; Park, S-Hoon.; Lee, H-Kyoung.; Park, J-Hak., 2008:
Protective effects of vitamin E against 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126) induced toxicity in zebrafish embryos

Saleh, N.K.; Saleh, H.A., 2010:
Protective effects of vitamin E against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats

Kabay, S.Canbaz.; Ozden, H.; Guven, G.; Ustuner, M.Cengiz.; Degirmenci, I.; Olgun, E.Gurlek.; Unal, N., 2009:
Protective effects of vitamin E on central nervous system in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Eum, S.; Choi, H-Duck.; Chang, M-Jung.; Choi, H-Chun.; Ko, Y-Jin.; Ahn, J-Soo.; Shin, W-Gyoon.; Lee, J-Yeun., 2014:
Protective effects of vitamin E on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Shadyro, O.; Lagutin, P.; Edimecheva, I.; Brinkevich, S.; Kagiya, T., 2008:
Protective effects of vitamin glycosides on gamma-radiation and H2O2-induced decomposition of thymine in aqueous solutions

Allagui, M.Salah.; Feriani, A.; Bouoni, Z.; Alimi, H.; Murat, J.Claud.;, A., 2015:
Protective effects of vitamins (C and E) and melatonin co-administration on hematological and hepatic functions and oxidative stress in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

Monfared, A.Shabestani.; Jorsaraei, S.Gholam.Ali.; Abdi, R., 2010:
Protective effects of vitamins C and E on spermatogenesis of 1.5 Tesla magnetic field exposed rats

Tokgöz, S.Alicura.; Vuralkan, E.; Sonbay, N.D.; Çalişkan, M.; Saka, C.; Beşalti, Ö.; Akin, İ., 2012:
Protective effects of vitamins E, B and C and L-carnitine in the prevention of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in rats

Chi, H.M.; Chou, S.T.; Lin, S.C.; Su, Z.Y.; Sheen, L-Yan., 2011:
Protective effects of water extract of clam on normal and CCl₄-induced damage in primary cultured rat hepatocytes

Sumiyoshi, M.; Suzuki, T.; Kimura, Y., 2009:
Protective effects of water-soluble low-molecular-weight beta-(1,3-1,6)d-glucan purified from Aureobasidium pullulans GM-NH-1A1 against UFT toxicity in mice

Kanaya, N.; Kubo, M.; Liu, Z.; Chu, P.; Wang, C.; Yuan, Y-Ching.; Chen, S., 2012:
Protective effects of white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) against hepatic steatosis in ovariectomized mice as a model of postmenopausal women

Chi, T-Yan.; Wang, L-Hua.; Qu, C.; Yang, B-Zhen.; Ji, X-Fei.; Wang, Y.; Okuyama, T.; Yoshihito, O.; Zou, L-Bo., 2010:
Protective effects of xanthoceraside on learning and memory impairment induced by Abeta(25-35) in mice

Tang, D.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, H.; Sun, M.; Sui, Y., 2011:
Protective effects of xuefu zhuyu decoction on myocardium ischemia reperfusion injury in rats

Lu, X-Lin.; Yao, X-Li.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, H.; Li, W.; Li, Z.; Wang, G-Lei.; Pang, J.; Lin, Y.; Xu, Z.; Chen, L.; Pei, Z.; Zeng, J., 2010:
Protective effects of xyloketal B against MPP+-induced neurotoxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans and PC12 cells

Bulbuloglu, E.; Yildiz, H.; Senoglu, N.; Coskuner, I.; Yuzbasioglu, M.Fatih.; Kilinc, M.; Dogan, Z.; Deniz, C.; Oksuz, H.; Kantarçeken, B.; Atli, Yın., 2012:
Protective effects of zinc, pentoxifylline, and N-acetylcysteine in an animal model of laparoscopy-induced ischemia/reperfusion injury of the small intestine

Wang, L.C.; Zhang, T.T.; Wen, C.; Jiang, Z.Y.; Wang, T.; Zhou, Y.M., 2012:
Protective effects of zinc-bearing clinoptilolite on broilers challenged with Salmonella pullorum

Altunoluk, Bülent.; Söylemez, H.; Bakan, V.; Ciralik, H.; Tolun, F.Inanc., 2012:
Protective effects of zofenopril on testicular torsion and detorsion injury in rats

Condello, S.; Currò, M.; Ferlazzo, N.; Costa, G.; Visalli, G.; Caccamo, D.; Pisani, L.Rosa.; Costa, C.; Calabresi, P.; Ientile, R.; Pisani, F., 2014:
Protective effects of zonisamide against rotenone-induced neurotoxicity

Paul, M.V.Sauganth.; Abhilash, M.; Varghese, M.V.; Alex, M.; Nair, R.Harikumaran., 2013:
Protective effects of α-tocopherol against oxidative stress related to nephrotoxicity by monosodium glutamate in rats

Murata, W.; Tanaka, T.; Kubo, I.; Fujita, K-ichi., 2014:
Protective effects of α-tocopherol and ascorbic acid against cardol-induced cell death and reactive oxygen species generation in Staphylococcus aureus

Ceyhan, A.Murat.; Akkaya, V.Baysal.; Güleçol, Şeyma.Celik.; Ceyhan, Bül.Mermi.; Özgüner, F.; Chen, W., 2013:
Protective effects of β-glucan against oxidative injury induced by 2.45-GHz electromagnetic radiation in the skin tissue of rats

Li, X-Tai.; Li, H-Cheng.; Li, C-Bin.; Dou, D-Qiang.; Gao, M-Bo., 2011:
Protective effects on mitochondria and anti-aging activity of polysaccharides from cultivated fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris

Zhao, A-Bin.; Yu, B.; Wu, X-Lin.; Cao, K-Jian.; Li, E-Qing.; Li, Q-Mei.; Chen, X-Yin., 2011:
Protective effects on myelosuppression mice treated by three different classic Chinese medicine formulae

Kato, G.; Sakai, T.; Suzuki, K.; Sano, N.; Takano, T.; Matsuyama, T.; Nakayasu, C., 2015:
Protective efficacies and immune responses induced by recombinant HCD, atpD and gdhA against bacterial cold-water disease in ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis)

Cowling, B.J.; Ng, S.; Ma, E.S.K.; Fang, V.J.; So, H.Chi.; Wai, W.; Cheng, C.K.Y.; Wong, J.Y.; Chan, K-Hung.; Ip, D.K.M.; Chiu, S.S.; Peiris, J.S.Malik.; Leung, G.M., 2013:
Protective efficacy against pandemic influenza of seasonal influenza vaccination in children in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trial

Stab, V.; Nitsche, S.; Niezold, T.; Storcksdieck Genannt Bonsmann, M.; Wiechers, A.; Tippler, B.; Hannaman, D.; Ehrhardt, C.; Uberla, K.; Grunwald, T.; Tenbusch, M., 2014:
Protective efficacy and immunogenicity of a combinatory DNA vaccine against Influenza A Virus and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Kohlmann, R.; Schwannecke, S.; Tippler, B.; Ternette, N.; Temchura, V.V.; Tenbusch, M.; Uberla, K.; Grunwald, T., 2009:
Protective efficacy and immunogenicity of an adenoviral vector vaccine encoding the codon-optimized F protein of respiratory syncytial virus

Lee, C.; Jung, K.; Oh, J.; Oh, T.; Han, S.; Hwang, J.; Yeom, M.; Son, D.; Kim, J.; Park, B.; Moon, H.; Song, D.; Kang, B., 2010:
Protective efficacy and immunogenicity of an inactivated avian-origin H3N2 canine influenza vaccine in dogs challenged with the virulent virus

Arenas-Gamboa, A.M.; Rice-Ficht, A.C.; Kahl-McDonagh, M.M.; Ficht, T.A., 2011:
Protective efficacy and safety of Brucella melitensis 16MΔmucR against intraperitoneal and aerosol challenge in BALB/c mice

Gosling, R.D.; Gesase, S.; Mosha, J.F.; Carneiro, I.; Hashim, R.; Lemnge, M.; Mosha, F.W.; Greenwood, B.; Chandramohan, D., 2009:
Protective efficacy and safety of three antimalarial regimens for intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in infants: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Bigira, V.; Kapisi, J.; Clark, T.D.; Kinara, S.; Mwangwa, F.; Muhindo, M.K.; Osterbauer, B.; Aweeka, F.T.; Huang, L.; Achan, J.; Havlir, D.V.; Rosenthal, P.J.; Kamya, M.R.; Dorsey, G., 2015 :
Protective efficacy and safety of three antimalarial regimens for the prevention of malaria in young Ugandan children: a randomized controlled trial

Zhu, Z.; Fu, Z.; Zhang, M.; Han, Y.; Hong, Y.; Li, D.; Zhao, Z.; Shi, Y.; Li, X.; Lin, J., 2012:
Protective efficacy evaluation induced by recombinant protein LHD-Sj23-GST of Schistosoma japonicum emulsified with three different adjuvants

Zhao, Y.; Xu, R.; Zhang, Y.; Ji, X.; Zhang, J.; Liu, Y.; Bao, Y.; Qin, J., 2014:
Protective efficacy in chickens of recombinant plasmid pET32a(+)-ADF-3-1E of Eimeria acervulina

Jang, Y.Han.; Lee, E-Young.; Byun, Y.Ho.; Jung, E-Ju.; Lee, Y.Jae.; Lee, Y.Ha.; Lee, K-Hee.; Lee, J.; Seong, B.Lin., 2014:
Protective efficacy in mice of monovalent and trivalent live attenuated influenza vaccines in the background of cold-adapted A/X-31 and B/Lee/40 donor strains

Li, X-Hong.; Cao, J-Ping.; Tang, L-Hua.; Xu, Y-Xin.; Liu, S-Xian.; Wang, S-Jun.; Cheng, J., 2010:
Protective efficacy induced by dendritic cells pulsed with GST in combination with CpG oligodeoxynucleotide against Schistosoma japonicum infection

Yadav, P.; Jadhav, S.E.; Kumar, V.; Kaul, K.K.; Pant, S.C.; Flora, S.J.S., 2012:
Protective efficacy of 2-PAMCl, atropine and curcumin against dichlorvos induced toxicity in rats

Duangkaew, P.; Kaewpa, D.; Rongnoparut, P., 2012:
Protective efficacy of Anopheles minimus CYP6P7 and CYP6AA3 against cytotoxicity of pyrethroid insecticides in Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9) insect cells

Nolan, S.T.; Lamichhane, G., 2011:
Protective efficacy of BCG overexpressing an L,D-transpeptidase against M. tuberculosis infection

Sunaga, F.; Arai, S.; Itoh, S.; Taharaguchi, S., 2014:
Protective efficacy of Babesia gibsoni culture-derived exoantigens against the challenge infection in dogs

Kurupati, P.; Ramachandran, N.P.; Poh, C.Laa., 2011:
Protective efficacy of DNA vaccines encoding outer membrane protein A and OmpK36 of Klebsiella pneumoniae in mice

Kilany, W.H.; Abdelwhab, E.M.; Arafa, A-Satar.; Selim, A.; Safwat, M.; Nawar, A.A.; Erfan, A.M.; Hassan, M.K.; Aly, M.M.; Hafez, H.M., 2012:
Protective efficacy of H5 inactivated vaccines in meat turkey poults after challenge with Egyptian variant highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus

Jiang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Wang, G.; Zhang, P.; Tian, G.; Bu, Z.; Chen, H., 2010:
Protective efficacy of H7 subtype avian influenza DNA vaccine

Pedroso Flaquet, Pácido.; Díaz González, M.; Rodríguez Lay, L., 2013:
Protective efficacy of Heberbiovac HB at different dosage in physically and mentally-handicapped children

Volz, A.; Sutter, G., 2014:
Protective efficacy of Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara in preclinical studies

Gupta, A.; Ahmad, F.J.; Ahmad, F.; Gupta, U.D.; Natarajan, M.; Katoch, V.M.; Bhaskar, S., 2013:
Protective efficacy of Mycobacterium indicus pranii against tuberculosis and underlying local lung immune responses in guinea pig model

Perveen, K.; Hanif, F.; Jawed, H.; Simjee, S.U., 2014:
Protective efficacy of N-(2-hydroxyphenyl) acetamide against adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats

Cornelissen, L.A.H.M.; de Leeuw, O.S.; Tacken, M.G.; Klos, H.C.; de Vries, R.P.; de Boer-Luijtze, E.A.; van Zoelen-Bos, D.J.; Rigter, A.; Rottier, P.J.M.; Moormann, R.J.M.; de Haan, C.A.M., 2013:
Protective efficacy of Newcastle disease virus expressing soluble trimeric hemagglutinin against highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza in chickens and mice

Gao, S.; Zhao, N.; Amer, S.; Qian, M.; Lv, M.; Zhao, Y.; Su, X.; Cao, J.; He, H.; Zhao, B., 2014 :
Protective efficacy of PLGA microspheres loaded with divalent DNA vaccine encoding the ompA gene of Aeromonas veronii and the hly gene of Aeromonas hydrophila in mice

Crivelaro de Menezes, Tís.Elisabete.; Botazzo Delbem, A.Carlos.; Lourenção Brighenti, F.; Cláudia Okamoto, A.; Gaetti-Jardim, E., 2010:
Protective efficacy of Psidium cattleianum and Myracrodruon urundeuva aqueous extracts against caries development in rats

Kumar, S.; Sharma, U.K.; Sharma, A.K.; Pandey, A.K., 2013:
Protective efficacy of Solanum xanthocarpum root extracts against free radical damage: phytochemical analysis and antioxidant effect

Chen, J.; Li, Z-Yuan.; Huang, S-Yang.; Petersen, E.; Song, H-Qun.; Zhou, D-Hui.; Zhu, X-Quan., 2014:
Protective efficacy of Toxoplasma gondii calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 (TgCDPK1) adjuvated with recombinant IL-15 and IL-21 against experimental toxoplasmosis in mice

Chang, H-Wen.; Lin, Y-Wen.; Ho, H-Min.; Lin, M-Han.; Liu, C-Chyi.; Shao, H-Yun.; Chong, P.; Sia, C.; Chow, Y-Hung., 2014:
Protective efficacy of VP1-specific neutralizing antibody associated with a reduction of viral load and pro-inflammatory cytokines in human SCARB2-transgenic mice

Kortekaas, J.; Ketelaar, J.; Vloet, R.P.M.; Loeffen, W.L., 2011:
Protective efficacy of a Classical swine fever virus C-strain deletion mutant and ability to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals

Zhu, C.; Wang, S.; Hu, S.; Yu, M.; Zeng, Y.; You, X.; Xiao, J.; Wu, Y., 2013:
Protective efficacy of a Mycoplasma pneumoniae P1C DNA vaccine fused with the B subunit of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin

Yadava, A.; Hall, C.E.; Sullivan, J.S.; Nace, D.; Williams, T.; Collins, W.E.; Ockenhouse, C.F.; Barnwell, J.W., 2016:
Protective efficacy of a Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite protein-based vaccine in Aotus nancymaae is associated with antibodies to the repeat region

Zhao, F.; Wang, S.; Zhang, X.; Gu, W.; Yu, J.; Liu, S.; Zeng, T.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, Y., 2012 :
Protective efficacy of a Treponema pallidum Gpd DNA vaccine vectored by chitosan nanoparticles and fused with interleukin-2

Wibowo, N.; Hughes, F.K.; Fairmaid, E.J.; Lua, L.H.L.; Brown, L.E.; Middelberg, A.P.J., 2014:
Protective efficacy of a bacterially produced modular capsomere presenting M2e from influenza: extending the potential of broadly cross-protecting epitopes

Tsuda, Y.; Safronetz, D.; Brown, K.; LaCasse, R.; Marzi, A.; Ebihara, H.; Feldmann, H., 2011:
Protective efficacy of a bivalent recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine in the Syrian hamster model of lethal Ebola virus infection

Wang, B.; Yu, H.; Yang, F-Ru.; Huang, M.; Ma, J-Hong.; Tong, G-Zhi., 2013:
Protective efficacy of a broadly cross-reactive swine influenza DNA vaccine encoding M2e, cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitope and consensus H3 hemagglutinin

Barouch, D.H.; Stephenson, K.E.; Borducchi, E.N.; Smith, K.; Stanley, K.; McNally, A.G.; Liu, J.; Abbink, P.; Maxfield, L.F.; Seaman, M.S.; Dugast, A-Sophie.; Alter, G.; Ferguson, M.; Li, W.; Earl, P.L.; Moss, B.; Giorgi, E.E.; Szinger, J.J.; Eller, L.Anne.; Billings, E.A.; Rao, M.; Tovanabutra, S.; Sanders-Buell, E.; Weijtens, M.; Pau, M.G.; Schuitemaker, H.; Robb, M.L.; Kim, J.H.; Korber, B.T.; Michael, N.L., 2014:
Protective efficacy of a global HIV-1 mosaic vaccine against heterologous SHIV challenges in rhesus monkeys

Wen, F.; Ma, J-Hong.; Yu, H.; Yang, F-Ru.; Huang, M.; Zhou, Y-Jun.; Li, Z-Jun.; Tong, G-Zhi., 2016:
Protective efficacy of a high-growth reassortant swine H3N2 inactivated vaccine constructed by reverse genetic manipulation

Choi, J-Yoo.; Gwon, Y-Dae.; Kim, J-Ki.; Cho, Y-Dong.; Heo, Y-Ki.; Cho, H-Sam.; Choi, T-Jin.; Poo, H-Ryoung.; Oh, Y-Kyoung.; Kim, Y.Bong., 2014:
Protective efficacy of a human endogenous retrovirus envelope-coated, nonreplicable, baculovirus-based hemagglutin vaccine against pandemic influenza H1N1 2009

Xiong, Q.; Wei, Y.; Feng, Z.; Gan, Y.; Liu, Z.; Liu, M.; Bai, F.; Shao, G., 2015:
Protective efficacy of a live attenuated Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine with an ISCOM-matrix adjuvant in pigs

Puliyel, J.; Sathyamala, C.; Banerji, D., 2007:
Protective efficacy of a monovalent oral type 1 poliovirus vaccine

Sun, J-hua.; Niu, Y-mei.; Fan, M-wen.; Xu, Q-an.; Yang, X-chao., 2010:
Protective efficacy of a new fusion anti-caries DNA vaccine encoding antigens of both Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus

Wang, J.; Qie, Y.; Liu, W.; Wang, H., 2014:
Protective efficacy of a recombinant BCG secreting antigen 85B/Rv3425 fusion protein against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in mice

Jarvi, S.I.; Lieberman, M.M.; Hofmeister, E.; Nerurkar, V.R.; Wong, T.; Weeks-Levy, C., 2008:
Protective efficacy of a recombinant subunit West Nile virus vaccine in domestic geese (Anser anser)

Park, E.Hye.; Song, B.Min.; Yum, J.; Kim, J.An.; Oh, S.Kyoo.; Kim, H.Soo.; Cho, G.Jae.; Seo, S.Heui., 2015:
Protective efficacy of a single dose of baculovirus hemagglutinin-based vaccine in chickens and ducks against homologous and heterologous H5N1 virus infections

Barouch, D.H.; Liu, J.; Lynch, D.M.; O'Brien, K.L.; L.P.rte, A.; Simmons, N.L.; Riggs, A.M.; Clark, S.; Abbink, P.; Montefiori, D.C.; Landucci, G.; Forthal, D.N.; Self, S.G.; Carville, A.; Mansfield, K.; Goudsmit, J., 2009:
Protective efficacy of a single immunization of a chimeric adenovirus vector-based vaccine against simian immunodeficiency virus challenge in rhesus monkeys

Caufour, P.; Rufael, T.; Lamien, C.Euloge.; Lancelot, R.; Kidane, M.; Awel, D.; Sertse, T.; Kwiatek, O.; Libeau, Gève.; Sahle, M.; Diallo, A.; Albina, E., 2014:
Protective efficacy of a single immunization with capripoxvirus-vectored recombinant peste des petits ruminants vaccines in presence of pre-existing immunity

Kim, J.Hwan.; Lee, N.Seob.; Jeong, Y.Gil.; Lee, J-Hun.; Kim, E.Ji.; Han, S.Yun., 2012:
Protective efficacy of an Ecklonia cava extract used to treat transient focal ischemia of the rat brain

Shi, J.; Wen, Z.; Guo, J.; Zhang, Y.; Deng, G.; Shu, Y.; Wang, D.; Jiang, Y.; Kawaoka, Y.; Bu, Z.; Chen, H., 2012:
Protective efficacy of an H1N1 cold-adapted live vaccine against the 2009 pandemic H1N1, seasonal H1N1, and H5N1 influenza viruses in mice

Canales, M.; Labruna, M.B.; Soares, Jão.F.; Prudencio, C.R.; de la Fuente, Jé., 2010:
Protective efficacy of bacterial membranes containing surface-exposed BM95 antigenic peptides for the control of cattle tick infestations

Iyori, M.; Nakaya, H.; Inagaki, K.; Pichyangkul, S.; Yamamoto, D.S.; Kawasaki, M.; Kwak, K.; Mizukoshi, M.; Goto, Y.; Matsuoka, H.; Matsumoto, M.; Yoshida, S., 2014:
Protective efficacy of baculovirus dual expression system vaccine expressing Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein

Valiyaveettil, M.; Alamneh, Y.; Rezk, P.; Biggemann, L.; Perkins, M.W.; Sciuto, A.M.; Doctor, B.P.; Nambiar, M.P., 2011:
Protective efficacy of catalytic bioscavenger, paraoxonase 1 against sarin and soman exposure in guinea pigs

Sandison, T.G.; Homsy, J.; Arinaitwe, E.; Wanzira, H.; Kakuru, A.; Bigira, V.; Kalamya, J.; Vora, N.; Kublin, J.; Kamya, M.R.; Dorsey, G.; Tappero, J.W., 2011:
Protective efficacy of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis against malaria in HIV exposed children in rural Uganda: a randomised clinical trial

Binukumar, B.K.; Gupta, N.; Sunkaria, A.; Kandimalla, R.; Wani, W.Y.; Sharma, D.R.; Bal, A.; Gill, K.Dip., 2012:
Protective efficacy of coenzyme Q10 against DDVP-induced cognitive impairments and neurodegeneration in rats

Valkenburg, S.A.; Gras, S.; Guillonneau, C.; L.G.uta, N.L.; Thomas, P.G.; Purcell, A.W.; Rossjohn, J.; Doherty, P.C.; Turner, S.J.; Kedzierska, K., 2010:
Protective efficacy of cross-reactive CD8+ T cells recognising mutant viral epitopes depends on peptide-MHC-I structural interactions and T cell activation threshold

Park, J-Keun.; Lee, D-Hun.; Youn, H-Na.; Kim, M-Seob.; Lee, Y-Na.; Yuk, S-Su.; Lim, T-Hyun.; Jang, J-Hyuk.; Kwon, J-Hoon.; Kim, B-Yoon.; Kang, S-Moo.; Seong, B-Lin.; Lee, J-Bok.; Park, S-Yong.; Choi, I-Soo.; Song, C-Seon., 2013:
Protective efficacy of crude virus-like particle vaccine against HPAI H5N1 in chickens and its application on DIVA strategy

Souza, Pícia.R.M.; Zárate-Bladés, C.R.; Hori, J.I.; Ramos, S.G.; Lima, D.S.; Schneider, T.; Rosada, Rério.S.; Torre, L.G.L.; Santana, M.Helena.A.; Brandão, Iíra.T.; Masson, A.P.; Coelho-Castelo, A.A.M.; Bonato, Vânia.L.; Galetti, F.C.S.; Gonçalves, E.D.; Botte, D.A.; Machado, J.B.M.; Silva, C.L., 2008:
Protective efficacy of different strategies employing Mycobacterium leprae heat-shock protein 65 against tuberculosis

Kannan, M.Mari.; Quine, S.Darlin.; Sangeetha, T., 2012:
Protective efficacy of ellagic acid on glycoproteins, hematological parameters, biochemical changes, and electrolytes in myocardial infarcted rats

Penfound, T.A.; Chiang, E.Y.; Ahmed, E.A.; Dale, J.B., 2010:
Protective efficacy of group A streptococcal vaccines containing type-specific and conserved M protein epitopes

Sarkar-Tyson, M.; Smither, S.J.; Harding, S.V.; Atkins, T.P.; Titball, R.W., 2009:
Protective efficacy of heat-inactivated B. thailandensis, B. mallei or B. pseudomallei against experimental melioidosis and glanders

Moussa, I.M.; Hessan, A.M.; Aleisa, A.M.; Al-Arfaj, A.A.; Salem-Bekhit, M.M.; AlRejai, S.A., 2015:
Protective efficacy of immunoglobulins Y prepared against Cerastes cerastes snake venom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Griffin, J.T.; Cairns, M.; Ghani, A.C.; Roper, C.; Schellenberg, D.; Carneiro, I.; Newman, R.D.; Grobusch, M.P.; Greenwood, B.; Chandramohan, D.; Gosling, R.D., 2011:
Protective efficacy of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in infants (IPTi) using sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and parasite resistance

Eisele, T.P.; Larsen, D.; Steketee, R.W., 2010:
Protective efficacy of interventions for preventing malaria mortality in children in Plasmodium falciparum endemic areas

Pyo, H-Mi.; Zhou, Y., 2014:
Protective efficacy of intranasally administered bivalent live influenza vaccine and immunological mechanisms underlying the protection

Bandell, A.; Woo, J.; Coelingh, K., 2012:
Protective efficacy of live-attenuated influenza vaccine (multivalent, Ann Arbor strain): a literature review addressing interference

Thwing, J.; Eisele, T.P.; Steketee, R.W., 2011:
Protective efficacy of malaria case management and intermittent preventive treatment for preventing malaria mortality in children: a systematic review for the Lives Saved Tool

Dhiman, N.; Khuller, G.K., 1997:
Protective efficacy of mycobacterial 71 kilodalton cell wall associated protein using poly (DL-lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles as carrier vehicles

Srilaxmi, P.; Sareddy, G.Reddy.; Kavi Kishor, P.Bilhan.; Setty, O.Hussainaiah.; Babu, P.Prakash., 2011:
Protective efficacy of natansnin, a dibenzoyl glycoside from Salvinia natans against CCl4 induced oxidative stress and cellular degeneration in rat liver

Marzi, A.; Yoshida, R.; Miyamoto, H.; Ishijima, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Higuchi, M.; Matsuyama, Y.; Igarashi, M.; Nakayama, E.; Kuroda, M.; Saijo, M.; Feldmann, F.; Brining, D.; Feldmann, H.; Takada, A., 2012:
Protective efficacy of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies in a nonhuman primate model of Ebola hemorrhagic fever

Itoh, Y.; Yoshida, R.; Shichinohe, S.; Higuchi, M.; Ishigaki, H.; Nakayama, M.; Pham, V.Loi.; Ishida, H.; Kitano, M.; Arikata, M.; Kitagawa, N.; Mitsuishi, Y.; Ogasawara, K.; Tsuchiya, H.; Hiono, T.; Okamatsu, M.; Sakoda, Y.; Kida, H.; Ito, M.; Quynh Mai, L.; Kawaoka, Y.; Miyamoto, H.; Ishijima, M.; Igarashi, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Takada, A., 2015:
Protective efficacy of passive immunization with monoclonal antibodies in animal models of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus infection

Sharma, S.; Kalia, N.Pal.; Suden, P.; Chauhan, P.Singh.; Kumar, M.; Ram, A.Beulah.; Khajuria, A.; Bani, S.; Khan, I.Ali., 2015:
Protective efficacy of piperine against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Rishi, P.; Mavi, S.Kaur.; Bharrhan, S.; Shukla, G.; Tewari, R., 2009 :
Protective efficacy of probiotic alone or in conjunction with a prebiotic in Salmonella-induced liver damage

Sugawara, I.; Sun, L.; Mizuno, S.; Taniyama, T., 2008:
Protective efficacy of recombinant BCG Tokyo (Ag85A) in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) infected intratracheally with H37Rv Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Bégué, R.E.; Sadowska-Krowicka, H., 2011:
Protective efficacy of recombinant urease B and aluminum hydroxide against Helicobacter pylori infection in a mouse model

Cowling, B.J.; Ng, S.; Ma, E.S.K.; Cheng, C.K.Y.; Wai, W.; Fang, V.J.; Chan, K-Hung.; Ip, D.K.M.; Chiu, S.S.; Peiris, J.S.Malik.; Leung, G.M., 2011:
Protective efficacy of seasonal influenza vaccination against seasonal and pandemic influenza virus infection during 2009 in Hong Kong

Li, W-Hsuan.; Shi, Y-Ching.; Tseng, I-Ling.; Liao, V.Hsiu-Chuan., 2013:
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Protein C concentrate controls leukocyte recruitment during inflammation and improves survival during endotoxemia after efficient in vivo activation

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Protein C concentrate in adult septic patients

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Protein C deficiency

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Protein C deficiency

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Protein C deficiency with concurrent essential thrombocytosis and orbital compartment syndrome

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Protein C deficiency: a case review

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Protein C depletion early after trauma increases the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia

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Protein C in critical illness

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Protein C inhibitor (PCI) binds to phosphatidylserine exposing cells with implications in the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells and activated platelets

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Protein C inhibitor inhibits factor VIIa when bound to tissue factor

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Protein C inhibitor regulates both cathepsin L activity and cell-mediated tumor cell migration

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Protein C levels in beta-thalassemia major patients in the east Nile delta of Egypt

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Protein C polymorphism and susceptibility to PTE in China

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Protein C system in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis--preliminary report

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Protein C, protein S and von Willebrand factor levels correlate with bleeding symptoms: a population-based study

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Protein C-terminal labeling and biotinylation using synthetic peptide and split-intein

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Protein Coagulation As A Result Of Fertilization

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Protein Crystal Engineering of YpAC-IV using the Strategy of Excess Charge Reduction

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Protein CutA undergoes an unusual transfer into the secretory pathway and affects the folding, oligomerization, and secretion of acetylcholinesterase

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Protein Cysteines Map to Functional Networks According to Steady-state Level of Oxidation

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Protein D of Haemophilus influenzae: a protective nontypeable H. influenzae antigen and a carrier for pneumococcal conjugate vaccines

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Protein Denaturation with Guanidinium: A 2D-IR Study

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Protein Deposits on the Eyeball! Run for your Lives!

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Protein Dimerization Induced by Supramolecular Interactions with Cucurbit[8]uril

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Protein Disulfide Isomerase Superfamily in Disease and the Regulation of Apoptosis

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Protein Domain Analysis of C. botulinum Type A Neurotoxin and Its Relationship with Other Botulinum Serotypes

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Protein E of Haemophilus influenzae is a ubiquitous highly conserved adhesin

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Protein Electrostatic Properties Predefining the Level of Surface Hydrophobicity Change upon Phosphorylation

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Protein Expression for Novel Prognostic Markers (Cyclins D1, D2, D3, B1, B2, ITGβ7, FGFR3, PAX5) Correlate With Previously Reported Gene Expression Profile Patterns in Plasma Cell Myeloma

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Protein F-induced immune tolerance in liver transplantation in rats

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Protein Field Effect on the Dark State of 11-icis Retinal in Rhodopsin by Quantum Monte Carlo/Molecular Mechanics

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Protein Films On Collodion Membranes

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Protein Food Factors

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Protein Fractions Of The H 37 (Human) Strain Of Tubercle Bacillus

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Protein Fractions from Korean Mistletoe (Viscum Album coloratum) Extract Induce Insulin Secretion from Pancreatic Beta Cells

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Protein Fv: an endogenous immunoglobulin superantigen and superallergen

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Protein G, protein A and protein A-derived peptides inhibit the agitation induced aggregation of IgG

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Protein GB1 folding and assembly from structural elements

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Protein GPS

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Protein Glycosylation in Aspergillus fumigatus Is Essential for Cell Wall Synthesis and Serves as a Promising Model of Multicellular Eukaryotic Development

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Protein HP1028 from the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori belongs to the lipocalin family

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Protein Hypersensitiveness and its Relation to Disease

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Protein Interactions Captured by Chemical Cross-linking: One-Step Cross-linking with Formaldehyde

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Protein Interactions Captured by Chemical Cross-linking: Two-Step Cross-linking with ANB*NOS

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Protein Kinase C Phosphorylates the System N Glutamine Transporter SN1 (Slc38a3) and Regulates Its Membrane Trafficking and Degradation

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Protein Kinase C of Human Platelets: Resolution of Ca(2+)-dependent and Independent Forms by Measuring Endogenous Phosphorylation

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Protein Kinase C-Related Kinase (PKN/PRK). Potential Key-Role for PKN1 in Protection of Hypoxic Neurons

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Protein Kinase C-ε Promotes EMT in Breast Cancer

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Protein Kinase C-θ (PKC-θ) in Natural Killer Cell Function and Anti-Tumor Immunity

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Protein Kinase D family kinases: roads start to segregate

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Protein Kinase Inhibitors CK59 and CID755673 Alter Primary Human NK Cell Effector Functions

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Protein Kinase Signaling at the Crossroads of Myocyte Life and Death in Ischemic Heart Disease

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Protein L-isoaspartyl O-methyltransferase inhibits amyloid beta fibrillogenesis in vitro

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Protein L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase1 (CaPIMT1) from chickpea mitigates oxidative stress-induced growth inhibition of Escherichia coli

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Protein L5 is crucial for in vivo assembly of the bacterial 50S ribosomal subunit central protuberance

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Protein L: a robust enzyme-conjugated molecule for detection of humanized single chain antibodies

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Protein LUMA is a cytoplasmic plaque constituent of various epithelial adherens junctions and composite junctions of myocardial intercalated disks: a unifying finding for cell biology and cardiology

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Protein Ligation of the Photosynthetic Oxygen-Evolving Center

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Protein Machineries Involved in the Attachment of Heme to Cytochrome c: Protein Structures and Molecular Mechanisms

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Protein Mechanics: A New Frontier in Biomechanics

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Protein Milk Powder

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Protein N- and C-termini identification using mass spectrometry and isotopic labeling

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Protein N-Glycosylation Of Gastropods

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Protein N-acylation overrides differing targeting signals

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Protein N-glycosylation in eukaryotic microalgae and its impact on the production of nuclear expressed biopharmaceuticals

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Protein N-glycosylation in oral cancer: dysregulated cellular networks among DPAGT1, E-cadherin adhesion and canonical Wnt signaling

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Protein N-glycosylation, protein folding, and protein quality control

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Protein N-homocysteinylation induces the formation of toxic amyloid-like protofibrils

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Protein N-myristoylation is required for cellular morphological changes induced by two formin family proteins, FMNL2 and FMNL3

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Protein N-myristoylation plays a critical role in the endoplasmic reticulum morphological change induced by overexpression of protein Lunapark, an integral membrane protein of the endoplasmic reticulum

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Protein N-terminal acetylation: NAT 2007-2008 Symposia

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Protein N-terminal acetyltransferases: when the start matters

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Protein N-terminal processing: substrate specificity of Escherichia coli and human methionine aminopeptidases

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Protein NMR chemical shift calculations based on the automated fragmentation QM/MM approach

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Protein NMR structures refined with Rosetta have higher accuracy relative to corresponding X-ray crystal structures

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Protein NMR structures refined without NOE data

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Protein NMR using paramagnetic ions

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Protein Nanospheres: Synergistic Nanoplatform-Based Probes for Multimodality Imaging

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Protein Network Signatures Associated with Exogenous Biofuels Treatments in Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

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Protein Never in Mitosis Gene A Interacting-1 (PIN1) regulates degradation of inducible nitric oxide synthase in endothelial cells

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Protein Never in Mitosis Gene A Interacting-1 regulates calpain activity and the degradation of cyclooxygenase-2 in endothelial cells

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation and cardiovascular (patho)physiology

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation and regulation of cell signalling: involvement in pathophysiology

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation in diabetes and diabetic complications

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation is a novel cytoprotective signal in cardiac stem cells

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation regulates Drosophila growth through the insulin signaling pathway

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation: A critical regulator of the cellular response to stress

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Protein O-GlcNAcylation: a new signaling paradigm for the cardiovascular system

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Protein O-N-acetylglucosaminylation modulates promoter activities of cyclic AMP response element and activator protein 1 and enhances E-selectin expression on HuH-7 human hepatoma cells

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Protein O-fucosyltransferase 1 expression impacts myogenic C2C12 cell commitment via the Notch signaling pathway

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Protein O-fucosyltransferase 1: a potential diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for human oral cancer

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Protein O-glucosylation in Lactobacillus buchneri

Jin, G.; Cao, Z.; Sun, X.; Wang, K.; Huang, T.; Shen, B., 2014:
Protein O-glucosyltransferase 1 overexpression downregulates p16 in BT474 human breast cancer cells

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