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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55250

Chapter 55250 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zauner, G.; Kozak, R.P.; Gardner, R.A.; Fernandes, D.L.; Deelder, Aé.M.; Wuhrer, M., 2013:
Protein O-glycosylation analysis

Kohda, Y.; Kanematsu, M.; Kono, T.; Terasaki, F.; Tanaka, T., 2010:
Protein O-glycosylation induces collagen expression and contributes to diabetic cardiomyopathy in rat cardiac fibroblasts

Nakamura, N.; Lyalin, D.; Panin, V.M., 2010:
Protein O-mannosylation in animal development and physiology: from human disorders to Drosophila phenotypes

Panin, V.M.; Wells, L., 2014:
Protein O-mannosylation in metazoan organisms

Lommel, M.; Winterhalter, P.R.; Willer, T.; Dahlhoff, M.; Schneider, M.R.; Bartels, M.F.; Renner-Müller, I.; Ruppert, T.; Wolf, E.; Strahl, S., 2014:
Protein O-mannosylation is crucial for E-cadherin-mediated cell adhesion

Avsar-Ban, E.; Ishikawa, H.; Manya, H.; Watanabe, M.; Akiyama, S.; Miyake, H.; Endo, T.; Tamaru, Y., 2010:
Protein O-mannosylation is necessary for normal embryonic development in zebrafish

Lommel, M.; Strahl, S., 2009:
Protein O-mannosylation: conserved from bacteria to humans

Manya, H.; Bouchet, Céline.; Yanagisawa, A.; Vuillaumier-Barrot, S.; Quijano-Roy, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Maugenre, S.; Richard, P.; Inazu, T.; Merlini, L.; Romero, N.B.; Leturcq, F.; Bezier, I.; Topaloglu, H.; Estournet, B.; Seta, N.; Endo, T.; Guicheney, P., 2007 :
Protein O-mannosyltransferase activities in lymphoblasts from patients with alpha-dystroglycanopathies

Goto, M.; Harada, Y.; Oka, T.; Matsumoto, S.; Takegawa, K.; Furukawa, K., 2010:
Protein O-mannosyltransferases B and C support hyphal development and differentiation in Aspergillus nidulans

Loibl, M.; Wunderle, L.; Hutzler, J.; Schulz, B.L.; Aebi, M.; Strahl, S., 2014:
Protein O-mannosyltransferases associate with the translocon to modify translocating polypeptide chains

Goder, V.; Melero, A., 2011:
Protein O-mannosyltransferases participate in ER protein quality control

Natale, D.A.; Arighi, C.N.; Blake, J.A.; Bult, C.J.; Christie, K.R.; Cowart, J.; D'Eustachio, P.; Diehl, A.D.; Drabkin, H.J.; Helfer, O.; Huang, H.; Masci, A.Maria.; Ren, J.; Roberts, N.V.; Ross, K.; Ruttenberg, A.; Shamovsky, V.; Smith, B.; Yerramalla, M.Shruti.; Zhang, J.; AlJanahi, A.; Çelen, I.; Gan, C.; Lv, M.; Schuster-Lezell, E.; Wu, C.H., 2014:
Protein Ontology: a controlled structured network of protein entities

Reeg, S.; Grune, T., 2016:
Protein Oxidation in Aging: Does It Play a Role in Aging Progression?

Cai, Z.; Yan, L-Jun., 2013:
Protein Oxidative Modifications: Beneficial Roles in Disease and Health

Katz, G.; Wei, H.; Alimova, A.; Katz, A.; Morgan, D.Gene.; Gottlieb, P., 2013:
Protein P7 of the cystovirus φ6 is located at the three-fold axis of the unexpanded procapsid

Pai, S.S.; Przybycien, T.M.; Tilton, R.D., 2011:
Protein PEGylation attenuates adsorption and aggregation on a negatively charged and moderately hydrophobic polymer surface

Bradshaw, R.A.; Medzihradszky, K.F.; Chalkley, R.J., 2011 :
Protein PTMs: post-translational modifications or pesky trouble makers?

Price, S.L.; Bloom, S.R., 2014:
Protein PYY and its role in metabolism

Gelly, J-Christophe.; de Brevern, A.G., 2011:
Protein Peeling 3D: new tools for analyzing protein structures

Gao, X.Juan.; Feng, J.Xia.; Zhu, S.; Liu, X.Hui.; Tardieux, I.; Liu, L.Xia., 2015:
Protein Phosphatase 2C of Toxoplasma Gondii Interacts with Human SSRP1 and Negatively Regulates Cell Apoptosis

Kapfhamer, D.; Berger, K.H.; Hopf, F.Woodward.; Seif, T.; Kharazia, V.; Bonci, A.; Heberlein, U., 2010:
Protein Phosphatase 2a and glycogen synthase kinase 3 signaling modulate prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response by altering cortical M-Type potassium channel activity

Emery, L.; Whelan, S.; Hirschi, K.D.; Pittman, J.K., 2012:
Protein Phylogenetic Analysis of Ca(2+)/cation Antiporters and Insights into their Evolution in Plants

Crampton, E.W., 1943:
Protein Problem in Animal Feeding

Chung, H.J.; Kim, K.W.; Han, D.W.; Lee, H.C.; Yang, B.C.; Chung, H.K.; Shim, M.R.; Choi, M.S.; Jo, E.B.; Jo, Y.M.; Oh, M.Y.; Jo, S.J.; Hong, S.K.; Park, J.K.; Chang, W.K., 2012:
Protein Profile in Corpus Luteum during Pregnancy in Korean Native Cows

Haneskog, L., 2006:
Protein Purification Using Immobilized Metal-Ion Affinity Chromatography under Optimized Imidazole Concentrations

Webb, P., 2013:
Protein Quality Workshop

Suri, D.; Marcus, S.; Ghosh, S.; Kurpad, A.; Rosenberg, I., 2013:
Protein Quality Workshop: importance of protein quality in prevention and treatment of child malnutrition

Harlow, E.; Lane, D., 2006:
Protein Quantitation: UV Detection

Ika, S.Aprilia.; Qi, X-Fei.; Chen, Z-Xing., 2011:
Protein RAP1GAP in human myelodysplastic syndrome detected by flow cytometry and its clinical relevance

Redon, S.; Reichenbach, P.; Lingner, J., 2007:
Protein RNA and protein protein interactions mediate association of human EST1A/SMG6 with telomerase

Ranguelova, K.; Chatterjee, S.; Ehrenshaft, M.; Ramirez, D.C.; Summers, F.A.; Kadiiska, M.B.; Mason, R.P., 2010:
Protein Radical Formation Resulting from Eosinophil Peroxidase-catalyzed Oxidation of Sulfite

Messori, L.; Cinellu, M.Agostina.; Merlino, A., 2014:
Protein Recognition of Gold-Based Drugs: 3D Structure of the Complex Formed When Lysozyme Reacts with Aubipy(c.)

Anonymous, 1947:
Protein Requirements of Adults

Hepner, M.; Karlaftis, V., 2013:
Protein S

Cevik, Bül.; Acu, B.; Aksoy, Dürdane.; Kurt, S., 2014:
Protein S Deficiency and an Adult Case with Moyamoya Syndrome that Presented with Primary Intraventricular Haemorrhage

Liu, W.; Yin, T.; Okuda, H.; Harada, K.H.; Li, Y.; Xu, B.; Yang, J.; Wang, H.; Fan, X.; Koizumi, A.; Miyata, T., 2014:
Protein S K196E mutation, a genetic risk factor for venous thromboembolism, is limited to Japanese

Marlar, R.A.; Gausman, J.N., 2011:
Protein S abnormalities: a diagnostic nightmare

Somajo, S.; Koshiar, R.Livaja.; Norström, E.; Dahlbäck, Börn., 2015:
Protein S and factor V in regulation of coagulation on platelet microparticles by activated protein C

Esmon, C.T., 1992:
Protein S and protein C Biochemistry, physiology, and clinical manifestation of deficiencies

Vinholt, P.Just.; Nybo, M., 2014:
Protein S and protein C measurements should not be undertaken during vitamin K antagonist therapy

Hackeng, T.M.; Rosing, J., 2009:
Protein S as cofactor for TFPI

Guo, H.; Barrett, T.M.; Zhong, Z.; Fernández, Jé.A.; Griffin, J.H.; Freeman, R.S.; Zlokovic, B.V., 2011:
Protein S blocks the extrinsic apoptotic cascade in tissue plasminogen activator/N-methyl D-aspartate-treated neurons via Tyro3-Akt-FKHRL1 signaling pathway

Zhu, D.; Wang, Y.; Singh, I.; Bell, R.D.; Deane, R.; Zhong, Z.; Sagare, A.; Winkler, E.A.; Zlokovic, B.V., 2010:
Protein S controls hypoxic/ischemic blood-brain barrier disruption through the TAM receptor Tyro3 and sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor

Wypasek, E.; Potaczek, D.P.; Płonka, J.; Alhenc-Gelas, M.; Undas, A., 2014:
Protein S deficiency and Heerlen polymorphism in a Polish patient with acute myocardial infarction and previous venous thromboembolism

Archer, K.A.; Lembo, T.; Haber, J.A., 2007:
Protein S deficiency and lower-extremity arterial thrombosis: complicating a common presentation

Tàssies, D.; García de Frutos, P., 2015:
Protein S deficiency and novel oral anticoagulants: an intriguing case

Vela, J.I.; Diaz-Cascajosa, J.; Crespi, J.; Mariages, T.; Buil, J.A., 2007:
Protein S deficiency and retinal arteriolar occlusion in pregnancy

Nagesh Kumar, T.Chandrashekar.; Kenchappa, R.; Kempegowda, M.Byadralli.; Kulkarni, A., 2014:
Protein S deficiency in a case of superor sagital vein thrombosis

Ji, M.; Yoon, S.Nam.; Lee, W.; Jang, S.; Park, S.Ho.; Kim, D-Yeon.; Chun, S.; Min, W-Ki., 2012:
Protein S deficiency with a PROS1 gene mutation in a patient presenting with mesenteric venous thrombosis following total colectomy

Sucak, G.T.; Aki, Z.; Or, M., 2007:
Protein S deficiency with homozygous factor V Leiden mutation in central retinal vein occlusion

Oktar, N.; Dalbasti, T., 2008:
Protein S deficiency, epileptic seizures, sagittal sinus thrombosis and hemorrhagic infarction after ingestion of dimenhydrinate

Hooda, A.; Khandelwal, P.D.; Saxena, P., 2010:
Protein S deficiency: Recurrent ischemic stroke in young

ten Kate, M.K.; van der Meer, J., 2008:
Protein S deficiency: a clinical perspective

Matsumoto, M.; Tachibana, D.; Nobeyama, H.; Nakano, A.; Nakai, Y.; Nakayama, M.; Ishiko, O., 2008:
Protein S deposition at placenta: a possible role of protein S other than anticoagulation

Takeyama, M.; Nogami, K.; Saenko, E.L.; Soeda, T.; Nishiya, K.; Ogiwara, K.; Yoshioka, A.; Shima, M., 2008:
Protein S down-regulates factor Xase activity independent of activated protein C: specific binding of factor VIII(a) to protein S inhibits interactions with factor IXa

Ndonwi, M.; Broze, G., 2008:
Protein S enhances the tissue factor pathway inhibitor inhibition of factor Xa but not its inhibition of factor VIIa-tissue factor

Chelakkot-Govindalayathil, A-L.; Mifuji-Moroka, R.; D'Alessandro-Gabazza, C.N.; Toda, M.; Matsuda, Y.; Gil-Bernabe, P.; Roeen, Z.; Yasuma, T.; Yano, Y.; Gabazza, E.C.; Iwasa, M.; Takei, Y., 2016:
Protein S exacerbates alcoholic hepatitis by stimulating liver natural killer T cells

Alhenc-Gelas, M.; Canonico, M.; Morange, P.E.; Emmerich, J.; Ajzenberg, N.; Biron-Andreani, C.; Boinot, C.; Darnige, L.; Dreyfus, M.; Hanss, M.; Horellou, M.H.; Jude, B.; Laurian, Y.; Lellouche, F.; Leroy-Matheron, C.; Mazoyer, E.; Rugeri, L.; Robert, A.; Schlegel, N.; Ternisien, C.; Trichet, C.; Trillot, N.; Sié, P., 2011:
Protein S inherited qualitative deficiency: novel mutations and phenotypic influence

Wood, J.P.; Ellery, P.E.R.; Maroney, S.A.; Mast, A.E., 2014:
Protein S is a cofactor for platelet and endothelial tissue factor pathway inhibitor-α but not for cell surface-associated tissue factor pathway inhibitor

Rosing, J.; Maurissen, L.F.A.; Tchaikovski, S.N.; Tans, G.; Hackeng, T.M., 2008:
Protein S is a cofactor for tissue factor pathway inhibitor

Pintao, M.Carolina.; Ribeiro, D.D.; Bezemer, I.D.; Garcia, A.A.; de Visser, M.C.H.; Doggen, C.J.M.; Lijfering, W.M.; Reitsma, P.H.; Rosendaal, F.R., 2013:
Protein S levels and the risk of venous thrombosis: results from the MEGA case-control study

Zhong, Z.; Wang, Y.; Guo, H.; Sagare, A.; Fernández, Jé.A.; Bell, R.D.; Barrett, T.M.; Griffin, J.H.; Freeman, R.S.; Zlokovic, B.V., 2010:
Protein S protects neurons from excitotoxic injury by activating the TAM receptor Tyro3-phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway through its sex hormone-binding globulin-like region

Ben Romdhane, N.; Baccouche, H.; Ammar, S.; Mahjoub, S.; Chabrak, S., 2012:
Protein S, C and antithrombin deficiency: association with myocardial infarction and thromboembolism in the young

Kranaster, L.; Janke, C.; Mindt, S.; Neumaier, M.; Sartorius, A., 2015:
Protein S-100 and neuron-specific enolase serum levels remain unaffected by electroconvulsive therapy in patients with depression

Nagdyman, N.; Ewert, P.; Schmitt, K.; Hübler, M.; Stiller, B.; Müller, C.; Berger, F., 2008:
Protein S-100 is present in extracerebral fluids before and after cardiac surgery in children

Scarcello, E.; Morrone, F.; Piro, P.; Tarsitano, S.; Intrieri, F.; Vaccarella, S.; Guerra, E.; Serra, R.; de Franciscis, S., 2012:
Protein S-100B as biochemical marker of brain ischemic damage after treatment of carotid stenosis

David, C.; Foley, S.; Enescu, M., 2009:
Protein S-S bridge reduction: a Raman and computational study of lysozyme interaction with TCEP

Hemsley, P.A., 2009:
Protein S-acylation in plants (Review)

Lock, J.T.; Sinkins, W.G.; Schilling, W.P., 2013:
Protein S-glutathionylation enhances Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release via the IP3 receptor in cultured aortic endothelial cells

Kehr, S.; Jortzik, E.; Delahunty, C.; Yates, J.R.; Rahlfs, S.; Becker, K., 2012:
Protein S-glutathionylation in malaria parasites

Popov, D., 2015:
Protein S-glutathionylation: from current basics to targeted modifications

Chi, B.Khanh.; Busche, T.; Van Laer, K.; Bäsell, K.; Becher, Dörte.; Clermont, L.; Seibold, G.M.; Persicke, M.; Kalinowski, Jörn.; Messens, J.; Antelmann, H., 2014:
Protein S-mycothiolation functions as redox-switch and thiol protection mechanism in Corynebacterium glutamicum under hypochlorite stress

Sumbayev, V.V.; Yasinska, I.M., 2008:
Protein S-nitrosation in signal transduction: assays for specific qualitative and quantitative analysis

Sun, J.; Murphy, E., 2010:
Protein S-nitrosylation and cardioprotection

Scheving, R.; Wittig, I.; Heide, H.; Albuquerque, B.; Steger, M.; Brandt, U.; Tegeder, I., 2012:
Protein S-nitrosylation and denitrosylation in the mouse spinal cord upon injury of the sciatic nerve

Wang, L.; Delahunty, C.; Prieto, J.Helena.; Rahlfs, S.; Jortzik, E.; Yates, J.R.; Becker, K., 2015:
Protein S-nitrosylation in Plasmodium falciparum

Foster, M.W.; Hess, D.T.; Stamler, J.S., 2009:
Protein S-nitrosylation in health and disease: a current perspective

Romero-Puertas, Mía.C.; Rodríguez-Serrano, Mía.; Sandalio, L.M., 2013:
Protein S-nitrosylation in plants under abiotic stress: an overview

Gupta, K.J., 2011:
Protein S-nitrosylation in plants: photorespiratory metabolism and NO signaling

Penna, C.; Angotti, C.; Pagliaro, P., 2015:
Protein S-nitrosylation in preconditioning and postconditioning

Astier, Jéremy.; Kulik, A.; Koen, E.; Besson-Bard, Aélique.; Bourque, Séphane.; Jeandroz, S.; Lamotte, O.; Wendehenne, D., 2013:
Protein S-nitrosylation: what's going on in plants?

Chiang, B-Yu.; Chen, T-Chieh.; Pai, C-Hua.; Chou, C-Chi.; Chen, H-He.; Ko, T-Ping.; Hsu, W-Hung.; Chang, C-Yang.; Wu, W-Fen.; Wang, A.H-J.; Lin, C-Hung., 2010:
Protein S-thiolation by Glutathionylspermidine (Gsp): the role of Escherichia coli Gsp synthetASE/amidase in redox regulation

Perez, D.; Demartines, N.; Meier, K.; Clavien, P-Alain.; Jungbluth, A.; Jaeger, D., 2007:
Protein S100 as prognostic marker for gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a clinicopathological risk factor analysis

Loppin, M.; Quillien, V.; Adamski, H.; Ollivier, I.; Garlantézec, R.; Chevrant-Breton, J., 2007:
Protein S100 beta and Melanoma Inhibitory Activity (MIA): a prospective study of their clinical value for the early detection of metastasis in malignant melanoma

Bergh, C.Dautovic.; Bäckström, M.; Axelsson, K.; Jönsson, H.; Johnsson, P., 2007:
Protein S100B after cardiac surgery: an indicator of long-term anxiety?

Matek, J.; Vajtr, D.; Krška, Z.; Springer, D.; Filip, M.; Zima, T., 2013:
Protein S100b in differential diagnosis of brain concussion and superficial scalp injury in inebriated patients

Hedrick, E.G.; Hill, W.E., 2010:
Protein S20 binds two 16S rRNA sites as assembly is initiated

Khaĭrulina, I.S.; Molotkov, M.V.; Bulygin, K.N.; Graĭfer, D.M.; Ven'yaminova, A.G.; Frolova, L.Iu.; Stahl, J.; Karpova, G.G., 2009:
Protein S3 fragments neighboring mRNA during elongation and translation termination on the human ribosome

Molotkov, M.V.; Graĭfer, D.M.; Popugaeva, E.A.; Bulygin, K.N.; Meshchaninova, M.I.; Ven'iaminova, A.G.; Karpova, G.G., 2007:
Protein S3 in the human 80S ribosome adjoins mRNA from 3'-side of the A-site codon

Suleiman, L.; Négrier, C.; Boukerche, H., 2014:
Protein S: A multifunctional anticoagulant vitamin K-dependent protein at the crossroads of coagulation, inflammation, angiogenesis, and cancer

García de Frutos, P., 2012:
Protein S: an anticoagulant in its own right

Anderson, D.B.; Wilkinson, K.A.; Henley, J.M., 2009:
Protein SUMOylation in neuropathological conditions

Dangoumau, A.; Veyrat-Durebex, C.; Blasco, Hélène.; Praline, J.; Corcia, P.; Andres, C.R.; Vourc'h, P., 2014:
Protein SUMOylation, an emerging pathway in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Matthews, B.W., 2014:
Protein Science "Best Paper" awards to Youngil Chang and Liam Longo

Filloux, A., 2011:
Protein Secretion Systems in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: An Essay on Diversity, Evolution, and Function

Ohama, T.; Wang, L.; Griner, E.M.; Brautigan, D.L., 2014:
Protein Ser/Thr phosphatase-6 is required for maintenance of E-cadherin at adherens junctions

Brautigan, D.L., 2013:
Protein Ser/Thr phosphatases--the ugly ducklings of cell signalling

Kennelly, P.J., 2014:
Protein Ser/Thr/Tyr phosphorylation in the Archaea

Lee, S.; Terry, D.; Hurst, D.R.; Welch, D.R.; Sang, Q-Xiang.Amy., 2011:
Protein Signatures in Human MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells Indicating a More Invasive Phenotype Following Knockdown of Human Endometase/Matrilysin-2 by siRNA

Simms, A.M.; Daggett, V., 2012:
Protein Simulation Data in the Relational Model

Valentini, G.; Maggi, M.; Pey, A.L., 2013:
Protein Stability, Folding and Misfolding in Human PGK1 Deficiency

Garrison, F.H., 1927:
Protein Stimulation

Ivanisenko, V.A.; Demenkov, P.S.; Ivanisenko, T.V.; Kolchanov, N.A., 2011:
Protein Structure Discovery: software package to perform computational proteomics tasks

Cormier, C.Y.; Mohr, S.E.; Zuo, D.; Hu, Y.; Rolfs, A.; Kramer, J.; Taycher, E.; Kelley, F.; Fiacco, M.; Turnbull, G.; LaBaer, J., 2010:
Protein Structure Initiative Material Repository: an open shared public resource of structural genomics plasmids for the biological community

Mirjalili, V.; Feig, M., 2013:
Protein Structure Refinement through Structure Selection and Averaging from Molecular Dynamics Ensembles

Ramachandran, G.N., 1963:
Protein Structure and Crystallography

McElroy, W.D., 1963:
Protein Structure and Function during Differentiation

Chen, Q.; Chen, M., 2014:
Protein Systems Biology: Method, Regulation, and Networks

Lange, P.F.; Overall, C.M., 2013:
Protein TAILS: when termini tell tales of proteolysis and function

George, A.; Ravindran, S., 2010:
Protein Templates In Hard Tissue Engineering

Robb, J.R., 1930:
Protein Therapy In Insanity

Barkin, V., 1929:
Protein Therapy In Insanity Of Puerperal Origin

Heiny, S.R.; Pautz, S.; Recker, M.; Przyborski, J.M., 2015:
Protein Traffic to the Plasmodium falciparum apicoplast: evidence for a sorting branch point at the Golgi

Revuelta-Cervantes, Jús.; Mayoral, R.; Miranda, S.; González-Rodríguez, A.; Fernández, M.; Martín-Sanz, P.; Valverde, A.M., 2011:
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) deficiency accelerates hepatic regeneration in mice

Mafficini, A.; Vezzalini, M.; Zamai, L.; Galeotti, L.; Bergamini, G.; Della Peruta, M.; Melotti, P.; Sorio, C., 2007:
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gamma (PTPgamma) is a Novel Leukocyte Marker Highly Expressed by CD34 Precursors

Bulut, F.; Erol, D.; Elyas, H.; Doğan, H.; Ozdemir, F.Ahmet.; Keskin, L., 2014:
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Non-receptor 22 Gene C1858T Polymorphism in Patients with Coexistent Type 2 Diabetes and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Liu, X.; Qu, C-Kui., 2011:
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase SHP-2 (PTPN11) in Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis

Feizi, S., 2009:
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-1B (PTP1B) Regulates EGF-induced Stimulation of Corneal Endothelial Cell Proliferation

Zhang, Z.; Ratnayaka, S.N.; Wirth, M.J., 2011:
Protein UTLC-MALDI-MS using thin films of submicrometer silica particles

Smadbeck, J.; Peterson, M.B.; Khoury, G.A.; Taylor, M.S.; Floudas, C.A., 2014:
Protein WISDOM: a workbench for in silico de novo design of biomolecules

Poenisch, M.; Burger, N.; Staeheli, P.; Bauer, G.; Schneider, U., 2009:
Protein X of Borna disease virus inhibits apoptosis and promotes viral persistence in the central nervous systems of newborn-infected rats

van Hemert, F.J.; van de Klundert, M.A.A.; Lukashov, V.V.; Kootstra, N.A.; Berkhout, B.; Zaaijer, H.L., 2012:
Protein X of hepatitis B virus: origin and structure similarity with the central domain of DNA glycosylase

Ghinoi, A.; Boiardi, L.; Atzeni, F.; Casali, B.; Farnetti, E.; Nicoli, D.; Pipitone, N.; Olivieri, I.; Cantini, F.; Salvi, F.; L.C.rte, R.; Triolo, G.; Filippini, D.; Paolazzi, G.; Salvarani, C., 2010:
Protein Z G79A and A-13G gene polymorphisms in Italian patients with Behçet's disease

Yadav, D.Dhansingh.; De, T.; Nagaraja, D.; Christopher, R., 2016:
Protein Z G79A polymorphism and puerperal cerebral venous thrombosis

Sipahi, T.; Kuybulu, Aça.; Ozturk, A.; Akar, N., 2011:
Protein Z G79A polymorphism in patients with severe sepsis

Asproudis, I.; Felekis, T.L.; Gorezis, S.; Dova, L.; Dokou, E.; Vartholomatos, G.; Aspiotis, M.; Kolaitis, N.I., 2009:
Protein Z Plasma Levels are Not Elevated in Patients with Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy

Broze, G.J.; Tu, Y., 2010:
Protein Z and protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor and renal tubules

Bolkun, L.; Piszcz, J.; Oleksiuk, J.; Luksza, E.; Galar, M.; Szumowska, A.; Kloczko, J., 2012:
Protein Z concentration in multiple myeloma patients

Kiesewetter, H.; Radtke, H.; Jainz, A.; Schmidt, F-P., 2013:
Protein Z deficiency in unexplained affinity to thromboses, bleedings or abortions

Grandone, E.; Favuzzi, G.; D.S.efano, V.; Chinni, E.; Rossi, E.; Cappucci, F.; Margaglione, M., 2009:
Protein Z g-42a variant and the risk of pregnancy-related venous thromboembolism in a cohort of Italian patients

Sierko, E.; Wojtukiewicz, M.Z.; Zimnoch, L.; Tokajuk, P.; Kisiel, W., 2011:
Protein Z is present in human breast cancer tissue

Effraimidou, S.; Farmakiotis, D.; Topalidou, M., 2009:
Protein Z levels and recurrent pregnancy loss

Vasse, M., 2008:
Protein Z, a protein seeking a pathology

L.C.m-Duchez, V.; Barbay, V.; Soria, C.; Borg, J-Y., 2010:
Protein Z, polymorphisms in the protein Z gene and thrombosis

Girard, T.J.; Lasky, N.M.; Tuley, E.A.; Broze, G.J., 2013:
Protein Z, protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor (serpinA10), and the acute-phase response

Butschkau, A.; Wagner, N-Maria.; Bierhansl, L.; Genz, B.; Vollmar, B., 2015:
Protein Z-deficiency is associated with enhanced neointima formation and inflammatory response after vascular injury in mice

Sierko, E.; Wojtukiewicz, M.Z.; Ostrowska-Cichocka, K.; Zimnoch, L., 2011 :
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor (ZPI) is present in loco in human breast cancer tissue

Sofi, F.; Cesari, F.; Tu, Y.; Pratesi, G.; Pulli, R.; Pratesi, C.; Gensini, G.F.; Abbate, R.; Fedi, S.; Broze, G.J., 2009:
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor and protein Z in peripheral arterial disease patients

Rezaie, A.R.; Bae, J-Sup.; Manithody, C.; Qureshi, S.H.; Yang, L., 2008:
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor binds to the C-terminal domain of protein Z

Sierko, E.; Wojtukiewicz, M.Z.; Zimnoch, L.; Ostrowska-Cichocka, K.; Tokajuk, P.; Ramlau, R.; Kisiel, W., 2012:
Protein Z/protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor system in human non-small-cell lung cancer tissue

Sierko, E.; Wojtukiewicz, M.Z.; Zimnoch, L.; Tokajuk, P.; Ostrowska-Cichocka, K.; Kisiel, W., 2014:
Protein Z/protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor system in loco in human gastric cancer

Qiu, L.; Bi, Y.; Wang, C.; Li, J.; Guo, P.; Li, J.; He, W.; Wang, J.; Jiang, P., 2014:
Protein a detection based on quantum dots-antibody bioprobe using fluorescence coupled capillary electrophoresis

Meng, Y.; Chen, B., 2010:
Protein a for human IgG oriented immobilization on silicon surface for an imaging ellipsometry biosensor

Svozil, J.; Hirsch-Hoffmann, M.; Dudler, R.; Gruissem, W.; Baerenfaller, K., 2015:
Protein abundance changes and ubiquitylation targets identified after inhibition of the proteasome with syringolin A

Adav, S.S.; Chao, L.Tze.; Sze, S.Kwan., 2013:
Protein abundance in multiplexed samples (PAMUS) for quantitation of Trichoderma reesei secretome

Levy, E.D.; Michnick, S.W.; Landry, C.R., 2012 :
Protein abundance is key to distinguish promiscuous from functional phosphorylation based on evolutionary information

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