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Proton conductive watery channels constructed by Anderson polyanions and lanthanide coordination cations

Proton conductive watery channels constructed by Anderson polyanions and lanthanide coordination cations

Dalton Transactions 43(39): 14749-14755

A 3D inorganic-organic hybrid proton conductor, [Sm(H2O)5(CO2CH2NH3)2][Al(OH)6Mo6O18]·10H2O (), has been synthesized by using coordination cations, [Sm(H2O)5(gly)2](3+) (gly = (-)CO2CH2NH3(+)), and polyanions, [Al(OH)6Mo6O18](3-) ([AlMo6]). The polyanions ([AlMo6]) and the coordination cations ([Sm(H2O)5(gly)2](3+)) stack to form a 3D supramolecular network structure containing 1D channels along the c axis by electrostatic force and H-bonding. Significantly, the 1D channels are water-filled with a high water content (both Sm coordinated and in lattice). Dynamic adsorption measurements were implemented at 1 atm, and 95% relative humidity (RH). The water adsorption amount (6.51 wt% at 25 °C and 5.68 wt% at 80 °C) consistent with the number of lattice water molecules of suggests that the water chains were retained at elevated temperatures (80 °C) under 95% RH. Alternating-current (AC) impedance measurements of reveal an outstanding conductivity for of 4.53 × 10(-3) S cm(-1) at 80 °C under 95% RH. The activation energy of calculated from the Arrhenius plots of the proton conductivity is 1.09 eV, which indicated that the protons transfer by a vehicle mechanism.

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Accession: 055260008

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PMID: 25146912

DOI: 10.1039/c4dt01715c

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