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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55266

Chapter 55266 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rangdal, S.S.; Behera, P.; Bachhal, V.; Raj, N.; Sudesh, P., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm of the popliteal artery in a child with multiple hereditary exostosis: a rare case report and literature review

Yilmaz, M.; Doğan, O.Faruk.; Güvener, M.; Serter, T., 2010:
Pseudoaneurysm of the popliteal artery in a child: an unusual complication of reconstruction of traumatic tibial fracture using Kirschner wire

Pavić, P.; Vergles, D.; Sarlija, M.; Ajduk, M.; Cupurdija, K., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the popliteal artery in a patient with multiple hereditary exostoses

Kim, Y.Ju.; Baek, W.Ki.; Kim, J.Yong.; Park, S-Won.; Jeon, Y.Sun.; Lee, K-Hee.; Cho, S.Gu.; Lim, M-Kwan., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the popliteal artery mimicking tumorous condition

Javadrasshid, R.; Mozafarpour, S.; Sadrarami, S.; Jalili, J.; Sepehri, B., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysm of the portal vein as a rare source of gastrointestinal bleeding in pregnancy: a case report

Damgaard, B.; Court-Payen, M.; Larsen, L.; Lausten, G., 2009:
Pseudoaneurysm of the posterior circumflex humeral artery diagnosed by sonography

Brigido, S.A.; Bleazey, S.T.; Oskin, T.C.; Protzman, N.M., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm of the posterior tibial artery after manipulation under anesthesia of a total ankle replacement

Darko, N-Daako.; Danner, O.K.; Wilson, K.L.; Matthews, L.Ray.; Patel, V., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysm of the proximal innominate artery after blunt trauma

Chen, J.K.; Johnson, P.T.; Fishman, E.K., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysm of the pudendal arteries complicating cystoprostatectomy: diagnosis with MDCT angiography

Pogorzelski, R.; Fiszer, P.; Kurnicki, J.; Toutounchi, S.; Skórski, M., 2016:
Pseudoaneurysm of the radial and brachial artery as a complication of cardiac endovascular procedures

Pero, T.; Herrick, J., 2009:
Pseudoaneurysm of the radial artery diagnosed by bedside ultrasound

Samaranayake, C.B.; Watson, T.; Stewart, J.T.; Legget, M.E., 2016:
Pseudoaneurysm of the radial artery following coronary angiography

Puri, A.; Acharya, H.; Tyagi, S.; Curian, S.; Chadha, R.; Anand, R.; Choudhary, S.Roy., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysm of the radial branch of the splenic artery with pancreatic pseudocyst in a child with recurrent acute pancreatitis: treatment with endovascular stent graft and cystogastrostomy

Cohenpour, M.; Strauss, S.; Gottlieb, P.; Peer, A.; Rimon, U.; Stav, K.; Gayer, G., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysm of the renal artery following partial nephrectomy: imaging findings and coil embolization

David, A.Wesley.Solkar.; Mammen, T.; Joseph, P.; Sitaram, V., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm of the replaced right hepatic artery with arterio venous fistula to the portal vein

Dinis Da Gama, A.; Damião, Aélica.; Evangelista, A.; Ministro, A.; Perdigão, Jão., 2015:
Pseudoaneurysm of the right common iliac artery in a case of Behçet's disease. Surgical management

Ramirez-Maldonado, R.; Ramos, E.; Dominguez, J.; Mast, R.; Llado, L.; Torras, J.; Hernandez, J., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery and bile duct necrosis as a complication of acute cholecystitis in a diabetic patient

Sørgaard, M.; Linde, J.J.; Kofoed, K.F., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm of the sinus of Valsalva with coronary artery compression as the primary manifestation of infective endocarditis: a case report

Kurbanov, I.M., 2018:
Pseudoaneurysm of the spinal artery

Bedioui, H.; Ayadi, S.; Daghfous, A.; Jouini, M.; Bakhtri, M.; Rajhi, H.; Chebbi, F.; Fteriche, F.; Ksantini, R.; Kacem, M.J.; Ben Safta, Z., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm of the splenic artery presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding

Hirota, R.; Emori, M.; Ito, T.; Watanabe, K.; Hirano, A.; Kamiya, T.; Terashima, Y.; Yamashita, T., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial femoral artery after retrograde intramedullary nailing for a supracondylar femoral fracture

Bektas, F.; Soyuncu, S., 2010:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial femoral artery detected by emergency medicine bedside ultrasound

Didailler, P.; Ragois, P.; Morales, P., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial palmar arch, following endoscopic carpal tunnel release. A case report

Maheshwari, R.; Paterson, A.W., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial temporal artery

Pourdanesh, F.; Salehian, M.; Dehghan, P.; Dehghani, N.; Dehghani, S., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial temporal artery following penetrating trauma

Hakan, T.; Ersahin, M.; Somay, H.; Aker, F., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superficial temporal artery following revision of a middle cerebral artery aneurysm clipping: case report and review of the literature

Maled, I.; Velez, R.; Lopez, R.; Batalla, Ló.; Caja, V.L., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superior gluteal artery during iliosacral screw fixation

Sullivan, C.M.; Regi, J.M., 2013:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superior gluteal artery following bone marrow biopsy

Lee, D.; Legiehn, G.M.; Munk, P.L., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superior gluteal artery following polytrauma

Mufty, S.; Smits, P.; Feyen, J., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the superior medial genicular artery following knee arthroscopy

Goksel, O.S.; Alpagut, U.; Acunas, B.; Tireli, E.; Dayioglu, E., 2010:
Pseudoaneurysm of the supracoeliac aorta following blunt trauma in a 83-year-old woman

Aziz, A.; Green, A.; Maskova, J.; Rajagopalan, S.; Bachoo, P., 2015:
Pseudoaneurysm of the sural artery: a rare complication of lower limb angioplasty

Higashino, K.; Katoh, S.; Sairyo, K.; Goda, Y.; Sakai, T.; Kitaichi, T.; Kitagawa, T.; Yasui, N., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysm of the thoracoabdominal aorta caused by a severe migration of an anterior spinal device

Pérez-Ezquerra, B.Rojas.; Carazo-Hernández, Bén.; Arribas-Marco, T.; Guardia-Dodorico, L., 2013:
Pseudoaneurysm of the uterine artery after cesarean delivery

Butori, Némie.; Coulange, Lène.; Filipuzzi, L.; Krausé, D.; Loffroy, R., 2009:
Pseudoaneurysm of the uterine artery after cesarean delivery: management with superselective arterial embolization

Asai, S.; Asada, H.; Furuya, M.; Ishimoto, H.; Tanaka, M.; Yoshimura, Y., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm of the uterine artery after laparoscopic myomectomy

Arab, T.S.; Dy, J., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of the vaginal artery as a cause of postpartum haemorrhage [corrected

Ryu, S-Joo.; Kim, I-Soo., 2010:
Pseudoaneurysm of ulnar artery after endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Nanjundan, P.; Rohilla, M.; Raveendran, A.; Jain, V.; Khandelwal, N., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm of uterine artery: a rare cause of secondary postpartum hemorrhage, managed with uterine artery embolisation

Dogan, K.Hakan.; Demirci, S.; Tavli, L.; Buken, B., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysm originating from left ventricle aneurysm: an autopsy case and review of literature

Scotti, C.; Marone, E.M.; Brasca, L.E.; Peretti, G.M.; Chiesa, R.; Del Maschio, A.; Fraschini, G.; Camnasio, F., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm overlying an osteochondroma: a noteworthy complication

Chinen, Y.; Kudaka, W.; Gibo, M.; Mekaru, K.; Masamoto, H.; Sakumoto, K.; Aoki, Y., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysm with arteriovenous fistula due to placenta increta following 1st-trimester abortion

Lee, C.Hwee.; Kao, Y-Chien.; Chan, W.P., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysm with candidal infection after renal transplantation

Shao, J.H.; Aronow, W.S.; Kupersmith, A.; Naseer, N.; Belkin, R.N.; Ravipati, G.; Sandhu, R.; Weiss, M.B., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm with thrombus and left ventricular inflow obstruction after left circumflex stenting

Matsubara, S., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysm: a chameleon in obstetrical emergency practice

Kalapatapu, V.R.; Shelton, K.R.; Ali, A.T.; Moursi, M.M.; Eidt, J.F., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysm: a review

Buczek, M.; Popiela, T.J.; Urbanik, A., 2013:
Pseudoaneurysma as iatrogenic complication of renal biopsy: management by transcatheter embolization

Grigorescu, I.; Dumitraşcu, D.Lucian.; Manole, S.; Fodor, D., 2013:
Pseudoaneurysma of the external jugular vein communicating with the internal jugular vein. Case report

Furuta, T.; Tsubokawa, T.; Takabatake, S.; Ohtake, H.; Watanabe, G.; Yamagishi, M., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysmal formation in abdominal aorta associated with Escherichia coli infection

Vernadakis, S.; Christodoulou, E.; Treckmann, Jürgen.; Saner, F.; Paul, A.; Mathe, Z., 2009:
Pseudoaneurysmal rupture of the common hepatic artery into the biliodigestive anastomosis. A rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding

Rodriguez-Merchan, E.Carlos., 2013:
Pseudoaneurysms in haemophilia

Farquharson, F.; Haroon, A.; Fleet, M., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysms occurring as a result of fractures giving rise to the appearance of pseudotumors: a short series

Moukaddam, H.; Al-Kutoubi, A., 2007:
Pseudoaneurysms of hepatic artery branches: treatment with self-expanding stent-grafts in two cases

Hulten, E.A.; Blankstein, R., 2012:
Pseudoaneurysms of the heart

Gin, A.; Hong, H.; Rosenblatt, A.; Black, M.; Ristow, B.; Popper, R., 2011:
Pseudoaneurysms of the mitral-aortic intervalvular fibrosa: survival without reoperation

Hassold, N.; Wolfschmidt, F.; Bley, T.; Kickuth, R.; Goltz, J.P., 2014:
Pseudoaneurysms of the right hepatic artery causing obstructive jaundice: Endovascular management

Duprey, A.; Favre, J-Pierre.; Barral, X., 2008:
Pseudoaneurysms postangioplasty of the renal artery: case reports and review of the literature

Jans, S.R.R.; Bygum, A., 2016:

Zouaidia, F.; Coindre, J-Michel., 2012:
Pseudoangiomatous spindle cell lipoma: about six cases

Cushing, T.; Barnard, S.; Fleis, R.; Peters, R., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous squamous cell carcinoma in the oral cavity of a dog

Ye, Q.; Fu, Y-biao.; Li, B-zhou., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous squamous cell carcinoma of larynx: report of a case

Johnson, K.S.; Bentley, R.C.; Kelly Marcom, P.; Baker, J.A., 2013:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) causing massive breast enlargement: MRI findings

Nassar, H.; Elieff, M.P.; Kronz, J.D.; Argani, P., 2008:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) of the breast with foci of morphologic malignancy: a case of PASH with malignant transformation?

Gur, A.Serhat.; Unal, B.; Edington, H.; Kanbour-Shakir, A.; Soran, A., 2009:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) of the breast: intraductal appearance

Sasaki, Y.; Kamata, S.; Saito, K.; Nishikawa, Y.; Ogawa, J-ichi., 2008:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) of the mammary gland: report of a case

Abrari, A., 2013:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH) tumour at the surgical scar site in a patient of carcinoma breast

Jaunoo, S.S.; Thrush, S.; Dunn, P., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH): a brief review

Degnim, A.C.; Frost, M.H.; Radisky, D.C.; Anderson, S.S.; Vierkant, R.A.; Boughey, J.C.; Pankratz, V.Shane.; Ghosh, K.; Hartmann, L.C.; Visscher, D.W., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia and breast cancer risk

Vazmitel, M.; Pavlovsky, M.; Kacerovska, D.; Michal, M.; Kazakov, D.V., 2009:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia in a complex neoplastic lesion involving anogenital mammary-like glands

Bolla, D.; Wiedemann, N.; Ohlschlegel, C.; Schöning, A.; Stickel, J.; Thürlimann, B.; Hornung, Ré., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of breast in man: a case report

Prasad, S.N.; Houserkova, D.; Svach, I.; Zlamalova, N.; Kucerova, L.; Cwiertka, K., 2008:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of breast: a case report

AbdullGaffar, B., 2009:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast

Baker, M.; Chen, H.; Latchaw, L.; Memoli, V.; Ornvold, K., 2012:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast in a 10-year-old girl

Shehata, B.M.; Fishman, I.; Collings, M.H.; Wang, J.; Poulik, J.M.; Ricketts, R.R.; Parker, P.M.; Heiss, K.; Bhatia, A.M.; Worcester, H.D.; Gow, K.W., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast in pediatric patients: an underrecognized entity

Wang, J.; Fan, Y.; Fu, L., 2015:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast: a clinicopathologic study of 7 cases

Gresik, C.M.; Godellas, C.; Aranha, G.V.; Rajan, P.; Shoup, M., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast: a contemporary approach to its clinical and radiologic features and ideal management

Prichard, R.S.; O'Neill, C.J.; O'Hara, J.L.; Atmore, B.B.; Hassall, M., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the breast: an unusual pathology necessitating bilateral mastectomy during pregnancy

Heller, D.S.; Aisner, S.C.; Fitzhugh, V.A.; Katava, G.; Barrett, T., 2014:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia of the vulva presenting as a polypoid vulvar lesion: a lesion associated with anogenital mammary-like tissue-report of a case and review of the literature

Zámecník, M.; Dubac, V., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia with giant cells in the female breast. No association with neurofibromatosis?

Singh, K.A.; Lewis, M.M.; Runge, R.L.; Carlson, G.W., 2007:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia. A case for bilateral mastectomy in a 12-year-old girl

Coyne, J.D., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: An observation on its microscopic involvement in breast carcinoma and the presence of lymph node metastases

Masannat, Y.A.; Whitehead, S.; Hawley, I.; Apthorp, L.; Shah, E.F., 2011:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: a case report

Celliers, L.; Wong, D.D.; Bourke, A., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: a study of the mammographic and sonographic features

Virk, R.K.; Khan, A., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: an overview

Jones, K.N.; Glazebrook, K.N.; Reynolds, C., 2010:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: imaging findings with pathologic and clinical correlation

Navas Cañete, A.; Olcoz Monreal, F.J.; García Laborda, E.; Pérez Aznar, J.M., 2007:
Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia: magnetic resonance findings in two cases

Dong, B-wei.; Ma, X-yan.; He, H-nü.; Zhang, F-juan., 2014:
Pseudoangiomatous variant of spindle cell lipoma: report of a case

Koh, S.Hoon.; Oh, S.Joon.; Chun, H.; Kim, S.Gyu., 2015:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma developing on a burn scar: a case report and review of the literature

Olaofe, O.O.; Omoniyi-Esan, G.O.; Omonisi, A.E.; Alakinyoola, A.L., 2013:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma in an old surgical scar of an African woman

Kong, M.; Ren, X.; You, Q.; Yao, H.; Teng, X., 2012:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Qi, X-Ping.; Lin, G-Bing.; Zhu, Y-Li.; Wang, J-Quan.; Dai, X-Wen.; Ma, J-Ming.; Yan, L., 2009:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma of the penis: a case report with clinicopathological and human papilloma virus analyses

Abid, N.; Mnif, Héla.; Charfi, S.; Turki, H.; Sallemi-Boudawara, T., 2013:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous squamous cell carcinoma of the skin

Paner, G.P.; Cox, R.Michelle.; Richards, K.; Akki, A.; Gokden, N.; Lopez-Beltran, A.; Krausz, T.; McKenney, J.K.; Steinberg, G.D., 2014:
Pseudoangiosarcomatous urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Baraldi, C.E.; Martins, G.L.; Puricelli, E., 2010:
Pseudoankylosis of the temporomandibular joint caused by zygomatic malformation

Tan, K-Hing.; Ko, S-Yu.; Chou, S-Li., 2012:
Pseudoaortic dissection

Vennesland, Jørgen.B.; Svenningsen, S.; Vennesland, Øyvind., 2012:
Pseudoarthrosis after costal fracture

Rastogi, A.; Bhadada, S.Kumar.; Bhansali, A., 2015:
Pseudoarthrosis and fracture: interaction between severe vitamin D deficiency and primary hyperparathyroidism

Singaraju, V.M.; Lubahn, J.D., 2009:
Pseudoarthrosis in a hypertrophic nonunion of the humerus: a case report

Giannotti, S.; Bottai, V.; Dell'Osso, G.; De Paola, G.; Ghilardi, M.; Guido, G., 2014:
Pseudoarthrosis in atypical femoral fracture: case report

Lumbreras, R.; Castro, A.; Val, S.; Palanca, D.; Bueno, A.L.; Modrego, F.J., 2007:
Pseudoarthrosis of acromion due to politraumatism. Treatment with autologus graffting intercalar of iliac crest

Schofer, M.; Illian, C.; Fuchs-Winkelmann, S.; Kortmann, H-R., 2007:
Pseudoarthrosis of anterior pelvic ring fracture

Devgan, A.; Kamboj, P.; Gupta, V.; Magu, N-K.; Rohilla, R., 2014:
Pseudoarthrosis of medial tibial plateau fracture----role of alignment procedure

Shahdadpuri, R.; de Vries, B.; Pfundt, R.; de Leeuw, N.; Reardon, W., 2007:
Pseudoarthrosis of the clavicle and copper beaten skull associated with chromosome 10p11.21p12.1 microdeletion

Tarazona Velutini, P.; Romo Rodríiguez, R., 2010:
Pseudoarthrosis of the first rib in a patient who practices yoga. A case report

İncecik, F.; Hergüner, M.Özlem.; Ballı, Tğsan.; Altunbaşak, Şakir., 2014:
Pseudoarthrosis of the hand in neurofibromatosis type 1: a case report

Rodo, A., 2010:
Pseudoarthrosis of the neck of the femur

Moore, J.R., 2014:
Pseudoarthrosis of the tibia and fibula in children

Takács, I.M.; Swierstra, B.A., 2011:
Pseudoarthrosis repair after failed metatarsophalangeal 1 arthrodesis

Kaya, M.; Sakarya, M.Hamdi., 2010:
Pseudoascites: report of three cases

Chandrasekhar, S., 2008:
Pseudoasymmetry: a final twist?

Vegas, A.; García-Baonza, Vín., 2007:
Pseudoatoms and preferred skeletons in crystals

Arias, M.A.; Puchol, A.; Castellanos, E.; Rodríguez-Padial, L., 2010:
Pseudoatrial fibrillation

Rotsztejn, H.; Nadolski, M.; Juchniewicz, B.; Kobielski, A.; Wendorff, J., 2007:
Pseudoatrophic macules as a additional skin sign of neurofibromatosis

Chiu, C-Shan.; Wang, J-Der.; Yen, C-Yang.; Chen, Y-Ju.; Shen, J-Lung., 2009:
Pseudoatrophic macules associated with neurofibromatosis-1

Ayres, S., 2018:
Pseudoatrophoderma coli et corporis

Hazen, H.A., 1892:

Hatch, P.L., 1893:
Pseudoaurora Not Shadows

Hudson, G.H., 1893:

Evers, C.; Heidemann, P.H.; Dunstheimer, D.; Schulze, E.; Haag, C.; Janssen, J.W.G.; Fischer, C.; Jauch, A.; Moog, U., 2011:
Pseudoautosomal inheritance of Léri-Weill syndrome: what does it mean?

Mensah, M.A.; Hestand, M.S.; Larmuseau, M.H.D.; Isrie, M.; Vanderheyden, N.; Declercq, M.; Souche, E.L.; Van Houdt, J.; Stoeva, R.; Van Esch, H.; Devriendt, K.; Voet, T.; Decorte, R.; Robinson, P.N.; Vermeesch, J.R., 2015:
Pseudoautosomal region 1 length polymorphism in the human population

Marchand, E.W., 1989:
Pseudoaxicon lenses

Ferroni, Félix.M.; Marangon, J.; Neuman, Nás.I.; Cristaldi, J.C.; Brambilla, S.M.; Guerrero, S.A.; Rivas, Mía.G.; Rizzi, A.C.; Brondino, C.D., 2015:
Pseudoazurin from Sinorhizobium meliloti as an electron donor to copper-containing nitrite reductase: influence of the redox partner on the reduction potentials of the enzyme copper centers

Sun, D.; Bray, R.A.; Yong, R.Q-Y.; Cutmore, S.C.; Cribb, T.H., 2014:
Pseudobacciger cheneyae n. sp. (Digenea: Gymnophalloidea) from Weber's chromis (Chromis weberi Fowler & Bean) (Perciformes: Pomacentridae) at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Eom, J.Sik.; Cheong, H.Jin.; Kim, W.Joo., 2009:
Pseudobacteremia outbreak of Pseudomonas oryzihabitans in an emergency department of a tertiary hospital in Korea

Vellinga, E.C., 2009:
Pseudobaeospora aphana, a new species from California

Giménez-Muñoz, A.; Alarcia, R.; Ledesma, L.; Ara, J.R., 2008:
Pseudoballism secondary to spinal trauma

Gibbs, G.; Campbell, G.; Christie, I., 2009:
Pseudobasophilia and the Advia 120

RuDusky, B.M., 2015:

Dema, A.; Tăban, S.; Lazăr, E.; Borda, A.; Lăzureanu, Cţa.; Herman, D.; Mureşan, A.; Cornianu, Mărioara.; Anderco, D.; Loghin, A., 2012:
Pseudobenign prostate carcinomas: causes of false-negative biopsy results

Sigari, F.; Mhoon, E.; Montag, A.; Redleaf, M., 2007:
Pseudobifurcation of the vertical facial nerve in a temporal bone laboratory

Mentzer, S.H., 1937:
Pseudobiliary Dyskinesia

Chang, C.Young.; Kaczmarek, Łukasz.; Lee, J.Min.; Michalczyk, Łukasz., 2007:
Pseudobiotus spinifer, a new tardigrade species (Eutardigrada: Hypsibiidae) from Nakdong River, South Korea, with a redescription of P. vladimiri Biserov, Dudichev & Biserova

Chaudret, R.; Parks, J.M.; Yang, W., 2013:
Pseudobond parameters for QM/MM studies involving nucleosides, nucleotides, and their analogs

Aung, A.Kar.; Thompson, P.J.; Teh, B.Mei.; McGrath, C., 2012:
Pseudobronchiectasis after pertussis and mycoplasma infection

Ahmed, A.; Simmons, Z., 2013:
Pseudobulbar affect: prevalence and management

Strowd, R.E.; Cartwright, M.S.; Okun, M.S.; Haq, I.; Siddiqui, M.S., 2011:
Pseudobulbar affect: prevalence and quality of life impact in movement disorders

Miller, A.; Pratt, H.; Schiffer, R.B., 2011:
Pseudobulbar affect: the spectrum of clinical presentations, etiologies and treatments

Ishihara, K.; Araki, S.; Ihori, N.; Suzuki, Y.; Shiota, J-ichi.; Arai, N.; Nakano, I.; Kawamura, M., 2014:
Pseudobulbar dysarthria in the initial stage of motor neuron disease with dementia: a clinicopathological report of two autopsied cases

Graham, K.C.; Spiegel, D.R., 2008:
Pseudobulbar palsy and affect in a case of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

Arba, F.; Inzitari, D.; Lippi, D.; I de' Medici, C., 2015 :
Pseudobulbar paralysis in the Renaissance: Cosimo I de' Medici case

Almeida, Vânia.; Mestre, T.; De Carvalho, M., 2010:
Pseudobulbar syndrome in two patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Tiruvoipati, R.; Balasubramanian, S.K.; Entwisle, J.J.; Firmin, R.K.; Peek, G.J., 2007:
Pseudocalcification on chest CT scan

Brezesinski, K.; Wang, J.; Haetge, J.; Reitz, C.; Steinmueller, S.O.; Tolbert, S.H.; Smarsly, B.M.; Dunn, B.; Brezesinski, T., 2010:
Pseudocapacitive contributions to charge storage in highly ordered mesoporous group V transition metal oxides with iso-oriented layered nanocrystalline domains

Yeager, M.P.; Du, W.; Wang, Q.; Deskins, N.Aaron.; Sullivan, M.; Bishop, B.; Su, D.; Xu, W.; Senanayake, S.D.; Si, R.; Hanson, J.; Teng, X., 2014:
Pseudocapacitive hausmannite nanoparticles with (101) facets: synthesis, characterization, and charge-transfer mechanism

Chang, J-Kuei.; Lee, M-Tsung.; Tsai, W-Ta.; Deng, M-Jay.; Cheng, H-Fang.; Sun, I-Wen., 2009:
Pseudocapacitive mechanism of manganese oxide in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanate ionic liquid electrolyte studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Iglesias, Rúl.; Centeno, L.; García, N.; García-Estévez, Jé.M., 2014:
Pseudocapillaria (Pseudocapillaria) moraveci sp. n. (Nematoda: Capillariidae) from the stomach of Gobius paganellus (Perciformes: Gobiidae) from Vigo estuary (NW Spain)

Barquero-Romero, Jé.; García García, G.; Ambel Albarrán, I., 2008:
Pseudocarcinoma of the colon due to ischemic colitis after radiotherapy

Gupta, S.; Singh, P.; Bala, J.; Mushtaq, D.; Goyal, A., 2012:
Pseudocarcinomatous Hyperplasia of the Fallopian Tubes which was Associated with Female Genital Tract Tuberculosis, Histologically Mimicking Tubal Adenocarcinoma: A Diagnostic Challenge

Lane, Z.; Epstein, J.I., 2007:
Pseudocarcinomatous epithelial hyperplasia in the bladder unassociated with prior irradiation or chemotherapy

Fernandez-Flores, A.; Valerdiz, S., 2012:
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia associated with hidradenoma papilliferum

Morrissey, K.A.; Garcia-Albea, V.; Goldberg, L.J., 2014:
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia involving the ear from gout: a diagnostic pitfall

Ginsberg, D.; Hill, H.; Wilson, B.; Plaza, J.A.; Schieke, S.M., 2016:
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia mimicking squamous cell carcinoma in a case of CD56-positive cytotoxic T-cell lymphoma

Wu, A., 2014:
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia of the urinary bladder

Tuttle, M.S.; Rosenberg, A.S.; Winfield, H.L.; Somach, S.C., 2009:
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia with follicular differentiation overlying basal cell carcinoma

Gawkrodger, D.J., 2010:
Pseudocatalase and narrowband ultraviolet B for vitiligo: clearing the picture

Shankar, R.; Jalihal, V.; Walker, M.; Zeman, A., 2011:
Pseudocataplexy and transient functional paralysis: a spectrum of psychogenic motor disorder

Plazzi, G.; Khatami, R.; Serra, L.; Pizza, F.; Bassetti, C.L., 2010:
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