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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55286

Chapter 55286 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Wetmore, A., 2014:
Publication and the distribution of publications

Sataloff, R.T., 2011:
Publication as a teaching tool

Speth, F.; Hinze, C.H.; Schranz, P.; Miller-Wiegart, E.; Haefner, R., 2018:
Combination of rituximab and abatacept as an exit strategy for repetitive B-cell depletion in children with severe autoimmune diseases: a report of three cases

Thunnissen, M.M., 2011:
Publication award for psychiatric students 2009/2010

Crawford, J.M.; Briggs, C.L.; Engeland, C.G., 2010:
Publication bias and its implications for evidence-based clinical decision making

Howland, R.H., 2011:
Publication bias and outcome reporting bias: agomelatine as a case example

Mathew, S.J.; Charney, D.S., 2009:
Publication bias and the efficacy of antidepressants

Francis, G., 2013:
Publication bias and the failure of replication in experimental psychology

Carter, E.C.; McCullough, M.E., 2014:
Publication bias and the limited strength model of self-control: has the evidence for ego depletion been overestimated?

Nassir Ghaemi, S.; Shirzadi, A.A.; Filkowski, M., 2008:
Publication bias and the pharmaceutical industry: the case of lamotrigine in bipolar disorder

Elvik, R., 2011:
Publication bias and time-trend bias in meta-analysis of bicycle helmet efficacy: a re-analysis of Attewell, Glase and McFadden, 2001

Sood, A.; Knudsen, K.; Sood, R.; Wahner-Roedler, D.L.; Barnes, S.A.; Bardia, A.; Bauer, B.A., 2007:
Publication bias for CAM trials in the highest impact factor medicine journals is partly due to geographical bias

Squitieri, L.; Petruska, E.; Chung, K.C., 2010:
Publication bias in Kienböck's disease: systematic review

Yang, S.; Xing, L.; Gu, L.; Cheng, H.; Feng, Y.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Combination of RIZ1 Over-Expression and Radiotherapy Contributes to Apoptosis and DNA Damage of HeLa and SiHa Cervical Cancer Cells

Akhavan Aghdam, M.; Sharifi, A.; Pedram, M.Mohsen., 2018:
Combination of rs-fMRI and sMRI Data to Discriminate Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children Using Deep Belief Network

Saunders, J.B., 2007:
Publication bias in addiction research

Briel, M.; Müller, K.F.; Meerpohl, J.J.; von Elm, E.; Lang, B.; Motschall, E.; Gloy, V.; Lamontagne, F.; Schwarzer, G.; Bassler, D., 2013:
Publication bias in animal research: a systematic review protocol

Turner, E.H.; Knoepflmacher, D.; Shapley, L., 2012:
Publication bias in antipsychotic trials: an analysis of efficacy comparing the published literature to the US Food and Drug Administration database

Saeed, M.; Paulson, K.; Lambert, P.; Szwajcer, D.; Seftel, M., 2011:
Publication bias in blood and marrow transplantation

Awad, M., 2011:
Publication bias in clinical trials

Hopewell, S.; Loudon, K.; Clarke, M.J.; Oxman, A.D.; Dickersin, K., 2009:
Publication bias in clinical trials due to statistical significance or direction of trial results

Vawdrey, D.K.; Hripcsak, G., 2013:
Publication bias in clinical trials of electronic health records

Ernst, E., 2007:
Publication bias in complementary/alternative medicine

Siddiqi, N., 2011:
Publication bias in epidemiological studies

Yuan, J.Chia-Chun.; Shyamsunder, N.; Barao, V.Adelino.Ricardo.; Lee, D.J.; Sukotjo, C., 2012:
Publication bias in five dental implant journals: an observation from 2005 to 2009

ter Riet, G.; Korevaar, D.A.; Leenaars, M.; Sterk, P.J.; Van Noorden, C.J.F.; Bouter, L.M.; Lutter, Ré.; Elferink, R.P.Oude.; Hooft, L., 2013:
Publication bias in laboratory animal research: a survey on magnitude, drivers, consequences and potential solutions

Niemeyer, H.; Musch, J.; Pietrowsky, R., 2013:
Publication bias in meta-analyses of the efficacy of psychotherapeutic interventions for depression

Niemeyer, H.; Musch, J.; Pietrowsky, R., 2012:
Publication bias in meta-analyses of the efficacy of psychotherapeutic interventions for schizophrenia

Mari, C.; Pierroz, V.; Ferrari, S.; Gasser, G., 2018:
Combination of Ru(ii) complexes and light: new frontiers in cancer therapy

Jennings, R.G.; Van Horn, J.D., 2012:
Publication bias in neuroimaging research: implications for meta-analyses

Pitak-Arnnop, P.; Sader, R.; Rapidis, A.D.; Dhanuthai, K.; Bauer, U.; Herve, C.; Hemprich, A., 2010:
Publication bias in oral and maxillofacial surgery journals: an observation on published controlled trials

Liu, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Xu, Z.; Chu, Q.; Xu, C.; Sun, Y.; Gao, Y., 2018:
Combination of Runx2 and Cbfβ upregulates Amelotin gene expression in ameloblasts by directly interacting with cis‑enhancers during amelogenesis

Cui, J.; Wang, M-Cong.; Zhang, Y-Min.; Ren, M-Zhi.; Wang, S-Xiong.; Nan, K-Jun.; Song, L-Ping., 2018:
Combination of S-1 and gefitinib increases the sensitivity to radiotherapy in lung cancer cells

Gehrke, T.; Hackenberg, S.; Polat, Bülent.; Wohlleben, G.; Hagen, R.; Kleinsasser, N.; Scherzad, A., 2018:
Combination of salinomycin and radiation effectively eliminates head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells in vitro

Ferguson, C.J.; Brannick, M.T., 2012:
Publication bias in psychological science: prevalence, methods for identifying and controlling, and implications for the use of meta-analyses

Kühberger, A.; Fritz, A.; Scherndl, T., 2016:
Publication bias in psychology: a diagnosis based on the correlation between effect size and sample size

Kicinski, M., 2014:
Publication bias in recent meta-analyses

Sena, E.S.; van der Worp, H.Bart.; Bath, P.M.W.; Howells, D.W.; Macleod, M.R., 2010:
Publication bias in reports of animal stroke studies leads to major overstatement of efficacy

Yang, L.; Zhang, L.; Huang, Q.; Liu, C.; Qi, L.; Li, L.; Qu, T.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.; Meng, B.; Sun, B.; Cao, W., 2018:
Combination of Scoring Criteria and Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis of Synchronous Endometrial and Ovarian Carcinomas

Sham, E.; Smith, T., 2015:
Publication bias in studies of an applied behavior-analytic intervention: an initial analysis

Barbui, C.; Cipriani, A., 2007:
Publication bias in systematic reviews

D.O.iveira, G.S.; Chang, R.; Kendall, M.C.; Fitzgerald, P.C.; McCarthy, R.J., 2012:
Publication bias in the anesthesiology literature

Timmer, A., 2011:
Publication bias in trials other than RCTs

Francis, G., 2013:
Publication bias in "Red, rank, and romance in women viewing men," by Elliot et al. (2010)

Hou, L.; Zhou, X.; Gan, F.; Zhou, Y.; Liu, Z.; Qian, G.; Huang, K., 2018:
Combination of SeMet and NAC alleviates the joint toxicities of AFB1 and OTA by ERK MAPK signal pathway in porcine alveolar macrophages

Onishi, A.; Furukawa, T.A., 2015:
Publication bias is underreported in systematic reviews published in high-impact-factor journals: metaepidemiologic study

Uesawa, Y.; Takeuchi, T.; Mohri, K., 2010:
Publication bias on clinical studies of pharmacokinetic interactions between felodipine and grapefruit juice

Prasad, K., 2009:
Publication bias perpetuates use of ineffective drugs in stroke

Borm, G.F.; den Heijer, M.; Zielhuis, G.A., 2008:
Publication bias was not a good reason to discourage trials with low power

Shafer, S.L.; Dexter, F., 2012:
Publication bias, retrospective bias, and reproducibility of significant results in observational studies

Turner, E.H., 2014:
Publication bias, with a focus on psychiatry: causes and solutions

Luoto, R., 2012:
Publication bias--the Achilles' heel of medical research

Caulkins, J.P., 2008:
Publication bias: a concern just for drug prevention or for the entire drug control literature?

Steingard, S., 2009:
Publication bias: calling academic physicians to account

Joober, R.; Schmitz, N.; Annable, L.; Boksa, P., 2012:
Publication bias: what are the challenges and can they be overcome?

Penel, N.; Adenis, A., 2008:
Publication biases and phase II trials investigating anticancer targeted therapies

Million, M.; Raoult, D., 2013:
Publication biases in probiotics

Taubes, G., 1993:
Publication by electronic mail takes physics by storm

Anonymous, 1994:
Publication by title only

Mathiesen, T., 2011:
Publication comment

Tfelt-Hansen, P.Carsten.; Olesen, J., 2012:
Publication committees in clinical trials in headache

Costa, R.; Salvo, A.; Rotondo, A.; Bartolomeo, G.; Pellizzeri, V.; Saija, E.; Arrigo, S.; Interdonato, M.; Trozzi, A.; Dugo, G., 2018:
Combination of separation and spectroscopic analytical techniques: application to compositional analysis of a minor citrus species

Ozaki, I.; Shiraishi, H.; Kamada, K.; Kameyama, S.; Tsuyuguchi, N.; Yumoto, M.; Watanabe, Y.; Hirata, M.; Ishii, R.; Iguchi, Y.; Kimura, T.; Takino, R.; Hashimoto, I., 2013:
Publication criteria for evoked magnetic fields of the human brain: a proposal

Montenegro-Idrogo, J.José.; Huerta-Collado, Y.M., 2015:
Publication culture: two different realities

Andrade, J.Moreira.de., 2013:
Publication databases and Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia

Faria, V.V.; Chiaramonte, G.E.; van Oijen, M.J.P., 2014:
Publication date and author spelling for the hidden angelshark Squatina occulta

Kim, S.Young., 2013:
Publication delay in the korean journal of family medicine

Ioannidis, J.P.A.; Manzoli, L.; D.V.to, C.; D'Addario, M.; Villari, P., 2012:
Publication delay of randomized trials on 2009 influenza A (H1N1) vaccination

Hughes, G., 2007:
Publication dilemmas

Palese, A.; Coletti, S.; Dante, A., 2013:
Publication efficiency among the higher impact factor nursing journals in 2009: a retrospective analysis

Margolin, A., 2009:
Publication error

Freeman, P.B., 2010:
Publication ethics

Rees, M., 2012:
Publication ethics

Menezes, R.G.; Giri, S.; Pant, S.; Kharoshah, M.A.; Madadin, M.; Nagaraja, S.Burugina., 2016:
Publication ethics

Peh, W.C.G.; Ng, K.H., 2011:
Publication ethics and scientific misconduct

Cai, X.; Seitl, I.; Mu, W.; Zhang, T.; Stressler, T.; Fischer, L.; Jiang, B., 2018:
Combination of sequence-based and in silico screening to identify novel trehalose synthases

Sismondo, S.; Doucet, M., 2010:
Publication ethics and the ghost management of medical publication

Maisonneuve, H., 2013 :
Publication ethics are ignored: the integrity of science is in danger

Arda, B., 2012:
Publication ethics from the perspective of PhD students of health sciences: a limited experience

Broga, M.; Mijaljica, G.; Waligora, M.; Keis, A.; Marusic, A., 2015:
Publication ethics in biomedical journals from countries in Central and Eastern Europe

Swaan, P.W., 2010:
Publication ethics--a guide for submitting manuscripts to Pharmaceutical Research

Staff, A.; Rørtveit, G., 2010:
Publication ethics--responsibility of all

Zhang, W.; Wang, L.; Xin, Z., 2018:
Combination of serum CA19-9 and CA125 levels and contrast-enhanced ultrasound parametric data facilitates to differentiate ovarian serous carcinoma from ovarian malignant epithelial cancer

Perry, M.W.; Mittelmark, M.B., 2008:
Publication ethics: a collective responsibility

Faludi, Béla.; Imre, M.; Büki, Aás.; Komoly, Sámuel.; Lujber, László., 2018:
Combination of severe facial and cervical vascular malformation with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

Carlson, K.; Ross, J., 2010:
Publication ethics: conflicts, copyright, permission, and authorship

Doumas, M.; Imprialos, Κonstantinos.; Stavropoulos, K.; Reklou, A.; Sachinidis, A.; Athyros, V.G., 2018:
Combination of SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists: potential benefits in surrogate and hard endpoints

Wiwanitkit, V., 2013:
Publication ethics: many facets, collaboration required

Black, R.A., 2013:
Publication ethics: redundancy in publication

Kakuk, Péter., 2011:
Publication ethics: regulation of financial conflicts of interests in medical journals

Rizk, D.E.E., 2007:
Publication ethics: science at its best and always informative

Oliyarnyk, O.; Markova, I.; Malinska, H.; Trnovska, J.; Huttl, M.; Skop, V.; Matuskova, Z.; Poruba, M.; Vecera, R.; Kazdova, L., 2018:
Combination of silymarin with N-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids enhances hepatoprotective effect of silymarin in hereditary hypertriglyceridemic rats

Cook, C., 2013:
Publication fraud, dishonesty, and deceit

Miller, D.R., 2011:
Publication fraud: implications to the individual and to the specialty

Davidoff, F.; Batalden, P.; Stevens, D.; Ogrinc, G.; Mooney, S.; Dickersin, K.; Goldmann, D.; Goetzsche, P.; Guyatt, G.; Luft, H.; McPherson, K.; Montori, V.; Needham, D.; Neuhauser, D.; Shojania, K.; Snow, V.; Wagner, E.; Weber, V.; Aron, D.; Barbour, V.; Berlin, J.; Berman, S.; Berwick, D.; Bisognano, M.; Booth, A.; Boutron, I.; Buerhaus, P.; Chin, M.; Crabtree, B.; Cronenwett, L.; Dixon-Woods, M.; Doebbling, B.; Dougherty, D.; Eccles, M.; Ellenberg, S.; Garrity, W.; Green, L.; Greenhalgh, T.;, 2008:
Publication guidelines for improvement studies in health care: evolution of the SQUIRE Project

Davidoff, F.; Batalden, P.; Stevens, D.; Ogrinc, G.; Mooney, S.; Gibson, R.; Leviton, L.; McAvoy, J.; Dickersin, K.; Goldmann, D.; Goetzsche, P.; Guyatt, G.; Luft, H.; McPherson, K.; Montori, V.; Needham, D.; Neuhauser, D.; Shojania, K.; Snow, V.; Wagner, E.; Weber, V.; Aron, D.; Barbour, V.; Berlin, J.; Berman, S.; Berwick, D.; Bisognano, M.; Booth, A.; Boutron, I.; Buerhaus, P.; Chin, M.; Crabtree, B.; Cronenwett, L.; Dixon-Woods, M.; Doebbling, B.; Dougherty, D.; Eccles, M.; Ellenberg, S.; Ga, 2008:
Publication guidelines for quality improvement in health care: evolution of the SQUIRE project

Davidoff, F.; Batalden, P.; Stevens, D.; Ogrinc, G.; Mooney, S.E.; Dickersin, K.; Goldmann, D.; Goetzsche, P.; Guyatt, G.; Luft, H.; McPherson, K.; Montori, V.; Needham, D.; Neuhauser, D.; Shojania, K.; Snow, V.; Wagner, E.; Weber, V.; Aron, D.; Barbour, V.; Berlin, J.; Berman, S.; Berwick, D.; Bisognano, M.; Booth, A.; Boutron, I.; Buerhaus, P.; Chin, M.; Crabtree, B.; Cronenwett, L.; Dixon-Woods, M.; Doebbling, B.; Dougherty, D.; Eccles, M.; Ellenberg, S.; Garrity, W.; Green, L.; Greenhalgh, T, 2009:
Publication guidelines for quality improvement studies in health care: evolution of the SQUIRE project

Baker, D.; Amor, S., 2012:
Publication guidelines for refereeing and reporting on animal use in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Jacques, D.A.; Guss, J.Mitchell.; Svergun, D.I.; Trewhella, J., 2012:
Publication guidelines for structural modelling of small-angle scattering data from biomolecules in solution

Larson, E.L.; Cortazal, M., 2012:
Publication guidelines need widespread adoption

Kanatas, A.N.; Patel, K.; Loukota, R.L., 2013:
Publication hot spots and oral and maxillofacial surgery - an alternative interpretation

Meneghini, R., 2011:
Publication in a Brazilian journal by Brazilian scientists whose papers have international impact

Berquist, T.H., 2010:
Publication in biomedical journals: an example-based tutorial series, part II: was I really an author?

Wan, X.; Li, Z.; Wang, M.; Lu, X., 2010:
Publication in infectious diseases journals from Chinese authors: 10-year survey of literature

Mathews, R.A., 2008:
Publication incorrectly characterizes dose of bisphenol A

Thompson, D.F.; Callen, E.C.; Nahata, M.C., 2009:
Publication metrics and record of pharmacy practice chairs

van Dijk, D.; Manor, O.; Carey, L.B., 2015:
Publication metrics and success on the academic job market

Dhingra, D.; Mishra, D., 2014:
Publication misconduct among medical professionals in India

Alfaro-Toloza, P.; Mayta-Tristan, P.; Rodriguez-Morales, A.J., 2013:
Publication misconduct and plagiarism retractions: a Latin American perspective

Stretton, S.; Bramich, N.J.; Keys, J.R.; Monk, J.A.; Ely, J.A.; Haley, C.; Woolley, M.J.; Woolley, K.L., 2013:
Publication misconduct and plagiarism retractions: a systematic, retrospective study

Verpoorte, R., 2010:
Publication misconduct: redundant publication

Neuman, S.A.; Long, T.R.; Rose, S.H., 2011:
Publication misrepresentation among anesthesiology residency applicants

Beswick, D.M.; Man, L-Xing.; Johnston, B.A.; Johnson, J.T.; Schaitkin, B.M., 2010:
Publication misrepresentation among otolaryngology residency applicants

Hsi, R.S.; Hotaling, J.M.; Moore, T.N.; Joyner, B.D., 2014:
Publication misrepresentation among urology residency applicants

Derouesné, C., 2014:
Publication of DSM-V

Furusawa, Y., 2013:
Publication of JRR transfers to Oxford University Press (OUP)

Carpentier, M.; Roue, J-Michel.; Jaffrelot, M.; Barraine, P.; Salaun, P-Yves.; L.G.l, Gégoire., 2012:
Publication of MD theses at Brest University Medical School: current situation and courses of action

Goswami, U., 2003:
Publication of Mental Health Research from Poor Income Countries : Resolving the Information divide!

Ross, J.S.; Tse, T.; Zarin, D.A.; Xu, H.; Zhou, L.; Krumholz, H.M., 2012:
Publication of NIH funded trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov: cross sectional analysis

Tan, J.; Liu, Y.; Maimaiti, Y.; Wang, C.; Yan, Y.; Zhou, J.; Ruan, S.; Huang, T., 2018:
Combination of SIRT1 and Src overexpression suggests poor prognosis in luminal breast cancer

Anonymous, 1843:
Publication of Works in Parts

D.P.nti, F.; Tonini, M., 2007:
Publication of a negative trial without disclosing the drug

Clària, J., 2010:
Publication of a special issue: resolution of acute inflammation and the role of lipid mediators

Anonymous, 2011:
Publication of a supplement of audited and approved means and methods for controlling animal pests according to § 18 Protection against Infection Act.

Yesiltas, Bül.; Sørensen, A-Dorit.Moltke.; García-Moreno, P.J.; Anankanbil, S.; Guo, Z.; Jacobsen, C., 2018:
Combination of sodium caseinate and succinylated alginate improved stability of high fat fish oil-in-water emulsions

Jian, Z.; Chen, Y.; Liu, Q.; Liao, B.; Yang, T.; Li, H.; Wang, K., 2018:
Combination of solifenacin and tamsulosin may provide additional beneficial effects for ureteral stent-related symptoms-outcomes from a network meta-analysis

Sakalis, V.; Sfiggas, V.; Vouros, I.; Salpiggidis, G.; Papathanasiou, A.; Apostolidis, A., 2018:
Combination of solifenacin with tamsulosin reduces prostate volume and vascularity as opposed to tamsulosin monotherapy in patients with benign prostate enlargement and overactive bladder symptoms: Results from a randomized pilot study

Moreno Villares, J.M.; Galiao Segovia, M.J., 2008:
Publication of articles about paediatrics in Nutricion Hospitalaria

Chabannon, C.; Honstettre, A.; Daufresne, L-M.; Martin, P-M.; Bonnetaud, C.; Birtwisle-Peyrottes, I.; Romain, S.; Achache, K.; Mery, O.; Bordonne, O.; Ducord, C.; Jacotot, L.; Vaglio, P.; d'Arnoux, C.; Figarella-Branger, D.; Hofman, P.; Borg, J-P.; Atger, V., 2010:
Publication of biological samples collections catalogues by tumor banks

Gibson, E., 2009:
Publication of case reports: Is consent required?

Skogvoll, E.; Kramer-Johansen, J., 2013:
Publication of clinical trial protocols--what can we learn?

Swiontkowski, M.F., 2009:
Publication of clinical trials

Schenke, S.; Zimny, M., 2018:
Combination of Sonoelastography and TIRADS for the Diagnostic Assessment of Thyroid Nodules

Lee, K.; Bacchetti, P.; Sim, I., 2008:
Publication of clinical trials supporting successful new drug applications: a literature analysis

Troillet, N.; Praz, G., 2015:
Publication of cross infection rate in surgical rooms: science and transparency

Sutcliffe, I.C.; Trujillo, M.E., 2013:
Publication of descriptions of novel bacterial taxa in Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Steurer, J., 2009:
Publication of general practice experience studies and general practice experience reports in PRAXIS

Utzon, J.; Kaergaard, J., 2009:
Publication of healthcare quality data to citizens--status and perspectives

Zhu, W.; Liang, Q.; Yang, X.; Yu, Y.; Shen, X.; Sun, G., 2018:
Combination of sorafenib and Valproic acid synergistically induces cell apoptosis and inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth via down-regulating Notch3 and pAkt

Suda, K.J.; Hurley, A.M.; McKibbin, T.; Motl Moroney, S.E., 2012:
Publication of noninferiority clinical trials: changes over a 20-year interval

Mahnke, Y.; Chattopadhyay, P.; Roederer, M., 2010:
Publication of optimized multicolor immunofluorescence panels

Mani, J.; Makarević, J.; Juengel, E.; Ackermann, H.; Nelson, K.; Haferkamp, A.; Blaheta, R.A., 2013 :
Publication of original research in urologic journals--a neglected orphan?

de Andrade, V.Augusto.; Carpini, S.; Schwingel, R.; Calderan, T.Rodrigues.Araújo.; Fraga, G.Pereira., 2011:
Publication of papers presented in a Brazilian Trauma Congress

Marx, K.; Stoudenmire, L.Leigh.; Kalen B, M., 2013:
Publication of pediatric and neonatal articles in the pharmacy literature from 2000 to 2010

Smithy, J.W.; Downing, N.S.; Ross, J.S., 2015:
Publication of pivotal efficacy trials for novel therapeutic agents approved between 2005 and 2011: a cross-sectional study

Carracedo, A.; Butler, J.M.; Gusmão, L.; Parson, W.; Roewer, L.; Schneider, P.M., 2010:
Publication of population data for forensic purposes

Parson, W.; Roewer, L., 2011:
Publication of population data of linearly inherited DNA markers in the International Journal of Legal Medicine

Yin, G-Nan.; Wang, L.; Lin, X-Nan.; Shi, L.; Gao, Z-Lin.; Han, F-Chan.; Li, P.; Jin, Y-Chuan.; Suh, J-Kyu.; Ryu, J-Kan.; Wang, X.; Jin, H-Rong., 2018:
Combination of stromal vascular fraction and Ad-COMP-Ang1 gene therapy improves long-term therapeutic efficacy for diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction

Mukamel, D.B.; Weimer, D.L.; Spector, W.D.; Ladd, H.; Zinn, J.S., 2008:
Publication of quality report cards and trends in reported quality measures in nursing homes

Soto, J.; Alvarez, J., 2009:
Publication of randomized clinical trials: Current existing legislations to guarantee their validity, reliability and transparency

Ndumele, C.D.; Ableman, G.; Russell, B.E.; Gurrola, E.; Hicks, L.S., 2011 :
Publication of recruitment methods in focus group research of minority populations with chronic disease: a systematic review

Low, N., 2008:
Publication of report on chlamydia control activities in Europe

Kapoor, S.; Sikka, P.; Saxena, K., 2013:
Publication of research article: an art or science?

Post, R.E.; Mainous, A.G.; O'Hare, K.E.; King, D.E.; Maffei, M.S., 2013:
Publication of research presented at STFM and NAPCRG conferences

Ticse, R.; Ygreda, P.; Samalvides, F., 2016:
Publication of research projects for certification as medical specialists at a Peruvian university, 2007-2010

Hasegawa, G.R., 2012:
Publication of residency projects: another perspective

Chen, P-Hisen.; Wu, C-Hsien.; Chen, Y-Fen.; Yeh, Y-Chen.; Lin, B-Han.; Chang, K-Wei.; Lai, P-Yu.; Hou, M-Chih.; Lu, C-Liang.; Kuo, W-Chuan., 2018:
Combination of structural and vascular optical coherence tomography for differentiating oral lesions of mice in different carcinogenesis stages

Chahal, J.; Tomescu, S.Sebastian.; Ravi, B.; Bach, B.R.; Ogilvie-Harris, D.; Mohamed, N.N.; Gandhi, R., 2012:
Publication of sports medicine-related randomized controlled trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov

Toro-Polo, M.; Pereyra-Elías, Ré.; Nizama-Vía, A.; Ng-Sueng, L.Fernando.; Vélez-Segovia, E.; Galán-Rodas, Eén.; Mayta-Tristán, P., 2014:
Publication of summaries presented at the scientific congresses of medical students, Peru 2002-2009: characteristics and related factors

Alderson, D.; Cromwell, D., 2015:
Publication of surgeon-specific outcomes

Beed, M.; Brindley, P.G., 2014:
Publication of surgical outcomes-data: whose team are we on?

Chiu, E.; Jeste, D., 2007:
Publication of the International Psychogeriatric Association consensus statement on defining and measuring treatment benefits in dementia

Anonymous, 1932:
Publication of the Salmon Memorial Lectures

Nowak, Fédérique., 2011:
Publication of the guidelines for hospital molecular genetics platforms of cancers

Carvalho, C.Roberto.Ribeiro.; Baldi, B.Guedes.; Jardim, C.Viana.Poyares.; Caruso, P., 2013:
Publication of the impact factor of the Brazilian Journal of Pulmonology: a milestone on a long and arduous journey

Clària, J.; Norel, X.; Bannenberg, G., 2013:
Publication of the special issue "Fourth European workshop on lipid mediators"

Gordon, D.J.; Lauer, M.S., 2014:
Publication of trials funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Rodino, F.J., 2014:
Publication of trials funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

McShane, L.M.; Hayes, D.F., 2013:
Publication of tumor marker research results: the necessity for complete and transparent reporting

Leese, H., 2013:
Publication of two sets of guidelines for good practice

Polit, D.F.; Northam, S., 2011:
Publication opportunities in nonnursing journals

Bhasin, N.; Scott, D.J.A., 2007:
Publication outcome for research presented at the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland annual meetings

Matteo, P.; Tiziana, N.; Federica, C.; Mario, M.; Roberto, L., 2018:
Combination of sugar and stable isotopes analyses to detect the use of non-grape sugars in balsamic vinegar must

Hoeg, R.T.; Lee, J.A.; Mathiason, M.A.; Rokkones, K.; Serck, S.L.; Crampton, K.L.; Emmel, A.E.; Severson, E.A.; Go, R.S., 2009:
Publication outcomes of phase II oncology clinical trials

Schwarz, E.; Maier, M., 2014:
Publication output in the field of Public Health and its appreciation at political level in Austria

Mackey, D.A.; Crowston, J.G.; McGhee, C.Nj.; McCluskey, P., 2014:
Publication output of senior academic ophthalmologists in Australia and New Zealand

Lei, Y.; Tan, B-Jia.; Zou, Z.; Zhang, M-Ming.; Song, R-Pu.; Qu, S-Hai.; Li, J., 2015:
Publication patterns and citation analysis of APJTM during 2008 and June 2014

Chan, K.K.; Siu, E.; Mozessohn, L.; Cheung, M.C., 2013:
Publication patterns of cancer cost-effectiveness studies presented at major conferences

Hueng, D-Yuan.; Tsai, C-Lin.; Hsu, S-Wei.; Ma, H-I., 2013:
Publication patterns of comparative effectiveness research in spine neurosurgery

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Publish twice the usual number of papers due to the generosity of the Board of the ESPU

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Publish your case report

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Publish your work in AVA peer reviewed journals

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Publish, don't perish

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Publishers' Fall Announcements

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Publishing Chinese medicine knowledge as Linked Data on the Web

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Publishing Medical Journals for Private Profit or for the Profession

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Publishing Scientific Books

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Publishing Scientific Talks

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Publishing Surgeons Outcomes in the lay press - call for a national debate

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Publishing Surgeons Outcomes in the lay press is a bad idea - peer review of morbidity and mortality data is the way forward

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Publishing a DNP capstone: after the where, what and how … the ethics and process of manuscript submission

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Publishing a DNP capstone: the where, what and how

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Publishing as Applied Science

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Combination therapy for chronic hepatitis B: The future and beyond

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Publishing for all

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Publishing from work

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Publishing genomic studies: walking the fine line

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