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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55293

Chapter 55293 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Drake, F.D.; Craft, H.D., 1968:
Pulse structure of four pulsars

Drake, F.D., 1968:
Pulse structure of the pulsating radio source in vulpecula

Borsboom, J.M.G.; Bouakaz, A.; de Jong, N., 2009:
Pulse subtraction time delay imaging method for ultrasound contrast agent detection

Tabakovic, S.; Nigg, C.; Landau, K.; Zerkiebel, N., 2010:
Pulse synchronous bruit, swollen eye, diplopia, exophthalmos, chemosis and diplopia three weeks after a head trauma

Cox, J.A.; Putnam, W.P.; Sell, A.; Leitenstorfer, A.; Kärtner, F.X., 2012:
Pulse synthesis in the single-cycle regime from independent mode-locked lasers using attosecond-precision feedback

Rao, P.N.; Lakshmi, T.S., 2007:
Pulse therapy and its modifications in pemphigus: a six year study

Pasricha, J.S., 2007:
Pulse therapy as a cure for autoimmune diseases

Singh, S.; Chaudhary, R., 2009:
Pulse therapy for pemphigus: the burden of proof

Fernandes, N.Conceição.; Menezes, M., 2014:
Pulse therapy in pemphigus: report of 11 cases

Kanwar, A.J.; De, D., 2010:
Pulse therapy--credibility of evidence

Jiang, C.; Shao, Q.; Bischof, J., 2015:
Pulse timing during irreversible electroporation achieves enhanced destruction in a hindlimb model of cancer

Tsuchida, H., 2007:
Pulse timing stabilization of a mode-locked Cr:LiSAF laser

Peterson, P.; Gavrielides, A., 1999:
Pulse train characterisitcs of a passively Q-switched microchip laser

De Boni, L.; Franzen, P.L.; Gonçalves, P.J.; Borissevitch, I.E.; Misoguti, L.; Mendonça, C.R.; Zilio, S.C., 2011:
Pulse train fluorescence technique for measuring triplet state dynamics

Tyagi, A.; Arya, U.; Vidhani, B.; Prasad, V., 2015:
Pulse train induced rotational excitation and orientation of a polar molecule

Renard, M.; Chaux, R.; Lavorel, B.; Faucher, O., 2004:
Pulse trains produced by phase-modulation of ultrashort optical pulses: tailoring and characterization

Ma, Y.; Gustavsson, J.S.; Haglund, A.; Gustavsson, M.; Gustafsson, S.E., 2014:
Pulse transient hot strip technique adapted for slab sample geometry to study anisotropic thermal transport properties of μm-thin crystalline films

Wibmer, T.; Doering, K.; Kropf-Sanchen, C.; Rüdiger, S.; Blanta, I.; Stoiber, K.M.; Rottbauer, W.; Schumann, C., 2015:
Pulse transit time and blood pressure during cardiopulmonary exercise tests

Brietzke, S.E.; Katz, E.S.; Roberson, D.W., 2007:
Pulse transit time as a screening test for pediatric sleep-related breathing disorders

Vlahandonis, A.; Biggs, S.N.; Nixon, G.M.; Davey, M.J.; Walter, L.M.; Horne, R.S.C., 2014:
Pulse transit time as a surrogate measure of changes in systolic arterial pressure in children during sleep

Huang, H.; Ye, J-Ying.; Li, Y-Ru.; Wang, X-Yi.; Zhang, Y-Huan.; Wang, J-Yong.; Ding, X.; Li, H-Guang.; Han, D-Min., 2011:
Pulse transit time for quantifying inspiratory effort in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Rizzoli, A.; Urschitz, M.S.; Sautermeister, J.; Miano, S.; Pagani, J.; Villa, M.P.; Poets, C.F., 2008:
Pulse transit time for scoring subcortical arousal in infants with obstructive sleep apnea

Chouchou, F.; Sforza, E.; Celle, Sébastien.; Pichot, V.; Maudoux, D.; Garcin, A.; Barthélémy, J.Claude.; Roche, Fédéric., 2011:
Pulse transit time in screening sleep disordered breathing in an elderly population: the PROOF-SYNAPSE study

Lan, Y-Chun.; Shen, C-Hui.; Kang, H-Ming.; Chong, F-Ching., 2012:
Pulse transit time reveals drug kinetics on vascular changes affected by propofol

Tang, C.H.H.; Chan, G.S.H.; Middleton, P.M.; Cave, G.; Harvey, M.; Javed, F.; Savkin, A.V.; Lovell, N.H., 2011:
Pulse transit time variability analysis in an animal model of endotoxic shock

Zhang, Q.; Shi, Y.; Teng, D.; Dinh, A.; Ko, S-Bum.; Chen, L.; Basran, J.; Dal Bello-Haas, V.; Choi, Y., 2010:
Pulse transit time-based blood pressure estimation using hilbert-huang transform

Schmalgemeier, H.; Bitter, T.; Bartsch, S.; Bullert, K.; Fischbach, T.; Eckert, S.; Horstkotte, D.; Oldenburg, O., 2013:
Pulse transit time: validation of blood pressure measurement under positive airway pressure ventilation

Bernjak, A.; Stefanovska, A., 2009:
Pulse transit times to the capillary bed evaluated by laser Doppler flowmetry

Cohen, L.G., 1976:
Pulse transmission measurements for determining near optimal profile gradings in multimode borosilicate optical fibers

Kapron, F.P.; Keck, D.B., 1971:
Pulse transmission through a dielectric optical waveguide

Nishizawa, N.; Goto, T., 2007:
Pulse trapping by ultrashort soliton pulses in optical fibers across zero-dispersion wavelength

Boissy, P.; Andersen, T.L.; Lund, T.; Kupisiewicz, K.; Plesner, T.; Delaissé, J.M., 2008:
Pulse treatment with the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib inhibits osteoclast resorptive activity in clinically relevant conditions

Terry, A.J., 2011:
Pulse vaccination strategies in a metapopulation SIR model

Beason, C.W.; Jauchem, J.R.; Clark, C.D.; Parker, J.E.; Fines, D.A., 2009:
Pulse variations of a conducted energy weapon (similar to the TASER X26 device): effects on muscle contraction and threshold for ventricular fibrillation*

Kötter, I., 2009:
Pulse versus daily oral cyclophosphamide for induction of remission in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis (CYCLOPS study)

de Groot, K.; Harper, L.; Jayne, D.R.W.; Flores Suarez, L.Felipe.; Gregorini, G.; Gross, W.L.; Luqmani, R.; Pusey, C.D.; Rasmussen, N.; Sinico, R.A.; Tesar, V.; Vanhille, P.; Westman, K.; Savage, C.O.S.; Abramowicz, D.; Wissing, M.; Madhoun, P.; Blockmans, D.; Stolear, J.; Ekstrand, A.; Chabova, V.; Teasr, V.; Rychlik, I.; Bataille, P.; Puechal, X.; Vanhille, P.; Leblau, J.; Esnault, V.L.M.; Gross, W.L.; Weidner, S.; Rupprecht, H.; Schneider, M.; Specker, C.; de Groot, K.; Schmitt, W.; van der W, 2009:
Pulse versus daily oral cyclophosphamide for induction of remission in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis: a randomized trial

Padhan, P., 2010:
Pulse versus daily oral cyclophosphamide in ANCA-associated vasculitis

Levine, S.M., 2010:
Pulse versus daily oral cyclophosphamide in ANCA-associated vasculitis

Kusztal, M.; Kleszczyński, J.; Weyde, Wław.; Makulska, I.; Porazko, T.; Gołebiowski, T.; Krajewska, M.; Zwolińska, D.; Klinger, M., 2008:
Pulse volume changes recorded by air plethysmography during single hemodialysis sessions

Eslahpazir, B.A.; Allemang, M.T.; Lakin, R.O.; Carman, T.L.; Trivonovich, M.R.; Wong, V.L.; Wang, J.; Baele, H.R.; Kashyap, V.S., 2014:
Pulse volume recording does not enhance segmental pressure readings for peripheral arterial disease stratification

Delessert, A.; Espa, F.; Rossetti, A.; Lavigne, G.; Tafti, M.; Heinzer, R., 2011:
Pulse wave amplitude drops during sleep are reliable surrogate markers of changes in cortical activity

Heffernan, K.S.; Karas, R.H.; Mooney, P.J.; Patel, A.R.; Kuvin, J.T., 2010:
Pulse wave amplitude is associated with brachial artery diameter: implications for gender differences in microvascular function

Adler, D.; Bridevaux, P.Olivier.; Contal, O.; Georges, M.; Dupuis-Lozeron, E.; Claudel, E.; Pépin, J.Louis.; Janssens, J.Paul., 2014:
Pulse wave amplitude reduction: a surrogate marker of micro-arousals associated with respiratory events occurring under non-invasive ventilation?

Middeke, M., 2010:
Pulse wave analysis

Secrest, A.M.; Marshall, S.L.; Miller, R.G.; Prince, C.T.; Orchard, T.J., 2012:
Pulse wave analysis and cardiac autonomic neuropathy in type 1 diabetes: a report from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study

Philipp, T., 2011:
Pulse wave analysis and central (aortic) pressure measurement: for use in reality? - Contra

Weber, T., 2011:
Pulse wave analysis and central (aortic) pressure measurement: for use in reality? - Pro

Prince, C.T.; Secrest, A.M.; Mackey, R.H.; Arena, V.C.; Kingsley, L.A.; Orchard, T.J., 2011:
Pulse wave analysis and prevalent cardiovascular disease in type 1 diabetes

Bhagat, A.; Kapoor, N.; Bhagat, H., 2012:
Pulse wave analysis as an experimental tool to clinical application: past and present (review)

Brosh, D.; Assali, A.; Greenberg, D.; Kornowski, R., 2010:
Pulse wave analysis during instructed breathing as an indicator of significant coronary artery disease

Bakker, J.P.; Campbell, A.J.; Neill, A.M., 2012:
Pulse wave analysis in a pilot randomised controlled trial of auto-adjusting and continuous positive airway pressure for obstructive sleep apnoea

Khalil, A.; Jauniaux, E.; Cooper, D.; Harrington, K., 2009:
Pulse wave analysis in normal pregnancy: a prospective longitudinal study

Heim, A.; Liaudet, L.; Waeber, B.; Feihl, Fçois., 2013:
Pulse wave analysis of aortic pressure: diastole should also be considered

Pecha, S.; Hakmi, S.; Wilke, I.; Yildirim, Y.; Hoffmann, B.; Reichenspurner, H.; Willems, S.; von Kodolitsch, Y.; Aydin, A., 2016:
Pulse wave analysis of the aortic pressure waveform in patients with vasovagal syncope

Denardo, S.J.; Nandyala, R.; Freeman, G.L.; Pierce, G.L.; Nichols, W.W., 2010:
Pulse wave analysis of the aortic pressure waveform in severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction

Agnoletti, D.; Millasseau, S.C.; Topouchian, J.; Zhang, Y.; Safar, M.E.; Blacher, J., 2015:
Pulse wave analysis with two tonometric devices: a comparison study

Khalil, A.A.; Cooper, D.J.; Harrington, K.F., 2009:
Pulse wave analysis: a preliminary study of a novel technique for the prediction of pre-eclampsia

Chowienczyk, P., 2011:
Pulse wave analysis: what do the numbers mean?

Lang, O.; Trojanova, H.; Balon, H.R.; Kunikova, I.; Bilwachs, M.; Penicka, M.; Kaminek, M.; Myslivecek, M., 2011:
Pulse wave as an alternate signal for data synchronization during gated myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging

Boronoev, V.V., 2014:
Pulse wave contour analysis in automated mode

O'Rourke, M.F.; Safar, M.E., 2012:
Pulse wave encephalopathy

Li, R.X.; Luo, J.; Balaram, S.K.; Chaudhry, F.A.; Shahmirzadi, D.; Konofagou, E.E., 2014:
Pulse wave imaging in normal, hypertensive and aneurysmal human aortas in vivo: a feasibility study

Luo, J.; Fujikura, K.; Tyrie, L.S.; Tilson, M.David.; Konofagou, E.E., 2009 :
Pulse wave imaging of normal and aneurysmal abdominal aortas in vivo

Luo, J.; Li, R.X.; Konofagou, E.E., 2012:
Pulse wave imaging of the human carotid artery: an in vivo feasibility study

Alastruey, J.; Khir, A.W.; Matthys, K.S.; Segers, P.; Sherwin, S.J.; Verdonck, P.R.; Parker, K.H.; Peiró, J., 2012:
Pulse wave propagation in a model human arterial network: Assessment of 1-D visco-elastic simulations against in vitro measurements

Theilade, S.; Lajer, M.; Hansen, T.Willum.; Rossing, P., 2015:
Pulse wave reflection is associated with diabetes duration, albuminuria and cardiovascular disease in type 1 diabetes

Hu, S.; Bowlds, R.L.; Gu, Y.; Yu, X., 2010:
Pulse wave sensor for non-intrusive driver's drowsiness detection

Tsutsui, M.; Araki, Y.; Masui, K.; Kazama, T.; Sugo, Y.; Archer, T.L.; Manecke, G.R., 2014:
Pulse wave transit time measurements of cardiac output in patients undergoing partial hepatectomy: a comparison of the esCCO system with thermodilution

Korpas, D.; Halek, J., 2007:
Pulse wave variability within two short-term measurements

Posokhov, I.N., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity 24-hour monitoring with one-site measurements by oscillometry

Li, Y-Jun.; Guan, H.; Ye, W.; Liu, C-Wei., 2016:
Pulse wave velocity a sensitive predicator for peripheral artery disease among diabetic patients.

Ruiz-Feria, C.A.; Yang, Y.; Thomason, D.B.; White, J.; Su, G.; Nishimura, H., 2010:
Pulse wave velocity and age- and gender-dependent aortic wall hardening in fowl

da Silva, P.Marques., 2009:
Pulse wave velocity and assessment of cardiovascular risk

Riggio, S.; Mandraffino, G.; Sardo, M.A.; Iudicello, R.; Camarda, N.; Imbalzano, E.; Alibrandi, A.; Saitta, C.; Carerj, S.; Arrigo, T.; Saitta, A., 2010:
Pulse wave velocity and augmentation index, but not intima-media thickness, are early indicators of vascular damage in hypercholesterolemic children

Muiesan, M.Lorenza.; Salvetti, M.; Paini, A.; Monteduro, C.; Rosei, C.Agabiti.; Aggiusti, C.; Belotti, E.; Bertacchini, F.; Galbassini, G.; Stassaldi, D.; Castellano, M.; Rosei, E.Agabiti., 2010:
Pulse wave velocity and cardiovascular risk stratification in a general population: the Vobarno study

Krantz, M.J.; Long, C.S.; Hosokawa, P.; Karimkahani, E.; Dickinson, M.; Estacio, R.O.; Masoudi, F.A.; Havranek, E.P., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity and carotid atherosclerosis in white and Latino patients with hypertension

Liang, W.; Tian, H., 2007:
Pulse wave velocity and cerebral infarction

Zeki Al Hazzouri, A.; Newman, A.B.; Simonsick, E.; Sink, K.M.; Sutton Tyrrell, K.; Watson, N.; Satterfield, S.; Harris, T.; Yaffe, K., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity and cognitive decline in elders: the Health, Aging, and Body Composition study

Zhong, W.; Cruickshanks, K.J.; Schubert, C.R.; Carlsson, C.M.; Chappell, R.J.; Klein, B.E.K.; Klein, R.; Acher, C.W., 2014:
Pulse wave velocity and cognitive function in older adults

Mendonça, M.I.; Reis, R.Palma.; Sousa, A.C.; Gomes, S.; Faria, P.; Pereira, A.; Silva, B.; Serrão, M.; Santos, N.; Sousa, F.S.; Silva, J.A.; Sousa, J.; Ornelas, I.; Freitas, S.; Cardoso, A.; Araújo, J.J., 2009:
Pulse wave velocity and coronary risk stratification

Padilla, J.M.; Berjano, E.J.; Sáiz, J.; Rodriguez, R.; Fácila, L., 2009 :
Pulse wave velocity and digital volume pulse as indirect estimators of blood pressure: pilot study on healthy volunteers

Kröner, E.S.J.; Lamb, H.J.; Siebelink, H-Marc.J.; Cannegieter, S.C.; van den Boogaard, P.J.; van der Wall, E.E.; de Roos, A.; Westenberg, J.J.M., 2015:
Pulse wave velocity and flow in the carotid artery versus the aortic arch: effects of aging

Kidher, E.; Harling, L.; Ashrafian, H.; Naase, H.; Chukwuemeka, A.; Anderson, J.; Francis, D.P.; Athanasiou, T., 2014:
Pulse wave velocity and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin as predictors of acute kidney injury following aortic valve replacement

Kisliak, O.A.; Starodubova, A.V., 2014:
Pulse wave velocity and pulse pressure in patients with arterial hypertension

Davies, J.M.; Bailey, M.A.; Griffin, K.J.; Scott, D.Julian.A., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity and the non-invasive methods used to assess it: Complior, SphygmoCor, Arteriograph and Vicorder

Temmar, M.; Liabeuf, S.; Renard, Cédric.; Czernichow, Sébastien.; Esper, N.El.; Shahapuni, I.; Presne, C.; Makdassi, R.; Andrejak, M.; Tribouilloy, C.; Galan, P.; Safar, M.E.; Choukroun, G.; Massy, Z., 2010:
Pulse wave velocity and vascular calcification at different stages of chronic kidney disease

Hodis, S.; Zamir, M., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity as a diagnostic index: the pitfalls of tethering versus stiffening of the arterial wall

Liu, X-Ning.; Gao, H-Qing.; Li, B-Ying.; Cheng, M.; Ma, Y-Bing.; Zhang, Z-Mian.; Gao, X-Mei.; Liu, Y-Ping.; Wang, M., 2007:
Pulse wave velocity as a marker of arteriosclerosis and its comorbidities in Chinese patients

Scuteri, A.; Wang, H., 2015:
Pulse wave velocity as a marker of cognitive impairment in the elderly

Alarhabi, A.Yahya.; Mohamed, M.Sapawi.; Ibrahim, S.; Hun, T.Meng.; Musa, K.Imran.; Yusof, Z., 2009:
Pulse wave velocity as a marker of severity of coronary artery disease

Echeverría, P.; Bonjoch, A.; Moltó, Jé.; Jou, A.; Puig, J.; Ornelas, A.; Pérez-Álvarez, N.; Clotet, B.; Negredo, E., 2014:
Pulse wave velocity as index of arterial stiffness in HIV-infected patients compared with a healthy population

Farro, I.; Bia, D.; Zócalo, Y.; Torrado, J.; Farro, F.; Florio, Lía.; Olascoaga, A.; Alallón, W.; Lluberas, R.; Armentano, R.L., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity as marker of preclinical arterial disease: reference levels in a uruguayan population considering wave detection algorithms, path lengths, aging, and blood pressure

Joly, L.; Perret-Guillaume, C.; Kearney-Schwartz, A.; Salvi, P.; Mandry, D.; Marie, P-Yves.; Karcher, G.; Rossignol, P.; Zannad, F.; Benetos, A., 2009:
Pulse wave velocity assessment by external noninvasive devices and phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging in the obese

Miyatani, M.; Masani, K.; Oh, P.I.; Miyachi, M.; Popovic, M.R.; Craven, B.Cathy., 2009:
Pulse wave velocity for assessment of arterial stiffness among people with spinal cord injury: a pilot study

Logan, J.G.; Barksdale, D.J., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity in Korean American men and women

Cseprekál, O.; Kis, E.; Schäffer, Péter.; Othmane, T.El.Hadj.; Fekete, B.Cs.; Vannay, Aám.; Szabó, A.J.; Remport, Aám.; Szabó, Aás.; Tulassay, T.; Reusz, Görgy.S., 2008:
Pulse wave velocity in children following renal transplantation

Muñoz-Tsorrero, J.Francisco.Sanchez.; Tardio-Fernandez, M.; Valverde-Valverde, J.M.; Duque-Carrillo, F.; Vega-Fernandez, J.M.; Joya-Vazquez, P.; Vega-Fernandez, J., 2015:
Pulse wave velocity in four extremities for assessing cardiovascular risk using a new device

Shahsavari, S.; McKelvey, T.; Rydenhag, B.; Ritzén, C.Eriksson., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity in patients with severe head injury a pilot study

Kotliar, K.E.; Baumann, M.; Vilser, W.; Lanzl, I.M., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity in retinal arteries of healthy volunteers

Pizzi, O.Luiz.; Brandão, Aéa.Araujo.; Pozzan, R.; Magalhães, M.Eliane.Campos.; Freitas, E.Viana.de.; Brandão, A.Pires., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity in young adults: study of Rio de Janeiro

Benetos, A.; Watfa, G.; Hanon, O.; Salvi, P.; Fantin, F.; Toulza, O.; Manckoundia, P.; Agnoletti, D.; Labat, C.; Gautier, S.; Buatois, S.; Benelmir, R.; Kearney-Schwartz, A.; Perret-Guillaume, C.; Zervoudaki, A.; Capelli, S.; Vaienti, F.; Dubail, D.; Guillemin, F.; Marino, F.; Valbusa, F.; Zamboni, M.; Rolland, Y., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity is associated with 1-year cognitive decline in the elderly older than 80 years: the PARTAGE study

Gąsecki, D.; Rojek, A.; Kwarciany, M.; Kowalczyk, K.; Boutouyrie, P.; Nyka, W.; Laurent, Séphane.; Narkiewicz, K., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity is associated with early clinical outcome after ischemic stroke

Abbatecola, A.Marie.; Chiodini, P.; Gallo, C.; Lakatta, E.; Sutton-Tyrrell, K.; Tylavsky, F.A.; Goodpaster, B.; de Rekeneire, N.; Schwartz, A.V.; Paolisso, G.; Harris, T., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity is associated with muscle mass decline: Health ABC study

Hughes, T.M.; Kuller, L.H.; Barinas-Mitchell, E.J.M.; Mackey, R.H.; McDade, E.M.; Klunk, W.E.; Aizenstein, H.J.; Cohen, A.D.; Snitz, B.E.; Mathis, C.A.; Dekosky, S.T.; Lopez, O.L., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity is associated with β-amyloid deposition in the brains of very elderly adults

Song, B.Gun.; Park, J.Bae.; Cho, S.Jin.; Lee, S.Yeub.; Kim, J.Hyuk.; Choi, S.Min.; Park, J.Han.; Park, Y.Hwan.; Choi, J-Oh.; Lee, S-Chol.; Park, S.Woo., 2010:
Pulse wave velocity is more closely associated with cardiovascular risk than augmentation index in the relatively low-risk population

Sigrist, M.K.; Chiarelli, G.; Levin, A.; Romann, A.; Weber, C., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity measurements are reproducible in multiple trained observers: a short report

Farro, I.; Bia, D.; Zócalo, Y.; Torrado, J.; Farro, F.; Armentano, R.L., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity normal levels in a Uruguayan population: differences between 'adjusted' and measured values vary depending on age and the calculation algorithm used

Mitchell, A.; Opazo Saez, A.; Kos, M.; Witzke, O.; Kribben, A.; Nürnberger, J., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity predicts mortality in renal transplant patients

David, M.; Malti, O.; AlGhatrif, M.; al Ghatrif, M.; Wright, J.; Canepa, M.; Strait, J.B., 2014:
Pulse wave velocity testing in the Baltimore longitudinal study of aging

Dyverfeldt, P.; Ebbers, T.; Länne, T., 2015:
Pulse wave velocity with 4D flow MRI: systematic differences and age-related regional vascular stiffness

Pizzi, O.Luiz.; Brandão, Aéa.Araujo.; Pozzan, R.; Magalhães, M.Eliane.Campos.; Campana, E.Maria.Gonçalves.; Fonseca, F.Lopes.; Freitas, E.Viana.de.; Brandão, A.Pires., 2013:
Pulse wave velocity, blood pressure and adipocytokines in young adults: the Rio de Janeiro study

Bockenhauer, D., 2012:
Pulse wave velocity, blood pressure and bicycle tyres

Rocha, E., 2011:
Pulse wave velocity: a marker of arterial stiffness and its applicability in clinical practice

Song, X-He.; Wang, Y., 2008:
Pulse wave: the bridge connecting traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine

de Sá Ferreira, A.; Lopes, A.José., 2013:
Pulse waveform analysis as a bridge between pulse examination in Chinese medicine and cardiology

Weber, T.; O'Rourke, M.F.; Lassnig, E.; Porodko, M.; Ammer, M.; Rammer, M.; Eber, B., 2010:
Pulse waveform characteristics predict cardiovascular events and mortality in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Jia, D.; Zhang, D.; Li, N., 2015:
Pulse waveform classification using support vector machine with Gaussian time warp edit distance kernel

Wang, L.; Chen, J., 1993:
Pulse weakening in dispersive single-mode optical fibers as a result of accumulated optical-amplifier-induced noise

Cho, S-Beom.; Kim, Y-Gyu.; Heo, J-Seok.; Lee, J-Ju., 2005:
Pulse width dependence of Brillouin frequency in single mode optical fibers

Zhao, Y.; Liang, Y.; Zhang, N.; Wang, M.; Zhu, X., 2008:
Pulse width effect in ultrafast laser ionization imaging

Hoffman, R.A., 2009:
Pulse width for particle sizing

Xiong, X.; You, C.; Feng, Q-Chao.; Yin, T.; Chen, Z-Ben.; Ball, P.; Wang, L-Xin., 2011:
Pulse width modulation electro-acupuncture on cardiovascular remodeling and plasma nitric oxide in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Ayvali, E.; Desai, J.P., 2014:
Pulse width modulation-based temperature tracking for feedback control of a shape memory alloy actuator

Yearwood, T.L.; Hershey, B.; Bradley, K.; Lee, D., 2011 :
Pulse width programming in spinal cord stimulation: a clinical study

Jeong, H.; Choi, S.Young.; Rotermund, F.; Yeom, D-Il., 2013:
Pulse width shaping of passively mode-locked soliton fiber laser via polarization control in carbon nanotube saturable absorber

Lin, H.; Lin, Y-Yin.; Lin, Y-Yao.; He, J.; Li, J.; Liang, X., 2010:
Pulse width tunable passively mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser based on hybrid laser gain medium locations

Dunne, J.R.; McDonald, C.L., 2013:
Pulse!!: a model for research and development of virtual-reality learning in military medical education and training

Shiba, T.; Takahashi, M.; Maeno, T., 2014:
Pulse-Wave Analysis of Optic Nerve Head Circulation Is Significantly Correlated with Kidney Function in Patients with and without Chronic Kidney Disease

Kim, Y.; Lee, C.; Chun, Y.; Park, C-Soo., 2004:
Pulse-amplitude equalization in a rational harmonic mode-locked semiconductor fiber ring laser using a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder modulator

Jeon, M.Y.; Lee, H.K.; Ahn, J.T.; Kim, K.H.; Lim, D.S.; Lee, e-H., 2007:
Pulse-amplitude-equalized output from a rational harmonic mode-locked fiber laser

Oboňa, J.Vincenc.; Skolski, J.Z.P.; Römer, G.R.B.E.; in t Veld, A.J.Huis., 2014:
Pulse-analysis-pulse investigation of femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on silicon in air

Ferrell, J.R.; Shen, F.; Grey, S.F.; Woolverton, C.J., 2013:
Pulse-based non-thermal plasma (NTP) disrupts the structural characteristics of bacterial biofilms

Den Hartog, D.J.; Ambuel, J.R.; Borchardt, M.T.; Falkowski, A.F.; Harris, W.S.; Holly, D.J.; Parke, E.; Reusch, J.A.; Robl, P.E.; Stephens, H.D.; Yang, Y.M., 2010:
Pulse-burst laser systems for fast Thomson scattering (invited)

Lajunen, H.; Torres-Company, Víctor.; Lancis, Jús.; Silvestre, E.; Andrès, P., 2010:
Pulse-by-pulse method to characterize partially coherent pulse propagation in instantaneous nonlinear media

Hou, T.; Rinderknecht, C.H.; Hadjinicolaou, A.V.; Busch, R.; Mellins, E., 2013:
Pulse-chase analysis for studies of MHC class II biosynthesis, maturation, and peptide loading

Fritzsche, S.; Springer, S., 2016:
Pulse-chase analysis for studying protein synthesis and maturation

Avezov, E.; Ron, E.; Izenshtein, Y.; Adan, Y.; Lederkremer, G.Z., 2010:
Pulse-chase analysis of N-linked sugar chains from glycoproteins in mammalian cells

Mirigian, L.S.; Makareeva, E.; Leikin, S., 2015:
Pulse-chase analysis of procollagen biosynthesis by azidohomoalanine labeling

Simon, E.; Kornitzer, D., 2014:
Pulse-chase analysis to measure protein degradation

Tansey, W.P., 2007:
Pulse-chase assay for measuring protein stability in yeast

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