Puumala virus infection: radiologic findings

Fakhrai, N.; Mueller-Mang, C.; El-Rabadi, K.; Böhmig, G.A.; Herold, C.J.

Journal of Thoracic Imaging 26(2): W51-W53


ISSN/ISBN: 1536-0237
PMID: 20736852
DOI: 10.1097/rti.0b013e3181d29dfd
Accession: 055298892

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A 33-year-old male patient was admitted to our nephrology department with rapidly deteriorating general health, fever, respiratory difficulties, and acute renal failure. Computed tomography of the thorax revealed interstitial edema with thickening of the interlobular septa, peribronchial cuffing, ground-glass opacities, and small pleural and pericardial effusions. Polymerase chain reaction tests verified Puumala virus infection. The patient recovered with supportive treatment. Hantavirus infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis of young patients who present with acute renal failure of an unknown origin and the nonspecific radiologic finding of noncardiogenic interstitial edema, which in combination with typical clinical symptoms and laboratory parameters, can be indicative of this disease.