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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55301

Chapter 55301 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Šebera, J.; Trantírek, Láš.; Tanaka, Y.; Sychrovský, Vír., 2013:
Pyramidalization of the glycosidic nitrogen provides the way for efficient cleavage of the N-glycosidic bond of 8-OxoG with the hOGG1 DNA repair protein

Lee, V.Ya.; Ito, Y.; Sekiguchi, A.; Gornitzka, H.; Gapurenko, O.A.; Minkin, V.I.; Minyaev, R.M., 2013:

Li, X.; Han, Y.; Teng, W.; Zhang, S.; Yu, K.; Poysa, V.; Anderson, T.; Ding, J.; Li, W., 2010:
Pyramided QTL underlying tolerance to Phytophthora root rot in mega-environments from soybean cultivars 'Conrad' and 'Hefeng 25'

Bharathi, Y.; Vijaya Kumar, S.; Pasalu, I.C.; Balachandran, S.M.; Reddy, V.D.; Rao, K.V., 2011:
Pyramided rice lines harbouring Allium sativum (asal) and Galanthus nivalis (gna) lectin genes impart enhanced resistance against major sap-sucking pests

Essenberg, M.; Bayles, M.B.; Pierce, M.L.; Verhalen, L.M., 2016:
Pyramiding B genes in cotton achieves broader but not always higher resistance to bacterial blight

Bovill, W.D.; Horne, M.; Herde, D.; Davis, M.; Wildermuth, G.B.; Sutherland, M.W., 2010:
Pyramiding QTL increases seedling resistance to crown rot (Fusarium pseudograminearum) of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Zhang, H.; Xu, W.; Wang, H.; Hu, L.; Li, Y.; Qi, X.; Zhang, L.; Li, C.; Hua, X., 2015:
Pyramiding expression of maize genes encoding phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) and pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase (PPDK) synergistically improve the photosynthetic characteristics of transgenic wheat

Riedel, C.; Habekuss, A.; Schliephake, E.; Niks, R.; Broer, I.; Ordon, F., 2011:
Pyramiding of Ryd2 and Ryd3 conferring tolerance to a German isolate of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV-ASL-1) leads to quantitative resistance against this isolate

Callot, C.; Gallois, J.Luc., 2015:
Pyramiding resistances based on translation initiation factors in Arabidopsis is impaired by male gametophyte lethality

Djian-Caporalino, C.; Palloix, A.; Fazari, A.; Marteu, N.; Barbary, A.; Abad, P.; Sage-Palloix, A-Marie.; Mateille, T.; Risso, S.; Lanza, R.; Taussig, C.; Castagnone-Sereno, P., 2014:
Pyramiding, alternating or mixing: comparative performances of deployment strategies of nematode resistance genes to promote plant resistance efficiency and durability

Downes, J.; Vartoukian, S.R.; Dewhirst, F.E.; Izard, J.; Chen, T.; Yu, W-Han.; Sutcliffe, I.C.; Wade, W.G., 2009:
Pyramidobacter piscolens gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the phylum 'Synergistetes' isolated from the human oral cavity

Lee, J.; Hasan, W.; Stender, C.L.; Odom, T.W., 2008:
Pyramids: a platform for designing multifunctional plasmonic particles

Ma, R.; Wang, B.; Liu, X.; An, Y.; Li, Y.; He, Z.; Shi, L., 2007:
Pyranine-induced micellization of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) and pH-triggered release of pyranine from the complex micelles

Helseth, L.E., 2012:
Pyranine-induced self-assembly of colloidal structures using poly(allylamine-hydrochloride)

Jain, S.K.; Singh, S.; Khajuria, A.; Guru, S.K.; Joshi, P.; Meena, S.; Nadkarni, J.R.; Singh, A.; Bharate, S.S.; Bhushan, S.; Bharate, S.B.; Vishwakarma, R.A., 2016:
Pyrano-isochromanones as IL-6 inhibitors: synthesis, in vitro and in vivo antiarthritic activity

Villinski, J.R.; Bergeron, C.; Cannistra, J.C.; Gloer, J.B.; Coleman, C.M.; Ferreira, D.; Azelmat, J.; Grenier, D.; Gafner, S., 2014:
Pyrano-isoflavans from Glycyrrhiza uralensis with antibacterial activity against Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis

Barraja, P.; Spanò, V.; Patrizia, D.; Carbone, A.; Cirrincione, G.; Vedaldi, D.; Salvador, A.; Viola, G.; Dall'acqua, F., 2009:
Pyrano[2,3-e]isoindol-2-ones, new angelicin heteroanalogues

Camps, P.; Formosa, X.; Galdeano, C.; Muñoz-Torrero, D.; Ramírez, L.; Gómez, E.; Isambert, Nás.; Lavilla, R.; Badia, A.; Clos, M.Victòria.; Bartolini, M.; Mancini, F.; Andrisano, V.; Arce, M.P.; Rodríguez-Franco, M.Isabel.; Huertas, O.; Dafni, T.; Luque, F.Javier., 2009:
Pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline-6-chlorotacrine hybrids as a novel family of acetylcholinesterase- and beta-amyloid-directed anti-Alzheimer compounds

Aggarwal, T.; Imam, M.; Kaushik, N.K.; Chauhan, V.S.; Verma, A.K., 2011:
Pyrano[4,3-b]quinolines library generation via iodocyclization and palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions

Oliveira, J.; Azevedo, J.; Silva, A.M.S.; Teixeira, Nércia.; Cruz, L.; Mateus, N.; de Freitas, V., 2010:
Pyranoanthocyanin dimers: a new family of turquoise blue anthocyanin-derived pigments found in Port wine

Leopoldini, M.; Rondinelli, F.; Russo, N.; Toscano, M., 2010:
Pyranoanthocyanins: a theoretical investigation on their antioxidant activity

Rajemiarimiraho, M.; Banzouzi, J.Théophile.; Rakotonandrasana, Séphane.Richard.; Chalard, P.; Benoit-Vical, Fçoise.; Rasoanaivo, Léa.Herilala.; Raharisololalao, Aélie.; Randrianjah, R., 2013:
Pyranocoumarin and triterpene from Millettia richardiana

Lee, J.Woo.; Lee, C.; Jin, Q.; Yeon, E.Tae.; Lee, D.; Kim, S-Young.; Han, S.Bae.; Hong, J.Tae.; Lee, M.Kyeong.; Hwang, B.Yeon., 2015:
Pyranocoumarins from Glehnia littoralis inhibit the LPS-induced NO production in macrophage RAW 264.7 cells

Razavi, S.Mehdi.; Imanzadeh, G.; Jahed, F.Soghra.; Zarrini, G., 2013 :
Pyranocoumarins from Zosima absinthifolia (Vent) Link roots

Yu, P-Jiu.; Jin, H.; Zhang, J-Yan.; Wang, G-Fa.; Li, J-Rong.; Zhu, Z-Guang.; Tian, Y-Xin.; Wu, S-Yu.; Xu, W.; Zhang, J-Jie.; Wu, S-Guang., 2012:
Pyranocoumarins isolated from Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn suppress lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in murine macrophages through inhibition of NF-κB and STAT3 activation

Kumar, A.; Maurya, R.Awatar.; Sharma, S.; Ahmad, P.; Singh, A.B.; Bhatia, G.; Srivastava, A.K., 2010:
Pyranocoumarins: a new class of anti-hyperglycemic and anti-dyslipidemic agents

Liu, J.; Taylor, S.F.; Dupart, P.S.; Arnold, C.L.; Sridhar, J.; Jiang, Q.; Wang, Y.; Skripnikova, E.V.; Zhao, M.; Foroozesh, M., 2013:
Pyranoflavones: a group of small-molecule probes for exploring the active site cavities of cytochrome P450 enzymes 1A1, 1A2, and 1B1

Anonymous, 1975:
Pyranometer sensor and integrator

Sperry, J.; Lorenzo-Castrillejo, I.; Brimble, M.A.; Machín, F., 2010:
Pyranonaphthoquinone derivatives of eleutherin, ventiloquinone L, thysanone and nanaomycin A possessing a diverse topoisomerase II inhibition and cytotoxicity spectrum

Salaski, E.J.; Krishnamurthy, G.; Ding, W-Dong.; Yu, K.; Insaf, S.S.; Eid, C.; Shim, J.; Levin, J.I.; Tabei, K.; Toral-Barza, L.; Zhang, W-Guo.; McDonald, L.A.; Honores, E.; Hanna, C.; Yamashita, A.; Johnson, B.; Li, Z.; Laakso, L.; Powell, D.; Mansour, T.S., 2009:
Pyranonaphthoquinone lactones: a new class of AKT selective kinase inhibitors alkylate a regulatory loop cysteine

Sperry, J.; Bachu, P.; Brimble, M.A., 2008:
Pyranonaphthoquinones--isolation, biological activity and synthesis

Awakawa, T.; Yang, X-Long.; Wakimoto, T.; Abe, I., 2014:
Pyranonigrin E: a PKS-NRPS hybrid metabolite from Aspergillus niger identified by genome mining

Rothery, R.A.; Stein, B.; Solomonson, M.; Kirk, M.L.; Weiner, J.H., 2012:
Pyranopterin conformation defines the function of molybdenum and tungsten enzymes

Dong, C.; Yang, J.; Leimkühler, S.; Kirk, M.L., 2015:
Pyranopterin dithiolene distortions relevant to electron transfer in xanthine oxidase/dehydrogenase

Pazarlioglu, N.Kasikara.; Akkaya, A.; Tahsinsoy, D., 2009:
Pyranose 2-oxidase (P2O): production from trametes versicolor in stirred tank reactor and its partial characterization

Pisanelli, I.; Kujawa, M.; Spadiut, O.; Kittl, R.; Halada, P.; Volc, J.; Mozuch, M.D.; Kersten, P.; Haltrich, D.; Peterbauer, C., 2009:
Pyranose 2-oxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium--expression in E. coli and biochemical characterization

Staudigl, P.; Krondorfer, I.; Haltrich, D.; Peterbauer, C.K., 2013:
Pyranose Dehydrogenase from Agaricus campestris and Agaricus xanthoderma: Characterization and Applications in Carbohydrate Conversions

Peterbauer, C.K.; Volc, J., 2010:
Pyranose dehydrogenases: biochemical features and perspectives of technological applications

Barnett, C.B.; Wilkinson, K.A.; Naidoo, K.J., 2011:
Pyranose ring transition state is derived from cellobiohydrolase I induced conformational stability and glycosidic bond polarization

Mazuela, J.; Norrby, P-Ola.; Andersson, P.G.; Pàmies, O.; Diéguez, M., 2011:
Pyranoside phosphite-oxazoline ligands for the highly versatile and enantioselective ir-catalyzed hydrogenation of minimally functionalized olefins. A combined theoretical and experimental study

Krylov, V.B.; Argunov, D.A.; Vinnitskiy, D.Z.; Verkhnyatskaya, S.A.; Gerbst, A.G.; Ustyuzhanina, N.E.; Dmitrenok, A.S.; Huebner, J.; Holst, O.; Siebert, H-Christian.; Nifantiev, N.E., 2015 :
Pyranoside-into-furanoside rearrangement: new reaction in carbohydrate chemistry and its application in oligosaccharide synthesis

Manabe, S.; Ito, Y., 2015:
Pyranosides with 2,3-trans carbamate groups: exocyclic or endocyclic cleavage reaction?

Azevedo, C.M.G.; Afonso, C.M.M.; Soares, Jé.X.; Reis, S.; Sousa, D.; Lima, R.T.; Vasconcelos, M.Helena.; Pedro, M.; Barbosa, Jão.; Gales, Lís.; Pinto, M.M.M., 2014:
Pyranoxanthones: Synthesis, growth inhibitory activity on human tumor cell lines and determination of their lipophilicity in two membrane models

Austin, W.C.; Courtney, W.; Danilewicz, J.C.; Morgan, D.H.; Conover, L.H.; Howes, H.L.; Lynch, J.E.; McFarland, J.W.; Cornwell, R.L.; Theodorides, V.J., 2010:
Pyrantel tartrate, a new anthelmintic effective against infections of domestic animals

Richards, G.J.; Hill, J.P.; Subbaiyan, N.K.; D'Souza, F.; Karr, P.A.; Elsegood, M.R.J.; Teat, S.J.; Mori, T.; Ariga, K., 2009:
Pyrazinacenes: aza analogues of acenes

Anonymous, 2008:

Gupta, S.; Gupta, V.; Kapoor, B.; Kapoor, V., 2008:
Pyrazinamide induced hyperuricaemia presenting as severe bilateral leg cramps

Kant, S.; Verma, S.Kumar.; Gupta, V.; Anand, S.C.; Prasad, R., 2010:
Pyrazinamide induced thrombocytopenia

Shi, W.; Zhang, X.; Jiang, X.; Yuan, H.; Lee, J.Seok.; Barry, C.E.; Wang, H.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, Y., 2011:
Pyrazinamide inhibits trans-translation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Ozkütük, N.; Ecemiş, T.; Sürücüoğlu, Süheyla., 2009:
Pyrazinamide monoresistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Manisa region, Turkey

McIlleron, H.; Willemse, M.; Schaaf, H.Simon.; Smith, P.John.; Donald, P.Roderick., 2011:
Pyrazinamide plasma concentrations in young children with tuberculosis

Bondarenko, L.B.; Shayakhmetova, G.M.; Byshovets, T.F.; Kovalenko, V.M., 2012:
Pyrazinamide potential effects on male rats DNA fragmentation, bone type I collagen amino acid composition, reproductive capability and posterity antenatal and postnatal development

Mphahlele, M.; Syre, H.; Valvatne, Håvard.; Stavrum, R.; Mannsåker, T.; Muthivhi, T.; Weyer, K.; Fourie, P.Bernard.; Grewal, H.M.S., 2008:
Pyrazinamide resistance among South African multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates

Arora, J.; Sidiq, Z.; Visalakshi, P.; Bhalla, M.; Behera, D.; Myneedu, V.Prasad., 2014:
Pyrazinamide resistance among drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates at a referral hospital

Ando, H.; Mitarai, S.; Kondo, Y.; Suetake, T.; Sekiguchi, J-I.; Kato, S.; Mori, T.; Kirikae, T., 2010:
Pyrazinamide resistance in multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Japan

Budzik, J.M.; Jarlsberg, L.G.; Higashi, J.; Grinsdale, J.; Hopewell, P.C.; Kato-Maeda, M.; Nahid, P., 2015:
Pyrazinamide resistance, Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage and treatment outcomes in San Francisco, California

Thee, S.; Detjen, A.; Wahn, U.; Magdorf, K., 2008:
Pyrazinamide serum levels in childhood tuberculosis

Cunha, J., 2012:
Pyrazinamide susceptibility testing in all isolates of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex - a critical analysis

Pholwat, S.; Stroup, S.; Gratz, J.; Trangan, V.; Foongladda, S.; Kumburu, H.; Juma, S.Pazia.; Kibiki, G.; Houpt, E., 2014:
Pyrazinamide susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by high resolution melt analysis

Sayahi, H.; Zimhony, O.; Jacobs, W.R.; Shekhtman, A.; Welch, J.T., 2011:
Pyrazinamide, but not pyrazinoic acid, is a competitive inhibitor of NADPH binding to Mycobacterium tuberculosis fatty acid synthase I

Bavbek, S.; Yılmaz, I.; Aydın, Ömür.; Ozdemir, Sçil.Kepil., 2012:
Pyrazinamide-induced anaphylaxis: diagnosed by skin test and successful desensitization

Jaisuresh, K., 2014:
Pyrazinamide-induced exfoliative dermatitis in a patient on hemodialysis: a rare complication

Pham, A.Q.; Doan, A.; Andersen, M., 2014:
Pyrazinamide-induced hyperuricemia

Khayyam, K.Umer.; Imam, F.; Sharma, M.; Pillai, K.K.; Behera, D., 2011:
Pyrazinamide-induced maculopapular rash

Katiyar, S.K.; Bihari, S.; Prakash, S., 2010:
Pyrazinamide-induced phototoxicity: a case report and review of literature

Chu, N.Hui.; Wang, J.; Wang, Q.Feng., 2012:
Pyrazinamide-induced sideroblastic anaemia

Colucci, G.; Silzle, T.; Solenthaler, M., 2012:
Pyrazinamide-induced sideroblastic anemia

Bondarenko, L.B.; Shayakhmetova, G.M.; Byshovets, T.F.; Kovalenko, V.M., 2011:
Pyrazinamide-mediated changes in rat type I collagen and spermatogenesis indices

Kalinda, A.S.; Aldrich, C.C., 2012:
Pyrazinamide: a frontline drug used for tuberculosis. Molecular mechanism of action resolved after 50 years?

Badrinarayanan, S.; Sperry, J., 2012:
Pyrazine alkaloids via dimerization of amino acid-derived α-amino aldehydes: biomimetic synthesis of 2,5-diisopropylpyrazine, 2,5-bis(3-indolylmethyl)pyrazine and actinopolymorphol C

Osada, K.; Miyazono, S.; Kashiwayanagi, M., 2014:
Pyrazine analogs are active components of wolf urine that induce avoidance and fear-related behaviors in deer

Osada, K.; Kurihara, K.; Izumi, H.; Kashiwayanagi, M., 2013:
Pyrazine analogues are active components of wolf urine that induce avoidance and freezing behaviours in mice

García, Jé.; Khanwalkar, H.; Pereira, R.; Erb, C.; Voegel, J.J.; Collette, P.; Mauvais, P.; Bourguet, W.; Gronemeyer, H.; de Lera, A.R., 2009:
Pyrazine arotinoids with inverse agonist activities on the retinoid and rexinoid receptors

Ellingson, R.C.; Henry, R.L., 1948:
Pyrazine chemistry; derivatives of 3-amino-5,6-dimethylpyrazinoic acid

Ferreira, S.Baptista.; Kaiser, C.Roland., 2013:
Pyrazine derivatives: a patent review (2008 - present)

Newbold, G.T.; Spring, F.S., 2012:
Pyrazine derivatives; a synthesis of a racemic 2-hydroxy-3 : 6-di-sec.-butylpyrazine and its relationship to deoxyaspergillic acid

Baxter, R.A.; Spring, F.S., 1947:
Pyrazine derivatives; conversion of diketopiperazines into pyrazine derivatives; synthesis of 2-hydroxy-3: 6-disec.-butylpyrazine from isoleucine

Newbold, G.T.; Spring, F.S., 1947:
Pyrazine derivatives; pyrazine N-oxides and their conversion into chloropyrazines

Shiozaki, T.; Woywod, C.; Werner, H-Joachim., 2012:
Pyrazine excited states revisited using the extended multi-state complete active space second-order perturbation method

Roymahapatra, G.; Mandal, S.M.; Porto, W.F.; Samanta, T.; Giri, S.; Dinda, J.; Franco, O.L.; Chattaraj, P.K., 2013:
Pyrazine functionalized Ag(I) and Au(I)-NHC complexes are potential antibacterial agents

Hrnjez, B.J.; Kabarriti, A.; Dach, B.I.; Buldyrev, S.V.; Asherie, N.; Natanov, G.R.; Balderman, J., 2008:
Pyrazine in supercritical xenon: local number density defined by experiment and calculation

An, G-Yu.; Ji, C-Min.; Cui, A-Li.; Kou, H-Zhong., 2010:
Pyrazine-2-amidoxime Ni(II) complexes: from ferromagnetic cluster to antiferromagnetic layer

Forns, P.; Esteve, C.; Taboada, L.; Alonso, J.Antonio.; Orellana, A.; Maldonado, Mónica.; Carreño, C.; Ramis, I.; López, M.; Miralpeix, M.; Vidal, B., 2012:
Pyrazine-based Syk kinase inhibitors

Ma, Y.; Xu, G-Feng.; Yang, X.; Li, L-Cun.; Tang, J.; Yan, S-Ping.; Cheng, P.; Liao, D-Zheng., 2010:
Pyrazine-bridged Dy2 single-molecule magnet with a large anisotropic barrier

Gao, B.; Wang, M.; Cheng, Y.; Wang, L.; Jing, X.; Wang, F., 2008:
Pyrazine-containing acene-type molecular ribbons with up to 16 rectilinearly arranged fused aromatic rings

Lukesh, J.C.; Wallin, K.K.; Raines, R.T., 2015:
Pyrazine-derived disulfide-reducing agent for chemical biology

Wang, J-Rong.; Yang, Z-Hui.; Liu, C-Hai.; Li, L-Lan., 2008:
Pyrazine-diium bis-(3-carb-oxy-4-hydroxy-benzene-sulfonate) dihydrate

Tumova, L.; Tuma, J.; Dolezal, M., 2012:
Pyrazinecarboxamides as potential elicitors of flavonolignan and flavonoid production in Silybum marianum and Ononis arvensis cultures in vitro

Jones, R.G., 1949:
Pyrazines and related compounds; a new synthesis of hydroxypyrazines

Ortín, I.; González, J.Francisco.; Cuesta, E.de.la.; Manguan-García, C.; Perona, R.; Avendaño, C., 2008:
Pyrazino[1,2-b]isoquinolines: synthesis and study of their cytostatic and cytotoxic properties

Stefańska, A.; Zarzeczańska, D.; Ossowski, T.; Sikorski, A., 2009:

Weigand, R.; Guerra, J.M., 1994:
Pyrazino[2,3-c]-1,2,6-thiadiazine 2,2-dioxides: a new family of widely tunable, acid-base dye lasers

Wang, T.; Yan, X-Ping., 2010:
Pyrazino[2.3-g]quinoxaline-bridged indole-based building blocks: design, synthesis, anion-binding properties, and phosphate-directed assembly in the solid state

Lu, P.; Haagsma, A.C.; Pham, H.; Maaskant, J.J.; Mol, S.; Lill, H.; Bald, D., 2012:
Pyrazinoic acid decreases the proton motive force, respiratory ATP synthesis activity, and cellular ATP levels

Manet, I.; Manoli, F.; Donzello, M.Pia.; Viola, E.; Masi, A.; Andreano, G.; Ricciardi, G.; Rosa, A.; Cellai, L.; Ercolani, C.; Monti, S., 2013:
Pyrazinoporphyrazines with externally appended pyridine rings. 13. Structure, UV-visible spectral features, and noncovalent interaction with DNA of a positively charged binuclear (Zn(II)/Pt(II)) macrocycle with multimodal anticancer potentialities

Calışkan, B.; Luderer, S.; Özkan, Yğmur.; Werz, O.; Banoglu, E., 2012:
Pyrazol-3-propanoic acid derivatives as novel inhibitors of leukotriene biosynthesis in human neutrophils

Tonigold, M.; Lu, Y.; Mavrandonakis, A.; Puls, A.; Staudt, R.; Möllmer, J.; Sauer, J.; Volkmer, D., 2011:
Pyrazolate-based cobalt(II)-containing metal-organic frameworks in heterogeneous catalytic oxidation reactions: elucidating the role of entatic states for biomimetic oxidation processes

Klingele, J.; Prikhod'ko, A.I.; Leibeling, G.; Demeshko, S.; Dechert, S.; Meyer, F., 2007:
Pyrazolate-based copper(II) and nickel(II) [2 x 2] grid complexes: protonation-dependent self-assembly, structures and properties

Mowbray, C.E.; Burt, C.; Corbau, R.; Perros, M.; Tran, I.; Stupple, P.A.; Webster, R.; Wood, A., 2009:
Pyrazole NNRTIs 1: design and initial optimisation of a novel template

Mowbray, C.E.; Corbau, R.; Hawes, M.; Jones, L.H.; Mills, J.E.; Perros, M.; Selby, M.D.; Stupple, P.A.; Webster, R.; Wood, A., 2009:
Pyrazole NNRTIs 3: optimisation of physicochemical properties

Mowbray, C.E.; Burt, C.; Corbau, R.; Gayton, S.; Hawes, M.; Perros, M.; Tran, I.; Price, D.A.; Quinton, F.J.; Selby, M.D.; Stupple, P.A.; Webster, R.; Wood, A., 2010:
Pyrazole NNRTIs 4: selection of UK-453,061 (lersivirine) as a development candidate

Schmidt, D.; Smenton, A.; Raghavan, S.; Carballo-Jane, E.; Lubell, S.; Ciecko, T.; Holt, T.G.; Wolff, M.; Taggart, A.; Wilsie, L.; Krsmanovic, M.; Ren, N.; Blom, D.; Cheng, K.; McCann, P.E.; Gerard Waters, M.; Tata, J.; Colletti, S., 2009:
Pyrazole acids as niacin receptor agonists for the treatment of dyslipidemia

Young, A.M.; Von Ruden, A.L.; Lash, T.D., 2011:
Pyrazole analogues of porphyrins and oxophlorins

Starek, A.; Szabla, J.; Starek-Swiechowicz, B., 2007:
Pyrazole and methylpyrazole for the treatment of 2-butoxyethanol poisoning

Schroeder, G.M.; Wei, D.; Banfi, P.; Cai, Z-Wei.; Lippy, J.; Menichincheri, M.; Modugno, M.; Naglich, J.; Penhallow, B.; Perez, H.L.; Sack, J.; Schmidt, R.J.; Tebben, A.; Yan, C.; Zhang, L.; Galvani, A.; Lombardo, L.J.; Borzilleri, R.M., 2012:
Pyrazole and pyrimidine phenylacylsulfonamides as dual Bcl-2/Bcl-xL antagonists

Dias, L.Rosaria.Sousa.; Salvador, R.Rocha.Silva., 2012:
Pyrazole carbohydrazide derivatives of pharmaceutical interest

Persson, T.; Yde, C.W.; Rasmussen, J.E.; Rasmussen, T.L.; Guerra, B.; Issinger, O-Georg.; Nielsen, J., 2007:
Pyrazole carboxamides and carboxylic acids as protein kinase inhibitors in aberrant eukaryotic signal transduction: induction of growth arrest in MCF-7 cancer cells

Nieto, S.; Pérez, J.; Riera, Lía.; Riera, Víctor.; Miguel, D.; Golen, J.A.; Rheingold, A.L., 2007:
Pyrazole complexes as anion receptors: effects of changing the metal, the pyrazole substitution pattern, and the number of pyrazole ligands

Hashioka, S.; McLarnon, J.G.; Ryu, J.K.; Youssef, A.M.; Abd-El-Aziz, A.S.; Neeland, E.G.; Klegeris, A., 2012:
Pyrazole compound 2-MBAPA as a novel inhibitor of microglial activation and neurotoxicity in vitro and in vivo

Shih, S-Ru.; Chu, T-Yun.; Reddy, G.Randheer.; Tseng, S-Nain.; Chen, H-Ling.; Tang, W-Fang.; Wu, M-sian.; Yeh, J-Yih.; Chao, Y-Sheng.; Hsu, J.Ta.; Hsieh, H-Pang.; Horng, J-Tong., 2010:
Pyrazole compound BPR1P0034 with potent and selective anti-influenza virus activity

Kumar, V.; Kaur, K.; Gupta, G.Kumar.; Sharma, A.Kumar., 2014:
Pyrazole containing natural products: synthetic preview and biological significance

Liu, J-Jia.; Zhao, M-Yue.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, X.; Zhu, H-Liang., 2014:
Pyrazole derivatives as antitumor, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents

Levent, S.; Çalışkan, B.; Çiftçi, M.; Özkan, Yşim.; Yenicesu, I.; Ünver, Hüseyin.; Banoglu, E., 2013:
Pyrazole derivatives as inhibitors of arachidonic acid-induced platelet aggregation

Doma, A.; Kulkarni, R.; Palakodety, R.; Sastry, G.Narahari.; Sridhara, J.; Garlapati, A., 2015:
Pyrazole derivatives as potent inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinase: synthesis and SAR studies

Manikannan, R.; Venkatesan, R.; Muthusubramanian, S.; Yogeeswari, P.; Sriram, D., 2011:
Pyrazole derivatives from azines of substituted phenacyl aryl/cyclohexyl sulfides and their antimycobacterial activity

Zécri, Fédéric.J.; Albert, R.; Landrum, G.; Hinterding, K.; Cooke, N.G.; Guerini, D.; Streiff, M.; Bruns, C.; Nuesslein-Hildesheim, B., 2010:
Pyrazole derived from (+)-3-carene; a novel potent, selective scaffold for sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P(1)) receptor agonists

Curtin, M.L.; Heyman, H.Robin.; Frey, R.R.; Marcotte, P.A.; Glaser, K.B.; Jankowski, J.R.; Magoc, T.J.; Albert, D.H.; Olson, A.M.; Reuter, D.R.; Bouska, J.J.; Montgomery, D.A.; Palma, J.P.; Donawho, C.K.; Stewart, K.D.; Tse, C.; Michaelides, M.R., 2013:
Pyrazole diaminopyrimidines as dual inhibitors of KDR and Aurora B kinases

Lu, Y.; Gong, P.; Cederbaum, A.I., 2008:
Pyrazole induced oxidative liver injury independent of CYP2E1/2A5 induction due to Nrf2 deficiency

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