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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55314

Chapter 55314 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

van Heeswijk, R.B.; Morgenthaler, F.D.; Xin, L.; Gruetter, R., 2010:
Quantification of brain glycogen concentration and turnover through localized 13C NMR of both the C1 and C6 resonances

Dreissig, I.; Machill, S.; Salzer, R.; Krafft, C., 2008:
Quantification of brain lipids by FTIR spectroscopy and partial least squares regression

Latchoumane, C-Francois.Vincent.; Jeong, J., 2011:
Quantification of brain macrostates using dynamical nonstationarity of physiological time series

Henry, M.E.; Bolo, N.R.; Zuo, C.S.; Villafuerte, R.A.; Cayetano, K.; Glue, P.; Damle, B.D.; Andrews, E.; Lauriat, T.L.; Rana, N.S.; Churchill, J.H.; Renshaw, P.F., 2014:
Quantification of brain voriconazole levels in healthy adults using fluorine magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Sowell, J.; Pollard, L.; Wood, T., 2011:
Quantification of branched-chain amino acids in blood spots and plasma by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for the diagnosis of maple syrup urine disease

Olson, K.C.; Chen, G.; Lynch, C.J., 2013:
Quantification of branched-chain keto acids in tissue by ultra fast liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Molloi, S.; Xu, T.; Ducote, J.; Iribarren, C., 2008:
Quantification of breast arterial calcification using full field digital mammography

Cvetković, D.; Goertzen, C.Glenn-Franklin.; Bhattacharya, M., 2014 :
Quantification of breast cancer cell invasiveness using a three-dimensional (3D) model

Zebisch, M.; Kölbl, A.C.; Schindlbeck, C.; Neugebauer, J.; Heublein, S.; Ilmer, M.; Rack, B.; Friese, K.; Jeschke, U.; Andergassen, U., 2013:
Quantification of breast cancer cells in peripheral blood samples by real-time rt-PCR

Lam, A.R.; Ding, H.; Molloi, S., 2015:
Quantification of breast density using dual-energy mammography with liquid phantom calibration

Ducote, J.L.; Molloi, S., 2009:
Quantification of breast density with dual energy mammography: a simulation study

Ducote, J.L.; Molloi, S., 2010:
Quantification of breast density with dual energy mammography: an experimental feasibility study

Ding, H.; Molloi, S., 2012:
Quantification of breast density with spectral mammography based on a scanned multi-slit photon-counting detector: a feasibility study

Bendig, P.; Lehnert, K.; Vetter, W., 2014:
Quantification of bromophenols in Islay whiskies

Weber, C.F.; King, G.M., 2010:
Quantification of burkholderia coxL genes in Hawaiian volcanic deposits

Ramesh, V.J.; Umamaheswara Rao, G.S., 2007:
Quantification of burst suppression and bispectral index with 2 different bolus doses of thiopentone sodium

Snyder, M.L.; Ritchie, J.C., 2010:
Quantification of busulfan in plasma using liquid chromatography electrospray tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS/MS)

Hippe, B.; Zwielehner, J.; Liszt, K.; Lassl, C.; Unger, F.; Haslberger, A.G., 2011:
Quantification of butyryl CoA:acetate CoA-transferase genes reveals different butyrate production capacity in individuals according to diet and age

de Bruijn, P.; de Graan, A-Joy.M.; Nieuweboer, A.; Mathijssen, R.H.J.; Lam, M-Ho.; de Wit, R.; Wiemer, E.A.C.; Loos, W.J., 2012:
Quantification of cabazitaxel in human plasma by liquid chromatography/triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry: a practical solution for non-specific binding

Kort, A.; Hillebrand, M.J.X.; Cirkel, G.A.; Voest, E.E.; Schinkel, A.H.; Rosing, H.; Schellens, J.H.M.; Beijnen, J.H., 2013:
Quantification of cabazitaxel, its metabolite docetaxel and the determination of the demethylated metabolites RPR112698 and RPR123142 as docetaxel equivalents in human plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Talio, Mía.Carolina.; Acosta, Mía.Gimena.; Alesso, M.; Luconi, M.O.; Fernández, L.P., 2015:
Quantification of caffeine in dietary supplements and energy drinks by solid-surface fluorescence using a pre-concentration step on multi-walled carbon nanotubes and Rhodamine B

Caprioli, G.; Cortese, M.; Maggi, F.; Minnetti, C.; Odello, L.; Sagratini, G.; Vittori, S., 2015:
Quantification of caffeine, trigonelline and nicotinic acid in espresso coffee: the influence of espresso machines and coffee cultivars

Sharma, S.; Boujraf, S.; Bornstedt, A.; Hombach, V.; Ignatius, A.; Oberhuber, A.; Rasche, V., 2010:
Quantification of calcifications in endarterectomy samples by means of high-resolution ultra-short echo time imaging

Henss, A.; Rohnke, M.; Knaack, S.; Kleine-Boymann, M.; Leichtweiss, T.; Schmitz, P.; E.K.assawna, T.; Gelinsky, M.; Heiss, C.; Janek, Jürgen., 2015:
Quantification of calcium content in bone by using ToF-SIMS--a first approach

Murphy, R.M.; Mollica, J.P.; Beard, N.A.; Knollmann, B.C.; Lamb, G.D., 2011:
Quantification of calsequestrin 2 (CSQ2) in sheep cardiac muscle and Ca2+-binding protein changes in CSQ2 knockout mice

Abley, M.J.; Wittum, T.E.; Moeller, S.J.; Zerby, H.N.; Funk, J.A., 2012:
Quantification of campylobacter in swine before, during, and after the slaughter process

Windolf, M.; Muths, R.; Braunstein, V.; Gueorguiev, B.; Hänni, M.; Schwieger, K., 2009:
Quantification of cancellous bone-compaction due to DHS Blade insertion and influence upon cut-out resistance

Campanella, P.; Ianni, F.; Rota, C.Antonio.; Corsello, S.Maria.; Pontecorvi, A., 2014:
Quantification of cancer risk of each clinical and ultrasonographic suspicious feature of thyroid nodules: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Saldarriaga, O.A.; Travi, B.L.; Melby, P.C., 2007:
Quantification of canine cytokines using real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction

Cinotti, E.; Gergelé, L.; Perrot, J.L.; Dominé, A.; Labeille, B.; Borelli, P.; Cambazard, F., 2015:
Quantification of capillary blood cell flow using reflectance confocal microscopy

Gogola, Vônica.M.R.; Carmo, T.S.; Geraldo, C.S.F.; Figueiredo, D.B.; Gonçalves, V.M., 2012:
Quantification of capsular polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 14 in culture broth samples

Chen, W-Tsen.; Chiang, C-Kang.; Lin, Y-Wei.; Chang, H-Tsung., 2010:
Quantification of captopril in urine through surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry using 4-mercaptobenzoic acid-capped gold nanoparticles as an internal standard

Segura, P.A.; MacLeod, S.L.; Lemoine, P.; Sauvé, Sébastien.; Gagnon, C., 2011:
Quantification of carbamazepine and atrazine and screening of suspect organic contaminants in surface and drinking waters

Beig, A.; Dahan, A., 2014:
Quantification of carbamazepine and its 10,11-epoxide metabolite in rat plasma by UPLC-UV and application to pharmacokinetic study

Lopes, B.R.; Barreiro, J.C.; Baraldi, P.T.; Cass, Q.B., 2012:
Quantification of carbamazepine and its active metabolite by direct injection of human milk serum using liquid chromatography tandem ion trap mass spectrometry

Queiroz, R.Helena.Costa.; Bertucci, C.; Malfará, W.Roberto.; Dreossi, Sônia.Aparecida.Carvalho.; Chaves, Aéa.Rodrigues.; Valério, D.Augusto.Rodrigues.; Queiroz, M.Eugênia.Costa., 2008:
Quantification of carbamazepine, carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide, phenytoin and phenobarbital in plasma samples by stir bar-sorptive extraction and liquid chromatography

Dorado-García, I.; Medina-Sánchez, J.Manuel.; Herrera, G.; Cabrerizo, M.J.; Carrillo, Pón., 2015:
Quantification of carbon and phosphorus co-limitation in bacterioplankton: new insights on an old topic

Wang, H.; Yang, S-Tao.; Cao, A.; Liu, Y., 2013:
Quantification of carbon nanomaterials in vivo

Lahiri, D.; Benaduce, A.Paula.; Kos, L.; Agarwal, A., 2011:
Quantification of carbon nanotube induced adhesion of osteoblast on hydroxyapatite using nano-scratch technique

Tsikas, D.; Chobanyan-Jürgens, K., 2011:
Quantification of carbonate by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Zhou, G.X.; Ireland, J.; Rayman, P.; Finke, J.; Zhou, M., 2010:
Quantification of carbonic anhydrase IX expression in serum and tissue of renal cell carcinoma patients using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: prognostic and diagnostic potentials

Campo, L.; Fustinoni, S.; Bertazzi, P., 2011:
Quantification of carcinogenic 4- to 6-ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in human urine by solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography-isotope dilution mass spectrometry

Lee, S.Min.; Choi, E.Keun.; Chung, G.Sung.; Oh, S.; Park, K.Suk., 2012:
Quantification of cardiac autonomic nervous activities in ambulatory dogs by eliminating cardiac electric activities using cubic smoothing spline

Duschek, S.; Reyes del Paso, G.A., 2007:
Quantification of cardiac baroreflex function at rest and during autonomic stimulation

Tang, L.; Casas, J., 2015:
Quantification of cardiac biomarkers using label-free and multiplexed gold nanorod bioprobes for myocardial infarction diagnosis

Raffel, D.M.; Koeppe, R.A.; Jung, Y-Woon.; Gu, G.; Jang, K.Sam.; Sherman, P.S.; Quesada, C.A., 2013:
Quantification of cardiac sympathetic nerve density with N-11C-guanyl-meta-octopamine and tracer kinetic analysis

Kabir, M.M.; Kohler, M.; Abbott, D.; Baumert, M., 2012:
Quantification of cardio-respiratory interactions in healthy children during night-time sleep using joint symbolic dynamics

Garrett, T.A.; O'Neill, A.C.; Hopson, M.L., 2012:
Quantification of cardiolipin molecular species in Escherichia coli lipid extracts using liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Coelho-Filho, O.R.; Shah, R.V.; Mitchell, R.; Neilan, T.G.; Moreno, H.; Simonson, B.; Kwong, R.; Rosenzweig, A.; Das, S.; Jerosch-Herold, M., 2013:
Quantification of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by cardiac magnetic resonance: implications for early cardiac remodeling

Lorenzo, S.; Babb, T.G., 2012:
Quantification of cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy nonobese and obese men and women

Kabir, M.M.; Saint, D.A.; Nalivaiko, E.; Abbott, D.; Voss, A.; Baumert, M., 2012:
Quantification of cardiorespiratory interactions based on joint symbolic dynamics

Reulecke, S.; Schulz, S.; Bauer, R.; Witte, H.; Voss, A., 2012:
Quantification of cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory coupling during hypoxia with Joint Symbolic Dynamics

Keshishian, H.; Addona, T.; Burgess, M.; Mani, D.R.; Shi, X.; Kuhn, E.; Sabatine, M.S.; Gerszten, R.E.; Carr, S.A., 2010:
Quantification of cardiovascular biomarkers in patient plasma by targeted mass spectrometry and stable isotope dilution

Park, H.; Lee, J-Wook.; Hwang, M.P.; Lee, K.Hyi., 2014:
Quantification of cardiovascular disease biomarkers via functionalized magnetic beads and on-demand detachable quantum dots

Minkler, P.E.; Stoll, M.S.K.; Ingalls, S.T.; Yang, S.; Kerner, J.; Hoppel, C.L., 2008:
Quantification of carnitine and acylcarnitines in biological matrices by HPLC electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry

Zhao, S.; Huang, Y.; Shi, M.; Huang, J.; Liu, Y-Ming., 2009:
Quantification of carnosine-related peptides by microchip electrophoresis with chemiluminescence detection

Zhao, C.; Zhuo, M.; Yang, S., 2014:
Quantification of carotenoids of spirilloxanthin series from anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria by substitute reference standard calibration function method

Karmonik, C.; Basto, P.; Morrisett, J.D., 2007:
Quantification of carotid atherosclerotic plaque components using feature space analysis and magnetic resonance imaging

Li, C.; He, W.; Guo, D.; Chen, L.; Jin, X.; Wang, W.; Huang, B.; Wang, W., 2015:
Quantification of carotid plaque neovascularization using contrast-enhanced ultrasound with histopathologic validation

Chiu, B.; Egger, M.; Spence, J.David.; Parraga, G.; Fenster, A., 2008:
Quantification of carotid vessel wall and plaque thickness change using 3D ultrasound images

Iranpour-Boroujeni, T.; Watanabe, A.; Bashtar, R.; Yoshioka, H.; Duryea, J., 2011:
Quantification of cartilage loss in local regions of knee joints using semi-automated segmentation software: analysis of longitudinal data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI)

Lillis, L.; Clipson, N.; Doyle, E., 2010:
Quantification of catechol dioxygenase gene expression in soil during degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol

Dahl, E.F.; Wright, C.D.; O'Connell, T.D., 2015:
Quantification of catecholamine uptake in adult cardiac myocytes

Bächler, P.; Valverde, I.; Uribe, S., 2012:
Quantification of caval flow contribution to the lungs in vivo after total cavopulmonary connection with 4-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging

Perle, S.M., 2014:
Quantification of cavitation and gapping of lumbar zygapophyseal joints during spinal manipulative therapy

Otaka, A.; Takahashi, K.; Takeda, Y.S.; Kambe, Y.; Kuwana, Y.; Tamada, Y.; Tomita, N., 2015:
Quantification of cell co-migration occurrences during cell aggregation on fibroin substrates

Kepp, O.; Martins, I.; Menger, L.; Michaud, Mël.; Adjemian, S.; Sukkurwala, A.Qader.; Galluzzi, L.; Kroemer, G., 2013:
Quantification of cell cycle-arresting proteins

Dubin-Thaler, B.J.; Hofman, J.M.; Cai, Y.; Xenias, H.; Spielman, I.; Shneidman, A.V.; David, L.A.; Döbereiner, H-Günther.; Wiggins, C.H.; Sheetz, M.P., 2008:
Quantification of cell edge velocities and traction forces reveals distinct motility modules during cell spreading

Alberry, M.S.; Maddocks, D.G.; Hadi, M.A.; Metawi, H.; Hunt, L.P.; Abdel-Fattah, S.A.; Avent, N.D.; Soothill, P.W., 2009:
Quantification of cell free fetal DNA in maternal plasma in normal pregnancies and in pregnancies with placental dysfunction

Arif, M.; Rajpoot, N.M.; Nattkemper, T.W.; Technow, U.; Chakraborty, T.; Fisch, N.; Jensen, N.A.; Niehaus, K., 2015:
Quantification of cell infection caused by Listeria monocytogenes invasion

Raschzok, N.; Billecke, N.; Kammer, N.N.; Morgul, M.H.; Adonopoulou, M.K.; Sauer, I.M.; Florek, S.; Becker-Ross, H.; Huang, M.Dong., 2010:
Quantification of cell labeling with micron-sized iron oxide particles using continuum source atomic absorption spectrometry

Niinaka, Y.; Haga, A.; Raz, A., 2001:
Quantification of cell motility : gold colloidal phagokinetic track assay and wound healing assay

Lin, N.J.; Hu, H.; Sung, L.; Lin-Gibson, S., 2009:
Quantification of cell response to polymeric composites using a two-dimensional gradient platform

Miura, Y.; Okabe, S., 2008:
Quantification of cell specific uptake activity of microbial products by uncultured Chloroflexi by microautoradiography combined with fluorescence in situ hybridization

Panke, C.; Weininger, D.; Haas, A.; Schelter, F.; Schlothauer, T.; Bader, S.; Sircar, R.; Josel, H.P.; Baer, U.; Burtscher, H.; Mundigl, O.; Grote, M.; Brinkmann, U.; Sustmann, C., 2014:
Quantification of cell surface proteins with bispecific antibodies

Petelenz-Kurdziel, E.; Eriksson, E.; Smedh, M.; Beck, C.; Hohmann, S.; Goksör, M., 2012:
Quantification of cell volume changes upon hyperosmotic stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Podany, A.T.; Winchester, L.C.; Robbins, B.L.; Fletcher, C.V., 2015:
Quantification of cell-associated atazanavir, darunavir, lopinavir, ritonavir, and efavirenz concentrations in human mononuclear cell extracts

Manokhina, I.; Singh, T.K.; Peñaherrera, M.S.; Robinson, W.P., 2015:
Quantification of cell-free DNA in normal and complicated pregnancies: overcoming biological and technical issues

Hermida-Gómez, T.; Fuentes-Boquete, I.; Gimeno-Longas, M.José.; Muiños-López, E.; Díaz-Prado, S.; de Toro, F.Javier.; Blanco, F.Javier., 2011:
Quantification of cells expressing mesenchymal stem cell markers in healthy and osteoarthritic synovial membranes

Patalay, R.; Talbot, C.; Alexandrov, Y.; Munro, I.; Neil, M.A.A.; König, K.; French, P.M.W.; Chu, A.; Stamp, G.W.; Dunsby, C., 2011:
Quantification of cellular autofluorescence of human skin using multiphoton tomography and fluorescence lifetime imaging in two spectral detection channels

Sanati Nezhad, A.; Naghavi, M.; Packirisamy, M.; Bhat, R.; Geitmann, A., 2013:
Quantification of cellular penetrative forces using lab-on-a-chip technology and finite element modeling

Martello, R.; Mangerich, A.; Sass, S.; Dedon, P.C.; Bürkle, A., 2014:
Quantification of cellular poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation by stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry reveals tissue- and drug-dependent stress response dynamics

Boswell, L.C.; Moore, D.S.; Hand, S.C., 2014:
Quantification of cellular protein expression and molecular features of group 3 LEA proteins from embryos of Artemia franciscana

Lee, M-Sook.; Kwon, E-Hye.; Choi, H-Sung.; Kwon, S-Hae.; Lee, C-Hyun.; Shim, I-Sop.; Lee, S-Kyou.; Her, S., 2010:
Quantification of cellular uptake and in vivo tracking of transduction using real-time monitoring

Okholm, A.Hauge.; Nielsen, J.Sejrup.; Vinther, M.; Sørensen, R.Schøler.; Schaffert, D.; Kjems, Jørgen., 2014:
Quantification of cellular uptake of DNA nanostructures by qPCR

Phillips, K.G.; Kolatkar, A.; Rees, K.J.; Rigg, R.; Marrinucci, D.; Luttgen, M.; Bethel, K.; Kuhn, P.; McCarty, O.J.T., 2012:
Quantification of cellular volume and sub-cellular density fluctuations: comparison of normal peripheral blood cells and circulating tumor cells identified in a breast cancer patient

Gu, J.; Catchmark, J.M.; Kaiser, E.Q.; Archibald, D.D., 2013:
Quantification of cellulose nanowhiskers sulfate esterification levels

Hybholt, T.K.; Aamand, J.; Johnsen, A.R., 2011:
Quantification of centimeter-scale spatial variation in PAH, glucose and benzoic acid mineralization and soil organic matter in road-side soil

Kasumov, T.; Huang, H.; Chung, Y-Mi.; Zhang, R.; McCullough, A.J.; Kirwan, J.P., 2010:
Quantification of ceramide species in biological samples by liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

Nishida, T.; Kinoshita, M.; Tanaka, H.; Fujinaka, T.; Yoshimine, T., 2012:
Quantification of cerebral artery motion during the cardiac cycle

Ibaraki, M.; Miura, S.; Shimosegawa, E.; Sugawara, S.; Mizuta, T.; Ishikawa, A.; Amano, M., 2007:
Quantification of cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism with 3-dimensional PET and 15O: validation by comparison with 2-dimensional PET

van Golen, L.W.; Kuijer, J.P.A.; Huisman, M.C.; IJzerman, R.G.; Barkhof, F.; Diamant, M.; Lammertsma, A.A., 2015:
Quantification of cerebral blood flow in healthy volunteers and type 1 diabetic patients: comparison of MRI arterial spin labeling and [(15)O]H2O positron emission tomography (PET)

Zappe, A.Catherin.; Reichold, J.; Burger, C.; Weber, B.; Buck, A.; Pfeuffer, J.; Logothetis, N.K., 2007:
Quantification of cerebral blood flow in nonhuman primates using arterial spin labeling and a two-compartment model

Sourbron, S.; Ingrisch, M.; Siefert, A.; Reiser, M.; Herrmann, K., 2009:
Quantification of cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume, and blood-brain-barrier leakage with DCE-MRI

Wong, D.F.; Kuwabara, H.; Horti, A.G.; Raymont, V.; Brasic, J.; Guevara, M.; Ye, W.; Dannals, R.F.; Ravert, H.T.; Nandi, A.; Rahmim, A.; Ming, J.E.; Grachev, I.; Roy, C.; Cascella, N., 2010:
Quantification of cerebral cannabinoid receptors subtype 1 (CB1) in healthy subjects and schizophrenia by the novel PET radioligand [11C]OMAR

Youn, S.Won.; Kim, H.Kyun.; Lee, H.Joong.; Lee, J., 2014:
Quantification of cerebral circulation and shunt volume in a tentorial dural arteriovenous fistula using two-dimensional phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging

Nath, K.; Saraswat, V.A.; Krishna, Y.R.; Thomas, M.A.; Rathore, R.K.S.; Pandey, C.M.; Gupta, R.K., 2008:
Quantification of cerebral edema on diffusion tensor imaging in acute-on-chronic liver failure

Yu, A.S.; Lin, H-Dun.; Huang, S-Cheng.; Phelps, M.E.; Wu, H-Ming., 2009:
Quantification of cerebral glucose metabolic rate in mice using 18F-FDG and small-animal PET

Tzeng, Y.C.; Ainslie, P.N., 2014:
Quantification of cerebral hemodynamics

Xu, B.; Spincemaille, P.; Liu, T.; Prince, M.R.; Dutruel, S.; Gupta, A.; Thimmappa, N.Deepa.; Wang, Y., 2015:
Quantification of cerebral perfusion using dynamic quantitative susceptibility mapping

Carroll, T.J.; Horowitz, S.; Shin, W.; Mouannes, J.; Sawlani, R.; Ali, S.; Raizer, J.; Futterer, S., 2008:
Quantification of cerebral perfusion using the "bookend technique": an evaluation in CNS tumors

de Bresser, J.; Vincken, K.L.; Kaspers, A.J.; Rinkel, G.J.E.; Viergever, M.A.; Biessels, G.Jan., 2013:
Quantification of cerebral volumes on MRI 6 months after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Almeida, Sé; Cunha, D.Sosnitzki.da.; Yamada, E.; Doi, E.Missako.; Ono, M., 2008:
Quantification of cerebrospinal fluid ferritin as a biomarker for CNS malignant infiltration

de Almeida, Sérgio.Monteiro.; Boritza, Kátia.; Cogo, L.Lucia.; Pessa, L.; França, Jão.; Rota, I.; Muro, M.; Ribeiro, Céa.; Raboni, S.Mara.; Vidal, L.Rosele.; Nogueira, M.Bordignon.; Ellis, R., 2011:
Quantification of cerebrospinal fluid lactic acid in the differential diagnosis between HIV chronic meningitis and opportunistic meningitis

Heyn, C.; Poublanc, J.; Crawley, A.; Mandell, D.; Han, J.S.; Tymianski, M.; terBrugge, K.; Fisher, J.A.; Mikulis, D.J., 2010:
Quantification of cerebrovascular reactivity by blood oxygen level-dependent MR imaging and correlation with conventional angiography in patients with Moyamoya disease

Elliott, J.M.; Walton, D.M.; Rademaker, A.; Parrish, T.B., 2014:
Quantification of cervical spine muscle fat: a comparison between T1-weighted and multi-echo gradient echo imaging using a variable projection algorithm (VARPRO)

Sehi, M.; Grewal, D.S.; Zhu, H.; Feuer, W.J.; Greenfield, D.S., 2011:
Quantification of change in axonal birefringence following surgical reduction in intraocular pressure

Héry, C.; Ferlay, J.; Boniol, M.; Autier, P., 2008:
Quantification of changes in breast cancer incidence and mortality since 1990 in 35 countries with Caucasian-majority populations

Nagai, K.; Aoyama, T.; Yamada, M.; Izeki, M.; Fujibayashi, S.; Takemoto, M.; Nishiguchi, S.; Tsuboyama, T.; Neo, M., 2014:
Quantification of changes in gait characteristics associated with intermittent claudication in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis

Goch, C.J.; Stieltjes, B.; Henze, R.; Hering, J.; Poustka, L.; Meinzer, H-Peter.; Maier-Hein, K.H., 2014:
Quantification of changes in language-related brain areas in autism spectrum disorders using large-scale network analysis

Jin, X.; Yazer, M.H.; Chalmers, J.J.; Zborowski, M., 2011 :
Quantification of changes in oxygen release from red blood cells as a function of age based on magnetic susceptibility measurements

Nemes, A.; Domsik, Péter.; Kalapos, A.; Gavallér, H.; Forster, Tás.; Sepp, Róbert., 2014:
Quantification of changes in septal strain after alcohol septal ablation in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy-cases from the three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiographic MAGYAR-path study

Luo, P.; Bailey, E.H.; Mooney, S.J., 2014:
Quantification of changes in zero valent iron morphology using X-ray computed tomography

Gerberick, G.Frank.; Vassallo, J.D.; Foertsch, L.M.; Price, B.B.; Chaney, J.G.; Lepoittevin, J-Pierre., 2007:
Quantification of chemical peptide reactivity for screening contact allergens: a classification tree model approach

Tian, K.; Huang, C-Hua.; Wang, G-Qian.; Fu, X-Dong.; Parker, G., 2016:
Quantification of chemical transport processes from the soil to surface runoff

Rizzi, G.P.; Amba, E.E.; Heineman, W.R., 2010:
Quantification of chemically reducing species in the phosphate ion catalyzed degradation of reducing sugars

L.B.urse, D.; Conreux, A.; Villaume, S.; Lameiras, P.; Nuzillard, J-M.; Jeandet, P., 2011:
Quantification of chitinase and thaumatin-like proteins in grape juices and wines

Oliveira-Silva, D.; Oliveira, C.H.; Mendes, G.D.; Galvinas, P.Alexandre.R.; Barrientos-Astigarraga, R.E.; D.N.cci, G., 2010:
Quantification of chlordesmethyldiazepam by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry: application to a cloxazolam bioequivalence study

Hicks, J.M.; Muhammad, A.; Ferrier, J.; Saleem, A.; Cuerrier, A.; Arnason, J.T.; Colson, K.L., 2012:
Quantification of chlorogenic acid and hyperoside directly from crude blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) leaf extract by NMR spectroscopy analysis: single-laboratory validation

Valderrama, P.; Romero, A.L.; Imamura, P.M.; Magalhães, I.R.S.; Bonato, P.S.; Poppi, R.J., 2010:
Quantification of chlorpheniramine maleate enantiomers by ultraviolet spectroscopy and chemometric methods

Liao, W-Li.; Heo, G-Young.; Dodder, N.G.; Reem, R.E.; Mast, N.; Huang, S.; Dipatre, P.Luigi.; Turko, I.V.; Pikuleva, I.A., 2011:
Quantification of cholesterol-metabolizing P450s CYP27A1 and CYP46A1 in neural tissues reveals a lack of enzyme-product correlations in human retina but not human brain

Shen, Z-Wei.; Cao, Z.; You, K-Zeng.; Yang, Z-Xian.; Xiao, Y-Yu.; Cheng, X-Fang.; Chen, Y-Wen.; Wu, R-Hua., 2012:
Quantification of choline concentration following liver cell apoptosis using 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Swanson, M.G.; Keshari, K.R.; Tabatabai, Z.Laura.; Simko, J.P.; Shinohara, K.; Carroll, P.R.; Zektzer, A.S.; Kurhanewicz, J., 2008:
Quantification of choline- and ethanolamine-containing metabolites in human prostate tissues using 1H HR-MAS total correlation spectroscopy

Ustün, B.; Sanders, K.B.; Dani, P.; Kellenbach, E.R., 2011:
Quantification of chondroitin sulfate and dermatan sulfate in danaparoid sodium by (1)H NMR spectroscopy and PLS regression

Irianto, J.; Lee, D.A.; Knight, M.M., 2014:
Quantification of chromatin condensation level by image processing

Li, C.; Zhang, J.; Li, X.; Zhou, C.; Li, H.; Tang, H.; Rao, L., 2011:
Quantification of chronic aortic regurgitation by vector flow mapping: a novel echocardiographic method

Thavendiranathan, P.; Liu, S.; Datta, S.; Rajagopalan, S.; Ryan, T.; Igo, S.R.; Jackson, M.S.; Little, S.H.; D.M.chelis, N.; Vannan, M.A., 2013:
Quantification of chronic functional mitral regurgitation by automated 3-dimensional peak and integrated proximal isovelocity surface area and stroke volume techniques using real-time 3-dimensional volume color Doppler echocardiography: in vitro and clinical validation

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Quantification of enhancement of focal liver lesions during contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS). Analysis of ten selected frames is more simple but as reliable as the analysis of the entire loop for most parameters

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Quantification of error in the calculation of Z scores in neonates

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Quantification of ethanol's antipunishment effect in humans using the generalized matching equation

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to choose?

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Quantification of macrovesicular and microvesicular hepatic steatosis in rats using 3.0-T ¹H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Frandsen, J.E.; Llop, S.; Digre, K.B.; Bernstein, P.S.; Sharifzadeh, M.; Warner, J.E.A.; Gellerman, W.; Katz, B.J., 2012:
Quantification of macular carotenoids using autofluorescence imaging in patients with photosensitive migraine and benign essential blepharospasm

Weaver, J.B.; Zhang, X.; Kuehlert, E.; Toraya-Brown, S.; Reeves, D.B.; Perreard, I.M.; Fiering, S., 2014:
Quantification of magnetic nanoparticles with low frequency magnetic fields: compensating for relaxation effects

Herath, S.C.B.; Yue, D.; Hui, S.; Kim, M-Cheol.; Wang, D-An.; Wang, Q.; Van Vliet, K.J.; Asada, H.; Chen, P.C.Y., 2014:
Quantification of magnetically induced changes in ECM local apparent stiffness

Gonda, Sándor.; Parizsa, Péter.; Surányi, G.; Gyémánt, Göngyi.; Vasas, Gábor., 2012:
Quantification of main bioactive metabolites from saffron (Crocus sativus) stigmas by a micellar electrokinetic chromatographic (MEKC) method

Karki, S.; Park, H-Juhn.; Nugroho, A.; Kim, E.Ji.; Jung, H.Ah.; Choi, J.Sue., 2015:
Quantification of major compounds from Ixeris dentata, Ixeris dentata Var. albiflora, and Ixeris sonchifolia and their comparative anti-inflammatory activity in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells

Yamaguchi, K.; He, S.; Li, Z.; Murata, K.; Hitomi, N.; Mozumi, M.; Ariga, R.; Enomoto, T., 2014:
Quantification of major royal jelly protein 1 in fresh royal jelly by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Abro, K.; Mahesar, S.Ahmed.; Iqbal, S.; Perveen, S., 2015:
Quantification of malachite green in fish feed utilising liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with a monolithic column

Domijan, A-Marija.; Ralić, J.; Radić Brkanac, S.; Rumora, L.; Žanić-Grubišić, T., 2015:
Quantification of malondialdehyde by HPLC-FL - application to various biological samples

Imola, F.; Mallus, M.Teresa.; Ramazzotti, V.; Manzoli, A.;, L.; Occhipinti, M.; Cremonesi, A.; Arbustini, E.; Prati, F.; Albertucci, M., 2016:
Quantification of manual thrombus removal in patients with acute coronary syndromes: a study exploiting serial frequency domain-optical coherence tomography

Ehrhart, N.; Kraft, S.; Conover, D.; Rosier, R.N.; Schwarz, E.M., 2008:
Quantification of massive allograft healing with dynamic contrast enhanced-MRI and cone beam-CT: a pilot study

Martins, C.; Nascimento, A.Paulino.; Monte-Alto-Costa, Aéa.; Alves,átima.Scotelaro.; Carneiro, S.Coelho.; Porto, Lís.Cristóvã, 2010:
Quantification of mast cells and blood vessels in the skin of patients with cutaneous mucinosis

Van Den Abeele, K.; L.B.s, P.Y.; Van Damme, B.; Katkowski, T., 2009:
Quantification of material nonlinearity in relation to microdamage density using nonlinear reverberation spectroscopy: Experimental and theoretical study

Lyons, K.; Lowe, C.G., 2015:
Quantification of maternal offloading of organic contaminants in elasmobranchs using the histotrophic round stingray (Urobatis halleri) as a model

Yu, H.; Shen, Y.; Ge, Q.; He, Y.; Qiao, D.; Ren, M.; Zhang, J., 2013:
Quantification of maternal serum cell-free fetal DNA in early-onset preeclampsia

Prely, L.M.; Paal, K.; Hermans, J.; van der Heide, S.; van Oosterhout, A.J.M.; Bischoff, R., 2012:
Quantification of matrix metalloprotease-9 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid by selected reaction monitoring with microfluidics nano-liquid-chromatography-mass spectrometry

Goodlett, C.; Fletcher, P.Thomas.; Lin, W.; Gerig, G., 2007:
Quantification of measurement error in DTI: theoretical predictions and validation

Köppel, Ré.; Eugster, A.; Ruf, Jürg.; Rentsch, Jürg., 2012:
Quantification of meat proportions by measuring DNA contents in raw and boiled sausages using matrix-adapted calibrators and multiplex real-time PCR

Muellerleile, K.; Baholli, L.; Groth, M.; Koopmann, K.; Barmeyer, A.; Gosau, N.; Ventura, R.; Rostock, T.; Koester, R.; Adam, G.; Willems, S.; Lund, G., 2011:
Quantification of mechanical ventricular dyssynchrony: direct comparison of velocity-encoded and cine magnetic resonance imaging

Wang, Z.; Qian, S.; Zhang, Q.; Chow, M.S.S., 2011:
Quantification of meclizine in human plasma by high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Cruywagen, C.W.; van de Vyver, W.F.J.; Stander, M.A., 2011:
Quantification of melamine absorption, distribution to tissues, and excretion by sheep

Beltrán-Martinavarro, B.; Peris-Vicente, J.; Rambla-Alegre, M.; Marco-Peiró, S.; Esteve-Romero, J.; Carda-Broch, S., 2013:
Quantification of melamine in drinking water and wastewater by micellar liquid chromatography

Panuwet, P.; Nguyen, J.V.; Wade, E.L.; D'Souza, P.E.; Ryan, P.Barry.; Barr, D.Boyd., 2012:
Quantification of melamine in human urine using cation-exchange based high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Madden, K.; Forman, S.B.; Elston, D., 2011:
Quantification of melanocytes in sun-damaged skin

Zhou, J.; Zhao, J.; Zhang, S.; Shen, J.; Qi, Y.; Xue, X.; Li, Y.; Wu, L.; Zhang, J.; Chen, F.; Chen, L., 2010:
Quantification of melittin and apamin in bee venom lyophilized powder from Apis mellifera by liquid chromatography-diode array detector-tandem mass spectrometry

Castell, O.K.; Berridge, J.; Wallace, M.I., 2012:
Quantification of membrane protein inhibition by optical ion flux in a droplet interface bilayer array

Bendz, M.; Möller, M.Carlsson.; Arrigoni, G.; Wåhlander, A.; Stella, R.; Cappadona, S.; Levander, F.; Hederstedt, L.; James, P., 2010:
Quantification of membrane proteins using nonspecific protease digestions

Gudmundsdottir, B.R.; Hjaltalin, E.F.; Bragadottir, G.; Hauksson, A.; Geirsson, R.T.; Onundarson, P.T., 2009:
Quantification of menstrual flow by weighing protective pads in women with normal, decreased or increased menstruation

Ahmad, H.; Thambiratnam, K.; Zulkifli, A.Z.; Lawrence, A.; Jasim, A.A.; Kunasekaran, W.; Musa, S.; Gnanasegaran, N.; Vasanthan, P.; Jayaraman, P.; Kasim, N.H.A.; Govindasamy, V.; Shahrir, M.S.; Harun, S.W., 2014:
Quantification of mesenchymal stem cell growth rates through secretory and excretory biomolecules in conditioned media via Fresnel reflection

de la Torre, D., 2009:
Quantification of mesophyll resistance and apoplastic ascorbic acid as an antioxidant for tropospheric ozone in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf. cv. Camacho)

Heyland, J.; Blank, L.M.; Schmid, A., 2011:
Quantification of metabolic limitations during recombinant protein production in Escherichia coli

Parmar, J.H.; Bhartiya, S.; Venkatesh, K.V., 2013:
Quantification of metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under hyperosmotic conditions using elementary mode analysis

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Quantification of metabolites from two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: application to human urine samples

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Quantification of metabolites in breast cancer patients with different clinical prognosis using HR MAS MR spectroscopy

Kimura, Y.; Siméon, F.G.; Zoghbi, S.S.; Zhang, Y.; Hatazawa, J.; Pike, V.W.; Innis, R.B.; Fujita, M., 2012:
Quantification of metabotropic glutamate subtype 5 receptors in the brain by an equilibrium method using 18F-SP203

Qiao, Y.; Ma, L., 2014:
Quantification of metal ion induced DNA damage with single cell array based assay

Sueda, S.; Yoshida, K.; Tanaka, N., 2010:
Quantification of metallic nanoparticle morphology on TiO2 using HAADF-STEM tomography

Pedersen, K.L.; Pedersen, Søren.N.; Knudsen, J.; Bjerregaard, P., 2009:
Quantification of metallothionein by differential pulse polarography overestimates concentrations in crustaceans

Dai, S.; Yin, Z.; Yuan, G.; Lu, H.; Jia, R.; Xu, J.; Song, X.; Li, L.; Shu, Y.; Liang, X.; He, C.; Lv, C.; Zhang, W., 2014:
Quantification of metallothionein on the liver and kidney of rats by subchronic lead and cadmium in combination

Geng, M-Jiao.; Liang, S-Xuan.; Liu, W.; Jin, Y., 2015:
Quantification of metallothioneins in the earthworm by lomefloxacin-europium(iii) fluorescent probe

Melquiades, F.L.; Parreira, P.S.; Appoloni, C.R.; Silva, W.D.; Lopes, F., 2011:
Quantification of metals in river water using a portable EDXRF system

Fujita, K.; Imamura, Y.; Shinoda, K.; Matsumoto, C.Soiti.; Mizutani, Y.; Mizota, A.; Yuzawa, M., 2014:
Quantification of metamorphopsia in chronic central serous chorioretinopathy after half-dose verteporfin photodynamic therapy

Krøyer, K.; Christensen, U.; Larsen, M.; la Cour, M., 2008:
Quantification of metamorphopsia in patients with macular hole

Łabuzek, K.; Suchy, D.; Gabryel, Bżena.; Bielecka, A.; Liber, S.; Okopień, Bław., 2011:
Quantification of metformin by the HPLC method in brain regions, cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of rats treated with lipopolysaccharide

Gosselin, M.; Ramirez Fernandez, M.Del.Mar.; Wille, S.M.R.; Samyn, N.; D.B.eck, G.; Bourel, B., 2010:
Quantification of methadone and its metabolite 2-ethylidene-1,5-dimethyl-3,3-diphenylpyrrolidine in third instar larvae of Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae) using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Hrad, M.; Binner, E.; Piringer, M.; Huber-Humer, M., 2015:
Quantification of methane emissions from full-scale open windrow composting of biowaste using an inverse dispersion technique

Dryahina, K.; Smith, D.; Spanel, P., 2010:
Quantification of methane in humid air and exhaled breath using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry

Refai, S.; Berger, S.; Wassmann, K.; Deppenmeier, U., 2014:
Quantification of methanogenic heterodisulfide reductase activity in biogas sludge

Distler, Jürgen., 2008:
Quantification of methylated DNA by HeavyMethyl duplex PCR

Vriens, B.; Ammann, A.A.; Hagendorfer, H.; Lenz, M.; Berg, M.; Winkel, L.H.E., 2015:
Quantification of methylated selenium, sulfur, and arsenic in the environment

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Quantification of methyllycaconitine, selective α7 nicotinic receptor antagonist, in rodent plasma and brain tissue by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry--application to neuropharmacokinetics of methyllycaconitine in rats

Lakso, H-Ake.; Appelblad, P.; Schneede, Jörn., 2008:
Quantification of methylmalonic acid in human plasma with hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography separation and mass spectrometric detection

Lu, J.; Tsourkas, A., 2011:
Quantification of miRNA abundance in single cells using locked nucleic acid-FISH and enzyme-labeled fluorescence

Klase, Z.A.; Houzet, L.; Jeang, K-Teh., 2014:
Quantification of miRNA by poly(A)-RT-qPCR arrays and verification of target sites in HIV-1 using a one-LTR infectious molecular clone

Muniategui, A.; Nogales-Cadenas, Rén.; Vázquez, Mél.; Aranguren, X.L.; Agirre, X.; Luttun, A.; Prosper, F.; Pascual-Montano, A.; Rubio, A., 2012:
Quantification of miRNA-mRNA interactions

Cirera, S.; Busk, P.K., 2015:
Quantification of miRNAs by a simple and specific qPCR method

Cangemi, G.; Barco, S.; Bandettini, R.; Castagnola, E., 2014:
Quantification of micafungin in human plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Eminaga, S.; Christodoulou, D.C.; Vigneault, F.; Church, G.M.; Seidman, J.G., 2014:
Quantification of microRNA expression with next-generation sequencing

Eis, P.S.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A., 2008:
Quantification of microRNAs, splicing isoforms, and homologous mRNAs with the invader assay

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Quantification of microarchitecture bone junctions based on a dual tree M-band wavelet decomposition

Katukiza, A.Y.; Ronteltap, M.; van der Steen, P.; Foppen, J.W.A.; Lens, P.N.L., 2016:
Quantification of microbial risks to human health caused by waterborne viruses and bacteria in an urban slum

Li, D.; Kong, F.; Shi, X.; Ye, L.; Yu, Y.; Yang, Z., 2012:
Quantification of microcystin-producing and non-microcystin producing Microcystis populations during the 2009 and 2010 blooms in Lake Taihu using quantitative real-time PCR

Misfeld, M.; Gerriets, T.; Kopiske, G.; Kaps, M.; Sievers, H-Hinrich.; Kraatz, E-Günther., 2007 :
Quantification of microembolic signals during transmyocardial laser revascularization

Pul, R.; Chittappen, K.Prajeeth.; Stangel, M., 2014:
Quantification of microglial phagocytosis by a flow cytometer-based assay

Babcock, A.A.; Wirenfeldt, M.; Finsen, B., 2014:
Quantification of microglial proliferation and apoptosis by flow cytometry

Simpson, H.N., 2014:
Quantification of micronutrients

Depypere, F.; Van Oostveldt, P.; Pieters, J.G.; Dewettinck, K., 2010:
Quantification of microparticle coating quality by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)

Musse, M.;, Fçois.; Quellec, Séphane.; Cambert, M.; Challois, S.; Davenel, A., 2011:
Quantification of microporosity in fruit by MRI at various magnetic fields: comparison with X-ray microtomography

Szczepankiewicz, F.; Lasič, S.; van Westen, D.; Sundgren, P.C.; Englund, E.; Westin, C-Fredrik.; Ståhlberg, F.; Lätt, J.; Topgaard, D.; Nilsson, M., 2015:
Quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy disentangles effects of orientation dispersion from microstructure: applications in healthy volunteers and in brain tumors

Leclerc, L.; Boudard, D.; Pourchez, J.; Forest, V.; Sabido, O.; Bin, V.; Palle, S.; Grosseau, P.; Bernache, D.; Cottier, M., 2011:
Quantification of microsized fluorescent particles phagocytosis to a better knowledge of toxicity mechanisms

Nassenstein, K.; Waltering, K.; Hollenhorst, M.; Bruder, O.; Schlosser, T.; Hunold, P.; Barkhausen, J., 2009:
Quantification of microvascular obstruction in acute myocardial infarction using cardiac MRI

Abdalla, S.; Haboubi, N.; Kumar, S., 1996 :
Quantification of microvessel density in human tumours

Ahsman, M.J.; van der Nagel, B.C.; Mathot, R.A., 2010:
Quantification of midazolam, morphine and metabolites in plasma using 96-well solid-phase extraction and ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Fong, B.Y.; Norris, C.S., 2009:
Quantification of milk fat globule membrane proteins using selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry

Martí D.O.ives, A.; Díaz, J.R.; Molina, M.P.; Peris, C., 2015:
Quantification of milk yield and composition changes as affected by subclinical mastitis during the current lactation in sheep

Singh, P.; Negi, J.S.; Rawat, M.S.M.; Nee Pant, G.Joshi., 2011:
Quantification of mineral elements of Rheum emodi Wallr. (Polygonaceae)

Fageria, M.; Boquel, Sébastien.; Leclair, G.; Pelletier, Y., 2015:
Quantification of mineral oil accumulation and movement in potato plants and its significance in potato virus Y management

Ravoori, M.; Czaplinska, A.J.; Sikes, C.; Han, L.; Johnson, E.M.; Qiao, W.; Ng, C.; Cody, D.D.; Murphy, W.A.; Do, K-Anh.; Navone, N.M.; Kundra, V., 2011:
Quantification of mineralized bone response to prostate cancer by noninvasive in vivo microCT and non-destructive ex vivo microCT and DXA in a mouse model

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Quantification of missing and overlapping data in multiple breath hold abdominal imaging

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Quantification of mitochondrial DNA mutation load

Murray, C.I.; Chung, H.Seung.; Uhrigshardt, H.; Van Eyk, J.E. , 2013:
Quantification of mitochondrial S-nitrosylation by CysTMT⁶ switch assay

Cayci, T.; Kurt, B.; Akgul, E.Ozgur.; Kurt, Y.Gulcan., 2012:
Quantification of mitochondrial abundance

Still, A.J.; Floyd, B.J.; Hebert, A.S.; Bingman, C.A.; Carson, J.J.; Gunderson, D.R.; Dolan, B.K.; Grimsrud, P.A.; Dittenhafer-Reed, K.E.; Stapleton, D.S.; Keller, M.P.; Westphall, M.S.; Denu, J.M.; Attie, A.D.; Coon, J.J.; Pagliarini, D.J., 2014:
Quantification of mitochondrial acetylation dynamics highlights prominent sites of metabolic regulation

Veronesi, F.; Corsi, C.; Sugeng, L.; Caiani, E.G.; Weinert, L.; Mor-Avi, V.; Cerutti, S.; Lamberti, C.; Lang, R.M., 2007:
Quantification of mitral apparatus dynamics in functional and ischemic mitral regurgitation using real-time 3-dimensional echocardiography

Zamorano, Jé.L.; Fernández-Golfín, C.; González-Gómez, A., 2015:
Quantification of mitral regurgitation by echocardiography

Wang, W.; Lin, Q.; Wu, W.; Jiang, Y.; Lan, T.; Wang, H., 2014:
Quantification of mitral regurgitation by general imaging three-dimensional quantification: feasibility and accuracy

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Quantification of mitral regurgitation by real time three-dimensional color Doppler flow echocardiography pre- and post-percutaneous mitral valve repair

Arnous, S.; Killeen, R.P.; Martos, R.; Quinn, M.; McDonald, K.; Dodd, J.Dermot., 2011:
Quantification of mitral regurgitation on cardiac computed tomography: comparison with qualitative and quantitative echocardiographic parameters

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Quantification of mitral regurgitation using high pulse repetition frequency three-dimensional color Doppler

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Quantification of mitral valve anatomy by three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography in mitral valve prolapse predicts surgical anatomy and the complexity of mitral valve repair

Lee, A.Pui-Wai.; Fang, F.; Jin, C-Na.; Kam, K.Ka-Ho.; Tsui, G.K.W.; Wong, K.K.Y.; Looi, J-Li.; Wong, R.H.L.; Wan, S.; Sun, J.Ping.; Underwood, M.J.; Yu, C-Man., 2015:
Quantification of mitral valve morphology with three-dimensional echocardiography--can measurement lead to better management?

Gabriel Latcu, D.; Paranon, S.; Bongard, V.; Bassil-Eter, R.; Grosjean-Guitton, J.; Dulac, Y.; Acar, P., 2008:
Quantification of mitral-valve regurgitation in a paediatric population by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography

Merzoni, Jóice.; Ewald, G.Menezes.; Paz, A.Aparecida.; Daudt, L.Esteves.; Jobim, L.Fernando.Job., 2014:
Quantification of mixed chimerism allows early therapeutic interventions

Sedlacik, J.; Rauscher, A.; Reichenbach, Jürgen.R., 2009:
Quantification of modulated blood oxygenation levels in single cerebral veins by investigating their MR signal decay

Ando, I.; Hirose, T.; Nemoto, T.; Totsune, K.; Imai, Y.; Takeuchi, K.; Fujiwara, M., 2010:
Quantification of molecules in (1)H-NMR metabolomics with formate as a concentration standard

Wang, H.; Chung-Davidson, Y-Wen.; Li, K.; Scott, A.M.; Li, W., 2012:
Quantification of monoamine neurotransmitters and melatonin in sea lamprey brain tissues by high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

Hamelin, E.I.; Mawhinney, D.B.; Parry, R.; Kobelski, R.J., 2010:
Quantification of monofluoroacetate and monochloroacetate in human urine by isotope dilution liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Miletic, V.; Santini, A.; Trkulja, I., 2009:
Quantification of monomer elution and carbon-carbon double bonds in dental adhesive systems using HPLC and micro-Raman spectroscopy

Hammad, L.A.; Derryberry, D.Z.; Jmeian, Y.R.; Mechref, Y., 2010:
Quantification of monosaccharides through multiple-reaction monitoring liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry using an aminopropyl column

Bharathi, D.Vijaya.; Hotha, K.Kumar.; Jagadeesh, B.; Mullangi, R.; Naidu, A., 2009:
Quantification of montelukast, a selective cysteinyl leukotriene receptor (CysLT1) antagonist in human plasma by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry: validation and its application to a human pharmacokinetic study

Sinzobahamvya, Nème.; Weber, T.; Sata, S.; Haun, C.; Arenz, C.; Photiadis, J.; Schindler, E.; Hraska, V.; Asfour, B., 2014:
Quantification of morbidity associated with congenital heart surgery

Oliveira, A.; Carvalho, Félix.; Pinho, P.Guedes.; Remião, F.; Medeiros, R.; Dinis-Oliveira, R.Jorge., 2015:
Quantification of morphine and its major metabolites M3G and M6G in antemortem and postmortem samples

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