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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55328

Chapter 55328 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Gad El-karim, I.A.; Aly, A.A.; Amine, M.S.; El-Alfy, S., 2010:
Quantum mechanical calculations of the cephalosporin nucleus

Duffy, C.D.P.; Valkunas, L.; Ruban, A.V., 2014:
Quantum mechanical calculations of xanthophyll-chlorophyll electronic coupling in the light-harvesting antenna of photosystem II of higher plants

Kariev, A.M.; Green, M.E., 2008:
Quantum mechanical calculations on selectivity in the KcsA channel: the role of the aqueous cavity

Kim, S.; Ståhlberg, J.; Sandgren, M.; Paton, R.S.; Beckham, G.T., 2014:
Quantum mechanical calculations suggest that lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases use a copper-oxyl, oxygen-rebound mechanism

Bauschlicher, C.W.; Langhoff, S.R., 1991:
Quantum mechanical calculations to chemical accuracy

Improta, R., 2015:
Quantum mechanical calculations unveil the structure and properties of the absorbing and emitting excited electronic states of guanine quadruplex

Saracibar, A.; Goldfield, E.M.; Gray, S.K., 2008:
Quantum mechanical capture/phase space theory calculation of the rate constants for the complex-forming CH + H(2) reaction

Valdés, Álvaro.; Prosmiti, R., 2013:
Quantum mechanical characterization of the He4ICl weakly bound complex

Barone, V.; Improta, R.; Rega, N., 2008:
Quantum mechanical computations and spectroscopy: from small rigid molecules in the gas phase to large flexible molecules in solution

Bernales, V.S.; Marenich, A.V.; Contreras, R.; Cramer, C.J.; Truhlar, D.G., 2012:
Quantum mechanical continuum solvation models for ionic liquids

Goldman, N.; Reed, E.J.; Fried, L.E., 2009:
Quantum mechanical corrections to simulated shock Hugoniot temperatures

Habershon, S.; Braams, B.J.; Manolopoulos, D.E., 2007:
Quantum mechanical correlation functions, maximum entropy analytic continuation, and ring polymer molecular dynamics

Muhammad, S.; Xu, H.; Liao, Y.; Kan, Y.; Su, Z., 2009:
Quantum mechanical design and structure of the Li@B10H14 basket with a remarkably enhanced electro-optical response

Wang, S-Jian.; Li, Y.; Wu, D.; Wang, Y-Feng.; Li, Z-Ru., 2012:
Quantum mechanical design and structures of hexanuclear sandwich complex and its multidecker sandwich clusters (Li6)n([18]annulene)n+1 (n = 1-3)

Janjua, M.Ramzan.Saeed.Ashraf., 2012:
Quantum mechanical design of efficient second-order nonlinear optical materials based on heteroaromatic imido-substituted hexamolybdates: first theoretical framework of POM-based heterocyclic aromatic rings

Zhang, X.; DeChancie, J.; Gunaydin, H.; Chowdry, A.B.; Clemente, F.R.; Smith, A.J.T.; Handel, T.M.; Houk, K.N., 2008:
Quantum mechanical design of enzyme active sites

Kim, H-Geon.; Kim, J-Sik.; Kim, Y-Kyu.; Won, T., 2007:
Quantum mechanical device modeling: FinFET having an isolated n+/p+ gate region strapped with poly-silicon

Anisimov, V.M.; Bugaenko, V.L.; Cavasotto, C.N., 2010:
Quantum mechanical dynamics of charge transfer in ubiquitin in aqueous solution

Jing, Y-Qi.; Han, K-Li., 2010:
Quantum mechanical effect in protein-ligand interaction

Huang, C.; Pavone, M.; Carter, E.A., 2011:
Quantum mechanical embedding theory based on a unique embedding potential

Harańczyk, M.; Gutowski, M., 2007:
Quantum mechanical energy-based screening of combinatorially generated library of tautomers. TauTGen: a tautomer generator program

Linden, N.; Popescu, S.; Short, A.J.; Winter, A., 2009:
Quantum mechanical evolution towards thermal equilibrium

Mazack, M.J.M.; Gao, J., 2015:
Quantum mechanical force field for hydrogen fluoride with explicit electronic polarization

Han, J.; Mazack, M.J.M.; Zhang, P.; Truhlar, D.G.; Gao, J., 2014:
Quantum mechanical force field for water with explicit electronic polarization

Wang, B.; Yang, K.R.; Xu, X.; Isegawa, M.; Leverentz, H.R.; Truhlar, D.G., 2014:
Quantum mechanical fragment methods based on partitioning atoms or partitioning coordinates

Maji, K.; Kouri, D.J., 2011:
Quantum mechanical generalized phase-shift approach to atom-surface scattering: a Feshbach projection approach to dealing with closed channel effects

Gaul, C.; Büttner, H., 2007:
Quantum mechanical heat transport in disordered harmonic chains

Yamamoto, S.; Morisawa, Y.; Sato, H.; Hoshina, H.; Ozaki, Y., 2013:
Quantum mechanical interpretation of intermolecular vibrational modes of crystalline poly-(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate observed in low-frequency Raman and terahertz spectra

Kruft, B.I.; Harrington, J.M.; Duckworth, O.W.; Jarzęcki, A.A., 2014:
Quantum mechanical investigation of aqueous desferrioxamine B metal complexes: trends in structure, binding, and infrared spectroscopy

Um, J.M.; DiRocco, D.A.; Noey, E.L.; Rovis, T.; Houk, K.N., 2011:
Quantum mechanical investigation of the effect of catalyst fluorination in the intermolecular asymmetric Stetter reaction

Mavroudakis, E.; Cuccato, D.; Moscatelli, D., 2014:
Quantum mechanical investigation on bimolecular hydrogen abstractions in butyl acrylate-based free radical polymerization processes

Mitin, A.V.; Kubicki, J.D., 2008:
Quantum mechanical investigations of heme structure and vibrational spectra: effects of conformation, oxidation state, and electric field

Cheong, P.Ha-Yeon.; Legault, C.Y.; Um, J.M.; Çelebi-Ölçüm, N.; Houk, K.N., 2011:
Quantum mechanical investigations of organocatalysis: mechanisms, reactivities, and selectivities

Das, G.; Mandal, S., 2014:
Quantum mechanical investigations on the role of C-terminal residue in influencing the structural features of dipeptides containing N-terminal proline

Enss, T.; Haussmann, R., 2012:
Quantum mechanical limitations to spin diffusion in the unitary Fermi gas

Aldegunde, Jús.; Javier Aoiz, F.; de Miranda, M.P., 2008:
Quantum mechanical limits to the control of atom-diatom chemical reactions through the polarisation of the reactants

Aldegunde, Jús.; Jambrina, P.G.; Sáez-Rábanos, V.; de Miranda, M.P.; Aoiz, F.J., 2011:
Quantum mechanical mechanisms of inelastic and reactive H + D(2)(v = 0, j = 2) collisions

Muñoz-Losa, A.; Curutchet, C.; Fdez Galván, I.; Mennucci, B., 2008:
Quantum mechanical methods applied to excitation energy transfer: a comparative analysis on excitation energies and electronic couplings

Zhou, T.; Huang, D.; Caflisch, A., 2010:
Quantum mechanical methods for drug design

Bertini, L.; Bruschi, M.; Cosentino, U.; Greco, C.; Moro, G.; Zampella, G.; D.G.oia, L., 2015:
Quantum mechanical methods for the investigation of metalloproteins and related bioinorganic compounds

Bundhun, A.; Blowers, P.; Ramasami, P.; Schaefer, H.F., 2010:
Quantum mechanical modeling for the GeX(2)/GeHX + GeH(4) reactions (X = H, F, Cl, and Br)

Bell, A.T.; Head-Gordon, M., 2012:
Quantum mechanical modeling of catalytic processes

Náray-Szabó, Gábor.; Oláh, J.; Krámos, Bázs., 2013:
Quantum mechanical modeling: a tool for the understanding of enzyme reactions

Hasegawa, J-Ya.; Yanai, K.; Ishimura, K., 2014:
Quantum mechanical molecular interactions for calculating the excitation energy in molecular environments: a first-order interacting space approach

Choudhary, A.; Pua, K.Hong.; Raines, R.T., 2011:
Quantum mechanical origin of the conformational preferences of 4-thiaproline and its S-oxides

Guidez, E.B.; Aikens, C.M., 2014:
Quantum mechanical origin of the plasmon: from molecular systems to nanoparticles

Zhang, X.; Gibbs, A.C.; Reynolds, C.H.; Peters, M.B.; Westerhoff, L.M., 2010:
Quantum mechanical pairwise decomposition analysis of protein kinase B inhibitors: validating a new tool for guiding drug design

Schaftenaar, G.; de Vlieg, J., 2012:
Quantum mechanical polar surface area

Schumayer, Dániel.; van Zyl, B.P.; Hutchinson, D.A.W., 2008:
Quantum mechanical potentials related to the prime numbers and Riemann zeros

Phillips, K.L.; Sandler, S.I.; Greene, R.W.; D.T.ro, D.M., 2009:
Quantum mechanical predictions of the Henry's law constants and their temperature dependence for the 209 polychlorinated biphenyl congeners

Shi, H.; Barnard, A.S.; Snook, I.K., 2013:
Quantum mechanical properties of graphene nano-flakes and quantum dots

Holder, A.J.; Ye, L., 2009:
Quantum mechanical quantitative structure-activity relationships to avoid mutagenicity

Ogihara, Y.; Yamamoto, T.; Kato, S., 2011:
Quantum mechanical reaction probability of triplet ketene at the multireference second-order perturbation level of theory

Elkomoss, S.G.; Bernhardt, I.; Pape, A., 2008:
Quantum mechanical scattering cross sections and permeability coefficients for ions crossing the human red cell and resting squid axon membranes

Cho, A.E.; Chung, J.Yoon.; Kim, M.; Park, K., 2010 :
Quantum mechanical scoring for protein docking

Brahmkshatriya, P.S.; Dobeš, P.; Fanfrlik, J.; Rezáç, J.; Paruch, K.; Bronowska, A.; Lepšík, M.; Hobza, P., 2014:
Quantum mechanical scoring: structural and energetic insights into cyclin-dependent kinase 2 inhibition by pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines

Choi, W.; Shin, M., 2011:
Quantum mechanical simulation of hole transport in p-type Si Schottky barrier MOSFETs

Karabanov, A.; van der Drift, A.; Edwards, L.J.; Kuprov, I.; Köckenberger, W., 2012:
Quantum mechanical simulation of solid effect dynamic nuclear polarisation using Krylov-Bogolyubov time averaging and a restricted state-space

Koch, T.; Shim, I.; Lindow, M.; Ørum, H.; Bohr, H.G., 2014:
Quantum mechanical studies of DNA and LNA

Kulczycka-Mierzejewska, K.; Trylska, J.; Sadlej, J., 2012:
Quantum mechanical studies of lincosamides

Ding, Y.; Mei, Y.; Zhang, J.Z.H., 2008:
Quantum mechanical studies of residue-specific hydrophobic interactions in p53-MDM2 binding

Kumar, R.Mahesh.; Subramanian, V., 2011:
Quantum mechanical studies on interaction of carbohydrate with nanomaterials

Wu, H.; Canfield, A.; Adhikari, J.; Huo, S., 2010:
Quantum mechanical studies on model alpha-pleated sheets

Muthu, S.; Maheswari, J.Uma., 2012:
Quantum mechanical study and spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, 13C, 1H, UV) study, first order hyperpolarizability, NBO analysis, HOMO and LUMO analysis of 4-[(4-aminobenzene) sulfonyl] aniline by ab initio HF and density functional method

Saravanan, S.; Balachandran, V., 2015:
Quantum mechanical study and spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV-Visible) study, potential energy surface scan, Fukui function analysis and HOMO-LUMO analysis of 3-tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol by DFT methods

Schmidt, A.; Snovydovych, B.; Casado, J.; Quirante, Jé.Joaquín.; Navarrete, J.Teodomiro.López.; Ramírez, F.Javier., 2009:
Quantum mechanical study and vibrational spectra of indazolium-3-carboxylate and its decarboxylation product, the N-heterocyclic carbene indazol-3-ylidene

Ghiasi, M.; Heravi, M.M., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of antioxidative ability and antioxidative mechanism of rutin (vitamin P) in solution

Zhang, H.; Smith, S.C.; Nanbu, S.; Nakamura, H., 2009:
Quantum mechanical study of atomic hydrogen interaction with a fluorinated boron-substituted coronene radical

Nunthaboot, N.; Tanaka, F.; Kokpol, S.; Chosrowjan, H.; Taniguchi, S.; Mataga, N., 2008:
Quantum mechanical study of photoinduced charge transfer in FMN binding protein

Smirnov, M.; Mirgorodsky, A.; Masson, O.; Thomas, P., 2012:
Quantum mechanical study of pre-dissociation enhancement of linear and nonlinear polarizabilities of (TeO2)(n) oligomers as a key to understanding the remarkable dielectric properties of TeO2 glasses

Sarić, A.; Hrenar, T.; Malis, M.; Doslić, N., 2010:
Quantum mechanical study of secondary structure formation in protected dipeptides

Kuechler, E.R.; York, D.M., 2014:
Quantum mechanical study of solvent effects in a prototype SN2 reaction in solution: Cl- attack on CH3Cl

Temelso, B.; Morrell, T.E.; Shields, R.M.; Allodi, M.A.; Wood, E.K.; Kirschner, K.N.; Castonguay, T.C.; Archer, K.A.; Shields, G.C., 2012:
Quantum mechanical study of sulfuric acid hydration: atmospheric implications

Song, P.; Nordlander, P.; Gao, S., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of the coupling of plasmon excitations to atomic-scale electron transport

Orrego, Ján.F.; Cano, H.; Restrepo, A., 2009:
Quantum mechanical study of the gas-phase reactions between a series of substituted singlet carbenes and water

Su, M-Der., 2009:
Quantum mechanical study of the photoisomerizations of bicyclo[4,1,0]hept-2-ene (2-norcarene)

Honvault, P.; Jorfi, M.; González-Lezana, T.; Faure, A.; Pagani, L., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of the proton exchange in the ortho-para H2 conversion reaction at low temperature

Caprasecca, S.; Curutchet, C.; Mennucci, B., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of the solvent-dependence of electronic energy transfer rates in a Bodipy closely-spaced dyad

Ramachandran, G.; Muthu, S.; Renuga, S., 2013:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman), first-order hyperpolarizability, NBO and HOMO-LUMO analysis of S-S-2 methylamino-1-phenyl propan-1-ol

Prabavathi, N.; Nilufer, A.; Krishnakumar, V., 2012:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, 13C, 1H and UV), NBO and HOMO-LUMO analysis of 2-quinoxaline carboxylic acid

Sebastian, S.; Sundaraganesan, N.; Karthikeiyan, B.; Srinivasan, V., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, 13C, 1H and UV), first order hyperpolarizabilities, NBO and TD-DFT analysis of the 4-methyl-2-cyanobiphenyl

Muthu, S.; Ramachandran, G.; Isac Paulraj, E.; Swaminathan, T., 2014:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic (FTIR, FT-Raman), first-order hyperpolarizability and NBO analysis of 1,2-benzoxazol-3-ylmenthane sulfonamide

Sheela, N.R.; Sampathkrishnan, S.; Thirumalai Kumar, M.; Muthu, S., 2014:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic, first order hyperpolarizability, Fukui function, NBO, normal coordinate analysis of phenyl-N-(4-methyl phenyl) nitrone

Balachandran, V.; Karunakaran, V., 2013:
Quantum mechanical study of the structure and vibrational spectroscopic (FT-IR and FT-Raman), first-order hyperpolarizability, NBO and HOMO-LUMO studies of 4-bromo-3-nitroanisole

Rhyman, L.; Abdallah, H.H.; Ramasami, P., 2011:
Quantum mechanical study of the syn-anti isomerisation of 2-tellurophenecarboaldehyde: vive la différence

Ivanov, M.V.; Grebenshchikov, S.Yu.; Schinke, R., 2009:
Quantum mechanical study of vibrational energy transfer in Ar-O3 collisions: influence of symmetry

Acosta-Silva, C.; Bertran, J.; Branchadell, Vç.; Oliva, A., 2013:
Quantum mechanical study on the mechanism of peptide release in the ribosome

Hu, K-Nian.; Debelouchina, G.T.; Smith, A.A.; Griffin, R.G., 2011:
Quantum mechanical theory of dynamic nuclear polarization in solid dielectrics

Cook, T.C.; Andrus, M.B.; Ess, D.H., 2012:
Quantum mechanical transition-state analysis reveals the precise origin of stereoselectivity in chiral quaternary cinchonidinium phase-transfer catalyzed enolate allylation

Bulut, N.; Castillo, J.F.; Bañares, L.; Aoiz, F.J., 2009:
Quantum mechanical wave packet and quasiclassical trajectory calculations for the Li + H2(+) reaction

Muthu, S.; Uma Maheswari, J.; Sundius, T., 2013 :
Quantum mechanical, spectroscopic studies (FT-IR, FT-Raman, NMR, UV) and normal coordinates analysis on 3-([2-(diaminomethyleneamino) thiazol-4-yl] methylthio)-N'-sulfamoylpropanimidamide

Ferreira, D.E.C.; Florentino, B.P.D.; Rocha, W.R.; Nome, F., 2010:
Quantum mechanical/effective fragment potential (QM/EFP) study of phosphate monoester aminolysis in aqueous solution

Xu, D.; Guo, H., 2009:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical and density functional theory studies of a prototypical zinc peptidase (carboxypeptidase A) suggest a general acid-general base mechanism

Ganguly, A.; Thaplyal, P.; Rosta, E.; Bevilacqua, P.C.; Hammes-Schiffer, S., 2014:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical free energy simulations of the self-cleavage reaction in the hepatitis delta virus ribozyme

Thomas, L.L.; Tirado-Rives, J.; Jorgensen, W.L., 2010:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical modeling finds Diels-Alder reactions are accelerated less on the surface of water than in water

Pan, X-Liang.; Cui, F-Chao.; Liu, J-Yao., 2011:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical molecular dynamics and free energy simulations of the thiopurine S-methyltransferase reaction with 6-mercaptopurine

Lameira, J.; Alves, Cáudio.Nahum.; Moliner, V.; Martí, S.; Castillo, R.; Tuñón, Iñaki., 2010:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical molecular dynamics simulation of wild-type and seven mutants of CpNagJ in complex with PUGNAc

Sekharan, S.; Yokoyama, S.; Morokuma, K., 2012:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical structure, enantioselectivity, and spectroscopy of hydroxyretinals and insights into the evolution of color vision in small white butterflies

Altun, A.; Yokoyama, S.; Morokuma, K., 2008:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical studies on spectral tuning mechanisms of visual pigments and other photoactive proteins

Yue, Y.; Guo, H., 2014:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study of catalytic mechanism and role of key residues in methylation reactions catalyzed by dimethylxanthine methyltransferase in caffeine biosynthesis

Polyak, I.; Reetz, M.T.; Thiel, W., 2013:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study on the enantioselectivity of the enzymatic Baeyer-Villiger reaction of 4-hydroxycyclohexanone

Polyak, I.; Reetz, M.T.; Thiel, W., 2012:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study on the mechanism of the enzymatic Baeyer-Villiger reaction

Chen, H.; Hirao, H.; Derat, E.; Schlichting, I.; Shaik, S., 2008:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study on the mechanisms of compound I formation in the catalytic cycle of chloroperoxidase: an overview on heme enzymes

Li, H., 2009:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical/continuum style solvation model: linear response theory, variational treatment, and nuclear gradients

Thellamurege, N.M.; Si, D.; Cui, F.; Li, H., 2014:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical/continuum style solvation model: second order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory

Thellamurege, N.M.; Cui, F.; Li, H., 2013:
Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical/continuum style solvation model: time-dependent density functional theory

Nhu, N.Van.; Singh, M.; Leonhard, K., 2008:
Quantum mechanically based estimation of perturbed-chain polar statistical associating fluid theory parameters for analyzing their physical significance and predicting properties

Shahrokh, K.; Orendt, A.; Yost, G.S.; Cheatham, T.E., 2012:
Quantum mechanically derived AMBER-compatible heme parameters for various states of the cytochrome P450 catalytic cycle

Hostert, C.; Music, D.; Bednarcik, J.; Keckes, J.; Schneider, J.M., 2012:
Quantum mechanically guided design of Co43Fe20Ta(5.5)X(31.5) (X=B, Si, P, S) metallic glasses

Chu, T., 2009:
Quantum mechanics and quasiclassical study of the H/D+FO --> OH/OD+F, HF/DF+O reactions: chemical stereodynamics

Pascal, T.A.; Karasawa, N.; Goddard, W.A., 2011:
Quantum mechanics based force field for carbon (QMFF-Cx) validated to reproduce the mechanical and thermodynamics properties of graphite

Caronna, T.; Castiglione, F.; Famulari, A.; Fontana, F.; Malpezzi, L.; Mele, A.; Mendola, D.; Sora, I.Natali., 2012:
Quantum mechanics calculations, basicity and crystal structure: the route to transition metal complexes of azahelicenes

D'Amico, I.; Coe, J.P.; França, V.V.; Capelle, K., 2011:
Quantum mechanics in metric space: wave functions and their densities

Clarke, J.; Cleland, A.N.; Devoret, M.H.; Esteve, D.; Martinis, J.M., 1988:
Quantum mechanics of a macroscopic variable: the phase difference of a josephson junction

Witten, E., 2012:
Quantum mechanics of black holes

Robinson, A.L., 1982:
Quantum mechanics passes another test

Chen, Z.Qin.; Zhang, C.Hua.; Kim, C.Kyung.; Xue, Y., 2011:
Quantum mechanics study and Monte Carlo simulation on the hydrolytic deamination of 5-methylcytosine glycol

Gueto-Tettay, C.; Drosos, J.Carlos.; Vivas-Reyes, R., 2011:
Quantum mechanics study of the hydroxyethylamines-BACE-1 active site interaction energies

Price, H.M.; Ozawa, T.; Carusotto, I., 2014:
Quantum mechanics with a momentum-space artificial magnetic field

Shalashilin, D.V., 2009:
Quantum mechanics with the basis set guided by Ehrenfest trajectories: theory and application to spin-boson model

E.K.rdawy, A.; Güssregen, S.; Matter, H.; Hennemann, M.; Clark, T., 2014:
Quantum mechanics-based properties for 3D-QSAR

Fanfrlík, Jřich.; Brahmkshatriya, P.S.; Řezáč, J.; Jílková, Aéla.; Horn, M.; Mareš, M.; Hobza, P.; Lepšík, M., 2014:
Quantum mechanics-based scoring rationalizes the irreversible inactivation of parasitic Schistosoma mansoni cysteine peptidase by vinyl sulfone inhibitors

Kuzmin, A.; Evarestov, R.A., 2009:
Quantum mechanics-molecular dynamics approach to the interpretation of x-ray absorption spectra

Cho, A., 2014:
Quantum mechanics. Breakthrough lost in coin toss?

Suh, J.; Weinstein, A.J.; Lei, C.U.; Wollman, E.E.; Steinke, S.K.; Meystre, P.; Clerk, A.A.; Schwab, K.C., 2014:
Quantum mechanics. Mechanically detecting and avoiding the quantum fluctuations of a microwave field

Bouwmeester, D., 2014:
Quantum mechanics. The quantum nondemolition derby

Bellocchi, D.; Macchiarulo, A.; Carotti, A.; Pellicciari, R., 2009:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) modeling of the irreversible transamination of L-kynurenine to kynurenic acid: the round dance of kynurenine aminotransferase II

Polyak, I.; Benighaus, T.; Boulanger, E.; Thiel, W., 2013:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics dual Hamiltonian free energy perturbation

Wang, Y.; Schlick, T., 2008:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics investigation of the chemical reaction in Dpo4 reveals water-dependent pathways and requirements for active site reorganization

Smith, A.J.T.; Li, Y.; Houk, K.N., 2009:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics investigation of the mechanism of phosphate transfer in human uridine-cytidine kinase 2

Sameera, W.M.C.; Maseras, F., 2011:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics methods can be more accurate than full quantum mechanics in systems involving dispersion correlations

Hu, H.; Lu, Z.; Parks, J.M.; Burger, S.K.; Yang, W., 2008:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics minimum free-energy path for accurate reaction energetics in solution and enzymes: sequential sampling and optimization on the potential of mean force surface

Lodola, A.; Capoferri, L.; Rivara, S.; Tarzia, G.; Piomelli, D.; Mulholland, A.; Mor, M., 2013:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modeling of fatty acid amide hydrolase reactivation distinguishes substrate from irreversible covalent inhibitors

Löytynoja, T.; Niskanen, J.; Jänkälä, K.; Vahtras, O.; Rinkevicius, Z.; Ågren, H., 2015:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modeling of photoelectron spectra: the carbon 1s core-electron binding energies of ethanol-water solutions

Lonsdale, R.; Houghton, K.T.; Żurek, J.; Bathelt, C.M.; Foloppe, N.; de Groot, M.J.; Harvey, J.N.; Mulholland, A.J., 2013:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modeling of regioselectivity of drug metabolism in cytochrome P450 2C9

Jitonnom, J.; Lee, V.S.; Nimmanpipug, P.; Rowlands, H.A.; Mulholland, A.J., 2011:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modeling of substrate-assisted catalysis in family 18 chitinases: conformational changes and the role of Asp142 in catalysis in ChiB

Burger, S.K.; Schofield, J.; Ayers, P.W., 2014:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics restrained electrostatic potential fitting

Burger, S.K.; Thompson, D.C.; Ayers, P.W., 2011:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics strategies for docking pose refinement: distinguishing between binders and decoys in cytochrome C peroxidase

Sproviero, E.M.; Gascón, Jé.A.; McEvoy, J.P.; Brudvig, G.W.; Batista, V.S., 2007:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics structural models of the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II

Arafet, K.; Ferrer, S.; Martí, S.; Moliner, V., 2014:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics studies of the mechanism of falcipain-2 inhibition by the epoxysuccinate E64

Pang, J.; Scrutton, N.S.; Sutcliffe, M.J., 2015:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics studies on the mechanism of action of cofactor pyridoxal 5'-phosphate in ornithine 4,5-aminomutase

Porro, C.S.; Sutcliffe, M.J.; de Visser, S.P., 2010:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics studies on the sulfoxidation of dimethyl sulfide by compound I and compound 0 of cytochrome P450: which is the better oxidant?

Saito, T.; Thiel, W., 2015:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study of oxygen binding in hemocyanin

Sproviero, E.M.; Gascón, Jé.A.; McEvoy, J.P.; Brudvig, G.W.; Batista, V.S., 2008:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study of the catalytic cycle of water splitting in photosystem II

Quesne, M.G.; Latifi, R.; Gonzalez-Ovalle, L.E.; Kumar, D.; de Visser, S.P., 2014:
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study on the oxygen binding and substrate hydroxylation step in AlkB repair enzymes

Hoag, H., 2013:
Quantum mechanics: Waterloo gets physical

Schwinger, J., 1993:
Quantum mechanics: not mysterious

Van Vleck, J.H., 1978:
Quantum mechanics: the key to understanding magnetism

Miller, J.H.; Wijesinghe, A.I., 2012:
Quantum mechanisms of density wave transport

Srinivasadesikan, V.; Dai, J-Kuang.; Lee, S-Long., 2014:
Quantum mechanistic insights on aryl propargyl ether Claisen rearrangement

Udagawa, M.; Ishizuka, H.; Motome, Y., 2010:
Quantum melting of charge ice and non-Fermi-liquid behavior: an exact solution for the extended Falicov-Kimball model in the ice-rule limit

Onoda, S.; Tanaka, Y., 2010:
Quantum melting of spin ice: emergent cooperative quadrupole and chirality

Ralko, A.; Trousselet, F.; Poilblanc, D., 2010:
Quantum melting of valence-bond crystal insulators and novel supersolid phase at commensurate density

Romero-Isart, O.; Rizzi, M.; Muschik, C.A.; Polzik, E.S.; Lewenstein, M.; Sanpera, A., 2012:
Quantum memory assisted probing of dynamical spin correlations

Julsgaard, B.; Grezes, Cécile.; Bertet, P.; Mølmer, K., 2013:
Quantum memory for microwave photons in an inhomogeneously broadened spin ensemble

Appel, Jürgen.; Figueroa, E.; Korystov, D.; Lobino, M.; Lvovsky, A.I., 2008:
Quantum memory for squeezed light

Bashkansky, M.; Fatemi, F.K.; Vurgaftman, I., 2012:
Quantum memory in warm rubidium vapor with buffer gas

Chuu, C-Sung.; Strassel, T.; Zhao, B.; Koch, M.; Chen, Y-Ao.; Chen, S.; Yuan, Z-Sheng.; Schmiedmayer, Jörg.; Pan, J-Wei., 2008:
Quantum memory with optically trapped atoms

Demetrius, L.; Tuszynski, J.A., 2010:
Quantum metabolism explains the allometric scaling of metabolic rates

Baturina, T.I.; Strunk, C.; Baklanov, M.R.; Satta, A., 2007:
Quantum metallicity on the high-field side of the superconductor-insulator transition

Sanford, L.N.; Kent, J.O.; Wittwer, C.T., 2014:
Quantum method for fluorescence background removal in DNA melting analysis

Escher, B.M.; Davidovich, L.; Zagury, N.; de Matos Filho, R.L., 2012:
Quantum metrological limits via a variational approach

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