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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55334

Chapter 55334 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kalousová, M.; Brabcová, I.; Germanová, A.; Jáchymová, M.; Matl, I.; Mestek, O.; Bandúr, Sán.; Zima, Tás.; Viklický, O., 2009:
RAGE polymorphisms, renal function and histological finding at 12 months after renal transplantation

Perrone, L.; Peluso, G.; Melone, M.Ab., 2008:
RAGE recycles at the plasma membrane in S100B secretory vesicles and promotes Schwann cells morphological changes

Cho, H.J.; Son, S.M.; Jin, S.M.; Hong, H.S.; Shin, D.H.; Kim, S.J.; Huh, K.; Mook-Jung, I., 2009:
RAGE regulates BACE1 and Abeta generation via NFAT1 activation in Alzheimer's disease animal model

Kang, R.; Tang, D.; Lotze, M.T.; Zeh, H.J., 2011:
RAGE regulates autophagy and apoptosis following oxidative injury

Chen, M.; Glenn, J.V.; Dasari, S.; McVicar, C.; Ward, M.; Colhoun, L.; Quinn, M.; Bierhaus, A.; Xu, H.; Stitt, A.W., 2015:
RAGE regulates immune cell infiltration and angiogenesis in choroidal neovascularization

Song, F.; Hurtado del Pozo, C.; Rosario, R.; Zou, Y.Shan.; Ananthakrishnan, R.; Xu, X.; Patel, P.R.; Benoit, V.M.; Yan, S.Fang.; Li, H.; Friedman, R.A.; Kim, J.K.; Ramasamy, R.; Ferrante, A.W.; Schmidt, A.Marie., 2014:
RAGE regulates the metabolic and inflammatory response to high-fat feeding in mice

Kierdorf, K.; Fritz, Günter., 2013:
RAGE regulation and signaling in inflammation and beyond

Riuzzi, F.; Sorci, G.; Sagheddu, R.; Sidoni, A.; Alaggio, R.; Ninfo, V.; Donato, R., 2014 :
RAGE signaling deficiency in rhabdomyosarcoma cells causes upregulation of PAX7 and uncontrolled proliferation

Lin, L.; Park, S.; Lakatta, E.G., 2009:
RAGE signaling in inflammation and arterial aging

DiNorcia, J.; Moroziewicz, D.N.; Ippagunta, N.; Lee, M.K.; Foster, M.; Rotterdam, H.Z.; Bao, F.; Zhou, Y.Shan.; Yan, S.Fang.; Emond, J.; Schmidt, A.Marie.; Allendorf, J.D., 2011:
RAGE signaling significantly impacts tumorigenesis and hepatic tumor growth in murine models of colorectal carcinoma

Sterenczak, K.Anna.; Nolte, I.; Murua Escobar, H., 2013:
RAGE splicing variants in mammals

Philip, B.K.; Childress, P.J.; Robling, A.G.; Heller, A.; Nawroth, P.P.; Bierhaus, A.; Bidwell, J.P., 2010:
RAGE supports parathyroid hormone-induced gains in femoral trabecular bone

Gao, Z.Q.; Yang, C.; Wang, Y.Y.; Wang, P.; Chen, H.L.; Zhang, X.D.; Liu, R.; Li, W.L.; Qin, X.J.; Liang, X.; Hai, C.X., 2008:
RAGE upregulation and nuclear factor-kappaB activation associated with ageing rat cardiomyocyte dysfunction

Wu, B.; Ueno, M.; Onodera, M.; Kusaka, T.; Huang, C-long.; Hosomi, N.; Kanenishi, K.; Sakamoto, H., 2009:
RAGE, LDL receptor, and LRP1 expression in the brains of SAMP8

Gao, X.; Lin, C.; Lu, L.; Liang, G.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, X., 2014:
RAGE, NF-kappaB, p21 expressions in mouse spiral ganglion cells

Turovskaya, O.; Foell, D.; Sinha, P.; Vogl, T.; Newlin, R.; Nayak, J.; Nguyen, M.; Olsson, A.; Nawroth, P.P.; Bierhaus, A.; Varki, N.; Kronenberg, M.; Freeze, H.H.; Srikrishna, G., 2008:
RAGE, carboxylated glycans and S100A8/A9 play essential roles in colitis-associated carcinogenesis

Toth, C.; Martinez, J.; Zochodne, D.W., 2008:
RAGE, diabetes, and the nervous system

D'Agati, V.; Yan, S.Fang.; Ramasamy, R.; Schmidt, A.Marie., 2010:
RAGE, glomerulosclerosis and proteinuria: roles in podocytes and endothelial cells

Routray, S., 2015:
RAGE, inflammation and oral cancer: recreating the connexion

Kosaka, T.; Fukui, R.; Matsui, M.; Kurosaka, Y.; Nishimura, H.; Tanabe, M.; Takakura, Y.; Iwai, K.; Waki, T.; Fujita, T., 2015:
RAGE, receptor of advanced glycation endoproducts, negatively regulates chondrocytes differentiation

Farmer, D.G.S.; Kennedy, S., 2010:
RAGE, vascular tone and vascular disease

Yamamoto, Y.; Yamamoto, H., 2013:
RAGE-Mediated Inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes, and Diabetic Vascular Complication

Sbai, O.; Devi, T.S.; Melone, M.A.B.; Feron, F.; Khrestchatisky, M.; Singh, L.P.; Perrone, L., 2011:
RAGE-TXNIP axis is required for S100B-promoted Schwann cell migration, fibronectin expression and cytokine secretion

Yin, C.; Li, H.; Zhang, B.; Liu, Y.; Lu, G.; Lu, S.; Sun, L.; Qi, Y.; Li, X.; Chen, W., 2014:
RAGE-binding S100A8/A9 promotes the migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells through actin polymerization and epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Leuner, B.; Ruhs, S.; Brömme, H-Jürgen.; Bierhaus, A.; Sel, S.; Silber, R-Edgar.; Somoza, V.; Simm, A.; Nass, N., 2013:
RAGE-dependent activation of gene expression of superoxide dismutase and vanins by AGE-rich extracts in mice cardiac tissue and murine cardiac fibroblasts

Eggers, K.; Sikora, K.; Lorenz, M.; Taubert, T.; Moobed, M.; Baumann, G.; Stangl, K.; Stangl, V., 2011 :
RAGE-dependent regulation of calcium-binding proteins S100A8 and S100A9 in human THP-1

Fang, F.; Lue, L-Fen.; Yan, S.; Xu, H.; Luddy, J.S.; Chen, D.; Walker, D.G.; Stern, D.M.; Yan, S.; Schmidt, A.Marie.; Chen, J.X.; Yan, S.ShiDu., 2010:
RAGE-dependent signaling in microglia contributes to neuroinflammation, Abeta accumulation, and impaired learning/memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Avalos, A.M.; Kiefer, K.; Tian, J.; Christensen, S.; Shlomchik, M.; Coyle, A.J.; Marshak-Rothstein, A., 2010:
RAGE-independent autoreactive B cell activation in response to chromatin and HMGB1/DNA immune complexes

Coughlan, M.T.; Thorburn, D.R.; Penfold, S.A.; Laskowski, A.; Harcourt, B.E.; Sourris, K.C.; Tan, A.L.Y.; Fukami, K.; Thallas-Bonke, V.; Nawroth, P.P.; Brownlee, M.; Bierhaus, A.; Cooper, M.E.; Forbes, J.M., 2009:
RAGE-induced cytosolic ROS promote mitochondrial superoxide generation in diabetes

Rouhiainen, A.; Kuja-Panula, J.; Tumova, S.; Rauvala, H., 2013:
RAGE-mediated cell signaling

Takuma, K.; Fang, F.; Zhang, W.; Yan, S.; Fukuzaki, E.; Du, H.; Sosunov, A.; McKhann, G.; Funatsu, Y.; Nakamichi, N.; Nagai, T.; Mizoguchi, H.; Ibi, D.; Hori, O.; Ogawa, S.; Stern, D.M.; Yamada, K.; Yan, S.Shidu., 2010:
RAGE-mediated signaling contributes to intraneuronal transport of amyloid-beta and neuronal dysfunction

Li, Y.; Wu, R.; Zhao, S.; Cheng, H.; Ji, P.; Yu, M.; Tian, Z., 2015:
RAGE/NF-κB pathway mediates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in alveolar type I epithelial cells isolated from neonate rats

Griffiths, M.J.D.; McAuley, D.F., 2008:
RAGE: a biomarker for acute lung injury

Alexiou, P.; Chatzopoulou, M.; Pegklidou, K.; Demopoulos, V.J., 2010:
RAGE: a multi-ligand receptor unveiling novel insights in health and disease

Kalea, A.Z.; Schmidt, A.Marie.; Hudson, B.I., 2009:
RAGE: a novel biological and genetic marker for vascular disease

Chen, X.; Walker, D.G.; Schmidt, A.Marie.; Arancio, O.; Lue, L-Fen.; Yan, S.Du., 2008:
RAGE: a potential target for Abeta-mediated cellular perturbation in Alzheimer's disease

Fritz, Günter., 2012:
RAGE: a single receptor fits multiple ligands

Donato, R., 2008:
RAGE: a single receptor for several ligands and different cellular responses: the case of certain S100 proteins

Clynes, R.; Herold, K.; Schmidt, A.Marie., 2008:
RAGE: exacting a toll on the host in response to polymicrobial sepsis and Listeria monocytogenes

Han, S-Ho.; Kim, Y.Hee.; Mook-Jung, I., 2011:
RAGE: the beneficial and deleterious effects by diverse mechanisms of actions

Ramasamy, R.; Yan, S.Fang.; Schmidt, A.Marie., 2009:
RAGE: therapeutic target and biomarker of the inflammatory response--the evidence mounts

Tsai, A.G.; Lieber, M.R., 2008:
RAGs found "not guilty": cleared by DNA evidence

Subrahmanyam, R.; Sen, R., 2010:
RAGs' eye view of the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene locus

Ruimy, R.; Meziane-Cherif, D.; Momcilovic, S.; Arlet, G.; Andremont, A.; Courvalin, P., 2010:
RAHN-2, a chromosomal extended-spectrum class A beta-lactamase from Rahnella aquatilis

Carmona-Mora, P.; Canales, C.P.; Cao, L.; Perez, I.C.; Srivastava, A.K.; Young, J.I.; Walz, K., 2013:
RAI1 transcription factor activity is impaired in mutants associated with Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Qian, X.; Mruk, D.D.; Cheng, Y-Ho.; Cheng, C.Yan., 2013:
RAI14 (retinoic acid induced protein 14) is an F-actin regulator: Lesson from the testis

Zhang, X.; Wu, D.; Chen, L.; Li, X.; Yang, J.; Fan, D.; Dong, T.; Liu, M.; Tan, P.; Xu, J.; Yi, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zou, H.; Hu, Y.; Fan, K.; Kang, J.; Huang, Y.; Miao, Z.; Bi, M.; Jin, N.; Li, K.; Li, X.; Xu, J.; Wang, D., 2014:
RAID: a comprehensive resource for human RNA-associated (RNA-RNA/RNA-protein) interaction

Yang, C.; Hornicek, F.J.; Wood, K.B.; Schwab, J.H.; Mankin, H.; Duan, Z., 2009:
RAIDD expression is impaired in multidrug resistant osteosarcoma cell lines

McConkey, D.J., 2011:
RAIDDing ER stress for oncolytic viral therapy

Anonymous, 1947:
RAILWAY accidents in 1946

Höfft, O.; Bahr, S.; Kempter, V., 2008:
RAIRS investigations on films of the ionic liquid [EMIM]Tf(2)N

Dudler, J.; Tuerk, R.; Handschin, T.; Forster, A., 2014:
RAISE - rheumatoid arthritis independent Swiss treatment expectations and outcome: results for the abatacept subpopulation

Miranda, Lís.; Negreiro, F.; Queiroz, M.J.; Silva, C., 2008:
RAISE study observational and cross sectional study to evaluate the actual reality of the socio-economic impact of ankylosing spondylitis

Desenclos, J-Claude.; Astagneau, P.; Bernet, C.; Bussy- Malgrange, V.; Carbonne, A.; Coignard, B.; Desenclos, J.C.; Dumartin, C.; Fabry, J.; Jarlier, V.; Jarno, P.; Lejeune CClin Ouest, B.; Thiolet, J.M.; May, L.; Parneix, P.; Rabaud, C.; Salomon, V.; Sénéchal, H.; Savey, A.; Talon, D.; Tran, B., 2010:
RAISIN - a national programme for early warning, investigation and surveillance of healthcare-associated infection in France

Alves, G.; Ogurtsov, A.Y.; Yu, Y-Kuo., 2008:
RAId_DbS: mass-spectrometry based peptide identification web server with knowledge integration

Alves, G.; Ogurtsov, A.Y.; Yu, Y-Kuo., 2011:
RAId_aPS: MS/MS analysis with multiple scoring functions and spectrum-specific statistics

Nalbantoglu, O.U.; Way, S.F.; Hinrichs, S.H.; Sayood, K., 2011:
RAIphy: phylogenetic classification of metagenomics samples using iterative refinement of relative abundance index profiles

Lock, S., 1987:
RAKE's progress

Brauer, P.M.; Tyner, A.L., 2009:
RAKing in AKT: a tumor suppressor function for the intracellular tyrosine kinase FRK

Lee, S.; Wurtzel, J.G.T.; Singhal, S.S.; Awasthi, S.; Goldfinger, L.E., 2012:
RALBP1/RLIP76 depletion in mice suppresses tumor growth by inhibiting tumor neovascularization

Yu, M.; Yu, P.; Leghari, I.H.; Ge, C.; Mi, Y.; Zhang, C., 2013:
RALDH2, the enzyme for retinoic acid synthesis, mediates meiosis initiation in germ cells of the female embryonic chickens

Bedinger, P.A.; Pearce, G.; Covey, P.A., 2011:
RALFs: peptide regulators of plant growth

Saarinen-Pihkala, U.M.; Parto, K.; Riikonen, P.; Lähteenmäki, Päivi.M.; Békàssy, A.N.; Glomstein, A.; Möttönen, M., 2012:
RALLE pilot: response-guided therapy for marrow relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children

Ito, D.; Hasegawa, T.; Miura, K.; Yamasaki, T.; Arumugam, T.U.; Thongkukiatkul, A.; Takeo, S.; Takashima, E.; Sattabongkot, J.; Han, E-Taek.; Long, C.A.; Torii, M.; Tsuboi, T., 2013:
RALP1 is a rhoptry neck erythrocyte-binding protein of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites and a potential blood-stage vaccine candidate antigen

Fenner, A., 2011:
RALRP anastomosis technique affects outcome but long-term relevance is unclear

Bergmann, M.W.; Zelarayan, L., 2009:
RALT specifically halts maladaptive cardiac hypertrophy: a new kid on the block

Cui, Z-Wen.; Xia, Y.; Ye, Y-Wang.; Jiang, Z-Mao.; Wang, Y-Dong.; Wu, J-Ting.; Sun, L.; Zhao, J.; Fa, P-Ping.; Sun, X-Juan.; Gui, Y-Ting.; Cai, Z-Mingn., 2013:
RALY RNA binding protein-like reduced expression is associated with poor prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Lake, A.Philip., 2007:
RAM disease and other musings

Gonatopoulos-Pournatzis, T.; Cowling, V.H., 2014:
RAM function is dependent on Kapβ2-mediated nuclear entry

Predari, S.Carla., 2008:
RAM jumped from SciELO to SCIE in its 40th anniversary

Predari, S.Carla., 2013:
RAM now in Elsevier

Aguzzi, M.Simona.; D'Arcangelo, D.; Giampietri, C.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Facchiano, A., 2012:
RAM, an RGDS analog, exerts potent anti-melanoma effects in vitro and in vivo

Gonatopoulos-Pournatzis, T.; Dunn, S.; Bounds, R.; Cowling, V.H., 2012:
RAM/Fam103a1 is required for mRNA cap methylation

Gobbato, E.; Wang, E.; Higgins, G.; Bano, S.Asma.; Henry, C.; Schultze, M.; Oldroyd, G.E.D., 2014:
RAM1 and RAM2 function and expression during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and Aphanomyces euteiches colonization

Yasumitsu, H.; Ozeki, Y.; Kawsar, S.M.A.; Fujii, Y.; Sakagami, M.; Matuo, Y.; Toda, T.; Katsuno, H., 2010:
RAMA stain: a fast, sensitive and less protein-modifying CBB R250 stain

Raaijmakers, J.A.; Tanenbaum, M.E.; Maia, Aé.F.; Medema, Ré.H., 2009:
RAMA1 is a novel kinetochore protein involved in kinetochore-microtubule attachment

Salant, E.O.; Sandow, A., 1929:

Anonymous, 1946:

Broeckling, C.D.; Afsar, F.A.; Neumann, S.; Ben-Hur, A.; Prenni, J.E., 2015:
RAMClust: a novel feature clustering method enables spectral-matching-based annotation for metabolomics data

Töpel, T.; Scheible, D.; Trefz, F.; Hofestädt, R., 2010:
RAMEDIS: a comprehensive information system for variations and corresponding phenotypes of rare metabolic diseases

Wong, G.; Greenhalgh, T.; Westhorp, G.; Buckingham, J.; Pawson, R., 2013:
RAMESES publication standards: meta-narrative reviews

Wong, G.; Greenhalgh, T.; Westhorp, G.; Buckingham, J.; Pawson, R., 2013:
RAMESES publication standards: realist syntheses

Wright, I.A.; Travers, S.A., 2014:
RAMICS: trainable, high-speed and biologically relevant alignment of high-throughput sequencing reads to coding DNA

Jones, J.; Furze, G.; Buckley, J.; Speck, L.; Carver, K.; Connolly, S.; Todd, I.; Wells, C-Anne.; Mills, J.; Traill, J.; Aphramor, L.; Begg, B.; Doherty, P.; MacCallum, A., 2012:
RAMIT presents an outdated version of cardiac rehabilitation

Chen, S.; He, H.; Garcia, E.A., 2011:
RAMOBoost: Ranked Minority Oversampling in Boosting

Sass, S.; Buettner, F.; Mueller, N.S.; Theis, F.J., 2015:
RAMONA: a Web application for gene set analysis on multilevel omics data

Mainland, J.; Matsunami, H., 2012:
RAMP like proteins : RTP and REEP family of proteins

Alunni-Kinkle, S., 2014:
RAMP shares successes of recovering nurses

Siu, F.Y.; Stevens, R.C., 2010:
RAMP-ing up class-B GPCR ECD structural coverage

Khokhlovich, E.; Wahl, D.; Masiello, A.; Parisot, P.; El-Ghatta, S.; Szustakowski, J.D.; Nirmala, N.; Tuch, D.S., 2013:
RAMP: a bioinformatics framework for researching imaging agents through molecular pathways

Batut, P.; Gingeras, T.R., 2014:
RAMPAGE: promoter activity profiling by paired-end sequencing of 5'-complete cDNAs

Finlayson, E., 2015:
RAMPing up the quality of rectal cancer surgery

Barwell, J.; Wootten, D.; Simms, J.; Hay, D.L.; Poyner, D.R., 2012:
RAMPs and CGRP receptors

Sexton, P.M.; Poyner, D.R.; Simms, J.; Christopoulos, A.; Hay, D.L., 2012:
RAMPs as drug targets

Tokarevich, N.K.; Tarasevich, I.V., 2008:
RAMS academician I. V. Tarasevich is a leader of development of combined inactivated vaccine against Q-fever

Reichardt, J.; Wandinger, U.; Klein, V.; Mattis, I.; Hilber, B.; Begbie, R., 2012:
RAMSES: German Meteorological Service autonomous Raman lidar for water vapor, temperature, aerosol, and cloud measurements

Gu, H.; Gowda, G.A.Nagana.; Neto, F.Carnevale.; Opp, M.R.; Raftery, D., 2014:
RAMSY: ratio analysis of mass spectrometry to improve compound identification

Raza, S-e-Ahmed.; Humayun, A.; Abouna, S.; Nattkemper, T.W.; Epstein, D.B.A.; Khan, M.; Rajpoot, N.M., 2012:
RAMTaB: robust alignment of multi-tag bioimages

Saxena, S.; Gandhi, A.; Lim, P-Wen.; Relles, D.; Sarosiek, K.; Kang, C.; Chipitsyna, G.; Sendecki, J.; Yeo, C.J.; Arafat, H.A., 2014:
RAN GTPase and Osteopontin in Pancreatic Cancer

Doherty, K.J.; McKay, C.; Chan, K.K.; El-Tanani, M.K., 2012:
RAN GTPase as a target for cancer therapy: Ran binding proteins

Dallol, A.; Hesson, L.B.; Matallanas, D.; Cooper, W.N.; O'Neill, E.; Maher, E.R.; Kolch, W.; Latif, F., 2009:
RAN GTPase is a RASSF1A effector involved in controlling microtubule organization

Cronin, V.S., 2014:
RAN and double-deficit theory

Wolff, U., 2015:
RAN as a predictor of reading skills, and vice versa: results from a randomised reading intervention

Cáceres-Gorriti, K.Y.; Carmona, E.; Barrès, Véronique.; Rahimi, K.; Létourneau, I.J.; Tonin, P.N.; Provencher, D.; Mes-Masson, A-Marie., 2016:
RAN nucleo-cytoplasmic transport and mitotic spindle assembly partners XPO7 and TPX2 are new prognostic biomarkers in serous epithelial ovarian cancer

Zu, T.; Liu, Y.; Bañez-Coronel, M.; Reid, T.; Pletnikova, O.; Lewis, J.; Miller, T.M.; Harms, M.B.; Falchook, A.E.; Subramony, S.H.; Ostrow, L.W.; Rothstein, J.D.; Troncoso, J.C.; Ranum, L.P.W., 2014:
RAN proteins and RNA foci from antisense transcripts in C9ORF72 ALS and frontotemporal dementia

Wojciechowska, M.; Olejniczak, M.; Galka-Marciniak, P.; Jazurek, M.; Krzyzosiak, W.J., 2015:
RAN translation and frameshifting as translational challenges at simple repeats of human neurodegenerative disorders

Reddy, K.; Pearson, C.E., 2013:
RAN translation: fragile X in the running

Xu, P.; Cai, W., 2015:
RAN1 is involved in plant cold resistance and development in rice (Oryza sativa)

Merino Soto, César.; López Pina, Jé., 2010:
RAN: A computer program to estimate random response patterns in objective tests Computar program for random response

Bao, J.; Wu, Q.; Song, R.; Jie, Z.; Zheng, H.; Xu, C.; Yan, W., 2011 :
RANBP17 is localized to the XY body of spermatocytes and interacts with SPEM1 on the manchette of elongating spermatids

Lim, J-Hun.; Jang, S.; Park, C-Jeoung.; Cho, Y-Uk.; Lee, J-Hwan.; Lee, K-Hyung.; Lee, J-Ok.; Shin, J-Yeon.; Kim, J-Il.; Huh, J.; Seo, E-Ju., 2014:
RANBP2-ALK fusion combined with monosomy 7 in acute myelomonocytic leukemia

Behrens, M.A.; Schaecher, C., 2010:
RAND Institute for Civil Justice report on the abuse of medical diagnostic practices in mass tort litigation: lessons learned from the 'phantom' silica epidemic that may deter litigation screening abuse

Moseley, K.; Estrada-Portales, I.Manuela., 2014:
RAND Report on Workplace Wellness: what employers must know

Anonymous, 2007:
RAND study first to document costs and fiscal impact of a mental health court

Lerner, S.Fabian.; Singh, K.; Susanna, R.; Wilson, M.Roy.; Lee, B.L.; Maul, E.; Lerner, S..Fabian.; Singh, K.; Susanna, R.; Wilson, M..Roy.; Grigera, D.; Schlottmann, P.; Susanna, R.; Tavares, I.; Lopes, J.; Gomez, F.; Rueda, J.Carlos.; Hartleben, C., 2012:
RAND-like appropriateness methodology consensus for primary open-angle glaucoma in Latin America

Walsh, J., 1964:
RAND: After Nearly Two Decades of Success, R&D Nonprofit Faces New Tasks, New Rivals

Anonymous, 1964:
RAND: R&D Nonprofit Pioneered a New Kind of Organization, Served as a Model for Others

Jog, A.; Carass, A.; Pham, D.L.; Prince, J.L., 2014:
Random Forest Flair Reconstruction from T 1 , T 2 , and P D -Weighted Mri

Anonymous, 1949:
RANDOM notes on the history of calculous disease

Yang, Z.; Huang, Y-Bing.; Guo, Q-Xiang.; Fu, Y., 2013:
RANEY® Ni catalyzed transfer hydrogenation of levulinate esters to γ-valerolactone at room temperature

Banwell, M.G.; Jones, M.T.; Reekie, T.A.; Schwartz, B.D.; Tan, S.H.; White, L.V., 2014:
RANEY® cobalt--an underutilised reagent for the selective cleavage of C-X and N-O bonds

Rudi, A.Gholami.; Shahrivari, S.; Jalili, S.; Moghadam Kashani, Z.Razaghi., 2014:
RANGI: a fast list-colored graph motif finding algorithm

von dem Knesebeck, A.; Felsberg, Jörg.; Waha, A.; Hartmann, W.; Scheffler, Börn.; Glas, M.; Hammes, J.; Mikeska, T.; Yan, P.S.; Endl, E.; Simon, M.; Reifenberger, G.; Pietsch, T.; Waha, A., 2012:
RANK (TNFRSF11A) is epigenetically inactivated and induces apoptosis in gliomas

Roux, S.; Mariette, X., 2010:
RANK and RANKL expression in giant-cell tumour of bone

Pfitzner, B.Maria.; Branstetter, D.; Loibl, S.; Denkert, C.; Lederer, B.; Schmitt, W.Daniel.; Dombrowski, F.; Werner, M.; Rüdiger, T.; Dougall, W.C.; von Minckwitz, G., 2015:
RANK expression as a prognostic and predictive marker in breast cancer

Blake, M.L.; Tometsko, M.; Miller, R.; Jones, J.C.; Dougall, W.C., 2014:
RANK expression on breast cancer cells promotes skeletal metastasis

Palafox, M.; Ferrer, I.; Pellegrini, P.; Vila, S.; Hernandez-Ortega, S.; Urruticoechea, A.; Climent, F.; Soler, M.Teresa.; Muñoz, Pón.; Viñals, F.; Tometsko, M.; Branstetter, D.; Dougall, W.C.; González-Suárez, E., 2012:
RANK induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stemness in human mammary epithelial cells and promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis

Van den Wyngaert, T.; Wouters, K.; Huizing, M.T.; Vermorken, J.B., 2012:
RANK ligand inhibition in bone metastatic cancer and risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ): non bis in idem?

Miller, R.E.; Roudier, M.; Jones, J.; Armstrong, A.; Canon, J.; Dougall, W.C., 2008:
RANK ligand inhibition plus docetaxel improves survival and reduces tumor burden in a murine model of prostate cancer bone metastasis

George, S.; Brenner, A.; Sarantopoulos, J.; Bukowski, R.M., 2010:
RANK ligand: effects of inhibition

Das, S.; Sepahi, I.; Duthie, A.; Clark, S.; Crockett, J.C., 2015:
RANK receptor oligomerisation in the regulation of NFκB signalling

Yin, J.; Wang, L.; Tang, W.; Wang, X.; Lv, L.; Shao, A.; Shi, Y.; Ding, G.; Chen, S.; Gu, H., 2016:
RANK rs1805034 T>C polymorphism is associated with susceptibility of esophageal cancer in a Chinese population

Won, K.Yeoun.; Kalil, R.Karam.; Kim, Y.Wha.; Park, Y-Koo., 2011:
RANK signalling in bone lesions with osteoclast-like giant cells

Leibbrandt, A.; Penninger, J.M., 2010:
RANK(L) as a key target for controlling bone loss

Lutgens, E.; Leiner, T.; Weber, C., 2012:
RANK(L)-ing biomarkers as surrogates for coronary calcium score

Ney, J.T.; Fehm, T.; Juhasz-Boess, I.; Solomayer, E.F., 2012:
RANK, RANKL and OPG Expression in Breast Cancer - Influence on Osseous Metastasis

Wright, H.L.; McCarthy, H.S.; Middleton, J.; Marshall, M.J., 2009:
RANK, RANKL and osteoprotegerin in bone biology and disease

Chu, G.Chia-Yi.; Zhau, H.E.; Wang, R.; Rogatko, Aé.; Feng, X.; Zayzafoon, M.; Liu, Y.; Farach-Carson, M.C.; You, S.; Kim, J.; Freeman, M.R.; Chung, L.W.K., 2014:
RANK- and c-Met-mediated signal network promotes prostate cancer metastatic colonization

Akiyama, T.; Choong, P.F.M.; Dass, C.R., 2010:
RANK-Fc inhibits malignancy via inhibiting ERK activation and evoking caspase-3-mediated anoikis in human osteosarcoma cells

Totsuka, T.; Kanai, T.; Nemoto, Y.; Tomita, T.; Okamoto, R.; Tsuchiya, K.; Nakamura, T.; Sakamoto, N.; Akiba, H.; Okumura, K.; Yagita, H.; Watanabe, M., 2009:
RANK-RANKL signaling pathway is critically involved in the function of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in chronic colitis

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RANK-RANKL-OPG in hemophilic arthropathy: from clinical and imaging diagnosis to histopathology

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RBPmotif: a web server for the discovery of sequence and structure preferences of RNA-binding proteins

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RBR ubiquitin ligases: Diversification and streamlining in animal lineages

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RBRVS costing: the inaccurate wolf in expensive sheep's clothing

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RBTI and history

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RBTI is ambitious!

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RC-encoding for position-sensitive proportional counters using low-resistance, metal-wire anode and active load capacitance

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RC2S: A Cognitive Remediation Program to Improve Social Cognition in Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

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RCAF aircrew selection methods

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RCAI International Summer Program 2013

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RCAs need leaders' care and feeding

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RCDI/eRCDI: a web-server to estimate codon usage deoptimization

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RCGP Annual Conference

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RCGP Continuity of Care Toolkit: promoting relational continuity [corrected

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RCGP Junior International Committee: a global approach to primary care

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RCGP Medical Educators' Group: irrigation vs felling?

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RCGP Research Paper of the Year 2013

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RCGP autumn conference

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RCGP calls for withdrawal of health bill despite 137 new amendments

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RCGP chair accuses nurses of failing to back new role

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Combined HawkOne directional atherectomy and paclitaxel-coated balloon angioplasty for isolated calcified popliteal artery lesion: a no-stent approach to lower extremity endovascular revascularization

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RCGP consultation on assisted dying was comprehensive and conclusively in favour of no change to the law

Dyer, C., 2014:
RCGP is cleared of ethnic discrimination in clinical skills assessment

Kmietowicz, Z., 2014:
RCGP launches inquiry into improving patient care in constrained NHS

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RCGP supports use of summary care records

Brind, J., 2008:
RCGP's oral contraception study: Study shows greater cancer risk

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RCL hydrolyzes 2'-deoxyribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate via formation of a reaction intermediate

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RCL2, a potential formalin substitute for tissue fixation in routine pathological specimens

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RCM Annual Midwifery Awards 2011. Inspired choices

Mathur, S.; Lorusso, K., 2012:
RCM a critical component of accountability models: Revenue cycle management holds the key to successful financial contracting in the world of accountability reform

Anonymous, 2014:
RCM and unions slam health reforms passed in Commons

Osborne, K., 2015:
RCM chief challenges government to come back to negotiating table

O'Malley, M., 2014:
RCM opens its doors to MSWs

Lawrence, D., 2007:
RCM payoffs add up. Many hospitals are finding that RCM management solutions are lucrative investments which allow for adding revenue and subtracting time

Skewes, J., 2014:
RCM says 'no' to locked-in pay cuts

Anonymous, 2014:
RCM surveys find worrying flaws in postnatal mental health care

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RCMAC hybrid control for MIMO uncertain nonlinear systems using sliding-mode technology

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RCMAC-based adaptive control for uncertain nonlinear systems

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RCMAT: a regularized covariance matrix approach to testing gene sets

Anonymous, 2016:
RCN Library's exhibition honours the efforts of front line nurses

Dowler, C.; Lewis, S., 2011:
RCN action threat over pay freeze

Anonymous, 2015:
RCN activists prepare to shape policy as they head to Liverpool

Triggle, N., 2013:
RCN activists to debate downgrading of departments

Sprinks, J., 2013:
RCN activists' fury at proposals to dilute terms and conditions

Anonymous, 2015:
RCN adds crosses in remembrance

Kendall-Raynor, P.; Cole, E., 2011:
RCN alarmed by lack of nurse involvement in new GP consortia

Kleebauer, A., 2016:
RCN announces innovative plan to tackle discrimination against staff

Keogh, K., 2013:
RCN answers for the past and sets out lessons to learn from Mid Staffs

Donnelly, T., 2016:
RCN backs Lib Dems' plan for legal mandate on nurse staffing

Anonymous, 1982:
RCN ballot result: Pay offer turned down

Snow, T., 2012:
RCN calls for national care homes guidance as staff report failings

Kleebauer, A., 2016:
RCN cautions the regulator over use of appraisals in revalidation

Ford, S., 2014:
RCN chief warns against strike

Green, M.; Davies, K., 2010:
RCN clinical leadership programme in action

Sprinks, J.; Lipley, N., 2013:
RCN congress highlights emergency care pressures

Snow, T., 2012:
RCN congress will debate effects of adult video games on children

Gillen, S., 2015:
RCN consultation will gauge nurses' desire to fight Hunt on pay awards

Snow, T., 2011:
RCN criticises delay in replacing England's chief nursing officer

Anonymous, 1987:
RCN criticises government's primary care proposals

Dean, E., 2010:
RCN demands top table role for nurses in primary care shake-up

Gillen, S., 2013:
RCN demands urgent talks with ministers over staffing numbers

Ford, S., 2014:
RCN ends indemnity insurance cover for employed members

Owen, M., 2015:
RCN faces challenges over rising inequalities within profession

Duffin, C., 2016:
RCN head of policy says costs of nurse training pilot are prohibitive

Anonymous, 2013:
RCN helps to drive improvements at hospitals probed over death rates

Anonymous, 2016:
RCN honoured for supporting reservists

Gillen, S., 2012:
RCN hosts education commission to tackle nursing care concerns

Dean, E.; Kendall-Raynor, P., 2012:
RCN insists practice nurses are safe after changes to indemnity scheme

Kendall-Raynor, P., 2011:
RCN inundated with ideas that could save the NHS millions

Glasper, A., 2013:
RCN issues red alert to the nursing profession

Dean, E.; Kendall-Raynor, P., 2011:
RCN launches pre-budget letter campaign against front line cuts

Kendall-Raynor, P., 2011:
RCN lobbies House of Lords in bid to secure mandatory staff ratios

Osborne, K., 2016:
RCN medical negligence insurance now only applies to self-employed

Gillen, S., 2013:
RCN members in the south west back AFC proposals 'reluctantly'

Anonymous, 2016:
RCN members to vote on change in how subscriptions are set

Anonymous, 2015:
RCN members urge college to campaign for a living wage

Anonymous, 1979:
RCN moves nearer TUC

Anonymous, 2013:
RCN moves to reassure nurses as profession comes under fire

Johnson, M., 2008:
RCN on the wrong course?

Kendall-Raynor, P., 2011:
RCN plans 'vigorous' challenge to proposed pension changes

Nadeem, B., 2014:
RCN poll finds half of nurses unwell due to work pressures

Sprinks, J., 2016:
RCN publishes advice on identifying and managing children with Ebola

O'Carroll, D., 2012:
RCN research pages provide a valuable online resource

Davies, J., 2010:
RCN response

Duffin, C., 2012:
RCN says the case for mandatory staff levels is now overwhelming

Sprinks, J., 2012:
RCN seeks 'Diamond Nurses' to celebrate Queen's 60-year reign

Beecham, L., 1982:
RCN shuns TUC affiliation

Sprinks, J., 2014:
RCN signs up to '999 plan' aimed at improving delivery of crisis care

Middleton, J., 2013:
RCN squanders chance to tackle governmen

Sprinks, J., 2013:
RCN urges government to act now or risk staffing crisis across NHS

Sprinks, J., 2014:
RCN warns of burnout as nurses feel pressure to work despite being ill

Sprinks, J., 2013:
RCN will offer mentor support to nurses facing misconduct charges

Anonymous, 1983:
RCN's campaign on health service cuts

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RCNP polarized (3)He ion source

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RCOG president: care from the night shift is not as good

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RCOR2 is a subunit of the LSD1 complex that regulates ESC property and substitutes for SOX2 in reprogramming somatic cells to pluripotency

Anonymous, 1976:
RCP appeal

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RCP is a human breast cancer-promoting gene with Ras-activating function

Greenhalgh, T., 2012:
RCP should make an urgent statement against Health and Social Care Bill

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RCPE UK consensus conference on 'Acute medicine: improving quality of care through effective patient flow--it's everyone's business!'

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RCPE UK consensus statement on diabetes

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RCRA ground-water monitoring decision procedures viewed as quality control schemes

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RCRA groundwater protection standards

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RCRA reauthorization

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RCS1, a substrate of APC/C, controls the metaphase to anaphase transition

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RCSB PDB Mobile: iOS and Android mobile apps to provide data access and visualization to the RCSB Protein Data Bank

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RCSD1-ABL2 fusion resulting from a complex chromosomal rearrangement in high-risk B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Quirynen, M.; Van Assche, N., 2012:
RCT comparing minimally with moderately rough implants. Part 2: microbial observations

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RCT makes standardization of chemotherapy possible for advanced gastric cancers including outpatient-based chemotherapy

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RCT of a brief phone-based CBT intervention to improve PTSD treatment utilization by returning service members

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RCT of a psychological intervention for patients with cancer: I. mechanisms of change

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RCT of real versus placebo acupuncture

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RCT of real versus placebo acupuncture in IVF

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RCT of working memory training in ADHD: long-term near-transfer effects

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RCT on gentian violet versus a hydrogel dressing for radiotherapy-induced moist skin desquamation

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RCT on surgery for liver, biliary tract and pancreatic cancer

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RCT to evaluate a hyaluronic acid containing gauze pad in leg ulcers of venous or mixed aetiology

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RCT wins CMAJ Bruce Squires Award

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RCT with 5-FU and mitomycin C with 28 fractions of 1.8 Gy external radiotherapy remains standard treatment of squamous-cell carcinoma of the anus

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RCTs and observational studies to determine the effect of prophylaxis in severe haemophilia

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RCTs best for evidence on wound care: fact or fiction?

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RCTs in complex nursing interventions and laboratory experimental studies

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RCTs in determining treatment indications for intracranial aneurysms: What can we learn from history?

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RCTs of ergonomic interventions

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RCTs with new antiepileptic drugs in children: a systematic review of monotherapy studies and their methodology

Goozner, M., 2014:
RCTs: a flawed test of delivery system reform

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS Charitable Trust joins All Trials campaign

Anonymous, 2012:
RCVS Council agrees new structure for specialisation

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS Council elections 2014: details and manifestos available online

Anonymous, 2012:
RCVS Council elections deemed fair

Anonymous, 2012:
RCVS and BSAVA agree position on postgraduate certificates

Molyneux, J., 2013:
RCVS call for new committee members

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS calls on MPs to protect the 'veterinary nurse' title

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS celebrates 50 years of veterinary nursing

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS charter proposals 'clarify and confirm the College's role'

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS clarifies its position on new veterinary schools

Anonymous, 2012:
RCVS clarifies legal position on disbudding goats

Anonymous, 2012:
RCVS concerns about certification relating to lay TB testing

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS decides on new governance arrangements

Stephenson, R., 2007:
RCVS disciplinary procedures

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS disciplinary structure and Defra's proposals for change

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS draft charter 'too broad', says BVA

Penny, R.H.C., 2014:
RCVS fellowship proposals

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS invites voluntary disclosure of criminal convictions

Cottrell, B.; Gould, D.; Heinrich, C.; Renwick, P., 2008:
RCVS modular CertAVP and ophthalmology

Tavernor, D., 2012:
RCVS overspend review group

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS plans to celebrate 50 years of veterinary nursing

Patteson, M., 2010:
RCVS registration rules

Lyons, N., 2011:
RCVS retention fee for postgraduate students

Hern, J.C., 2010:
RCVS retention fees

Millington, C., 2011:
RCVS retention fees: reflecting on both sides of the coin

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS reveals a new corporate identity

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS seeks feedback on a draft code of conduct for VNs

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS seeks to clarify Disciplinary Committee's practices and procedures

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS seeks views on Day 1 competences

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS seeks views on creating a new learned society

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS seeks views on draft new code of professional conduct

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS seeks views on its proposals for a new Royal Charter

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS seeks views on the provision of 24-hour emergency cover

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS tells Unite to get its facts right

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS to clarify its guidance on 24/7 emergency care

Anonymous, 2014:
RCVS to revise its guidance on 24-hour cover

Anonymous, 2011:
RCVS to stop being an awarding body for the Level 3 nursing diploma

Anonymous, 2013:
RCVS to take forward plans for a modular practice standards scheme

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RCWA and FDTD modeling of light emission from internally structured OLEDs

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RCY1-mediated resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus is regulated by LRR domain-mediated interaction with CMV(Y) following degradation of RCY1

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RCircos: an R package for Circos 2D track plots

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RCrane: semi-automated RNA model building

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RCytoscape: tools for exploratory network analysis

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RD Lawrence Lecture 2008: Targeting GLP-1 release as a potential strategy for the therapy of Type 2 diabetes

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RD Lawrence Lecture 2009. Old genes, new tricks: learning about blood glucose regulation from naturally occurring genetic variation in humans

Owen, K.R., 2013:
RD Lawrence lecture 2012: assessing aetiology in diabetes: how C-peptide, CRP and fucosylation came to the party!

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RD Lawrence lecture 2013. Stratified approaches to the management of diabetes

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RD and DTR: a valuable partnership

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RD antigen based nanovaccine imparts long term protection by inducing memory response against experimental murine tuberculosis

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RD-Connect: an integrated platform connecting databases, registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research

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RD114 envelope proteins provide an effective and versatile approach to pseudotype lentiviral vectors

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RD2-MolPack-Chim3, a packaging cell line for stable production of lentiviral vectors for anti-HIV gene therapy

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RD20, a stress-inducible caleosin, participates in stomatal control, transpiration and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

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RD3 gene delivery restores guanylate cyclase localization and rescues photoreceptors in the Rd3 mouse model of Leber congenital amaurosis 12

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RD3, the protein associated with Leber congenital amaurosis type 12, is required for guanylate cyclase trafficking in photoreceptor cells

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RDAVIDWebService: a versatile R interface to DAVID

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RDC derived protein backbone resonance assignment using fragment assembly

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RDC enhanced NMR spectroscopy in organic solvent media: the importance for the experimental determination of periodic hydrogen bonded secondary structures

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RDC-enhanced NMR spectroscopy in structure elucidation of sucro-neolambertellin

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RDCurve: a nonparametric method to evaluate the stability of ranking procedures

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RDDR: a dysmorphology diagnostic network for newborns in central Italy

Anonymous, 2009:
RDEA study supports development of new NNRTI

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RDEA119/BAY 869766: a potent, selective, allosteric inhibitor of MEK1/2 for the treatment of cancer

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RDEB: regeneration is not enough

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RDF/SRF: which perspective for its future in the EU

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RDFBuilder: a tool to automatically build RDF-based interfaces for MAGE-OM microarray data sources

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RDFScape: Semantic Web meets systems biology

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RDFTools: a software tool for quantifying short-range ordering in amorphous materials

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RDH10 is the primary enzyme responsible for the first step of embryonic Vitamin A metabolism and retinoic acid synthesis

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RDH10 oxidation of Vitamin A is a critical control step in synthesis of retinoic acid during mouse embryogenesis

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RDH10, RALDH2, and CRABP2 are required components of PPARγ-directed ATRA synthesis and signaling in human dendritic cells

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RDH5 retinopathy (fundus albipunctatus) with preserved rod function

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RDJ2 (DNAJA2) chaperones neural G protein signaling pathways

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RDL receptors

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RDLPFC area of the brain encodes sentence polarity: a study using fMRI

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RDML: structured language and reporting guidelines for real-time quantitative PCR data

Lewiss, R.E.; Stone, M., 2014:
RDMS certification for emergency physicians

Gaspari, R.J.; Bailitz, J., 2014:
RDMS ultrasound certification for emergency physicians

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RDNAnalyzer: A tool for DNA secondary structure prediction and sequence analysis

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RDOS-family: a guided learning tool for layperson assessment of respiratory distress

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RDP3: a flexible and fast computer program for analyzing recombination

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RDPLF and Rein, 2 complementary registries: a comparison of the collected data

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RDR1 and SGS3, components of RNA-mediated gene silencing, are required for the regulation of cuticular wax biosynthesis in developing inflorescence stems of Arabidopsis

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RDR2 partially antagonizes the production of RDR6-dependent siRNA in sense transgene-mediated PTGS

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RDR6-mediated synthesis of complementary RNA is terminated by miRNA stably bound to template RNA

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RDRio Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is associated with a higher frequency of cavitary pulmonary disease

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RDS in cones does not interact with the beta subunit of the cyclic nucleotide gated channel

Bohlin, K., 2012:
RDS--CPAP or surfactant or both

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RDTC optimized compression of image-based scene representations (Part I): modeling and theoretical analysis

Bauermann, I.; Steinbach, E., 2008:
RDTC optimized compression of image-based scene representations (Part II): practical coding

Clarke, K.; Sagunarthy, R.; Kansal, S., 2008:
RDW as an additional marker in inflammatory bowel disease/undifferentiated colitis