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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55338

Chapter 55338 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Breaker, R.R., 2010:
RNA switches out in the cold

Ahmed, Y.Luqman.; Ficner, R., 2015:
RNA synthesis and purification for structural studies

Srivastava, S.C.; Pandey, D.; Srivastava, N.P.; Bajpai, S.P., 2011:
RNA synthesis by reverse direction process: phosphoramidites and high purity RNAs and introduction of ligands, chromophores, and modifications at 3'-end

Subba-Reddy, C.V.; Tragesser, B.; Xu, Z.; Stein, B.; Ranjith-Kumar, C.T.; Kao, C.Cheng., 2012:
RNA synthesis by the brome mosaic virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in human cells reveals requirements for de novo initiation and protein-protein interaction

Cicirata, F.; Geremia, E.; Custorella, A.; Vanella, A., 1983:
RNA synthesis in different regions of rat brain at various time intervals after cerebellectomy

Nagata, T., 2012:
RNA synthesis in the pancreatic acinar cells of aging mice as revealed by electron microscopic radioautography

Poorey, K.; Sprouse, R.O.; Wells, M.N.; Viswanathan, R.; Bekiranov, S.; Auble, D.T., 2011:
RNA synthesis precision is regulated by preinitiation complex turnover

Dawid, A.; Cayrol, B.; Isambert, Hé., 2009:
RNA synthetic biology inspired from bacteria: construction of transcription attenuators under antisense regulation

McDonald, S.M., 2014:
RNA synthetic mechanisms employed by diverse families of RNA viruses

Sinha, R.; Hossain, M.; Kumar, G.Suresh., 2007:
RNA targeting by DNA binding drugs: structural, conformational and energetic aspects of the binding of quinacrine and DAPI to A-form and H(L)-form of poly(rC).poly(rG)

Bennett, C.Frank.; Swayze, E.E., 2010:
RNA targeting therapeutics: molecular mechanisms of antisense oligonucleotides as a therapeutic platform

Islam, M.Maidul.; Pandya, P.; Kumar, S.; Kumar, G.Suresh., 2009:
RNA targeting through binding of small molecules: Studies on t-RNA binding by the cytotoxic protoberberine alkaloid coralyne

LeGendre, J.Baca.; Campbell, Z.T.; Kroll-Conner, P.; Anderson, P.; Kimble, J.; Wickens, M., 2013:
RNA targets and specificity of Staufen, a double-stranded RNA-binding protein in Caenorhabditis elegans

Xiao, S.; Sanelli, T.; Dib, S.; Sheps, D.; Findlater, J.; Bilbao, J.; Keith, J.; Zinman, L.; Rogaeva, E.; Robertson, J., 2011:
RNA targets of TDP-43 identified by UV-CLIP are deregulated in ALS

Charpentier, E.; Schroeder, Rée., 2007:
RNA techniques for bacteria

Katoh, M., 2008:
RNA technology targeted to the WNT signaling pathway

Spitale, R.C.; Tsai, M-Chih.; Chang, H.Y., 2011:
RNA templating the epigenome: long noncoding RNAs as molecular scaffolds

Homan, P.J.; Tandon, A.; Rice, G.M.; Ding, F.; Dokholyan, N.V.; Weeks, K.M., 2014:
RNA tertiary structure analysis by 2'-hydroxyl molecular interference

Rother, M.; Rother, K.; Puton, T.; Bujnicki, J.M., 2012:
RNA tertiary structure prediction with ModeRNA

Mohan, S.; Hsiao, C.; Bowman, J.C.; Wartell, R.; Williams, L.Dean., 2011:
RNA tetraloop folding reveals tension between backbone restraints and molecular interactions

Umehara, T.; Kitagawa, T.; Nakazawa, Y.; Yoshino, H.; Nemoto, R.; Tamura, K., 2012:
RNA tetraplex as a primordial peptide synthesis scaffold

Jin, J.; Fang, H.; Yang, F.; Ji, W.; Guan, N.; Sun, Z.; Shi, Y.; Zhou, G.; Guan, X., 2018:
Combined Inhibition of ATR and WEE1 as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Moss, E.G., 2009:
RNA therapeutics: promises made and kept

Weber, G.G.; Kortmann, J.; Narberhaus, F.; Klose, K.E., 2015:
RNA thermometer controls temperature-dependent virulence factor expression in Vibrio cholerae

Johansson, Jörgen., 2009:
RNA thermosensors in bacterial pathogens

Frank-Kamenetskii, M.D., 2014:
RNA topology

Erdemci-Tandogan, G.; Wagner, J.; van der Schoot, P.; Podgornik, R.; Zandi, R., 2015:
RNA topology remolds electrostatic stabilization of viruses

Donnelly, C.J.; Zhang, P-Wu.; Pham, J.T.; Haeusler, A.R.; Heusler, A.R.; Mistry, N.A.; Vidensky, S.; Daley, E.L.; Poth, E.M.; Hoover, B.; Fines, D.M.; Maragakis, N.; Tienari, P.J.; Petrucelli, L.; Traynor, B.J.; Wang, J.; Rigo, F.; Bennett, C.Frank.; Blackshaw, S.; Sattler, R.; Rothstein, J.D., 2014:
RNA toxicity from the ALS/FTD C9ORF72 expansion is mitigated by antisense intervention

Sicot, Géraldine.; Gomes-Pereira, Mário., 2013:
RNA toxicity in human disease and animal models: from the uncovering of a new mechanism to the development of promising therapies

Zhabokritsky, A.; Kutky, M.; Burns, L.A.; Karran, R.A.; Hudak, K.A., 2012:
RNA toxins: mediators of stress adaptation and pathogen defense

Koziol, M.J.; Rinn, J.L., 2010:
RNA traffic control of chromatin complexes

Huan, J.; Hornick, N.I.; Shurtleff, M.J.; Skinner, A.M.; Goloviznina, N.A.; Roberts, C.T.; Kurre, P., 2013:
RNA trafficking by acute myelogenous leukemia exosomes

Leblanc, M.; Kim, G.; Westwood, J.H., 2012:
RNA trafficking in parasitic plant systems

Michaud, M.; Maréchal-Drouard, L.; Duchêne, A-Marie., 2010:
RNA trafficking in plant cells: targeting of cytosolic mRNAs to the mitochondrial surface

Bauer, J.W.; Murauer, E.M.; Wally, V.; Koller, U., 2013:
RNA trans-splicing for genodermatoses

Jacobs, J.; Glanz, S.; Bunse-Grassmann, A.; Kruse, O.; Kück, U., 2011:
RNA trans-splicing: identification of components of a putative chloroplast spliceosome

Hein, P.P.; Palangat, M.; Landick, R., 2011:
RNA transcript 3'-proximal sequence affects translocation bias of RNA polymerase

Cossaboom, C.M.; Huang, Y-Wei.; Yugo, D.M.; Kenney, S.P.; Piñeyro, P.; Matzinger, S.R.; Heffron, C.Lynn.; Pierson, F.William.; Meng, X-Jin., 2014:
RNA transcripts of full-length cDNA clones of rabbit hepatitis E virus are infectious in rabbits

Snider, L.; Asawachaicharn, A.; Tyler, A.E.; Geng, L.N.; Petek, L.M.; Maves, L.; Miller, D.G.; Lemmers, R.J.L.F.; Winokur, S.T.; Tawil, R.; van der Maarel, Sère.M.; Filippova, G.N.; Tapscott, S.J., 2009:
RNA transcripts, miRNA-sized fragments and proteins produced from D4Z4 units: new candidates for the pathophysiology of facioscapulohumeral dystrophy

Puthanveettil, S.V., 2014:
RNA transport and long-term memory storage

Peña, E.J.; Heinlein, M., 2012:
RNA transport during TMV cell-to-cell movement

Gopinath, M.; Shaila, M.S., 2009:
RNA triphosphatase and guanylyl transferase activities are associated with the RNA polymerase protein L of rinderpest virus

Hoyuelos, F.J.; García, Bña.; Leal, Jé.M.; Busto, N.; Biver, T.; Secco, F.; Venturini, M., 2015:
RNA triplex-to-duplex and duplex-to-triplex conversion induced by coralyne

Devi, G.; Zhou, Y.; Zhong, Z.; Toh, D-Faye.Kaixin.; Chen, G., 2015:
RNA triplexes: from structural principles to biological and biotech applications

Globa, A.G.; Demidova, V.S.; Dikova, O.N.; Vishnevskiĭ, V.A.; Shchegolev, A.I., 2010:
RNA tumor marker levels in blood of patients with malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract

Marx, J.L., 1978:
RNA tumor viruses: getting a handle on transformation

Li, X.; Liang, M.; Jiang, J.; He, R.; Wang, M.; Guo, X.; Shen, M.; Qin, R., 2018:
Combined inhibition of autophagy and Nrf2 signaling augments bortezomib-induced apoptosis by increasing ROS production and ER stress in pancreatic cancer cells

Hölscher, A.S.; Schulz, W.A.; Pinkerneil, M.; Niegisch, Günter.; Hoffmann, Mèle.J., 2018:
Combined inhibition of BET proteins and class I HDACs synergistically induces apoptosis in urothelial carcinoma cell lines

Borowski, L.S.; Szczesny, R.J.; Brzezniak, L.K.; Stepien, P.P., 2011:
RNA turnover in human mitochondria: more questions than answers?

Thomas, A.Mathew.; Schjalm, C.; Nilsson, P.H.; Lindenskov, P.H.H.; Rørtveit, R.; Solberg, Rønnaug.; Saugstad, O.Didrik.; Berglund, M.M.; Strömberg, P.; Lau, C.; Espevik, T.; Jansen, J.Høgset.; Castellheim, A.; Mollnes, T.Eirik.; Barratt-Due, A., 2018:
Combined Inhibition of C5 and CD14 Attenuates Systemic Inflammation in a Piglet Model of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

Lin, J-Chin.; Hyeon, C.; Thirumalai, D., 2013:
RNA under tension: Folding Landscapes, Kinetic partitioning Mechanism, and Molecular Tensegrity

Arunajadai, S.G., 2010:
RNA unwinding by NS3 helicase: a statistical approach

Jia, H.; Wang, X.; Anderson, J.T.; Jankowsky, E., 2012:
RNA unwinding by the Trf4/Air2/Mtr4 polyadenylation (TRAMP) complex

Colizzi, F.; Bussi, G., 2012:
RNA unwinding from reweighted pulling simulations

Bringmann, A.; Held, S.Andrea.Erika.; Heine, A.; Brossart, P., 2010:
RNA vaccines in cancer treatment

Rosario, K.; Capobianco, H.; Ng, T.Fei.Fan.; Breitbart, M.; Polston, J.E., 2014:
RNA viral metagenome of whiteflies leads to the discovery and characterization of a whitefly-transmitted carlavirus in North America

Holmes, E.C., 2009:
RNA virus genomics: a world of possibilities

Abraham, T.M.; Sarnow, P., 2011:
RNA virus harnesses microRNAs to seize host translation control

Korboukh, V.K.; Lee, C.A.; Acevedo, A.; Vignuzzi, M.; Xiao, Y.; Arnold, J.J.; Hemperly, S.; Graci, J.D.; August, A.; Andino, R.; Cameron, C.E., 2015:
RNA virus population diversity, an optimum for maximal fitness and virulence

Bordería, A.V.; Stapleford, K.A.; Vignuzzi, M., 2012:
RNA virus population diversity: implications for inter-species transmission

Tao, Y.Jane.; Ye, Q., 2010:
RNA virus replication complexes

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RNA virus replication, transcription and recombination

Stobart, C.C.; Moore, M.L., 2015:
RNA virus reverse genetics and vaccine design

Swaminathan, G.; Martin-Garcia, J.; Navas-Martin, S., 2014:
RNA viruses and microRNAs: challenging discoveries for the 21st century

Pleschka, S., 2008:
RNA viruses and the mitogenic Raf/MEK/ERK signal transduction cascade

Soriano, V.; Peña, Jé.M., 2015:
RNA viruses at the forefront of human infections - HIV, hepatitis C, and now Ebola

Scheller, N.; Díez, J., 2010:
RNA viruses hijack the mRNA decay machinery to multiply

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RNA viruses in community-acquired childhood pneumonia in semi-urban Nepal; a cross-sectional study

Singh, R.; Levitt, A.L.; Rajotte, E.G.; Holmes, E.C.; Ostiguy, N.; Vanengelsdorp, D.; Lipkin, W.Ian.; Depamphilis, C.W.; Toth, A.L.; Cox-Foster, D.L., 2011:
RNA viruses in hymenopteran pollinators: evidence of inter-Taxa virus transmission via pollen and potential impact on non-Apis hymenopteran species

Mathisen, M.; Basnet, S.; Sharma, A.; Shrestha, P.S.; Sharma, B.N.; Valentiner-Branth, P.; Sommerfelt, H.; Strand, T.A., 2012:
RNA viruses in young Nepalese children hospitalized with severe pneumonia

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RNA visualization in bacteria by fluorescence in situ hybridization

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RNA world in stem cell systems

Isashiki, Y.; Ohba, N., 2010:
RNA world/pseudogene/non-coding RNA

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RNA "traffic lights": an analytical tool to monitor siRNA integrity

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RNA- and antibody-based profiling of the human proteome with focus on chromosome 19

Fernandes, D.; Zaidi, A.; Bean, J.; Hui, D.; Michaelis, M.L., 2007:
RNA--induced silencing of the plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase 2 in neuronal cells: effects on Ca2+ homeostasis and cell viability

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RNA-Binding Proteins in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Neurodegeneration

Woloshen, V.; Huang, S.; Li, X., 2011:
RNA-Binding Proteins in Plant Immunity

Yuan, C.; Sun, Y., 2014:
RNA-CODE: a noncoding RNA classification tool for short reads in NGS data lacking reference genomes

Wang, I.X.; Core, L.J.; Kwak, H.; Brady, L.; Bruzel, A.; McDaniel, L.; Richards, A.L.; Wu, M.; Grunseich, C.; Lis, J.T.; Cheung, V.G., 2015:
RNA-DNA differences are generated in human cells within seconds after RNA exits polymerase II

Bar-Yaacov, D.; Avital, G.; Levin, L.; Richards, A.L.; Hachen, N.; Rebolledo Jaramillo, B.; Nekrutenko, A.; Zarivach, R.; Mishmar, D., 2014:
RNA-DNA differences in human mitochondria restore ancestral form of 16S ribosomal RNA

Wang, P.; Ko, S.Hyeon.; Tian, C.; Hao, C.; Mao, C., 2013:
RNA-DNA hybrid origami: folding of a long RNA single strand into complex nanostructures using short DNA helper strands

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RNA-DNA sequence differences spell genetic code ambiguities

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RNA-Directed Therapy: The Next Step in the miRNA Revolution

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RNA-HCV viral load in serum, peripheral blood mononuclear cells and liver in children with chronic hepatitis C

Dean, K.M.; Grayhack, E.J., 2013:
RNA-ID, a highly sensitive and robust method to identify cis-regulatory sequences using superfolder GFP and a fluorescence-based assay

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RNA-MATE: a recursive mapping strategy for high-throughput RNA-sequencing data

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RNA-Mediated Epigenetic Programming of Genome Rearrangements

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RNA-Mediated Gene Duplication and Retroposons: Retrogenes, LINEs, SINEs, and Sequence Specificity

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RNA-Pareto: interactive analysis of Pareto-optimal RNA sequence-structure alignments

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RNA-Pt adducts following cisplatin treatment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions in coronavirus replication and transcription

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RNA-RNA interaction prediction based on multiple sequence alignments

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RNA-RNA interaction prediction using genetic algorithm

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RNA-RNA interactions and pre-mRNA mislocalization as drivers of group II intron loss from nuclear genomes

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RNA-RNA interactions enable specific targeting of noncoding RNAs to nascent Pre-mRNAs and chromatin sites

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RNA-RNA recombination in plant virus replication and evolution

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RNA-RNA, DNA-DNA, and DNA-RNA Polymorphism

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RNA-SSPT: RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Tools

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RNA-SeQC: RNA-seq metrics for quality control and process optimization

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RNA-Seq Assembly - Are We There Yet?

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RNA-Seq Atlas of Glycine max: a guide to the soybean transcriptome

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RNA-Seq Atlas--a reference database for gene expression profiling in normal tissue by next-generation sequencing

Capobianco, E., 2014:
RNA-Seq Data: A Complexity Journey

Bradford, J.R.; Farren, M.; Powell, S.J.; Runswick, S.; Weston, S.L.; Brown, H.; Delpuech, O.; Wappett, M.; Smith, N.R.; Carr, T.Hedley.; Dry, J.R.; Gibson, N.J.; Barry, S.T., 2013:
RNA-Seq Differentiates Tumour and Host mRNA Expression Changes Induced by Treatment of Human Tumour Xenografts with the VEGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Cediranib

Munger, S.C.; Raghupathy, N.; Choi, K.; Simons, A.K.; Gatti, D.M.; Hinerfeld, D.A.; Svenson, K.L.; Keller, M.P.; Attie, A.D.; Hibbs, M.A.; Graber, J.H.; Chesler, E.J.; Churchill, G.A., 2015:
RNA-Seq alignment to individualized genomes improves transcript abundance estimates in multiparent populations

Huang, Q.; Lin, B.; Liu, H.; Ma, X.; Mo, F.; Yu, W.; Li, L.; Li, H.; Tian, T.; Wu, D.; Shen, F.; Xing, J.; Chen, Z-Nan., 2012:
RNA-Seq analyses generate comprehensive transcriptomic landscape and reveal complex transcript patterns in hepatocellular carcinoma

Zoephel, J.; Randau, L., 2014:
RNA-Seq analyses reveal CRISPR RNA processing and regulation patterns

Su, A.A.H.; Tripp, V.; Randau, L., 2013:
RNA-Seq analyses reveal the order of tRNA processing events and the maturation of C/D box and CRISPR RNAs in the hyperthermophile Methanopyrus kandleri

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RNA-Seq analysis and de novo transcriptome assembly of Hevea brasiliensis

Donà, M.; Confalonieri, M.; Minio, A.; Biggiogera, M.; Buttafava, A.; Raimondi, E.; Delledonne, M.; Ventura, L.; Sabatini, M.Elisa.; Macovei, A.; Giraffa, G.; Carbonera, D.; Balestrazzi, A., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis discloses early senescence and nucleolar dysfunction triggered by Tdp1α depletion in Medicago truncatula

Eifler, T.; Pokharel, S.; Beal, P.A., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis identifies a novel set of editing substrates for human ADAR2 present in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gao, P.; Jin, Z.; Cheng, Y.; Cao, X., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis identifies aberrant RNA splicing of TRIP12 in acute myeloid leukemia patients at remission

Zhang, J.; Pan, Z.; Moloney, S.; Sheppard, A., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis implicates detoxification pathways in ovine mycotoxin resistance

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RNA-Seq analysis in MeV

Rodrigues, C.M.; de Souza, A.A.; Takita, M.A.; Kishi, L.T.; Machado, M.A., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis of Citrus reticulata in the early stages of Xylella fastidiosa infection reveals auxin-related genes as a defense response

Fan, H.; Xiao, Y.; Yang, Y.; Xia, W.; Mason, A.S.; Xia, Z.; Qiao, F.; Zhao, S.; Tang, H., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis of Cocos nucifera: transcriptome sequencing and de novo assembly for subsequent functional genomics approaches

Ignatov, D.; Malakho, S.; Majorov, K.; Skvortsov, T.; Apt, A.; Azhikina, T., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis of Mycobacterium avium non-coding transcriptome

Jensen, J.K.; Schultink, A.; Keegstra, K.; Wilkerson, C.G.; Pauly, M., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis of developing nasturtium seeds (Tropaeolum majus): identification and characterization of an additional galactosyltransferase involved in xyloglucan biosynthesis

Vieceli, F.M.; Yan, C.Y.Irene., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis of differential gene expression in electroporated chick embryonic spinal cord

Sommer, C.A.; Mostoslavsky, G., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis of enteroendocrine cells reveals a role for FABP5 in the control of GIP secretion

Kim, K.Hwa.; Moon, M.; Yu, S-Byeol.; Mook-Jung, I.; Kim, J-Il., 2012:
RNA-Seq analysis of frontal cortex and cerebellum from 5XFAD mice at early stage of disease pathology

Orshinsky, A.M.; Hu, J.; Opiyo, S.O.; Reddyvari-Channarayappa, V.; Mitchell, T.K.; Boehm, M.J., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis of the Sclerotinia homoeocarpa--creeping bentgrass pathosystem

López-Leal, G.; Tabche, M.Luisa.; Castillo-Ramírez, S.; Mendoza-Vargas, A.; Ramírez-Romero, M.A.; Dávila, G., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis of the multipartite genome of Rhizobium etli CE3 shows different replicon contributions under heat and saline shock

Mills, J.D.; Nalpathamkalam, T.; Jacobs, H.I.L.; Janitz, C.; Merico, D.; Hu, P.; Janitz, M., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis of the parietal cortex in Alzheimer's disease reveals alternatively spliced isoforms related to lipid metabolism

Hook, S.E.; Osborn, H.L.; Gissi, F.; Moncuquet, P.; Twine, N.A.; Wilkins, M.R.; Adams, M.S., 2016:
RNA-Seq analysis of the toxicant-induced transcriptome of the marine diatom, Ceratoneis closterium

Lan, D.; Xiong, X.; Wei, Y.; Xu, T.; Zhong, J.; Zhi, X.; Wang, Y.; Li, J., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis of yak ovary: improving yak gene structure information and mining reproduction-related genes

Lau, N-Sean.; Foong, C.Pin.; Kurihara, Y.; Sudesh, K.; Matsui, M., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis provides insights for understanding photoautotrophic polyhydroxyalkanoate production in recombinant Synechocystis Sp

Naseer, N.; Shapiro, J.A.; Chander, M., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis reveals a six-gene SoxR regulon in Streptomyces coelicolor

Gusberti, M.; Gessler, C.; Broggini, G.A.L., 2014:
RNA-Seq analysis reveals candidate genes for ontogenic resistance in Malus-Venturia pathosystem

Zhao, C.; Waalwijk, C.; de Wit, P.J.G.M.; Tang, D.; van der Lee, T., 2013:
RNA-Seq analysis reveals new gene models and alternative splicing in the fungal pathogen Fusarium graminearum

Shi, G.; Huang, F.; Gong, Y.; Xu, G.; Yu, J.; Hu, Z.; Cai, Q.; Yu, D., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis reveals that multiple phytohormone biosynthesis and signal transduction pathways are reprogrammed in curled-cotyledons mutant of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr

Gallardo-Escárate, C.; Valenzuela-Muñoz, V.; Nuñez-Acuña, G., 2015:
RNA-Seq analysis using de novo transcriptome assembly as a reference for the salmon louse Caligus rogercresseyi

Zwemer, L.M.; Hui, L.; Wick, H.C.; Bianchi, D.W., 2015:
RNA-Seq and expression microarray highlight different aspects of the fetal amniotic fluid transcriptome

Roberts, A.; Pachter, L., 2011:
RNA-Seq and find: entering the RNA deep field

Qi, Y-Xia.; Liu, Y-Bin.; Rong, W-Heng., 2012:
RNA-Seq and its applications: a new technology for transcriptomics

Peng, J.; Hao, B.; Liu, L.; Wang, S.; Ma, B.; Yang, Y.; Xie, F.; Li, Y., 2015:
RNA-Seq and microarrays analyses reveal global differential transcriptomes of Mesorhizobium huakuii 7653R between bacteroids and free-living cells

Mamidala, P.; Wijeratne, A.J.; Wijeratne, S.; Kornacker, K.; Sudhamalla, B.; Rivera-Vega, L.J.; Hoelmer, A.; Meulia, T.; Jones, S.C.; Mittapalli, O., 2012:
RNA-Seq and molecular docking reveal multi-level pesticide resistance in the bed bug

Jung, W.Yong.; Kwon, S.Gi.; Son, M.; Cho, E.Seok.; Lee, Y.; Kim, J.Hwan.; Kim, B-Woo.; Park, D.Hye.; Hwang, J.Hye.; Kim, T.Wan.; Park, H.Choon.; Park, B.Young.; Choi, J-Soon.; Cho, K.Keun.; Chung, K.Hwa.; Song, Y.Min.; Kim, I.Suk.; Jin, S.Keun.; Kim, D.Hwan.; Lee, S-Won.; Lee, K.Woo.; Bang, W.Young.; Kim, C.Wook., 2013:
RNA-Seq approach for genetic improvement of meat quality in pig and evolutionary insight into the substrate specificity of animal carbonyl reductases

Ramirez-Gonzalez, R.H.; Segovia, V.; Bird, N.; Fenwick, P.; Holdgate, S.; Berry, S.; Jack, P.; Caccamo, M.; Uauy, C., 2016:
RNA-Seq bulked segregant analysis enables the identification of high-resolution genetic markers for breeding in hexaploid wheat

Brunskill, E.W.; Potter, S.Steven., 2012:
RNA-Seq defines novel genes, RNA processing patterns and enhancer maps for the early stages of nephrogenesis: Hox supergenes

Li, H.; Chen, S.; Song, A.; Wang, H.; Fang, W.; Guan, Z.; Jiang, J.; Chen, F., 2014:
RNA-Seq derived identification of differential transcription in the chrysanthemum leaf following inoculation with Alternaria tenuissima

Champigny, M.J.; Sung, W.Wl.; Catana, V.; Salwan, R.; Summers, P.S.; Dudley, S.A.; Provart, N.J.; Cameron, R.K.; Golding, G.Brian.; Weretilnyk, E.A., 2014:
RNA-Seq effectively monitors gene expression in Eutrema salsugineum plants growing in an extreme natural habitat and in controlled growth cabinet conditions

Vorhölter, F-Jörg., 2014:
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RNAi-mediated silencing of fungal acuD gene attenuates the virulence of Penicillium marneffei

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RNAi-mediated silencing of paramyosin expression in Trichinella spiralis results in impaired viability of the parasite

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RNase A (EC

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