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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55339

Chapter 55339 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Saito, Y.; Takeda, J.; Adachi, K.; Nobe, Y.; Kobayashi, J.; Hirota, K.; Oliveira, D.V.; Taoka, M.; Isobe, T., 2015:
RNase MRP cleaves pre-tRNASer-Met in the tRNA maturation pathway

Lindahl, L.; Bommankanti, A.; Li, X.; Hayden, L.; Jones, A.; Khan, M.; Oni, T.; Zengel, J.M., 2009:
RNase MRP is required for entry of 35S precursor rRNA into the canonical processing pathway

Bernal-Bayard, P.; Puerto-Galán, L.; Vioque, Aín., 2015:
RNase P RNA from the recently evolved plastid of Paulinella and from algae

Kirsebom, L.A.; Trobro, S., 2009:
RNase P RNA-mediated cleavage

Howard, M.J.; Liu, X.; Lim, W.Hsin.; Klemm, B.P.; Fierke, C.A.; Koutmos, M.; Engelke, D.R., 2014:
RNase P enzymes: divergent scaffolds for a conserved biological reaction

Zeng, W.; Vu, G-Phong.; Bai, Y.; Chen, Y-Chuan.; Trang, P.; Lu, S.; Xiao, G.; Liu, F., 2013:
RNase P-associated external guide sequence effectively reduces the expression of human CC-chemokine receptor 5 and inhibits the infection of human immunodeficiency virus 1

Marvin, M.C.; Engelke, D.R., 2009:
RNase P: increased versatility through protein complexity?

Bartlett, J.M., 2001:
RNase Protection Assay Analysis of mRNA for TGFβ1(-3) in Ovarian Tumors

Yang, N.; Wang, S.; Faber, J.E., 1999:
RNase Protection Assays for Quantitation of Gene Expression in Vascular Tissue

Chen, C.; Deutscher, M.P., 2010:
RNase R is a highly unstable protein regulated by growth phase and stress

Matos, R.Gonçalves.; Barbas, A.; Arraiano, Cília.Maria., 2009:
RNase R mutants elucidate the catalysis of structured RNA: RNA-binding domains select the RNAs targeted for degradation

MacIntosh, G.C.; Hillwig, M.S.; Meyer, A.; Flagel, L., 2010:
RNase T2 genes from rice and the evolution of secretory ribonucleases in plants

Bruscella, P.; Shahbabian, K.; Laalami, S.; Putzer, H., 2012:
RNase Y is responsible for uncoupling the expression of translation factor IF3 from that of the ribosomal proteins L35 and L20 in Bacillus subtilis

Awano, N.; Inouye, M.; Phadtare, S., 2008:
RNase activity of polynucleotide phosphorylase is critical at low temperature in Escherichia coli and is complemented by RNase II

Bhatia, S.; Lodha, M.L., 2013:
RNase and DNase activities of antiviral proteins from leaves of Bougainvillea xbuttiana

Imagawa, Y.; Hosoda, A.; Sasaka, S-Ichi.; Tsuru, A.; Kohno, K., 2008:
RNase domains determine the functional difference between IRE1alpha and IRE1beta

Savochkina, L.; Alekseenkova, V.; Belyanko, T.; Dobrynina, N.; Beabealashvilli, R., 2008:
RNase footprinting demonstrates antigenomic hepatitis delta virus ribozyme structural rearrangement as a result of self-cleavage reaction

Peng, Y.; Soper, T.J.; Woodson, S.A., 2012:
RNase footprinting of protein binding sites on an mRNA target of small RNAs

Nilsen, T.W., 2015:
RNase footprinting to map sites of RNA-protein interactions

Jiang, X.; Wang, G.; Liu, R.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, X.; Gao, X., 2014:
RNase non-sensitive and endocytosis independent siRNA delivery system: delivery of siRNA into tumor cells and high efficiency induction of apoptosis

Bailey, C.P., 2009:
RNase one gene isolation, expression, and affinity purification models research experimental progression and culminates with guided inquiry-based experiments

Emery, P., 2007:
RNase protection assay

Qu, Y.; Boutjdir, M., 2007:
RNase protection assay for quantifying gene expression levels

Walberer, M.; Tschernatsch, M.; Fischer, S.; Ritschel, N.; Volk, K.; Friedrich, C.; Bachmann, G.; Mueller, C.; Kaps, M.; Nedelmann, M.; Blaes, F.; Preissner, K.T.; Gerriets, T., 2009:
RNase therapy assessed by magnetic resonance imaging reduces cerebral edema and infarction size in acute stroke

Brennan-Laun, S.E.; Ezelle, H.J.; Li, X-Ling.; Hassel, B.A., 2015:
RNase-L control of cellular mRNAs: roles in biologic functions and mechanisms of substrate targeting

Long, T.M.; Chakrabarti, A.; Ezelle, H.J.; Brennan-Laun, S.E.; Raufman, J-Pierre.; Polyakova, I.; Silverman, R.H.; Hassel, B.A., 2013:
RNase-L deficiency exacerbates experimental colitis and colitis-associated cancer

Michlewski, G.; Cáceres, J.F., 2010:
RNase-assisted RNA chromatography

Vieira, J.; Fonseca, N.A.; Vieira, C.P., 2009:
RNase-based gametophytic self-incompatibility evolution: Questioning the hypothesis of multiple independent recruitments of the S-pollen gene

Maric, C.; Bénard, M.; Pierron, Gérard., 2011:
RNase-dependent discontinuities associated with the crossovers of spontaneously formed joint DNA molecules in Physarum polycephalum

Silverman, I.M.; Li, F.; Alexander, A.; Goff, L.; Trapnell, C.; Rinn, J.L.; Gregory, B.D., 2016:
RNase-mediated protein footprint sequencing reveals protein-binding sites throughout the human transcriptome

Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A.; Ruiz-Meana, M.; Simsekyilmaz, S.; Kostin, S.; Inserte, J.; Saffarzadeh, M.; Galuska, S.P.; Vijayan, V.; Barba, I.; Barreto, G.; Fischer, S.; Lochnit, G.; Ilinskaya, O.N.; Baumgart-Vogt, E.; Böning, A.; Lecour, S.; Hausenloy, D.J.; Liehn, E.A.; Garcia-Dorado, D.; Schlüter, K-D.; Preissner, K.T., 2015:
RNase1 prevents the damaging interplay between extracellular RNA and tumour necrosis factor-α in cardiac ischaemia/reperfusion injury

Perrino, F.W.; Harvey, S.; Shaban, N.M.; Hollis, T., 2008:
RNaseH2 mutants that cause Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome are active nucleases

Grosjean, H.; Gaspin, C.; Marck, C.; Decatur, W.A.; de Crécy-Lagard, Vérie., 2008:
RNomics and Modomics in the halophilic archaea Haloferax volcanii: identification of RNA modification genes

Robinson, M-Anne., 2011:
RNs and NPs geared up for primary-care reform

Junor, J., 2008:
RNs and the political lobby

Hirst, S.P.; Lee, D., 2009:
RNs are leaders in long-term care

Hoying, C., 2011:
RNs are the Rx. Nurse execs must promote quality, continuing education and nursing careers

Ricciotti, L., 2009:
RNs break ground in Eden

Anonymous, 2011:
RNs failed to follow Dr.'s orders, inform Dr. or chart failure. Poteet v. National Healthcare of Cleveland, Inc., E2009-01978-COA (4/19/2011)-TN

Xu, L-Jun.; Ma, Q.; Zhu, J.; Li, J.; Xue, B-Xin.; Gao, J.; Sun, C-Yang.; Zang, Y-Chen.; Zhou, Y-Bin.; Yang, D-Rong.; Shan, Y-Xi., 2018:
Combined inhibition of JAK1,2/Stat3‑PD‑L1 signaling pathway suppresses the immune escape of castration‑resistant prostate cancer to NK cells in hypoxia

Anonymous, 2012:
RNs named by fictitious numbers sued: complaint amended after IDs known. Case on point: Ex parte Nail, 1110742--So. 3d--(8/16/2012)-AL

Trossman, S., 2013:
RNs respond in Boston and Texas

Hammond, C.; Gri, D., 2011:
RNs share lessons learned in primary care network

Anonymous, 2010:
RNs, LCSWs cross-trained to work as case managers. One person is go-to for patient, family, insurer

Guo, F.; Mead, J.; Aliya, N.; Wang, L.; Cuconati, A.; Wei, L.; Li, K.; Block, T.M.; Guo, J-Tao.; Chang, J., 2013:
RO 90-7501 enhances TLR3 and RLR agonist induced antiviral response

Tao, G.; Viswanath, B.; Kekre, K.; Lee, L.Yoke.; Ng, H.Yong.; Ong, S.Leong.; Seah, H., 2011:
RO brine treatment and recovery by biological activated carbon and capacitive deionization process

Zhang, Y.; Ghyselbrecht, K.; Vanherpe, R.; Meesschaert, B.; Pinoy, L.; Van der Bruggen, B., 2012:
RO concentrate minimization by electrodialysis: techno-economic analysis and environmental concerns

Wang, H.Y.; Guan, Y.T.; Mizuno, T.; Tsuno, H., 2010:
RO filtration of biologically treated textile and dyeing effluents using ozonation as a pre-treatment

Arnault, D.Saint.; Fetters, M.D., 2011:
RO1 Funding for Mixed Methods Research: Lessons learned from the Mixed-Method Analysis of Japanese Depression Project

Ballard, T.M.; Knoflach, Fédéric.; Prinssen, E.; Borroni, E.; Vivian, J.A.; Basile, J.; Gasser, R.; Moreau, J-Luc.; Wettstein, J.G.; Buettelmann, B.; Knust, H.; Thomas, A.W.; Trube, G.; Hernandez, M-Clemencia., 2008:
RO4938581, a novel cognitive enhancer acting at GABAA alpha5 subunit-containing receptors

Carrera, I.; Moreno, Héctor.A.; Saltarén, R.; Pérez, C.; Puglisi, L.; Garcia, C., 2012:
ROAD: domestic assistant and rehabilitation robot

Hamamoto, Y.; Koshiyama, H., 2011:
ROADMAP and ORIENTAL Trials: the Re-emergence of J-Curve Ghost?

Thornton, T.; McPeek, M.Sara., 2010:
ROADTRIPS: case-control association testing with partially or completely unknown population and pedigree structure

Haro, J.Maria.; Ayuso-Mateos, Jé.Luis.; Bitter, I.; Demotes-Mainard, J.; Leboyer, M.; Lewis, Sôn.W.; Linszen, D.; Maj, M.; McDaid, D.; Meyer-Lindenberg, A.; Robbins, T.W.; Schumann, G.; Thornicroft, G.; Van Der Feltz-Cornelis, C.; Van Os, J.; Wahlbeck, K.; Wittchen, H-Ulrich.; Wykes, T.; Arango, C.; Bickenbach, J.; Brunn, M.; Cammarata, P.; Chevreul, K.; Evans-Lacko, S.; Finocchiaro, C.; Fiorillo, A.; Forsman, A.K.; Hazo, J-Baptiste.; Knappe, S.; Kuepper, R.; Luciano, M.; Miret, M.; Obradors-T, 2015:
ROAMER: roadmap for mental health research in Europe

Wu, D.; Lim, E.; Vaillant, Fçois.; Asselin-Labat, M-Liesse.; Visvader, J.E.; Smyth, G.K., 2010:
ROAST: rotation gene set tests for complex microarray experiments

Anonymous, 1934:

Anonymous, 1930:

Anonymous, 1933:

Anonymous, 1929:

Pearce, R.M., 2014:
ROBERT M. Pearce 1865-1951

Anonymous, 1931:

Anonymous, 1927:

Anonymous, 1930:

Noor, A.; Ahmad, A.; Serpedin, E.; Nounou, M.; Nounou, H., 2014:
ROBNCA: robust network component analysis for recovering transcription factor activities

Parray, A.; Siddique, H.R.; Kuriger, J.K.; Mishra, S.K.; Rhim, J.S.; Nelson, H.H.; Aburatani, H.; Konety, B.R.; Koochekpour, S.; Saleem, M., 2014:
ROBO1, a tumor suppressor and critical molecular barrier for localized tumor cells to acquire invasive phenotype: study in African-American and Caucasian prostate cancer models

Kefaliakos, A.; Pliakos, I.; Kalokerinou, A.; Mechili, A.; Diomidous, M., 2014:
ROBOT - Assisted Rehabilitation in Patients After Stroke

Sincell, M., 2007:
ROBOTICS: Rescue Droids Stumble in an Urban Jungle

Silbert, D.; Matta, N., 2012:
ROC Analysis to Improve Sensitivity and Specificity of the PlusoptiX Photoscreener

Tanaka, R.; Shiraishi, J.; Takamori, M.; Watari, C., 2012:
ROC analysis for evaluating the detectability of image unsharpness due to the patient's movement: phantom study comparing preview and diagnostic LCDs

Wang, M-Cheng.; Li, S., 2014:
ROC analysis for multiple markers with tree-based classification

Metz, C.E., 2010:
ROC analysis in medical imaging: a tutorial review of the literature

Carlone, M.; Cruje, C.; Rangel, A.; McCabe, R.; Nielsen, M.; Macpherson, M., 2013:
ROC analysis in patient specific quality assurance

Wallner, S.Johanna.; Horejsi, R.; Zweiker, R.; Watzinger, N.; Möller, R.; Schnedl, W.Johann.; Schauenstein, K.; Tafeit, E., 2008:
ROC analysis of subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top) in female coronary heart disease patients and healthy controls

Ying, G-shuang.; Maguire, M.; Quinn, G.; Kulp, M.Taylor.; Cyert, L.; Schmidt, P.; Baumritter, A.; Ciner, E.; Cyert, L.; Dobson, V.; Haas, B.; Kulp, M.Taylor.; Maguire, M.; Moore, B.; Orel-Bixler, D.; Peskin, E.; Quinn, G.; Redford, M.; Schultz, J.; Ying, G-shuang.; Orel-Bixler, D.; Qualley, P.; Howard, D.; Suzuki, L.Miller.; Fisher, S.; Fong, D.; Frane, S.; Hsiao-Threlkeld, C.; Koseoglu, S.; Moy, A.Mika.; Shapiro, S.; Verdon, L.; Watson, T.; McDonnell, S.; Paez, E.; Sloan, D.; Smith, E.; Soto, L, 2012:
ROC analysis of the accuracy of Noncycloplegic retinoscopy, Retinomax Autorefractor, and SureSight Vision Screener for preschool vision screening

Li, J.; Fine, J.P., 2008:
ROC analysis with multiple classes and multiple tests: methodology and its application in microarray studies

Pelegrina del Río, M.; Emberley Moreno, E.; Wallace Ruiz, Aín.; Marín Lamela, R., 2012:
ROC and z-ROC analysis in recognition memory: continuous, threshold, and asymmetric models

Kopec, J.A.; Sayre, E.C., 2008:
ROC area discrimination (ROCAD) curve: a new method of evaluating the discriminating ability of ordinal scales

Wang, X.; Ma, J.; George, S.L., 2013:
ROC curve estimation under test-result-dependent sampling

Perkins, N.J.; Schisterman, E.F.; Vexler, A., 2012:
ROC curve inference for best linear combination of two biomarkers subject to limits of detection

Pinsky, P.F.; Gierada, D.S.; Nath, H.; Kazerooni, E.A.; Amorosa, J., 2014:
ROC curves for low-dose CT in the National Lung Screening Trial

Boddy, L.M.; Thomas, N.E.; Fairclough, S.J.; Tolfrey, K.; Brophy, S.; Rees, A.; Knox, G.; Baker, J.S.; Stratton, G., 2013:
ROC generated thresholds for field-assessed aerobic fitness related to body size and cardiometabolic risk in schoolchildren

Sauvage, M.M., 2011:
ROC in animals: uncovering the neural substrates of recollection and familiarity in episodic recognition memory

Dubick, M.A.; Shek, P.; Wade, C.E., 2014:
ROC trials update on prehospital hypertonic saline resuscitation in the aftermath of the US-Canadian trials

Goossen, W.T.F.; Goossen-Baremans, A.T.M.; Hofte, L.; de Krey, B., 2007:
ROC van Twente: nursing education in care and technology

McClish, D.K., 2007:
ROC volumes--should they be used?

He, X.; Frey, E., 2009:
ROC, LROC, FROC, AFROC: an alphabet soup

Cone, D.C.; Middleton, P.M., 2013:
ROC, paper, scissors: tracheal intubation or supraglottic airway for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

Farah, K.; Smith, J.E.T.; Cook, E.P., 2015:
ROC-based estimates of neural-behavioral covariations using matched filters

Nikas, J.B.; Low, W.C., 2011:
ROC-supervised principal component analysis in connection with the diagnosis of diseases

Jia, L.; Soengas, M.S.; Sun, Y., 2009:
ROC1/RBX1 E3 ubiquitin ligase silencing suppresses tumor cell growth via sequential induction of G2-M arrest, apoptosis, and senescence

Eng, T.; Guacci, V.; Koshland, D., 2015:
ROCC, a conserved region in cohesin's Mcd1 subunit, is essential for the proper regulation of the maintenance of cohesion and establishment of condensation

Rodriguez, P.L.; Sahay, S.; Olabisi, O.O.; Whitehead, I.P., 2007:
ROCK I-mediated activation of NF-kappaB by RhoB

Croze, R.H.; Buchholz, D.E.; Radeke, M.J.; Thi, W.J.; Hu, Q.; Coffey, P.J.; Clegg, D.O., 2016:
ROCK Inhibition Extends Passage of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigmented Epithelium

Feizi, S., 2013:
ROCK Inhibitors can Enhance the Adhesion of Cultured Corneal Endothelial Cells

Shimizu, Y.; Dobashi, K.; Sano, T.; Yamada, M., 2014:
ROCK activation in lung of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with oxidative stress

Sanz-Moreno, V.; Gaggioli, C.; Yeo, M.; Albrengues, J.; Wallberg, F.; Viros, A.; Hooper, S.; Mitter, R.; Féral, Cé.C.; Cook, M.; Larkin, J.; Marais, R.; Meneguzzi, G.; Sahai, E.; Marshall, C.J., 2011:
ROCK and JAK1 signaling cooperate to control actomyosin contractility in tumor cells and stroma

Breslin, J.W., 2011:
ROCK and cAMP promote lymphatic endothelial cell barrier integrity and modulate histamine and thrombin-induced barrier dysfunction

Arita, R.; Hata, Y.; Ishibashi, T., 2010:
ROCK as a Therapeutic Target of Diabetic Retinopathy

Peng, J.; Zhang, G.; Wang, Q.; Huang, J.; Ma, H.; Zhong, Y.; Zhou, F.; Xie, C.; Zhang, A., 2012:
ROCK cooperated with ET-1 to induce epithelial to mesenchymal transition through SLUG in human ovarian cancer cells

Doran, J.D.; Jacobs, M.D., 2009:
ROCK enzymatic assay

McGown, C.C.; Brown, N.J.; Hellewell, P.G.; Brookes, Zë.L.S., 2011:
ROCK induced inflammation of the microcirculation during endotoxemia mediated by nitric oxide synthase

Yang, S.; Kim, H-Man., 2014:
ROCK inhibition activates MCF-7 cells

Coque, E.; Raoul, Cédric.; Bowerman, Mélissa., 2014:
ROCK inhibition as a therapy for spinal muscular atrophy: understanding the repercussions on multiple cellular targets

Furumatsu, T.; Matsumoto-Ogawa, E.; Tanaka, T.; Lu, Z.; Ozaki, T., 2014:
ROCK inhibition enhances aggrecan deposition and suppresses matrix metalloproteinase-3 production in human articular chondrocytes

Lai, W-Hon.; Ho, J.Chung-Yee.; Lee, Y-Ki.; Ng, K-Man.; Au, K-Wing.; Chan, Y-Chi.; Lau, C-Pak.; Tse, H-Fat.; Siu, C-Wah., 2011:
ROCK inhibition facilitates the generation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells in a defined, feeder-, and serum-free system

Duan, X.; Chen, K-Lin.; Zhang, Y.; Cui, X-Shun.; Kim, N-Hyung.; Sun, S-Chen., 2015:
ROCK inhibition prevents early mouse embryo development

Ahmed, Z.; Berry, M.; Logan, A., 2009:
ROCK inhibition promotes adult retinal ganglion cell neurite outgrowth only in the presence of growth promoting factors

Sharma, R.; George, A.; Chauhan, M.S.; Singla, S.; Manik, R.S.; Palta, P., 2013:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 enhances the survivability of dissociated buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryonic stem cell-like cells

Gauthaman, K.; Fong, C-Yee.; Subramanian, A.; Biswas, A.; Bongso, A., 2011:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 increases thaw-survival rates and preserves stemness and differentiation potential of human Wharton's jelly stem cells after cryopreservation

Zhou, Q.; Duan, H.; Wang, Y.; Qu, M.; Yang, L.; Xie, L., 2014:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 increases the cloning efficiency of limbal stem/progenitor cells by improving their adherence and ROS-scavenging capacity

Nakamura, K.; Yoshimura, A.; Kaneko, T.; Sato, K.; Hara, Y., 2015:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 maintains the proliferation of confluent human mesenchymal stem cells

Zhang, Y.; Duan, X.; Xiong, B.; Cui, X-Shun.; Kim, N-Hyung.; Rui, R.; Sun, S-Chen., 2015:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 prevents porcine oocyte maturation

Zhang, L.; Valdez, J.M.; Zhang, B.; Wei, L.; Chang, J.; Xin, L., 2011:
ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 suppresses dissociation-induced apoptosis of murine prostate stem/progenitor cells and increases their cloning efficiency

Liu, X.; Ory, V.; Chapman, S.; Yuan, H.; Albanese, C.; Kallakury, B.; Timofeeva, O.A.; Nealon, C.; Dakic, A.; Simic, V.; Haddad, B.R.; Rhim, J.S.; Dritschilo, A.; Riegel, A.; McBride, A.; Schlegel, R., 2012:
ROCK inhibitor and feeder cells induce the conditional reprogramming of epithelial cells

Okumura, N.; Koizumi, N.; Ueno, M.; Sakamoto, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Tsuchiya, H.; Hamuro, J.; Kinoshita, S., 2012:
ROCK inhibitor converts corneal endothelial cells into a phenotype capable of regenerating in vivo endothelial tissue

Pipparelli, Aélien.; Arsenijevic, Y.; Thuret, G.; Gain, P.; Nicolas, M.; Majo, Fçois., 2013:
ROCK inhibitor enhances adhesion and wound healing of human corneal endothelial cells

Li, X.; Krawetz, R.; Liu, S.; Meng, G.; Rancourt, D.E., 2008:
ROCK inhibitor improves survival of cryopreserved serum/feeder-free single human embryonic stem cells

Pettinato, G.; Vanden Berg-Foels, W.S.; Zhang, N.; Wen, X., 2015:
ROCK inhibitor is not required for embryoid body formation from singularized human embryonic stem cells

Matsumoto, E.; Furumatsu, T.; Kanazawa, T.; Tamura, M.; Ozaki, T., 2012:
ROCK inhibitor prevents the dedifferentiation of human articular chondrocytes

Micuda, S.; Rösel, D.; Ryska, A.; Brábek, J., 2010:
ROCK inhibitors as emerging therapeutic candidates for sarcomas

Zhang, J-Gang.; Li, X-Yu.; Wang, Y-Zhu.; Zhang, Q-Di.; Gu, S-Ying.; Wu, X.; Zhu, G-Hua.; Li, Q.; Liu, G-Lin., 2015:
ROCK is involved in vasculogenic mimicry formation in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line

Wang, Y.; Zheng, X.Rayne.; Riddick, N.; Bryden, M.; Baur, W.; Zhang, X.; Surks, H.K., 2009:
ROCK isoform regulation of myosin phosphatase and contractility in vascular smooth muscle cells

Xiao, L.; Eto, M.; Kazanietz, M.G., 2009:
ROCK mediates phorbol ester-induced apoptosis in prostate cancer cells via p21Cip1 up-regulation and JNK

Cui, G.; Zuo, T.; Zhao, Q.; Hu, J.; Jin, P.; Zhao, H.; Jing, J.; Zhu, J.; Chen, H.; Liu, B.; Hua, F.; Ye, X., 2014:
ROCK mediates the inflammatory response in thrombin induced microglia

Ma, J.; Liang, S.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, L.; Jiang, J.; Zheng, J.; Yu, L.; Zheng, X.; Wang, R.; Zhu, D., 2009:
ROCK pathway participates in the processes that 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (15-HETE) mediated the pulmonary vascular remodeling induced by hypoxia in rat

Joo, H.Joon.; Choi, D-Kyu.; Lim, J.Seo.; Park, J-Sung.; Lee, S-Hun.; Song, S.; Shin, J.H.; Lim, D-Sun.; Kim, I.; Hwang, K-Chul.; Koh, G.Young., 2013:
ROCK suppression promotes differentiation and expansion of endothelial cells from embryonic stem cell-derived Flk1(+) mesodermal precursor cells

Goetsch, K.P.; Snyman, C.; Myburgh, K.H.; Niesler, C.U., 2015:
ROCK-2 is associated with focal adhesion maturation during myoblast migration

He, K.; Yan, L.; Pan, C-Shui.; Liu, Y-Ying.; Cui, Y-Chen.; Hu, B-He.; Chang, X.; Li, Q.; Sun, K.; Mao, X-Wei.; Fan, J-Yu.; Han, J-Yan., 2015:
ROCK-dependent ATP5D modulation contributes to the protection of notoginsenoside NR1 against ischemia-reperfusion-induced myocardial injury

Kümper, S.; Marshall, C.J., 2011:
ROCK-driven actomyosin contractility induces tissue stiffness and tumor growth

Ferrari, A.; Veligodskiy, A.; Berge, U.; Lucas, M.S.; Kroschewski, R., 2008:
ROCK-mediated contractility, tight junctions and channels contribute to the conversion of a preapical patch into apical surface during isochoric lumen initiation

Bauer, P.O.; Hudec, R.; Goswami, A.; Kurosawa, M.; Matsumoto, G.; Mikoshiba, K.; Nukina, N., 2013:
ROCK-phosphorylated vimentin modifies mutant huntingtin aggregation via sequestration of IRBIT

Miyata, K.; Satou, R.; Shao, W.; Prieto, M.C.; Urushihara, M.; Kobori, H.; Navar, L.Gabriel., 2014:
ROCK/NF-κB axis-dependent augmentation of angiotensinogen by angiotensin II in primary-cultured preglomerular vascular smooth muscle cells

Montalvo, J.; Spencer, C.; Hackathorn, A.; Masterjohn, K.; Perkins, A.; Doty, C.; Arumugam, A.; Ongusaha, P.P.; Lakshmanaswamy, R.; Liao, J.K.; Mitchell, D.C.; Bryan, B.A., 2013:
ROCK1 & 2 perform overlapping and unique roles in angiogenesis and angiosarcoma tumor progression

Wen, X.; Ding, L.; Wang, J-Jiun.; Qi, M.; Hammonds, J.; Chu, H.; Chen, X.; Hunter, E.; Spearman, P., 2014:
ROCK1 and LIM kinase modulate retrovirus particle release and cell-cell transmission events

Shea, K.F.; Wells, C.M.; Garner, A.P.; Jones, G.E., 2008:
ROCK1 and LIMK2 interact in spread but not blebbing cancer cells

Vigil, D.; Kim, T.Young.; Plachco, A.; Garton, A.J.; Castaldo, L.; Pachter, J.A.; Dong, H.; Chen, X.; Tokar, B.; Campbell, S.L.; Der, C.J., 2012:
ROCK1 and ROCK2 are required for non-small cell lung cancer anchorage-independent growth and invasion

Kalaji, R.; Wheeler, A.P.; Erasmus, J.C.; Lee, S.Y.; Endres, R.G.; Cramer, L.P.; Braga, V.M.M., 2013:
ROCK1 and ROCK2 regulate epithelial polarisation and geometric cell shape

Akagi, E.M.; Lavorato-Rocha, Aé.M.; Maia, B.de.Melo.; Rodrigues, I.S.; Carvalho, Kátia.C.; Stiepcich, M.M.; Baiocchi, G.; Sato-Kuwabara, Y.; Rogatto, S.R.; Soares, F.A.; Rocha, R.M., 2015:
ROCK1 as a novel prognostic marker in vulvar cancer

Liu, X.; Choy, E.; Hornicek, F.J.; Yang, S.; Yang, C.; Harmon, D.; Mankin, H.; Duan, Z., 2011:
ROCK1 as a potential therapeutic target in osteosarcoma

Surma, M.; Handy, C.; Chang, J.; Kapur, R.; Wei, L.; Shi, J., 2014:
ROCK1 deficiency enhances protective effects of antioxidants against apoptosis and cell detachment

Sakabe, M.; Sakata, H.; Matsui, H.; Ikeda, K.; Yamagishi, T.; Nakajima, Y., 2008:
ROCK1 expression is regulated by TGFbeta3 and ALK2 during valvuloseptal endocardial cushion formation

Tang, A.T.; Campbell, W.B.; Nithipatikom, K., 2012:
ROCK1 feedback regulation of the upstream small GTPase RhoA

Vemula, S.; Shi, J.; Hanneman, P.; Wei, L.; Kapur, R., 2010:
ROCK1 functions as a suppressor of inflammatory cell migration by regulating PTEN phosphorylation and stability

Lee, S-Hwan.; Huang, H.; Choi, K.; Lee, D.Ho.; Shi, J.; Liu, T.; Chun, K.Hoon.; Seo, J.A.; Lima, I.S.; Zabolotny, J.M.; Wei, L.; Kim, Y-Bum., 2014:
ROCK1 isoform-specific deletion reveals a role for diet-induced insulin resistance

Shi, J.; Zhang, Y-Wei.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Wei, L., 2011:
ROCK1 plays an essential role in the transition from cardiac hypertrophy to failure in mice

Sommer, B.; Montano, L.M.; Chávez, J.; Carbajal, V.; García-Hernandez, L.M.; Irles, C.; Jiménez-Garduno, A.M.; Ortega, A., 2015:
ROCK1 translocates from non-caveolar to caveolar regions upon KCl stimulation in airway smooth muscle

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN spotted fever in Georgia

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ROCS: receiver operating characteristic surface for class-skewed high-throughput data

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RODENT ulcer

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RODIN and the pitfalls of observational studies

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ROENTGEN RAYS and LOCALISATION: An Apparatus for Exact Measurement and Localisation by Means of Roentgen Rays

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ROENTGEN studies of spastic phenomena of the gastrointestinal tract

Anonymous, 2014:
ROENTGEN therapy of benign giant cell tumor of bone

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ROENTGEN'S ray celebrates golden jubilee

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ROENTGENOLOGY in the early diagnosis of cancer

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ROHO Dry floatation technology: implications for clinical practice

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ROI analysis demonstrates value

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ROI from facility investment: quality and patient satisfaction

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ROK controls urethral tone, but by what mechanism?

Anonymous, 2012:
ROL's 30th anniversary. We dedicate it to you, Néstor

Germán Bes, C., 2013:
ROL, a pioneering periodical

Palacios Villanueva, M.E., 2012:
ROL, my accomplice journal

Anonymous, 2013:
ROL, your journal, a journal with many prizes

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ROLC strawberry plant adaptability, productivity, and tolerance to soil-borne disease and mycorrhizal interactions

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ROLE of Lancefield groups of beta-hemolytic streptococci in respiratory infections

Anonymous, 1949:
ROLE of a hospital dental officer

Anonymous, 1947:
ROLE of fluorine in dental caries; fluorination of drinking water

Anonymous, 1948:
ROLE of hormones in hypertension

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ROLE of roentgen therapy in carcinoma of the breast

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ROLE of the medical record librarian in the analysis of hospital service

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ROLE of the nurse in cancer control

Anonymous, 1949:
ROLE of the visiting nurse on a military post

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ROM and the position of the health insurance companies

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ROM: primarily an instrument for treat

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ROMA illuminates CLL genomic lesions

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ROMANCE of drugs; from Empire plants; deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)

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ROME scheme: from reorientation to research oriented medical education, a new beginning

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RON promotes the metastatic spread of breast carcinomas by subverting antitumor immune responses

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RON receptor tyrosine kinase as a target for delivery of chemodrugs by antibody directed pathway for cancer cell cytotoxicity

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RON receptor tyrosine kinase, a negative regulator of inflammation, is decreased during simian immunodeficiency virus-associated central nervous system disease

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RON12, a novel Plasmodium-specific rhoptry neck protein important for parasite proliferation

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RON5 is critical for organization and function of the Toxoplasma moving junction complex

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RONALD Ross jubilee

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ROOBY trial data demonstrates revascularization had no impact on POAF

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ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE3 family of dynamin-like GTPases mediates homotypic endoplasmic reticulum fusion and is essential for Arabidopsis development

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ROOT UV-B SENSITIVE2 acts with ROOT UV-B SENSITIVE1 in a root ultraviolet B-sensing pathway

Anonymous, 2011:
ROOT of our evils; a sensitive, intelligent patient views a state hospital

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ROP GTPase-mediated auxin signaling regulates pavement cell interdigitation in Arabidopsis thaliana

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RORC2: the master of human Th17 cell programming

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RORSCHACH clambake

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RORSCHACH scores; a superior diagnostic tool in organic brain damage

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RORing T cells target CLL and MCL

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RORα binds to E2F1 to inhibit cell proliferation and regulate mammary gland branching morphogenesis

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RORα suppresses breast tumor invasion by inducing SEMA3F expression

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RORα, a potential tumor suppressor and therapeutic target of breast cancer

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RORγ directly regulates the circadian expression of clock genes and downstream targets in vivo

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RORγt Modulators Are Potentially Useful for the Treatment of the Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

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RORγt expression in the pulmonary tissue of asthmatic mice and the inhibitory effects of budesonide

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ROS acts as a double-edged sword in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus: is Nrf2 a potential target for the treatment?

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ROS and ABA signaling are involved in the growth stimulation induced by low-dose gamma irradiation in Arabidopsis seedling

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ROS and ERK1/2-mediated caspase-9 activation increases XAF1 expression in dexamethasone-induced apoptosis of EBV-transformed B cells

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ROS and NADPH oxidase: key regulators of tumor vascularisation

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ROS and Phytohormones in Plant-Plant Allelopathic Interaction

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ROS as key players in plant stress signalling

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RUC committee takes steps toward transparency

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