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Rapid detection of anti-hepatitis a virus neutralizing antibodies in a microplate enzyme immunoassay

Azizi, A.; Sirskyj, D.; Weltzin, R.; Anderson, D.E.; Diaz-Mitoma, F.

Journal of Medical Microbiology 58(Part 11): 1433-1436


ISSN/ISBN: 1473-5644
PMID: 19608692
DOI: 10.1099/jmm.0.012203-0
Accession: 055363193

The slow growth of hepatitis A virus (HAV) in cell culture is one of the primary pitfalls in the development of sensitive and rapid methods for the detection and quantification of HAV and associated neutralizing antibodies. Currently, in vitro assays frequently require 8 days or more to detect and quantify the presence of HAV neutralizing antibodies. This study describes a rapid immunoassay that allowed the detection of anti-HAV neutralizing antibodies in only 3 days. This microplate-based enzymic assay may be applicable in virological diagnostics, in evaluating the immunogenicity of HAV vaccines and in quantifying neutralizing antibodies during the course of HAV infection.

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