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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55371

Chapter 55371 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Urbán, E.; Terhes, G.; Markotics, A.; Sóki, József.; Nagy, E., 2010:
Rare extraintestinal infection caused by toxin-producing Clostridium difficile

Zamurovic, M., 2014:
Rare extrapelvic endometriosis on iliac vein wall--diagnosis and treatment

Medhat, M.A.; Abdel Malek, M.A.Y.; Zaki, S.; Helmy, A.; Driscoll, J.J., 2014:
Rare extraperitoneal involvement with fatal outcome in a case of bilateral luteinized thecoma of the ovaries with sclerosing peritonitis

Walczak, B.E.; Peterson, J.S.; Irwin, R.B., 2009:
Rare extraskeletal osteosarcoma in the anterolateral right leg of a 37-year-old man

Kapoor, S., 2012:
Rare facial dermatological lesions associated with Demodex infection, besides acne vulgaris

Hsieh, L.; Nugent, D., 2012:
Rare factor deficiencies

Baselga, Aés.; Gómez-Rodríguez, C.; Novoa, F.; Vogler, A.P., 2014:
Rare failures of DNA barcodes [corrected] to separate morphologically distinct species in a biodiversity survey of Iberian leaf beetles

Pagnamenta, A.T.; Khan, H.; Walker, S.; Gerrelli, D.; Wing, K.; Bonaglia, M.Clara.; Giorda, R.; Berney, T.; Mani, E.; Molteni, M.; Pinto, D.; L.C.uteur, A.; Hallmayer, J.; Sutcliffe, J.S.; Szatmari, P.; Paterson, A.D.; Scherer, S.W.; Vieland, V.J.; Monaco, A.P., 2011:
Rare familial 16q21 microdeletions under a linkage peak implicate cadherin 8 (CDH8) in susceptibility to autism and learning disability

Jimbo, T.; Fujita, Y.; Yumoto, Y.; Fukushima, K.; Kato, K., 2016:
Rare fetal complications associated with placental mesenchymal dysplasia: a report of two cases

Damodaran, S.; Jones, M.; Mahmood, T.A., 2011:
Rare finding in a common procedure: unsuspected pregnancy during hysterosalpingography

Sharma, A.; Paliwal, P.; Dadhwal, V.; Sharma, Y.; Deka, D., 2009:
Rare finding of 2n/4n mixoploidy in mother and fetus with severe immune hydrops

Narayanan, C.Dhanasekaran.; Bhaskarapprakash, A.Ranganath.; Vijay, B.; Vijayaraghavan, S.; Srinivasan, V., 2007:
Rare finding of a gastrojejuno appendicular fistula during a laparotomy for roux-en-y conversion

Assaf, M.; Angheluta, L.; Goldenfeld, N., 2011:
Rare fluctuations and large-scale circulation cessations in turbulent convection

Bandelier, C.; Leimgruber, A.; Wassenberg, J.; Bart, P.A.; Spertini, F., 2008:
Rare food allergies

Mohanavalli, S.; David, J.Jasline.; Gnanam, A., 2012:
Rare foreign bodies in oro-facial regions

Al-Hamdany, S.; Holm, I.Elisabeth., 2010:
Rare form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Nair, S.; Eldjerou, L.K.; Harris, N.S.; Dunbar, L.N., 2015:
Rare form of autosomal dominant thalassemia--hemoglobin Hakkari

Lazarov, N.; Lazarov, L.; Lazarov, S., 2010:
Rare form of cervix carcinoma, infiltrating cervical myoma

Mani, S.; Natarajan, B.; Rajaram, K.; Sahuthullah, Y.Ahmed.; Gokulanathan, S.; Sitra, G., 2013:
Rare form of cherubism: Case report with review of literature

Limanskiĭ, S.S., 2012:
Rare form of epilepsy

Matsuura, T.; Sugihara, K.; Kohmura, Y.; Sugimura, H.; Kanayama, N., 2010:
Rare form of extraovarian peritoneal serous papillary carcinoma with solitary tumor in the abdominal wall: a case report and literature review

Massin, M.M.; Malekzadeh-Milani, S-Guiti.; Dessy, H., 2008:
Rare form of protection against ventricular deconditioning in transposition of the great arteries

Croitoru, A.; Melloni, B.; Dupuy-Grasset, M.; Darde, M.L.; Delage, M.; Bonnaud, F., 2012:
Rare form of semi-invasive aspergillosis in immunocompetent patient: case report

Marquard, J.; Palladino, A.A.; Stanley, C.A.; Mayatepek, E.; Meissner, T., 2011:
Rare forms of congenital hyperinsulinism

Unc, O.D.; Steriu, L.; Iordache, I.; Kabtour, B.; Ples, D.; Calin, I.; Grasa, C., 2010:
Rare forms of hydatid cyst. Case reports

Koneru, J.N.; Wood, M.A.; Ellenbogen, K.A., 2012:
Rare forms of preexcitation: a case study and brief overview of familial forms of preexcitation

Shishov, A.S.; Blank, I.A.; Petrova, I.S.; Kulagina, M.V.; Rusanova, S.A., 2014 :
Rare forms of segmental exanthema in patients with Herpes zoster

Setdikova, G.R.; Filippova, E.M.; Paklina, O.V.; Kriger, A.G.; Chekmareva, I.A.; Gorin, D.S.; Berelavichus, S.V.; Bedin, V.V.; Tavobilov, M.M., 2013:
Rare forms of the ductal carcinoma of the pancreas

Park, S.Hyuk.; Chi, H-Sook.; Kwon, M-Ryang.; Cho, Y-Uk.; Jang, S.; Park, C-Jeoung., 2013:
Rare frameshift mutation Cys475Tyrfs(*)11 in the BCR/ABL kinase domain contributes to imatinib mesylate resistance in 2 Korean patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia

Iolascon, A.; Badiali, M.; Pession, A.; Basso, G.; Losi, L.; Delgiudice, E.; Perrotta, S.; Cutillo, S.; Tonini, G., 1993:
Rare frequencey of point mutations for codon 12, 13 and 61 of ras gene in italian neuroblastoma

Lian, K.; Schwartz, M.L.; Bilbao, J.; Perry, J.; Aviv, R.I.; Symons, S.P., 2012:
Rare frontal lobe intraparenchymal epidermoid cyst with atypical imaging

Butali, A.; Mossey, P.; Adeyemo, W.; Eshete, M.; Gaines, L.; Braimah, R.; Aregbesola, B.; Rigdon, J.; Emeka, C.; Olutayo, J.; Ogunlewe, O.; Ladeinde, A.; Abate, F.; Hailu, T.; Mohammed, I.; Gravem, P.; Deribew, M.; Gesses, M.; Adeyemo, A.; Marazita, M.; Murray, J., 2015:
Rare functional variants in genome-wide association identified candidate genes for nonsyndromic clefts in the African population

Weinhold, B., 2013:
Rare fungal illness follows tornado

Lin, S-Hong.; Chang, F-Yee.; Yang, Y-Sung.; Jin, J-Shiaw.; Chen, T-Wei., 2012:
Rare gallbladder adenomyomatosis presenting as atypical cholecystitis: case report

Liu, Z-Bo.; Li, Z-Ru.; Zuo, M-Hui.; Li, Q-Zhong.; Ma, F.; Li, Z-Jun.; Chen, G-hui.; Sun, C-Chung., 2009:
Rare gas atomic number dependence of the hyperpolarizability for rare gas inserted fluorohydrides, HRgF (Rg = He, Ar, and Kr)

Hayes, W.W.; Manson, J.R., 2007:
Rare gas collisions with molten metal surfaces

Albertí, M., 2010:
Rare gas-benzene-rare gas interactions: structural properties and dynamic behavior

Kirsten, T.; Steinbrunn, F.; Zähringer, J., 1970:
Rare gases in lunar samples: study of distribution and variafions by a microprobe technique

Ribeiro, M.Capsy.Boga.; Lopes, L.Roberto.; de Souza Neto, Jão.Coelho.; Meirelles, L.Rodrigues.; de Carvalho, R.Barbosa.; Andreollo, N.Adami., 2012:
Rare gastric inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor in an adult woman: a case report with review of the literature

Drake, M.G.; Nasseri, J.; Mills, M.R., 2007:
Rare gastric metastasis of testicular choriocarcinoma

Flegel, W.A., 2010:
Rare gems: null phenotypes of blood groups

Soutar, A.K., 2010:
Rare genetic causes of autosomal dominant or recessive hypercholesterolaemia

Harosh, I., 2015:
Rare genetic diseases with human lean and/or starvation phenotype open new avenues for obesity and type II diabetes treatment

Lacombe, D.; Morice-Picard, F., 2015:
Rare genetic diseases, signalling pathways, and keloid scar formation

Emery, A., 2009:
Rare genetic disorders in certain populations

Bodmer, W.; Tomlinson, I., 2010:
Rare genetic variants and the risk of cancer

Witte, J.S., 2013:
Rare genetic variants and treatment response: sample size and analysis issues

Roy, S.William.; Irimia, M., 2008:
Rare genomic characters do not support Coelomata: RGC_CAMs

Glessner, J.T.; Connolly, J.J.M.; Hakonarson, H., 2015:
Rare genomic deletions and duplications and their role in neurodevelopmental disorders

Walters, R.G.; Coin, L.J.M.; Ruokonen, A.; de Smith, A.J.; El-Sayed Moustafa, J.S.; Jacquemont, S.; Elliott, P.; Esko, Tõnu.; Hartikainen, A-Liisa.; Laitinen, J.; Männik, K.; Martinet, D.; Meyre, D.; Nauck, M.; Schurmann, C.; Sladek, R.; Thorleifsson, G.; Thorsteinsdóttir, U.; Valsesia, A.; Waeber, G.; Zufferey, F.; Balkau, B.; Pattou, Fçois.; Metspalu, A.; Völzke, H.; Vollenweider, P.; Stefansson, Kári.; Järvelin, M-Riitta.; Beckmann, J.S.; Froguel, P.; Blakemore, A.I.F., 2013:
Rare genomic structural variants in complex disease: lessons from the replication of associations with obesity

Anglani, F.; Fabris, A.; Torregrossa, R.; Cristofaro, R.; Gambaro, G.; D'Angelo, A., 2011:
Rare genomic variants and susceptibility to multifactorial diseases. The example of medullary sponge kidney

Perroud, N.; Salzmann, A.; Saiz, P.A.; Baca-Garcia, E.; Sarchiapone, M.; Garcia-Portilla, M.P.; Carli, V.; Vaquero-Lorenzo, Cón.; Jaussent, I.; Mouthon, D.; Vessaz, M.; Huguelet, P.; Courtet, P.; Malafosse, A.; Perroud, N.; Saiz, P.A.; Baca-Garcia, E.; Sarchiapone, M.; Carli, V.; Courtet, P.; Malafosse, A., 2011:
Rare genotype combination of the serotonin transporter gene associated with treatment response in severe personality disorder

L.C.m-Duchez, Véronique.; Soria, C.; Dit Sollier, C.Bal.; Borg, J-Yvonne.; Coudert, M.; Montalescot, G.; Esposito, Gétan.; Drouet, L.; Collet, J-Philippe., 2009:
Rare genotypes of protein Z gene are a risk factor for premature myocardial infarction but not protein Z plasma level

Moir-Meyer, G.L.; Pearson, J.F.; Lose, F.; Scott, R.J.; McEvoy, M.; Attia, J.; Holliday, E.G.; Pharoah, P.D.; Dunning, A.M.; Thompson, D.J.; Easton, D.F.; Spurdle, A.B.; Walker, L.C., 2015:
Rare germline copy number deletions of likely functional importance are implicated in endometrial cancer predisposition

Welander, J.; Andreasson, A.; Juhlin, C.Christofer.; Wiseman, R.W.; Bäckdahl, M.; Höög, A.; Larsson, C.; Gimm, O.; Söderkvist, P., 2014:
Rare germline mutations identified by targeted next-generation sequencing of susceptibility genes in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma

Agarwal, S.K.; Mateo, C.M.; Marx, S.J., 2009:
Rare germline mutations in cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor genes in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 and related states

Yue-Chun, L.; Lin, J-Feng., 2014:
Rare giant T-wave inversions associated with myocardial stunning: report of 2 cases

Zhang, H.; Zhang, N.; Dong, L.; She, L.; Wang, X.; Xu, E.; Yan, Z.; Zhang, X., 2014:
Rare giant bilateral calvarial hyperostosis across the superior sagittal sinus secondary to brain meningioma: A case report

Cooper, P.B.; Katus, M.; Moores, L.; Geyer, D.; Smirniotopoulos, J.G.; Sandberg, G.D.; Rushing, E.J., 2007:
Rare giant cell ependymoma in an octogenarian. Case report and review of the literature

Yang, C.; Gong, Y.; Liu, J.; Qi, X., 2014:
Rare giant cell tumor involvement of the olecranon bone

Yang, T.; Zhang, L.; Bao, H.; Hua, Z., 2013:
Rare giant epidermal cyst in the infratemporal fossa and middle cranial fossa

Shi, D.; Li, Q., 2014:
Rare giant salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma on the neck

Zhang, M-Jing.; Sun, Z-Yong.; Liu, Y.; Wu, S-Min.; Lu, K-Hua., 2012:
Rare giant secondary cutis verticis gyrata

Hughes, D.G.; Alleyne, C.H., 2014:
Rare giant traumatic cervical arteriovenous fistula in neurofibromatosis type 1 patient

Abbaszadegan, M.R.; Modarresi, A.; Khadivi-Zand, F.; Velayati, A., 2008:
Rare gross deletion in T-cell immune regulator-1 gene in Iranian family with infantile malignant osteopetrosis

Mandal, S.; Dhingra, K.; Gupta, P.; Khurana, N., 2010:
Rare growth of a psammomatous meningioma in a mature ovarian teratoma: a case report

Opolski, G., 2013:
Rare heart disease - unity is strength

Guzeeva, M.V.; Guzeeva, T.M., 2011:
Rare helminthiases

Arya, V.; Kumar, R.; Yadav, R.S.; Dabadghao, P.; Agarwal, S., 2009:
Rare hemoglobin variant Hb I Philadelphia in North Indian family

Atalay, E.Omer.; Atalay, A.; Koyuncu, H.; Oztürk, O.; Köseler, A.; Ozkan, A.; Demirtepe, S., 2008:
Rare hemoglobin variant Hb Yaizu observed in Turkey

Zorai, A.; Moumni, I.; Mosbahi, I.; Douzi, K.; Chaouachi, D.; Guemira, F.; Abbes, S., 2015:
Rare hemoglobin variants in Tunisian population

Bain, B.J., 2012:
Rare hemoglobinopathy presenting as progressive dyspnea

Kueviakoe, M.D.I.; Agbétiafa, K.; Padaro, E.; Fétéké, L.; Layibo, Y.; Amavi, T.; Egnondou, K.; Vovor, A.; Ségbéna, A.Y., 2014:
Rare hemoglobins in Togo: a 15-year study at the Lomé University Campus Hospital Center

Ramanadham, S.; Toomay, S.M.; Yopp, A.C.; Balch, G.C.; Sharma, R.; Schwarz, R.E.; Mansour, J.C., 2012:
Rare hepatic arterial anatomic variants in patients requiring pancreatoduodenectomy and review of the literature

Tan, Y.; Xiao, E-hua., 2014:
Rare hepatic malignant tumors: dynamic CT, MRI, and clinicopathologic features: with analysis of 54 cases and review of the literature

L.D.stri, G.; Castaing, M.; Ferlito, F.; Minutolo, V.; D.C.taldo, A.; Puleo, S., 2014:
Rare hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer in livers with symptomatic HBV and HCV hepatitis

Kanazawa, N., 2012:
Rare hereditary autoinflammatory disorders: towards an understanding of critical in vivo inflammatory pathways

Kaziulin, A.N.; Kucheriavyĭ, I.A., 2008:
Rare hereditary diseases of the pancreas

Knoch, J.; Kamenisch, Y.; Kubisch, C.; Berneburg, M., 2013:
Rare hereditary diseases with defects in DNA-repair

Koralkova, P.; van Solinge, W.W.; van Wijk, R., 2014:
Rare hereditary red blood cell enzymopathies associated with hemolytic anemia - pathophysiology, clinical aspects, and laboratory diagnosis

Nagy, Péter.; Lahm, E.; Pápai, Z., 2014:
Rare hereditary tumours

Knobe, K.; Astermark, J.; Berntorp, E.; Hillarp, A.; Strandberg, K.; Svensson, P.J., 2011:
Rare hereditary types of hemophilia. Bleeding symptoms, family history and laboratory analyses indicates diagnosis

Lee, T.K.; Miller, J.S.; Epstein, J.I., 2010:
Rare histological patterns of prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Navarro-Núñez, L.; Teruel, R.; Antón, A.I.; Nurden, P.; Martínez-Martínez, I.; Lozano, M.L.; Rivera, J.; Corral, J.; Mezzano, D.; Vicente, V.; Martinez, C., 2011:
Rare homozygous status of P43 β1-tubulin polymorphism causes alterations in platelet ultrastructure

Thye, T.; Ehmen, C.; Intemann, C.D.; Chinbuah, M.Amanua.; Ziegler, A.; Horstmann, R.D.; Meyer, C.G., 2010:
Rare human IFNG variants

McClure-Begley, T.D.; Papke, R.L.; Stone, K.L.; Stokes, C.; Levy, A.D.; Gelernter, J.; Xie, P.; Lindstrom, J.; Picciotto, M.R., 2014:
Rare human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α4 subunit (CHRNA4) variants affect expression and function of high-affinity nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Soares, E.Costa.Studart.; Costa, Fábio.Wildson.Gurgel.; Neto, I.Cavalcante.Pita.; Bezerra, Tácio.Pinheiro.; do Socorro Vidal Patrocínio, Régia.Maria.; Alves, A.Paula.Negreiros.Nunes., 2011:
Rare hybrid odontogenic tumor in a 2-year-old child

Wang, W.; Fu, J-Fen.; Gong, F-Qi.; Zhu, W-Hua.; Shen, Z., 2011:
Rare hypertension as a result of 17alpha-hydroxylase deficiency

Jain, A.; Naithani, M.; Chaudhary, Z.; Sharma, P., 2012:
Rare iatrogenic airway foreign body: The rivet from the fulcrum of the McCoy laryngoscope blade

Della Volpe, N.; Bianco, L.; Bonuso, C.; Annecchiarico, M.; D.S.lverio, P.; Caiazza, A., 2008:
Rare ileal localisation of angiolipoma presenting as chronic haemorrhage and severe anaemia: a case report

Tanyeli, O.; Dereli, Y.; Gormus, N., 2014:
Rare images of tuberculous pericarditis causing constrictive pericarditis

Farah, N.; Williams, A.; Joyce, M.; Bothamley, G.H.; Rajakulasingam, K., 2013:
Rare immediate hypersensitivity to rifampicin in a patient with tuberculosis requiring drug discontinuation

Kapila, R.Kumar.; Singal, P.; Gupta, S.Kumar.; Samdhani, S.; Sharma, S.D.; Srivastava, S.P., 2010:
Rare impacted foreign bodies of larynx

Eyskens, F., 2010:
Rare inborn errors of metabolism in adults: the lysosomal storage disorders

Eggink, H.; Kuiper, A.; Peall, K.J.; Contarino, M.Fiorella.; Bosch, A.M.; Post, B.; Sival, D.A.; Tijssen, M.A.J.; de Koning, T.J., 2015:
Rare inborn errors of metabolism with movement disorders: a case study to evaluate the impact upon quality of life and adaptive functioning

Mathur, P.; Saxena, A.K., 2010:
Rare incarcerated giant scrotal hernia associated with congenital pouch colon

Sun, X.; Chen, Z.; Yang, W.; Yu, F.; Zhao, J.; He, P.; Wang, Z., 2014:
Rare incidence of a diffuse brain metastatic carcinoma: A case report

Trent, J.C.; Patel, S.S.; Zhang, J.; Araujo, D.M.; Plana, J-Carlos.; Lenihan, D.J.; Fan, D.; Patel, S.R.; Benjamin, R.S.; Khakoo, A.Y., 2010:
Rare incidence of congestive heart failure in gastrointestinal stromal tumor and other sarcoma patients receiving imatinib mesylate

Quintin, E.; Scoazec, J-Yves.; Marotte, H.; Miossec, P., 2011:
Rare incidence of methotrexate-specific lesions in liver biopsy of patients with arthritis and elevated liver enzymes

Hoang, C., 2008:
Rare incidentalomas: diagnostic procedure

Stănciulea, O.; Preda, C.; Herlea, V.; Popa, M.; Ulmeanu, D.; Vasilescu, C., 2007:
Rare indication of cephalic duodenopancreatectomy with total gastrectomy--periampullary carcinoma in moderate form of familial adenomatous polyposis

Narayan, P.; Holmström, K.M.; Kim, D-Hyun.; Whitcomb, D.J.; Wilson, M.R.; St George-Hyslop, P.; Wood, N.W.; Dobson, C.M.; Cho, K.; Abramov, A.Y.; Klenerman, D., 2014:
Rare individual amyloid-β oligomers act on astrocytes to initiate neuronal damage

Pauli, G.; Bessot, J.C., 2009:
Rare indoor allergens

Rivera, N.Thakkar.; Bray, N.; Wang, H.; Zelnick, K.; Osman, A.; Vicuña, R., 2015:
Rare infection of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator lead with Candida albicans: case report and literature review

Abozaid, S.; Peretz, A.; Nasser, W.; Zarfin, Y., 2013:
Rare infection--prolonged A. naeslundii bacteremia caused by severe caries

Brinar, V.V.; Habek, M., 2010:
Rare infections mimicking MS

Schöneberg, I., 2008:
Rare infectious diseases in Germany. Obligatory notification results

Dapat, C.; Suzuki, Y.; Saito, R.; Kyaw, Y.; Myint, Y.Yi.; Lin, N.; Oo, H.Naing.; Oo, K.Yi.; Win, N.; Naito, M.; Hasegawa, G.; Dapat, I.C.; Zaraket, H.; Baranovich, T.; Nishikawa, M.; Saito, T.; Suzuki, H., 2010:
Rare influenza A (H3N2) variants with reduced sensitivity to antiviral drugs

Błasiak-Kołacińska, N.; Pietruszewska, W.; Grzelak, P.; Raźniewski, M.; Stefańczyk, L.; Majos, A., 2014:
Rare infraglottic lesions in magnetic resonance imaging

Censani, M.; Anyane-Yeboa, K.; Wapner, R.; Spiegel, E.; Guzman, E.; Oberfield, S.E., 2013:
Rare inheritance of Leri-Weill Syndrome due to crossover of short stature Homeobox Gene (SHOX) Deletions between X and Y Chromosomes: a case report

Davis, L.K.; Maltman, N.; Mosconi, M.W.; Macmillan, C.; Schmitt, L.; Moore, K.; Francis, S.M.; Jacob, S.; Sweeney, J.A.; Cook, E.H., 2012:
Rare inherited A2BP1 deletion in a proband with autism and developmental hemiparesis

Acharya, S.S.; Dimichele, D.M., 2009:
Rare inherited disorders of fibrinogen

Devuyst, O.; Knoers, N.V.A.M.; Remuzzi, G.; Schaefer, F.; Antignac, C.; Bindels, Ré.; Chauveau, D.; Devuyst, O.; Emma, F.; Gansevoort, R.T.; Maxwell, P.H.; Ong, A.; Remuzzi, G.; Ronco, P.; Schaefer, F., 2014:
Rare inherited kidney diseases: challenges, opportunities, and perspectives

Stein, J.L.; Parikshak, N.N.; Geschwind, D.H., 2013:
Rare inherited variation in autism: beginning to see the forest and a few trees

Sirker, A.A.; Scott, P.; Melikian, N., 2014:
Rare insight into the rapid evolution of a coronary aneurysm and fistula

Schoenberger, C., 2009:
Rare instance of organ donation in Japan highlights shortage of donors

Hames, K.; Athreya, S., 2014:
Rare instance of small bowel obstruction following unilateral uterine artery embolization

Cagaš, J.; Vlček, P.; Jeřábek, J., 2013:
Rare internal hernia in the falciform ligament as a rare course of abdominal emergency and infrequent cause of ileus

Premanayagam, V.; Gnanaprakasam; Jamila, A., 2010:
Rare intra-abdominal tumor in a young male

Okeahialam, B.N.; Anya, T.S.; Chundusu, C.; Isiguzo, G., 2014:
Rare intracardiac aneurysms seen in Jos, Nigeria: a report of two cases

Aoyama, T.; Hida, K.; Yano, S.; Yamauchi, T.; Iwasaki, Y., 2008:
Rare intramedullary tandem lesion on MRI due to spinal arteriovenous fistula

Pistor, C.; Mariss, G.; Meyer, W.; Middel, P., 2012:
Rare intramuscular haemangioma of the sternocleidomastoid muscle

Hunsaker, M.R.; Greco, C.M.; Tassone, F.; Berman, R.F.; Willemsen, R.; Hagerman, R.J.; Hagerman, P.J., 2011:
Rare intranuclear inclusions in the brains of 3 older adult males with fragile x syndrome: implications for the spectrum of fragile x-associated disorders

Stevens, E.Andrew.; Stanton, C.A.; Nichols, K.; Ellis, T.L., 2009:
Rare intraparenchymal choroid plexus carcinoma resembling atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor diagnosed by immunostaining for INI1 protein

Keskinruzgar, A.; Demirkol, M.; Ege, B.; Aras, M.Hamdi.; Ay, S., 2016:
Rare involvement of herpes zoster in the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve: A case report and review of the literature

Chen, T-Cheng.; Lo, W-Chia.; Ko, J-Yuh.; Lou, P-Jen.; Yang, T-Lin.; Wang, C-Ping., 2009:
Rare involvement of submandibular gland by oral squamous cell carcinoma

Milan, D.J.; Melman, Y.F.; Ellinor, P.T., 2010:
Rare ion channel polymorphisms: separating signal from noise

Jordan, B., 2013:
Rare is frequent

Graf von der Schulenburg, J-Matthias.; Frank, M., 2015:
Rare is frequent and frequent is costly: rare diseases as a challenge for health care systems

Sadowski, R.M.; Montilla, R.D., 2008:
Rare isolated trapezoid fracture: a case report

Sahai, S.; Mishra, D.; Tripathi, P., 2011:
Rare isolation of Trichophyton soudanense from three cases of superficial mycoses in Lucknow, India

Damiola, F.; Pertesi, M.; Oliver, J.; L.C.lvez-Kelm, F.; Voegele, C.; Young, E.L.; Robinot, N.; Forey, N.; Durand, G.; Vallée, M.P.; Tao, K.; Roane, T.C.; Williams, G.J.; Hopper, J.L.; Southey, M.C.; Andrulis, I.L.; John, E.M.; Goldgar, D.E.; Lesueur, F.; Tavtigian, S.V., 2015:
Rare key functional domain missense substitutions in MRE11A, RAD50, and NBN contribute to breast cancer susceptibility: results from a Breast Cancer Family Registry case-control mutation-screening study

Grases, F.; Costa-Bauza, A.; Prieto, R.M.; Servera, A.; Pieras, E.; Ferrutxe, J., 2012:
Rare kidney stones

Compérat, E.M.; Camparo, P., 2009:
Rare kidney tumors and the role of molecular medicine

Farag, A.; Anan, E., 2012:
Rare knee tumor masked by spasticity in patient with spinal cord injury

Tang, M.; Luo, Y.; Chen, L.; Zhang, J.; Deng, L.; An, Q.; Ling, Y., 2015:
Rare knot formation during insertion of a peripherally inserted central catheter

Nguyen, M-Linh.T.; Han, L.; Minors, A.M.; Bentley-Hibbert, S.; Pradhan, T.S.; Pua, T.L.; Tedjarati, S.S., 2013:
Rare large cell neuroendocrine tumor of the endometrium: A case report and review of the literature

Farjadian, S.; Moghtaderi, M.; Zuntini, R.; Ferrari, S., 2014:
Rare large homozygous CFTR gene deletion in an Iranian patient with cystic fibrosis

Bajin, Münir.Demir.; Yılmaz, T.; Yilmaz, G., 2011:
Rare laryngeal anomaly or spontaneously drained bilateral saccular cyst?

Obert, L.; Munyon, R.; Choe, A.; Rubenstein, J.; Azizkhan, R., 2012:
Rare late complication of the Nuss procedure: a case report

Lopez-Beltran, A., 2012:
Rare lesions and tumors of the urinary bladder. Selected issues

Yilmaz, C.; Altinors, N.; Sonmez, E.; Gulsen, S.; Caner, H., 2010:
Rare lesions of the cerebellopontine angle

Chan, A.Pak-Hin.; Wong, T.Cheung.; Sieh, K-Man.; Leung, S.Siu-Man.; Cheung, K-Yin.; Fung, K-Yau., 2010:
Rare ligamentum flavum cyst causing incapacitating lumbar spinal stenosis: Experience with 3 Chinese patients

Anonymous, 2007:
Rare liver treatment allowed for HIV-positive man

Berends, M.; Bodewes, H.W.; Netten, P.M., 2007:
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Rare occurrence of renal metastasis from thyroid carcinoma: lessons not to forget in evaluation

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Rare pathologies

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Rare presentation of a common disease of tropics

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Rare presentation of an intrauterine device migration into the rectum

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Rare presentation of bilateral femoral arteriovenous fistula

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Rare presentation of biliary ascariasis

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Rare presentation of botulism with generalized fasciculations

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Rare presentation of classical Hodgkin lymphoma with a clonal T-cell receptor gene rearrangement in the tissue

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Rare presentation of definitive ocular tuberculosis in an immunocompetent young patient

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Rare presentation of ectopic pregnancy following IVF-ET: live twin gestation in the same fallopian tube

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Rare presentation of foot postaxial polydactyly

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Rare presentation of gerbode defect in a 4-month-old nigerian and a review of the literature

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Rare presentation of giant cell tumor of bone in the lateral end of the clavicle

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Rare presentation of human orf as multiple lesions

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Rare presentation of intracranial vascular blowout after tumor resection and radiation therapy

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Rare presentation of juvenile xanthogranuloma in the thoracic spine of an adult patient: case report and literature review

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Rare presentation of laryngeal neuroma in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia type two B

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Rare presentation of malignant porcelain gallbladder with intrahepatic ductal calcification and surgical obstructive jaundice

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Rare presentation of pediatric acute promyelocytic leukemia as multiple lytic bone lesions: case report and review of literature

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Rare presentation of perforated diverticulitis

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Rare presentation of polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis and the role of the radiograph in initial diagnosis

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Rare presentation of porcelain gall bladder: carcinoma gall bladder with a large intra-abdominal cystic swelling

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Rare presentation of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder isolated to gastroesophageal junction

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Rare presentation of primary (AL) amyloidosis as gastrointestinal hemorrhage without systemic involvement

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Rare presentation of primary coloduodenal fistula

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Rare presentation of pulmonary cryptococcosis as a calcified nodule

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Rare presentation of retroperitoneal schwannoma: a case report

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Rare presentation of rhino-orbital-cerebral zygomycosis: bilateral facial nerve palsy

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Rare presentation of sebaceous hyperplasia

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Rare presentation of secondary cutaneous involvement by splenic marginal zone lymphoma: report of a case and review of the literature

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Rare presentation of self-resolving multifocal inflammatory pseudo-tumour of liver

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Rare presentation of shock and acute mesenteric ischaemia secondary to acute adrenal insufficiency in an 11-year-old male

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Rare presentation of spontaneous acquired diaphragmatic hernia

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Rare presentation of subclavian artery isolation in a neonate with a family history of aortic arch anomalies

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Rare presentation of thyroglossal duct cyst after radiation therapy to the neck

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Rare presentation of unicentric Castleman's disease in the parotid gland

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Rare presentation of unilateral weakness, involuntary movements and ataxia with subcortical t2 hypointensity in a diabetic patient: a case report

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Rare presentation of unruptured sinus of valsalva aneurysm involving all three sinuses

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Rare presentations of congenital hypothyroidism

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Rare presentations of cytomegalovirus infection in renal allograft recipients

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Rare presentations of hyperthyroidism--Basedow's paraplegia and pancytopenia

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Rare presumptive Hb variant misidentification prevents appropriate Hb A1c result

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Rare primary central nervous system tumors

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Rare primary chest wall sarcoma: the synovialosarcoma

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Rare primary effusion lymphoma associated with HHV-8 in Japan

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Rare primary extrahepatic intra-abdominal hydatid cysts

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Rare primary headache syndromes

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Rare primary headaches

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Rare primary mitochondrial DNA mutations and probable synergistic variants in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

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Rare primary tumours of the hypothalamus in adults: clinical course and surgical treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Rare problem with the insertion of a Supreme™ laryngeal mask airway device. Case of the trimester

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Rare problems associated with the Fontan circulation

Hughes, G., 2013:
Rare procedures

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Rare prostate metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma: a case report and literature review

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Rare prosthesis failure after aortic valve replacement with a Freedom Solo

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Rare protection against type 1 diabetes

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Rare protein sequence variation in SV2A gene does not affect response to levetiracetam

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Rare psychotropic adverse event of moxonidine

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Rare sequence variation in the genome flanking a short tandem repeat locus can lead to a question of "nonmaternity"

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Rare side effects of subcutaneous methotrexate therapy

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Rare skin cancers

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Rare species support vulnerable functions in high-diversity ecosystems

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Rare syndromes are not hard to recognize

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Rare treasures

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Rare trees

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Rare twin pregnancy and acromegalia

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Rare types of gastrointestinal hemorrhage

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Rare variant association analysis methods for complex traits

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