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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55377

Chapter 55377 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Tenzin; Dhand, N.K.; Dorjee, J.; Ward, M.P., 2011:
Re-emergence of rabies in dogs and other domestic animals in eastern Bhutan, 2005-2007

Tang, H-Bo.; Pan, Y.; Wei, X-Kai.; Lu, Z-Ling.; Lu, W.; Yang, J.; He, X-Xia.; Xie, L-Juan.; Zeng, L.; Zheng, L-Feng.; Xiong, Y.; Minamoto, N.; Luo, T.Rong., 2016:
Re-emergence of rabies in the Guangxi province of Southern China

Khan, S.Ahmed.; Dutta, P.; Khan, A.Mabood.; Topno, R.; Borah, J.; Chowdhury, P.; Mahanta, J., 2013:
Re-emergence of scrub typhus in northeast India

Chand, H.Jung.; Rijal, K.Raj.; Neupane, B.; Sharma, V.Kumar.; Jha, B., 2015:
Re-emergence of susceptibility to conventional first line drugs in Salmonella isolates from enteric fever patients in Nepal

Kumar, Y.; Sharma, A.; Mani, K.Raju., 2011:
Re-emergence of susceptibility to conventionally used drugs among strains of Salmonella Typhi in central west India

Cordero, G.Antonio., 2015:
Re-emergence of the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) as a reference species for evo-devo

Ueti, M.W.; Mealey, R.H.; Kappmeyer, L.S.; White, S.N.; Kumpula-McWhirter, N.; Pelzel, A.M.; Grause, J.F.; Bunn, T.O.; Schwartz, A.; Traub-Dargatz, J.L.; Hendrickson, A.; Espy, B.; Guthrie, A.J.; Fowler, W.Kent.; Knowles, D.P., 2013:
Re-emergence of the apicomplexan Theileria equi in the United States: elimination of persistent infection and transmission risk

Namouchi, A.; Haltiti, R.; Hawari, D.; Mardassi, H., 2010:
Re-emergence of the progenitors of a multidrug-resistant outbreak strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among the post-outbreak case patients

Regev-Yochay, G.; Hanage, W.P.; Trzcinski, K.; Rifas-Shiman, S.L.; Lee, G.; Bessolo, A.; Huang, S.S.; Pelton, S.I.; McAdam, A.J.; Finkelstein, J.A.; Lipsitch, M.; Malley, R., 2010:
Re-emergence of the type 1 pilus among Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in Massachusetts, USA

Broomfield, L.; McHugh, L.; Reed, P., 2007:
Re-emergence of under-selected stimuli, after the extinction of over-selected stimuli in an automated match to samples procedure

Christodoulou, V.; Antoniou, M.; Ntais, P.; Messaritakis, I.; Ivovic, V.; Dedet, J-Pierre.; Pratlong, F.; Dvorak, Vít.; Tselentis, Y., 2014:
Re-emergence of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Greek Island of Crete

Mare, A.; Man, A.; Toma, F.; Szekely, E.; Lörinczi, L., 2009:
Re-emergent etiologies: Clostridium difficile

Jones, R.; Brown, D.; Nelson, M.; Low, E.; Bhagani, S.; Atkins, M.; Danta, M.; Dusheiko, G.; Pybus, O.; Asboe, D., 2010:
Re-emergent hepatitis C viremia after apparent clearance in HIV-positive men who have sex with men: reinfection or late recurrence?

de Laat, K.F.; van de Warrenburg, B.P., 2012:
Re-emergent tremor in a dystonic SWEDD case

Louis, E.D.; Pullman, S.L.; Eidelberg, D.; Dhawan, V., 2008:
Re-emergent tremor without accompanying rest tremor in Parkinson's disease

Kodama, Y.; Okamura, J.; Fukano, R.; Nakashima, K.; Ito, N.; Nishimura, M.; Abe, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Inagaki, J., 2013:
Re-emerging Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute leukaemia more than 20 years after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Bhatia, R.; Narain, J.P., 2009:
Re-emerging chikungunya fever: some lessons from Asia

Gupta, V.; Kaur, J.; Kaistha, N., 2009:
Re-emerging chloramphenicol sensitivity and emerging low level ciprofloxacin resistance among Salmonella enterica serotype typhi isolates in North India

Wedemeyer, H., 2010:
Re-emerging interest in hepatitis delta: new insights into the dynamic interplay between HBV and HDV

Browne, H.S., 1947:
Re-emphasis on four simple cystoscopic rules for a successful transurethral prostatic resection

Wang, X.; Han, C., 2015:
Re-emphasizing the role of copious water irrigation in the first aid treatment of chemical burns

Byeon, Y.Soon.; Kim, M., 2009:
Re-employment experience of nurses who have left the profession

Bellagamba, F.; Laghi, F.; Lonigro, A.; Pace, C.Serena., 2013:
Re-enactment of intended acts from a video presentation by 18- and 24-month-old children

Medina, D.; Leibold, C., 2014:
Re-encoding of associations by recurrent plasticity increases memory capacity

Jeon, J.Sue.; Sheen, S.Hun.; Kim, H.Cheol., 2014:
Re-endovascular recanalization for acute middle cerebral artery reocclusion after surgical embolectomy

Volpintesta, E.J., 2007:
Re-energizing our House of Delegates meetings

Ellebedy, A.H.; Ahmed, R., 2012:
Re-engaging cross-reactive memory B cells: the influenza puzzle

Morcom, A.M., 2014:
Re-engaging with the past: recapitulation of encoding operations during episodic retrieval

Anonymous, 2012:
Re-engineered discharge cuts readmissions

Okal, A.; Cornillie, S.; Matissek, S.J.; Matissek, K.J.; Cheatham, T.E.; Lim, C.S., 2016:
Re-engineered p53 chimera with enhanced homo-oligomerization that maintains tumor suppressor activity

Risso, V.A.; Primo, Mía.E.; Ermácora, M.R., 2009:
Re-engineering a beta-lactamase using prototype peptides from a library of local structural motifs

Hendricks, C.B., 2014:
Re-engineering a small oncology practice for quality using the ASCO Quality Oncology Practice Initiative

Sarkar, M.; Magliery, T.J., 2008:
Re-engineering a split-GFP reassembly screen to examine RING-domain interactions between BARD1 and BRCA1 mutants observed in cancer patients

Stanton, R.J.; McSharry, B.P.; Armstrong, M.; Tomasec, P.; Wilkinson, G.W.G., 2009:
Re-engineering adenovirus vector systems to enable high-throughput analyses of gene function

Kononenko, A.V.; Lee, N.C.O.; Earnshaw, W.C.; Kouprina, N.; Larionov, V., 2013:
Re-engineering an alphoid(tetO)-HAC-based vector to enable high-throughput analyses of gene function

Pattnaik, S.B.; Suga, H., 2007:
Re-engineering an in-vitro evolved ribozyme

White, R.J.; Rowe, A.A.; Plaxco, K.W., 2010:
Re-engineering aptamers to support reagentless, self-reporting electrochemical sensors

Hartsel, J.A.; Wong, D.M.; Mutunga, J.M.; Ma, M.; Anderson, T.D.; Wysinski, A.; Islam, R.; Wong, E.A.; Paulson, S.L.; Li, J.; Lam, P.C.H.; Totrov, M.M.; Bloomquist, J.R.; Carlier, P.R., 2013:
Re-engineering aryl methylcarbamates to confer high selectivity for inhibition of Anopheles gambiae versus human acetylcholinesterase

Pardridge, W.M., 2008:
Re-engineering biopharmaceuticals for delivery to brain with molecular Trojan horses

Pickett, A., 2010:
Re-engineering clostridial neurotoxins for the treatment of chronic pain: current status and future prospects

Tonnarelli, B.; Centola, M.; Barbero, A.; Zeller, R.; Martin, I., 2014:
Re-engineering development to instruct tissue regeneration

Meyer, C.R., 2011:
Re-engineering diabetes care

FitzGerald, G.A., 2011:
Re-engineering drug discovery and development

Kang, D.; Vallée-Bélisle, A.; Porchetta, A.; Plaxco, K.W.; Ricci, F., 2013:
Re-engineering electrochemical biosensors to narrow or extend their useful dynamic range

Zhou, Q-Hui.; Boado, R.J.; Lu, J.Zhiqiang.; Hui, E.Ka-Wai.; Pardridge, W.M., 2011:
Re-engineering erythropoietin as an IgG fusion protein that penetrates the blood-brain barrier in the mouse

Perry, J.; Shafer, D., 2010:
Re-engineering for older workers

Wilensky, G.R., 2012:
Re-engineering health systems: the U.S. experience

Tai, G.; Dickmann, L.J.; Matovic, N.; DeVoss, J.J.; Gillam, E.M.J.; Rettie, A.E., 2008:
Re-engineering of CYP2C9 to probe acid-base substrate selectivity

Peterhansel, C.; Offermann, S., 2012:
Re-engineering of carbon fixation in plants - challenges for plant biotechnology to improve yields in a high-CO2 world

Steele, G.D., 2014:
Re-engineering of care: surgical leadership

Chaudhary, A.Kumar.; Park, J.Won.; Yoon, Y.Joon.; Kim, B-Gee.; Sohng, J.Kyung., 2013:
Re-engineering of genetic circuit for 2-deoxystreptamine (2-DOS) biosynthesis in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3)

Steinman, L.; Zamvil, S.S., 2012:
Re-engineering of pathogenic aquaporin 4-specific antibodies as molecular decoys to treat neuromyelitis optica

Khan, S.A.; Kukafka, R.; Bigger, J.Thomas.; Johnson, S.B., 2008:
Re-engineering opportunities in clinical research using workflow analysis in community practice settings

Kulkarni, S.K., 2011:
Re-engineering pharmacology teaching and research: Can we adopt translational approach?

Rateb, S.Abdel.Hakim.; E.N.uman, A.Abdel.Razek.; Rateb, M.Abdel.Hakim.; Asar, M.Naguib.; E.A.in, A.Mohammed.; Gad, S.abdel.Aziz.; Mohamed, M.Salah.Eldin., 2011:
Re-engineering pre-employment check-up systems: a model for improving health services

Addington, T.; Calisto, B.; Alfonso-Prieto, M.; Rovira, C.; Fita, I.; Planas, A., 2011:
Re-engineering specificity in 1,3-1, 4-β-glucanase to accept branched xyloglucan substrates

Steele, G., 2010:
Re-engineering systems of care: surgical leadership

Kenter, M.J.H.; Cohen, A.F., 2012:
Re-engineering the European Union Clinical Trials Directive

Coplan-Gould, W.; Carolan, K.; Friedman, B., 2011:
Re-engineering the coding workflow: assessing today with an eye toward tomorrow

Burstein, H.J., 2010:
Re-engineering the cooperative groups

Capone, M.; Scanlon, D.; Griffin, J.; Engel, P.C., 2011:
Re-engineering the discrimination between the oxidized coenzymes NAD+ and NADP+ in clostridial glutamate dehydrogenase and a thorough reappraisal of the coenzyme specificity of the wild-type enzyme

Connor, A.; McDermott, J., 2013:
Re-engineering the early development process for pulmonary drug-delivery products

Zenie, F., 1996:
Re-engineering the laboratory

Yoon, Y.Geol.; Koob, M.D.; Yoo, Y.Hyun., 2010:
Re-engineering the mitochondrial genomes in mammalian cells

Turner, D.A., 2014:
Re-engineering the subthalamus

Akondi, K.B.; Lewis, R.J.; Alewood, P.F., 2016:
Re-engineering the μ-conotoxin SIIIA scaffold

Muik, A.; Stubbert, L.J.; Jahedi, R.Z.; Geiβ, Y.; Kimpel, J.; Dold, C.; Tober, R.; Volk, A.; Klein, S.; Dietrich, U.; Yadollahi, B.; Falls, T.; Miletic, H.; Stojdl, D.; Bell, J.C.; von Laer, D., 2014:
Re-engineering vesicular stomatitis virus to abrogate neurotoxicity, circumvent humoral immunity, and enhance oncolytic potency

McGrath, P.; Suppiah, R.; Patton, M.Anne., 2009:
Re-entering life: paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia at one year post treatment

Haroche, Aélie., 2010:
Re-entering movement for nurse anesthetists

Braun, M.; Schell, J.; Siegfried, W.; Müller, M.J.; Ried, J., 2015:
Re-entering obesity prevention: a qualitative-empirical inquiry into the subjective aetiology of extreme obese adolescents

Schöttner, K.; Limbach, A.; Weinert, D., 2011:
Re-entrainment behavior of Djungarian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus) with different rhythmic phenotype following light-dark shifts

Sorg, M.; Trone, J-Chloé.; Méry, Bîte.; Guichard, J-Baptiste.; Rivoirard, R.; Pacaut, Cécile.; Guy, J-Baptiste.; Eddekkaoui, H.; Collard, O.; Bosacki, C.; Jacquin, J-Philippe.; Guy, J-Michel.; Magné, N., 2014:
Re-entrainment to physical activity in the global management of breast cancer: pilot study in a mono-institutional experience

Chandran, S.; K.S.C.; Kandar, A.K.; Basu, J.K.; Narayanan, S.; Sandy, A., 2011:
Re-entrant behavior in dynamics of binary mixtures of soft hybrid nanocolloids and homopolymers

Zhao, J.; Li, C.; Mezzenga, R., 2015:
Re-entrant isotropic-nematic phase behavior in polymer-depleted amyloid fibrils

Kramb, R.C.; Zhang, R.; Schweizer, K.S.; Zukoski, C.F., 2011:
Re-entrant kinetic arrest and elasticity of concentrated suspensions of spherical and nonspherical repulsive and attractive colloids

Sato, D.; Obara, K.; Kawabata, Y.; Iwahashi, M.; Kato, T., 2012:
Re-entrant lamellar/onion transition with varying temperature under shear flow

Maignan, A.; Raveau, B.; Hébert, S.; Pralong, V.; Caignaert, V.; Pelloquin, D., 2006:
Re-entrant metallicity and magnetoresistance induced by Ce for Sr substitution in SrCoO(3-δ)

Reinhardt, A.; Williamson, A.J.; Doye, J.P.K.; Carrete, Jús.; Varela, L.M.; Louis, A.A., 2011:
Re-entrant phase behavior for systems with competition between phase separation and self-assembly

Sokołowski, S.; Kalyuzhnyi, Y.V., 2014:
Re-entrant phase behavior in confined two-patch colloidal particles

Ghosh, S.Kumar.; Rathee, V.; Krishnaswamy, R.; Raghunathan, V.A.; Sood, A.K., 2009:
Re-entrant phase behavior of a concentrated anionic surfactant system with strongly binding counterions

Russo, J.; Tavares, J.M.; Teixeira, P.I.C.; Telo da Gama, M.M.; Sciortino, F., 2011:
Re-entrant phase behaviour of network fluids: a patchy particle model with temperature-dependent valence

Abete, T.; Del Gado, E.; de Arcangelis, L.; Serughetti, D.Hellio.; Djabourov, M., 2008:
Re-entrant phase diagram and pH effects in cross-linked gelatin gels

Lei, C.; Ye, Z-Guang., 2008:
Re-entrant-like relaxor behaviour in the new 0.99BaTiO(3)-0.01AgNbO(3) solid solution

Anonymous, 2012:
Re-entry applicants must walk an unfair path

Varcoe, R.L., 2012:
Re-entry device use in the endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac occlusive disease

Smith, M.; Pappy, R.; Hennebry, T.A., 2012:
Re-entry devices in the treatment of peripheral chronic occlusions

Pietras, E.M.; Lakshminarasimhan, R.; Techner, J-Marc.; Fong, S.; Flach, J.; Binnewies, M.; Passegué, E., 2014:
Re-entry into quiescence protects hematopoietic stem cells from the killing effect of chronic exposure to type I interferons

Jamieson, J.L.; Webber, E.M.; Sivertz, K.S., 2012:
Re-entry residency training: opportunities and obstacles

Foley, E., 2011:
Re-entry to practice

Kapel, G.F.L.; Reichlin, T.; Wijnmaalen, A.P.; Piers, S.R.D.; Holman, E.R.; Tedrow, U.B.; Schalij, M.J.; Stevenson, W.G.; Zeppenfeld, K., 2015:
Re-entry using anatomically determined isthmuses: a curable ventricular tachycardia in repaired congenital heart disease

Kellogg, S.H.; Tatarsky, A., 2012:
Re-envisioning Addiction Treatment: A Six-Point Plan

Gomes, A.; Schmidt, R.; Wish, J., 2014:
Re-envisioning Fistula First in a patient-centered culture

Giddens, J.Foret.; Lauzon-Clabo, L.; Morton, P.Gonce.; Jeffries, P.; McQuade-Jones, B.; Ryan, S., 2015:
Re-envisioning clinical education for nurse practitioner programs: themes from a national leaders' dialogue

Pirkle, C.M.; Poliquin, Hélène.; Sia, D.; Kouakou, K.Joseph.; Sagna, T., 2015:
Re-envisioning global agricultural trade: time for a paradigm shift to ensure food security and population health in low-income countries

Subbarao, I.; Bostick, N.A.; Burkle, F.M.; Hsu, E.B.; Armstrong, J.H.; James, J.J., 2009:
Re-envisioning mass critical care triage as a systemic multitiered process

Feldman, A.M., 2010:
Re-envisioning our approach to research in academia

Carlson, K.L., 2013:
Re-envisioning pediatric nursing education

Zheng, H.; Hu, X.; Li, C.; Xie, H.; Gao, W.; Chen, C., 2015:
Re-epithelializaiton by epithelial inoculation with recipient phenotype in heterotopically transplanted rat allografts

Tsukada, H.; Inoue, H.; Osada, H., 2008:
Re-epithelialization after laser therapy of a stenotic artificial tracheal graft: a pilot experimental study

Forsberg, S.; Rollman, O., 2010:
Re-epithelialization from human skin explant cultures is promoted by ligand-activated HER3 receptor

Zhang, Y.; Liu, G.; Kropp, B.P., 2012:
Re-epithelialization of demucosalized stomach patch with tissue-engineered urothelial mucosa combined with Botox A in bladder augmentation

Chino, A.; Kishihara, T.; Uragami, N.; Ishiyama, A.; Ogawa, T.; Hoshino, E.; Igarashi, M.; Fujita, R., 2009:
Re-epithelialization of squamous epithelium for a radiation-induced rectal ulcer while giving an ecabet sodium enema

Ben Amar, M.; Wu, M., 2014:
Re-epithelialization: advancing epithelium frontier during wound healing

Altun, C.; Güven, Günseli.; Cehreli, Z.C.; Gurbuz, T.; Aydin, C., 2008:
Re-eruption of an intruded immature permanent incisor with necrotic pulp: a case report

Chang, H.Yi.; Havton, L.A., 2008:
Re-established micturition reflexes show differential activation patterns after lumbosacral ventral root avulsion injury and repair in rats

Harris, M.J.; Powell, M.H.; Stampely, E., 2007:
Re-establishing a home after Katrina: a long and winding road

Sturdy, D., 2008:
Re-establishing a sense of pride and determination

E.K.oury, H.; Dessenne, P., 2014:
Re-establishing access to care for the most disadvantaged in rural areas

Fournier, C., 2011:
Re-establishing clean water in a disaster

Hall, E.O.C.; Høy, B., 2012:
Re-establishing dignity: nurses' experiences of caring for older hospital patients

Pontes, D.Guedes.; Correa, K.Michele.; Cohen-Carneiro, Fávia., 2012:
Re-establishing esthetics of fluorosis-stained teeth using enamel microabrasion and dental bleaching techniques

Shah, S.Haroon.Ali.; Thrumurthy, S.Ganeshamurthy., 2011:
Re-establishing functionality and aesthetics after severe burns over the proximal interphalangeal joint using the cross-digital dorsal adipofascial flap

Gregori, S.; Battaglia, M.; Roncarolo, M-Grazia., 2009:
Re-establishing immune tolerance in type 1 diabetes via regulatory T cells

Peranteau, W.H.; Havens, J.M.; Harrington, S.; Gates, J.D., 2010:
Re-establishing surgical care at Port-au-Prince General Hospital, Haiti

Nikolova, K.; Mihaylova, N.; Voynova, E.; Kerekov, N.; Gesheva, V.; Prechl, J.; Nikolova, M.; Tchorbanov, A., 2010:
Re-establishing tolerance to DNA in humanized and murine models of SLE

Wohleb, E.S.; McKim, D.B.; Shea, D.T.; Powell, N.D.; Tarr, A.J.; Sheridan, J.F.; Godbout, J.P., 2015:
Re-establishment of anxiety in stress-sensitized mice is caused by monocyte trafficking from the spleen to the brain

Holter, P.; Scholtz, C.H., 2011:
Re-establishment of biting mouthparts in desert-living dung beetles (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) feeding on plant litter-Old structures reacquired or new ones evolved?

Negovski, V.A., 1946:
Re-establishment of circulation, respiration, and functions of the central nervous system in new born dying from asphyxia

Fabregat-López, J.; Veiga-Ruiz, G.; Dominguez-Serrano, N.; García-Martinez, M.Rosario., 2011:
Re-establishment of neuromuscular block by rocuronium after sugammadex administration

Welge-Lüssen, A., 2005:
Re-establishment of olfactory and taste functions

Qian, Y.; Zeng, F., 2008:
Re-establishment of spermatogenesis by diethylstilbestrol after 2,5-hexanedione-induced irreversible testicular atrophy in rats

Heiniger, H.; Gunter, N.L.; Adlard, R.D., 2012:
Re-establishment of the family Coccomyxidae and description of five novel species of Auerbachia and Coccomyxa (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) parasites from Australian fishes

Li, L.; Yan, H-Fei.; Niu, M.; Tu, T-Yao.; Li, S-Jin.; Xing, F-Wu., 2015:
Re-establishment of the genus Ania Lindl. (Orchidaceae)

Taillens, Fçoisi., 2010:
Re-establishment or dreams recovered

Vilarrasa, E.; Tres, A.; Bayés-García, L.; Parella, T.; Esteve-Garcia, E.; Barroeta, A.C., 2015:
Re-esterified palm oils, compared to native palm oil, do not alter fat absorption, postprandial lipemia or growth performance in broiler chicks

Dorrington, R.; Bourne, D., 2009:
Re-estimated provincial HIV antenatal survey prevalence for 2007 and a reinterpretation of the national trend

van Schie, S.; Moerbeek, M., 2015:
Re-estimating sample size in cluster randomised trials with active recruitment within clusters

Ganju, J.; Xing, B., 2008:
Re-estimating the sample size of an on-going blinded trial based on the method of randomization block sums

Quan, W.; Hongda, Z.; Tiqiang, F.; Qingfen, L., 2008:
Re-estimation of internal dose from natural radionuclides for Chinese adult men

Van Luong, H.; Rakêt, L.Lau.; Forchhammer, Søren., 2014:
Re-estimation of motion and reconstruction for distributed video coding

Pande, S.; Sengupta, A.; Srivastava, A.; Gude, R.P.; Ingle, A., 2013 :
Re-evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in cancer - a preclinical therapeutic small animal model study

Wood, A.M., 2011:
Re-evaluating COPD risk: just a matter of definition

Baum, J.M.; Pardo, S.A.; Schachner, H.C.; Parkes, J.Lee.; Simmons, D.A., 2009:
Re-evaluating a standard approach to assessing glucose monitor performance

van Nispen, R.M.A.; Knol, D.L.; Langelaan, M.; van Rens, G.H.M.B., 2012:
Re-evaluating a vision-related quality of life questionnaire with item response theory (IRT) and differential item functioning (DIF) analyses

Christensen, H.; Trotter, C.L.; Hickman, M.; Edmunds, W.John., 2015:
Re-evaluating cost effectiveness of universal meningitis vaccination (Bexsero) in England: modelling study

Meybohm, P.; Van Aken, H.; D.G.speri, A.; D.H.rt, S.; Della Rocca, G.; Girbes, A.R.J.; Gombotz, H.; Guidet, B.; Hasibeder, W.; Hollmann, M.W.; Ince, C.; Jacob, M.; Kranke, P.; Kozek-Langenecker, S.; Loer, S.Alexander.; Martin, C.; Siegemund, M.; Wunder, C.; Zacharowski, K., 2015:
Re-evaluating currently available data and suggestions for planning randomised controlled studies regarding the use of hydroxyethyl starch in critically ill patients - a multidisciplinary statement

Gureckis, T.M.; James, T.W.; Nosofsky, R.M., 2011:
Re-evaluating dissociations between implicit and explicit category learning: an event-related fMRI study

Karlsgodt, K.H.; Sanz, J.; van Erp, T.G.M.; Bearden, C.E.; Nuechterlein, K.H.; Cannon, T.D., 2009:
Re-evaluating dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activation during working memory in schizophrenia

Socinski, M.A., 2009:
Re-evaluating duration of therapy in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: is it really duration or is it more about timing and exposure?

Moulis, S.; Sgroi, D.C., 2008:
Re-evaluating early breast neoplasia

Ofstead, C.L.; Dirlam Langlay, A.M.; Mueller, N.J.; Tosh, P.K.; Wetzler, H.P., 2013:
Re-evaluating endoscopy-associated infection risk estimates and their implications

Goligher, E.C.; Ferguson, N.D., 2015:
Re-evaluating high-frequency oscillation for ARDS: Would a targeted approach be successful?

Gray, L.N., 2006:
Re-evaluating lipoplasty-only breast reduction

Bosma, M.; Kersten, S.; Hesselink, M.K.C.; Schrauwen, P., 2012:
Re-evaluating lipotoxic triggers in skeletal muscle: relating intramyocellular lipid metabolism to insulin sensitivity

Braun, A.P., 2009:
Re-evaluating membrane transport processes: new insights and appreciation of protein behavior

Grovenburg, T.W.; Monteith, K.L.; Jacques, C.N.; Klaver, R.W.; DePerno, C.S.; Brinkman, T.J.; Monteith, K.B.; Gilbert, S.L.; Smith, J.B.; Bleich, V.C.; Swanson, C.C.; Jenks, J.A., 2015:
Re-evaluating neonatal-age models for ungulates: does model choice affect survival estimates?

Nickitas, D.M., 2010:
Re-evaluating nurse-patient ratios: beyond the numbers and the law

Spector, J.T.; Sheffield, P.E., 2015:
Re-evaluating occupational heat stress in a changing climate

Patel, M.; Shah, G.; Davies, J.B.; Mittra, R.A.; Eliott, D., 2014:
Re-evaluating our perspective on retinal artery occlusion from carotid dissection: a report of three cases and review of the literature

Gnjidic, D.; Bell, J.Simon.; Hilmer, S.N., 2013:
Re-evaluating psychotropic drug use across care settings

Cohen, M.; Ferguson, J.J., 2009:
Re-evaluating risk factors for periprocedural complications during percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with unstable angina/non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction: who may benefit from more intensive antiplatelet therapy?

Tra, T.Van.; Thinh, N.Xuan.; Greiving, S., 2018:
Combined top-down and bottom-up climate change impact assessment for the hydrological system in the Vu Gia- Thu Bon River Basin

Jordan, T.R.; Paterson, K.B., 2008:
Re-evaluating split-fovea processing in word recognition: a critical assessment of recent research

Jordan, T.R.; Paterson, K.B.; Stachurski, M., 2008:
Re-evaluating split-fovea processing in word recognition: effects of retinal eccentricity on hemispheric dominance

Jordan, T.R.; Paterson, K.B.; Stachurski, M., 2009:
Re-evaluating split-fovea processing in word recognition: effects of word length

Jordan, T.R.; Paterson, K.B.; Kurtev, S.; Xu, M., 2010:
Re-evaluating split-fovea processing in word recognition: effects of word length during monocular viewing

Mansoor, Q.; Fayyaz, S.; Farooqi, A.Ahmad.; Bhatti, S.; Ismail, M., 2014:
Re-evaluating the FGFR4 (G388R) germline mutation in different cancers in Pakistani population

Vachharajani, T.J.; Moossavi, S.; Jordan, J.R.; Vachharajani, V.; Freedman, B.I.; Burkart, J.M., 2011:
Re-evaluating the Fistula First Initiative in Octogenarians on Hemodialysis

Menger, F.M.; Shi, L.; Rizvi, S.A.A., 2009:
Re-evaluating the Gibbs analysis of surface tension at the air/water interface

Pritchard, C.; Lindsay, K.; Cox, M.; Foulkes, L., 2011:
Re-evaluating the National Subarachnoid Haemorrhage study (2006) from a Patient-Related-Outcome-Measure perspective: comparing fiscal outcomes of Treatment-as-Usual with an enhanced service

Fellini, L.; Kumar, G.; Gibbs, S.; Steckler, T.; Talpos, J., 2015:
Re-evaluating the PCP challenge as a pre-clinical model of impaired cognitive flexibility in schizophrenia

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Re-evaluating the recipient criteria for organ transplants

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Re-evaluation of biologic therapies in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Re-evaluation of correction factors of a primary standard graphite calorimeter in 60Co gamma ray beams as a basis for the appointment of the BEV absorbed dose rate to water reference value

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Re-evaluation of electroencephalograms of normal adults

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Re-evaluation of emergency and prohibition

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Re-evaluation of ketogenic diet therapy for childhood refractory epilepsy

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Re-evaluation of liver stem/progenitor cells

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Re-evaluation of mammary stem cell biology based on in vivo transplantation

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Re-evaluation of milk-fat globule EGF-factor VIII (MFG-E8) as an intrinsic component of the mouse milk-fat globule membrane

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Re-evaluation of myoclonin1 immunosignals in neuron, mitotic spindle, and midbody--nonspecific?

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Re-evaluation of protease activity of reelin

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Re-evaluation of the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl free radical (DPPH) assay for antioxidant activity

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Re-evaluation of the Big Blue® mouse assay of propiconazole suggests lack of mutagenicity

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Re-evaluation of the EUK516 probe for the domain eukarya results in a suitable probe for the detection of kinetoplastids, an important group of parasitic and free-living flagellates

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Re-evaluation of the Guideline published by the Acute Liver Failure Study Group of Japan in 1996 to determine the indications of liver transplantation in patients with fulminant hepatitis

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Re-evaluation of the Optimum Dietary Vitamin C Requirement in Juvenile Eel, Anguilla japonica by Using L-ascorbyl-2-monophosphate

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Re-evaluation of the action potential upstroke velocity as a measure of the Na+ current in cardiac myocytes at physiological conditions

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Re-evaluation of the age at death of immature fossil hominids

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Re-evaluation of the application of procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids in the last 15 years

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Re-evaluation of the classification system for membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

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Re-evaluation of the clinical significance of TNM staging of mid-low rectal cancer

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Re-evaluation of the concept of chronic, latent, magnesium deficiency

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Re-evaluation of the critical concentration for ethambutol antimicrobial sensitivity testing on the MGIT 960

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Re-evaluation of the diagnosis of porphyria cutanea tarda in Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort

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Re-evaluation of the dysequilibrium syndrome

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Re-evaluation of the effectiveness of metrazol as an analeptic agent in barbiturate depression

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Re-evaluation of the efficiency of a ceria-based thermochemical cycle for solar fuel generation

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Re-evaluation of the epistemic foundation of Baglivi's medical doctrine and his anatomico-physiological theory

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Re-evaluation of the function of the F420 dehydrogenase in electron transport of Methanosarcina mazei

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Re-evaluation of the fundamentals of trace elements

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Re-evaluation of the histological criteria for complete hydatidiform mole: Comparison with the immunohistochemical diagnosis using p57KIP2 and CD34

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Re-evaluation of the indication for and limitation of laparoscopic salpingotomy for tubal pregnancy

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Re-evaluation of the inheritance for root-knot nematode resistance in the Upland cotton germplasm line M-120 RNR revealed two epistatic QTLs conferring resistance

Grobárová, Véria.; Benson, V.; Rozbeský, D.; Novák, P.; Cerný, J., 2014:
Re-evaluation of the involvement of NK cells and C-type lectin-like NK receptors in modulation of immune responses by multivalent GlcNAc-terminated oligosaccharides

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Re-evaluation of the medical practice and the medicine in the later half of the Chosun dynasty

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Re-evaluation of the model-free analysis of fast internal motion in proteins using NMR relaxation

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Re-evaluation of the morphological variability of Microglossum viride and M. griseoviride sp. nov

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Re-evaluation of the near infrared spectra of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase: Implications for non invasive in vivo monitoring of tissues

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Re-evaluation of the new Jodal-Brochner-Mortensen equation for one-pool correction of slope-intercept measurement of glomerular filtration rate

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Re-evaluation of the predictive score for 6-month graft survival in living donor liver transplantation in the modern era

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Re-evaluation of the pressure effect for nucleation in laminar flow diffusion chamber experiments with fluent and the fine particle model

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Re-evaluation of the product of (W/e)air and the graphite to air stopping-power ratio for 60Co air kerma standards

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Re-evaluation of the prognostic value of visceral pleura invasion in Stage IB non-small cell lung cancer using the prospective multicenter ACOSOG Z0030 trial data set

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Re-evaluation of the prolactin receptor expression in human breast cancer

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Re-evaluation of the proton affinity of 18-crown-6 using competitive threshold collision-induced dissociation techniques

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Re-evaluation of the reported experimental values of the heat of vaporization of N-methylacetamide

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Re-evaluation of the retention time prediction "polarity" model in the context of the development of a stationary phase variable

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Re-evaluation of the role of P-glycoprotein in in vitro drug permeability studies with the bovine brain microvessel endothelial cells

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Re-evaluation of the role of STOX1 transcription factor in placental development and preeclampsia

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Re-evaluation of the role of antifibrinolytic therapy with lysine analogs during cardiac surgery in the post aprotinin era

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Re-evaluation of the role of image guidance in minimally invasive pituitary surgery: benefits and outcomes

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Re-evaluation of the role of the protein S-C4b binding protein complex in activated protein C-catalyzed factor Va-inactivation

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Re-evaluation of the sepsis score in equine neonates

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Re-evaluation of the serum alanine aminotransferase upper normal limit in chronic hepatitis C patients

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Re-evaluation of the significance of cerebrospinal fluid human chorionic gonadotropin in detecting intracranial ectopic germinomas

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Re-evaluation of the species composition of Bashkirovitrema Skrjabin, 1944 (Digenea: Echinostomatidae), with the description of two new species of this genus and the proposal of Kostadinovatrema novaeguiniense n. g., n. sp

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Re-evaluation of the status of nurses, current advances and negotiations

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Re-evaluation of the subgroup analysis from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists randomized controlled trial of cervical cerclage

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Re-evaluation of the true rate of hepatitis C virus mother-to-child transmission and its novel risk factors based on our two prospective studies

Anonymous, 2008:
Re-evaluation of the "Standard for Tuberculosis Care"--2008

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Re-evaluation of the "no differences" hypothesis concerning gay and lesbian parenting as assessed in eight early (1979-1986) and four later (1997-1998) dissertations

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Re-evaluation of three Israeli families initially diagnosed with type 1 von Willebrand disease in light of the ISTH update on von Willebrand factor pathophysiology and classification

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Re-evaluation of traditional Mediterranean foods. The local landraces of 'Cipolla di Giarratana' (Allium cepa L.) and long-storage tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum L.): quality traits and polyphenol content

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Re-evaluation of transvenous lead extraction with modified standard technique: a prospective study in 229 patients

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Re-evaluation of using acupuncture needle as sphenoidal electrode in temporal lobe epilepsy

Zhao, S-ping., 2013:
Re-evaluation on the adverse effects of statins

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Re-evaluation on the diversity of the polyphyletic genus Metaurostylopsis (Ciliophora, Hypotricha): ontogenetic, morphologic, and molecular data suggest the establishment of a new genus Apourostylopsis n. g

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Re-evaluation, optimization, and multilaboratory validation of the PulseNet-standardized pulsed-field gel electrophoresis protocol for Listeria monocytogenes

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Re-evolution of the 2-phenylquinolines: ligand-based design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of a potent new class of Staphylococcus aureus NorA efflux pump inhibitors to combat antimicrobial resistance

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Re-exacerbation of cutaneous lesions in Bazex syndrome (acrokeratosis paraneoplastica) without tumor recurrence

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Re-examination of 'Einige Beitrage zur Theorie der Zahnregulierung' (Some contributions to the theory of the regulation of teeth) published in 1904-1905 by Carl Sandstedt

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Re-examination of CD91 function in GRP94 (glycoprotein 96) surface binding, uptake, and peptide cross-presentation

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Re-examination of Caesar Boeck's first patient with multiple benign sarcoid of the skin

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Re-examination of a proposed case of stasipatric speciation: phylogeography of the Australian morabine grasshoppers (Vandiemenella viatica species group)

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Re-examination of chewing and spitting behavior: characteristics within and across eating disorder diagnoses

Robison, K., 2010:
Re-examination of chimp protein kinases suggests "novel architectures" are gene prediction artifacts

Ho, Y-Chi.; Yu, H-Tzu.; Su, N-Wei., 2012:
Re-examination of chromogenic quantitative assays for determining flavonoid content

Hall, L.D.; Dalton, S.R.; Fillman, E.P.; Dohse, L.; Elston, D.M., 2013:
Re-examination of features to distinguish polyarteritis nodosa from superficial thrombophlebitis

Feldman, M.R., 2015:
Re-examination of globally flat space-time

Kotani, T.; Kino, H., 2009:
Re-examination of half-metallic ferromagnetism for doped LaMnO(3) in a quasiparticle self-consistent GW method

Szu, S.C.; Klugman, K.P.; Hunt, S., 2014:
Re-examination of immune response and estimation of anti-Vi IgG protective threshold against typhoid fever-based on the efficacy trial of Vi conjugate in young children

Berge, E.M.; Doebele, R.C., 2014:
Re-examination of maintenance therapy in non-small cell lung cancer with the advent of new anti-cancer agents

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Re-examination of old truths: replication of a study to measure the incidence of lactational mastitis in breastfeeding women

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Re-examination of organ-cultured, cryopreserved human corneal grafts after 27 years

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Re-examination of population structure and phylogeography of hawksbill turtles in the wider Caribbean using longer mtDNA sequences

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Re-examination of renal allograft biopsy blocks for C4d positivity: missed cases of antibody mediated rejection

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Re-examination of reversibility in reaction models for the spontaneous emergence of homochirality

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Re-examination of risk factors for non-Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea in hospitalized patients

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Re-examination of selection index for desired gains

Hübner, N.C.; Wang, L.Hui-Ching.; Kaulich, M.; Descombes, P.; Poser, I.; Nigg, E.A., 2010:
Re-examination of siRNA specificity questions role of PICH and Tao1 in the spindle checkpoint and identifies Mad2 as a sensitive target for small RNAs

Dugum, M.; Askar, M.; Pai, R.K.; Yerian, L.; Bennett, A.; McMahon, J.; Xie, H.; Eghtesad, B.; Hanouneh, I.; Liu, X., 2014:
Re-examination of sinusoidal deposition of complement 4d in liver allografts: experience from a single institution

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Re-examination of starch-statolith hypothesis, a model for gravity sensing mechanism in plants

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Re-examination of strains formerly assigned to Hyphopichia burtonii, the phylogeny of the genus Hyphopichia, and the description of Hyphopichia pseudoburtonii sp. nov

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Re-examination of structure optimization of off-lattice protein AB models by conformational space annealing

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Re-examination of the C(6)Li(6) structure: to be, or not to be symmetric

Sbordone, R.J.; Ruff, R.M., 2010:
Re-examination of the Controversial Coexistence of Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Misdiagnosis and Self-Report Measures

Bell-Sprinkel, T.L.; Boone, K.Brauer.; Miora, D.; Cottingham, M.; Victor, T.; Ziegler, E.; Zeller, M.; Wright, M., 2013:
Re-examination of the Rey Word Recognition Test

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Re-examination of the anion derivatives of isoflavones by radical fragmentation in negative electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry: experimental and computational studies

Lee, M.S., 2014:
Re-examination of the antithrombotic regimen in the STEMI-RADIAL trial

Li, F.; Kuhn, S.L.; Gao, X.; Chen, F-You., 2013:
Re-examination of the dates of large blade technology in China: a comparison of Shuidonggou Locality 1 and Locality 2

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Re-examination of the dimerization state of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2: predominance of the monomeric form

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Re-examination of the electrocardiogram in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and correlation with its dilated cardiomyopathy

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Re-examination of the emission properties of alkoxy- and thioalkyl-substituted phthalocyanines

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Re-examination of the factors causing mass spasms after transection in the cord in man

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Re-examination of the genotoxic activity of water taken from the Songhua River in P. R. China

Stewart, T.D., 1946:
Re-examination of the human skull found by Gidley and Loomis in association with a Pleistocene fauna at Melbourne, Florida

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Re-examination of the lymphocytotoxic crossmatch in liver transplantation: can C4d stains help in monitoring?

Canter, D.J.; Revenig, L.M.; Smith, Z.L.L.; Dobbs, R.W.W.; Malkowicz, S.Bruce.; Issa, M.M.; Guzzo, T.J., 2014:
Re-examination of the natural history of high-grade T1 bladder cancer using a large contemporary cohort

Lovell, R.; Barrett, S.; Portas, M.; Weston, M., 2014:
Re-examination of the post half-time reduction in soccer work-rate

Kozubíková, E.; Vrålstad, T.; Filipová, L.; Petrusek, A., 2012:
Re-examination of the prevalence of Aphanomyces astaci in North American crayfish populations in Central Europe by TaqMan MGB real-time PCR

Yeates, K.; Cruz, D.N.; Finkelstein, F.O., 2012:
Re-examination of the role of peritoneal dialysis to treat patients with acute kidney injury

Tanaka, S.; Harano, K-Ichi.; Nishide, Y., 2012:
Re-examination of the roles of environmental factors in the control of body-color polyphenism in solitarious nymphs of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria with special reference to substrate color and humidity

Tsai, J-Feng.; Cho, W., 2011:
Re-examination of the seasonality of suicide in Taiwan during 1991-2008: a population-based study

Yao, H-Wei.; Liu, Y-Hua., 2014:
Re-examination of the standardization of colon cancer surgery

Poh, B.L.; Khairuddean, M., 1996:
Re-examination of the structure of calcichrome (calcion) and its complexation with polyaromatic hydrocarbons in water

Krishnamurthi, S.; Chakrabarti, T.; Stackebrandt, E., 2009:
Re-examination of the taxonomic position of Bacillus silvestris Rheims et al. 1999 and proposal to transfer it to Solibacillus gen. nov. as Solibacillus silvestris comb. nov

Stephan, R.; Grim, C.J.; Gopinath, G.R.; Mammel, M.K.; Sathyamoorthy, V.; Trach, L.H.; Chase, H.R.; Fanning, Séamus.; Tall, B.D., 2014:
Re-examination of the taxonomic status of Enterobacter helveticus, Enterobacter pulveris and Enterobacter turicensis as members of the genus Cronobacter and their reclassification in the genera Franconibacter gen. nov. and Siccibacter gen. nov. as Franconibacter helveticus comb. nov., Franconibacter pulveris comb. nov. and Siccibacter turicensis comb. nov., respectively

Oobu, S., 2007:
Re-examination of treatment outcome

Wang, L.; Chen, D.; Olson, J.; Ali, S.; Fan, T.; Mao, H., 2012:
Re-examine tumor-induced alterations in hemodynamic responses of BOLD fMRI: implications in presurgical brain mapping

Berg, C.Fredrik., 2012:
Re-examining Archie's law: Conductance description by tortuosity and constriction

Lorch, M.; Broca, P., 2012:
Re-examining Paul Broca's initial presentation of M. Leborgne: understanding the impetus for brain and language research

Bickhaus, J.; Perry, E.; Schust, D.J., 2013:
Re-examining Sonographic Cut-off Values for Diagnosing Early Pregnancy Loss

Rock, K.L.; Farfán-Arribas, D.J.; Colbert, J.D.; Goldberg, A.L., 2015:
Re-examining class-I presentation and the DRiP hypothesis

Oneha, M.Frances.; Beckham, S., 2008:
Re-examining community based research protocols

Leclair, L.L., 2010:
Re-examining concepts of occupation and occupation-based models: occupational therapy and community development

Foulks, G.N., 2014:
Re-examining dry eye disease

Freedberg, S., 2007:
Re-examining empathy: a relational-feminist point of view

Anderson, E.E.; Kraus, E.M., 2015:
Re-examining empirical data on conflicts of interest through the lens of personal narratives

Vernillo, A.T.; Wolpe, P.R.; Halpern, S.D., 2007:
Re-examining ethical obligations in the intensive care unit: HIV disclosure to surrogates

Brostoff, J.M., 2009:
Re-examining examination: misconceptions in clinical medicine

Riskin, L.; Koppel, R.; Riskin, D., 2015:
Re-examining health IT policy: what will it take to derive value from our investment?

Trimbuch, T.; Xu, J.; Flaherty, D.; Tomchick, D.R.; Rizo, J.; Rosenmund, C., 2014:
Re-examining how complexin inhibits neurotransmitter release

Tupasela, A., 2007:
Re-examining medical modernization: framing the public in Finnish biomedical research policy

Semeraro, O.; Agostoni, P.; Verheye, S.; Van Langenhove, G.; Van den Heuvel, P.; Convens, C.; Van den Branden, F.; Bruining, N.; Vermeersch, P., 2009:
Re-examining minimal luminal diameter relocation and quantitative coronary angiography--intravascular ultrasound correlations in stented saphenous vein grafts: methodological insights from the randomised RRISC trial

Reid, T.; Hindell, M.; Lavers, J.L.; Wilcox, C., 2013:
Re-examining mortality sources and population trends in a declining seabird: using Bayesian methods to incorporate existing information and new data

Bosson, N.; Kaji, A.H.; Koenig, W.; Rashi, P.; Tadeo, R.; Gorospe, D.; Niemann, J.T., 2015:
Re-examining outcomes after unsuccessful out-of-hospital resuscitation in the era of field termination of resuscitation guidelines and regionalized post-resuscitation care

Keshaviah, A.; Edkins, K.; Hastings, E.R.; Krishna, M.; Franko, D.L.; Herzog, D.B.; Thomas, J.J.; Murray, H.B.; Eddy, K.T., 2015:
Re-examining premature mortality in anorexia nervosa: a meta-analysis redux

Cooperberg, M.R., 2013:
Re-examining racial disparities in prostate cancer outcomes

Burke, A.; Van Olphen, J.; Eliason, M.; Howell, R.; Gonzalez, A., 2015:
Re-examining religiosity as a protective factor: comparing alcohol use by self-identified religious, spiritual, and secular college students

Dickert, N.W., 2010:
Re-examining respect for human research participants

Stacey, M., 2018:
Combined Topical Growth Factor and Protease Inhibitor in Chronic Wound Healing: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Proof-of-Concept Study

Williams, G.; Kourakis, I.; Verheest, F.; Hellberg, M.A., 2013:
Re-examining the Cairns-Tsallis model for ion acoustic solitons

Ouellette, H.; Thomas, B.J.; Kassarjian, A.; Fritz, B.; Tétreault, P.; Palmer, W.E.; Torriani, M., 2007 :
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Re-examining the basis for ethical dementia care practice

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Re-examining the cardiovascular therapeutic benefits of aspirin

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Re-examining the definition of location of death in health services research

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Re-examining the directional-ordering transition in the compass model with screw-periodic boundary conditions

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Re-examining the epidemiology of sensory regulation dysfunction and comorbid psychopathology

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Re-examining the evidence in radiation dermatitis management literature: an overview and a critical appraisal of systematic reviews

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Re-examining the factor structure and psychometric properties of the Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale in a sample of 364 Chinese cancer patients

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Re-examining the gesture engram hypothesis. New perspectives on apraxia of tool use

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Re-examining the increasing trend of cesarean delivery

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Re-examining the long-term effects of experiencing parental death in childhood on adult psychopathology

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Re-examining the mechanisms of competing pericyclic reactions of 1,3,7-octatriene

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Re-examining the price sensitivity of demand for cigarettes with quantile regression

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Re-examining the relationship between audiometric profile and tinnitus pitch

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Re-examining the relationship between invasive lionfish and native grouper in the Caribbean

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Re-examining the risk for switch from unipolar to bipolar major depressive disorder in youth with ADHD: a long term prospective longitudinal controlled study

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Re-examining the role of ABA as the primary long-distance signal produced by water-stressed roots

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Re-examining the role of Lys67 in class C beta-lactamase catalysis

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Re-examining the role of benzodiazepines in the treatment of schizophrenia: a systematic review

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Re-examining the role of context in implicit sequence learning

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Re-examining the role of high-dose chemotherapy in the treatment of light chain amyloidosis

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Re-examining the role of hydrogen peroxide in bacteriostatic and bactericidal activities of honey

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Re-examining the roles of regulatory dendritic cells in transplantation immunity

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Re-examining the safety issues of ceramic-on-ceramic bearing surface

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Re-examining the significance of surgical volume to breast cancer survival and recurrence versus process quality of care in Taiwan

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Re-examining the theory about the collectivity of changes in alcohol consumption

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Re-examining treatment of latent tuberculosis infection

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Re-examining treatment strategies for sigmoid volvulus: An analysis of treatment and outcomes in Lilongwe, Malawi

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Re-excision perineural invasion in basal cell carcinoma

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Re-excision perineural invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma

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Re-excision rates of invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features compared with invasive ductal carcinomas and invasive lobular carcinomas of the breast

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Re-exenteration for recurrent rectal cancer

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Re-expansion method for circular waveguide discontinuities: application to concentric expansion chambers

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Re-expansion of Artificial Pulmonary Collapse

Jennings, G.H., 1937:
Re-expansion of Atelectatic Lower Lobe

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema (RPE) during surgery for intraabdominal giant tumor

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema after insertion of chest tube for pneumothorax

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema as a complication of a spontaneous pneumothorax drainage--a case review

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema following treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax during oral surgery

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Re-expansion pulmonary edema following video-assisted thoracic surgery for recurrent malignant pleural effusion

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Re-expansion pulmonary oedema - differential lung ventilation comes to the rescue

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Re-expansion pulmonary oedema in chronic pneumothorax

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Re-expansion pulmonary oedema: is its prevention possible?

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Re-exploration for excessive bleeding after coronary artery bypass surgery: how early is better?

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Re-exploration of the PHCCC Scaffold: Discovery of Improved Positive Allosteric Modulators of mGluR4

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Re-exploration of the craniotomy after surgical treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms

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Re-exploring anger: Its dynamics and treatment

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Re-exploring attitude toward community scale and its relationship to health status among the general population

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Re-exploring template-driven dentistry

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Re-exploring the high-throughput potential of microextraction techniques, SPME and MEPS, as powerful strategies for medical diagnostic purposes. Innovative approaches, recent applications and future trends

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Re-exploring the ritual of the ward round

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Re-exposure and environmental enrichment reveal NPY-Y1 as a possible target for post-traumatic stress disorder

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Re-exposure to heparin in uremic patients requiring hemodialysis with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

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Re-expression and epigenetic modification of maspin induced apoptosis in MCF-7 cells mediated by myocardin

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Re-expression of ABI3-binding protein suppresses thyroid tumor growth by promoting senescence and inhibiting invasion

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Re-expression of AKAP12 inhibits progression and metastasis potential of colorectal carcinoma in vivo and in vitro

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Re-expression of ARHI (DIRAS3) induces autophagy in breast cancer cells and enhances the inhibitory effect of paclitaxel

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Re-expression of CEACAM1 long cytoplasmic domain isoform is associated with invasion and migration of colorectal cancer

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Re-expression of GATA2 cooperates with peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma depletion to revert the adipocyte phenotype

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Re-expression of IGF-II is important for beta cell regeneration in adult mice

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Re-expression of Lactotransferrin, a candidate tumor suppressor inactivated by promoter hypermethylation, impairs the malignance of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells

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Re-expression of RASSF1A by 5-Aza-CdR induced demethylation of the promoter region in human biliary tract carcinoma cells

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Re-expression of alpha skeletal actin as a marker for dedifferentiation in cardiac pathologies

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Re-expression of cell adhesion molecule inhibits growth and induces apoptosis of human pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1

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Re-expression of estrogen receptor β inhibits the proliferation and migration of ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma cells

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Re-expression of locomotor function after partial spinal cord injury

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Re-expression of methylation-induced tumor suppressor gene silencing is associated with the state of histone modification in gastric cancer cell lines

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Re-expression of miR-200 by novel approaches regulates the expression of PTEN and MT1-MMP in pancreatic cancer

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Re-expression of miR-21 contributes to migration and invasion by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition consistent with cancer stem cell characteristics in MCF-7 cells

Chen, S.; Wang, Z.; Dai, X.; Pan, J.; Ge, J.; Han, X.; Wu, Z.; Zhou, X.; Zhao, T., 2014:
Re-expression of microRNA-150 induces EBV-positive Burkitt lymphoma differentiation by modulating c-Myb in vitro

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Re-expression of transcription factor ATF5 in hepatocellular carcinoma induces G2-M arrest

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Re-feeding rats a high-sucrose diet after 3 days of starvation enhances histone H3 acetylation in transcribed region and expression of jejunal GLUT5 gene

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Re-feeding syndrome in head and neck--prevention and management

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Re-feeding-induced hypomania in an anorexia nervosa patient with hyperthyroidism

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Re-fermentation of washed spent solids from batch hydrogenogenic fermentation for additional production of biohydrogen from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Fawcett, T.Josephine.N.; Rhynas, S.J., 2016:
Re-finding the 'human side' of human factors in nursing: helping student nurses to combine person-centred care with the rigours of patient safety

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Re-focusing the ethical discourse on personalized medicine: a qualitative interview study with stakeholders in the German healthcare system

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Re-formation of Fibula after Complete Removal of Diaphysis for Acute Infective Periostitis

Norbury, L.E., 1913:
Re-formation of Tibia after Resection of Diaphysis for Chronic Osteo-myelitis.? Syphilitic

Onal, M.Bülent.; Civelek, Eç.; Kırcelli, A.; Yakupoğlu, H.; Albayrak, T., 2015:
Re-formation of acute parietal epidural hematoma following rapid spontaneous resolution in a multitraumatic child: a case report

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Re-formation of fibrils from hydrolysates of β-lactoglobulin fibrils during in vitro gastric digestion

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Re-formation of healthcare information: an opportunity for health IT

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Re-formation of microtubules in Closterium ehrenbergii Meneghini after cold-induced depolymerization

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Re-formed gallbladder; a review of 42 cases

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Re-forming the Indian: treatment regimes in the lunatic asylums of British India, 1857-1880

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Re-formulating drugs and vaccines for intranasal delivery: maximum benefits for minimum risks?

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Re-fraction: a machine learning approach for deterministic identification of protein homologues and splice variants in large-scale MS-based proteomics

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Re-framing 'binge drinking' as calculated hedonism: empirical evidence from the UK

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Re-framing microbicide acceptability: findings from the MDP301 trial

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Re-framing the problem of workplace violence directed towards nurses in mental health services in the UK: a work in progress

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Re-grown aligned carbon nanotubes with improved field emission

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Re-growth of a posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm after resection of the associated posterior fossa arteriovenous malformation

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Re-growth of an incomplete discoid lateral meniscus after arthroscopic partial resection in an 11 year-old boy: a case report

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Re-growth of the adult heart by stem cells?

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Re-hospitalization of first-in-life admitted schizophrenic patients before and after rehabilitation legislation: a comparison of two national cohorts

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Re-identification of Aeromonas isolates from chironomid egg masses as the potential pathogenic bacteria Aeromonas aquariorum

Vega-Sánchez, V.; Latif-Eugenín, F.; Soriano-Vargas, E.; Beaz-Hidalgo, R.; Figueras, Mía.José.; Aguilera-Arreola, M.Guadalupe.; Castro-Escarpulli, G., 2014:
Re-identification of Aeromonas isolates from rainbow trout and incidence of class 1 integron and β-lactamase genes

Hong, S-Beom.; Kim, D-Ho.; Park, I-Cheol.; Choi, Y-Joon.; Shin, H-Dong.; Samson, R., 2011:
Re-identification of Aspergillus fumigatus sensu lato based on a new concept of species delimitation

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Re-identification of home addresses from spatial locations anonymized by Gaussian skew

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Re-imagining bleeders: the medical leech in the nineteenth century bloodletting encounter

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Re-imagining esthetic restorative dentistry using a dimer-chemistry nanohybrid composite with low-shrinkage high monomer conversion

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Re-imagining health care

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Re-imagining healthcare: the Northwest Territories transitions to an integrated chronic disease management strategy

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Re-imagining interstitial cystitis

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Re-imagining models of nursing care. Part 2 in the series: Health care reform looks to nursing

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Re-imagining the 'social' in the nutrition sciences

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Re-imagining the future: repetition decreases hippocampal involvement in future simulation

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Re-imagining the "subject:" conceptual and ethical considerations on the participant in qualitative research

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Re-implantation of a degloving amputation of distal index finger caused by fireworks: a case report and literature review

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Re-implantation of an anomalous right coronary artery arising from the left coronary sinus and coursing between the great arteries

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Re-implantation of suboptimal prostate seed implantation: technique with intraoperative treatment planning

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Re-implantation of tumour tissue treated by cryotreatment with liquid nitrogen induces anti-tumour activity against murine osteosarcoma

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Re-induction of desiccation tolerance after germination of Cedrela fissilis Vell. seeds

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Re-induction of hsp70 synthesis: an assay for thermotolerance. 1988

Li, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Qi, X-fei., 2013:
Re-induction therapy of relapsed Ph(+) acute lymphoblastic leukemia with T315I mutation by HA regimen in combination with HD-MTX regimen

Szalanski, P.; Uzieblo-Zyczkowska, B.; Zaleska, M., 2018:
Combined total mitral and tricuspid valve reconstruction with the use of CorMatrix in an adult

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Re-infection with Borrelia burgdorferi s.l in a patient with a history of neuroborreliosis--case report

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Re-infection with primary varicella zoster in older people

Percy, L.A.; Moore, S.E.; Qian, W.; Dorman, J.; Rabin, N.; Watts, M.; Linch, D.C.; Yong, K.L., 2012:
Re-infused lymphocyte dose does not influence disease control following upfront autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma

Bilbao Ares, A.; Castañeda Pascual, M.; Zaballos Barcala, N.; Martín Vizcaíno, M.P., 2014:
Re-inhalation of carbon dioxide due to not detecting the absence of inspiratory-expiratory valves during the daily revision of the anesthetic station

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Re-innervation of muscles after nerve injury in neonates

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Re-innervation of smooth muscle that is transplanted to provide urethral sphincter augmentation

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Re-innervation of the bladder through end-to-side neurorrhaphy of autonomic nerve and somatic nerve in rats

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Re-innervation pattern of the 'neovagina' created from the bladder flap in patients with Mayer-Rokitanski-Kistner-Hauser syndrome: an immunochemical study

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Re-innervation patterns by peptidergic Substance-P, non-peptidergic P2X3, and myelinated NF-200 nerve fibers in epidermis and dermis of rats with neuropathic pain

Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C.E.; Lucas, D.; Barón, E.; Gago-Ferrero, P.; Molins-Delgado, D.; Rodríguez-Mozaz, S.; Eljarrat, E.; Díaz-Cruz, M.Silvia.; Barceló, Dà.; Caminal, Gòria.; Vicent, T., 2015:
Re-inoculation strategies enhance the degradation of emerging pollutants in fungal bioaugmentation of sewage sludge

Fisher, J.A., 2011:
Re-inscribing Gender in New Modes of Medical Expertise: The Investigator-Coordinator Relationship in the Clinical Trials Industry

Hansen, T.Birkballe.; Bramsen, J.Bertram.; Kjems, Jørgen., 2010:
Re-inspection of small RNA sequence datasets reveals several novel human miRNA genes

D.R.bertis, E.; Uttman, L.; Jonson, Börn., 2010:
Re-inspiration of CO(2) from ventilator circuit: effects of circuit flushing and aspiration of dead space up to high respiratory rate

Seong, C-Lim.; Choi, E-Ji.; Song, S-Ok., 2011:
Re-insufflation after deflation of a pneumoperitoneum is a risk factor for CO(2) embolism during laparoscopic prostatectomy -A case report-

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Re-integrating earthworm juveniles into soil biodiversity studies: species identification through DNA barcoding

Devos, D.P., 2014:
Re-interpretation of the evidence for the PVC cell plan supports a Gram-negative origin

Dingwell, J.B.; Cusumano, J.P., 2011:
Re-interpreting detrended fluctuation analyses of stride-to-stride variability in human walking

Robson, T.Matthew.; Klem, K.; Urban, O.; Jansen, M.A.K., 2016:
Re-interpreting plant morphological responses to UV-B radiation

Schröder, R.; Atkinson, R.G.; Redgwell, R.J., 2009:
Re-interpreting the role of endo-beta-mannanases as mannan endotransglycosylase/hydrolases in the plant cell wall

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Re-intervention after uterine leiomyoma embolisation is related to incomplete infarction and presence of submucous leiomyomas

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Re-intervention for failed fundoplication

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Re-intervention in glass ionomer restorations: what comes next?

Burke, F.J.T.; Lucarotti, P.S.K., 2009:
Re-intervention on crowns: what comes next?

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Re-interventions following laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer: data from 818 individuals from the Dutch surgical colorectal audit

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Re-interventions on the autograft and the homograft after the Ross operation in children

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Re-interventions, readmissions and discharge destination: modern metrics for the assessment of the quality of care

Simpson, J., 2013:
Re-introduction of the Eschmann Tracheal Tube Introducer

Richards, R.; Dempski, R.E., 2013:
Re-introduction of transmembrane serine residues reduce the minimum pore diameter of channelrhodopsin-2

Higgs, A.; Swampillai, C.; Dravid, R.; Mitchell, V.; Patel, A.; Popat, M., 2010:
Re-intubation over airway exchange catheters - mind the gap

Triozzi, P.L.; Tuthill, R.J.; Borden, E., 2011:
Re-inventing intratumoral immunotherapy for melanoma

Clark, A., 2007:
Re-inventing ourselves: the plasticity of embodiment, sensing, and mind

Lemer, K., 2012:
Re-inventing the healthcare broker business model: the need for new, cost-controlling technology is becoming even more imperative for healthcare brokers

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Re-inventing the piston pump

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Re-lie-ability……student / teacher of the year???

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Re-modelled CT unit quickly up to speed

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Re-moralizing the suicide debate

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Re-organization of internal medicine wing in hospitals: a last-ditch effort or the beginning of reform?

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Re-orientation of the Poor Law, 1930-1945; effects of changing legislation

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Re-orienting the immune system: Durable tumor regression and successful re-induction therapy using anti-PD1 antibodies

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Re-patterning sleep architecture in Drosophila through gustatory perception and nutritional quality

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Re-place your BETs: the dynamics of super enhancers

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Re-placing the madwoman: Irene Vilar's "The Ladies' Gallery"

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Re-positioning the role of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine as essential health knowledge in global health: do they still have a role to play?

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Re-presentations of space in Hollywood movies: an event-indexing analysis

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Re-presenting autism: the construction of 'NT syndrome'

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Re-presenting the future of medicine's past: towards a politics of survival

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Re-pressurization and rupture of common iliac artery aneurysms

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Re-prioritizing doctoral education in health administration and policy

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Re-profiling the nursing profession through undergraduate education

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Re-profiling today's health care curricula for tomorrow's workforce: Establishing an interprofessional degree in Germany

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Re-programming DNA-binding specificity in zinc finger proteins for targeting unique address in a genome

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Re-programming of C. elegans male epidermal precursor fates by Wnt, Hox, and LIN-12/Notch activities

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Re-ranking sequencing variants in the post-GWAS era for accurate causal variant identification

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Re-ranking with context for high-performance biomedical information retrieval

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Re-reading Discourse and Social Psychology: transforming social psychology

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Re-reading Nightingale: Notes on Hospitals

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Re-reading a conversation with Jean Frezal (1922-2007)

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Re-reattachment of a fractured maxillary central incisor: a case study

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Re-recognition of single-point electroacupuncture therapy for treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

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Re-recognition on the strategy of early reperfusion for patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

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Re-recognizing the pathogenesis of inguinal hernias

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Re-recurrence after operation for recurrent inguinal hernia. A nationwide 8-year follow-up study on the role of type of repair

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Re-redefining success in airway surgery for obstructive sleep apnea

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Re-referral to child protective services: the influence of child, family, and case characteristics on risk status

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Re-refinement from deposited X-ray data can deliver improved models for most PDB entries

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Re-registration of dentists not approved by council

Yalçındağ, F.Nilüfer.; Calış, F., 2012:
Re-reiterative membranous proliferation with giant-cell deposits on hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses after triple procedures in eyes with cataracts and uveitis

Al-Qattan, M.M., 2015:
Re-repair of ruptured primary flexor tendon repairs in Zones I and II of the fingers in children

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Re-repair of the left atrioventricular valve in atrioventricular septal defects: the morphologic approach to the role of Gore-tex band reduction annuloplasty

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Re-replication induced by geminin depletion occurs from G2 and is enhanced by checkpoint activation

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Re-retinal detachment after silicone oil removal

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Re-review of Mucous Membrane (Sublingual) Desensitization

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Re-searching for therapy: the ethics of using what we are skilled in

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Re-sentinel node biopsy after previous breast and axillary surgery

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Re-shaping the coffee ring

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Re-shaping the status quo

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Re-shedding of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

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Re-sizing. Annual Construction & Design Survey shows continued pickup in projects, with many going forward on a smaller scale

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Re-skilling the social practices: open source and life-towards a commons-based peer production in agro-biotechnology?

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Re-think HRT: behind the scene of perceptions

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Re-think first-line tuberculosis treatment

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Re-thinking cell cycle regulators: the cross-talk with metabolism

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Re-thinking global health sector efforts for HIV and tuberculosis epidemic control: promoting integration of programme activities within a strengthened health system

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Re-thinking internet gaming: from recreation to addiction

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Re-thinking organisms: The impact of databases on model organism biology

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Re-thinking pain educational strategies: Pain a new model using e-learning and PBL

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Re-thinking resuscitation goals: an alternative point of view!

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Re-thinking resuscitation: leaving blood pressure cosmetics behind and moving forward to permissive hypotension and a tissue perfusion-based approach

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Re-thinking the 'Two-Midnight' Rule: The Challenge of Regulating Hospital Admission

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Re-thinking the biology of essential tremor: from models to morphology

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Re-thinking the definitions of subclinical thyroid disease in pregnancy

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Re-thinking the dietary supplement laws and regulations 14 years after the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act implementation

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Re-thinking the relationship between long-term condition self-management education and the utilisation of health services

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Re-thinking the role of the dorsal striatum in egocentric/response strategy

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Re-thinking wastewater landscapes: combining innovative strategies to address tomorrow's urban wastewater treatment challenges

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Re-thoracotomy for the management of postoperative complications after bronchoplastic and angioplastic reconstruction

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Re-torsion of the ovaries

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Re-treating bleeding hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia with bevacizumab

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Re-tweeting science

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Re-usable post-operative leg supports

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Re-usables and Disposables:

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Re-usage of external pacing electrodes results in skin burns

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Re-use of commercial microfluidics chips for DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis

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Re-use of intravaginal progesterone devices associated with the Short-term Protocol for timed artificial insemination in goats

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Re-using e-learning objects

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Re-valuing the amygdala

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Re-victimization patterns in a national longitudinal sample of children and youth

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Re-visioning cultural competence in community health services in Victoria

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Re-visioning medicine

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Re-visiting internet addiction among Taiwanese students: a cross-sectional comparison of students' expectations, online gaming, and online social interaction

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Re-visiting protein-centric two-tier classification of existing DNA-protein complexes

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Re-visiting scholarly community engagement in the contemporary research assessment environments of Australasian universities

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Re-visiting the ICU Experiences of follow-up visits to an ICU after discharge: a qualitative study

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Re-visiting the O/Cu(111) system--when metastable surface oxides could become an issue!

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Re-visiting the echo state property

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Re-visiting the embryogenesis of the human lower lip: an overlooked paradigm

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Re-visiting the structure of heparin

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Re-visiting visiting hours

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Re-wiring the spinal cord: introduction to the special issue on plasticity after spinal cord injury

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Re-work program at a clinic in a large city

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Re-work program at a psychiatric hospital

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Re-writing Popper's philosophy of science for systematics

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Re-writing the natural history of pain and related symptoms in the joint hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hypermobility type

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