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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55401

Chapter 55401 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Paulozzi, L.J.; Xi, Y., 2008:
Recent changes in drug poisoning mortality in the United States by urban-rural status and by drug type

Hughes, H.; Jordan, K.P.; Rajaratnam, G.; Fawcett, S.; Croft, P., 2008:
Recent changes in general practice morbidity in older people

Xu, J.; Liu, S.; Zhang, S.; Guo, W.; Wang, J., 2014:
Recent changes in glacial area and volume on Tuanjiefeng peak region of Qilian Mountains, China

Mallula, K.; Amin, Z., 2013:
Recent changes in instructions for use for the Amplatzer atrial septal defect occluder: how to incorporate these changes while using transesophageal echocardiography or intracardiac echocardiography?

Joseph, K.S.; Fahey, J.; Dendukuri, N.; Allen, V.M.; O'Campo, P.; Dodds, L.; Liston, R.M.; Allen, A.C., 2009:
Recent changes in maternal characteristics by socioeconomic status

Hayashi, T.; Yoshizaki, T.; Ohara, K.; Yoshida, S.; Kumai, T.; Harabuchi, Y., 2012:
Recent changes in nasopharyngeal flora of children in Japan

Martin, C.; Chabolle, F., 2011:
Recent changes in our scientific journal

Lin, J.; Nielsen, C.P.; Zhao, Y.; Lei, Y.; Liu, Y.; McElroy, M.B., 2011:
Recent changes in particulate air pollution over China observed from space and the ground: effectiveness of emission control

Dencic, I.; Hessel, V.; de Croon, M.H.J.M.; Meuldijk, J.; van der Doelen, C.W.J.; Koch, K., 2012:
Recent changes in patenting behavior in microprocess technology and its possible use for gas-liquid reactions and the oxidation of glucose

Sakurai, Y.; Kanaya, S.; Uyama, I., 2010:
Recent changes in perioperative nutritional support in patients undergoing thoracoscopic esophagectomy

Charneski, L.; Hollands, J.M., 2015:
Recent changes in practice guidelines for atrial fibrillation management

Ramoz, L.L.; Patel-Shori, N.M., 2015:
Recent changes in pregnancy and lactation labeling: retirement of risk categories

Cascade, E.F.; Kalali, A.H.; Penn, J.V.; Feifel, D., 2006:
Recent changes in prescriptions for antipsychotics in children and adolescents

Cayuela, A.; Rodríguez-Domínguez, S.; Martín, V.E.; Candau, B.R., 2008:
Recent changes in prostate cancer mortality in Spain. Trends analysis from 1991 to 2005

Sørensen, K.; Aksglaede, L.; Petersen, Jørgen.Holm.; Juul, A., 2010:
Recent changes in pubertal timing in healthy Danish boys: associations with body mass index

Anania, F.A.; Yang, V.W., 2010:
Recent changes in relationships between medical school physicians and industry

Leslie, G.D., 2008:
Recent changes in research ethics guidelines and publication

Sim, Y-Won.; Min, K-Soo.; Lee, M-Seop.; Kim, Y-Gyu.; Kim, D-Ho., 2012 :
Recent changes in risk factors of chronic subdural hematoma

Gallego, P.; Galán, Iñaki.; José Medrano, Mía.; Ramos, P.; Rivera, F.; Moreno, C., 2015:
Recent changes in school-based policies on physical activity and nutrition in Spain

Anonymous, 1939:
Recent changes in some Continental Ophthalmological Journals

Jevsevar, D.; Shea, K.; Cummins, D.; Murray, J.; Sanders, J., 2014:
Recent changes in the AAOS evidence-based clinical practice guidelines process

Anderson, D.J.; Freeman, J.; Sexton, D.J., 2010:
Recent changes in the NHSN definition for UTI: for better AND worse

Sivak, M.; Schoettle, B., 2012:
Recent changes in the age composition of U.S. drivers: implications for the extent, safety, and environmental consequences of personal transportation

Sivak, M.; Schoettle, B., 2012:
Recent changes in the age composition of drivers in 15 countries

Karlén, Wörn., 2009:
Recent changes in the climate: natural or forced by human activity?

Byun, S-Soo.; Lee, S.; Lee, S.Eun.; Lee, E.; Seo, S.Il.; Lee, H.Moo.; Choi, H.Yong.; Song, C.; Ahn, H.; Choi, Y.Deuk.; Cho, J.Seon., 2012:
Recent changes in the clinicopathologic features of Korean men with prostate cancer: a comparison with Western populations

Ling, J.; Fu, Y., 2007:
Recent changes in the curriculum of Chinese dental schools

Gibeon, D.; Menzies-Gow, A., 2014:
Recent changes in the drug treatment of allergic asthma

Pitout, J.Dd., 2009:
Recent changes in the epidemiology and management of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

Curado, M.Paula.; Hashibe, M., 2009:
Recent changes in the epidemiology of head and neck cancer

Pampalon, R.; Hamel, D.; Gamache, P., 2008:
Recent changes in the geography of social disparities in premature mortality in Québec

Ino, K.; Tanizaki, Y.; Kobayashi, A.; Yamamoto, M.; Mabuchi, Y.; Minami, S., 2013:
Recent changes in the incidence of gestational trophoblastic diseases in Japan

Irita, K.; Tsuzaki, K.; Sanuki, M.; Sawa, T.; Nakatsuka, H.; Makita, K.; Morita, K., 2007:
Recent changes in the incidence of life-threatening events in the operating room: JSA surveys between 2001 and 2005

Coulter, E.; VanGelder, M.Elizabeth., 2016:
Recent changes in the innovative postanesthesia care unit gatekeeper role

Epstein, B.J.; Smith, S.M.; Choksi, R., 2010:
Recent changes in the landscape of combination RAS blockade

Sinha, S.; Raja, S.V.V.; Lewis, M.H., 2008:
Recent changes in the management of blunt splenic injury: effect on splenic trauma patients and hospital implications

Illés, Z., 2011:
Recent changes in the paradigm of limbic encephalitis

Zhang, D-hong.; Zhou, L-ya.; Lin, S-ren.; Ding, S-gang.; Huang, Y-hui.; Gu, F.; Zhang, L.; Li, Y.; Cui, R-li.; Meng, L-mei.; Yan, X-e.; Zhang, J., 2010:
Recent changes in the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection among children and adults in high- or low-incidence regions of gastric cancer in China

Lemke, S.P.; Schaefer, J.A., 2010:
Recent changes in the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among VA nursing home residents

González, E.; González-Sanchis, Mía.; Cabezas, A.; Comín, F.A.; Muller, E., 2010:
Recent changes in the riparian forest of a large regulated Mediterranean river: implications for management

Yatabe, Y., 2013:
Recent changes in the therapeutic strategy for NSCLC in association with new anti-cancer agents

Israels, M.C.G., 1947:
Recent changes in the treatment of blood diseases

Wingo, P.A.; Smith, R.A.; Tevendale, H.D.; Ferré, C., 2011:
Recent changes in the trends of teen birth rates, 1981-2006

Tierney, E.P.; Hanke, C.William.; Kimball, A.Boer., 2009:
Recent changes in the workforce and practice of dermatologic surgery

Bruhl, D.Levy.; Paty, M-C.; Antoine, D.; Bessette, D., 2007:
Recent changes in tuberculosis control and BCG vaccination policy in France

Mandea, M.; Panet, I.; Lesur, V.; de Viron, O.; Diament, M.; Le Mouël, J-Louis., 2012:
Recent changes of the Earth's core derived from satellite observations of magnetic and gravity fields

Wyllie, J., 2012:
Recent changes to UK newborn resuscitation guidelines

Uzun, C., 2013:
Recent changes to the balkan medical journal

Leslie, K., 2012:
Recent changes to the governance and accountability of the regulated health professions in Ontario

Crall, J.J., 2012:
Recent changes underscore the importance of state-level advocacy

Kaneko, H.; Yajima, J.; Oikawa, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Fukamachi, D.; Suzuki, S.; Sagara, K.; Otsuka, T.; Matsuno, S.; Funada, R.; Kano, H.; Uejima, T.; Koike, A.; Nagashima, K.; Kirigaya, H.; Sawada, H.; Aizawa, T.; Yamashita, T., 2014:
Recent characteristics and outcomes of Japanese stable angina pectoris after percutaneous coronary intervention. An observational cohort study using the Shinken Database

Maksaev, G.; Haswell, E.S., 2014:
Recent characterizations of MscS and its homologs provide insight into the basis of ion selectivity in mechanosensitive channels

Lee, M.; Yeum, T.Sung.; Kim, J.Won.; Oh, S.; Lee, S.Ae.; Moon, H.Ran.; Choi, Y.Hoon.; Han, Y.Min.; Choi, J.Min.; Jang, D.Kee., 2015:
Recent chemotherapy reduces the maximum-standardized uptake value of 18F-fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography in colorectal cancer

Rossman, M.D., 2009:
Recent chronic beryllium disease in residents surrounding a beryllium facility: patients' information

Kabali, C.; Cheng, D.M.; Brooks, D.R.; Bridden, C.; Horsburgh, C.Robert.; Samet, J.H., 2011:
Recent cigarette smoking and HIV disease progression: no evidence of an association

Fuentes, A.; Muñoz, A.; Barnhart, K.; Argüello, Bña.; Díaz, M.; Pommer, R., 2008:
Recent cigarette smoking and assisted reproductive technologies outcome

Vittecoq, M.; Lecollinet, S.; Jourdain, E.; Thomas, Fédéric.; Blanchon, T.; Arnal, A.; Lowenski, S.; Gauthier-Clerc, M., 2015:
Recent circulation of West Nile virus and potentially other closely related flaviviruses in Southern France

Ohba, H., 2013:
Recent circumstances of Japanese radiologists

Bartemeier, L.H., 2010:
Recent civilian experiences with psychiatric rehabilitation

Burney, J.; Ramanathan, V., 2015:
Recent climate and air pollution impacts on Indian agriculture

Tratt, D.M.; Menzies, R.T., 1994:
Recent climatological trends in atmospheric aerosol backscatter derived from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory multiyear backscatter profile database

Iwasaki, H., 2012:
Recent clinical advance of rocuronium pharmacokinetics and a new neuromuscular reversal agent, sugammadex

Johnson, D.H.; Schiller, J.H.; Bunn, P.A., 2014:
Recent clinical advances in lung cancer management

Lebuffe, G., 2009:
Recent clinical and medical economic studies

O'Brien, C.; Henrich, P.P.; Passi, N.; Fidock, D.A., 2012:
Recent clinical and molecular insights into emerging artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Korbonits, Márta.; Carlsen, E., 2009:
Recent clinical and pathophysiological advances in non-functioning pituitary adenomas

Kogure, T., 2014:
Recent clinical applications of Japanese oriental (Kampo) medicine for rheumatoid arthritis: search for Kampo responder

Capasso, A.; Putrella, C.; Milano, W., 2009:
Recent clinical aspects of eating disorders

Milano, W.; D'Acunto, C.Walter.; De Rosa, M.; Festa, M.; Milano, L.; Petrella, C.; Capasso, A., 2011:
Recent clinical aspects of hyperprolactinemia induced by antipsychotics

Kawaguchi, T.; Sata, M., 2011:
Recent clinical characteristics of hepatitis A

Qiu, G-xing.; Weng, X-sheng.; Zhao, D.; Lin, J.; Jin, J.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, Q., 2007:
Recent clinical comparison of mobile-bearing and fixed-bearing total knee arthroplasty

Sofat, N.; Beith, I.; Anilkumar, P.G.; Mitchell, P., 2011:
Recent clinical evidence for the treatment of osteoarthritis: what we have learned

Suzuki, H.; Takenaka, T., 2010:
Recent clinical evidences of RAS inhibitors on chronic kidney diseases

Donnelly, O.G.; Errington-Mais, F.; Prestwich, R.; Harrington, K.; Pandha, H.; Vile, R.; Melcher, A.A., 2013:
Recent clinical experience with oncolytic viruses

Garçon, N.; Van Mechelen, M., 2011:
Recent clinical experience with vaccines using MPL- and QS-21-containing adjuvant systems

Osborne, N.N., 2009:
Recent clinical findings with memantine should not mean that the idea of neuroprotection in glaucoma is abandoned

Kaplan, A., 1948:
Recent clinical notions about polio

Lee, B.Eun.; Seol, H.Yun.; Kim, T.Kyung.; Seong, E.Young.; Song, S.Heon.; Lee, D.Won.; Lee, S.Bong.; Kwak, I.Soo., 2008:
Recent clinical overview of renal and perirenal abscesses in 56 consecutive cases

Grover, D.S.; Smith, O., 2013:
Recent clinical pearls from clinical trials in glaucoma

Dabek, Józefa.; Lepich, T.; Piechota, Mław., 2012:
Recent clinical picture of Brugada syndrome

Zhang, X-xin., 2012:
Recent clinical relevant findings on hepatitis B virus markers

Gradman, A.H.; Basile, J.N., 2015:
Recent clinical trials

Meuth, S.G.; Kleinschnitz, C.; Wiendl, H., 2009:
Recent clinical trials and future therapies

Wright, R.Scott., 2014:
Recent clinical trials evaluating benefit of drug therapy for modification of HDL cholesterol

Urbina, J.A., 2015:
Recent clinical trials for the etiological treatment of chronic chagas disease: advances, challenges and perspectives

Kurlapska, E.; Goch, J.Henryk.; Kasprzak, K.; Goch, A., 2010:
Recent clinical trials in hypertensiology

Ward, M.M., 2015:
Recent clinical trials in lupus nephritis

Kaptchuk, T.J.; Chen, K-ji.; Song, J., 2010:
Recent clinical trials of acupuncture in the West: responses from the practitioners

Lutsep, H.L., 2009:
Recent clinical trials of antiplatelet therapy in secondary stroke prevention: expectations and results for application in primary care settings

Robak, T.; Wierzbowska, A.; Robak, E., 2008:
Recent clinical trials of cladribine in hematological malignancies and autoimmune disorders

Jennings, G.L.R., 2013:
Recent clinical trials of hypertension management

Don, A.S.Arachchige.; Zheng, X.F.Steven., 2011:
Recent clinical trials of mTOR-targeted cancer therapies

Kaisar, M.O.; Isbel, N.M.; Johnson, D.W., 2008:
Recent clinical trials of pharmacologic cardiovascular interventions in patients with chronic kidney disease

Inozume, T., 2014:
Recent clinical trials of tumor immunotherapy

Skinner, H.G.; Litzelman, K.; Schwartz, G.G., 2011:
Recent clinical trials of vitamin D3 supplementation and serum calcium levels in humans: Implications for vitamin D-based chemoprevention

Yoshikawa, H., 2014:
Recent clinical trials on treatment of myasthenia gravis

Kaplan, N.M., 2008:
Recent clinical trials: the good, the bad, and the misleading

Ali, A.; Chen, Y.; Johnson, J.A.; Redden, E.; Mayette, Y.; Rashid, M.H.; Stine, O.Colin.; Morris, J.Glenn., 2011:
Recent clonal origin of cholera in Haiti

Tran, T.; Samarawickrama, C.; Petsoglou, C.; Watson, S., 2015:
Recent cluster of childhood microbial keratitis due to orthokeratology

Morentin, B.; Ballesteros, J.; Callado, L.F.; Meana, J.Javier., 2017:
Recent cocaine use is a significant risk factor for sudden cardiovascular death in 15-49-year-old subjects: a forensic case-control study

Anonymous, 1992:
Recent collections on wavelets

Aoyama, M.; Becker, S.; Dai, M.; Daimon, H.; Gordon, L.I.; Kasai, H.; Kerouel, R.; Kress, N.; Masten, D.; Murata, A.; Nagai, N.; Ogawa, H.; Ota, H.; Saito, H.; Saito, K.; Shimizu, T.; Takano, H.; Tsuda, A.; Yokouchi, K.; Youenou, A., 2007:
Recent comparability of oceanographic nutrients data: results of a 2003 intercomparison exercise using reference materials

Michael, M.; Shimoni, A.; Nagler, A., 2013:
Recent compounds for immunosuppression and experimental therapies for acute graft-versus-host disease

Lu, S.; Huang, W.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Recent computational advances in the identification of allosteric sites in proteins

Abnizova, I.; Subhankulova, T.; Gilks, W., 2008 :
Recent computational approaches to understand gene regulation: mining gene regulation in silico

Park, M.In., 2010:
Recent concept in interpreting high-resolution manometry

Suzuki, S.; Seki, M.; Suzuki, N., 2014:
Recent concept of limbic encephalitis: progress in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis

Feng, Y.; Yu, X-Yong.; Wang, Y., 2012:
Recent concepts for the roles of progenitor/stem cell niche in heart repair

Nies, A.S.; Melmon, K.L., 1967:
Recent concepts in the clinical pharmacology of anithypertensive drugs

Keystone, E., 2009:
Recent concepts in the inhibition of radiographic progression with biologics

Pandian, J.D., 2011:
Recent concepts in the management of extracranial carotid stenosis: carotid endarterectomy versus carotid artery stenting

Zairi, F.; Marinho, P.; Bouras, A.; Allaoui, M.; Assaker, R., 2013:
Recent concepts in the management of thoracolumbar spine metastasis

Ratnoff, O.D., 1949:
Recent concepts in the treatment of hepatic disease

Konno, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Ohta, M., 2011:
Recent concepts of antiangiogenic therapy

Okazaki, K.; Uchida, K.; Miyoshi, H.; Ikeura, T.; Takaoka, M.; Nishio, A., 2012:
Recent concepts of autoimmune pancreatitis and IgG4-related disease

Koshiyama, M.; Matsumura, N.; Konishi, I., 2015:
Recent concepts of ovarian carcinogenesis: type I and type II

Gogakos, A.; Tzotzas, T.C.; Krassas, G.E., 2012:
Recent concepts of pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery for childhood obesity: an overview

Yang, H.Ran., 2010:
Recent concepts on cyclic vomiting syndrome in children

Abeya, O.R., 2014:
Recent concepts on nutrition and dietetics

Lawson, R.B., 1948:
Recent concepts regarding the spread and treatment of poliomyelitis

Yoon, B.; Lee, S.; Kim, J-Man., 2009:
Recent conceptual and technological advances in polydiacetylene-based supramolecular chemosensors

Dumitrescu-Ionescu, D., 2010:
Recent conclusions regarding the reconstructive microsurgery of peripheral nerves

Travis, K., 2007:
Recent conference addresses research integrity on global scale

Gendy, S.; Walsh, M.A.; McConn-Walsh, R.; Costello, R.W., 2007:
Recent consensus on the classification of rhinosinusitis--a way forward for research and practice?

Klein, M.; Sathasivam, A.; Novoa, Y.; Rapaport, R., 2011:
Recent consensus statements in pediatric endocrinology: a selective review

Rush, S., 2016:
Recent consideration in tactical medicine

Baddour, L.M., 2007:
Recent considerations in recurrent cellulitis

Danzi, S.; Klein, I., 2008:
Recent considerations in the treatment of hypothyroidism

Chu, E.; Burton, D.; McArdle, N.; Gain, K., 2010:
Recent consumption of a large meal does not affect measurements of lung function

Chaves, L.Pinto., 2012:
Recent contributions from clinical research: on mental processing, on dreams and dreaming, and on the role of phantasies about parental couple relationships

Judge, P.J.; Watts, A., 2012:
Recent contributions from solid-state NMR to the understanding of membrane protein structure and function

Basavaiah, D.; Reddy, B.Sekhara.; Badsara, S.Singh., 2010:
Recent contributions from the Baylis-Hillman reaction to organic chemistry

Amara, Z.; Caron, J.; Joseph, D., 2014:
Recent contributions from the asymmetric aza-Michael reaction to alkaloids total synthesis

de Marco, A., 2013:
Recent contributions in the field of the recombinant expression of disulfide bonded proteins in bacteria

Prignot, J.J., 2011:
Recent contributions of air- and biomarkers to the control of secondhand smoke (SHS): a review

Arias, F.Javier.; Santos, M.; Fernández-Colino, A.; Pinedo, G.; Girotti, A., 2014:
Recent contributions of elastin-like recombinamers to biomedicine and nanotechnology

Bradford, W.L., 1949:
Recent contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of pertussis

Magoun, H.W., 2010:
Recent contributions to the extrapyramidal system

Huisman, F.; Verbong, G.; Vermij, R., 2009:
Recent contributions to the history of science in the Netherlands: 1999

Bigelow, H.R., 1885:
Recent contributions to the literature of micro-biology

Keyes, B.S., 1948:
Recent contributions to the roentgenologic study of cardiac pathology

Levinson, N.; Pitts, W.; Whitmore, W.F., 2010:
Recent contributions to the theory of random functions

Hinneburg, I., 2014:
Recent controversies over mammography screening

Beatty, Y., 2010:
Recent court decisions impact current peer review activity

Iftene, A.; Manson, A., 2013:
Recent crime legislation and the challenge for prison health care

Willbach, H., 1947 :
Recent crimes and the veterans

Townsend, J.W., 2018:
Recent criminal cases involving lie-detector tests

Petho, B., 2009:
Recent crisis of psychiatry in the context of modern and postmodern science

Bădulescu, F.; Crişan, A.; Bădulescu, A.; Schenker, M., 2011:
Recent data about the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in oncogenesis of head and neck cancer

Arushanian, É.B.; Popov, A.V., 2011:
Recent data about the role of hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus in circadian organization of physiological functions

Matray, F., 2014:
Recent data concerning the mechanism of action of adrenaline

Smoliga, J.M.; Blanchard, O.L., 2014:
Recent data do not provide evidence that resveratrol causes 'mainly negative' or 'adverse' effects on exercise training in humans

Kanji, Z., 2012:
Recent data from the canadian hospital pharmacy residency matching service

Crand, A.; Borson-Chazot, F.; Brue, T., 2010:
Recent data in adrenocortical tumorigenesis

Rolland, P.; Vieillefosse, R., 1947:
Recent data on blood clotting

Rolland, P.; Vieillefosse, R., 1948:
Recent data on calcification and decalcification

Coman, O.Andreia.; Paunescu, H.; Coman, L.; Badarau, A.; Fulga, I., 2010:
Recent data on cannabinoids and their pharmacological implications in neuropathic pain

Mouquin, M.; Laurent, D., 2014:
Recent data on coronary physiology

Dréno, B., 2011:
Recent data on epidemiology of acne

Buescher, P.A.; Head, B.F.; Cassell, J.W., 2010:
Recent data on health insurance coverage associated with the economic downturn in North Carolina

Lønning, P.E.; Haynes, B.P.; Straume, A.H.; Dunbier, A.; Helle, H.; Knappskog, S.; Dowsett, M., 2011:
Recent data on intratumor estrogens in breast cancer

Ginter, E.; Simko, V., 2014:
Recent data on obesity research: β-aminoisobutyric acid

Pepper, J., 2013:
Recent data on off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: the CORONARY and GOPCABE trials

Cochen De Cock, Vérie., 2014:
Recent data on rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder in patients with Parkinson disease: analysis of behaviors, movements, and periodic limb movements

Bruni, A.C., 2014:
Recent data on the functional anatomy of the uterine tube

Plass, E.D., 1948:
Recent data on the physiology of abnormal menstruation

Hernández, A.; Torrelo, A., 2008:
Recent data on the risk of malignancy in congenital melanocytic nevi: the continuing debate on treatment

Leung, N., 2008:
Recent data on treatment of chronic hepatitis B with nucleos(t)ide analogues

Onitilo, A.A.; Doi, S.A.R., 2013:
Recent data regarding low versus high 131I activity for remnant ablation in differentiated thyroid cancer are not generalizable beyond eligibility criteria

Buescher, P.A.; Plescia, M., 2010:
Recent data related to a medical care home for North Carolina residents

Knowles, D.G.; McLysaght, A., 2009:
Recent de novo origin of human protein-coding genes

Anonymous, 1967:
Recent death

Anonymous, 1970:
Recent deathe

Faulkner, A., 2010:
Recent debate about the term 'schizophrenia'

Schulte, D.J., 2011:
Recent decisions by the Supreme Court are beneficial to physicians

Appelbe, A.; Murdoch, C., 1949:
Recent decisions on consummation

Aksglaede, L.; Sørensen, K.; Petersen, Jørgen.H.; Skakkebaek, N.E.; Juul, A., 2009 :
Recent decline in age at breast development: the Copenhagen Puberty Study

Sutton, P.D.; Hamilton, B.E.; Mathews, T.J., 2011:
Recent decline in births in the United States, 2007-2009

Voracek, M.; Haubner, T.; Fisher, M.L., 2009:
Recent decline in nonpaternity rates: a cross-temporal meta-analysis

Polednak, A.P., 2012:
Recent decline in the U.S. death rate from myeloproliferative neoplasms, 1999-2006

Xia, Q.; Nonoyama, A.; Molitor, F.; Webb, D.; Osmond, D., 2011:
Recent decline in the incidence of human immunodeficiency virus infection among California men who have sex with men

Page, A.; Taylor, R.; Martin, G., 2010:
Recent declines in Australian male suicide are real, not artefactual

Banks, E.; Canfell, K., 2010:
Recent declines in breast cancer incidence: mounting evidence that reduced use of menopausal hormones is largely responsible

Manton, K.G., 2007:
Recent declines in chronic disability in the elderly U.S. population: risk factors and future dynamics

Chen, J.; Normand, S-Lise.T.; Wang, Y.; Drye, E.E.; Schreiner, G.C.; Krumholz, H.M., 2010:
Recent declines in hospitalizations for acute myocardial infarction for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries: progress and continuing challenges

Osterman, M.J.K.; Martin, J.A., 2015:
Recent declines in induction of labor by gestational age

MacDorman, M.F.; Hoyert, D.L.; Mathews, T.J., 2014:
Recent declines in infant mortality in the United States, 2005-2011

Curtin, S.C.; Ventura, S.J.; Martinez, G.M., 2015:
Recent declines in nonmarital childbearing in the United States

Davies, S.M.; Wang, D.; Wang, T.; Arora, M.; Ringden, O.; Anasetti, C.; Pavletic, S.; Casper, J.; Macmillan, M.L.; Sanders, J.; Wall, D.; Kernan, N.A., 2009:
Recent decrease in acute graft-versus-host disease in children with leukemia receiving unrelated donor bone marrow transplants

Finn, C.; Mitte, K.; Neyer, F.J., 2016:
Recent decreases in specific interpretation biases predict decreases in neuroticism: evidence from a longitudinal study with young adult couples

Molfetti, E.; Vilaça, S.Torres.; Georges, J-Yves.; Plot, V.; Delcroix, E.; Le Scao, R.; Lavergne, A.; Barrioz, Sébastien.; dos Santos, Fício.Rodrigues.; de Thoisy, Bît., 2013:
Recent demographic history and present fine-scale structure in the Northwest Atlantic leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) turtle population

Hinnemann, B.; Moses, P.Georg.; Nørskov, J.K., 2008:
Recent density functional studies of hydrodesulfurization catalysts: insight into structure and mechanism

Brooks, K.P.; Robles, T.F., 2009:
Recent depressive and anxious symptoms predict cortisol responses to stress in men

Kirst, H.A., 2012:
Recent derivatives from smaller classes of fermentation-derived antibacterials

Wu, Y.; Yang, J.; Yang, F.; Liu, T.; Leng, W.; Chu, Y.; Jin, Q., 2009:
Recent dermatophyte divergence revealed by comparative and phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial genomes

Körner, R.; Koschorreck, L.; Paredes, B.E., 2013:
Recent developed lesions on the right upper arm

Chen, J.; Liu, T.; Dong, X.; Hu, Y., 2009:
Recent development and SAR analysis of colchicine binding site inhibitors

Hashimoto, T.; Maruoka, K., 2007:
Recent development and application of chiral phase-transfer catalysts

Chen, W.; Morrow, B.H.; Shi, C.; Shen, J.K., 2014:
Recent development and application of constant pH molecular dynamics

Zhang, C.; Liu, T.; Gao, J.; Su, Y.; Shi, C., 2010:
Recent development and application of magnetic nanoparticles for cell labeling and imaging

Yan, H.; Wang, H., 2013:
Recent development and applications of dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction

Trairatphisan, P.; Mizera, A.; Pang, J.; Tantar, A.Adrian.; Schneider, J.; Sauter, T., 2014:
Recent development and biomedical applications of probabilistic Boolean networks

Cho, B.Tae., 2009:
Recent development and improvement for boron hydride-based catalytic asymmetric reduction of unsymmetrical ketones

Pervak, V., 2011:
Recent development and new ideas in the field of dispersive multilayer optics

Yang, X.; Geng, X., 2012:
Recent development for purification of active proteins from bovine pancreas with liquid chromatography

Peng, B.Hao.; Levin, C.S., 2011:
Recent development in PET instrumentation

Gill, R.Kaur.; Kaushik, S.Om.; Chugh, J.; Bansal, S.; Shah, A.; Bariwal, J., 2015:
Recent development in [1,4]benzodiazepines as potent anticancer agents: a review

Lu, D.mei., 2014:
Recent development in aerosol devices for pulmonary vaccine delivery

Aoyama, K., 2010:
Recent development in animal testing to predict the skin and respiratory sensitizing potential of chemicals

Yang, Z.; Wang, S., 2008:
Recent development in application of high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressants

Kim, S., 2015:
Recent development in bioinformatics for utilizing omics data

Guo, Z.; Wang, Q., 2010:
Recent development in carbohydrate-based cancer vaccines

Liu, P.; Li, Z.; Bo, J-Jie., 2011:
Recent development in ectopic reconstitution of seminiferous tubules

Thompson, W.O., 1949:
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Recent development of robotic coronary artery bypass graft

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Recent developments in asthma research, diagnosis, and treatment

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Recent developments in asymmetric transfer hydrogenation with Hantzsch esters: a biomimetic approach

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Recent developments in auditory tests

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Recent developments in bio-inspired special wettability

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Recent developments in biomarkers in Parkinson disease

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Recent developments in biomedical engineering education and research in Brazil

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Recent developments in brachytherapy

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Recent developments in bronchial asthma therapy

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Recent developments in cancer therapy and why we need a human cancer genome project

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Recent developments in capillary and microchip electroseparations of peptides (2011-2013)

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Recent developments in carbohydrate-decorated targeted drug/gene delivery

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Recent developments in carbon dioxide utilization under mild conditions

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Recent developments in cardiac glucoside research

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Recent developments in cardiovascular diseases control and prevention in India

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Recent developments in cardiovascular genetics

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Recent developments in cardiovascular genetics and genomics

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Recent developments in cardiovascular risk assessment: relevance to the nephrologist

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Recent developments in proteomic methods and disease biomarkers

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Recent developments in psychiatry of interest to the clergy

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Recent developments in psychosocial treatments for schizophrenic patients

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Recent developments in public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines

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Recent developments in quantitative graph theory: information inequalities for networks

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Recent developments in quantitative proteomics

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Recent developments in quantum Monte Carlo simulations with applications for cold gases

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Recent developments in radiation oncology-integrating radiation physics and molecular radiobiology advances into clinical radiotherapy practice and beyond

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Recent developments in radionuclide neutron source emission rate measurements at the National Physical Laboratory

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Recent developments in radon metrology: new aspects in the calibration of radon, thoron and progeny devices

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Recent developments in rationally designed multitarget antiprotozoan agents

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Recent developments in renal cell cancer immunotherapy

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Recent developments in renal denervation

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Recent developments in renal transplantation - FK506 and bone marrow augmentation

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Recent developments in research on terrestrial plants used for the treatment of malaria

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Recent developments in research on water oxidation by photosystem II

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Recent developments in retinal lasers and delivery systems

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Recent developments in ruthenium anticancer drugs

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Recent developments in samarium diiodide promoted organic reactions

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Recent developments in science legislation

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Recent developments in seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines

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Recent developments in seasonally adjusting vital statistics

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Recent developments in selenium research

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Recent developments in serologic and molecular diagnosis of hepatitis B and C

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Recent developments in single-molecule DNA mechanics

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Recent developments in social medicine in New Zealand

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Recent developments in sociobiology and the scientific method

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Recent developments in solid- and solution-phase methods for generating carbohydrate libraries

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Recent developments in solid-phase microextraction

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Recent developments in solid-state NMR spectroscopy of crystalline microporous materials

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Recent developments in solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells

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Recent developments in special staining technics

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Recent developments in statistical methods for detecting genetic loci affecting phenotypic variability

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Recent developments in stir bar sorptive extraction

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Recent developments in stress urinary incontinence in women

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Recent developments in studies on ion channels and genetics of epilepsy

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Recent developments in surface complexation modeling

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Recent developments in surgery

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Recent developments in surgery: minimally invasive approaches for patients requiring pancreaticoduodenectomy

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Recent developments in survival analysis

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Recent developments in synthesis and structural chemistry of nonaqueous actinide complexes

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Recent developments in systemic chemotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma

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Recent developments in tandem mass spectrometry for lipidomic analysis

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Recent developments in targeted therapy for cancers and drug discovery

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Recent developments in targeted transgene expression systems

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Recent developments in targeting carbonic anhydrase IX for cancer therapeutics

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Recent developments in targeting liver fibrosis

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Recent developments in tau-based therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases

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Recent developments in taxane drug delivery

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Recent developments in techniques and applications of metabolic profiling

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Recent developments in testis tissue xenografting

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Recent developments in texaphyrin chemistry and drug discovery

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Recent developments in the Dorfman-Berbaum-Metz procedure for multireader ROC study analysis

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Recent developments in the HPLC separation of phenolic compounds

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Recent developments in the Reformatsky-Claisen rearrangement

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Recent developments in the ability to predict and modify breast cancer risk

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Recent developments in the ablation of ventricular arrhythmias

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Recent developments in the analysis of avermectin and milbemycin residues in food safety and the environment

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Recent developments in the antiprotozoal and anticancer activities of the 2-alkynoic fatty acids

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Recent developments in the application of Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases as biocatalysts

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Recent developments in the application of nanomaterials to understanding molecular level processes in cobalt catalysed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

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Recent developments in the application of proteomics to the analysis of plant responses to heavy metals

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Recent developments in the assessment of the multiply injured trauma patient

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Recent developments in the biology of fracture repair

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Recent developments in the biotechnological production of hydrocarbons: paving the way for bio-based platform chemicals

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Recent developments in the care of prostatic disorders

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Recent developments in the catalytic, asymmetric construction of pyrroloindolines bearing all-carbon quaternary stereocenters

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Recent developments in the chemistry and biology of G-quadruplexes with reference to the DNA groove binders

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Recent developments in the chemistry and in the biological applications of amidoximes

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Recent developments in the chemistry and metabolism of vitamin E

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Recent developments in the chemistry of antiaromatic boroles

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Recent developments in the chemistry of cubic polyhedral oligosilsesquioxanes

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Recent developments in the chemistry of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) intercalators: principles, design, synthesis, applications and trends

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Recent developments in the chemistry of low valent Group 14 hydrides

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Recent developments in the chemistry of perfumes

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Recent developments in the chemistry of thebaine and its transformation products as pharmacological targets

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Recent developments in the chemistry of thiourea oxides

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Recent developments in the chemistry, analysis and control for the manufacture of therapeutic-grade synthetic oligonucleotides

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Recent developments in the chemotherapy and pharmacy of the acridines

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Recent developments in the chemotherapy of cancer

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Recent developments in the classification and assessment of vasculitis

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Recent developments in the clinical pharmacology of anti-HIV nucleoside analogs

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Recent developments in the clinical use of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system

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Recent developments in the control of dental caries

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Recent developments in the coordination chemistry of bis(imino)acenaphthene (BIAN) ligands with s- and p-block elements

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Recent developments in the coordination chemistry of multidentate ligands featuring a boron moiety

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Recent developments in the design and synthesis of hybrid molecules based on aminoquinoline ring and their antiplasmodial evaluation

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Recent developments in the design of anti-depressive therapies: targeting the serotonin transporter

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Recent developments in the detailed characterization of polymers by multidimensional chromatography

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Recent developments in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical ruptured intervertebral discs

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Recent developments in the diagnosis and treatment of status epilepticus

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Recent developments in the diagnosis of Marfan syndrome and related disorders

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Recent developments in the diagnosis of ectoparasite infections and disease through a better understanding of parasite biology and host responses

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Recent developments in the diagnosis of viral and rickettsial diseases

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Recent developments in the discovery of FFA1 receptor agonists as novel oral treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Recent developments in the discovery of novel antipsychotic agents modualating dopamine and serotonin receptors

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Recent developments in the discovery of selective glucocorticoid receptor modulators (SGRMs)

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Recent developments in the dry-eye field

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Recent developments in the early diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis

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Recent developments in the effects of nitric oxide-donating statins on cardiovascular disease through regulation of tetrahydrobiopterin and nitric oxide

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Recent developments in the epidemiology and management of tuberculosis - new solutions to old problems?

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Recent developments in the fabrication of ordered nanostructure arrays based on nanosphere lithography

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Recent developments in the fenestration operation in America

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Recent developments in the field of anticancer platinum complexes

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Recent developments in the field of bending rigidity measurements on membranes

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Recent developments in the field of education in industrial medicine

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Recent developments in the field of hematology

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Recent developments in the field of inorganic phosphors

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Recent developments in the field of oxa-Michael reactions

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Recent developments in the field of projective techniques

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Recent developments in the field of superior oblique palsies

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Recent developments in the field of the determination of constituents of TCMs in body fluids of animals and human

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Recent developments in the genetic factors underlying congenital diaphragmatic hernia

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Recent developments in the genetic history of East Asia and Oceania

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Recent developments in the genetics of LDL deficiency

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Recent developments in the gynaecology training programme

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Recent developments in the immunobiology of rheumatoid arthritis

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Recent developments in the immunopathology of intra-ocular inflammation

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Recent developments in the inhibitors of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration: inflammatory oxidative enzymes as a drug target

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Comminution of Dry Lignocellulosic Biomass: Part II. Technologies, Improvement of Milling Performances, and Security Issues

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Recent developments in the knowledge of the Rh-Hr blood types; tests for Rh sensitization

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Recent developments in the management of cancer pain in Japan: education, clinical guidelines and basic research

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Recent developments in the management of coronary heart disease

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Recent developments in the management of heart failure

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Recent developments in the management of patients at risk for sudden cardiac death

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Recent developments in the management of peripheral neuropathy using skin biopsy

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Recent developments in the mechanism of anticancer agents based on electron transfer, reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress

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Recent developments in the methodology and application of MEEKC

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Recent developments in the methods and applications of the bond valence model

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Recent developments in the official fee regulation for physicians

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Recent developments in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of prion diseases

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Recent developments in the perioperative management of adult patients with chronic kidney disease

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Recent developments in the pharmacological properties of 4'-geranyloxyferulic acid, a colon cancer chemopreventive agent of natural origin

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Recent developments in the photophysics of single-walled carbon nanotubes for their use as active and passive material elements in thin film photovoltaics

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Recent developments in the physiologic study of patients with chest diseases

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Recent developments in the physiological assessment of sarcoidosis: clinical implications

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Recent developments in the preparation and regeneration of activated carbons by microwaves

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Recent developments in the prevention and treatment of Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphoproliferative diseases

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Recent developments in the prevention of mental retardation

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Recent developments in the psychosocial treatment of adult ADHD

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Recent developments in the reform of English law on assisted suicide

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Recent developments in the regulation of monoamine oxidase form and function: is the current model restricting our understanding of the breadth of contribution of monoamine oxidase to brain [dys]function?

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Recent developments in the remote radio control of insect flight

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Recent developments in the role of high-mobility group box 1 in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Recent developments in the search for a cure for HIV-1 infection: targeting the latent reservoir for HIV-1

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Recent developments in the significance and therapeutic relevance of neuroactive steroids--Introduction to the special issue

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Recent developments in the study of energy transfer

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Recent developments in the study of hydrogen overpotential

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Recent developments in the study of immunoregulatory lymphokines

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Recent developments in the study of ionic liquid interfaces using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and potential future directions

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Recent developments in the study of opioid receptors

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Recent developments in the study of tactile attention

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Recent developments in the surgical management of perianal fistula for Crohn's disease

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Recent developments in the surgical treatment of bone tumors and their impact on quality of life

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Recent developments in the synthesis and application of sultones

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Recent developments in the synthesis and biological activity of muramylpeptides

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Recent developments in the synthesis of five- and six-membered heterocycles using molecular iodine

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Recent developments in the synthesis of fused sultams

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Recent developments in the synthesis of prostaglandins and analogues

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Recent developments in the synthetic chemistry of technetium disulfide

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Recent developments in the taxonomic affiliation and phylogenetic positioning of fungi: impact in applied microbiology and environmental biotechnology

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Recent developments in the therapy of human brucellosis

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Recent developments in the therapy of irritable bowel syndrome

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Recent developments in the third generation inhibitors of Bcr-Abl for overriding T315I mutation

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Recent developments in the total synthesis of fungicidal natural products--a crop protection perspective

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Recent developments in the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies: Implications for clinical practice

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Recent developments in the treatment of CLL

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Recent developments in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy

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Recent developments in the treatment of acidosis

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Recent developments in the treatment of acute abdominal and facial attacks of hereditary angioedema: focus on human C1 esterase inhibitor

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Recent developments in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

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Recent developments in the treatment of alcoholic chronic pancreatitis

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Recent developments in the treatment of cachexia: highlights from the 6th Cachexia Conference

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Recent developments in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C

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Recent developments in the treatment of dental caries

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Recent developments in the treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia: a review of several new drug classes

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Commiphora molmol protects against methotrexate-induced nephrotoxicity by up-regulating Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 signaling

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Recent developments in the treatment of osteoarthritis with NSAIDs

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Recent developments in the treatment of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: focusing on biologic therapies

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Recent developments in the treatment of posterior uveitis

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Recent developments in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma

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Recent developments in the treatment of uveitis: an update

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Recent developments in the understanding and management of functional somatic symptoms in primary care

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Recent developments in the understanding of astrocyte function in the cerebellum in vivo

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Recent developments in the understanding of the combined deficiency of FV and FVIII

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Recent developments in the use of antiplatelet agents to prevent cardiovascular events

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Recent developments in the use of catalytic asymmetric ammonium enolates in chemical synthesis

Simeonov, A., 2014:
Recent developments in the use of differential scanning fluorometry in protein and small molecule discovery and characterization

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Recent developments in the use of intralesional injections keloid treatment

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Recent developments in the use of isotope ratio mass spectrometry in sports drug testing

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Recent developments in the use of oral anticoagulants

Victor, K.N., 2014:
Recent developments in the use of penicillin and sulfonamides in the treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat

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Recent developments in the use of the antibiotic drugs

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Recent developments in the use of viability dyes and quantitative PCR in the food microbiology field

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Recent developments in the use of γ-H2AX as a quantitative DNA double-strand break biomarker

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Recent developments in the utilization of green solvents in polymer chemistry

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Recent developments in therapeutic approaches for lysosomal storage diseases

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Recent developments in therapeutic protein expression technologies in plants

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Recent developments in thermoelectricity

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