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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55421

Chapter 55421 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Asgharpour, E.; Maranillo, E.; Sañudo, J.; Pascual-Font, A.; Rodriguez-Niedenführ, M.; Valderrama, F.J.; Viejo, F.; Parkin, I.G.; Vázquez, T., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve landmarks revisited

Gelpke, H.; Grieder, F.; Decurtins, M.; Cadosch, D., 2011:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during esophagectomy and mediastinal lymph node dissection

Schmidt, J.; Irouschek, A.; Heinrich, S.; Oster, O.; Klein, P.; Birkholz, T., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during esophagectomy and mediastinal lymph node dissection: a novel approach using a single-lumen endotracheal EMG tube and the EZ-blocker

Ikeda, Y.; Inoue, T.; Ogawa, E.; Horikawa, M.; Inaba, T.; Fukushima, R., 2014:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during thoracoscopic esophagectomy

Phelan, E.; Potenza, A.; Slough, C.; Zurakowski, D.; Kamani, D.; Randolph, G., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery: normative vagal and recurrent laryngeal nerve electrophysiological data

White, W.Matthew.; Randolph, G.W.; Hartnick, C.J.; Cunningham, M.J., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during thyroidectomy and related cervical procedures in the pediatric population

Higgins, T.S.; Gupta, R.; Ketcham, A.S.; Sataloff, R.T.; Wadsworth, J.Trad.; Sinacori, J.T., 2011:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring versus identification alone on post-thyroidectomy true vocal fold palsy: a meta-analysis

Angelos, P., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring: state of the art, ethical and legal issues

Alimoglu, O.; Akdag, M.; Kaya, B.; Eryilmaz, R.; Okan, I.; Coskun, A.; Sahin, M., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy after thyroid surgery

Testini, M.; Gurrado, A.; Bellantone, R.; Brazzarola, P.; Cortese, R.;, G.; Fabiola Franco, I.; Lissidini, G.; Pio Lombardi, C.; Minerva, F.; D.M.o, G.; Pasculli, A.; Piccinni, G.; Rosato, L., 2015:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy and substernal goiter. An Italian multicenter study

Fishman, J.M., 2010:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy complicating subclavian line insertion: a case report

Sutcliffe, R.P.; Rohatgi, A.; Forshaw, M.J.; Mason, R.C., 2007:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy due to impacted dental plate in the thoracic oesophagus: case report

Enomoto, K.; Uchino, S.; Watanabe, S.; Enomoto, Y.; Noguchi, S., 2014:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy during surgery for benign thyroid diseases: risk factors and outcome analysis

Choong, N.W.; Hellman, R.S., 2008:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy on integrated positron emission tomography-computed tomography

Sale, P.J.P.; Shaw, C-Kee.Leslie., 2010:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy secondary to laparoscopic gastric banding

Ceulemans, L.J.; Lerut, P.; D.M.or, S.; Schildermans, R.; D.L.yn, P., 2014:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis by compression from a tracheal diverticulum

Karosi, T.; Rácz, T.; Szekanecz, E.; Tóth, A.; Sziklai, I., 2010:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis due to subclinical Lyme borreliosis

Roh, J-Lyel.; Yoon, Y-Hoon.; Park, C.Il., 2008:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinomas: evaluation and management of resulting vocal dysfunction

Gullung, J.L.; Halstead, L.A., 2012:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis postpneumonectomy contralateral to site of surgery

Kumai, Y.; Aoyama, T.; Nishimoto, K.; Sanuki, T.; Minoda, R.; Yumoto, E., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve regeneration through a silicone tube produces reinnervation without vocal fold mobility in rats

Zur, K.B., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation for unilateral vocal fold immobility in children

Pitman, M.J.; Berzofsky, C.; Alli, O.; Sharma, S., 2013:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve transection and anastomosis: rat laryngeal motoneuron survival and effect of the anastomosis site

Agarwal, B.B.; Agarwal, S., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve, phonation and voice preservation--energy devices in thyroid surgery--a note of caution

Cernea, C.R.; Hojaij, Fávio.C.; D.C.rlucci, D.; Gotoda, R.; Plopper, C.; Vanderlei, F.; Brandão, L.G., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve: a plexus rather than a nerve?

Sterpetti, A.V.;, G.; D.C.sare, A., 2015:
Recurrent laryngeal nerve: its history

Dixon, P.M.; Hahn, C.N.; Barakzai, S.Z., 2009:
Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy (RLN) research: where are we and to where are we heading?

Lee, J.Hwan.; Sung, I.Young.; Park, J.Hong.; Roh, J-Lyel., 2007:
Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy in a systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patient

Rad, M.Hossein.Rahimi.; Alizadeh, E.; Ilkhanizadeh, B., 2007:
Recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis with bronchopulmonary spread in a 70-year-old man

Mudry, P.; Vavrina, M.; Mazanek, P.; Machalova, M.; Litzman, J.; Sterba, J., 2011:
Recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis: successful treatment with human papillomavirus vaccination

Olleta, L.; Sabban, J.Cohen.; Orsi, M., 2013:
Recurrent laryngitis in child: evaluation with multichannel intraluminal impedance

Harskamp, R.E.; Meuzelaar, J.J., 2011:
Recurrent late cardiac tamponade following cardiac surgery: a deceiving and potentially lethal complication

Bekdash, B.; Singh, B.; Lakhoo, K., 2009:
Recurrent late complications following congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair with prosthetic patches: a case series

Varghese, I.; Ummer, A.; Roesle, M.; Banerjee, S.; Brilakis, E.S., 2008:
Recurrent late drug-eluting stent thrombosis upon discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy

Jawa, G.; Hussain, Z.; da Silva, O., 2013:
Recurrent late-onset group B Streptococcus sepsis in a preterm infant acquired by expressed breastmilk transmission: a case report

Tsai, M-H.; Chu, S-M.; Lee, C-W.; Hsu, J-F.; Huang, H-R.; Chiang, M-C.; Fu, R-H.; Lien, R.; Huang, Y-C., 2015:
Recurrent late-onset sepsis in the neonatal intensive care unit: incidence, clinical characteristics and risk factors

Gaitatzis, A.; Petzold, A., 2012:
Recurrent laughter-induced syncope

Beardsley, R.M.; McCannel, C.A.; McCannel, T.A., 2014:
Recurrent leakage after Visudyne photodynamic therapy for the treatment of circumscribed choroidal hemangioma

Moldovan, B.; Biris, P.; Pocreata, D.; Vasile, S.; Cimpeanu, L.; Jeder, O.; Badea, A.; Moldovan, A.; Biris, L.; Banu, E.; Angheloiu, B., 2013:
Recurrent left Bockdalek hernia in adult, a rare cause of subocclusive syndrome

Kuhl, T.; Wendt, S.; Langebartels, G.; Kröner, A.; Wahlers, T., 2014:
Recurrent left atrial and left ventricular thrombosis due to heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: case report and short review

Pittet, O.; Kotzampassakis, N.; Schmidt, S.; Denys, A.; Demartines, N.; Calmes, J-Marie., 2010:
Recurrent left colonic diverticulitis episodes: more severe than the initial diverticulitis?

Sugita, Y.; Nakashima, S.; Nakamura, Y.; Ohshima, K.; Terasaki, M.; Maruiwa, H., 2014:
Recurrent left frontal lobe cystic tumor in a 49-year-old woman

Godoy T.C.; Vega S.J.; Rivera G.L., 2008:
Recurrent left lung atelectasis caused by an endobronchial metastasis of a colon cancer: report of one case

v Bomhard, A.; Scheithauer, M.; Rettinger, G.; Rotter, N., 2014:
Recurrent left sided sinusitis with hearing loss and occipital headache

Kleinfeldt, T.; Severin, R.; Lischke, S.; Ince, H.; Nienaber, C.A., 2008:
Recurrent left ventricular apical ballooning induced by recurrent stress

Celebi, H.; Erdim, R.; Karabay, K.Ocal.; Yildirimturk, O.; Aytekin, V., 2013:
Recurrent left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome in a patient with pheochromocytoma

Goldfarb, J.W.; Gray, C.A.; Lituchy, A.E.; Madrid, A.; Cao, J.J., 2011:
Recurrent left ventricular myocardial infarction: tissue characterization with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

Vermeulen, T.; Conraads, V.M.; Vrints, C.; Rodrigus, I.E., 2010:
Recurrent left ventricular myxoma presenting as cerebrovascular accidents in a teenage girl

Iyer, A.; Marney, L.; Ipp, S.; Bough, G.; McCoombe, D.; Tam, R., 2014:
Recurrent left ventricular thrombus in Crohn's disease: a rare presentation

Scheffer, R.C.H.; Wiezer, Ré.J.; Timmer, R., 2007:
Recurrent left-sided colon volvulus leading to mediastinal shift

Becker, A.; Stoffels-Weindorf, M.; Schimming, T.; Dissemond, J., 2013:
Recurrent leg ulcers due to livedoid vasculopathy: successful treatment with low-molecular-weight heparin

Villavicencio, J.Leonel., 2007:
Recurrent leg varices and intrapelvic and extrapelvic venous connections: it's anatomy, my dear Watson!

Sinha, R.; Sundaram, M.; Lakhotia, S., 2010:
Recurrent leiomyomatosis

Tierney, K.E.; Rogers, A.; Mhawech-Fauceglia, P.; Lin, Y.G., 2013:
Recurrent leiomyosarcoma presenting as malignant arterial tumor thrombus

Simon, I.; Wissing, K.M.; Del Marmol, V.; Antinori, S.; Remmelink, M.; Nilufer Broeders, E.; Nortier, J.L.; Corbellino, M.; Abramowicz, D.; Cascio, A., 2011:
Recurrent leishmaniasis in kidney transplant recipients: report of 2 cases and systematic review of the literature

Ikuta, K.; Fujiya, M.; Hatayama, M.; Ueno, N.; Moriichi, K.; Torimoto, Y.; Kohgo, Y., 2012:
Recurrent lesion of mantle cell lymphoma in the sigmoid colon detected by endoscopic autofluorescence imaging

Tocci, G.; Ali, S., 2011:
Recurrent lesion on the right ala nasi and an odontogenic cyst in a soldier

Bianco, F.; Iacovelli, E.; Tinelli, E.; Lepre, C.; Pauri, F., 2012:
Recurrent leukoencephalopathy in a cocaine abuser

Arias, M.; Osorio, X.; Dapena, D.; Arias-Rivas, S.; Vázquez, F., 2008:
Recurrent leukoencephalopathy with microhemorrhages: gradient-echo MRI study diagnostic value in CNS primary angiitis

Kaffenberger, B.H.; Bekaii-Saab, T., 2012:
Recurrent life-threatening deep tissue hematomas after switching to generic enoxaparin: a report and perspective on the approval process for biological compounds

Khattak, H.K.; Khalid, S.; Manzoor, K.; Stein, P.K., 2014:
Recurrent life-threatening hyperkalemia without typical electrocardiographic changes

Mohamed, M.; Bates, G.; Richardson, D.; Burrows, L., 2015:
Recurrent life-threatening reactions to platelet transfusion in an aplastic anaemia patient with a paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria clone

Zamvar, V.; Lazonby, G.; Puntis, J.W.L., 2013:
Recurrent life-threatening sepsis in intestinal failure: transplantation or foster care?

Maillard-Lefebvre, Hélène.; Charlanne, H.; Hatron, P-Yves.; Dodé, C.; Hachulla, E., 2013:
Recurrent limb and facial oedema with R92Q mutation: a non-febrile late-onset tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS)?

Prakash, S.; Shah, N.D.; Dholakia, S.Y., 2009:
Recurrent limb pain and migraine: case reports and a clinical review

Chakraborty, P.Pratim.; Mandal, S.Kumar.; Bandyopadhyay, D.; Bandyopadhyay, R.; Chowdhury, S.Roy., 2007:
Recurrent limb weakness as initial presentation of Wilson's disease

Thapa, R.; Biswas, B.; Mallick, D., 2009:
Recurrent limb weakness in a 17-year-old boy

Yu, Z-jian.; Chen, Z.; Cheng, H.; Zheng, J-xin.; Pan, W-guang.; Yang, W-zhi.; Deng, Q-wen., 2016:
Recurrent linezolid-resistant Enterococcus faecalis infection in a patient with pneumonia

Faden, A., 2013:
Recurrent lip swelling as a late presentation of Kawasaki disease: Case report and review of literature

Lakhani, S.; Barnett, S.; Tappuni, A.R.; Rajakulasingam, R.K., 2015:
Recurrent lip swelling: a diagnostic challenge

Panda, S.Shekhar.; Bajpai, M.; Singh, A., 2014:
Recurrent lipoblastoma of upper extremity in a 9-year-old boy

Kim, J.Yeol.; Jung, J.Woo.; Choi, J.Chol.; Shin, J.Wook.; Park, I.Won.; Choi, B.Whui., 2014:
Recurrent lipoid pneumonia associated with oil pulling

Moretti, V.M.; de la Cruz, M.; Lackman, R.D., 2010:
Recurrent lipoma-like hibernoma

Daaloul, W.; Ouerdiane, N.; Khoudaier, M.; Masmoudi, A.; Ben Hamouda, S.; Bouguerra, B.; Sfar, R., 2013:
Recurrent lissencephaly

Sancho, J.N.; Chiner, E.; Camarasa, A., 2009:
Recurrent lithoptysis in a patient with bronchiectasis

Clarençon, Fédéric.; Scatton, O.; Bruguière, E.; Silvera, Séphane.; Afanou, G.; Soubrane, O.; Vignaux, O.; Legmann, P., 2008:
Recurrent liver abscess secondary to ingested fish bone migration: report of a case

Louvet, M.; Corno, L.; Cotereau-Denoiseux, C.; Boulay-Coletta, I.; Jullès, M-C.; Marteau, V.; Zins, M., 2011:
Recurrent liver abscesses

Rizzetto, M.; Starzl, T.E.; Fassati, L.Rainero.; Colombo, M., 1997:
Recurrent liver disease after liver transplantation

Clendenon, J.N.; Aranda-Michel, J.; Krishna, M.; Taner, C.Burcin.; Willingham, D.L., 2011:
Recurrent liver failure caused by IgG4 associated cholangitis

Salek, J.; Byrne, J.; Box, T.; Longo, N.; Sussman, N., 2010:
Recurrent liver failure in a 25-year-old female

Akyildiz, H.Yakup.; Akcan, A.; Karahan, I.; Kucuk, C.; Sözüer, E.; Esin, Hüseyin., 2009:
Recurrent liver hydatid disease: when does it become symptomatic and how does one diagnose it?

Uehara, M.; Sakamoto, K.; Konishi, S.; Hamasu, S.; Nishitai, R.; Manaka, D., 2011:
Recurrent liver sigmoid cancer responding remarkably to neoadjuvant chemotherapy using bevacizumab/XELOX: report of a case

Lüftl, M.; Weidenbach, T., 2008 :
Recurrent livid-brownish tiny nodules on palms and fingers in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

Nagakumar, P.; Hilliard, T., 2012:
Recurrent lobar atelectasis in a child with cystic fibrosis

Marmon, S.; Chu, J.; Patel, R.; Meehan, S.; Pomeranz, M.Keltz., 2012:
Recurrent localized primary cutaneous marginal-zone B cell lymphoma

Barlow, D.; Foong, K.S.; Rhee, S.J.; Sutcliffe, W.; Griffin, S.J., 2011:
Recurrent locked knee caused by an impaction fracture following inferior patellar dislocation: a case report

Elkhateeb, O.E.; Beydoun, H.K., 2008:
Recurrent long QT syndrome and syncope in transient apical ballooning syndrome (takotsubo cardiomyopathy)

D.V.y, J.; Prickaerts, J.; Jetten, M.; Hulst, M.; Steinbusch, H.W.M.; van den Hove, D.L.A.; Schuurman, T.; van der Staay, F.J., 2012:
Recurrent long-lasting tethering reduces BDNF protein levels in the dorsal hippocampus and frontal cortex in pigs

Uygunoğlu, Uğur.; Pasha, M.; Saip, S.; Siva, A., 2016:
Recurrent longitudinal extensive transverse myelitis in a neuro-Behçet syndrome treated with infliximab

Sekarić, J.; Zivanović, Z.; Lucić-Prokin, A.; Kokai-Zekić, T.; Petrović, K.; Turkalj, I.; Jovin, Z.; Gvozdenović, S., 2014:
Recurrent longitudinally extensive transversal myelitis in a patient with Sjögren's syndrome

Drinnenberg, I.A.; deYoung, D.; Henikoff, S.; Malik, H.Singh., 2015:
Recurrent loss of CenH3 is associated with independent transitions to holocentricity in insects

Cooke, J.; Carew, S.; Costello, A.; Sheehy, T.; Lyons, D., 2009:
Recurrent loss of consciousness

Popkirov, S.; Grönheit, W.; Schlegel, U.; Wellmer, Jörg., 2015:
Recurrent loss of consciousness despite DDD pacing: psychogenic pseudosyncope in a 19-year-old man

Joo, Y-Hoon.; Park, S-Won.; Jung, S-Hyun.; Lee, Y-Soo.; Nam, I-Chul.; Cho, K-Jae.; Park, J-Ook.; Chung, Y-Jun.; Kim, M-Sik., 2014:
Recurrent loss of the FHIT gene and its impact on lymphatic metastasis in early oral squamous cell carcinoma

Nieländer, I.; Martín-Subero, Jé.I.; Wagner, F.; Baudis, M.; Gesk, S.; Harder, L.; Hasenclever, D.; Klapper, W.; Kreuz, M.; Pott, C.; Martinez-Climent, Jé.A.; Dreyling, M.; Arnold, N.; Siebert, R., 2008:
Recurrent loss of the Y chromosome and homozygous deletions within the pseudoautosomal region 1: association with male predominance in mantle cell lymphoma

Bug, S.; Dürig, J.; Oyen, F.; Klein-Hitpass, L.; Martin-Subero, J.I.; Harder, L.; Baudis, M.; Arnold, N.; Kordes, U.; Dührsen, U.; Schneppenheim, R.; Siebert, R., 2009:
Recurrent loss, but lack of mutations, of the SMARCB1 tumor suppressor gene in T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia with TCL1A-TCRAD juxtaposition

Benjaminsson, O.; Biguet, G.; Arvidsson, I.; Nilsson-Wikmar, L., 2007:
Recurrent low back pain: relapse from a patients perspective

Siebold, L.; Dick, A.A.S.; Thompson, R.; Maggiore, G.; Jacquemin, E.; Jaffe, R.; Strautnieks, S.; Grammatikopoulos, T.; Horslen, S.; Whitington, P.F.; Shneider, B.L., 2010:
Recurrent low gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase cholestasis following liver transplantation for bile salt export pump (BSEP) disease (posttransplant recurrent BSEP disease)

Khan, N.; Hou, H.; Hodge, S.; Kuppusamy, M.; Chen, E.Y.; Eastman, A.; Kuppusamy, P.; Swartz, H.M., 2014:
Recurrent low-dose chemotherapy to inhibit and oxygenate head and neck tumors

Grasko, J.M.; Herrmann, R.P.; Vasikaran, S.D., 2009:
Recurrent low-energy femoral shaft fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw in a case of multiple myeloma treated with bisphosphonates

Fowler, T.Ty.; Taylor, B.C.; Fankhauser, R.A., 2013:
Recurrent low-energy intrathoracic dislocation of the scapula

Nasit, J.Gordhanbhai.; Trivedi, P., 2014:
Recurrent low-grade astroblastoma with signet ring-like cells and high proliferative index

Gershenson, D.M.; Sun, C.C.; Bodurka, D.; Coleman, R.L.; Lu, K.H.; Sood, A.K.; Deavers, M.; Malpica, A.L.; Kavanagh, J.J., 2009:
Recurrent low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma is relatively chemoresistant

Korniyenko, A.; Lozada, J.; Ranade, A.; Sandhu, G., 2012:
Recurrent lower extremity pseudocellulitis

Ling, J.; Coron, R.; Basak, P.; Jesmajian, S., 2014:
Recurrent lower gastrointestinal bleeding due to primary colonic Kaposi's sarcoma in a patient with AIDS

Krishna, R.Phani.; Singh, R.Kumar.; Ghoshal, U.C., 2010:
Recurrent lower gastrointestinal bleeding from idiopathic ileocolonic varices: a case report

Lim, L-G.; Rajnakova, A.; Yan, B.; Salto-Tellez, M.; Lim, L-L., 2010:
Recurrent lower gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to cytomegalovirus-associated colonic ulcer in a non human immunodeficiency virus infected patient: timely diagnosis and treatment averted surgery

Xie, B.; Liu, H.; Mu, W., 2011:
Recurrent lower gastrointestinal bleeding: diagnosis and therapy. Right hepatic arterial branch pseudoaneurysm concomitant with cholecystocolonic fistula, with bleeding into the lower gastrointestinal tract

E.H.sseiny, M.; Karam, L.; Tabet, G.; Jebara, V.; Choucair, J., 2011:
Recurrent lower limb abscesses as the primary manifestation of aorto-femoral graft paraprosthetic fistula

Stanton, D.C.; Chou, J.C.; Sollecito, T.P.; Stoopler, E.T.; Pringle, G.; Carrasco, L.R.; deLeeuw, K., 2008:
Recurrent lower lip swelling in a 62-year-old African American female. Cheilitis glandularis

Gupta, D.Kumar.; Atam, V.; Chaudhary, S.C., 2013:
Recurrent lower motor neuron type facial palsy: an unusual manifestation of SLE

Patria, M.Francesca.; Esposito, S., 2013:
Recurrent lower respiratory tract infections in children: a practical approach to diagnosis

Ruetten, S.; Komp, M.; Merk, H.; Godolias, G., 2009:
Recurrent lumbar disc herniation after conventional discectomy: a prospective, randomized study comparing full-endoscopic interlaminar and transforaminal versus microsurgical revision

Ambrossi, G.L.Garcés.; McGirt, M.J.; Sciubba, D.M.; Witham, T.F.; Wolinsky, J-Paul.; Gokaslan, Z.L.; Long, D.M., 2009:
Recurrent lumbar disc herniation after single-level lumbar discectomy: incidence and health care cost analysis

Oppenheim, J.S.; Mills, J., 2014:
Recurrent lumbar disc herniation treated with interspinous fusion and instrumentation: a case series

E.S.azly, A.A.; E.W.rdany, M.A.; Morsi, A.M., 2014:
Recurrent lumbar disc herniation: A prospective comparative study of three surgical management procedures

Lee, J.K.; Amorosa, L.; Cho, S.K.; Weidenbaum, M.; Kim, Y., 2010:
Recurrent lumbar disk herniation

Arslan, E.; Cakir, E.; Kuzeyli, K.; Guvercin, A.Rıza.; Gazioglu, G.; Arslan, E.Acar.; Reis, A., 2010:
Recurrent lumbar spinal intradural enterogenous cyst: a case report

Fan, Y-M.; Yang, Y-P.; Li, W., 2009:
Recurrent lumbosacral herpes simplex in two men

Akhaddar, A.; Oukabli, M.; Elmostarchid, B.; Albouzidi, A.; Boucetta, M., 2011:
Recurrent lumbosciatica because of cotton granuloma after surgery for lumbar disc herniation

Toyooka, S.; Waki, N.; Okazaki, M.; Kato, K.; Yamane, M.; Oto, T.; Sano, Y.; Date, H., 2009:
Recurrent lung cancer in the mediastinum noticed after a living-donor lobar lung transplantation

Fauzi, M.A.; Fadilah, S.A.W.; Bahariah, K., 2007:
Recurrent lung cavities and endobronchial nodules in an adolescent male

Zaky, S.S.; Seif, J.; Abd-Elsayed, A.A.; Bashour, C.A., 2009:
Recurrent lung collapse due to unidentified phrenic nerve injury after cardiac surgery

Dev, Y.Paul.; Goyal, O.P., 2013:
Recurrent lung infection due to chronic peri-odontitis

Amar, J.Ben.; Racil, H.; Rouhou, S.Cheik.; Chaouch, N.; Zarrouk, M.; Ridène, I.; Chabbou, A., 2010:
Recurrent lung infections

Norby, G.E.; Strøm, E.H.; Midtvedt, K.; Hartmann, A.; Gilboe, I-Margrethe.; Leivestad, Tørn.; Stenstrøm, J.; Holdaas, H., 2010:
Recurrent lupus nephritis after kidney transplantation: a surveillance biopsy study

Robinson, S.S.; Tasker, S., 1948:
Recurrent lupus vulgaris following surgical excision and replacement skin graft; report of a case with evaluation of surgical treatment

Yoo, I.Hyuk.; Na, H.; Bae, E.Young.; Han, S.Beom.; Lee, S.Young.; Jeong, D.Chul.; Kang, J.Han., 2015:
Recurrent lymphadenopathy in children with Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease

Varron, L.; Vignes, Séphane.; Green, L.; Morelec, I.; Broussolle, C.; Seve, P., 2012:
Recurrent lymphangiectasia of the left supraclavicular fossa: an unusual cause of paroxystic swelling

Okoro, P.E.; Anyaeze, C.M.; Ngaikedi, C., 2009:
Recurrent lymphangioma: what are the treatment options?

Brodell, L.Ann.; Brodell, J.David.; Brodell, R.Thomas., 2015:
Recurrent lymphangitic cellulitis syndrome: A quintessential example of an immunocompromised district

Shick, R.M., 1949:
Recurrent lymphangitis and cellulitis of the extremities

Muhammed, K.; Anza, K.; Ambooken, B.; Jayasree, P., 2014:
Recurrent lymphocytic Sweet's syndrome

Kallio-Laine, K.; Seppänen, M.; Kautiainen, H.; Lokki, M.Liisa.; Lappalainen, M.; Valtonen, V.; Färkkilä, M.; Kalso, E., 2009:
Recurrent lymphocytic meningitis positive for herpes simplex virus type 2

Varnavas, V.C.; Reinsch, N.; Perrey, M.; Nensa, F.; Schlosser, T.; Baba, H.A.; Gerken, G.; Erbel, R.; Janosi, R.A.; Katsounas, A., 2014:
Recurrent lymphocytic myocarditis in a young male with ulcerative colitis

Treglia, G.; Del Ciello, A.; D.F.anco, D., 2013:
Recurrent lymphoma in the thyroid gland detected by fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT

Sekhon, L.H.; Morgan, M.K.; Salisbury, E.L.; Grace, J.; Lamont, P.J., 1995:
Recurrent lymphomatoid granulomatosis and isolated CNS involvement

Ghiggeri, G.Marco.; Bleid, D.; Garaventa, A.; Coccia, C.; Gambini, C.; Caridi, G.; Perfumo, F., 2007:
Recurrent lymphomatoid papulosis associated with nephrotic syndrome. An occurrence of uncertain origin

Chamberlain, M.C.; Johnston, S.K.; Van Horn, A.; Glantz, M.J., 2008:
Recurrent lymphomatous meningitis treated with intra-CSF rituximab and liposomal ara-C

Unal, S.; Balta, G.; Okur, H.; Aytac, S.; Cetin, M.; Gumruk, F.; Ozen, S.; Gurgey, A., 2013:
Recurrent macrophage activation syndrome associated with heterozygous perforin W374X gene mutation in a child with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Akimoto, M.; Akagi, T.; Okazaki, K.; Chihara, E., 2012:
Recurrent macular detachment and retinoschisis associated with intrachoroidal cavitation in a normal eye

Zimering, M.B., 2011:
Recurrent macular edema and stroke syndrome in type 1 diabetes mellitus with potent endothelial cell inhibitory autoantibodies

Matthews, K.A.; Chang, Y-Fang.; Sutton-Tyrrell, K.; Edmundowicz, D.; Bromberger, J.T., 2010:
Recurrent major depression predicts progression of coronary calcification in healthy women: Study of Women's Health Across the Nation

Verhoeven, W.Ma.; Egger, J.Im.; Kremer, B.Ph.; de Pont, B.Jhb.; Marcelis, C.Lm., 2011:
Recurrent major depression, ataxia, and cardiomyopathy: association with a novel POLG mutation?

King, R.; Stenke, E.; Kelly, E.; McDermott, S.; Hickey, C.; Murphy, K.; Tubridy, N.; Keane, M.P., 2009:
Recurrent malaise and oedema in a 35-year-old female

Bhat, G.M.; Lone, M.I.; Alsolami, S.; Iqbal, Q.M., 2010:
Recurrent malignant Leydig cell tumor of testis: a case report with review of literature

DU.J.; Jin, Y-lan.; He, C-yan.; Li, M.; Liu, H-gang., 2011:
Recurrent malignant epithelioid angiomyolipoma of kidney: report of a case

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