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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55428

Chapter 55428 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Brestic, M.; Zivcak, M.; Olsovska, K.; Shao, H-Bo.; Kalaji, H.M.; Allakhverdiev, S.I., 2015:
Reduced glutamine synthetase activity plays a role in control of photosynthetic responses to high light in barley leaves

Sechi, G.Pietro., 2011:
Reduced glutathione and Parkinson's disease

Yeste, M.; Flores, E.; Estrada, Eén.; Bonet, S.; Rigau, T.; Rodríguez-Gil, J.E., 2014:
Reduced glutathione and procaine hydrochloride protect the nucleoprotein structure of boar spermatozoa during freeze-thawing by stabilising disulfide bonds

Jiang, N.; Lu, L.; Wang, T.; Zhang, L.; Xin, W.; Fu, F., 2010:
Reduced glutathione attenuates liver injury induced by methyl parathion in rats

Sakhi, A.K.; Berg, T.J., 2011:
Reduced glutathione concentrations are not decreased in red blood cells of patients with long term type 1-diabetes

Gadea, J.; Molla, M.; Selles, E.; Marco, M.A.; Garcia-Vazquez, F.A.; Gardon, J.C., 2011:
Reduced glutathione content in human sperm is decreased after cryopreservation: Effect of the addition of reduced glutathione to the freezing and thawing extenders

Fernandes, A.S.; Castro, A.; Videira, A., 2014:
Reduced glutathione export during programmed cell death of Neurospora crassa

Golling, M.; Kellner, H.; Fonouni, H.; Rad, M.Tahmasbi.; Urbaschek, R.; Breitkreutz, R.; Gebhard, M.Maria.; Mehrabi, A., 2008:
Reduced glutathione in the liver as a potential viability marker in non-heart-beating donors

Rosenblat, M.; Volkova, N.; Khatib, S.; Mahmood, S.; Vaya, J.; Aviram, M., 2015:
Reduced glutathione increases quercetin stimulatory effects on HDL- or apoA1-mediated cholesterol efflux from J774A.1 macrophages

Glazev, A.A.; Nefedov, L.I., 2009:
Reduced glutathione interaction with thiophosphoric derivatives of alkaloids of Chelidonium majus L. in vitro

Miller, V.M.; Lawrence, D.A.; Mondal, T.K.; Seegal, R.F., 2009:
Reduced glutathione is highly expressed in white matter and neurons in the unperturbed mouse brain--implications for oxidative stress associated with neurodegeneration

Kisić, B.; Mirić, D.; Žorić, Lša.; Ilić, A.; Dragojević, I., 2013:
Reduced glutathione level and GSH-dependent enzyme activities in corticonuclear blocks of lenses in patients with senile cataract

Volk, J.; Leyhausen, G.; Wessels, M.; Geurtsen, W., 2015:
Reduced glutathione prevents camphorquinone-induced apoptosis in human oral keratinocytes

Ning, B.; Bai, M.; Shen, W., 2012:
Reduced glutathione protects human hepatocytes from palmitate-mediated injury by suppressing endoplasmic reticulum stress response

Dukhande, V.V.; Isaac, A.O.; Chatterji, T.; Lai, J.C.K., 2009:
Reduced glutathione regenerating enzymes undergo developmental decline and sexual dimorphism in the rat cerebral cortex

Kitamura, N.; Hiraoka, T.; Tanaka, K.; Chujo, Y., 2012:
Reduced glutathione-resisting ¹⁹F NMR sensors for detecting HNO

Chavan, S.; Sava, L.; Saxena, V.; Pillai, S.; Sontakke, A.; Ingole, D., 2005:
Reduced glutathione: Importance of specimen collection

Chatterjee, A., 2013:
Reduced glutathione: a radioprotector or a modulator of DNA-repair activity?

van Can, J.G.P.; Ijzerman, T.Herman.; van Loon, L.J.C.; Brouns, F.; Blaak, E.E., 2010:
Reduced glycaemic and insulinaemic responses following isomaltulose ingestion: implications for postprandial substrate use

van Can, J.G.P.; van Loon, L.J.C.; Brouns, F.; Blaak, E.E., 2012:
Reduced glycaemic and insulinaemic responses following trehalose and isomaltulose ingestion: implications for postprandial substrate use in impaired glucose-tolerant subjects

van Can, J.G.P.; Ijzerman, T.Herman.; van Loon, L.J.C.; Brouns, F.; Blaak, E.E., 2010:
Reduced glycaemic and insulinaemic responses following trehalose ingestion: implications for postprandial substrate use

Naidoo, K.; Coetzer, T.L., 2014:
Reduced glycerol incorporation into phospholipids contributes to impaired intra-erythrocytic growth of glycerol kinase knockout Plasmodium falciparum parasites

Ortwine, J.K.; Werth, B.J.; Sakoulas, G.; Rybak, M.J., 2014:
Reduced glycopeptide and lipopeptide susceptibility in Staphylococcus aureus and the "seesaw effect": Taking advantage of the back door left open?

Shimojo, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Kamigaito, T.; Shimojo, Y.; Fukuda, M.; Nakayama, J., 2011:
Reduced glycosylation of α-dystroglycans on carcinoma cells contributes to formation of highly infiltrative histological patterns in prostate cancer

Belcher, J.; Kangas, M., 2014:
Reduced goal specificity is associated with reduced memory specificity in depressed adults

Kulling, P., 2013:
Reduced government funding jeopardizes crisis preparedness

Ma, Q.; Li, D.; Nurieva, R.; Patenia, R.; Bassett, R.; Cao, W.; Alekseev, A.M.; He, H.; Molldrem, J.J.; Kroll, M.H.; Champlin, R.E.; Sale, G.E.; Afshar-Kharghan, V., 2013:
Reduced graft-versus-host disease in C3-deficient mice is associated with decreased donor Th1/Th17 differentiation

Das, A.Kumar.; Layek, R.K.; Kim, N.Hoon.; Jung, D.; Lee, J.Hee., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide (RGO)-supported NiCo₂O₄ nanoparticles: an electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation

Yang, J.; Heo, M.; Lee, H.Joong.; Park, S-Moon.; Kim, J.Young.; Shin, H.Suk., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide (rGO)-wrapped fullerene (C₆₀) wires

Si, W.; Wu, X.; Zhou, J.; Guo, F.; Zhuo, S.; Cui, H.; Xing, W., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide aerogel with high-rate supercapacitive performance in aqueous electrolytes

Wojcik, A.; Kamat, P.V., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide and porphyrin. An interactive affair in 2-D

Gao, Y.; Ma, D.; Wang, C.; Guan, J.; Bao, X., 2010:
Reduced graphene oxide as a catalyst for hydrogenation of nitrobenzene at room temperature

Iwase, A.; Ng, Y.Hau.; Ishiguro, Y.; Kudo, A.; Amal, R., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide as a solid-state electron mediator in Z-scheme photocatalytic water splitting under visible light

Liu, J.; Wang, Z.; Liu, L.; Chen, W., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide as capturer of dyes and electrons during photocatalysis: surface wrapping and capture promoted efficiency

Deng, S.; Tjoa, V.; Fan, H.Ming.; Tan, H.Ru.; Sayle, D.C.; Olivo, M.; Mhaisalkar, S.; Wei, J.; Sow, C.Haur., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide conjugated Cu2O nanowire mesocrystals for high-performance NO2 gas sensor

Li, W.; Geng, X.; Guo, Y.; Rong, J.; Gong, Y.; Wu, L.; Zhang, X.; Li, P.; Xu, J.; Cheng, G.; Sun, M.; Liu, L., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide electrically contacted graphene sensor for highly sensitive nitric oxide detection

Wöbkenberg, P.H.; Eda, G.; Leem, D-Seok.; de Mello, J.C.; Bradley, D.D.C.; Chhowalla, M.; Anthopoulos, T.D., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide electrodes for large area organic electronics

Kim, D-Jin.; Sohn, I.Yung.; Jung, J-Heak.; Yoon, O.Ja.; Lee, N-E.; Park, J-Shik., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide field-effect transistor for label-free femtomolar protein detection

Zhou, X.; Wei, Y.; He, Q.; Boey, F.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, H., 2010:
Reduced graphene oxide films used as matrix of MALDI-TOF-MS for detection of octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin

Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Zhou, G.; Ang, H.Ming.; Tadé, M.O.; Wang, S., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide for catalytic oxidation of aqueous organic pollutants

Lu, G.; Ocola, L.E.; Chen, J., 2009:
Reduced graphene oxide for room-temperature gas sensors

Yang, X.; Li, Z.; Ju, E.; Ren, J.; Qu, X., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide functionalized with a luminescent rare-earth complex for the tracking and photothermal killing of drug-resistant bacteria

Cardenas, L.; MacLeod, J.; Lipton-Duffin, J.; Seifu, D.G.; Popescu, F.; Siaj, M.; Mantovani, D.; Rosei, F., 2016:
Reduced graphene oxide growth on 316L stainless steel for medical applications

Rodriguez-Couto, S.; Arzac, A.; Leal, G.Patricia.; Tomovska, R., 2015:
Reduced graphene oxide hydrogels and xerogels provide efficient platforms for immobilization and laccase production by Trametes pubescens

Zhang, L-Lu.; Duan, S.; Yang, X-Lin.; Peng, G.; Liang, G.; Huang, Y-Hui.; Jiang, Y.; Ni, S-Bing.; Li, M., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide modified Li2FeSiO4/C composite with enhanced electrochemical performance as cathode material for lithium ion batteries

Zhai, C.; Zhu, M.; Lu, Y.; Ren, F.; Wang, C.; Du, Y.; Yang, P., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide modified highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays photoelectrode with enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance under visible-light irradiation

Robinson, J.T.; Perkins, F.Keith.; Snow, E.S.; Wei, Z.; Sheehan, P.E., 2008:
Reduced graphene oxide molecular sensors

He, H.; Li, X.; Wang, J.; Qiu, T.; Fang, Y.; Song, Q.; Luo, B.; Zhang, X.; Zhi, L., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide nanoribbon networks: a novel approach towards scalable fabrication of transparent conductive films

Shim, G.; Kim, J-Young.; Han, J.; Chung, S.Woo.; Lee, S.; Byun, Y.; Oh, Y-Kyoung., 2015:
Reduced graphene oxide nanosheets coated with an anti-angiogenic anticancer low-molecular-weight heparin derivative for delivery of anticancer drugs

Rui, X.; Zhu, J.; Sim, D.; Xu, C.; Zeng, Y.; Hng, H.Hoon.; Lim, T.Mariana.; Yan, Q., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide supported highly porous V2O5 spheres as a high-power cathode material for lithium ion batteries

Huang, Y-Xi.; Xie, J-Fang.; Zhang, X.; Xiong, L.; Yu, H-Qing., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide supported palladium nanoparticles via photoassisted citrate reduction for enhanced electrocatalytic activities

Rodrigo, E.; García Alcubilla, B.; Sainz, R.; Fierro, J.L.García.; Ferritto, R.; Cid, M.Belén., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide supported piperazine in aminocatalysis

Wu, L.; Wang, J.; Yin, M.; Ren, J.; Miyoshi, D.; Sugimoto, N.; Qu, X., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide upconversion nanoparticle hybrid for electrochemiluminescent sensing of a prognostic indicator in early-stage cancer

Fei, L.; Lin, Q.; Yuan, B.; Chen, G.; Xie, P.; Li, Y.; Xu, Y.; Deng, S.; Smirnov, S.; Luo, H., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide wrapped FeS nanocomposite for lithium-ion battery anode with improved performance

Li, Y.; Wang, H.; Feng, Q.; Zhou, G.; Wang, Z-Sheng., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide-TaON composite as a high-performance counter electrode for Co(bpy)3(3+/2+)-mediated dye-sensitized solar cells

Tan, L-Lling.; Ong, W-Jun.; Chai, S-Piao.; Mohamed, A.Rahman., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide-TiO2 nanocomposite as a promising visible-light-active photocatalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide

Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Liao, Q.; Song, Y.; Ma, S., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide-functionalized high electron mobility transistors for novel recognition pattern label-free DNA sensors

Pan, Q.; Xie, J.; Zhu, T.; Cao, G.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, S., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide-induced recrystallization of NiS nanorods to nanosheets and the improved Na-storage properties

Luo, B.; Wang, B.; Liang, M.; Ning, J.; Li, X.; Zhi, L., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide-mediated growth of uniform tin-core/carbon-sheath coaxial nanocables with enhanced lithium ion storage properties

Sreeprasad, T.S.; Maliyekkal, S.M.; Lisha, K.P.; Pradeep, T., 2011:
Reduced graphene oxide-metal/metal oxide composites: facile synthesis and application in water purification

Bhunia, S.Kumar.; Jana, N.R., 2015:
Reduced graphene oxide-silver nanoparticle composite as visible light photocatalyst for degradation of colorless endocrine disruptors

Wang, Y.; Polavarapu, L.; Liz-Marzán, L.M., 2015:
Reduced graphene oxide-supported gold nanostars for improved SERS sensing and drug delivery

Huang, X.; Zhou, X.; Wu, S.; Wei, Y.; Qi, X.; Zhang, J.; Boey, F.; Zhang, H., 2010:
Reduced graphene oxide-templated photochemical synthesis and in situ assembly of Au nanodots to orderly patterned Au nanodot chains

Martha, S.; Padhi, D.Ku.; Parida, K., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide/InGaZn mixed oxide nanocomposite photocatalysts for hydrogen production

Xu, J.; Gai, S.; He, F.; Niu, N.; Gao, P.; Chen, Y.; Yang, P., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide/Ni(1-x)Co(x)Al-layered double hydroxide composites: preparation and high supercapacitor performance

Luo, Z.; Yuwen, L.; Han, Y.; Tian, J.; Zhu, X.; Weng, L.; Wang, L., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide/PAMAM-silver nanoparticles nanocomposite modified electrode for direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and glucose sensing

Wang, J.; Tsuzuki, T.; Tang, B.; Hou, X.; Sun, L.; Wang, X., 2012:
Reduced graphene oxide/ZnO composite: reusable adsorbent for pollutant management

Kholmanov, I.N.; Domingues, S.H.; Chou, H.; Wang, X.; Tan, C.; Kim, J-Young.; Li, H.; Piner, R.; Zarbin, A.J.G.; Ruoff, R.S., 2013:
Reduced graphene oxide/copper nanowire hybrid films as high-performance transparent electrodes

Cano, M.; Benito, A.M.; Urriolabeitia, E.P.; Arenal, R.; Maser, W.K., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxide: firm support for catalytically active palladium nanoparticles and game changer in selective hydrogenation reactions

Wen, B.; Cao, M.; Lu, M.; Cao, W.; Shi, H.; Liu, J.; Wang, X.; Jin, H.; Fang, X.; Wang, W.; Yuan, J., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxides: light-weight and high-efficiency electromagnetic interference shielding at elevated temperatures

Wen, B.; Wang, X.X.; Cao, W.Q.; Shi, H.L.; Lu, M.M.; Wang, G.; Jin, H.B.; Wang, W.Z.; Yuan, J.; Cao, M.S., 2014:
Reduced graphene oxides: the thinnest and most lightweight materials with highly efficient microwave attenuation performances of the carbon world

Nithya, C.; Gopukumar, S., 2013:
Reduced graphite oxide/nano Sn: a superior composite anode material for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Birchall, K.; Gillet, V.J., 2011:
Reduced graphs and their applications in chemoinformatics

Durbin, S.; Mirabella, G.; Buncic, J.Raymond.; Westall, C.A., 2009:
Reduced grating acuity associated with retinal toxicity in children with infantile spasms on vigabatrin therapy

Kiss, J.Z.; Sack, F.D., 1989:
Reduced gravitropic sensitivity in roots of a starch-deficient mutant ofNicotiana sylvestris

Costain, G.; Ho, A.; Crawley, A.P.; Mikulis, D.J.; Brzustowicz, L.M.; Chow, E.W.C.; Bassett, A.S., 2010:
Reduced gray matter in the anterior cingulate gyrus in familial schizophrenia: a preliminary report

Bloemers, J.; Scholte, H.Steven.; van Rooij, K.; Goldstein, I.; Gerritsen, J.; Olivier, B.; Tuiten, A., 2014:
Reduced gray matter volume and increased white matter fractional anisotropy in women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Honea, R.A.; Swerdlow, R.H.; Vidoni, E.D.; Goodwin, J.; Burns, J.M., 2010:
Reduced gray matter volume in normal adults with a maternal family history of Alzheimer disease

Sheffield, J.M.; Williams, L.E.; Woodward, N.D.; Heckers, S., 2013:
Reduced gray matter volume in psychotic disorder patients with a history of childhood sexual abuse

Webb, C.A.; Weber, M.; Mundy, E.A.; Killgore, W.D.S., 2015:
Reduced gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate, orbitofrontal cortex and thalamus as a function of mild depressive symptoms: a voxel-based morphometric analysis

Aydin, K.; Okur, O.; Tatli, B.; Sarwar, S.G.; Ozturk, C.; Dilber, C., 2008:
Reduced gray matter volume in the frontotemporal cortex of patients with early subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

Almeida, J.R.C.; Akkal, D.; Hassel, S.; Travis, M.J.; Banihashemi, L.; Kerr, N.; Kupfer, D.J.; Phillips, M.L., 2009:
Reduced gray matter volume in ventral prefrontal cortex but not amygdala in bipolar disorder: significant effects of gender and trait anxiety

Suga, M.; Yamasue, H.; Abe, O.; Yamasaki, S.; Yamada, H.; Inoue, H.; Takei, K.; Aoki, S.; Kasai, K., 2011:
Reduced gray matter volume of Brodmann's Area 45 is associated with severe psychotic symptoms in patients with schizophrenia

Matsumoto, R.; Ito, H.; Takahashi, H.; Ando, T.; Fujimura, Y.; Nakayama, K.; Okubo, Y.; Obata, T.; Fukui, K.; Suhara, T., 2011:
Reduced gray matter volume of dorsal cingulate cortex in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder: a voxel-based morphometric study

Yamasaki, S.; Yamasue, H.; Abe, O.; Suga, M.; Yamada, H.; Inoue, H.; Kuwabara, H.; Kawakubo, Y.; Yahata, N.; Aoki, S.; Kano, Y.; Kato, N.; Kasai, K., 2011:
Reduced gray matter volume of pars opercularis is associated with impaired social communication in high-functioning autism spectrum disorders

Kong, L.; Herold, C.; Stieltjes, B.; Essig, M.; Seidl, U.; Wolf, R.Christian.; Wüstenberg, T.; Lässer, M.Montgomery.; Schmid, L.Anna.; Schnell, K.; Hirjak, D.; Thomann, P.Arthur., 2013:
Reduced gray to white matter tissue intensity contrast in schizophrenia

Gardini, S.; Venneri, A., 2012:
Reduced grey matter in the posterior insula as a structural vulnerability or diathesis to addiction

Pourdehnad, M.; Basu, S.; Duarte, P.; Okpaku, A.S.; Saboury, B.; Hustinx, R.; Alavi, A., 2016:
Reduced grey matter metabolism due to white matter edema allows optimal assessment of brain tumors on 18F-FDG-PET

Debernard, Lëtitia.; Melzer, T.R.; Van Stockum, S.; Graham, C.; Wheeler-Kingshott, C.Am.; Dalrymple-Alford, J.C.; Miller, D.H.; Mason, D.F., 2014:
Reduced grey matter perfusion without volume loss in early relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Quik, E.H.; Valk, G.D.; Drent, M.L.; Stalpers, L.J.A.; Kenemans, J.L.; Koppeschaar, H.P.F.; van Dam, P.S., 2012:
Reduced growth hormone secretion after cranial irradiation contributes to neurocognitive dysfunction

Makimura, H.; Stanley, T.; Mun, D.; Chen, C.; Wei, J.; Connelly, J.M.; Hemphill, L.C.; Grinspoon, S.K., 2010:
Reduced growth hormone secretion is associated with increased carotid intima-media thickness in obesity

Casanova, M.F.; El-Baz, A.; Mott, M.; Mannheim, G.; Hassan, H.; Fahmi, R.; Giedd, J.; Rumsey, J.M.; Switala, A.E.; Farag, A., 2009:
Reduced gyral window and corpus callosum size in autism: possible macroscopic correlates of a minicolumnopathy

Liu, W.; Liu, Y.; Zhu, J.; Wright, E.; Ding, I.; Rodgers, G.P., 2008:
Reduced hGC-1 protein expression is associated with malignant progression of colon carcinoma

Friis-Ottessen, M.; D.A.gelis, P.M.; Schjølberg, A.R.; Andersen, S.N.; Clausen, O.Petter.F., 2014:
Reduced hTERT protein levels are associated with DNA aneuploidy in the colonic mucosa of patients suffering from longstanding ulcerative colitis

Williams, L.E.; Blackford, J.Urbano.; Luksik, A.; Gauthier, I.; Heckers, S., 2014 :
Reduced habituation in patients with schizophrenia

Fadda, A.; D.R.nzo, A.; Martelli, F.; Marangoni, D.; Batocchi, A.Paola.; Giannini, D.; Parisi, V.; Falsini, B., 2013:
Reduced habituation of the retinal ganglion cell response to sustained pattern stimulation in multiple sclerosis patients

Bailey, L.M.; Ivanov, R.A.; Jitrapakdee, S.; Wilson, C.J.; Wallace, J.C.; Polyak, S.W., 2008:
Reduced half-life of holocarboxylase synthetase from patients with severe multiple carboxylase deficiency

Lei, S.Meng.; Ramer-Tait, A.E.; Dahlin-Laborde, R.R.; Mullin, K.; Beetham, J.K., 2010:
Reduced hamster usage and stress in propagating Leishmania chagasi promastigotes using cryopreservation and saphenous vein inoculation

Weinhandl, J.T.; Earl-Boehm, J.E.; Ebersole, K.T.; Huddleston, W.E.; Armstrong, B.S.R.; O'Connor, K.M., 2015:
Reduced hamstring strength increases anterior cruciate ligament loading during anticipated sidestep cutting

Chung, C.J.; Wu, C.; Jones, M.; Kato, T.S.; Dam, T.T.; Givens, R.C.; Templeton, D.L.; Maurer, M.S.; Naka, Y.; Takayama, H.; Mancini, D.M.; Schulze, P.Christian., 2015:
Reduced handgrip strength as a marker of frailty predicts clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure undergoing ventricular assist device placement

Roessler, B.; Fleischhackl, R.; Losert, H.; Arrich, J.; Mittlboeck, M.; Domanovits, H.; Hoerauf, K., 2008:
Reduced hands-off-time and time to first shock in CPR according to the ERC Guidelines 2005

Paek, H-Jin.; Kim, S.; Hove, T.; Huh, J.Yoon., 2014:
Reduced harm or another gateway to smoking? source, message, and information characteristics of E-cigarette videos on YouTube

Christopher, T., 2009:
Reduced harmonic representation for continuous wave, shock-producing focused beams

Gotifrid, G.M.; Urasa, F.M.; Katunzi, G.; Yarro, J.G.; Munga, S.; Kweka, E.J., 2014:
Reduced hatchability of Anopheles gambiae s.s eggs in presence of third instar larvae

Kerbrat, A.; Aubert-Broche, B.; Fonov, V.; Narayanan, S.; Sled, J.G.; Arnold, D.A.; Banwell, B.; Collins, D.L., 2012:
Reduced head and brain size for age and disproportionately smaller thalami in child-onset MS

Woodhouse, A.; Liljebäck, Pål.; Vasseljen, O., 2010:
Reduced head steadiness in whiplash compared with non-traumatic neck pain

Fraitzl, C.R.; Kappe, T.; Brugger, A.; Billich, C.; Reichel, H., 2014:
Reduced head-neck offset in nontraumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Delate, T.; Olson, K.L.; Rasmussen, J.; Hutka, K.; Sandhoff, B.; Hornak, R.; Merenich, J., 2011:
Reduced health care expenditures after enrollment in a collaborative cardiac care service

Liu, Y-C.; Lin, H-H.; Chen, Y-S.; Su, I-J.; Huang, T-S.; Tsai, H-C.; Wann, S-R.; Lee, S.S-J., 2010:
Reduced health provider delay and tuberculosis mortality due to an improved hospital programme

Tsai, C-I.; Su, Y-Chang.; Lin, S-Yi.; Lee, I-Te.; Lee, C-Hung.; Li, T-Chung., 2014:
Reduced health-related quality of life in body constitutions of yin-xu, and yang-xu, stasis in patients with type 2 diabetes: taichung diabetic body constitution study

Lin, C-Chieh.; Li, C-Ing.; Chang, C-Kai.; Liu, C-Shong.; Lin, C-Hsueh.; Meng, N-Hsin.; Lee, Y-Dar.; Chen, F-Na.; Li, T-Chung., 2011:
Reduced health-related quality of life in elders with frailty: a cross-sectional study of community-dwelling elders in Taiwan

Irgens, A.; Grønning, M.; Troland, K.; Sundal, E.; Nyland, H.; Thorsen, E., 2007:
Reduced health-related quality of life in former North Sea divers is associated with decompression sickness

Müller, J.; Berner, A.; Ewert, P.; Hager, A., 2015:
Reduced health-related quality of life in older patients with congenital heart disease: a cross sectional study in 2360 patients

Norris, P.R.; Stein, P.K.; Morris, J.A., 2008:
Reduced heart rate multiscale entropy predicts death in critical illness: a study of physiologic complexity in 285 trauma patients

D.L.renzo, A.; Lima, R.S.L., 2009:
Reduced heart rate response to dipyridamole as a marker of left ventricular dysfunction in diabetic patients undergoing myocardial perfusion scintigraphy

Gorur, G.Daglioz.; Ciftci, E.Alkan.; Kozdag, G.; Isgoren, S.; Oc, M.Alper.; Haksal, C.; Gur, M.; Demir, H., 2013:
Reduced heart rate response to dipyridamole in patients undergoing myocardial perfusion SPECT

Millar, P.J.; Proudfoot, N.A.; Dillenburg, R.F.; Macdonald, M.J., 2014:
Reduced heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity in normotensive children with repaired coarctation of the aorta

Perugini, R.A.; Li, Y.; Rosenthal, L.; Gallagher-Dorval, K.; Kelly, J.J.; Czerniach, D.R., 2010:
Reduced heart rate variability correlates with insulin resistance but not with measures of obesity in population undergoing laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Bédard, M-Eve.; Marquis, K.; Poirier, P.; Provencher, S., 2011:
Reduced heart rate variability in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease independent of anticholinergic or β-agonist medications

Alvares, G.A.; Quintana, D.S.; Kemp, A.H.; Van Zwieten, A.; Balleine, B.W.; Hickie, I.B.; Guastella, A.J., 2014:
Reduced heart rate variability in social anxiety disorder: associations with gender and symptom severity

Zeki, A.H.zzouri, A.; Haan, M.N.; Deng, Y.; Neuhaus, J.; Yaffe, K., 2014:
Reduced heart rate variability is associated with worse cognitive performance in elderly Mexican Americans

Burton, A.R.; Rahman, K.; Kadota, Y.; Lloyd, A.; Vollmer-Conna, U., 2010:
Reduced heart rate variability predicts poor sleep quality in a case-control study of chronic fatigue syndrome

Rodrigues, T.C.; Ehrlich, J.; Hunter, C.M.; Kinney, G.L.; Rewers, M.; Snell-Bergeon, J.K., 2011:
Reduced heart rate variability predicts progression of coronary artery calcification in adults with type 1 diabetes and controls without diabetes

Wagner, G.; Koschke, M.; Leuf, T.; Schlösser, R.; Bär, K-Jürgen., 2009:
Reduced heat pain thresholds after sad-mood induction are associated with changes in thalamic activity

Xie, J.; Zhao, J.; Xiao, C.; Xu, Y.; Yang, S.; Ni, W., 2010:
Reduced heat shock protein 70 in airway smooth muscle in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

D.N.cola, M.; D.R.sio, L.; Battaglia, C.; Camardese, G.; Tedeschi, D.; Mazza, M.; Martinotti, G.; Pozzi, G.; Niolu, C.; D.G.annantonio, M.; Siracusano, A.; Janiri, L., 2014:
Reduced hedonic capacity in euthymic bipolar subjects: a trait-like feature?

Pizzagalli, D.A.; Iosifescu, D.; Hallett, L.A.; Ratner, K.G.; Fava, M., 2008:
Reduced hedonic capacity in major depressive disorder: evidence from a probabilistic reward task

Brennan, C.M.; Mazzucca, N.Q.; Mezoian, T.; Hunt, T.M.; Keane, M.L.; Leonard, J.N.; Scola, S.E.; Beer, E.N.; Perdue, S.; Pellock, B.J., 2015:
Reduced heme levels underlie the exponential growth defect of the Shewanella oneidensis hfq mutant

Boker, A.; Almarakbi, W.A.; Arab, A.A.; Almazrooa, A.A., 2012:
Reduced hemodynamic responses to tracheal intubation by the Bonfils retromolar fiberscope: a randomized controlled study

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Reduced levels of neurotransmitter-degrading enzyme PRCP promote a lean phenotype. [corrected

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