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Reduction of copper (II) complexes of tripodal ligands by nitric oxide and trinitrosation of the ligands

Sarma, M.; Kalita, A.; Kumar, P.; Singh, A.; Mondal, B.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 132(23): 7846-7847


ISSN/ISBN: 1520-5126
PMID: 20491439
DOI: 10.1021/ja102279c
Accession: 055432728

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The copper(II) centers in two copper(II) complexes of tripodal amine ligands, in acetonitrile solvent, upon exposure to nitric oxide have been found to produce a thermally unstable [Cu(II)-NO] intermediate followed by the reduction of copper(II) to copper(I). This reduction resulted in the concomitant trinitrosation of the ligands at their terminal amine centers.

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