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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55440

Chapter 55440 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hulsman, R.L.; Harmsen, A.B.; Fabriek, M., 2008:
Reflective teaching of medical communication skills with DiViDU: assessing the level of student reflection on recorded consultations with simulated patients

Chien, J.; Sugar, J.; Shoemaker, E.; Pataki, C., 2013:
Reflective team supervision after a frightening event on a psychiatric crisis service

Taylor, Z.D.; Singh, R.S.; Culjat, M.O.; Suen, J.Y.; Grundfest, W.S.; Lee, H.; Brown, E.R., 2008:
Reflective terahertz imaging of porcine skin burns

Kašalynas, I.; Venckevičius, R.; Tumonis, L.; Voisiat, B.; Seliuta, D.; Valušis, G.; Račiukaitis, G., 2013:
Reflective terahertz imaging with the TEM01 mode laser beam

Verboeket-van de Venne, W.P.H.G.; Oosterhuis, W.P.; Keuren, J.F.W.; Kleinveld, H.A., 2009:
Reflective testing in the Netherlands: usefulness to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic process in general practice

Verboeket-van de Venne, W.P.H.G.; Aakre, K.M.; Watine, J.; Oosterhuis, W.P., 2014:
Reflective testing: adding value to laboratory testing

Papadimos, T.J., 2009:
Reflective thinking and medical students: some thoughtful distillations regarding John Dewey and Hannah Arendt

Bae, K-Soo.; Cha, U.; Moon, Y-Kyu.; Heo, J.Wook.; Lee, Y-Jin.; Kim, J-Hoon.; Yu, C-Jae., 2012:
Reflective three-dimensional displays using the cholesteric liquid crystal with an inner patterned retarder

Guo, T.; Tam, H-Yaw.; Krug, P.A.; Albert, J., 2009:
Reflective tilted fiber Bragg grating refractometer based on strong cladding to core recoupling

Matson, C.L.; Mosley, D.E., 2008:
Reflective tomography reconstruction of satellite features-field results

Parker, J.K.; Craig, E.B.; Klick, D.I.; Knight, F.K.; Kulkarni, S.R.; Marino, R.M.; Senning, J.R.; Tussey, B.K., 1988:
Reflective tomography: images from rangeresolved laser radar measurements

Huh, Y.Ho.; Shin, J.Chul.; Kim, Y.Chan.; Park, B., 2012:
Reflective type Solar-LCDs by using polarizing polymer solar cells

Hsu, T., 1982:
Reflective wide-angle pinhole camera

Chen, I.; Forbes, C., 2014:
Reflective writing and its impact on empathy in medical education: systematic review

Sundbom, E.; Andersson, S-Olof.; Semb, O.; Kaiser, N., 2013:
Reflective writing and personal conversation in the medical education. New elements in a psychology course contributed to increased self-awareness

Mayne, L., 2012:
Reflective writing as a tool for assessing teamwork in bioscience: insights into student performance and understanding of teamwork

Ganesh, A.; Ganesh, G., 2011:
Reflective writing by final year medical students: lessons for curricular change

Song, P.; Stewart, R., 2013:
Reflective writing in medical education

Montagna, L.; Benaglio, C.; Zannini, L., 2011:
Reflective writing in nursing education: background, experiences and methods

Jamshed, S.Qasim.; Shamsudin, S.Hadijah., 2015:
Reflective writing in pharmacy practice

Isaacson, J.Harry.; Salas, R.; Koch, C.; McKenzie, M., 2008:
Reflective writing in the competency-based curriculum at the cleveland clinic lerner college of medicine

Chretien, K.C.; Chheda, S.G.; Torre, D.; Papp, K.K., 2012:
Reflective writing in the internal medicine clerkship: a national survey of clerkship directors in internal medicine

Kim, J-Kyum.; Joo, S-Hwan.; Song, J-Kun., 2014:
Reflective-emissive photoluminescent cholesteric liquid crystal display

Karlsson, R.; Kermott, A., 2006:
Reflective-functioning during the process in brief psychotherapies

Lee, H-Soon.; Lee, S-Shin., 2014:
Reflective-type photonic displacement sensor incorporating a micro-optic beam shaper

Hsu, S-Hsiang., 2012:
Reflectively coupled waveguide photodetector for high speed optical interconnection

Damzen, M.J.; Green, R.P.; Crofts, G.J., 1994:
Reflectivity and oscillation conditions of a gain medium in a self-conjugating loop geometry

Brannen, E.; Rumbold, D.G., 1969:
Reflectivity and polarization characteristics of reflection echelette gratings

Kim, S.; Hadzialic, S.; Sudbo, A.S.; Solgaard, O., 2012:
Reflectivity and polarization dependence of polysilicon single-film broadband photonic crystal micro-mirrors

Bixler, J.V.; Mauche, C.W.; Hailey, C.J.; Madison, L., 1995:
Reflectivity and scattering measurements of an Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility test coating sample

Atılgan, Eç.; Ovryn, B., 2011:
Reflectivity and topography of cells grown on glass-coverslips measured with phase-shifted laser feedback interference microscopy

Wiggins, T.A., 1980:
Reflectivity changes of Ge and the efficiency of moving diffraction gratings

Wiggins, T.A.; Carrieri, A.H., 1979:
Reflectivity changes of Ge due to illumination by beams of unequal frequency

Wieduwilt, T.; Dellith, J.; Talkenberg, F.; Bartelt, H.; Schmidt, M.A., 2015:
Reflectivity enhanced refractive index sensor based on a fiber-integrated Fabry-Perot microresonator

Johnson, P.M., 1973:
Reflectivity enhancement of vacuum monochromator optics by the action of oxygen atoms

Friberg, A.T.; Kauranen, M.; Nyhoim, K.; Salomaa, R., 1987:
Reflectivity fluctuations in phase-conjugate resonators

Johnston, S.F.; Clayman, B.P., 1980:
Reflectivity measurements on hot reactive liquids using a FIR laser

Schutt, J.B.; Holben, B.N.; Shai, C.M.; Henninger, J.H., 1981:
Reflectivity of TFE-a washable surface- compared with that of BaSO(4)

Diamant, R.; Garcí-Valenzuela, A.; Fernández-Guasti, M., 2012:
Reflectivity of a disordered monolayer estimated by graded refractive index and scattering models

Peña-Gomar, M.C.; García-Valenzuela, A., 2008:
Reflectivity of a gaussian beam near the critical angle with external optically absorbing media

Schiffer, R., 1987:
Reflectivity of a slightly rough surface

Costa, E.; Auriemma, G.; Boccaccini, L.; Ubertini, P., 1978:
Reflectivity of gold coated surfaces in the soft x-ray range

Eberhardt, J.E.; Haub, J.G.; Pryor, A.W., 1985:
Reflectivity of natural and powdered minerals at CO2 laser wavelengths

Roessler, D.M.; Gregson, V.G., 1978:
Reflectivity of steel at 10.6-microm wavelength

Michielsen, K.; De Raedt, H.; Stavenga, D.G., 2010:
Reflectivity of the gyroid biophotonic crystals in the ventral wing scales of the Green Hairstreak butterfly, Callophrys rubi

Wooten, F., 1984:
Reflectivity of uniaxial absorbing crystals

Young, P.A., 1971:
Reflectivity of vitreous arsenic trisulfide

Tannen, A., 2012:
Reflectivity skills and theoretical knowledge: key elements for bridging the gap between theory and practice

Hu, Q.; Lee, H.Ho.; Jeong, D-Yong.; Kim, Y-Sang.; Kim, K-Bum.; Xu, J.; Yoon, T-Sik., 2012:
Reflectivity spectra and colors of porous anodic aluminum oxide containing silver nanoparticles by plasmonic absorption

Sprokel, G.J., 1984:
Reflectivity, rotation, and ellipticity of magnetooptic film structures

Snail, K.A., 1987:
Reflectometer design using nonimaging optics

Gardner, J.L., 1991:
Reflectometer for absolute silicon radiometry

Smith, I.W., 1978:
Reflectometer for laser mirrors with accuracy better than 10(-4)

Köhler, R.; Luther, J.L.; Geist, J., 1990:
Reflectometer for measurements of scattering from photodiodes and other low scattering surfaces

White, D.R.; Saunders, P.; Bonsey, S.J.; van de Ven, J.; Edgar, H., 2008:
Reflectometer for measuring the bidirectional reflectance of rough surfaces

Ku, Y-Sha.; Yang, F.Shiang., 2010:
Reflectometer-based metrology for high-aspect ratio via measurement

Zheng, G.; Campbell, M.; Wallace, P., 1996:
Reflectometric frequency-modulation continuous-wave distributed fiber-optic stress sensor with forward coupled beams

Proll, G.; Markovic, G.; Steinle, L.; Gauglitz, G., 2009:
Reflectometric interference spectroscopy

Rau, S.; Gauglitz, Günter., 2012:
Reflectometric interference spectroscopy (RIfS) as a new tool to measure in the complex matrix milk at low analyte concentration

Choi, H.Woo.; Sakata, Y.; Ooya, T.; Takeuchi, T., 2015:
Reflectometric interference spectroscopy-based immunosensing using immobilized antibody via His-tagged recombinant protein A

Galtarossa, A.; Grosso, D.; Palmieri, L.; Schenato, L., 2008:
Reflectometric measurement of birefringence rotation in single-mode optical fibers

Daneu, V.; Ehrlich, D.J.; Osgood, R.M., 1983:
Reflectometric spectroscopy of adsorbed molecular layers

Qi, B.; Ye, F.; Qian, L.; Lo, H-Kwong., 2013:
Reflectometry based on a frequency-shifted interferometer using sideband interference

Vavra, R., 1947:
Reflectometry of the skin

Elsner, A.E.; Burns, S.A.; Hughes, G.W.; Webb, R.H., 1992:
Reflectometry with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope

Sudirman, A.; Björk, G.; Margulis, W., 2010:
Reflectometry, ablation and fluid retrieval with an optical fiber

Ghim, Y-Sik.; Suratkar, A.; Davies, A., 2010:
Reflectometry-based wavelength scanning interferometry for thickness measurements of very thin wafers

Ajayan, K.Veedu.; Selvaraju, M., 2011:
Reflector based chlorophyll production by Spirulina platensis through energy save mode

Herman, S.; Stark, E.W., 1970:
Reflector design based on the transformation of power densities

Rabl, A.; Gordon, J.M., 1994:
Reflector design for illumination with extended sources: the basic solutions

Pawlak, A.; Zaremba, K., 2008:
Reflector luminaire with high power light-emitting diodes for general lighting

van Neer, P.L.M.J.; Vos, H.J.; de Jong, N., 2010:
Reflector-based phase calibration of ultrasound transducers

Gross, R.A., 1966:
Reflector-light source requirements for homogeneous format illumination in night aerial photography

Gordon, J.M.; Rabl, A., 2008:
Reflectors for uniform far-field irradiance: fundamental limits and example of an axisymmetric solution

Spencer, R.C.; Ellis, W., 1947:
Reflectors for wide-angle scanning at microwave frequencies

Satheeshkumar, P.S.; Mohan, M.P., 2014:
Reflectory trismus in head and neck cancer

Issel, L.Michele., 2010:
Reflects on the eve of reform

Grimová, L.; Winkowska, L.; Ryšánek, P.; Svoboda, P.; Petrzik, K., 2014:
Reflects the coat protein variability of apple mosaic virus host preference?

Houang, M.; Toon, C.W.; Clarkson, A.; Sioson, L.; Watson, N.; Farzin, M.; Selinger, C.I.; Chou, A.; Morey, A.L.; Cooper, W.A.; O'Toole, S.A.; Gill, A.J., 2015:
Reflex ALK immunohistochemistry is feasible and highly specific for ALK gene rearrangements in lung cancer

Maynard, H.W., 1909:
Reflex Action After Death

Parsons, C.G., 1913:
Reflex Action During General Surgical Anaesthesia

Elrod, M.J., 1892:
Reflex Action In Turtles

Moll, H.H., 1934:
Reflex Asthma: Its Pathology And Treatment: Including A Review Of 337 Cases

Adeniran, A.J.; Theoharis, C.; Hui, P.; Prasad, M.L.; Hammers, L.; Carling, T.; Udelsman, R.; Chhieng, D.C., 2011:
Reflex BRAF testing in thyroid fine-needle aspiration biopsy with equivocal and positive interpretation: a prospective study

Anonymous, 1922:
Reflex Cough in Bronchoscopic Work

Simon, R.M., 1904:
Reflex Disturbances associated with Adherent Prepuce

Ilik, F.; Pazarli, A.Cemal., 2015:
Reflex Epilepsy Triggered by Smell

Burwell, T.S., 1923:
Reflex Gastric Manifestations

Yow, C., 1932:
Reflex Iridoplegia with "Myotonic Reaction" of Pupils

Metcalf, M.M., 1907:
Reflex Protective Behavior In Bufo Variabilis

Morris, C., 1888:
Reflex Speech

Ferra, S.; Denley, R.; Herr, H.; Dalbagni, G.; Jhanwar, S.; Lin, O., 2009:
Reflex UroVysion testing in suspicious urine cytology cases

Hwang, K., 1948:
Reflex activities and peristaltic function of the esophagus

Scarff, J.E.; Pool, J.L., 1946:
Reflex activity in the lower extremities after verified transection of the spinal cord in man

Sfriso, F.; Masiero, S.; Mardegan, V.; Bressan, S.; Aprile, A., 2015:
Reflex anal dilatation: An observational study on non-abused children

Anokhin, P.K., 1949:
Reflex and functional system as factors of physiological integration

Yezierski, R.P.; Vierck, C.J., 2011:
Reflex and pain behaviors are not equivalent: lessons from spinal cord injury

Srivastava, R.; Bartlett, W.A.; Kennedy, I.M.; Hiney, A.; Fletcher, C.; Murphy, M.J., 2010 :
Reflex and reflective testing: efficiency and effectiveness of adding on laboratory tests

Garg, A.Kumar.; Paul, S.Prosad., 2014:
Reflex anoxic seizures are not epileptic fits: a management dilemma

Singh, K.; Wang, M.L.; Nakaska, M., 2011:
Reflex anuria

Gholyaf, M.; Afzali, S.; Babolhavaegi, H.; Rahimi, A.; Wagharseyedayn, S.A., 2009:
Reflex anuria affecting both kidneys following hysterectomy

Batteur, H.; Langeron, P., 1948:
Reflex anuria and retroperitoneal hematoma from pelvic fracture; peritoneal symptoms and diagnostic difficulties

Adediran, S.; Dhakarwal, P., 2014:
Reflex anuria: a rare cause of acute kidney injury

Hou, W.; Wen, J.; Ji, Z.; Chen, J.; Li, H., 2014:
Reflex anuria: an old concept with new evidence

McGOWAN.J.M.; AUTRY.D.H., 1948:
Reflex anuria; its treatment by procaine sympathetic block

Pérot, C.; Mora, I.; Goubel, F., 1994:
Reflex assessment of a reciprocal inhibition between bifunctional ago-antagonist muscles

Bruns, T.M.; Gustafson, K.J.; Bhadra, N., 2009:
Reflex bladder activation via pudendal nerve and intraurethral stimulation depends on stimulation pattern and location

Iversen, N.K.; McKenzie, D.J.; Malte, H.; Wang, T., 2010:
Reflex bradycardia does not influence oxygen consumption during hypoxia in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla)

Vedula, S.; Stapley, P.J.; Kearney, R.E., 2009:
Reflex changes associated with anticipatory postural adjustments preceding voluntary arm movements in standing humans

Kabanov, A.N., 2014:
Reflex changes of muscle chronaxy of the forearm during restoration after hand injury

Chen, X.Yang.; Chen, Y.; Wang, Y.; Thompson, A.; Carp, J.S.; Segal, R.L.; Wolpaw, J.R., 2010:
Reflex conditioning: a new strategy for improving motor function after spinal cord injury

Rushton, W.A.H., 2010:
Reflex conduction in the giant fibres of the earthworm

Bø, K.; Constantinou, C., 2012:
Reflex contraction of pelvic floor muscles during cough cannot be measured with vaginal pressure devices

Fridland, M.O., 2012:
Reflex contractures in surgical practice

Martelli, D.; Yao, S.T.; McKinley, M.J.; McAllen, R.M., 2014:
Reflex control of inflammation by sympathetic nerves, not the vagus

Martelli, D.; Yao, S.T.; Mancera, J.; McKinley, M.J.; McAllen, R.M., 2014:
Reflex control of inflammation by the splanchnic anti-inflammatory pathway is sustained and independent of anesthesia

Elliott, S.C.; Hanson, J.R.; Wellington, J.; Alexander, C.M., 2012:
Reflex control of posterior shoulder muscles from arm afferents in healthy people

Macleod, C.A.; Meng, L.; Conway, B.A.; Porr, B., 2015:
Reflex control of robotic gait using human walking data

Lilaonitkul, W.; Guinan, J.J., 2009:
Reflex control of the human inner ear: a half-octave offset in medial efferent feedback that is consistent with an efferent role in the control of masking

Baudoin, R., 2014:
Reflex controlling escape from water in insects inhabiting stream banks

Karpova, O.Iu., 2009:
Reflex cough: etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment

Voglar, M.; Sarabon, N., 2014:
Reflex delays of the trunk muscles in response to postural perturbations: a reliability study

Fleischhacker, H.H., 1945:
Reflex differences in hypoglycemic schizophrenics with a few remarks on the possible role of the right hemisphere in the production of some mental symptoms

Gordon, G.J., 1948:
Reflex dyskinesia in children

Steinbrocker, O.; Lapin, L., 1949:
Reflex dystrophy in the extremities

Wolf, P.; Koepp, M., 2012:
Reflex epilepsies

Lee, S.Ahm.; Choi, E.Jung.; Kang, J.Koo., 2006:
Reflex epilepsy induced by playing oriental card or board games

Kim, P.H.; Sukhu, R.; Cordon, B.H.; Sfakianos, J.P.; Sjoberg, D.D.; Hakimi, A.Ari.; Dalbagni, G.; Lin, O.; Herr, H.W., 2014:
Reflex fluorescence in situ hybridization assay for suspicious urinary cytology in patients with bladder cancer with negative surveillance cystoscopy

Shearer, B.M.; Thorland, E.C.; Carlson, A.W.; Jalal, S.M.; Ketterling, R.P., 2011:
Reflex fluorescent in situ hybridization testing for unsuccessful product of conception cultures: a retrospective analysis of 5555 samples attempted by conventional cytogenetics and fluorescent in situ hybridization

Verma, R.; Praharaj, H.Narayan., 2014:
Reflex gelastic-dacrystic seizures following hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy

Sputh, C.B.; Sputh, C.B., 2014:
Reflex headaches of nasal origin

Sputh, C.B.; Sputh, C.B., 2014:
Reflex headaches that are of nasal origin

Galliano, G.E.; Moatamed, N.A.; Lee, S.; Salami, N.; Apple, S.K., 2011:
Reflex high risk HPV testing in atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude high grade intraepithelial lesion: a large institution's experience with the significance of this often ordered test

D.L.Rimier.A.A.; Minear.W.L.; Boyd.H.B., 2014:
Reflex hyperemic deossifications regional to joints of the extermities

Beamer, L.C.; Grant, M.L.; Espenschied, C.R.; Blazer, K.R.; Hampel, H.L.; Weitzel, J.N.; MacDonald, D.J., 2012:
Reflex immunohistochemistry and microsatellite instability testing of colorectal tumors for Lynch syndrome among US cancer programs and follow-up of abnormal results

Klawe, J.J.; Tafil-Klawe, M.; Lewandowski, A.; Zalewski, P., 2010:
Reflex influence of carotid baroreceptor inactivation on respiratory resistance in humans

Pal'gova, L.E., 2014:
Reflex influences from the baroreceptors of the stomach and bladder on the heart of puppies from electrocardiographic data

Riley, Z.A.; Baudry, Séphane.; Enoka, R.M., 2008:
Reflex inhibition in human biceps brachii decreases with practice of a fatiguing contraction

Kirillova-Woytke, I.; Baron, R.; Jänig, W., 2014:
Reflex inhibition of cutaneous and muscle vasoconstrictor neurons during stimulation of cutaneous and muscle nociceptors

Miller, K.C.; Mack, G.W.; Knight, K.L.; Hopkins, J.Ty.; Draper, D.O.; Fields, P.J.; Hunter, I., 2010:
Reflex inhibition of electrically induced muscle cramps in hypohydrated humans

Krutky, M.A.; Ravichandran, V.J.; Trumbower, R.D.; Perreault, E.J., 2009:
Reflex modulation is linked to the orientation of arm mechanics relative to the environment

Ghorpade, V.A.P., 2008:
Reflex neurosis (NEAD)

Feigenberg, I.M., 2008:
Reflex or active action?

Clair, J.M.; Okuma, Y.; Misiaszek, J.E.; Collins, D.F., 2009:
Reflex pathways connect receptors in the human lower leg to the erector spinae muscles of the lower back

Allard, J.; Edmunds, N.J., 2008:
Reflex penile erection in anesthetized mice: an exploratory study

Andersson, U.; Tracey, K.J., 2012:
Reflex principles of immunological homeostasis

KUNTZ, A.; RICHINS, C.A., 1946:
Reflex pupillodilator mechanism; an experimental analysis

Gershuni, G.V., 1949:
Reflex reaction in external stimulation of sensory organs in connection with their sensibility

Safi, D.; Lassonde, M.; Nguyen, D.Khoa.; Denault, C.; Macoir, Jël.; Rouleau, I.; Béland, Rée., 2011:
Reflex reading epilepsy: effect of linguistic characteristics on spike frequency

Simonsen, E.B.; Alkjær, T.; Raffalt, P.C., 2013:
Reflex response and control of the human soleus and gastrocnemius muscles during walking and running at increasing velocity

Uginčius, P.; Atiş, E.S.; Türker, K.S., 2014:
Reflex responses of human masseter motor units to mechanical stimulation of the teeth

Deriu, F.; Giaconi, E.; Rothwell, J.C.; Tolu, E., 2010:
Reflex responses of masseter muscles to sound

Wu, M.; Schmit, B.D., 2010:
Reflex responses to combined hip and knee motion in human chronic spinal cord injury

Striano, S.; Coppola, A.; del Gaudio, L.; Striano, P., 2013:
Reflex seizures and reflex epilepsies: old models for understanding mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Sverchkova, V.S., 2014:
Reflex shifts in the blood supply of the stomach during reactions on the vascular receptors of the intestine

Reflex sweating and the inhibition of sweating by prolonged arterial occlusion

Iida, R.; Iwasaki, K-ichi.; Kato, J.; Saeki, S.; Ogawa, S., 2007:
Reflex sympathetic activity after intravenous administration of midazolam in anesthetized cats

Londhey, V.A.; Singh, N.; Kini, S., 2012:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy following pacemaker insertion

Massard, C.; Fizazi, K.; Gross-Goupil, M.; Escudier, B., 2011:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with everolimus

Duman, I.; Yavuz, F.; Dincer, K., 2011:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy secondary to deep venous thrombosis mimicking post-thrombotic syndrome

Akçali, D.; Taş, Aça.; Cizmeci, P.; Oktar, S.; Zinnuroğlu, M.; Arslan, E.; Köseoğlu, Hüseyin.; Babacan, A., 2009:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy secondary to piriformis syndrome: a case report

Balakrishnan, C.; Bradt, L.M.; Rankin, D.; Pane, T.A., 2004:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome associated with burns of the upper extremity

Badri, T.; Ben Jennet, S.; Fenniche, S.; Benmously, R.; Mokhtar, Içaf.; Hammami, H., 2012:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome in a child

Upadhyay, A., 2015:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy-like syndrome, possibly caused by aripiprazole, in an adolescent patient

Gann, C., 2008:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome

Chen, Y.; Kelly, J., 2007:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy: a case of total body pain

Echebarría-Mendieta, S.G., 2008:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy: exploratory signs and diagnostic movements

Small, E., 2008:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy: reflections from a clinician

Evans, J.A., 2011:
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy; report on 57 cases

Seidl, K.; von Scheidt, W.; Pfafferott, C., 2012:
Reflex syncope : diagnosis and therapy

Karthikeyan, G.; Muthukumar, D.; Arvind, A., 2014:
Reflex syncope manifesting as orthostatic complete heart block

Zyśko, D.; Szewczuk-Bogusławska, M.; Kaczmarek, M.; Agrawal, A.K.; Rudnicki, J.; Gajek, J.; Melander, O.; Sutton, R.; Fedorowski, A., 2015:
Reflex syncope, anxiety level, and family history of cardiovascular disease in young women: case-control study

Wijeysundera, H.C.; Parmar, G.; Rongen, G.A.; Floras, J.S., 2011:
Reflex systemic sympatho-neural response to brachial adenosine infusion in treated heart failure

Catcheside, P.G.; Jordan, A.S., 2014:
Reflex tachycardia with airway opening in obstructive sleep apnea

Tomiak, E.; Samson, A.; Spector, N.; Mackey, M.; Gilpin, C.; Smith, E.; Jonker, D.; Allanson, J.; Asmis, T., 2015:
Reflex testing for Lynch syndrome: if we build it, will they come? Lessons learned from the uptake of clinical genetics services by individuals with newly diagnosed colorectal cancer (CRC)

Mino-Kenudson, M.; Mark, E.J., 2011:
Reflex testing for epidermal growth factor receptor mutation and anaplastic lymphoma kinase fluorescence in situ hybridization in non-small cell lung cancer

Fok, C.; Fitzgerald, M.P.; Turk, T.; Mueller, E.; Dalaza, L.; Schreckenberger, P., 2010:
Reflex testing of male urine specimens misses few positive cultures may reduce unnecessary testing of normal specimens

D'Angelo, S.P.; Park, B.; Azzoli, C.G.; Kris, M.G.; Rusch, V.; Ladanyi, M.; Zakowski, M.F., 2011:
Reflex testing of resected stage I through III lung adenocarcinomas for EGFR and KRAS mutation: report on initial experience and clinical utility at a single center

McCANN.J.C., 1949:
Reflex tonus response of respiratory muscle to trauma; pneumographic recording during pentothal anesthesia

Gordon, G.J., 2012:
Reflex tremor; a special form of reflex dyskinesia

Lang, J.A.; Jennings, J.D.; Holowatz, L.A.; Kenney, W.Larry., 2009:
Reflex vasoconstriction in aged human skin increasingly relies on Rho kinase-dependent mechanisms during whole body cooling

Gordon, S.; Warren, R.F., 2010:
Reflex vasodilatation in tubed pedicle skin grafts

Sousa, P.Alexandre.; Candeias, R.; Marques, N.; Jesus, Iídio., 2016:
Reflex vasovagal syncope--is there a benefit in pacemaker therapy?

Erusalimchik, K.I., 2010:
Reflex vegetative syndrome in blind gunshot wounds of the thorax and its organs

Woo, J-Soo.; Hundal, J.S.; Sasaki, C.T.; Abdelmessih, M.W.; Kelleher, S.P., 2008:
Reflex vocal fold adduction in the porcine model: the effects of stimuli delivered to various sensory nerves

Pirie, C.G.; Pizzirani, S., 2012:
Reflex-free digital fundus photography using a simple and portable camera adaptor system. A viable alternative

Casbon, J.A.; Slatter, A.F.; Musgrave-Brown, E.; Osborne, R.J.; Lichtenstein, C.P.; Brenner, S., 2013:
Reflex: intramolecular barcoding of long-range PCR products for sequencing multiple pooled DNAs

Ravdin, I.S.; Royster, H.P.; Sanders, G.B., 1942:
Reflexes Originating In The Common Duct Giving Rise To Pain Simulating Angina Pectoris

Proctor, J.; Holmes, P., 2010:
Reflexes and preflexes: on the role of sensory feedback on rhythmic patterns in insect locomotion

Türker, K.S., 2010:
Reflexes as tools to study human neuromuscular system

Duglay, H.A., 1946:
Reflexes due to anorectal disease

Weston, J.K., 1948:
Reflexes in general anesthesia

Sanders, R.D.; Gillig, P.Marie., 2011:
Reflexes in psychiatry

Arshavskaia, E.I., 1946:
Reflexes of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to stimulations of the afferent of different receptive fields as revealed in ontogenesis

Bosio, A., 2010:
Reflexes, consciousness, and evolution

Sánchez, A.Portera., 2008:
Reflexes, instincts, emotions and passions

Vakonaki, E.; Tsiminikaki, K.; Plaitis, S.; Fragkiadaki, P.; Tsoukalas, D.; Katsikantami, I.; Vaki, G.; Tzatzarakis, M.N.; Spandidos, D.A.; Tsatsakis, A.M., 2018:
Common mental disorders and association with telomere length

Buron, C.; Doz, M.; Salomon, A.Vincent.; Couturier, Jérôme.; Beuzeboc, P.; Livartowski, A., 2007:
Reflexion on innovation diffusion factors: the case of Herceptin

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Refocusing your readmissions reduction strategies

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Reforestation Camps and Medical Opportunity

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Reforesting "bare hills" in Vietnam: social and environmental consequences of the 5 million hectare reforestation program

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Reform (and a side of baseball). MGMA convention addresses 'challenges' of care

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Reform In College Entrance Requirements

Anonymous, 1885:
Reform In Geographical Orthography

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Reform In Mathematical Instruction

Anonymous, 1921:
Reform In Medical Education

Paul, H.M., 1885:
Reform In Our Calendar

Cole, P.R., 1909:
Reform In Sydney University

Visscher, M.B., 1934:
Reform In The System Of Scientific Publication

Reininghaus, F., 1910:
Reform Of The Calendar

Dabney, T.G., 1918:
Reform Of The World's Calendar

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Reform agenda must put care first

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Reform and consumer-directed health care can benefit your revenue cycle

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Reform and innovation: medical education in the 20th century USA

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Reform and practice of teaching methods for culture of medicinal plant

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Reform and the health care workforce--current capacity, future demand

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Reform and the politics of hybridization in mature health care states

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Reform at the national academy of sciences

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Reform beyond access. A plan to extend Medicare model that would also limit costs, improve quality

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Reform bids draw dollars. In shift from 2000 and 2004, Democrats lead race to raise campaign funds from influence-seeking healthcare executives

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Reform bill no summer picnic. Congressional infighting continues to delay legislation

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Reform can't wait

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Reform catalysts: Health foundations can offer money, expertise toward implementing reform law

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Reform chronic illness care? Yes, we can

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Reform direction of medical education in China: implementing "competency-based" medical education

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Reform essentials

Anonymous, 2011:
Reform expected to add 1.1% to plan costs

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Reform for the legal protection of the aged, method for employment

Burns, J., 2012:
Reform forces health insurers to reinvent themselves

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Reform goes local

Anonymous, 2007:
Reform group puts forward bill

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Reform imminent, near-term changes are not

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Reform imperatives. Three strategies that anticipate Washington's work

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Reform in Australian medical schools: a collaborative approach to realising Indigenous health potential

Anonymous, 1936:
Reform in Radio Advertising

Dus, G., 1956:
Reform in Security?

Mauduit, L., 2012:
Reform in health care of the elderly

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Reform in medical and health sciences educational system: a Delphi study of faculty members' views at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

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Reform in medical education

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Reform in medical ethics curriculum: a step by step approach based on available resources

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Reform in nursing studies: an advance, not a finality

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Reform in spotlight in presidential race: what's between the party lines for primary care?

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Reform in the house: amending the seniority rule

Doucet, A., 2009:
Reform in the molding of nurses, a new dynamic

Enthoven, A., 2010:
Reform incentives to create a demand for health system reengineering

Ali, A.M., 2012:
Reform is a one way road

Kirch, D., 2008:
Reform is no 'either-or'. We must fix the payment system along with access

Anonymous, 2013:
Reform law clears major hurdle in court

Schmidt, K., 2007:
Reform law endangers family physician reimbursement. Heavy loss cut of reduced utilization compensation

Friedman, E., 2011:
Reform limbo. Federal-state battle 'borders on the ridiculous'

Robeznieks, A., 2009:
Reform may worsen shortage. Med students numbers rise, residency slots stay flat

Harkin, T., 2010:
Reform must include a public option, plus a focus on prevention

Anonymous, 1967:
Reform needed

Tieman, J., 2009:
Reform now? Reform how?

Shrubb, S., 2010:
Reform of NHS commissioning

Anonymous, 2010:
Reform of Tort Law

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Reform of a traditional clinical curriculum in Japan: experiences at Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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Reform of collective forest property in Liaoning Province: a discussion

Anonymous, 1966:
Reform of constitution

Campbell, E.G.; Rosenthal, M., 2009:
Reform of continuing medical education: investments in physician human capital

DeVile, C.Paul., 2010:
Reform of dangerous dogs legislation

Dyer, C., 2009:
Reform of death certificate system doesn't go far enough, says Shipman inquiry judge

Schmidt-Wetter, R., 1948:
Reform of drug delivery

Knap, Józef.Piotr., 2013:
Reform of epidemiology undergraduate education programme for Polish medical students--the changes threatening essentials of education in medical reasoning

Parzeller, M.; Dettmeyer, R.; Bratzke, Hürgen., 2010:
Reform of forensic autopsy in the German Code of Criminal Procedure

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Reform of health care and medical education

Graham, S., 2008:
Reform of health care financing systems

Barthes, R., 2011:
Reform of health profession training: an opportunity for new professions

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Reform of health: revolutionary or evolutionary?

Theurl, E., 2016:
Reform of hospital financing in Austria: successes, failures, and the way forward

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Reform of how health care is paid for in China: challenges and opportunities

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Reform of long term care for elderly must not be postponed, Dilnot says

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Reform of long-term care in the Netherlands: solidarity maintained?

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Reform of medical biology is in process...

Kim, K-Jee.; Kee, C., 2010:
Reform of medical education in Korea

Kochergin, I., 2012:
Reform of medical training in the U.S.S.R

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Reform of mental health care in Serbia: ten steps plus one

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Reform of mental health legislation: a practical tool

Doucet, A., 2013:
Reform of nursing studies, impact on the nurse training institutes

Chubin, D.E., 1982:
Reform of peer review

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Reform of prescription drug reimbursement and pricing in the German social health insurance market: a comparison of three scenarios

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Reform of public health in Central Europe during the 18th century

Zhang, P., 2015:
Reform of public hospitals and the main role of medical staffs

Permut, L.M., 2012:
Reform of stomatological and odontological and odontological education

Anonymous, 1943:
Reform of the Health Services

Anonymous, 1900:
Reform of the Housing of the Working Classes Act

Kapronczay, Károly., 2008:
Reform of the Hungarian administration and requirement system for government employees between the two World Wars

Anonymous, 1957:
Reform of the N.H.S

Straube, B.M., 2009:
Reform of the US healthcare system: care of undocumented individuals with ESRD

Bloor, K.; Maynard, A., 2012:
Reform of the clinical excellence awards scheme: why are we waiting?

Luce, T., 2007:
Reform of the coroner system and death certification

McGowan, C.R.; Viens, A.M., 2010:
Reform of the coroner system: a potential public health failure

Warnet, S., 2011:
Reform of the dependence, the Chief of State announced at the reopening

Akbulut, Y.; Sarp, N.; Ugurluoglu, E., 2007:
Reform of the health care system in Turkey: a review of universal health insurance

Buromskiĭ, I.V., 2009:
Reform of the higher school system in Russia in the light of Bologna process

Nakayama, K., 2009:
Reform of the medical care system in Japan and approach of the Japan Hospital Association

Robeznieks, A.; Blesch, G.; McKinney, M.; Burda, D., 2011:
Reform on the brain: MGMA conference speakers delve into new law

Goldsmith, J., 2011:
Reform opens the door for consumer-oriented market. Interview by John Marcille

DoBias, M., 2008:
Reform plan far from reconciled. GOP lashes out at Dems' Medicare, Medicaid move

McLellan, A., 2011:
Reform programme. What Dorrell says matters, and his message to the NHS is clear

Albright, B., 2011:
Reform promises dollars, but not soon enough

Pronsati, M.Perron., 2010:
Reform raises the stakes

Lewis, S., 2013:
Reform redraws community map

Oldham, J., 2013:
Reform reform: an essay by John Oldham

Robeznieks, A., 2010:
Reform repercussions. AMA's support of healthcare law still meets protests as leaders defend it

Giniat, E.J.; Farrell, J.M., 2010:
Reform requires resilience: a holistic model for success

Anonymous, 2008:
Reform should make health the first item of business

Wallenhaupt, S., 2010:
Reform speeds up an already accelerating transformation: the effect on health care quality

Kutscher, B., 2012:
Reform spurs dealmaking. Provisions, clarity in law clear path for partnerships

Vaughan, V., 2007:
Reform strategy. Surgeon puts capital at cutting edge of policy

Bryce, J., 2013:
Reform sweetener for diabetes

Zigmond, J., 2011:
Reform the hard way. Healthcare providers say budget committee plan's would dismantle Medicare, Medicaid

McLaughlin, N., 2010:
Reform the reform studies. Everyone with a calculator has a reform law cost projection

Yu, C.Ping.; Whynes, D.K.; Sach, T.H., 2011:
Reform towards National Health Insurance in Malaysia: the equity implications

Selvam, A., 2013:
Reform unease fading among CEOs. But financial challenges remain top concern in ACHE's annual survey

Bantjes, J.; Kagee, A., 2018:
Common mental disorders and psychological adjustment among individuals seeking HIV testing: a study protocol to explore implications for mental health care systems

Jenkins, E.H., 2011:
Reform works!

DoBias, M.; Lubell, J., 2009:
Reform à la carte. CBO weighs the costs, savings of more than 100 reform proposals, giving lawmakers a foundation tto work from

Zigmond, J.; Daly, R., 2011:
Reform's first year. As the law's rollout continues, plenty of legal and legislative obstacles lie ahead

Demers, E., 2011:
Reform's new MLR mandates: challenge or opportunity? Healthcare reform will undoubtedly bring its share of challenges, but meeting the new medical loss ratio requirements doesn't have to be one of them

Fickenscher, K., 2011:
Reform's new realities

Feder, J.; Pollitz, K., 2007:
Reform's three essential elements. To be effective, insurance coverage must be adequate, affordable, and available

Anonymous, 2010:
Reform, IT standard may spark changes

Vargas Lorenzo, I.; Vázquez Navarrete, M.Luisa.; de la Corte Molina, P.; Mogollón Pérez, A.; Unger, J.Pierre., 2008:
Reform, equity and efficiency of the healthcare systems in Latin America. An analysis to inform the Spanish aid. 2008 SESPAS Report

Sherman, B., 2010:
Reform, investor scrutiny and succession planning imperatives

Casal, P., 2015:
Reform, not destroy: reply to McMahan, Sparrow and Temkin

May, D., 2009:
Reform, not status quo. Public plan could be just the competition needed to drive down health system costs

Westfall, J.M., 2010:
Reform, reform everywhere and not a primary care dollar to drink

Greene, J.A.; Podolsky, S.H., 2012:
Reform, regulation, and pharmaceuticals--the Kefauver-Harris Amendments at 50

Wilensky, G., 2009:
Reform, regulation, and research--an interview with Gail Wilensky. Interview by John K. Iglehart

Batista e Silva, M.Braga., 2009:
Reform, responsibilities and networks: about mental health care

Disch, J., 2008:
Reform, then better financing

Carroll, J., 2008:
Reform--does it just mean more regulation?

Kendall, L., 2007:
Reform. Can a constitution seal the service's freedom?

Anonymous, 2011:
Reform. Central grip tightens under 'independence' bill

Santry, C.; West, D., 2011:
Reform. DH plans to force clusters onto a single course

Liddell, A.; McMahon, L., 2007:
Reform. Forging ahead with lessons from the future

Kenmore, P., 2011:
Reform. Get your health and wellbeing boards in gear

Belfield, G., 2012:
Reform. How soon is now?

Mooney, H., 2009:
Reform. In for the long haul

Moore, A., 2011:
Reform. Is patient safety still in the right hands?

Butcher, L., 2011:
Reform. Leading health systems joining forces to test, promote delivery and payment reforms

Colville, M., 2007:
Reform. Let's not labour over maternity

Charlotte, S., 2011:
Reform. PCT chiefs fight loss of accountability status and right to redundancy

Gainsbury, S.; West, D.; Charlotte, S., 2010:
Reform. PCTs to lose responsibility for GPs

McLellan, A., 2011:
Reform. Rival factions fight for influence in future forum's second coming

Demko, P., 2014:
Reform. State regulators, insurers struggle over whether to renew existing health plans

Willis, R., 2008 :
Reform. The profession must nip rotten medics in the bud

Williams, D., 2012:
Reform. Vision for commissioning support revealed

McLellan, A., 2011:
Reform: Lansley's defence of management cuts is disingenuous and dangerous

Macdonnell, M.; Noble, D., 2010:
Reform: Lessons for the UK in Obama's universal plan

Torjesen, I., 2012:
Reform: Stay calm amid the storm

Goldin, N., 2011:
Reform: The vision for public health dims as confusion surrounds spending

Keating, T., 2009:
Reform: looking at common wealth from a commonwealth

Ladd, P., 2010:
Reform: one year later

Zigmond, J., 2011:
Reform: round two

Lyras, D.P.; Metzler, D., 2014:
ReformAlign: improved multiple sequence alignments using a profile-based meta-alignment approach

von Gunten, C.F., 2013:
Reformation and counter-reformation

Parello, V., 2009 :
Reformation language and female marginalization in modern Spain: the "galleys" internment houses of Madalena de San Jerónimo, 1608

Kieff, D.A.; Busaba, N.Y., 2010:
Reformation of concha bullosa following treatment by crushing surgical technique: implication for balloon sinuplasty

Xu, D.; Sun, B.; Wan, X.; Ke, Y., 2010:
Reformation of medical education in China

Denisov, É.I., 2013:
Reformation of occupational health in France: state of the problem and new law

Yasuda, T.; Ogihara, N., 2014:
Reformation of organic dicarboxylate electrode materials for rechargeable batteries by molecular self-assembly

Uchida, K.; Uno, Y.; Kato, H.; Hashida, M.; Gomi, T., 2011:
Reformation of the IT revolution on the medical scene (discussion)

Anonymous, 2007:
Reformation of the NHS: ending professional divisions

Chen, Y-Chih., 2011:
Reformation of the nursing administration and management system

Gao, F-Fei.; Shi, G-Gang.; Zhou, Y-Qiong.; Liu, X-Ping., 2008:
Reformative cannula electrodes for His bundle electrogram recording in isolated rat hearts

Lu, M.T.; Ersoy, H.; Whitmore, A.G.; Lipton, M.J.; Rybicki, F.J., 2007:
Reformatted Four-Chamber and Short-Axis Views of the Heart Using Thin Section (</=2 mm) MDCT Images

Chen, Y.; Zeng, J.; Guan, J.; Guo, Y.; Wang, X.; Yao, G.; Wang, W.; Qi, W.; Kong, K., 2010:
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Reforming research in China

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Reforming the Medical Curriculum

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Reforming the NHS: an opportunity for palliative care in the community?

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Reforming the NHS: necessary and achievable?

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Reforming the community research program: from Community Clinical Oncology Program to the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program

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Reforming the financing and governance of GME

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Reforming the food safety system: what if consolidation isn't enough?

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Reforming the global food system to tackle diabetes and obesity: IDF perspective

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Reforming the mission of public dental services

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Reforming the regulations governing research with human subjects

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Reforming the system before establishing co-pay policies

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Reforms In English Public Schools

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Reforms for the g.m.C

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Reformulating the hazard ratio to enhance communication with clinical investigators

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Reformulation of current recommendations for target serum lithium concentration according to clinical indication, age and physical comorbidity

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Reformulation of etoposide with solubility-enhancing rubusoside

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Reformulation of existing antiretroviral drugs

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Reformulation of liquid perturbation theory for low temperatures

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Reformulation of microscopic balance equations for multiscale materials modeling

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Reformulation of pizza crust in restaurants may increase whole-grain intake among children

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Reformulation of the covering and quantizer problems as ground states of interacting particles

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Reformulation of the eigenvalue problem in the Fourier modal method with spatial adaptive resolution

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Reformulation of the modal method based on Gegenbauer polynomial expansion for cylindrical structures with arbitrary cross sections

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Reformulation of the plane wave method to model photonic crystals

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Reformulation of the sedation continuum

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Reformulation of the stochastic potential switching algorithm and a generalized Fourtuin-Kasteleyn representation

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