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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55445

Chapter 55445 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Das, S.K., 2010:
Regional development of uterine decidualization: molecular signaling by Hoxa-10

Jacewicz, E.; Fox, R.Allen.; Salmons, J., 2011:
Regional dialect variation in the vowel systems of typically developing children

Schneider, C.; Jaquet, K.; Geidel, S.; Malisius, R.; Boczor, S.; Rau, T.; Zienkiewicz, T.; Hennig, D.; Kuck, K-Heinz.; Krause, K., 2010:
Regional diastolic and systolic function by strain rate imaging for the detection of intramural viability during dobutamine stress echocardiography in a porcine model of myocardial infarction

Cukon-Buttignoni, S.; Abdelmoneim, S.S.; Ehrsam, J-Ellen.; Barnes, M.E.; Hagen, M.E.; Carlson, L.A.; Iliceto, S.; Mulvagh, S.L., 2008:
Regional diastolic contour abnormalities during contrast stress echocardiography: improved detection of coronary artery disease

Rosato, E.; Maione, S.; Vitarelli, A.; Giunta, A.; Fontanella, L.; de Horatio, L.Tanturri.; Cacciatore, F.; Proietti, M.; Pisarri, S.; Salsano, F., 2009:
Regional diastolic function by tissue Doppler echocardiography in systemic sclerosis: correlation with clinical variables

Adams, D.; Lozeron, P.; Theaudin, M.; Mincheva, Z.; Cauquil, C.; Adam, C.; Signate, A.; Vial, C.; Maisonobe, T.; Delmont, E.; Franques, J.; Vallat, J-Michel.; Sole, G.; Pereon, Y.; Lacour, A.; Echaniz-Laguna, A.; Misrahi, M.; Lacroix, C., 2012:
Regional difference and similarity of familial amyloidosis with polyneuropathy in France

Koizumi, C.; Suetomi, T.; Matsuoka, T.; Ikeda, A.; Kimura, T.; Onozawa, M.; Miyazaki, J.; Kawai, K.; Takahashi, H.; Akaza, H.; Nishiyama, H., 2014:
Regional difference in cancer detection rate in prostate cancer screening by a local municipality in Japan

Kwak, J.Myun.; Babygirija, R.; Gribovskaja-Rupp, I.; Takahashi, T.; Yamato, S.; Ludwig, K., 2013:
Regional difference in colonic motility response to electrical field stimulation in Guinea pig

Kim, K.Joong.; Kim, B.; Lee, K.Ho.; Kim, T.Jung.; Mantiuk, R.; Kang, H-Sik.; Kim, Y.Hoon., 2008:
Regional difference in compression artifacts in low-dose chest CT images: effects of mathematical and perceptual factors

Kurata, Y.; Matsuda, H.; Hisatome, I.; Shibamoto, T., 2008:
Regional difference in dynamical property of sinoatrial node pacemaking: role of na+ channel current

Pintado, C.; Revilla, E.; Vizuete, Mía.L.; Jiménez, Sán.; García-Cuervo, L.; Vitorica, J.; Ruano, D.; Castaño, Aélica., 2011:
Regional difference in inflammatory response to LPS-injection in the brain: role of microglia cell density

Ohno, F.; Nakanishi, H.; Abe, A.; Seki, Y.; Kinoshita, A.; Hasegawa, Y.; Tatematsu, M.; Kurita, K., 2007:
Regional difference in intratumoral lymphangiogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinomas evaluated by immunohistochemistry using D2-40 and podoplanin antibody: an analysis in comparison with angiogenesis

Seo, Y.Joon.; Li, Z.Jun.; Choi, D.Kyoung.; Sohn, K.Cheol.; Kim, H.Rae.; Lee, Y.; Kim, C.Deok.; Lee, Y.Ho.; Shi, G.; Lee, J.Hoon.; Im, M., 2014:
Regional difference in sebum production by androgen susceptibility in human facial skin

Kanaya, M.; Tsuda, M.C.; Sagoshi, S.; Nagata, K.; Morimoto, C.; Thu, C.Kyi.Tha.; Toda, K.; Kato, S.; Ogawa, S.; Tsukahara, S., 2015:
Regional difference in sex steroid action on formation of morphological sex differences in the anteroventral periventricular nucleus and principal nucleus of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis

Namiki, S.; Sasaki, T.; Matsuki, N.; Ikegaya, Y., 2009:
Regional difference in stainability with calcium-sensitive acetoxymethyl-ester probes in mouse brain slices

Kim, J.Yeon.; Kim, N.Young.; Kim, S.Jung.; Baik, G.Ho.; Kim, G.Ha.; Kim, J.Mogg.; Nam, R.Hee.; Kim, H.Bin.; Lee, D.Ho.; Jung, H.Chae.; Song, I.Sung., 2011:
Regional difference of antibiotic resistance of helicobacter pylori strains in Korea

Huo, L-A.; Yang, J.; Zhang, C., 2015:
Regional difference of genetic factors for congenitals cataract. The results of congenital cataract screening under normal pupil conditions for infants in Tianjin city

Tesic, M.; Djordjevic-Dikic, A.; Beleslin, B.; Trifunovic, D.; Giga, V.; Marinkovic, J.; Petrovic, O.; Petrovic, M.; Stepanovic, J.; Dobric, M.; Vukcevic, V.; Stankovic, G.; Seferovic, P.; Ostojic, M.; Vujisic-Tesic, B., 2013:
Regional difference of microcirculation in patients with asymmetric hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: transthoracic Doppler coronary flow velocity reserve analysis

Sotomi, Y.; Kikkawa, T.; Inoue, K.; Tanaka, K.; Toyoshima, Y.; Oka, T.; Tanaka, N.; Nozato, Y.; Orihara, Y.; Iwakura, K.; Sakata, Y.; Fujii, K., 2015:
Regional difference of optimal contact force to prevent acute pulmonary vein reconnection during radiofrequency catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation

Kim, W.Ryoung.; Kim, J.Yeon.; Moon, Y.; Kim, H.Jung.; Kim, H.; Sun, W., 2012:
Regional difference of reactive astrogliosis following traumatic brain injury revealed by hGFAP-GFP transgenic mice

Gu, Y.; Li, D-Ming.; Jiang, J.; Ho, C.; Tang, C-Xing.; Liu, K-Gang., 2012:
Regional difference of schistosomiasis knowledge and behavior of population in Mianzhu City

Zhang, B., 2014:
Regional difference of scholars' health-seeking behavior of the Qing dynasty as seen in diary

Scheer, S.; Hughes, A.J.; Tejero, J.; Damesyn, M.A.; Mark, K.E.; Arguello, T.M.; Wohl, A.R., 2012:
Regional differences among HIV patients in care: California medical monitoring project sites, 2007-2008

Henwood, T.; Eley, R.; Parker, D.; Tuckett, A.; Hegney, D., 2009:
Regional differences among employed nurses: a Queensland study

Apostolovic, S.; Stanojevic, D.; Lainscak, M.; Gelbrich, G.; Jankovic-Tomasevic, R.; Pavlovic, M.; Djordjevic-Radojkovic, D.; Salinger-Martinovic, S.; Putnikovic, B.; Radovanovic, S.; Waagstein, F.; Tomasevic, M.; Tahirovic, E.; Inkrot, S.; Musial-Bright, L.; Düngen, H-Dirk., 2016:
Regional differences among female patients with heart failure from the Cardiac Insufficiency BIsoprolol Study in ELDerly (CIBIS-ELD), L.; Cremonesi, A.; Marzocchi, A.; Guagliumi, G., 2014:
Regional differences and Italian charter to expand the primary angioplasty service

de Castro, A.Paiva.; Neves, V.Ribeiro.; Aciole, G.Gurgel., 2012:
Regional differences and costs of physical therapy procedures in Brazil's Unified Health System, 1995 to 2008

Qiu, H-Guang.; Liao, S-Pan.; Jing, Y.; Luan, J., 2014:
Regional differences and development tendency of livestock manure pollution in China

Sillanpää, M.; Lastunen, S.; Helenius, H.; Schmidt, D., 2011:
Regional differences and secular trends in the incidence of epilepsy in Finland: a nationwide 23-year registry study

Hellman, U.; Suhr, O., 2012:
Regional differences and similarities of FAP in Sweden

Cruz, Márcia.Waddington., 2012:
Regional differences and similarities of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP) presentation in Brazil

Wang, G.; Lu, Y.; Li, J.; Wang, T.; Han, J.; Luo, W.; Shi, Y.; Jiao, W., 2008:
Regional differences and sources of organochlorine pesticides in soils surrounding chemical industrial parks

Nordkap, L.; Joensen, U.Nordström.; Blomberg Jensen, M.; Jørgensen, N., 2012:
Regional differences and temporal trends in male reproductive health disorders: semen quality may be a sensitive marker of environmental exposures, R.; von Diemen, L.; Duarte,; Bumaguin, D.Benzano.; Hilgert, J.Balbinot.; Bozzetti, M.Clarisse.; Sordi, A.; Pechansky, F., 2013:
Regional differences associated with drinking and driving in Brazil

Gromov, K.; Greene, M.E.; Sillesen, N.H.; Troelsen, A.; Malchau, H.; Huddleston, J.I.; Emerson, R.; Garcia-Cimbrelo, E.; Gebuhr, P., 2015:
Regional differences between US and Europe in radiological osteoarthritis and self assessed quality of life in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty surgery

González Cabrera, F.; Rodríguez, A.; Checa, M.D.; Valenciano, B.; Plaza-Toledano, C.; García Nieto, V., 2009:
Regional differences between glomerulonephritis in the Canary Islands

Gudi, V.; Moharregh-Khiabani, D.; Skripuletz, T.; Koutsoudaki, P.N.; Kotsiari, A.; Skuljec, J.; Trebst, C.; Stangel, M., 2009:
Regional differences between grey and white matter in cuprizone induced demyelination

Masu, K.; Saino, T.; Kuroda, T.; Matsuura, M.; Russa, A.Denis.; Ishikita, N.; Satoh, Y-ichi., 2009:
Regional differences in 5-HT receptors in cerebral and testicular arterioles of the rat as revealed by Ca2+ imaging of real-time confocal microscopy: variances by artery size and organ specificity

Reekie, J.; Kowalska, J.D.; Karpov, I.; Rockstroh, J.; Karlsson, A.; Rakhmanova, A.; Horban, A.; Kirk, O.; Lundgren, J.D.; Mocroft, A.; Losso, M.; Elias, C.; Vetter, N.; Zangerle, R.; Karpov, I.; Vassilenko, A.; Mitsura, V.M.; Suetnov, O.; Clumeck, N.; D.W.t, S.; Delforge, M.; Colebunders, R.; Vandekerckhove, L.; Hadziosmanovic, V.; Kostov, K.; Begovac, J.; Machala, L.; Jilich, D.; Sedlacek, D.; Nielsen, J.; Kronborg, G.; Benfield, T.; Larsen, M.; Gerstoft, J.; Katzenstein, T.; Hansen, A-B.E.; S, 2013:
Regional differences in AIDS and non-AIDS related mortality in HIV-positive individuals across Europe and Argentina: the EuroSIDA study

de Graaf, J.P.; Schutte, J.M.; Poeran, J.J.; van Roosmalen, J.; Bonsel, G.J.; Steegers, E.A.P., 2012:
Regional differences in Dutch maternal mortality

Schmidt, A.H.; Solloch, U.V.; Baier, D.; Stahr, A.; Wassmuth, R.; Ehninger, G.; Rutt, C., 2011:
Regional differences in HLA antigen and haplotype frequency distributions in Germany and their relevance to the optimization of hematopoietic stem cell donor recruitment

Wengenack, T.M.; Reyes, D.A.; Curran, G.L.; Borowski, B.J.; Lin, J.; Preboske, G.M.; Holasek, S.S.; Gilles, E.J.; Chamberlain, R.; Marjanska, M.; Jack, C.R.; Garwood, M.; Poduslo, J.F., 2011:
Regional differences in MRI detection of amyloid plaques in AD transgenic mouse brain

Baldinger, P.; Kranz, G.S.; Haeusler, D.; Savli, M.; Spies, M.; Philippe, C.; Hahn, A.; Höflich, A.; Wadsak, W.; Mitterhauser, M.; Lanzenberger, R.; Kasper, S., 2014:
Regional differences in SERT occupancy after acute and prolonged SSRI intake investigated by brain PET

Viacava, F.; Porto, S.; Laguardia, Jé.; Moreira, R.da.Silva.; Ugá, M.Alícia.Dominguez., 2013:
Regional differences in access to coronary bypass surgery in Brazil, 2002-2010

Filas, B.A.; Oltean, A.; Majidi, S.; Bayly, P.V.; Beebe, D.C.; Taber, L.A., 2013:
Regional differences in actomyosin contraction shape the primary vesicles in the embryonic chicken brain

Kim, H.; Yi, J.Hyun.; Choi, K.; Hong, S.; Shin, K.Soon.; Kang, S.Jung., 2014:
Regional differences in acute corticosterone-induced dendritic remodeling in the rat brain and their behavioral consequences

Salazar, J.; Zubiaur, O.; Azkunaga, B.; Molina, J.C.; Mintegi, S.; Alústiza, J.; Andrés, A.G.; Arce, A.; Barasoain, A.; Bello, P.; Benito, C.; Botifoll, E.; Bretón, J.R.; Campos, C.; Canduela, C.; Canduela, V.; Cozar, J.; Crespo, E.; del Campo, T.; Fábrega, J.; Fernández, R.; Fernández, T.; García, M.A.; García-Vao, C.; Gómez, O.; González, G.; Hernández, A.; Humayor, J.; Basurto, U.; Iturralde, I.; López, J.; López, M.J.; Corominas, V.López.; Sánchez, L.Martínez.; Martínez, L.;, 2014:
Regional differences in acute poisoning in under 14 year-old children in Spain

Stolz, E.; Hamann, G.F.; Kaps, M.; Misselwitz, Börn., 2012:
Regional differences in acute stroke admission and thrombolysis rates in the German federal state of Hesse

Bencević-Striehl, H.; Malatestinić, D.; Vuletić, S., 2009:
Regional differences in alcohol consumption in Croatia

Bränström, R.; Andréasson, S., 2008:
Regional differences in alcohol consumption, alcohol addiction and drug use among Swedish adults

Ogeng'o, J.A.; Malek, A.K.A.; Kiama, S.G., 2011:
Regional differences in aorta of goat (capra hircus)

Nelson, A.J.; Worthley, M.I.; Cameron, J.D., 2011:
Regional differences in aortic geometry pathologic or compensatory?

Lampkin, A.; Yancey, A.; Wilson, C.; Fraser, G.E., 2010:
Regional differences in attitudes that may affect health behavior and willingness to participate in research among Black Seventh-day Adventists

Jonassaint, C.R.; Santos, E.R.; Glover, C.M.; Payne, P.W.; Fasaye, G-Ann.; Oji-Njideka, N.; Hooker, S.; Hernandez, W.; Foster, M.W.; Kittles, R.A.; Royal, C.D., 2010:
Regional differences in awareness and attitudes regarding genetic testing for disease risk and ancestry

Yang, Y.; Li, L.; Yong, H-Hie.; Borland, R.; Wu, X.; Li, Q.; Wu, C.; Foong, K., 2010:
Regional differences in awareness of tobacco advertising and promotion in China: findings from the ITC China Survey

Souza, M.V.; van Weeren, P.R.; van Schie, H.T.M.; van de Lest, C.H.A., 2010:
Regional differences in biochemical, biomechanical and histomorphological characteristics of the equine suspensory ligament

Niioka, T.; Ishii, H.; Izumi, H., 2010:
Regional differences in blood flow variation in rat masseter muscle

Stang, A.; Döring, A.; Völzke, H.; Moebus, S.; Greiser, K.Halina.; Werdan, K.; Berger, K.; Ellert, U.; Neuhauser, H., 2011:
Regional differences in body fat distributions among people with comparable body mass index: a comparison across six German population-based surveys

Basak, C.; Voss, M.W.; Erickson, K.I.; Boot, W.R.; Kramer, A.F., 2011:
Regional differences in brain volume predict the acquisition of skill in a complex real-time strategy videogame

Palacio-Mejía, L.Sofía.; Lazcano-Ponce, E.; Allen-Leigh, B.; Hernández-Avila, M., 2010:
Regional differences in breast and cervical cancer mortality in Mexico between 1979-2006

Kaur, J.S.; Vierkant, R.A.; Hobday, T.; Visscher, D., 2015:
Regional differences in breast cancer biomarkers in american Indian and Alaska native women

Beretta, E.; Tana, F.; Grasso, G.Simone.; Bartesaghi, M.; Novelli, L.; Pesci, A.; Miserocchi, G., 2014:
Regional differences in bronchial reactivity assessed by respiratory impedance

Zhao, R.; Pollack, G.M., 2009:
Regional differences in capillary density, perfusion rate, and P-glycoprotein activity: a quantitative analysis of regional drug exposure in the brain

Tchoukalova, Y.D.; Votruba, S.B.; Tchkonia, T.; Giorgadze, N.; Kirkland, J.L.; Jensen, M.D., 2010:
Regional differences in cellular mechanisms of adipose tissue gain with overfeeding

Harting, M.T.; Smith, C.T.; Radhakrishnan, R.S.; Aroom, K.R.; Dash, P.K.; Gill, B.; Cox, C.S., 2010:
Regional differences in cerebral edema after traumatic brain injury identified by impedance analysis

Kim, B-Nyun.; Kim, J-Won.; Kang, H.; Cho, S-Churl.; Shin, M-Sup.; Yoo, H-Jeong.; Hong, S-Beom.; Lee, D.Soo., 2010:
Regional differences in cerebral perfusion associated with the alpha-2A-adrenergic receptor genotypes in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Becker, T.M.; Espey, D.K.; Lawson, H.W.; Saraiya, M.; Jim, M.A.; Waxman, A.G., 2008:
Regional differences in cervical cancer incidence among American Indians and Alaska Natives, 1999-2004

Fukui, N.; Ikeda, Y.; Ohnuki, T.; Tanaka, N.; Hikita, A.; Mitomi, H.; Mori, T.; Juji, T.; Katsuragawa, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; Sawabe, M.; Yamane, S.; Suzuki, R.; Sandell, L.J.; Ochi, T., 2008:
Regional differences in chondrocyte metabolism in osteoarthritis: a detailed analysis by laser capture microdissection

Noguchi, T.; Watanabe, K., 2008:
Regional differences in circadian period within the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Gomes, Mília.B.; Cobas, R.A.; Matheus, A.S.; Tannus, L.R.; Negrato, C.Antonio.; Rodacki, M.; Braga, N.; Cordeiro, M.M.; Luescher, J.L.; Berardo, R.S.; Nery, M.; Arruda-Marques,; Calliari, L.E.; Noronha, R.M.; Manna, T.D.; Zajdenverg, L.; Salvodelli, R.; Penha, F.G.; Foss, M.C.; Foss-Freitas, M.C.; Pires, A.C.; Robles, F.C.; Guedes, Mátimas.; Dib, S.A.; Dualib, P.; Silva, S.C.; Sepulvida, J.; Almeida, H.G.; Sampaio, E.; Rea, R.; Faria, A.Cristina.R.; Tschiedel, B.; Lavigne, S.; Ca, 2012:
Regional differences in clinical care among patients with type 1 diabetes in Brazil: Brazilian Type 1 Diabetes Study Group

Krim, S.R.; Vivo, R.P.; Krim, N.R.; Cox, M.; Hernandez, A.F.; Peterson, E.D.; Fonarow, G.C.; Piña, I.L.; Schwamm, L.H.; Bhatt, D.L., 2012:
Regional differences in clinical profile, quality of care, and outcomes among Hispanic patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction in the Get with Guidelines-Coronary Artery Disease (GWTG-CAD) registry

Hu, S.; Wang, Y.; Lichtenstein, L.; Tao, Y.; Musch, M.W.; Jabri, B.; Antonopoulos, D.; Claud, E.C.; Chang, E.B., 2011:
Regional differences in colonic mucosa-associated microbiota determine the physiological expression of host heat shock proteins

Tousignant, C.P.; Bowry, R.; Levesque, S.; Denault, Aé.Y., 2008:
Regional differences in color tissue Doppler-derived measures of longitudinal right ventricular function using transesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography

Perdue, D.G.; Perkins, C.; Jackson-Thompson, J.; Coughlin, S.S.; Ahmed, F.; Haverkamp, D.S.; Jim, M.A., 2008:
Regional differences in colorectal cancer incidence, stage, and subsite among American Indians and Alaska Natives, 1999-2004

Brown, A.J., 1993:
Regional differences in coronary heart disease in Britain: do antioxidant nutrients provide the key?

Hayashi, P.H.; Axelrod, D.A.; Galanko, J.; Salvalaggio, P.R.; Schnitzler, M., 2011:
Regional differences in deceased donor liver transplantation and their implications for organ utilization and allocation

Wojtyniak, B.; Jankowski, K.; Zdrojewski, T.; Opolski, G., 2014:
Regional differences in determining cardiovascular diseases as the cause of death in Poland: time for change

Valov, V.; Doneva, M.; Borisova, A.M.; Tankova, T.; Czech, M.; Manova, M.; Savova, A.; Peikova, L.; Petrova, G., 2015:
Regional differences in diabetic patients' pharmacotherapy in Bulgaria

Vasar, M.; Julge, K.; Kivivare, M.; Otter, K., 2012:
Regional differences in diagnosing asthma and other allergic diseases in Estonian schoolchildren

Jelinić, J.Doko.; Pucarin-Cvetković, J.; Nola, I.Alexandra.; Senta, A.; Milosević, M.; Kern, J., 2009:
Regional differences in dietary habits of adult Croatian population

Laaksonen, M.; Gould, R., 2014:
Regional differences in disability retirement: explaining between-county differences in Finland

Miller, K.A.; Stanley, L.R.; Beauvais, F., 2013:
Regional differences in drug use rates among American Indian youth

Horsfield, M.A.; Jara, Jé.L.; Saeed, N.P.; Panerai, R.B.; Robinson, T.G., 2013:
Regional differences in dynamic cerebral autoregulation in the healthy brain assessed by magnetic resonance imaging

Skolarus, T.A.; Ye, Z.; Zhang, S.; Hollenbeck, B.K., 2010:
Regional differences in early stage bladder cancer care and outcomes

Norberg, J.; Graff, C.; Almkvist, O.; Ewers, M.; Frisoni, G.B.; Frölich, L.; Hampel, H.; Jones, R.W.; Kehoe, P.G.; Lenoir, H.; Minthon, L.; Nobili, F.; Olde Rikkert, M.; Rigaud, A-S.; Scheltens, P.; Soininen, H.; Spiru, L.; Tsolaki, M.; Wahlund, L-O.; Vellas, B.; Wilcock, G.; Elias-Sonnenschein, L.S.; Verhey, F.R.J.; Visser, P.J., 2012:
Regional differences in effects of APOE ε4 on cognitive impairment in non-demented subjects

Matsumoto, N.; Kumai, T.; Isomoto, S.; Shinohara, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Azuma, C.; Minami, T.; Tohno, Y., 2014:
Regional differences in elements of human peroneus longus tendons

Govindarajan, P.; Gonzales, R.; Maselli, J.H.; Johnston, S.Claiborne.; Fahimi, J.; Poisson, S.; Stein, J.C., 2014:
Regional differences in emergency medical services use for patients with acute stroke (findings from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey Emergency Department Data File)

Kojundzic, S.Lovric.; Dujmovic, I.; Grkovic, I.; Sapunar, D., 2008:
Regional differences in epidermal thickness and behavioral response following partial denervation of the rat paw

Fan, L.; Smith, C.E.; Curtis, K.S., 2011:
Regional differences in estradiol effects on numbers of HSD2-containing neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract of rats

van Lelyveld, N.; Ter Linde, J.; Schipper, M.E.I.; Samsom, M., 2007 :
Regional differences in expression of TPH-1, SERT, 5-HT(3) and 5-HT(4) receptors in the human stomach and duodenum

Laursen, S.B.; Møllgård, K.; Olesen, C.; Oliveri, R.S.; Brøchner, C.B.; Byskov, A.Grete.; Andersen, A.Nyboe.; Høyer, P.Erik.; Tommerup, N.; Yding Andersen, C., 2007:
Regional differences in expression of specific markers for human embryonic stem cells

Kashima, H.; Ikemura, T.; Hayashi, N., 2013:
Regional differences in facial skin blood flow responses to the cold pressor and static handgrip tests

Kiviniemi, M.; Suvisaari, J.; Pirkola, S.; Häkkinen, U.; Isohanni, M.; Hakko, Hä., 2010:
Regional differences in five-year mortality after a first episode of schizophrenia in Finland

Butte, J.M.; Torres, J.; Veras, E.F.; Matsuo, K.; Gönen, M.; D'Angelica, M.I.; Waugh, E.; Meneses, M.; Inayama, Y.; Fong, Y.; Dematteo, R.P.; D.L.F.ente, H.; Endo, I.; Klimstra, D.S.; Jarnagin, W.R., 2013:
Regional differences in gallbladder cancer pathogenesis: insights from a comparison of cell cycle-regulatory, PI3K, and pro-angiogenic protein expression

Eloy, J.Anderson.; Mady, L.J.; Svider, P.F.; Mauro, K.M.; Kalyoussef, E.; Setzen, M.; Baredes, S.; Chandrasekhar, S.S., 2014:
Regional differences in gender promotion and scholarly productivity in otolaryngology

Kemptner, D.; Wildner, M.; Abu-Omar, K.; Caselmann, W.H.; Kerscher, G.; Reitmeir, P.; Mielck, A.; Rütten, A., 2008:
Regional differences in health behaviour in bavaria - a multilevel analysis of a representative population questionnaire in combination with socioeconomic structural data

Sun, S.; Chen, J.; Johannesson, M.; Kind, P.; Xu, L.; Zhang, Y.; Burström, K., 2011:
Regional differences in health status in China: population health-related quality of life results from the National Health Services Survey 2008

Rossignol, P.; Zannad, F., 2015:
Regional differences in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction trials: when nephrology meets cardiology but east does not meet west

Omsland, T.K.; Gjesdal, C.G.; Emaus, N.; Tell, G.S.; Meyer, H.E., 2008:
Regional differences in hip bone mineral density levels in Norway: the NOREPOS study

Simons, S.B.; Escobedo, Y.; Yasuda, R.; Dudek, S.M., 2009:
Regional differences in hippocampal calcium handling provide a cellular mechanism for limiting plasticity

Bielefeldt, K., 2013:
Regional differences in hospitalizations and cholecystectomies for biliary dyskinesia

Comte, I.; Kotagiri, P.; Szele, F.G., 2013:
Regional differences in human ependymal and subventricular zone cytoarchitecture are unchanged in neuropsychiatric disease

Wentzel, S.E.; Konow, N.; German, R.Z., 2011:
Regional differences in hyoid muscle activity and length dynamics during mammalian head shaking

Stipancić, G.; L.G.asta Sabolić, L.; Pozgaj Sepec, M.; Radica, A.; Skrabić, V.; Severinski, Sćko.; Kujundzić Tiljak, M., 2012:
Regional differences in incidence and clinical presentation of type 1 diabetes in children aged under 15 years in Croatia

Kleinloog, R.; Regli, L.; Rinkel, G.J.E.; Klijn, C.J.M., 2012:
Regional differences in incidence and patient characteristics of moyamoya disease: a systematic review

Skammeritz, E.; Omland, Øyvind.; Hansen, J.; Johansen, J.Peter., 2013:
Regional differences in incidence of malignant mesothelioma in Denmark

Hendrix, A.; Vaartjes, I.; Mosterd, A.; Reitsma, J.B.; Doevendans, P.A.; Grobbee, D.E.; Bots, M.L., 2010:
Regional differences in incidence of sudden cardiac death in the young

Wang, X.; Misawa, R.; Zielinski, M.C.; Cowen, P.; Jo, J.; Periwal, V.; Ricordi, C.; Khan, A.; Szust, J.; Shen, J.; Millis, J.Michael.; Witkowski, P.; Hara, M., 2014:
Regional differences in islet distribution in the human pancreas--preferential beta-cell loss in the head region in patients with type 2 diabetes

Silva, Fávia.Calanca.da.; Vitalle,; Maranhão, Hé; Canuto, M.Helena.Alves.; Pires,; Fisberg, M., 2010:
Regional differences in knowledge, attitudes, and practice in emergency contraceptive use among health sciences university students in Brazil

Konow, N.; Thexton, A.; Crompton, A.W.; German, R.Z., 2015:
Regional differences in length change and electromyographic heterogeneity in sternohyoid muscle during infant mammalian swallowing

Ryrie, G.A., 1948:
Regional differences in leprosy; leprosy among Chinese in Malaya

Glynn, A.; Lignell, S.; Darnerud, P.Ola.; Aune, M.; Halldin Ankarberg, E.; Bergdahl, I.A.; Barregård, L.; Bensryd, I., 2011:
Regional differences in levels of chlorinated and brominated pollutants in mother's milk from primiparous women in Sweden

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Regional differences in life expectancy in Germany at county levels and their possible determinants

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Regional relevance

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Regional rides

Anonymous, 1978:
Regional rides-Some reasonably contented doctors

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Regional rides: "I cannot afford to continue in research..."

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Regional seminar focuses on Caribbean science and technology

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Regional seminar held in albuquerque

Anonymous, 1977:
Regional seminar on ethical dimensions of scientific research set

Anonymous, 1976:
Regional seminars scheduled

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Regional specialization: the NEXT big thing in nuclear RNA turnover

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