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Regioselective hydroformylation of allylic alcohols

Organic Letters 13(10): 2686-2689

Regioselective hydroformylation of allylic alcohols

A highly regioselective hydroformylation of allylic alcohols is reported toward the synthesis of β-hydroxy-acid and aldehyde products. The selectivity is achieved through the use of a ligand that reversibly binds to alcohols in situ, allowing for a directed hydroformylation to occur. The application to trisubstituted olefins was also demonstrated, which yields a single diastereomer product consistent with a stereospecific addition of CO and hydrogen.

Accession: 055445677

PMID: 21504208

DOI: 10.1021/ol200782d

Related references

Liao, J.; Guo, W.; Zhang, Z.; Tang, X.; Wu, W.; Jiang, H., 2016: Metal-Free Catalyzed Regioselective Allylic Trifluoromethanesulfonylation of Aromatic Allylic Alcohols with Sodium Trifluoromethanesulfinate. An efficient procedure for the preparation of allylic trifluoromethanesulfones with high regioselectivity from aromatic allylic alcohols/esters and NaSO2CF3 under transition-metal-free conditions is described. A wide range of functional groups wer...

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