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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55447

Chapter 55447 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lim, E-Kiat.; Mitchell, P.J.; Brown, N.; Drummond, R.A.; Brown, G.D.; Kaye, P.M.; Bowles, D.J., 2013:
Regiospecific methylation of a dietary flavonoid scaffold selectively enhances IL-1β production following Toll-like receptor 2 stimulation in THP-1 monocytes

Conejo-García, A.; Núñez, Mía.C.; Marchal, J.A.; Rodríguez-Serrano, F.; Aránega, A.; Gallo, M.A.; Espinosa, A.; Campos, Jín.M., 2007:
Regiospecific microwave-assisted synthesis and cytotoxic activity against human breast cancer cells of (RS)-6-substituted-7- or 9-(2,3-dihydro-5H-1,4-benzodioxepin-3-yl)-7H- or -9H-purines

Bielawski, M.; Aili, D.; Olofsson, B., 2008:
Regiospecific one-pot synthesis of diaryliodonium tetrafluoroborates from arylboronic acids and aryl iodides

Wu, A.; Duan, Y.; Xu, D.; Penning, T.M.; Harvey, R.G., 2010:
Regiospecific oxidation of polycyclic aromatic phenols to quinones by hypervalent iodine reagents

Ma, C-Ting.; Hagopian, J.C.; Ghosh, G.; Fu, X-Dong.; Adams, J.A., 2009:
Regiospecific phosphorylation control of the SR protein ASF/SF2 by SRPK1

Xu, L.; Kuang, H.; Xu, C.; Ma, W.; Wang, L.; Kotov, N.A., 2012:
Regiospecific plasmonic assemblies for in situ Raman spectroscopy in live cells

Yoshida, H.; Tomiyama, Y.; Yoshida, N.; Shibata, K.; Mizushina, Y., 2012:
Regiospecific profiles of fatty acids in triacylglycerols and phospholipids from Adzuki beans (Vigna angularis)

Lazzaro, D.P.; McGuire, R.; McMillin, D.R., 2011:
Regiospecific quenching of a photoexcited platinum(II) complex at acidic and basic sites

Wang, B.; Graskemper, J.W.; Qin, L.; DiMagno, S.G., 2010:
Regiospecific reductive elimination from diaryliodonium salts

Katolik, A.; Johnsson, R.; Montemayor, E.; Lackey, J.G.; Hart, P.John.; Damha, M.J., 2014:
Regiospecific solid-phase synthesis of branched oligoribonucleotides that mimic intronic lariat RNA intermediates

Testero, S.A.; O'Daniel, P.I.; Shi, Q.; Lee, M.; Hesek, D.; Ishiwata, A.; Noll, B.C.; Mobashery, S., 2009:
Regiospecific syntheses of 6alpha-(1R-Hydroxyoctyl)penicillanic acid and 6beta-(1R-hydroxyoctyl)penicillanic acid as mechanistic probes of class D beta-lactamases

Chun, J-Hyun.; Pike, V.W., 2012:
Regiospecific syntheses of functionalized diaryliodonium tosylates via [hydroxy(tosyloxy)iodo]arenes generated in situ from (diacetoxyiodo)arenes

Thangamani, A., 2011:
Regiospecific synthesis and biological evaluation of spirooxindolopyrrolizidines via [3+2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylide

Zhao, D.; Hu, J.; Wu, N.; Huang, X.; Qin, X.; Lan, J.; You, J., 2012:
Regiospecific synthesis of 1,2-disubstituted (hetero)aryl fused imidazoles with tunable fluorescent emission

Kinfe, H.H.; Makolo, F.L.; Adokoh, C.K., 2014:
Regiospecific synthesis of 2-halo-3-(2'-glucalyl)benzo[b]thiophenes

Weizmann, Y.; Lim, J.; Chenoweth, D.M.; Swager, T.M., 2010:
Regiospecific synthesis of Au-nanorod/SWCNT/Au-nanorod heterojunctions

Jacq, Jérôme.; Bessières, B.; Einhorn, C.; Einhorn, J., 2010 :
Regiospecific synthesis of functionalised 1,3-diarylisobenzofurans via palladium- and rhodium-catalysed reaction of boronic acids with o-acylbenzaldehydes under thermal or microwave activation

Liu, Y-Kui.; Lou, S-Jie.; Xu, D-Qian.; Xu, Z-Yuan., 2010:
Regiospecific synthesis of nitroarenes by palladium-catalyzed nitrogen-donor-directed aromatic C-H nitration

Guieu, S.; Sollogoub, M., 2008:
Regiospecific tandem azide-reduction/deprotection to afford versatile amino alcohol-functionalized alpha- and beta-cyclodextrins

Hu, Y.; Fu, X.; Barry, B-Deen.; Bi, X.; Dong, D., 2012:
Regiospecific β-lactam ring-opening/recyclization reactions of N-aryl-3-spirocyclic-β-lactams catalyzed by a Lewis-Brønsted acids combined superacid catalyst system: a new entry to 3-spirocyclicquinolin-4(1H)-ones

Edwankar, R.V.; Edwankar, C.R.; Deschamps, J.; Cook, J.M., 2012:
Regiospecific, enantiospecific total synthesis of C-19 methyl substituted sarpagine alkaloids dihydroperaksine-17-al and dihydroperaksine

Muresan, A.Z.; Thamyongkit, P.; Diers, J.R.; Holten, D.; Lindsey, J.S.; Bocian, D.F., 2008:
Regiospecifically alpha-13C-labeled porphyrins for studies of ground-state hole transfer in multiporphyrin arrays

Liu, C.; Minami, A.; Noike, M.; Toshima, H.; Oikawa, H.; Dairi, T., 2014:
Regiospecificities and prenylation mode specificities of the fungal indole diterpene prenyltransferases AtmD and PaxD

Anonymous, 1983:
Regis chemical company

Ariza, R., 2005:

Mitrović, M.; Somer, T.; Milankov, M.; Janjić, Z., 1995:
Registar of injuries--a specific data base

Anonymous, 1915:
Register And Directory

Anonymous, 1909:
Register Directory

Anonymous, 1903:
Register Of Physicians

Anonymous, 2013:
Register WMTS telemetry systems to avoid possible loss of compensation

Jayachandran, D.; Bythell, M.; Platt, M.Ward.; Rankin, J., 2013:
Register based study of bladder exstrophy-epispadias complex: prevalence, associated anomalies, prenatal diagnosis and survival

Eriksen, W.; Sundet, J.M.; Tambs, K., 2009:
Register data suggest lower intelligence in men born the year after flu pandemic

Warnet, S., 2013:
Register for work

Fehr, M., 2015:
Register now for the residue world cup

Anonymous, 1993:
Register now last chance to save $100

Rodrigues-Guimarães, R.; Guimarães, R.R.; Carvalho, R.W.de.; Mayhé-Nunes, A.J.; Moya-Borja, G.E., 2008:
Register of Aphaereta laeviuscula (Spinola) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Nasonia vitripennis (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) as parasitoids of Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel) (Diptera: Calliphoridae), in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Crawford, A., 1985:
Register of UK alcoholic research projects 1985-86

Persechino, B.; Marinaccio, A.; D'Orsi, F.; Gamberale, D.; Gelormini, A.; Mondello, M.; Barbaro, M., 2009:
Register of exposed to carcinogens

Anonymous, 1969:
Register of fellows

Styler, P., 2009:
Register of interested parties to provide service in times of emergency

Masic, I.; Mujakovic, A., 2009:
Register of oncological diseases in canton sarajevo

MacIntyre, D., 2009:
Register of premises supplying veterinary medicines

Christopher, P., 2012:
Register of reported cases of leprosy

Roos, J., 2012:
Register on the mental health information centre of Southern Africa database

Mohan, J.F.; Petzold, S.J.; Unanue, E.R., 2012:
Register shifting of an insulin peptide-MHC complex allows diabetogenic T cells to escape thymic deletion

Norlin, J.; Schmitt-Egenolf, M.; Carlsson, K.Steen.; Persson, U., 2014:
Register studies measure the effectiveness of drugs in clinical practice. The example PsoReg - redistribution of systemic treatment can increase the efficiency

Li, T., 2010:
Register systematic reviews

Levin, K., 2007:
Register to respond during a crisis

Lagergren, J.; Lagergen, P.; Lindblad, M.; Ljung, R.; Lu, Y.; Mattsson, F., 2012:
Register-based clinical research. Internationally competitive, but the difficulties are underestimated

Nummela, O.; Sulander, T.; Helakorpi, S.; Haapola, I.; Uutela, A.; Heinonen, H.; Valve, R.; Fogelholm, M., 2011:
Register-based data indicated nonparticipation bias in a health study among aging people

Ropponen, A.; Samuelsson, Åsa.; Alexanderson, K.; Svedberg, P., 2014:
Register-based data of psychosocial working conditions and occupational groups as predictors of disability pension due to musculoskeletal diagnoses: a prospective cohort study of 24,543 Swedish twins

Hjollund, N.Henrik.; Larsen, F.Breinholt.; Andersen, J.Hviid., 2007:
Register-based follow-up of social benefits and other transfer payments: accuracy and degree of completeness in a Danish interdepartmental administrative database compared with a population-based survey

Yaouanq, J.; Tron, I.; Kerbrat, A.; Leray, E.; Hamonic, S.; Merienne, M.; Hinault, P.; Edan, G., 2015:
Register-based incidence of multiple sclerosis in Brittany (north-western France), 2000-2001

Aarnio, E.J.; Martikainen, J.A.; Helin-Salmivaara, A.; Huupponen, R.K.; Hartikainen, J.E.K.; Peura, P.K.; Korhonen, M.Jaana., 2014:
Register-based predictors of adherence among new statin users in Finland

Otten, N.D.; Nielsen, L.R.; Thomsen, P.T.; Houe, H., 2015:
Register-based predictors of violations of animal welfare legislation in dairy herds

Christensen, K.; Kyvik, K.Ohm.; Holm, N.V.; Skytthe, A., 2011:
Register-based research on twins

Olsen, Jørn., 2011:
Register-based research: some methodological considerations

Von Euler-Chelpin, M.; Lynge, E.; Rebolj, M., 2011:
Register-based studies of cancer screening effects

Abildstrøm, S.Z.; Torp-Pedersen, C.; Madsen, M., 2011:
Register-based studies of cardiovascular disease

Carstensen, B.; Borch-Johnsen, K., 2011:
Register-based studies of diabetes

Kruse, M.; Christiansen, T., 2011:
Register-based studies of healthcare costs

Munk-Jørgensen, P.; Østergaard, Søren.Dinesen., 2011:
Register-based studies of mental disorders

Vestergaard, M.; Christensen, J., 2009:
Register-based studies on febrile seizures in Denmark

Norredam, M.; Kastrup, M.; Helweg-Larsen, K., 2011:
Register-based studies on migration, ethnicity, and health

Laaksonen, M.; Aittomäki, A.; Lallukka, T.; Rahkonen, O.; Saastamoinen, P.; Silventoinen, K.; Lahelma, E., 2008:
Register-based study among employees showed small nonparticipation bias in health surveys and check-ups

Hopper, J.L.; Apicella, C.; Butt, A.J., 2014:
Register4: an Australian web-enabled resource created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to facilitate and accelerate cancer research

Irwin, M.R.; Downey, D.B.; Gardi, L.; Fenster, A., 2008:
Registered 3-D ultrasound and digital stereotactic mammography for breast biopsy guidance

Anonymous, 1939:
Registered Dispensing Opticians: A New California Law

Hallin, K.; Danielson, E., 2007:
Registered Nurses' perceptions of their work and professional development

Furåker, C., 2009:
Registered Nurses' views on their professional role

Karlsson, C.; Sidenvall, B.; Bergh, I.; Ernsth-Bravell, M., 2012:
Registered Nurses´ View of Performing Pain Assessment among Persons with Dementia as Consultant Advisors

Pan, A.; Lorenzotti, S.; Zoncada, A., 2008:
Registered and investigational drugs for the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection

Boska, M.; Liu, Y.; Uberti, M.; Sajja, B.R.; Balkundi, S.; McMillan, J.; Gendelman, H.E., 2011:
Registered bioimaging of nanomaterials for diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring

Munkner, R.; Haastrup, S.; Joergensen, T.; Kramp, P., 2011:
Registered criminality and sanctioning of schizophrenia patients

Casagrande, G.; LeJeune, J.; Belury, M.A.; Medeiros, L.C., 2011:
Registered dietitian's personal beliefs and characteristics predict their teaching or intention to teach fresh vegetable food safety

Heiss, C.J.; Goldberg, L.; Dzarnoski, M., 2010:
Registered dietitians and speech-language pathologists: an important partnership in Dysphagia management

Wakeham, M.; Christensen, M.; Manzi, J.; Kuhn, E.M.; Scanlon, M.; Goday, P.S.; Mikhailov, T.A., 2013:
Registered dietitians making a difference: early medical record documentation of estimated energy requirement in critically ill children is associated with higher daily energy intake and with use of the enteral route

Karalis, M., 2008:
Registered dietitians working together to advance research

Szeto, M.O.P.; Maillet, J.O'Sullivan.; Brody, R.A.; Parrott, J.Scott., 2016:
Registered dietitians' roles in decision-making processes for PEG placement in the elderly

Zhao, Z., 2009:
Registered households and micro-social structure in China: residential patterns in three settlements in Beijing area

James, J.; Cottle, E.; Hodge, R.Debbie., 2011:
Registered nurse and health care chaplains experiences of providing the family support person role during family witnessed resuscitation

Starr, L., 2009:
Registered nurse and serial killer

Vogel, A.M.; Lennon, D.R.; Gray, S.; Farrell, E.; Anderson, P., 2013:
Registered nurse assessment and treatment of skin sepsis in New Zealand schools: the development of protocols

Goldberg, J.L., 2008:
Registered nurse circulator legislation in Connecticut

Zurmehly, J.; Martin, P.A.; Fitzpatrick, J.J., 2011:
Registered nurse empowerment and intent to leave current position and/or profession

Anonymous, 2008:
Registered nurse first assistant (RNFA)

Zarling, K.K.; Burke, M.V.; Gaines, K.A.; Gauvin, T.R., 2008:
Registered nurse initiation of a tobacco intervention protocol: leading quality care

Pittman, J., 2007:
Registered nurse job satisfaction and collective bargaining unit membership status

McGlynn, K.; Griffin, M.Quinn.; Donahue, M.; Fitzpatrick, J.J., 2012:
Registered nurse job satisfaction and satisfaction with the professional practice model

Staiger, D.O.; Auerbach, D.I.; Buerhaus, P.I., 2012:
Registered nurse labor supply and the recession--are we in a bubble?

Saccomano, S.J.; Pinto-Zipp, G., 2011:
Registered nurse leadership style and confidence in delegation

Pasero, C.; Eksterowicz, N.; Primeau, M.; Cowley, C., 2007:
Registered nurse management and monitoring of analgesia by catheter techniques: position statement

Rhodes, C.; Radziewicz, R.; Amato, S.; Bowden, V.; Hazel, C.; McClendon, S.; Medas, J.; McNett, M., 2013:
Registered nurse perceptions after implementation of a nurse residency program

Winters, R.; Neville, S., 2013:
Registered nurse perspectives on delayed or missed nursing cares in a New Zealand Hospital

Hunt, S.R.; Probst, J.C.; Haddock, K.S.; Moran, R.; Baker, S.L.; Anderson, R.A.; Corazzini, K., 2012:
Registered nurse retention strategies in nursing homes: a two-factor perspective

Castner, J.; Grinslade, S.; Guay, J.; Hettinger, A.Zach.; Seo, J.Young.; Boris, L., 2014:
Registered nurse scope of practice and ED complaint-specific protocols

Clarke, S.P., 2007:
Registered nurse staffing and patient outcomes in acute care: looking back, pushing forward

Kim, H.; Harrington, C.; Greene, W.H., 2009:
Registered nurse staffing mix and quality of care in nursing homes: a longitudinal analysis

Auerbach, D.I.; Buerhaus, P.I.; Staiger, D.O., 2012:
Registered nurse supply grows faster than projected amid surge in new entrants ages 23-26

Anonymous, 2007:
Registered nurse utilization of nursing assistive personnel statement for adoption

Shattell, M.M.; Delaney, K.R., 2012:
Registered nurse workforce trends for new entrants age 23-26: hope for the psychiatric nursing workforce shortage

Bechard, L.; Harding, A.D., 2013:
Registered nurse-initiated patient removal from backboards in the emergency department

Kocbek, L.; Rakuša, M., 2018:
Common trunk of the posterior intercostal arteries from the thoracic aorta: anatomical variation, frequency, and importance in individuals

Francavilla, C.L., 2008 :
Registered nurse-managed anticoagulation clinic: improving patient outcomes

Shapero, T., 2015:
Registered nurse-performed flexible sigmoidoscopy in Ontario

Cooper, M.Anne.; Tinmouth, J.Margaret.; Rabeneck, L., 2014:
Registered nurse-performed flexible sigmoidoscopy in Ontario: development and implementaton of the curriculum and program

Saccomano, S.J., 2007:
Registered nurses and delegation

Toronto, C.E.; Mullaney, S.M., 2010:
Registered nurses and influenza vaccination. An integrative review

Boblin, S.; Baxter, P.; Alvarado, K.; Baumann, A.; Akhtar-Danesh, N., 2008:
Registered nurses and licensed/registered practical nurses: a description and comparison of their decision-making process

Salmon, P., 1978:
Registered nurses and long-term care

Robinson, R., 2010:
Registered nurses and moral distress

Auerbach, D.I.; Buerhaus, P.I.; Staiger, D.O., 2016:
Registered nurses are delaying retirement, a shift that has contributed to recent growth in the nurse workforce

Nelson, D.Privette.; Plost, G., 2009:
Registered nurses as family care specialists in the intensive care unit

Mills, J.Elizabeth.; Francis, K.; Birks, M.; Coyle, M.; Henderson, S.; Jones, J., 2010:
Registered nurses as members of interprofessional primary health care teams in remote or isolated areas of Queensland: Collaboration, communication and partnerships in practice

Wissemann, M.W.; Vanfosson, C.A., 2012:
Registered nurses as permanent members of medical evacuation crews: the critical link

Santoro, R.; Marino, R.; Dizione, L.; Iannaccaro, P., 2010:
Registered nurses for the home treatment of children with haemophilia who have developed inhibitors: a case report

Nirel, N.; Riba, S.; Reicher, S.; Toren, O., 2012:
Registered nurses in Israel - workforce employment characteristics and projected supply

Bertrand, S.W., 2012:
Registered nurses integrate traditional Chinese medicine into the triage process

Altmann, T.K., 2012:
Registered nurses returning to school for a bachelors degree in nursing: Issues emerging from a meta-analysis of the research

Thomas, M.Beth., 2010:
Registered nurses select multiple factors associated with their errors

Neal-Boylan, L.; Guillett, S.E., 2007:
Registered nurses with physical disabilities

Johansson, M.Eiman.; Pilhammar, E.; Khalaf, A.; Willman, A., 2009:
Registered nurses' adherence to clinical guidelines regarding peripheral venous catheters: a structured observational study

Zuzelo, P.Rager.; Curran, S.Silver.; Zeserman, M.Ann., 2012:
Registered nurses' and behavior health associates' responses to violent inpatient interactions on behavioral health units

Bird, A.; Wallis, M.; Chaboyer, W., 2010:
Registered nurses' and midwives' knowledge of epidural analgesia

Juthberg, C.; Sundin, K., 2010:
Registered nurses' and nurse assistants' lived experience of troubled conscience in their work in elderly care--a phenomenological hermeneutic study

Boström, A-Marie.; Ehrenberg, A.; Gustavsson, J.Petter.; Wallin, L., 2010:
Registered nurses' application of evidence-based practice: a national survey

Sving, E.; Gunningberg, L.; Högman, M.; Mamhidir, A-Greta., 2012:
Registered nurses' attention to and perceptions of pressure ulcer prevention in hospital settings

Blackwell, C.W., 2008:
Registered nurses' attitudes toward the protection of gays and lesbians in the workplace

Alcorn, J.; Topping, A.Elizabeth., 2009:
Registered nurses' attitudes towards the role of the healthcare assistant

Esposito, E.M.; Fitzpatrick, J.J., 2011:
Registered nurses' beliefs of the benefits of exercise, their exercise behaviour and their patient teaching regarding exercise

Tower, M.; Chaboyer, W.; Green, Q.; Dyer, K.; Wallis, M., 2013:
Registered nurses' decision-making regarding documentation in patients' progress notes

Nilsson, K.; Lundgren, S.; Furåker, C., 2010:
Registered nurses' everyday activities in municipal health care: a study of diaries

Rudman, A.; Gustavsson, P.; Ehrenberg, A.; Boström, A-Marie.; Wallin, L., 2013:
Registered nurses' evidence-based practice: a longitudinal study of the first five years after graduation

Poggenpoel, M.; Myburgh, C.P.H.; Morare, M.N., 2012:
Registered nurses' experiences of interaction with patients with mental health challenges in medical wards in Johannesburg

Sundin, K.; Fahlen, U.; Lundgren, M.; Jacobsson, C., 2015:
Registered nurses' experiences of priorities in surgery care

Seitovirta, J.; Partanen, P.; Vehviläinen-Julkunen, K.; Kvist, T., 2017:
Registered nurses' experiences of rewarding in a Finnish University Hospital - an interview study

Ek, B.; Svedlund, M., 2015:
Registered nurses' experiences of their decision-making at an Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre

Josefsson, K., 2013:
Registered nurses' health in community elderly care in Sweden

Rochefort, C.M.; Ward, L.; Ritchie, J.A.; Girard, N.; Tamblyn, R.M., 2011:
Registered nurses' job demands in relation to sitter use: nested case-control study

Zangaro, G.A.; Johantgen, M., 2009:
Registered nurses' job satisfaction in Navy hospitals

Chipps, E.; Wills, C.E.; Tanda, R.; Patterson, E.S.; Elfrink, V.; Brodnik, M.; Schweikhart, S.; Ryan-Wenger, N., 2012:
Registered nurses' judgments of the classification and risk level of patient care errors

Lim, L.M.; Chiu, L.H.; Dohrmann, J.; Tan, K-L., 2010:
Registered nurses' medication management of the elderly in aged care facilities

Bergh, A-Louise.; Karlsson, J.; Persson, E.; Friberg, F., 2013:
Registered nurses' perceptions of conditions for patient education - focusing on organisational, environmental and professional cooperation aspects

Bergh, A-Louise.; Persson, E.; Karlsson, J.; Friberg, F., 2016:
Registered nurses' perceptions of conditions for patient education--focusing on aspects of competence

Whitman, M.V.; Davis, J.A., 2009:
Registered nurses' perceptions of cultural and linguistic hospital resources

Val Palumbo, M.; Rambur, B.; McIntosh, B.; Naud, S., 2011:
Registered nurses' perceptions of health and safety related to their intention to leave

Pauly, B.; Varcoe, C.; Storch, J.; Newton, L., 2009:
Registered nurses' perceptions of moral distress and ethical climate

Buerhaus, P.I.; Donelan, K.; DesRoches, C.; Hess, R., 2010:
Registered nurses' perceptions of nurse staffing ratios and new hospital payment regulations

Carlson, E.; Rämgård, M.; Bolmsjö, I.; Bengtsson, M., 2015:
Registered nurses' perceptions of their professional work in nursing homes and home-based care: a focus group study

Mackintosh-Franklin, C., 2016:
Registered nurses' personal responses to postoperative pain: a descriptive qualitative study

Buerhaus, P.I.; Ulrich, B.; Donelan, K.; DesRoches, C., 2008:
Registered nurses' perspectives on health care and the 2008 presidential election

Baumberger-Henry, M., 2012:
Registered nurses' perspectives on the new graduate working in the emergency department or critical care unit

Saunamäki, N.; Engström, M., 2015:
Registered nurses' reflections on discussing sexuality with patients: responsibilities, doubts and fears

Nemcek, M.Ann., 2007:
Registered nurses' self-nurturance and life and career satisfaction

Santiano, N.; Daffurn, K., 2007:
Registered nurses' self-perceived level of competence following completion of a specialist graduate certificate

Berkelmans, A.; Burton, D.; Page, K.; Worrall-Carter, L., 2011:
Registered nurses' smoking behaviours and their attitudes to personal cessation

Fossum, M.; Alexander, G.L.; Göransson, K.E.; Ehnfors, M.; Ehrenberg, A., 2011:
Registered nurses' thinking strategies on malnutrition and pressure ulcers in nursing homes: a scenario-based think-aloud study

Arving, C.; Wadensten, B.; Johansson, B., 2015:
Registered nurses' thoughts on blended learning in a postgraduate course in cancer care--content analyses of web surveys and a focus group interview

DesRoches, C.; Donelan, K.; Buerhaus, P.; Zhonghe, L., 2008:
Registered nurses' use of electronic health records: findings from a national survey

Boström, A-Marie.; Kajermo, K.Nilsson.; Nordström, G.; Wallin, L., 2009:
Registered nurses' use of research findings in the care of older people

Valencia, D.; Raingruber, B., 2010:
Registered nurses' views about work and retirement

Ben-Natan, M., 2015:
Registered nurses, nurse specialists and physicians have a neutral to moderately positive view on nurse prescribing, though physicians still have patient safety concerns

Odom-Forren, J., 2012:
Registered nurses: are we satisfied with our jobs?

Pedersen, E., 2014:
Registered opiate addicts in Norway

Pedrana, A.; Hellard, M.; Giles, M., 2008:
Registered post achieved a higher response rate than normal mail--a randomized controlled trial

Aragonès, E.; Salvador-Carulla, L.; López-Muntaner, J.; Ferrer, M.; Piñol, J.Lluís., 2014:
Registered prevalence of borderline personality disorder in primary care databases

van ' T Veer, A.E.; Stel, Mëlle.; van Beest, I.; Gallucci, M., 2014:
Registered report: measuring unconscious deception detection by skin temperature

Chambers, C.D., 2013:
Registered reports: a new publishing initiative at Cortex

Munafò, M.R.; Strain, E., 2014:
Registered reports: a new submission format at Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Anonymous, 2007:
Registered sex offender prevails in HIV-testing challenge

Burke, J., 2007:
Registered sex offender study

Anonymous, 1883:
Registering Apparatus For Earth-Currents

Parasuraman, S.; Raveendran, R., 2009:
Registering IECs and IRBs in India

Anonymous, 1959:
Registering Medical Auxiliaries

Orchard, J.; Mann, R., 2010:
Registering a multisensor ensemble of images

Kim, H.Young.; Orchard, J., 2011:
Registering a non-rigid multi-sensor ensemble of images

Jackson, B.P.; Goshtasby, A.Ardeshir., 2009:
Registering aerial video images using the projective constraint

Lu, H.; Scholl, C.A.; Zuo, Y.; Demny, S.; Rea, W.; Stein, E.A.; Yang, Y., 2010:
Registering and analyzing rat fMRI data in the stereotaxic framework by exploiting intrinsic anatomical features

Anonymous, 2014:
Registering chronic care improvement

Miller, J.Dabney., 2010:
Registering clinical trial results: the next step

Plumridge, N., 2008:
Registering complaints

Magdelijns, F.J.H.; Gulikers, D.; Pijpers, E.; Koopmans, R.P.; Stassen, P.M., 2013:
Registering complications at admission via the emergency department: an opportunity for improvement

Gutman, B.; Leonardo, C.; Jahanshad, N.; Hibar, D.; Eschenburg, K.; Nir, T.; Villalon, J.; Thompson, P., 2014:
Registering cortical surfaces based on whole-brain structural connectivity and continuous connectivity analysis

Rowlands-Mellor, J., 2009:
Registering deaths on site

Rifai, N.; Bossuyt, P.M.M.; Ioannidis, J.P.A.; Bray, K.R.; McShane, L.M.; Golub, R.M.; Hooft, L., 2014:
Registering diagnostic and prognostic trials of tests: is it the right thing to do?

Fernández, G.; Laubrock, J.; Mandolesi, P.; Colombo, O.; Agamennoni, O., 2014:
Registering eye movements during reading in Alzheimer's disease: difficulties in predicting upcoming words

Ayaz, H.; Izzetoglu, M.; Platek, S.M.; Bunce, S.; Izzetoglu, K.; Pourrezaei, K.; Onaral, B., 2007:
Registering fNIR data to brain surface image using MRI templates

Hubbeling, D., 2010:
Registering findings from deep brain stimulation

You, T-Zoo.; Wang, S-Jen.; Young, Y-Ho., 2014:
Registering grades of sudden deafness to predict the hearing outcome via an inner-ear test battery

Zhan, Y.; Ou, Y.; Feldman, M.; Tomaszeweski, J.; Davatzikos, C.; Shen, D., 2007:
Registering histologic and MR images of prostate for image-based cancer detection

Harries, A.D.; Rusen, I.D.; Chiang, C-Y.; Hinderaker, S.G.; Enarson, D.A., 2009:
Registering initial defaulters and reporting on their treatment outcomes

Doua, J.Y.; Van Geertruyden, J-Pierre., 2014:
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Registering results from clinical trials

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Registers are problem promoting

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Registrant opinion is key to regulator reform

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Registrants Seeking Vacancies, Please: the satellite symposia experience

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Registrar to GP: a transition

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Registrar who used excessive force in forceps delivery is struck off

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Registrars in Teaching and Non-Teaching Hospitals

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Anonymous, 1933:

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Registration At The Cleveland Meeting

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Registration Combining Wide and Narrow Baseline Feature Tracking Techniques for Markerless AR Systems

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Registration Fees

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Registration Fees At Annual Meetings

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Registration In American Universities

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Registration In The National Roster

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Registration Information

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Registration of Mental Disorders

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Registration Of Osteopaths Bill: Lord Moynihan's Speech

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Registration the Foundation of Vital Statistics

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Registration Under the Harrison Narcotic Act

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Registration and Enabling Certificates

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Registration and reporting of clinical trials

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Registration and three-dimensional reconstruction of autoradiographic images by the disparity analysis method

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Registration and travel information-Mexico city

Anonymous, 1973:
Registration and travel information-Mexico city

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Registration and use of veterinary medicines in New Zealand

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Registration cancelled for indecent assault

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Registration fee increases and confusion over filling in forms

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Registration fee to rise again amid calls for monthly payment scheme

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Registration fiducials for automated alignment with optical processing

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Registration for Canadian Medical War Veterans

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Registration for electronic resources - challenges for part-time post qualifying students in the UK

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Registration for federal electronic health record incentive programs

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Registration for frameless brain surgery based on stereo imaging

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Registration in relation to eugenics

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Registration in the public interest

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Registration of BackHome microchips

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Registration of Brain MRI/PET Images Based on Adaptive Combination of Intensity and Gradient Field Mutual Information

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Registration of Clinical Trials: Is it Really Needed?

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Registration of Deaths

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Registration of Down syndrome in the Medical Birth Registry of Norway: validity and time trends

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Registration of K(+)-equilibrium potential in myometrium cell plasma membrane and study of its modulation of NO(x) and H2O2, using flow cytometry method

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Registration of Medical Students and Physicians for the National Emergency

Anonymous, 1894:
Registration of Midwives

Anonymous, 1894:
Registration of Midwives: Scheme for the Registration of Midwives Drawn up by the Midwives' Registration Association

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Registration of OCT fundus images with color fundus photographs based on blood vessel ridges

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Registration of Opticians

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Registration of PE segment contour deformations in digital high-speed videos

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Registration of PET and CT images based on multiresolution gradient of mutual information demons algorithm for positioning esophageal cancer patients

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Registration of Still-Born Infants

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Registration of Trade Accidents

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Registration of a validated mechanical atlas of middle ear for surgical simulation

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Registration of abdominal tumor DCE-MRI data based on deconvolution of joint statistics

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Registration of acute medical hospital admissions in the Danish National Patient Registry: a validation study

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Registration of adaptive optics corrected retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) images

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Registration of aggressive incidents in an adolescent forensic psychiatric unit and implications for further practice

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Registration of bitches undergoing repeat caesareans

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Registration of cardiac tones and murmurs

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Registration of care course indicates potential organ donors. The registration tool Donor Action tested in the Southern health care region

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Registration of challenging image pairs: initialization, estimation, and decision

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Registration of clinical trials

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Registration of clinical trials and journal governance

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Registration of clinical trials and other study protocols

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Registration of clinical trials for publication

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Registration of clinical trials still moving ahead--September 2008 update to Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals

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Registration of clinical trials--a regional perspective

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Registration of clinical trials--results included now!

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Registration of clinical trials: An idea whose time has come!

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Registration of clinical trials: how developing countries could prepare for the upcoming storm

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Registration of coronary venous anatomy to the site of the latest mechanical contraction

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Registration of cortical surfaces using sulcal landmarks for group analysis of MEG data

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Registration of dental assistants

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Registration of dental erosive wear on study models and intra-oral photographs

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Registration of dogs

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Registration of drug use in a birth defect monitoring system: a priority worthy of emphasis!

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Registration of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of the common carotid artery using a fixed-frame template-based squared-difference method

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Registration of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI using a progressive principal component registration (PPCR)

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Registration of epidemiological studies: benefits and risks

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Registration of ethnicity allowed with conditions

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Registration of evoked otoacoustic emission in the members of locomotive crews of the railroad service

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Registration of fatal occupational injuries in Costa Rica, 2005-2006

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Registration of free-breathing 3D+t abdominal perfusion CT images via co-segmentation

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Registration of fundus images for generating wide field composite images of the retina

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Registration of health-related quality of life in a cohort of patients undergoing cholecystectomy

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Registration of high angular resolution diffusion MRI images using 4th order tensors

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Registration of high-density cross sectional images to the fundus image in spectral-domain ophthalmic optical coherence tomography

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Registration of histological whole slide images guided by vessel structures

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Registration of human embryonic stem cell lines: Korea, 2010

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Registration of images with varying topology using embedded maps

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Registration of in vivo fluorescence endomicroscopy images based on feature detection

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Registration of in vivo prostate MRI and pseudo-whole mount histology using Local Affine Transformations guided by Internal Structures (LATIS)

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Registration of labor pain

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Registration of longitudinal image sequences with implicit template and spatial-temporal heuristics

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Registration of low dose bi-planar acquisitions for motion analysis

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Registration of lung nodules using a semi-rigid model: method and preliminary results

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Registration of lung tissue between fluoroscope and CT images: determination of beam gating parameters in radiotherapy

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Registration of medical devices

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Registration of micro-computed tomography and histological images of the guinea pig cochlea to construct an ear model using an iterative closest point algorithm

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Registration of multiview real-time 3-D echocardiographic sequences

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Registration of myocardial PET and SPECT for viability assessment using mutual information

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Registration of new clopidogrel preparations--an attack on patent protection?

Singer, E., 2008:
Registration of new medicinal products in Europe

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Registration of noncommercial randomised clinical trials: the feasibility of using trial registries to monitor the number of trials

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Registration of nurse-initiated clinical trials: why, how, when?

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Registration of observational studies: is it time?

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Registration of occlusion by buccal scan in Cerec software version 3.80

Xu, Q.; He, Z.; Fan, J.; Hamilton, R.J.; Chen, Y.; Ma, C-M.; Xing, L., 2010:
Registration of on-board X-ray images with 4DCT: a proposed method of phase and setup verification for gated radiotherapy

Järhult, B., 2014:
Registration of patient data. "Active refusal" the way in England

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Registration of pedobarographic image data in the frequency domain

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Registration of planar bioluminescence to magnetic resonance and x-ray computed tomography images as a platform for the development of bioluminescence tomography reconstruction algorithms

Oliveira, F.P.M.; Tavares, Jão.Manuel.R.S., 2015:
Registration of plantar pressure images

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Registration of post-operative wound infections: a method for reducing the rate of infections

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Registration of prehabilitation prior to surgery

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Registration of primary ovarian cancer in Denmark

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Registration of prone and supine CT colonography scans based on correlation optimized warping and canonical correlation analysis

Wang, S.; Yao, J.; Liu, J.; Petrick, N.; Van Uitert, R.L.; Periaswamy, S.; Summers, R.M., 2010:
Registration of prone and supine CT colonography scans using correlation optimized warping and canonical correlation analysis

Pearce, N., 2011:
Registration of protocols for observational research is unnecessary and would do more harm than good

Galdames, F.J.; Perez, C.A.; Estévez, P.A.; Held, C.M.; Jaillet, F.; Lobo, G.; Donoso, G.; Coll, C., 2011:
Registration of renal SPECT and 2.5D US images

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Registrations of compounding outsourcing facilities trickle in

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Registrations of premises, process of manufacture and sampling procedure [in the manufacture of ice-cream

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Regression in the countertransference: working with the archetype of the abandoned child

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Regression of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with aromatase inhibitor-letrozole?

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Regression of diverticula following relief of vesical neck obstruction

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Regression of ductal carcinoma in situ after treatment with acupuncture

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Regression of effect over long-term follow-up of conductive keratoplasty to correct mild to moderate hyperopia

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Regression of replication forks stalled by leading-strand template damage: II. Regression by RecA is inhibited by SSB