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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55448

Chapter 55448 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Asano, D.; Nakahara, T.; Mori, A.; Sakamoto, K.; Ishii, K., 2015:
Regression of retinal capillaries following N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced neurotoxicity in the neonatal rat retina

Ranchod, T.M.; Trese, M.T., 2010:
Regression of retinal neovascularization after laser photocoagulation in incontinentia pigmenti

Lüke, J.; Nassar, K.; Grisanti, S.; Lüke, M., 2013:
Regression of rubeosis in the fellow eye after intravitreal ranibizumab injection

Prabhakar, S.; Taherian, M.; Gianni, D.; Conlon, T.J.; Fulci, G.; Brockmann, J.; Stemmer-Rachamimov, A.; Sena-Esteves, M.; Breakefield, X.O.; Brenner, G.J., 2013:
Regression of schwannomas induced by adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of caspase-1

Kalager, M., 2011:
Regression of screening-detected breast cancer

Kanai, A.; Osawa, S.; Suzuki, A.; Ozawa, A.; Okamoto, H.; Hoka, S., 2007:
Regression of sensory and motor blockade, and analgesia during continuous epidural infusion of ropivacaine and fentanyl in comparison with other local anesthetics

Barkmeier, A.J.; Kadikoy, H.; Holz, E.R.; Carvounis, P.E., 2012:
Regression of serous macular detachment due to peripheral exudative hemorrhagic chorioretinopathy following intravitreal bevacizumab

Ishaq, S.; Saeed, A.; Jawad, M., 2013:
Regression of severe Behcet's eye disease with infliximab therapy; .first two cases treated in Pakistan

Hadayer, A.; Kleinmann, G., 2015:
Regression of severe corneal neovascularization after a triple procedure: phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, and Descemet-stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty

Sonmez, B.; Beden, U.; Erkan, D., 2007:
Regression of severe corneal stromal neovascularization with topical cyclosporine 0.05% after penetrating keratoplasty for fungal corneal ulcer

Obad, D.; Larsen, N.A.; Pedersen, E.B., 2010:
Regression of severe periarticular calcifications during treatment with bisphosphonate in a dialysis patient

Thielecke, M.; Raharimanga, V.; Stauss-Grabo, M.; Rogier, C.; Richard, V.; Feldmeier, H., 2013:
Regression of severe tungiasis-associated morbidity after prevention of re-infestation: a case series from rural Madagascar

Khalifa, M.; Slim, I.; Kaabia, N.; Bahri, F.; Trabelsi, A.; Letaief, A.Omezzine., 2007:
Regression of skin lesions of Kyrle's disease with metronidazole in a diabetic patient

Agabiti-Rosei, E.; Rizzoni, D., 2011:
Regression of small resistance artery structural alterations in hypertension by appropriate antihypertensive treatment

Krishnan, R.; Lochhead, J., 2010:
Regression of soft drusen and drusenoid pigment epithelial detachment following intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy

Shimazu, T.; Mirochnitchenko, O.; Phadtare, S.; Inouye, M., 2015:
Regression of solid tumors by induction of MazF, a bacterial mRNA endoribonuclease

Tanaka, K.; Yoshikawa, R.; Yanagi, H.; Gega, M.; Fujiwara, Y.; Hashimoto-Tamaoki, T.; Hirota, S.; Tsujimura, T.; Tomita, N., 2008 :
Regression of sporadic intra-abdominal desmoid tumour following administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Koenig, M.Kay.; Butler, I.J.; Northrup, H., 2008:
Regression of subependymal giant cell astrocytoma with rapamycin in tuberous sclerosis complex

Yalon, M.; Ben-Sira, L.; Constantini, S.; Toren, A., 2011:
Regression of subependymal giant cell astrocytomas with RAD001 (Everolimus) in tuberous sclerosis complex

Ihara, G.; Kiyomoto, H.; Kobori, H.; Nagai, Y.; Ohashi, N.; Hitomi, H.; Nakano, D.; Pelisch, N.; Hara, T.; Mori, T.; Ito, S.; Kohno, M.; Nishiyama, A., 2011:
Regression of superficial glomerular podocyte injury in type 2 diabetic rats with overt albuminuria: effect of angiotensin II blockade

Doğan, V.; Yeşil, Şule.; Kayalı, Şeyma.; Beken, S.; Özgür, S.; Ertuğrul, İlker.; Bozkurt, C.; Örün, U.Arman.; Karademir, S., 2015:
Regression of symptomatic multiple cardiac rhabdomyomas associated with tuberous sclerosis complex in a newborn receiving everolimus

Forni, G.Luca.; Balocco, M.; Cremonesi, L.; Abbruzzese, G.; Parodi, R.Carlo.; Marchese, R., 2008:
Regression of symptoms after selective iron chelation therapy in a case of neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation

Yang, H.Kyung.; Moon, S-Jin.; Shin, J.Ho.; Kwok, S-Ki.; Park, K.Su.; Park, S-Hwan.; Kim, H-Youn.; Ju, J.Hyeon., 2012:
Regression of syndesmophyte after bone marrow transplantation for acute myeloid leukemia in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis: a case report

Martínez-Lage, J.F.; Almagro, M.J.; Ros de San Pedro, J.; Ruiz-Espejo, A.; Felipe-Murcia, M., 2007:
Regression of syringomyelia and tonsillar herniation after posterior fossa arachnoid cyst excision. Case report and literature review

Visentini, M.; Conti, V.; Cagliuso, M.; Tinti, F.; Siciliano, G.; Trombetta, A.C.; Mitterhofer, A.Paola.; Fiorilli, M.; Quinti, I., 2009:
Regression of systemic lupus erythematosus after development of an acquired toll-like receptor signaling defect and antibody deficiency

Peter, J.; Joseph, G.; David, S.; Danda, D., 2013:
Regression of takayasu retinopathy after revascularization of occluded branches of the aortic arch by percutaneous angioplasty

Wachtell, K.; Okin, P.M., 2014:
Regression of target organ damage

Litwin, M.; Niemirska, A.; Sladowska-Kozlowska, J.; Wierzbicka, A.; Janas, R.; Wawer, Z.T.; Wisniewski, A.; Feber, J., 2011:
Regression of target organ damage in children and adolescents with primary hypertension

Bilir, C.; Gökosmanoglu, F.; Caliskan, M.; Cinemre, H.; Akdemir, R., 2012:
Regression of the carotid intima media thickness by propylthiouracil therapy in Graves' hyperthyroidism

Pereira, M.Aparecida.Q.F.; Segura,; Santos,; Casulari, L.Augusto., 2008:
Regression of the fibrous disease of the breast in a non-diabetic woman after pregnancy and breastfeeding

Walgren, A.; Wegelius, C., 1949:
Regression of the hilar density in primary tuberculosis

Kim, S-Kyung.; Kim, S-Hwa.; Park, K-Sun.; Park, S-Won.; Cho, Y-Wook., 2009:
Regression of the increased common carotid artery-intima media thickness in subclinical hypothyroidism after thyroid hormone replacement

Barbour, E.K.; Shaib, H.A.; Yaghi, R.H.; Sabra, A.H., 2009:
Regression of the level of different heavy metals to size of marine organisms harvested from the "Jiyeh" oil spill zone of the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Toyokawa, G.; Taguchi, K.; Ohba, T.; Hirai, F.; Yamaguchi, M.; Hamatake, M.; Seto, T.; Nishiyama, K.; Shida, Y.; Sugio, K.; Ichinose, Y., 2014 :
Regression of thymoma associated with a multilocular thymic cyst: report of a case

Yamada, S.; Tsuruya, K.; Kitazono, T., 2014:
Regression of tumoral calcinosis after the appropriate control of a deranged mineral and bone metabolism, in conjugation with cinacalcet hydrochloride treatment, in a chronic hemodialysis patient

Spadea, L.; Viola, M.; Viola, G., 2008:
Regression of urrets-zavalia syndrome after deep lamellar keratoplasty for keratoconus: a case study

Shields, C.L.; Bianciotto, C.; Rudich, D.; Materin, M.A.; Ganguly, A.; Shields, J.A., 2008:
Regression of uveal melanoma after plaque radiotherapy and thermotherapy based on chromosome 3 status

Lee, C.S.; Lee, S.C.; Lee, K.; Kwon, H.J.; Yi, J.H.; Cho, A., 2014:
Regression of uveal melanoma after ru-106 brachytherapy and thermotherapy based on metabolic activity measured by positron emission tomography/computed tomography

Yeh, H-Tsung.; Huang, I-Jer.; Chen, C-Ming.; Hung, Y-Min., 2014:
Regression of vascular calcification following an acute episode of calciphylaxis: a case report

Salgueira, M.; Martínez, A.I.; Milán, J.A., 2012:
Regression of vascular calcification in a patient treated with cinacalcet: a case report

Japiassú, R.M.; Brasil, O.F.Moura.; Cunha, Aíbal.L.; de Souza, E.C., 2008:
Regression of vasoproliferative tumor with systemic infliximab

Thibault, F.; Izzedine, H.; Sultan, V.; Bart, S.; Billemont, B.; Rixe, O.; Bitker, M-O., 2008:
Regression of vena cava tumour thrombus in response to sorafenib

Beyersdorf, F.; Schlensak, C.; Berchtold-Herz, M.; Trummer, G., 2010 :
Regression of "fixed" pulmonary vascular resistance in heart transplant candidates after unloading with ventricular assist devices

Weiner, R.B.; Wang, F.; Berkstresser, B.; Kim, J.; Wang, T.J.; Lewis, G.D.; Hutter, A.M.; Picard, M.H.; Baggish, A.L., 2012:
Regression of "gray zone" exercise-induced concentric left ventricular hypertrophy during prescribed detraining

Finsterer, J.; Barton, P., 2011:
Regression of stroke-like lesions in MELAS-syndrome after seizure control

Yu, X.; Liu, P.; Min, J.; Chen, Q., 2010:
Regression on order statistics and its application in estimating nondetects for food exposure assessment

Jung, S-Ho.; Jeong, J-Hyeon.; Bandos, H., 2010:
Regression on quantile residual life

Xiang, S.; Nie, F.; Pan, C.; Zhang, C., 2011:
Regression reformulations of LLE and LTSA with locally linear transformation

Elsayed, T.A.; Fine, B.V., 2013:
Regression relation for pure quantum states and its implications for efficient computing

Yeow, C.H.; Lee, P.V.S.; Goh, J.C.H., 2009:
Regression relationships of landing height with ground reaction forces, knee flexion angles, angular velocities and joint powers during double-leg landing

Wan, Q.; Wang, F.; Wang, F.; Guan, Q.; Liu, Y.; Wang, C.; Feng, L.; Gao, G.; Gao, L.; Zhao, J., 2011:
Regression to normoglycaemia by fenofibrate in pre-diabetic subjects complicated with hypertriglyceridaemia: a prospective randomized controlled trial

McCambridge, J.; Kypri, K.; McElduff, P., 2014:
Regression to the mean and alcohol consumption: a cohort study exploring implications for the interpretation of change in control groups in brief intervention trials

Stout, R.L., 2007:
Regression to the mean in addiction research

Tinkelman, D.; Wilson, S., 2008:
Regression to the mean: a limited issue in disease management programs for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Masip, J.; Garrido, E.; Herrero, C., 2010:
Regression toward the mean or heuristic processing in detecting deception? Reply to Elaad (2010)

Ostermann, T.; Willich, S.N.; Lüdtke, R., 2008:
Regression toward the mean--a detection method for unknown population mean based on Mee and Chua's algorithm

Robinson, J.W., 2008:
Regression tree boosting to adjust health care cost predictions for diagnostic mix

Grubinger, T.; Kobel, C.; Pfeiffer, K-Peter., 2010:
Regression tree construction by bootstrap: model search for DRG-systems applied to Austrian health-data

Austin, P.C.; Lee, D.S.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Tu, J.V., 2013:
Regression trees for predicting mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease: what improvement is achieved by using ensemble-based methods?

Horst, P., 1948:
Regression weights as a function of test length

Shen, H.; Cook, R.J., 2013:
Regression with incomplete covariates and left-truncated time-to-event data

Baird, G.; Charman, T.; Pickles, A.; Chandler, S.; Loucas, T.; Meldrum, D.; Carcani-Rathwell, I.; Serkana, D.; Simonoff, E., 2008:
Regression, developmental trajectory and associated problems in disorders in the autism spectrum: the SNAP study

Wang, H.; Suh, J.Wook.; Das, S.; Pluta, J.; Altinay, M.; Yushkevich, P., 2012:
Regression-Based Label Fusion for Multi-Atlas Segmentation

McIntyre, J.; Stefanski, L.A., 2012:
Regression-assisted deconvolution

Graef, A.; Hartmann, M.; Deistler, M.; Kluge, T., 2010:
Regression-based analysis of synchronization in multichannel EEG in epilepsy

Hu, Y.; Jason, S.; Wang, Q.; Pan, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, H.; Li, C.; Sun, L., 2009:
Regression-based approach for testing the association between multi-region haplotype configuration and complex trait

Metz, C.T.; Baka, N.; Kirisli, H.; Schaap, M.; Klein, S.; Neefjes, L.A.; Mollet, N.R.; Lelieveldt, B.; de Bruijne, M.; Niessen, W.J.; van Walsum, T., 2012:
Regression-based cardiac motion prediction from single-phase CTA

Mitchell, M.B.; Miller, L.Stephen.; Woodard, J.L.; Davey, A.; Martin, P.; Burgess, M.; Poon, L.W.; Poon, L.W.; Mitchell, M.B.; Miller, L.S.; Woodard, J.L.; Davey, A.; Burgess, M., 2011:
Regression-based estimates of observed functional status in centenarians

Smith, N.J.; Kutas, M., 2016:
Regression-based estimation of ERP waveforms: I. The rERP framework

Smith, N.J.; Kutas, M., 2016:
Regression-based estimation of ERP waveforms: II. Nonlinear effects, overlap correction, and practical considerations

Miri, A.; Daie, K.; Burdine, R.D.; Aksay, E.; Tank, D.W., 2011:
Regression-based identification of behavior-encoding neurons during large-scale optical imaging of neural activity at cellular resolution

Mi, X.; Eskridge, K.; Wang, D.; Baenziger, P.Stephen.; Campbell, B.Todd.; Gill, K.S.; Dweikat, I.; Bovaird, J., 2011:
Regression-based multi-trait QTL mapping using a structural equation model

Smerbeck, A.M.; Parrish, J.; Yeh, E.A.; Weinstock-Guttman, B.; Hoogs, M.; Serafin, D.; Krupp, L.; Benedict, R.H.B., 2012:
Regression-based norms improve the sensitivity of the National MS Society Consensus Neuropsychological Battery for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis (NBPMS)

Chen, X.; Schmid, N.A.; Wang, L.; Clark, N.N., 2010:
Regression-based oxides of nitrogen predictors for three diesel engine technologies

Smerbeck, A.M.; Parrish, J.; Yeh, E.A.; Hoogs, M.; Krupp, L.B.; Weinstock-Guttman, B.; Benedict, R.H.B., 2011:
Regression-based pediatric norms for the brief visuospatial memory test: revised and the symbol digit modalities test

Soubeyrand, S.; Tollenaere, C.; Haon-Lasportes, E.; Laine, A-Liisa., 2014:
Regression-based ranking of pathogen strains with respect to their contribution to natural epidemics

Manolov, R.; Arnau, J.; Solanas, A.; Bono, R., 2011:
Regression-based techniques for statistical decision making in single-case designs

Ako, J.; Momomura, S-ichi., 2010:
Regression-resistant plaque in diabetic patients

Anderson, D.E.; D'Agostino, J.M.; Bruno, A.G.; Manoharan, R.K.; Bouxsein, M.L., 2012:
Regressions for estimating muscle parameters in the thoracic and lumbar trunk for use in musculoskeletal modeling

Barrie, G., 1916:
Regressive Changes In The Breast

Gazdag, Gábor.; Baran, B.; Bitter, Ián.; Ungvári, Gábor.S.; Gerevich, József., 2007:
Regressive and intensive methods of electroconvulsive therapy: a brief historical note

Briukhin, A.E.; Makoveev, R.I., 2008:
Regressive behavior in patient with anorexia nervosa

Fite, G.L.; Gemar, F., 2010:
Regressive changes in leprosy under promin therapy

Celik, G.; Sen, S.; Sipahi, S.; Akkin, C.; Tamsel, S.; Töz, H.; Hoscoskun, C., 2011:
Regressive course of oxalate deposition in primary hyperoxaluria after kidney transplantation

Kennedy, C.J.C.; Anchel, D., 1948:
Regressive electric-shock in schizophrenics refractory to other shock therapies

Yoshioka, N.; Murabe, N.; Sakurai, M., 2009:
Regressive events in rat corticospinal axons during development in in vitro slice cocultures: retraction, amputation, and degeneration

Jeffery, W.R., 2009:
Regressive evolution in Astyanax cavefish

Alarcon, D.G., 2014:
Regressive giant bullous pulmonary emphysema in tuberculosis in adults

Chernenkoff, W., 1972:
Regressive hypnosis in treatment of temporary anorgasm

McAdam, J.L.; Nelson, J.E.; Puntillo, K.A., 2013:

Nabaigwa, B.I.; Mwambi, B.; Okiria, J.; Oyet, C., 2018:
Common uropathogens among diabetic patients with urinary tract infection at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda

Marchetti, C.Anne., 2012:
Regret and police reporting among individuals who have experienced sexual assault

Lee, W.B.; Fong, G.T.; Zanna, M.P.; Omar, M.; Sirirassamee, B.; Borland, R., 2009:
Regret and rationalization among smokers in Thailand and Malaysia: findings from the International Tobacco Control Southeast Asia Survey

Chase, H.W.; Camille, N.; Michael, A.; Bullmore, E.T.; Robbins, T.W.; Sahakian, B.J., 2010:
Regret and the negative evaluation of decision outcomes in major depression

Bourgeois-Gironde, S., 2010:
Regret and the rationality of choices

Davison, I.M.; Feeney, A., 2008:
Regret as autobiographical memory

Sheehan, J.; Sherman, K.A.; Lam, T.; Boyages, J., 2014:
Regret associated with the decision for breast reconstruction: the association of negative body image, distress and surgery characteristics with decision regret

Gao, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, F.; Xu, Y.; Hong, Y-Yi.; Jiang, J., 2015:
Regret causes ego-depletion and finding benefits in the regrettable events alleviates ego-depletion

Legendre, G.; Varoux, M.; Nazac, A.; Fernandez, H., 2015:
Regret following hysteroscopic tubal sterilization

Leach, F.R.; Plaks, J.E., 2009:
Regret for errors of commission and omission in the distant term versus near term: the role of level of abstraction

Komiya, A.; Kusumi, T.; Watabe, M., 2007:
Regret in individual and group decision making

Newall, N.E.; Chipperfield, J.G.; Daniels, L.M.; Hladkyj, S.; Perry, R.P., 2009:
Regret in later life: exploring relationships between regret frequency, secondary interpretive control beliefs, and health in older individuals

Hughes, M.A.; Dolan, M.C.; Stout, J.C., 2015:
Regret in the context of unobtained rewards in criminal offenders

Wrosch, C.; Bauer, I.; Miller, G.E.; Lupien, S., 2007:
Regret intensity, diurnal cortisol secretion, and physical health in older individuals: evidence for directional effects and protective factors

Torges, C.M.; Stewart, A.J.; Nolen-Hoeksema, S., 2008:
Regret resolution, aging, and adapting to loss

Sevdalis, N.; Harvey, N.; Yip, M., 2007:
Regret triggers inaction inertia--but which regret and how?

Henderson, R.; Ansell, P.; Alshibani, D., 2011:
Regret-regression for optimal dynamic treatment regimes

Cunningham, K.; German, N.M.; Mattson, R.E., 2015:
Regretful liaisons: exploring the role of partner regret in the association between sexual and relationship satisfaction

Courvoisier, D.S.; Agoritsas, T.; Perneger, T.V.; Schmidt, R.E.; Cullati, Séphane., 2011:
Regrets associated with providing healthcare: qualitative study of experiences of hospital-based physicians and nurses

Potter, V.R., 1969:
Regrets to reprint requests

Scheifele, D.; Halperin, S.; Skowronski, D.; Kellner, J.; Ward, B.; Gemmill, I.; D.S.rres, G., 2010:
Regrettable lack of definition of the "well tolerated" vaccine

Marone, F.; Stampanoni, M., 2012:
Regridding reconstruction algorithm for real-time tomographic imaging

Wilensky, G.R., 2010:
Regrouping on healthcare reform

Scypinski, S.; Sadlowski, T.; Baiano, J., 1996:
Regrouping, reforming and re-engineering: applying robotics to new challenges

Bohnert, A.M.; Aikins, J.Wargo.; Arola, N.T., 2013:
Regrouping: organized activity involvement and social adjustment across the transition to high school

Holden, C., 1986:
Regrowing a Dry Tropical Forest: Dry tropical forest has all but vanished; now a Pennsylvania biologist is raising money to restore one from forest remnants in a corner of Costa Rica

Anonymous, 2011:
Regrowing hair: researchers may have accidentally discovered a solution

Muneoka, K.; Han, M.; Gardiner, D.M., 2008:
Regrowing human limbs

Imielski, Y.; Schwamborn, J.C.; Lüningschrör, P.; Heimann, P.; Holzberg, M.; Werner, H.; Leske, O.; Püschel, A.W.; Memet, S.; Heumann, R.; Israel, A.; Kaltschmidt, C.; Kaltschmidt, B., 2012:
Regrowing the adult brain: NF-κB controls functional circuit formation and tissue homeostasis in the dentate gyrus

Gelabert, H.A.; Jabori, S.; Barleben, A.; Kiang, S.; O'Connell, J.; Jimenez, J.Carlos.; Derubertis, B.; Rigberg, D., 2015:
Regrown first rib in patients with recurrent thoracic outlet syndrome

Son, D.Kyung.; Son, D.Wuk.; Choi, C.Hwa.; Song, G.Sung., 2014:
Regrowth of Cervical Intradural Lipoma without Spinal Dysraphism

Harvey, A.R.; Chen, M.; Plant, G.W.; Dyson, S.E., 1994:
Regrowth of axons within Schwann cell-filled polycarbonate tubes implanted into the damaged optic tract and cerebral cortex of rats

Derry, C.; Attwater, R., 2014:
Regrowth of enterococci indicator in an open recycled-water impoundment

Chen, M.; Harvey, A.R.; Dyson, S.E., 1991:
Regrowth of lesioned retinal axons associated with the transplantation of Schwann cells to the brachial region of the rat optic tract

Jjemba, P.K.; Weinrich, L.A.; Cheng, W.; Giraldo, E.; Lechevallier, M.W., 2010:
Regrowth of potential opportunistic pathogens and algae in reclaimed-water distribution systems

Gupta, D.Kumar.; Ahmed, S.; Garg, K.; Mahapatra, A.K., 2011:
Regrowth of septal spur in split cord malformation

Ning, B.; Dharmasena, A.; Inkster, C., 2014:
Regrowth of upper eyelid eyelashes after making a surgical incision on the upper eyelid in a case of severe alopecia areata

Parker, J.S.; Sivananthan, A.; Norberg, E.; Coldren, L.A., 2013:
Regrowth-free high-gain InGaAsP/InP active-passive platform via ion implantation

Sukel, K., 2008:
Regs change roles. Potential expansion in health savings accounts puts onus on hospitals to collect upfront

Zigmond, J., 2013:
Regs sought on exchanges

Calkin, S., 2013:
Regualtion: annual hospital inspections to be dropped, with 'excellent' organisations assessed every five years and more scrutiny for the worst performers, CQC chair David Prior tells HSJ

Lai, P.; Yip, N.Chi.; Michelangeli, F., 2011:
Regucalcin (RGN/SMP30) alters agonist- and thapsigargin-induced cytosolic [Ca2+] transients in cells by increasing SERCA Ca(2+)ATPase levels

Yamaguchi, M., 2011:
Regucalcin and cell regulation: role as a suppressor protein in signal transduction

Yamaguchi, M., 2010:
Regucalcin and metabolic disorders: osteoporosis and hyperlipidemia are induced in regucalcin transgenic rats

Yamaguchi, M., 2015:
Regucalcin as a potential biomarker for metabolic and neuronal diseases

Starvaggi Cucuzza, L.; Divari, S.; Mulasso, C.; Biolatti, B.; Cannizzo, F.T., 2015:
Regucalcin expression in bovine tissues and its regulation by sex steroid hormones in accessory sex glands

Yamaguchi, M.; Takakura, Y.; Nakagawa, T., 2008:
Regucalcin increases Ca2+-ATPase activity in the mitochondria of brain tissues of normal and transgenic rats

Vaz, Cátia.V.; Maia, Cáudio.J.; Marques, R.; Gomes, Iês.M.; Correia, S.; Alves, M.G.; Cavaco, Jé.E.; Oliveira, P.F.; Socorro, Sílvia., 2014:
Regucalcin is an androgen-target gene in the rat prostate modulating cell-cycle and apoptotic pathways

Laurentino, S.S.; Correia, S.; Cavaco, J.E.; Oliveira, P.F.; Rato, L.; Sousa, M.; Barros, A.; Socorro, S., 2011:
Regucalcin is broadly expressed in male reproductive tissues and is a new androgen-target gene in mammalian testis

Maia, C.J.B.; Santos, C.R.; Schmitt, F.; Socorro, Sílvia., 2007:
Regucalcin is expressed in rat mammary gland and prostate and down-regulated by 17beta-estradiol

Maia, Cáudio.; Santos, Cília.; Schmitt, F.; Socorro, S., 2009:
Regucalcin is under-expressed in human breast and prostate cancers: Effect of sex steroid hormones

Teixeira, D.M.; Barbosa, M.A.P.; Ferriani, R.A.; Navarro, P.A.; Raine-Fenning, N.; Nastri, C.O.; Martins, W.P., 2013:
Regular (ICSI) versus ultra-high magnification (IMSI) sperm selection for assisted reproduction

Getahun, W.; Gedif, T.; Tesfaye, F., 2013:
Regular Khat (Catha edulis) chewing is associated with elevated diastolic blood pressure among adults in Butajira, Ethiopia: a comparative study

Kelemen, L.E.; Wang, Q.; Dinu, I.; Vierkant, R.A.; Tsai, Y-Yu.; Cunningham, J.M.; Phelan, C.M.; Fridley, B.L.; Amankwah, E.K.; Iversen, E.S.; Berchuck, A.; Schildkraut, J.M.; Goode, E.L.; Sellers, T.A., 2012:
Regular Multivitamin Supplement Use, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in ATIC, SHMT2, and SLC46A1, and Risk of Ovarian Carcinoma

Steurer, J., 2010:
Regular PSA screening does not reduce prostate cancer mortality

Tuckerman, L.B., 1938:
Regular Polyhedroids

Yeh, S-H.; Chuang, H.; Lin, L-W.; Hsiao, C-Y.; Wang, P-W.; Liu, R-T.; Yang, K.D., 2008:
Regular Tai Chi Chuan exercise improves T cell helper function of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with an increase in T-bet transcription factor and IL-12 production

Silvestri, F.; Jordan, M.; Howes, K.; Kivala, M.; Rivera-Fuentes, P.; Boudon, C.; Gisselbrecht, J-Paul.; Schweizer, W.Bernd.; Seiler, P.; Chiu, M.; Diederich, Fçois., 2011:
Regular acyclic and macrocyclic [AB] oligomers by formation of push-pull chromophores in the chain-growth step

DeVan, A.E.; Eskurza, I.; Pierce, G.L.; Walker, A.E.; Jablonski, K.L.; Kaplon, R.E.; Seals, D.R., 2013:
Regular aerobic exercise protects against impaired fasting plasma glucose-associated vascular endothelial dysfunction with aging

Xiang, G-da.; Pu, J.; Sun, H.; Zhao, L.; Yue, L.; Hou, J., 2009:
Regular aerobic exercise training improves endothelium-dependent arterial dilation in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism

Stránská, Z.; Matoulek, M.; Fábin, P.; Vilikus, Z.; Svacina, S., 2007:
Regular aerobic physical activity improves the lipid profile in persons with excessive body weight

Doğru Apti, M.; Kasapçopur, Özgür.; Mengi, M.; Öztürk, Gülnur.; Metin, Gökhan., 2014:
Regular aerobic training combined with range of motion exercises in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Chan, A.Michele.; von Mühlen, D.; Kritz-Silverstein, D.; Barrett-Connor, E., 2009:
Regular alcohol consumption is associated with increasing quality of life and mood in older men and women: the Rancho Bernardo Study

Kuznetsov, S.A.; Navarro-Cía, M.; Kubarev, V.V.; Gelfand, A.V.; Beruete, M.; Campillo, I.; Sorolla, M., 2009:
Regular and anomalous extraordinary optical transmission at the THz-gap

van Loveren, C.; van Palenstein Helderman, W.H., 2010:
Regular and careful brushing with fluoride toothpaste is the basis of prevention

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Regular approximations to chaotic maps

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Regular breakfast lowers cardiovascular risk

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Regular debridement is the main tool for maintaining a healthy wound bed in most chronic wounds

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Regular doctor, changing doctor, no doctor: does it make a difference to rural residents?

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Regular examinations for toxic maculopathy in long-term chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine users

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Anonymous, 2013:
Regular exercise extends life

Anonymous, 2012:
Regular exercise helps maintain heart's elasticity as you age. Research also shows that consistent exercise reduces your risk of coronary artery disease

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Regular exercise in the elderly is effective to preserve the speed of voluntary stepping under single-task condition but not under dual-task condition. A case-control study

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Regular exercise is associated with emotional resilience to acute stress in healthy adults

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Regular exercise is strongly associated with anticipated success for reducing health risks

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Regular exercise may ward off cognitive decline in women with vascular disease

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Anonymous, 2013:
Regular exercise reduces the risk of mental decline

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Anonymous, 2008:
Regular family meals may reduce risk of eating disorders in girls

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Regular feeding plays an important role in cholesterol homeostasis through the liver circadian clock

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Regular function of the two-chamber ICD's in VDD mode

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Regular heartbeat rhythm at the heartbeat initiation stage is essential for normal cardiogenesis at low temperature

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Regular heel-raise training focused on the soleus for the elderly: evaluation of muscle thickness by ultrasound

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Regular high-nuclearity species from square building blocks: a triangular 3 × [2 × 2] Ni12 complex generated by the self-assembly of three [2 × 2] Ni4 molecular grids

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Regular in situ simulation training of paediatric medical emergency team improves hospital response to deteriorating patients

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Regular ingestion of cinnamomi cortex pulveratus offers gastroprotective activity in mice

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Regular language constrained sequence alignment revisited

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Regular linking of cellulose nanocrystals via click chemistry: synthesis and formation of cellulose nanoplatelet gels

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Regular long-term red blood cell transfusions for managing chronic chest complications in sickle cell disease

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Regular maternal exercise dose and fetal heart outcome

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Regular meetings by pathology groups in veterinary oncology

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Regular menstrual cycles do not rule out ovarian damage in adult women with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Regular mesoporous nanoarchitectures with Fe-doped semiconducting framework and enhanced photocatalytic activity

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Regular moderate intake of red wine is linked to a better women's sexual health

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Regular moderate or intense exercise prevents depression-like behavior without change of hippocampal tryptophan content in chronically tryptophan-deficient and stressed mice

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Regular modes in rotating stars

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Regular molecular nano-dot patterns for RW-data storage in the optical near field

Thörnelöf, E., 2012:
Regular monitoring of ecosystems was initiated in Sweden during the 1970's

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Regular monthly prescription with knowledge of each medicine may improve drug adherence in hemodialysis patients

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Regular mosaic of synaptic contacts among three retinal neurons

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Regular mosaic pattern development: a study of the interplay between lateral inhibition, apoptosis and differential adhesion

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Regular narrow QRS tachycardia with apparent atrioventricular dissociation: what is the mechanism?

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Regular narrow complex tachycardia

Bischoff, A., 2013:
Regular nephrologic screening recommended. With rheumatic disease patients also consider the kidneys

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Regular network model for the sea ice-albedo feedback in the Arctic

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Regular networks can be uniquely constructed from their trees

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Regular observations: safe airway management

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Regular or covert sex defines two lineages and worldwide superclones within the leaf-curl plum aphid (Brachycaudus helichrysi, Kaltenbach)

Fleishon, H.B., 2014:
Regular order

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Regular pacemaker activity characterizes gonadotropin-releasing hormone 2 neurons recorded from green fluorescent protein-transgenic medaka

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Regular packings on periodic lattices

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Regular paracetamol in severe dengue: a lethal combination?

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Regular paths in SparQL: querying the NCI Thesaurus

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Regular readers of the Journal will note upon inspection that this issue contains 350 pages. Introduction

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Regularly consuming red meat could have health consequences

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Regulars. Every system has 'em

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Regulate unhealthy food like cigarettes, campaigners urge

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Regulated compensation for kidney donors in the Philippines

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Regulated delayed expression of rfc enhances the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a heterologous antigen delivered by live attenuated Salmonella enterica vaccines

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Regulated drug provision of the German Statutory Health Insurance

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Regulated endocytosis of NCC

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Regulated expression of atrial natriuretic peptide-like immunoreactivity in cultured bovine adrenomedullary chromaffin cells

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Regulated expression of cofilin and the consequent regulation of p27(kip1) are essential for G(1) phase progression

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Regulated expression of galectin-3, a multifunctional glycan-binding protein, in haematopoietic and non-haematopoietic tissues

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Regulated expression of the alpha isoform of the human thromboxane A2 receptor during megakaryocyte differentiation: a coordinated role for WT1, Egr1, and Sp1

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Regulated expression of the renin-angiotensin-system in human granulosa lutein cells: angiotensin II increases VEGF expression but its synthesis is reduced by hCG

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Regulated flow of insecticides

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Regulated hypoxia/reperfusion-dependent modulation of ERK1/2, cPLA2, and Bcl-2/Bax: a potential mechanism of neuroprotective effect of penehyclidine hydrochloride

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Regulated in DNA damage and development 1 (REDD1) promotes cell survival during serum deprivation by sustaining repression of signaling through the mechanistic target of rapamycin in complex 1 (mTORC1)

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Regulated increase in folding capacity prevents unfolded protein stress in the ER

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Regulated interaction of protein phosphatase 1 and protein phosphatase 2A with phospholipase C-related but catalytically inactive protein

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Regulated intramembrane proteolysis in the control of extracytoplasmic function sigma factors

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Regulated intramembrane proteolysis of the TGFβ type I receptor conveys oncogenic signals

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Regulated localization is sufficient for hormonal control of regulator of G protein signaling homology Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factors (RH-RhoGEFs)

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Regulated market for organs is unattainable

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Regulated medical fee schedule of the Japanese health care system

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Regulated messenger ribonucleic Acid stability: a key actor in the complex play of hormonal control

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Regulated motion of proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum

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Regulated movement of CD4 in and out of the immunological synapse

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Regulated necrosis

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Regulated noise in the epigenetic landscape of development and disease

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Regulated non-viral gene delivery from coaxial electrospun fiber mesh scaffolds

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Regulated nuclear trafficking of rpL10A mediated by NIK1 represents a defense strategy of plant cells against virus

Anonymous, 2012:
Regulated nurses in Canada: what do we know about them?

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Regulated offloading of cytoplasmic dynein from microtubule plus ends to the cortex

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Regulated oligomerization induces uptake of a membrane protein into COPII vesicles independent of its cytosolic tail

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Regulated organ market: reality versus rhetoric

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Regulated payments for living kidney donation: an empirical assessment of the ethical concerns

Anonymous, 2010:
Regulated performance volumes for practices with below average number of cases--special regulation for an exceptional reason for low number of cases

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Regulated protein aggregation: a mechanism to control the activity of the ClpXP adaptor protein YjbH

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Regulated proteolysis as a force to control the cell cycle

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Regulated proteolysis in bacterial development

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Regulated proteolysis of DNA polymerase eta during the DNA-damage response in C. elegans

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Regulated proteolysis of RAGE and AbetaPP as possible link between type 2 diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer's disease

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Regulated proteolysis of Trop2 drives epithelial hyperplasia and stem cell self-renewal via β-catenin signaling

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Regulated proteolysis of nonmuscle myosin IIA stimulates osteoclast fusion

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Regulated proteolysis of the alternative sigma factor SigX in Streptococcus mutans: implication in the escape from competence

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Regulated proteolysis: control of the Escherichia coli σ(E)-dependent cell envelope stress response

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Regulated proteolytic processing of Reelin through interplay of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), ADAMTS-4, ADAMTS-5, and their modulators

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Regulated provider perceptions of feedback reports

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Regulated recombinant protein production in the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125

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Regulated recruitment of tumor suppressor BRCA1 to the p21 gene by coactivator methylation

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Regulated release and functional modulation of junctional adhesion molecule A by disintegrin metalloproteinases

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Regulated release of BDNF by cortical oligodendrocytes is mediated through metabotropic glutamate receptors and the PLC pathway

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Regulated reprogramming in the regeneration of sensory receptor cells

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Regulated secretion of complement factor H by RPE and its role in RPE migration

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Regulated segregation of kinase Dyrk1A during asymmetric neural stem cell division is critical for EGFR-mediated biased signaling

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Regulated serine proteinase lytic system on mammalian sperm surface: there must be a role

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Regulated shift from helical to polar localization of Listeria monocytogenes cell wall-anchored proteins

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Regulated sodium transport in the renal connecting tubule (CNT) via the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC)

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Regulated splicing of the α6 integrin cytoplasmic domain determines the fate of breast cancer stem cells

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Regulated structural transitions unleash the chaperone activity of αB-crystallin

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Regulated superinfection may help HIV adaptation on rugged landscape

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Regulated suppression of NF-κB throughout pregnancy maintains a favourable cytokine environment necessary for pregnancy success

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Regulated targeting of protein phosphatase 1 to the outer kinetochore by KNL1 opposes Aurora B kinase

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Regulated temporal-spatial astrocyte precursor cell proliferation involves BRAF signalling in mammalian spinal cord

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Regulated tissue fluidity steers zebrafish body elongation

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Regulated trafficking of cellulose synthases

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Regulated transcription of human matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP13) and interleukin-1β (IL1B) genes in chondrocytes depends on methylation of specific proximal promoter CpG sites

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Regulated transport into the nucleus of herpesviridae DNA replication core proteins

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Regulated unfolding: a basic principle of intraprotein signaling in modular proteins

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Regulated upon activation normal T-cell expressed and secreted (RANTES) and epithelial cell-derived neutrophil-activating peptide (ENA-78) gene polymorphisms in patients with biopsy-proven erythema nodosum

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Regulated upon activation normal T-cell expressed and secreted originating from the epididymis differentially associates with viable and defective spermatozoa

Serag, A.R.; Hazaa, S.M.; Afifi, I.K.; Ghoname, N.F.; Serag, A.R., 2011:
Regulated upon activation, normal T-cell expressed and secreted chemokine and interleukin-6 in rheumatic pulmonary hypertension, targets for therapeutic decisions

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Regulated vesicle fusion generates signaling nanoterritories that control T cell activation at the immunological synapse

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Regulated vesicular trafficking of specific PCDH15 and VLGR1 variants in auditory hair cells

Obladen, M., 2013:
Regulated wet nursing: managed care or organized crime?

Bakeas, E.B.; Karavalakis, G., 2015:
Regulated, carbonyl and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions from a light-duty vehicle fueled with diesel and biodiesel blends

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Regulating (or not) reproductive medicine: an alternative to letting the market decide

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Regulating A549 cells growth by ASO inhibiting miRNA expression

Anonymous, 2014:
Regulating America's smoking scourge

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Regulating BFRs--from science to policy

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Regulating Complexity

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Regulating E-cigarettes: a rule proposed by the FDA aims to extend authority to E-cigarettes, other tobacco products

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Regulating Force in Putting by Using the Borg CR100 scale(®)

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Regulating Il9 transcription in T helper cells

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Regulating N application for rice yield and sustainable eco-agro development in the upper reaches of Yellow River basin, China

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Regulating The Air Supply Of Micro Burners

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Regulating The Flow Of Solution For Plant Cultures

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Regulating The Storage Of Vitamin A In Animals That Are To Be Used For The Determination Of This Vitamin

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Regulating Wnt signaling: a strategy to prevent neurodegeneration and induce regeneration

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Regulating a health insurance exchange: implications for individuals with mental illness

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Regulating adaptive immune responses using small molecule modulators of aminopeptidases that process antigenic peptides

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Regulating agents, functional interactions, and stimulus-reaction-schemes: the concept of "organism" in the organic system theories of Stahl, Bordeu, and Barthez

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Regulating aging in adult stem cells with microRNA

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Regulating and legislating safety: the case for candour

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Regulating assisted reproductive technologies in Victoria: the impact of changing policy concerning the accessibility of in vitro fertilisation for preimplantation tissue-typing

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Regulating biomedical enhancements in the military

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Regulating biorisks: developing a coherent policy logic (part II)

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Regulating bodies in the 'obesity era': ethical, social, and legal perspectives

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Regulating bodily integrity: cosmetic surgery and voluntary limb amputation

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Regulating cancer stem cells the miR way

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Regulating cell-based regenerative medicine: the challenges ahead

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Regulating chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal stromal cells with a retinoic Acid receptor-Beta inhibitor: differential sensitivity of chondral versus osteochondral development

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Regulating clinical trials in Europe

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Regulating cognitive control through approach-avoidance motor actions

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Regulating colicin synthesis to cope with stress and lethality of colicin production

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Regulating compassion: an overview of Canada's federal medical cannabis policy and practice

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Regulating complement in the kidney: insights from CFHR5 nephropathy

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Regulating compounding pharmacies after NECC

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Regulating copper-binding affinity with photoisomerizable azobenzene ligand by construction of a self-assembled monolayer

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Regulating cosmetic surgery: a scalpel where it is needed

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Regulating critical period plasticity: insight from the visual system to fear circuitry for therapeutic interventions

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Regulating cyberspace

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Regulating cytoplasmic calcium homeostasis can reduce aluminum toxicity in yeast

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Regulating dental practice

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Regulating developments in embryonic stem cell research in Africa: a third person's perspective

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Regulating direct-to-consumer genetic testing: protecting the consumer without quashing a medical revolution

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Regulating direct-to-consumer genetic tests: what is all the fuss about?

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Regulating drift-wave plasma turbulence into spatiotemporal patterns by pinning coupling

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Regulating drug release behavior and kinetics from matrix tablets based on fine particle-sized ethyl cellulose ether derivatives: an in vitro and in vivo evaluation

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Regulating drug release from pH- and temperature-responsive electrospun CTS-g-PNIPAAm/poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogel nanofibers

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Regulating drugs for effectiveness and safety: a public health perspective

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Regulating dual-use research in Europe

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Regulating duty free sales and tobacco advertising in airports: a call for action

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Regulating dynamin dynamics during endocytosis

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Regulating e-cigarettes as drugs is not the best solution

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Regulating effect and mechanism of electroacupuncture with shuanggu yitong prescription methods on immunosenescence in aging rats with yang deficiency

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Regulating effect of Ginkgo biloba extract 50 on hippocampal inflammation-related cytokines in senile rats

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Regulating effect of LIF on the expression of FuT7: Probe into the mechanism of sLe(x) in implantation

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Regulating effect of anodonta glucan HBP-A on chondrocytes through Wnt pathway

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Regulating effect of moxibustion pretreatment on Th1/Th2 imbalance of athletes during course of heavy load training

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Regulating effect of tea polyphenols on endothelin, intracellular calcium concentration, and mitochondrial membrane potential in vascular endothelial cells injured by Angiotensin II

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Regulating effects of aquaporin 4 expression in LoVo cells by serum containing total anthraquinone in rheum

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Regulating effects of delayed rectifier potassium channel on the tone of human passively sensitized bronchial smooth muscle

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Regulating effects of whole-body vibration on protein expression of p-GSK3β in bone marrow cells of ovariectomized osteoporosis rats

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Regulating emotion during imaginal exposure to social anxiety: impact of the specificity of information processing

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Regulating emotion in the context of interpersonal decisions: the role of anticipated pride and regret

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Regulating emotion to improve physical health through the amygdala

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Regulating emotions uniquely modifies reaction time, rate of force production, and accuracy of a goal-directed motor action

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Regulating energy transfer of excited carriers and the case for excitation-induced hydrogen dissociation on hydrogenated graphene

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Regulating ethical issues in cell-based interventions: lessons from universal declaration on bioethics and human rights

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Regulating ethics in Australian healthcare research

Anonymous, 2008:
Regulating eugenics

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Regulating evolution

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Regulating explosive resistance training intensity using the rating of perceived exertion

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Regulating exposure of the lens of the eye to ionising radiations

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Regulating factors of PrP glycosylation in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease--implications for the dissemination and the diagnosis of human prion strains

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Regulating factors of intention and experience with co-production related to local government administration

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Regulating fatty acids in infant formula: critical assessment of U.S. policies and practices

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Regulating fibrinolysis to engineer skeletal muscle from the C2C12 cell line

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Regulating food retail for obesity prevention: how far can cities go?

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Regulating for compassion?

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Regulating function of methyl group in strength of CH...O hydrogen bond: a high-level ab initio study

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Regulating function of the Helix pomatia ganglia

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Regulating genetic privacy in the online health information era

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Regulating genetic tests: account for benefits

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Regulating genetic tests: issues that guide policy decisions

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Regulating genetic tests: who owns the data?

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Regulating genetically modified food. Policy trajectories, political culture, and risk perceptions in the U.S., Canada, and EU

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Regulating genomics: time for a broader vision

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Regulating global sumoylation by a MAP kinase Hog1 and its potential role in osmo-tolerance in yeast

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Regulating harm – gambling technology and the challenges for Great Britain

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Regulating health care markets in China and India

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Regulating health claims on food labels using nutrient profiling: what will the proposed standard mean in the Australian supermarket?

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Regulating healthcare complaints: a literature review

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Regulating highly dynamic unstructured proteins and their coding mRNAs

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Regulating human enhancement technologies: the role of the law and human dignity

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Regulating immunity and inhibiting tumor growth by the recombinant peptide sPD-1-CH50

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Regulating impaired doctors: a snapshot from New South Wales

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Regulating impurities in pharmaceutical products: a tolerability of risk approach?

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Regulating incremental innovation in medical devices

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Regulating inflammation in the heart

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Regulating inflammation using acid-responsive electrospun fibrous scaffolds for skin scarless healing

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Regulating inflammation: ADAM8--a new player in the game

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Regulating infrared photoresponses in reduced graphene oxide phototransistors by defect and atomic structure control

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Regulating innovative crop technologies in Canada: the case of regulating genetically modified crops

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Regulating intensity using perceived exertion in spinal cord-injured participants

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Regulating intensity using perceived exertion: effect of exercise duration

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Regulating interface science healthcare products: myths and uncertainties

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Regulating interferon antiviral activity: a role for epidermal growth factor receptor

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Regulating intestinal function to reduce atherogenic lipoproteins

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Regulating iron storage and metabolism with RNA: an overview of posttranscriptional controls of intracellular iron homeostasis

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Regulating khat--dilemmas and opportunities for the international drug control system

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Regulating laboratory-developed tests

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Regulating life and death: the case of Israel's "Health Basket" Committee

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Regulating long-term care hospitals in search of a roadmap to clarity

Kuang, M.; Wang, Z.; Zhu, Y.; Ling, Z.; Li, Z., 2015:
Regulating low-NOx and high-burnout deep-air-staging combustion under real-furnace conditions in a 600 MWe down-fired supercritical boiler by strengthening the staged-air effect

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Regulating mRNA complexity in the mammalian brain

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Regulating mRNA translation with a kiss

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Regulating mammalian target of rapamycin to tune vaccination-induced CD8(+) T cell responses for tumor immunity

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Regulating marine transplantation

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Regulating medical apps: which ones and how much?

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Regulating medical bodies? The consequences of the 'modernisation' of the NHS and the disembodiment of clinical knowledge

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Regulating medical futility: neither excessive patient's autonomy nor physician's paternalism

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Regulating medical students. GMC registration is impractical

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Regulating medical students. Misconduct is a behaviour, not a state

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Regulating medical students. Reduction to the absurd?

Lees, C., 2010:
Regulating medical students. Suffer the medical students?

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Regulating medical students. Whose misconduct--doctors or the GMC?

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Regulating medical tourism

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Regulating medicines in Croatia: five-year experience of Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices

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Regulating methylphenidate: enhancing cognition and social inequality

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Regulating miRNA by natural agents as a new strategy for cancer treatment

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Regulating microenvironmental stimuli for stem cells and cancer cells using microsystems

Jackson, P.K., 2014:
Regulating microtubules and genome stability via the CUL7/3M syndrome complex and CUL9

DeSouza, R., 2014:
Regulating migrant maternity: nursing and midwifery's emancipatory aims and assimilatory practices

Sun, G., 2014:
Regulating mind and dredging collateral prescription combined with wrist-ankle acupuncture for 42 cases of limps pain of post-stroke

Wolgemuth, D.J.; Roberts, S.S., 2010:
Regulating mitosis and meiosis in the male germ line: critical functions for cyclins

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Regulating molecular diagnostic assays: developing a new regulatory structure for a new technology

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Regulating morphogenetic transitions during development and pathogenesis of microbial eukaryotes

Gewirtz, H., 2010:
Regulating myocardial blood flow in health and disease

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Regulating nanomedicine - can the FDA handle it?

Fischer, S., 2014:
Regulating nanomedicine: new nano tools offer great promise for the future--if regulators can solve the difficulties that hold development back

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Regulating nervous activity

Sousa-Nunes, R.; Cheng, L.Y.; Gould, A.P., 2010:
Regulating neural proliferation in the Drosophila CNS

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Regulating neutrophil apoptosis: new players enter the game

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Regulating new psychoactive drugs: innovation leading to compromise

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Regulating off-label drug use--rethinking the role of the FDA

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Regulating opioid prescribing to provide access to effective treatment while minimizing diversion: an overdue topic for research

McHale, J.V., 2010:
Regulating organ transplantation: a case for reform?

Cao, Y.; Poon, Y.Fun.; Feng, J.; Rayatpisheh, S.; Chan, V.; Chan-Park, M.B., 2010:
Regulating orientation and phenotype of primary vascular smooth muscle cells by biodegradable films patterned with arrays of microchannels and discontinuous microwalls

Thomas, P.C.; Raghavan, S.R.; Forry, S.P., 2012:
Regulating oxygen levels in a microfluidic device

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Regulating palliative care: the case of hospice

Overall, N.C.; Fletcher, G.J.O.; Simpson, J.A.; Sibley, C.G., 2009:
Regulating partners in intimate relationships: the costs and benefits of different communication strategies

Kapp, M.B., 2008:
Regulating payment for home care companionship services: legal authority and public policy

Larriviere, D.; Williams, M.A.; Sagsveen, M., 2008:
Regulating physician expert witness testimony

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