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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55454

Chapter 55454 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Xiong, J.; Zhu, S.; Zhou, Y.; Wu, H.; Wang, C., 2011:
Regulation of omega-3 fish oil emulsion on the SIRS during the initial stage of severe acute pancreatitis

Galoian, K.A.; Guettouche, T.; Issac, B.; Qureshi, A.; Temple, H.T., 2014:
Regulation of onco and tumor suppressor MiRNAs by mTORC1 inhibitor PRP-1 in human chondrosarcoma

David, G., 2013:
Regulation of oncogene-induced cell cycle exit and senescence by chromatin modifiers

Bilen, J.; Atallah, J.; Azanchi, R.; Levine, J.D.; Riddiford, L.M., 2014:
Regulation of onset of female mating and sex pheromone production by juvenile hormone in Drosophila melanogaster

Chang, C.Lin.; Wang, H-Shih.; Soong, Y-Kuei.; Huang, S.Yu.; Pai, S.Yuan.; Hsu, S.Yu.Teddy., 2012:
Regulation of oocyte and cumulus cell interactions by intermedin/adrenomedullin 2

Jalabert, B.; Finet, B., 1986:
Regulation of oocyte maturation in the rainbow trout,Salmo gairdneri: role of cyclic AMP in the mechanism of action of the maturation inducing steroid (MIS), 17α-hydroxy, 20β-dihydroprogesterone

Shepel', O.A.; Blashkiv, T.V.; Voznesens'ka, T.Iu.; Ianchiĭ, R.I., 2013:
Regulation of oocyte meiotic resumption in mammals

Carnicella, S.; Yowell, Q.V.; Ron, D., 2011:
Regulation of operant oral ethanol self-administration: a dose-response curve study in rats

Börner, C.; Martella, E.; Höllt, V.; Kraus, Jürgen., 2012:
Regulation of opioid and cannabinoid receptor genes in human neuroblastoma and T cells by the epigenetic modifiers trichostatin A and 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine

Thongkhamcharoen, R.; Phungrassami, T.; Atthakul, N., 2014:
Regulation of opioid drugs in thai government hospitals: Thailand national survey 2012

Di Benedetto, M.; Bastías Candia, S.del.Carmen.; D'Addario, C.; Porticella, E.Elettra.; Cavina, C.; Candeletti, S.; Romualdi, P., 2011:
Regulation of opioid gene expression in the rat brainstem by 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA): role of serotonin and involvement of CREB and ERK cascade

Ballantyne, J.C., 2007:
Regulation of opioid prescribing

von Zastrow, M., 2010:
Regulation of opioid receptors by endocytic membrane traffic: mechanisms and translational implications

Daws, L.C.; White, J.M., 1999:
Regulation of opioid receptors by opioid antagonists: implications for rapid opioid detoxification

He, Y.; Yang, C.; Kirkmire, C.M.; Wang, Z.Jim., 2010:
Regulation of opioid tolerance by let-7 family microRNA targeting the mu opioid receptor

Schwank, G.; Basler, K., 2010:
Regulation of organ growth by morphogen gradients

Kango-Singh, M.; Singh, A., 2009:
Regulation of organ size: insights from the Drosophila Hippo signaling pathway

Riska, O., 2008:
Regulation of organ transplantation in China

Shi, B-Yi.; Chen, L-Ping., 2011:
Regulation of organ transplantation in China: difficult exploration and slow advance

Guckel, D.; Ciarimboli, G.; Pavenstädt, H.; Schlatter, E., 2012:
Regulation of organic cation transport in isolated mouse proximal tubules involves complex changes in protein trafficking and substrate affinity

Jiajun, Y.; Aiyun, H.; Shanshan, Z.; Minhong, Z., 2011:
Regulation of organic nucleic acids and serum biochemistry parameters by dietary chromium picolinate supplementation in swine model

Newman, C.A.; Antilla, J.C.; Chen, P.; Predeus, A.V.; Fielding, L.; Wulff, W.D., 2007:
Regulation of orthogonal functions in a dual catalyst system. Subservient role of a nonchiral Lewis acid in an asymmetric catalytic heteroatom Diels-Alder reaction

Nguyen, L.K., 2012:
Regulation of oscillation dynamics in biochemical systems with dual negative feedback loops

Krzic, U.; Rybin, V.; Leonard, K.R.; Linke, W.A.; Bullard, B., 2010:
Regulation of oscillatory contraction in insect flight muscle by troponin

Saum, S.H.; Müller, V., 2008:
Regulation of osmoadaptation in the moderate halophile Halobacillus halophilus: chloride, glutamate and switching osmolyte strategies

Knott, L.; Avery, N.C.; Hollander, A.P.; Tarlton, J.F., 2011:
Regulation of osteoarthritis by omega-3 (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids in a naturally occurring model of disease

Kawaguchi, H., 2009:
Regulation of osteoarthritis development by Wnt-beta-catenin signaling through the endochondral ossification process

Mrosewski, I.; Jork, N.; Gorte, K.; Conrad, C.; Wiegand, E.; Kohl, B.; Ertel, W.; John, T.; Oberholzer, A.; Kaps, C.; Schulze-Tanzil, G., 2015:
Regulation of osteoarthritis-associated key mediators by TNFα and IL-10: effects of IL-10 overexpression in human synovial fibroblasts and a synovial cell line

Platt, I.D.; El-Sohemy, A., 2008:
Regulation of osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation from human mesenchymal stem cells by conjugated linoleic acid

Bosetti, M.; Leigheb, M.; Brooks, R.A.; Boccafoschi, F.; Cannas, M.F., 2010:
Regulation of osteoblast and osteoclast functions by FGF-6

Komori, T., 2011:
Regulation of osteoblast differentiation by Runx2

Matsumoto, T.; Kuriwaka-Kido, R.; Kondo, T.; Endo, I.; Kido, S., 2012:
Regulation of osteoblast differentiation by interleukin-11 via AP-1 and Smad signaling

Sun, H.; Dai, K.; Tang, T.; Zhang, X., 2008:
Regulation of osteoblast differentiation by slit2 in osteoblastic cells

Zhou, J.; Li, B.; Lu, S.; Zhang, L.; Han, Y., 2013:
Regulation of osteoblast proliferation and differentiation by interrod spacing of Sr-HA nanorods on microporous titania coatings

Fukuda, T.; Takeda, S., 2013:
Regulation of osteoblastic differentiation by Wnt signals

Nicks, K.M.; Perrien, D.S.; Akel, N.S.; Suva, L.J.; Gaddy, D., 2009:
Regulation of osteoblastogenesis and osteoclastogenesis by the other reproductive hormones, Activin and Inhibin

Tanaka, S.; Wakeyama, H.; Akiyama, T.; Takahashi, K.; Amano, H.; Nakayama, K.I.; Nakamura, K., 2011:
Regulation of osteoclast apoptosis by Bcl-2 family protein Bim and Caspase-3

Inui, M.; Takai, T., 2013:
Regulation of osteoclast development by immunoglobulin-like receptors

Kobayashi, Y., 2013:
Regulation of osteoclast differentiation by Wnt signals

Abe, T.; Shin, J.; Hosur, K.; Udey, M.C.; Chavakis, T.; Hajishengallis, G., 2014:
Regulation of osteoclast homeostasis and inflammatory bone loss by MFG-E8

Takahashi, N.; Ejiri, S.; Yanagisawa, S.; Ozawa, H., 2007:
Regulation of osteoclast polarization

Xing, L., 2010:
Regulation of osteoclast precursors in inflammatory bone loss

Miyamoto, I.; Liu, J.; Shimizu, K.; Sato, M.; Kukita, A.; Kukita, T.; Kondo, R., 2009:
Regulation of osteoclastogenesis by ganoderic acid DM isolated from Ganoderma lucidum

Oshita, K.; Yamaoka, K.; Tanaka, Y., 2013:
Regulation of osteoclastogenesis by human mesenchymal stem cells leading to application of a novel treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Krisher, T.; Bar-Shavit, Z., 2015:
Regulation of osteoclastogenesis by integrated signals from toll-like receptors

Imaizumi, K., 2012:
Regulation of osteogenesis and chondrogenesis by unfolded protein respone

Gosain, A.K.; Gosain, S.A.; Sweeney, W.M.; Song, L-Sheng.; Amarante, M.T.J., 2011:
Regulation of osteogenesis and survival within bone grafts to the calvaria: the effect of the dura versus the pericranium

Schipani, E.; Maes, C.; Carmeliet, G.; Semenza, G.L., 2009:
Regulation of osteogenesis-angiogenesis coupling by HIFs and VEGF

Deng, Z-Liang.; Sharff, K.A.; Tang, N.; Song, W-Xin.; Luo, J.; Luo, X.; Chen, J.; Bennett, E.; Reid, R.; Manning, D.; Xue, A.; Montag, A.G.; Luu, H.H.; Haydon, R.C.; He, T-Chuan., 2007:
Regulation of osteogenic differentiation during skeletal development

Zakharov, I.M.; Makarova, E.B., 2013:
Regulation of osteogenic differentiation of mesenchimal stem sells of bone marrow

Kaur, G.; Valarmathi, M.T.; Potts, J.D.; Jabbari, E.; Sabo-Attwood, T.; Wang, Q., 2010:
Regulation of osteogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow stromal cells on 2D nanorod substrates

Georges, R.; Adwan, H.; Zhivkova, M.; Eyol, Eül.; Bergmann, F.; Berger, M.R., 2010:
Regulation of osteopontin and related proteins in rat CC531 colorectal cancer cells

Wu, L-An.; Wen, L-Ying.; Yang, F-Sheng., 2008:
Regulation of osteopontin expression in odontoblasts by upstream stimulatory factor 1

Lamoureux, F.; Moriceau, G.; Picarda, G.; Rousseau, J.; Trichet, V.; Rédini, F., 2010:
Regulation of osteoprotegerin pro- or anti-tumoral activity by bone tumor microenvironment

Hong, S.H.H.; Lu, X.; Nanes, M.S.; Mitchell, J., 2010:
Regulation of osterix (Osx, Sp7) and the Osx promoter by parathyroid hormone in osteoblasts

Nieus, T.R.; Mapelli, L.; D'Angelo, E., 2014:
Regulation of output spike patterns by phasic inhibition in cerebellar granule cells

Seppänen, M.; Lin, L.; Saarinen, R.; Punnonen, R.; Vihko, K.K., 2008:
Regulation of ovarian UT-OC-2 carcinoma cells by cytokines: effects on cell proliferation, activation of transcription factors and apoptosis

Li, M.; Wang, Q.; Lin, W.; Wang, B., 2009:
Regulation of ovarian cancer cell adhesion and invasion by chloride channels

Kwon, M.Jeong.; Shin, Y.Kee., 2013:
Regulation of ovarian cancer stem cells or tumor-initiating cells

Heller, C.G.; Jungck, E.C., 2012:
Regulation of ovarian growth; inhibition by estrogen or stimulation by gonadotrophins?

Paul, S.; Kundu, S.; Pramanick, K.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Mukherjee, D., 2011:
Regulation of ovarian steroidogenesis in vitro by gonadotropin in common carp Cyprinus carpio: interaction between calcium- and adenylate cyclase-dependent pathways and involvement of ERK signaling cascade

Zulkifli, R.M.; Parr, T.; Salter, A.M.; Brameld, J.M., 2010:
Regulation of ovine and porcine stearoyl coenzyme A desaturase gene promoters by fatty acids and sterols

Sumba, L.A.; Ogbunugafor, C.Brandon.; Deng, A.L.; Hassanali, A., 2008:
Regulation of oviposition in Anopheles gambiae s.s.: role of inter- and intra-specific signals

Brian, M.V.; Brian, A.D., 1948:
Regulation of oviposition in social Hymenoptera

Shrestha, K.; Lukasik, K.; Baufeld, A.; Vanselow, J.; Moallem, U.; Meidan, R., 2015:
Regulation of ovulatory genes in bovine granulosa cells: lessons from siRNA silencing of PTGS2

Markkanen, E.; van Loon, B.; Ferrari, E.; Parsons, J.L.; Dianov, G.L.; Hübscher, U., 2012:
Regulation of oxidative DNA damage repair by DNA polymerase λ and MutYH by cross-talk of phosphorylation and ubiquitination

Markkanen, E.; Hübscher, U.; van Loon, B., 2012:
Regulation of oxidative DNA damage repair: the adenine:8-oxo-guanine problem

Phillips, D.; Covian, R.; Aponte, A.M.; Glancy, B.; Taylor, J.F.; Chess, D.; Balaban, R.S., 2012:
Regulation of oxidative phosphorylation complex activity: effects of tissue-specific metabolic stress within an allometric series and acute changes in workload

Korzeniewski, B., 2014:
Regulation of oxidative phosphorylation during work transitions results from its kinetic properties

Hüttemann, M.; Lee, I.; Pecinova, A.; Pecina, P.; Przyklenk, K.; Doan, J.W., 2008:
Regulation of oxidative phosphorylation, the mitochondrial membrane potential, and their role in human disease

Hayashi, T.; Mori, T.; Yamashita, C.; Miyamura, M., 2008:
Regulation of oxidative stress and cardioprotection in diabetes mellitus

Boizel, R.; Bruttmann, G.; Benhamou, P.Y.; Halimi, S.; Stanke-Labesque, F., 2010:
Regulation of oxidative stress and inflammation by glycaemic control: evidence for reversible activation of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway in type 1, but not in type 2 diabetes

Matsunami, T.; Sato, Y.; Ariga, S.; Sato, T.; Kashimura, H.; Hasegawa, Y.; Yukawa, M., 2010:
Regulation of oxidative stress and inflammation by hepatic adiponectin receptor 2 in an animal model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Monnier, L.; Colette, C.; Mas, E.; Michel, F.; Cristol, J.P.; Boegner, C.; Owens, D.R., 2010:
Regulation of oxidative stress by glycaemic control: evidence for an independent inhibitory effect of insulin therapy

Navasa, Nás.; Martín, I.; Iglesias-Pedraz, J.Manuel.; Beraza, N.; Atondo, Eíbaliz.; Izadi, H.; Ayaz, F.; Fernández-Álvarez, S.; Hatle, K.; Som, A.; Dienz, O.; Osborne, B.A.; Martínez-Chantar, M.Luz.; Rincón, M.; Anguita, J., 2015:
Regulation of oxidative stress by methylation-controlled J protein controls macrophage responses to inflammatory insults

Ohtaki, H.; Satoh, A.; Nakamachi, T.; Yofu, S.; Dohi, K.; Mori, H.; Ohara, K.; Miyamoto, K.; Hashimoto, H.; Shintani, N.; Baba, A.; Matsunaga, M.; Shioda, S., 2011:
Regulation of oxidative stress by pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) mediated by PACAP receptor

Deresz, L.F.; Sprinz, E.; Kramer, A.S.; Cunha, G.; de Oliveira, A.R.; Sporleder, H.; de Freitas, D.R.J.; Lazzarotto, A.R.; Dall'Ago, P., 2011:
Regulation of oxidative stress in response to acute aerobic and resistance exercise in HIV-infected subjects: a case-control study

Hwang, S.; Kim, M.; Ryu, S.; Jeon, B., 2011:
Regulation of oxidative stress response by CosR, an essential response regulator in Campylobacter jejuni

Máté, Gábor.; Gazdag, Zán.; Mike, Nóra.; Papp, Gábor.; Pócsi, Ián.; Pesti, Mós., 2015:
Regulation of oxidative stress-induced cytotoxic processes of citrinin in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Thangjam, G.S.; Kondaiah, P., 2009:
Regulation of oxidative-stress responsive genes by arecoline in human keratinocytes

Rifkind, J.M.; Salgado, M.T.; Cao, Z., 2012:
Regulation of oxygen delivery by the reaction of nitrite with RBCs under hypoxic conditions

Victor, V.M.; Nuñez, C.; D'Ocón, P.; Taylor, C.T.; Esplugues, J.V.; Moncada, S., 2009:
Regulation of oxygen distribution in tissues by endothelial nitric oxide

Semenza, G.L., 2009:
Regulation of oxygen homeostasis by hypoxia-inducible factor 1

Nurse, C.A.; Buttigieg, J.; Brown, S.; Holloway, A.C., 2009:
Regulation of oxygen sensitivity in adrenal chromaffin cells

Nhek, S.; Ngo, M.; Yang, X.; Ng, M.M.; Field, S.J.; Asara, J.M.; Ridgway, N.D.; Toker, A., 2010:
Regulation of oxysterol-binding protein Golgi localization through protein kinase D-mediated phosphorylation

Willets, J.M.; Brighton, P.J.; Mistry, R.; Morris, G.E.; Konje, J.C.; Challiss, R.A.John., 2010:
Regulation of oxytocin receptor responsiveness by G protein-coupled receptor kinase 6 in human myometrial smooth muscle

Kok, K.; Nock, G.E.; Verrall, E.A.G.; Mitchell, M.P.; Hommes, D.W.; Peppelenbosch, M.P.; Vanhaesebroeck, B., 2009:
Regulation of p110delta PI 3-kinase gene expression

Kumbrink, J.; Kirsch, K.H., 2012:
Regulation of p130(Cas)/BCAR1 expression in tamoxifen-sensitive and tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells by EGR1 and NAB2

Liu, X-juan.; Li, F-nian.; Jiang, D-dan.; Wang, X-gang.; Liu, X-ping.; Zhang, D-liang.; Meng, C-hui., 2013:
Regulation of p14(ARF) expression and induction of cell apoptosis with c-myc in a p53-independent pathway

Vazquez-Vega, S.; Sanchez-Suarez, L.Patricia.; Andrade-Cruz, R.; Castellanos-Juarez, E.; Contreras-Paredes, A.; Lizano-Soberon, M.; Garcia-Carranca, A.; Benitez Bribiesca, L., 2014:
Regulation of p14ARF expression by HPV-18 E6 variants

To, K-Him.; Pajovic, S.; Gallie, B.L.; Thériault, B.L., 2012:
Regulation of p14ARF expression by miR-24: a potential mechanism compromising the p53 response during retinoblastoma development

Wang, W-Gong., 2014:
Regulation of p16(INK4) mRNA turnover in cellular senescence

Sze, S.C.W.; Wong, K.L.; Liu, W.K.; Ng, T.B.; Wong, J.H.; Cheung, H.P.; Yow, C.M.L.; Chu, E.S.M.; Qing Liu; Hu, Y.M.; Tsang, K.W.; Lee, W.S.; Yao Tong, 2011:
Regulation of p21, MMP-1, and MDR-1 expression in human colon carcinoma HT29 cells by Tian Xian liquid, a chinese medicinal formula, in vitro and in vivo

Al-Haj, L.; Blackshear, P.J.; Khabar, K.S.A., 2012:
Regulation of p21/CIP1/WAF-1 mediated cell-cycle arrest by RNase L and tristetraprolin, and involvement of AU-rich elements

Jäkel, H.; Peschel, I.; Kunze, C.; Weinl, C.; Hengst, L., 2012:
Regulation of p27 (Kip1) by mitogen-induced tyrosine phosphorylation

Martínez-Sánchez, A.; Gebauer, Fátima., 2010:
Regulation of p27(kip1) mRNA expression by microRNAs

Liu, Z.; Walters, B.J.; Owen, T.; Brimble, M.A.; Steigelman, K.A.; Zhang, L.; Mellado Lagarde, M.M.; Valentine, M.B.; Yu, Y.; Cox, B.C.; Zuo, J., 2012:
Regulation of p27Kip1 by Sox2 maintains quiescence of inner pillar cells in the murine auditory sensory epithelium

Lorimer, I.A.J., 2009:
Regulation of p27Kip1 by miRNA 221/222 in glioblastoma

Takebe, K.; Nishiyama, T.; Hayashi, S.; Hashimoto, S.; Fujishiro, T.; Kanzaki, N.; Kawakita, K.; Iwasa, K.; Kuroda, R.; Kurosaka, M., 2011:
Regulation of p38 MAPK phosphorylation inhibits chondrocyte apoptosis in response to heat stress or mechanical stress

Iannetti, A.; Ledoux, A.C.; Tudhope, S.J.; Sellier, Hélène.; Zhao, B.; Mowla, S.; Moore, A.; Hummerich, H.; Gewurz, B.E.; Cockell, S.J.; Jat, P.S.; Willmore, E.; Perkins, N.D., 2015:
Regulation of p53 and Rb links the alternative NF-κB pathway to EZH2 expression and cell senescence

Hsieh, T-Chen.; Wong, C.; John Bennett, D.; Wu, J.M., 2011:
Regulation of p53 and cell proliferation by resveratrol and its derivatives in breast cancer cells: an in silico and biochemical approach targeting integrin αvβ3

Tollini, L.A.; Jin, A.; Park, J.; Zhang, Y., 2014:
Regulation of p53 by Mdm2 E3 ligase function is dispensable in embryogenesis and development, but essential in response to DNA damage

Liu, K.; Bellam, N.; Lin, H-Yi.; Wang, B.; Stockard, C.R.; Grizzle, W.E.; Lin, W-Chin., 2009:
Regulation of p53 by TopBP1: a potential mechanism for p53 inactivation in cancer

Guan, A.; Gong, H.; Ye, Y.; Jia, J.; Zhang, G.; Li, B.; Yang, C.; Qian, S.; Sun, A.; Chen, R.; Ge, J.; Zou, Y., 2014:
Regulation of p53 by jagged1 contributes to angiotensin II-induced impairment of myocardial angiogenesis

Ju, J.; Schmitz, J.C.; Song, B.; Kudo, K.; Chu, E., 2007:
Regulation of p53 expression in response to 5-fluorouracil in human cancer RKO cells

Chatterjee, A.; Chang, X.; Sen, T.; Ravi, R.; Bedi, A.; Sidransky, D., 2010:
Regulation of p53 family member isoform DeltaNp63alpha by the nuclear factor-kappaB targeting kinase IkappaB kinase beta

Tanaka, T., 2010:
Regulation of p53 function and promoter selectivity by post-translational modifications

West, L.E.; Gozani, O., 2012:
Regulation of p53 function by lysine methylation

Solozobova, V.; Blattner, C., 2010:
Regulation of p53 in embryonic stem cells

Yun, M.H.; Gates, P.B.; Brockes, J.P., 2014:
Regulation of p53 is critical for vertebrate limb regeneration

van den Berg, L.; Segun, A.Daniel.; Mersch, S.; Blasberg, N.; Grinstein, E.; Wai, D.; Anlauf, M.; Gabbert, H.Erich.; Mahotka, C.; Heikaus, S., 2010:
Regulation of p53 isoform expression in renal cell carcinoma

Zhang, Y.; Lv, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Gao, H., 2014:
Regulation of p53 level by UBE4B in breast cancer

Wang, Y.; Solt, L.A.; Kojetin, D.J.; Burris, T.P., 2012:
Regulation of p53 stability and apoptosis by a ROR agonist

Wei, J.; Nagy, T.A.; Vilgelm, A.; Zaika, E.; Ogden, S.R.; Romero-Gallo, J.; Piazuelo, M.B.; Correa, P.; Washington, M.K.; El-Rifai, W.; Peek, R.M.; Zaika, A., 2010:
Regulation of p53 tumor suppressor by Helicobacter pylori in gastric epithelial cells

Kalra, N.; Bhui, K.; Roy, P.; Srivastava, S.; George, J.; Prasad, S.; Shukla, Y., 2007:
Regulation of p53, nuclear factor kappaB and cyclooxygenase-2 expression by bromelain through targeting mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in mouse skin

Boehme, K.A.; Blattner, C., 2009:
Regulation of p53--insights into a complex process

Kawahara, K., 2013:
Regulation of p53-MDM2 pathway by nucleolar stress

Gordon, M.W.; Yan, F.; Zhong, X.; Mazumder, P.Behari.; Xu-Monette, Z.Y.; Zou, D.; Young, K.H.; Ramos, K.S.; Li, Y., 2015 :
Regulation of p53-targeting microRNAs by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Implications in the etiology of multiple myeloma

Jain, A.K.; Barton, M.Craig., 2010:
Regulation of p53: TRIM24 enters the RING

Pei, D.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, J., 2012:
Regulation of p53: a collaboration between Mdm2 and Mdmx

Blattner, C., 2013:
Regulation of p53: size matters

Blattner, C., 2008:
Regulation of p53: the next generation

Figliola, R.; Busanello, A.; Vaccarello, G.; Maione, R., 2008:
Regulation of p57(KIP2) during muscle differentiation: role of Egr1, Sp1 and DNA hypomethylation

Yip, Y.L.; Tsao, S.W., 2008:
Regulation of p63 expression in primary and immortalized nasopharyngeal epithelial cells

Herfs, M.; Hubert, P.; Suarez-Carmona, M.; Reschner, A.; Saussez, S.; Berx, G.; Savagner, P.; Boniver, J.; Delvenne, P., 2010:
Regulation of p63 isoforms by snail and slug transcription factors in human squamous cell carcinoma

Li, C.; Xiao, Z-Xiong., 2015:
Regulation of p63 protein stability via ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

Lacruz, R.S.; Nanci, A.; Kurtz, I.; Wright, J.Timothy.; Paine, M.L., 2010:
Regulation of pH During Amelogenesis

Fujii, M.; Yoshida, S.; Murata, K.; Kawai, S., 2014 :
Regulation of pH attenuates toxicity of a byproduct produced by an ethanologenic strain of Sphingomonas sp. A1 during ethanol fermentation from alginate

de Koning, J.J.; Foster, C.; Bakkum, A.; Kloppenburg, S.; Thiel, C.; Joseph, T.; Cohen, J.; Porcari, J.P., 2011:
Regulation of pacing strategy during athletic competition

Chi, E.Young.; Viriyapak, B.; Kwack, H.Sung.; Lee, Y.Kyung.; Kim, S.Il.; Lee, K.Ho.; Park, T.Churl., 2013:
Regulation of paclitaxel-induced programmed cell death by autophagic induction: A model for cervical cancer

Inglis, J.J.; McNamee, K.E.; Chia, S-Lu.; Essex, D.; Feldmann, M.; Williams, R.O.; Hunt, S.P.; Vincent, T., 2008:
Regulation of pain sensitivity in experimental osteoarthritis by the endogenous peripheral opioid system

Elghazi, L.; Weiss, A.J.; Barker, D.J.; Callaghan, J.; Staloch, L.; Sandgren, E.P.; Gannon, M.; Adsay, V.N.; Bernal-Mizrachi, E., 2009:
Regulation of pancreas plasticity and malignant transformation by Akt signaling

Imai, J.; Katagiri, H.; Yamada, T.; Ishigaki, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Kudo, H.; Uno, K.; Hasegawa, Y.; Gao, J.; Kaneko, K.; Ishihara, H.; Niijima, A.; Nakazato, M.; Asano, T.; Minokoshi, Y.; Oka, Y., 2008:
Regulation of pancreatic beta cell mass by neuronal signals from the liver

Buteau, J.; Accili, D., 2007:
Regulation of pancreatic beta-cell function by the forkhead protein FoxO1

Imai, J.; Katagiri, H., 2012:
Regulation of pancreatic beta-cells by inter-organ networks

Schuller, H.M.; Al-Wadei, H.A.N.; Ullah, M.F.; Plummer, H.K., 2012:
Regulation of pancreatic cancer by neuropsychological stress responses: a novel target for intervention

Korot'ko, G.F., 2009:
Regulation of pancreatic exosecretion

Charrier, A.; Brigstock, D.R., 2013:
Regulation of pancreatic function by connective tissue growth factor (CTGF, CCN2)

Charrier, A.; Chen, R.; Kemper, S.; Brigstock, D.R., 2014:
Regulation of pancreatic inflammation by connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2)

Huang, Y.; Chang, Y., 2014:
Regulation of pancreatic islet beta-cell mass by growth factor and hormone signaling

Layden, B.T.; Durai, V.; Newman, M.V.; Marinelarena, A.M.; Ahn, C.W.; Feng, G.; Lin, S.; Zhang, X.; Kaufman, D.B.; Jafari, N.; Sørensen, G.L.; Lowe, W.L., 2010:
Regulation of pancreatic islet gene expression in mouse islets by pregnancy

Kitamura, T.; Kitamura, Y.Ido.; Kobayashi, M.; Kikuchi, O.; Sasaki, T.; Depinho, R.A.; Accili, D., 2009:
Regulation of pancreatic juxtaductal endocrine cell formation by FoxO1

Kredo-Russo, S.; Ness, A.; Mandelbaum, A.D.; Walker, M.D.; Hornstein, E., 2012:
Regulation of pancreatic microRNA-7 expression

Ougolkov, A.V.; Bilim, V.N.; Billadeau, D.D., 2008:
Regulation of pancreatic tumor cell proliferation and chemoresistance by the histone methyltransferase enhancer of zeste homologue 2

Bedoya, F.J.; Salguero-Aranda, C.; Cahuana, G.M.; Tapia-Limonchi, R.; Soria, B.; Tejedo, J.R., 2013:
Regulation of pancreatic β-cell survival by nitric oxide: clinical relevance

Penuela, S.; Simek, J.; Thompson, R.J., 2014:
Regulation of pannexin channels by post-translational modifications

Tokuda, S.; Niisato, N.; Nagai, T.; Taruno, A.; Nakajima, K-Ichi.; Miyazaki, H.; Yamada, T.; Hosogi, S.; Ohta, M.; Nishio, K.; Iwasaki, Y.; Marunaka, Y., 2009:
Regulation of paracellular Na+ and Cl(-) conductances by hydrostatic pressure

Hu, Y-Jun.; Wang, Y-Dong.; Tan, F-Qing.; Yang, W-Xi., 2014:
Regulation of paracellular permeability: factors and mechanisms

Hou, J., 2013:
Regulation of paracellular transport in the distal nephron

Naveh-Many, T.; Nechama, M., 2007:
Regulation of parathyroid hormone mRNA stability by calcium, phosphate and uremia

Mikell, C.B.; McKhann, G.M., 2011:
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Regulation of redox homeostasis by hydrogen sulfide anion and its clinical application

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