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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55457

Chapter 55457 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Schwaitzberg, S.D., 2011:
Regulatory and reimbursement issues regarding endoscopic bariatric procedures

Bhogal, N., 2009:
Regulatory and scientific barriers to the safety evaluation of medical nanotechnologies

Takahashi-Omoe, H.; Omoe, K., 2010:
Regulatory and scientific frameworks for zoonosis control in Japan--contributing to International Health Regulations (2005)

Aravind, P.; Chandra, K.; Reddy, P.Parameshwar.; Jeromin, A.; Chary, K.V.R.; Sharma, Y., 2008:
Regulatory and structural EF-hand motifs of neuronal calcium sensor-1: Mg 2+ modulates Ca 2+ binding, Ca 2+ -induced conformational changes, and equilibrium unfolding transitions

Ammendola, S.; Pasquali, P.; Pacello, F.; Rotilio, G.; Castor, M.; Libby, S.J.; Figueroa-Bossi, N.; Bossi, L.; Fang, F.C.; Battistoni, A., 2008:
Regulatory and structural differences in the Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutases of Salmonella enterica and their significance for virulence

D'Orazio, M.; Scotti, R.; Nicolini, L.; Cervoni, L.; Rotilio, G.; Battistoni, A.; Gabbianelli, R., 2008:
Regulatory and structural properties differentiating the chromosomal and the bacteriophage-associated Escherichia coli O157:H7 Cu, Zn superoxide dismutases

Endrenyi, L.; Tothfalusi, L., 2009:
Regulatory and study conditions for the determination of bioequivalence of highly variable drugs

Chapman, L.S., 2007 :
Regulatory and tax issues for worksite wellness programs

Meisel, M.Leonor.; do Céu Costa, M.; Pena, A., 2009:
Regulatory approach on environmental risk assessment. Risk management recommendations, reasonable and prudent alternatives

Daynard, R., 2013:
Regulatory approaches to ending cigarette-caused death and disease in the United States

Hughes, B.; Griffiths, P., 2015:
Regulatory approaches to new psychoactive substances (NPS) in the European Union

Kullik, S.A.; Rattray, A.Graham.M., 2015:
Regulatory approaches to the bioaccumulation of drugs: a polar bare walks into a bar…

Murashov, V.; Schulte, P.; Geraci, C.; Howard, J., 2011:
Regulatory approaches to worker protection in nanotechnology industry in the USA and European union

Joly, Y.; Koutrikas, G.; Tassé, A-Marie.; Issa, A.; Carleton, B.; Hayden, M.; Rieder, M.J.; Ramos-Paque, E.; Avard, D., 2014:
Regulatory approval for new pharmacogenomic tests: a comparative overview

Meyskens, F.L.; Curt, G.A.; Brenner, D.E.; Gordon, G.; Herberman, R.B.; Finn, O.; Kelloff, G.J.; Khleif, S.N.; Sigman, C.C.; Szabo, E., 2011:
Regulatory approval of cancer risk-reducing (chemopreventive) drugs: moving what we have learned into the clinic

Rideout, T.C.; Marinangeli, C.P.F.; Awad, A.B., 2012:
Regulatory approval of plant sterols in Canada: implications for health care and clinical practice

Liotta, L.A.; Petricoin, E.F., 2012:
Regulatory approval pathways for molecular diagnostic technology

Chubukov, V.; Zuleta, I.A.; Li, H., 2012:
Regulatory architecture determines optimal regulation of gene expression in metabolic pathways

Matsuyama, A., 2013:
Regulatory aspect of regenerative medicine/cell therapy: focused on non-clinical studies

Jurcev Savicević, A., 2008:
Regulatory aspects and recommendations related to Legionnaires' disease control in Croatia

Laurencot, C.M.; Ruppel, S., 2009:
Regulatory aspects for translating gene therapy research into the clinic

Montgomery, A.Bruce.; Abuan, T.; Yeager, M.A., 2013:
Regulatory aspects of Phase 3 endpoints for new inhaled antibiotics for cystic fibrosis patients with chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

Kroon, A.M., 2007:
Regulatory aspects of allergen products for immunotherapy--considerations from the viewpoint of manufacturers

Bonini, S., 2013:
Regulatory aspects of allergen-specific immunotherapy: europe sets the scene for a global approach

Zuñiga, L.; Calvo, Bña., 2009:
Regulatory aspects of biosimilars in Europe

Caunday, O.; Bensoussan, Dèle.; Decot, Véronique.; Bordigoni, P.; Stoltz, J.François., 2010:
Regulatory aspects of cellular therapy product in Europe: JACIE accreditation in a processing facility

Mentzer, D., 2010:
Regulatory aspects of clinical trials in children

Hosseini, S.Ali.Reza.; Darbooy, S.; Salimi, A., 2013:
Regulatory aspects of clinical trials in iran: third year report of clinical trial committee in food and drug organization

Wachtel, H., 2012:
Regulatory aspects of devices

Saint Raymond, Aès., 2010:
Regulatory aspects of drug development in children: change and resistance to change

Granzer, U., 2011:
Regulatory aspects of gene therapy. The new infrastructure for "Advanced Therapies"

Schmidt, M.K.; Vermeulen, E.; Tollenaar, R.A.E.M.; Van't Veer, L.J.; van Leeuwen, F.E., 2009:
Regulatory aspects of genetic research with residual human tissue: effective and efficient data coding

Blakey, D.; Galloway, S.M.; Kirkland, D.J.; MacGregor, J.T., 2008:
Regulatory aspects of genotoxicity testing: from hazard identification to risk assessment

Whitehouse, P.J., 2004:
Regulatory aspects of mild cognitive impairment: toward a harmonized perspective

Rosenfeldt, H.; Kropp, T.; Benson, K.; Ricci, M.Stacey.; McGuinn, W.David.; Verbois, S.Leigh., 2010:
Regulatory aspects of oncology drug safety evaluation: past practice, current issues, and the challenge of new drugs

Pateriya, S.; Janodia, M.; Deshpande, P.; Ligade, V.; Talole, K.; Kulshrestha, T.; Kamariya, Y.; Musmade, P.; Udupa, N., 2011:
Regulatory aspects of pharmaceuticals' exports in gulf cooperation council countries

Edholm, M.; Gil Berglund, E.; Salmonson, T., 2008:
Regulatory aspects of pharmacokinetic profiling in special populations: a European perspective

Kaul, S.; Englert, L.; May, S.; Vieths, S., 2011:
Regulatory aspects of specific immunotherapy in Europe

Franken, A., 2009:
Regulatory aspects of the drug authorization for children. USA, Europe and Germany

Halder, M.; Léonard, M.; Iguchi, T.; Oris, J.T.; Ryder, K.; Belanger, S.E.; Braunbeck, T.A.; Embry, M.R.; Whale, G.; Norberg-King, T.; Lillicrap, A., 2011:
Regulatory aspects on the use of fish embryos in environmental toxicology

Wayne, G.Ferris.; Connolly, G.N., 2010:
Regulatory assessment of brand changes in the commercial tobacco product market

Eskes, C.; Detappe, Véronique.; Koëter, H.; Kreysa, J.; Liebsch, M.; Zuang, Vérie.; Amcoff, P.; Barroso, Jão.; Cotovio, Jé.; Guest, R.; Hermann, M.; Hoffmann, S.; Masson, P.; Alépée, N.; Arce, L.Alfonso.; Brüschweiler, B.; Catone, T.; Cihak, R.; Clouzeau, J.; D'Abrosca, F.; Delveaux, Cédric.; Derouette, J.Paul.; Engelking, O.; Facchini, D.; Fröhlicher, M.; Hofmann, M.; Hopf, N.; Molinari, J.; Oberli, A.; Ott, M.; Peter, R.; Sá-Rocha, V.M.; Schenk, D.; Tomicic, C.; Vanparys, P.; V, 2012:
Regulatory assessment of in vitro skin corrosion and irritation data within the European framework: Workshop recommendations

Davidson, E., 2013:
Regulatory assessment of reproductive toxicology data

Johnson, C.E., 2012:
Regulatory assessments of the effects of noise: moving from threshold shift and injury to behavior

Gómez-Barrena, E.; Solá, C.Avendaño.; Bunu, C.Painatescu., 2015:
Regulatory authorities and orthopaedic clinical trials on expanded mesenchymal stem cells

Mori, K., 2014:
Regulatory authorities expect innovative drug delivery systems (DDS)

Anonymous, 2012:
Regulatory authorities try to reach agreement

Boyle, T.A.; Bishop, A.C.; Hillier, C.; Mahaffey, T.; MacKinnon, N.J.; Zwicker, B., 2014:
Regulatory authority approaches to deploying quality improvement standards to community pharmacies: insights from the SafetyNET-RX program

Anonymous, 2014:
Regulatory authority reports on breakdown of care at Belfast hospital

Dyer, C., 2014:
Regulatory authority reviews GMC decisions in Mid Staffordshire cases

Rybin, V.O.; Guo, J.; Harleton, E.; Feinmark, S.J.; Steinberg, S.F., 2009:
Regulatory autophosphorylation sites on protein kinase C-delta at threonine-141 and threonine-295

Handsley, E.; Mehta, K.; Coveney, J.; Nehmy, C., 2009:
Regulatory axes on food advertising to children on television

Zhong, D.; Kirwan, M.J.; Duan, X., 2013:
Regulatory barriers blocking standardization of interoperability

Yates, J.W.; Kirch, R., 2016:
Regulatory barriers for adequate pain control

Parwani, A.V.; Hassell, L.; Glassy, E.; Pantanowitz, L., 2014:
Regulatory barriers surrounding the use of whole slide imaging in the United States of America

Felgenhauer, J.; Hooke, M.C., 2014:
Regulatory barriers to clinical trial enrollment of adolescent and young adult oncology patients

Rechel, B.; Blackburn, C.M.; Spencer, N.J.; Rechel, B., 2012:
Regulatory barriers to equity in a health system in transition: a qualitative study in Bulgaria

López Del Moral, Jé.Luis., 2011:
Regulatory bases of living-donor kidney transplantation

Mendelson, N.A., 2007:
Regulatory beneficiaries and informal agency policymaking

Garrison, L.P., 2010:
Regulatory benefit-risk assessment and comparative effectiveness research: strangers, bedfellows or strange bedfellows?

Perlman, S.B.; Pelphrey, K.A., 2011:
Regulatory brain development: balancing emotion and cognition

Everaert, N.; Willemsen, H.; Kamers, B.; Decuypere, E.; Bruggeman, V., 2011:
Regulatory capacities of a broiler and layer strain exposed to high CO2 levels during the second half of incubation

Hassan, M.; Sehgal, S.A.; Rashid, S., 2015:
Regulatory cascade of neuronal loss and glucose metabolism

Jailkhani, N.; Chaudhri, V.K.; Rao, K.V.S., 2011:
Regulatory cascades of protein phosphatases: implications for cancer treatment

Teschke, R.; Wolff, A., 2011:
Regulatory causality evaluation methods applied in kava hepatotoxicity: are they appropriate?

Goodman, W.A.; Pizarro, T.T., 2014:
Regulatory cell populations in the intestinal mucosa

Fujio, K.; Okamura, T.; Sumitomo, S.; Yamamoto, K., 2013:
Regulatory cell subsets in the control of autoantibody production related to systemic autoimmunity

Borrego, L.Miguel.; Rosa, Sónia.; Algueró, Cármen.; Trindade, Hélder.; Rosado Pinto, Jé., 2007:
Regulatory cells

Soyka, M.B.; Holzmann, D.; Akdis, C.A., 2012:
Regulatory cells in allergen-specific immunotherapy

Caton, A.J.; Weissler, K.A., 2014:
Regulatory cells in health and disease

Borrego, L.M.; Arroz, M.J.; Videira, P.; Martins, C.; Guimarães, H.; Nunes, G.; Papoila, A.L.; Trindade, H., 2009:
Regulatory cells, cytokine pattern and clinical risk factors for asthma in infants and young children with recurrent wheeze

Ndebele, P.; Blanchard-Horan, C.; Shahkolahi, A.; Sanne, I., 2014:
Regulatory challenges associated with conducting multicountry clinical trials in resource-limited settings

Nang'ayo, F.; Simiyu-Wafukho, S.; Oikeh, S.O., 2015:
Regulatory challenges for GM crops in developing economies: the African experience

Howes, K., 2007:
Regulatory challenges for diagnostic development - a European perspective

Heal, D.J.; Gosden, J.; Smith, S.L., 2010:
Regulatory challenges for new drugs to treat obesity and comorbid metabolic disorders

Cobb, N.K.; Cobb, C.O., 2014:
Regulatory challenges for refined nicotine products

Tisherman, S.A.; Powell, J.L.; Schmidt, T.A.; Aufderheide, T.P.; Kudenchuk, P.J.; Spence, J.; Climer, D.; Kelly, D.; Marcantonio, A.; Brown, T.; Sopko, G.; Kerber, R.; Sugarman, J.; Hoyt, D., 2008:
Regulatory challenges for the resuscitation outcomes consortium

Pirovano, D., 2012:
Regulatory challenges of on-line hemodiafiltration

LeBel, J., 2008:
Regulatory change: a pathway to eliminating seclusion and restraint or "regulatory scotoma"?

Worsowicz, G.M.; Harlan, K., 2014:
Regulatory changes are upon us

Steinbuch, R., 2007:
Regulatory changes for the treatment of patients with heart attacks

Chatterjee, S., 2014:
Regulatory changes in conduct of clinical trials: a need for review

Gottlieb, S., 2014:
Regulatory changes needed to spur market for comparative effectiveness research

Hassanzadeh Taheri, M.Mehdi.; Ebrahimzadeh Bideskan, A.Reza.; Miri, M.Reza., 2013:
Regulatory changes of N-acetylgalactosamine terminal sugar in early mouse embryonic paraxial mesenchyme

Carman, A.; Kishinevsky, S.; Koren, J.; Luo, W.; Chiosis, G., 2013:
Regulatory chaperone complexes in neurodegenerative diseases: a perspective on therapeutic intervention

Starnes, L.M.; Sorrentino, A., 2011:
Regulatory circuitries coordinated by transcription factors and microRNAs at the cornerstone of hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation

Shapiro, R.S.; Ryan, O.; Boone, C.; Cowen, L.E., 2013:
Regulatory circuitry governing morphogenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans

Hindi, S.M.; Mishra, V.; Bhatnagar, S.; Tajrishi, M.M.; Ogura, Y.; Yan, Z.; Burkly, L.C.; Zheng, T.S.; Kumar, A., 2014:
Regulatory circuitry of TWEAK-Fn14 system and PGC-1α in skeletal muscle atrophy program

Dunny, G.M.; Johnson, C.M., 2011:
Regulatory circuits controlling enterococcal conjugation: lessons for functional genomics

Danielli, A.; Scarlato, V., 2011:
Regulatory circuits in Helicobacter pylori : network motifs and regulators involved in metal-dependent responses

Somlyo, A., 2015:
Regulatory circuits in cell motility

Rabinovich, G.A.; Croci, D.O., 2012:
Regulatory circuits mediated by lectin-glycan interactions in autoimmunity and cancer

Franzmann, T.M.; Czekalla, A.; Walter, S.G., 2011:
Regulatory circuits of the AAA+ disaggregase Hsp104

Pérez, J.Christian.; Johnson, A.D., 2014:
Regulatory circuits that enable proliferation of the fungus Candida albicans in a mammalian host

Do, J.Tae.; Schöler, H.R., 2011:
Regulatory circuits underlying pluripotency and reprogramming

Morrissey, J., 2014:
Regulatory clouds part for mHealth apps, but barriers for full integration remain

Fullbrook, S., 2007:
Regulatory codes of conduct and the common law. Part 2: confidentiality

Silversides, A., 2009:
Regulatory colleges to set painkiller guidelines

Olafsen, Kåre.S.; Rønning, J.A.; Handegård, Børn.Helge.; Ulvund, S.Erik.; Dahl, L.Bredrup.; Kaaresen, P.Ivar., 2012:
Regulatory competence and social communication in term and preterm infants at 12 months corrected age. Results from a randomized controlled trial

Lawrence, C.; Sanders, G.E.; Varga, Z.M.; Baumann, D.P.; Freeman, A.; Baur, B.; Francis, M., 2010:
Regulatory compliance and the zebrafish

Ehrmeyer, S.S.; Laessig, R.H., 2010:
Regulatory compliance for point-of-care testing: 2009 United States perspective

Benjey, J.; Cunanan, M.; Thomson, A., 2007:
Regulatory compliance in solid-organ transplantation: what you don't know can hurt your program

Thomas, M.V.; Jarboe, G.; Frazer, R.Q., 2008:
Regulatory compliance in the dental office

Rhodes, C.; Moore, S.; Clark, K.; Maffitt, D.; Perry, J.; Handzel, T.; Prior, F., 2011:
Regulatory compliance requirements for an open source electronic image trial management system

Gottlieb, D.F., 2010:
Regulatory compliance. The regulatory framework for qualifying EHR donations

Rains, B.D., 2014:
Regulatory compliance: the necessary evil

Wang, C.; Xuan, J.; Shih, I-Ming.; Clarke, R.; Wang, Y., 2012:
Regulatory component analysis: a semi-blind extraction approach to infer gene regulatory networks with imperfect biological knowledge

Planton, J.; Edlund, B.J., 2010:
Regulatory components for treating persistent pain in long-term care

Giehl, R.F.H.; Lima, J.E.; von Wirén, N., 2013:
Regulatory components involved in altering lateral root development in response to localized iron: evidence for natural genetic variation

Senak, M., 2008:
Regulatory concerns fuel hunger in congress for FDA reform

Duncan, T.M.; Düser, M.G.; Heitkamp, T.; McMillan, D.G.G.; Börsch, M., 2014:
Regulatory conformational changes of the ε subunit in single FRET-labeled F o F 1 -ATP synthase

Lackner, F.; Behr-Gross, M-Emmanuelle., 2010:
Regulatory consequences for the use of monoclonal antibodies

Block, D.H.S.; Hussein, R.; Liang, L.W.; Lim, H.N., 2012:
Regulatory consequences of gene translocation in bacteria

Mahony, S.; Corcoran, D.L.; Feingold, E.; Benos, P.V., 2007:
Regulatory conservation of protein coding and microRNA genes in vertebrates: lessons from the opossum genome

Peters, A.; Merrington, G.; de Schamphelaere, K.; Delbeke, K., 2011:
Regulatory consideration of bioavailability for metals: simplification of input parameters for the chronic copper biotic ligand model

Weaver, L.K.; Dicks, C.; Deru, K.; Miller, R.Scott., 2013:
Regulatory considerations for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) indication for hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2)

Nellore, R., 2010:
Regulatory considerations for biosimilars

Boja, E.S.; Rodriguez, H., 2012:
Regulatory considerations for clinical mass spectrometry: multiple reaction monitoring

Pariser, A.R.; Xu, K.; Milto, J.; Coté, T.R., 2011:
Regulatory considerations for developing drugs for rare diseases: orphan designations and early phase clinical trials

Swann, P.G.; Shapiro, M.A., 2011:
Regulatory considerations for development of bioanalytical assays for biotechnology products

García-Arieta, A.; Blázquez, A., 2012:
Regulatory considerations for generic or biosimilar low molecular weight heparins

Weber, D.J., 2010:
Regulatory considerations for manufacturing and delivery of cell-based therapies for cardiovascular indications

Asher, A.L.; McGirt, M.J.; Glassman, S.D.; Groman, R.; Resnick, D.K.; Mehrlich, M.; Spivey, E.; McCormick, P., 2013:
Regulatory considerations for prospective patient care registries: lessons learned from the National Neurosurgery Quality and Outcomes Database

Khan, A.S., 2016:
Regulatory considerations for raw materials used in biological products

Werling, K.; Carnell, H.; Szabad, M., 2010:
Regulatory considerations for structuring physician/hospital co-management agreements

Smith, E.R.; Modric, S., 2013:
Regulatory considerations for the approval of analgesic drugs for cattle in the United States

Tieu, K.; Salt, A.; Wirges, J.; Grove, G.N., 2015:
Regulatory considerations for the classification of video monitoring in dissolution testing

Carpenter, M.K.; Couture, L.A., 2010:
Regulatory considerations for the development of autologous induced pluripotent stem cell therapies

Greenberg, M.S.; Schoeters, I.; Wentsel, R.S.; Charters, D.W.; Mitchell, I.A.; Zajdlik, B., 2015:
Regulatory considerations for the potential development and application of metal cleanup values

Galli, M.Cristina., 2010:
Regulatory considerations for translating gene therapy: a European Union perspective

van Zanten, J.; de Vos, P., 2010:
Regulatory considerations in application of encapsulated cell therapies

Martín, P.Gálvez.; Martinez, A.Ruiz.; Lara, Vón.Gallardo.; Naveros, B.Clares., 2014:
Regulatory considerations in production of a cell therapy medicinal product in Europe to clinical research

Huesing, J.; Romeis, Jörg.; Ellstrand, N.; Raybould, A.; Hellmich, R.; Wolt, J.; Ehlers, J.; Dabiré, Cémentine.; Fatokun, C.; Hokanson, K.; Ishiyaku, M.F.; Margam, V.; Obokoh, N.; Mignouna, J.; Nangayo, F.; Ouedraogo, J.; Pasquet, Rémy.; Pittendrigh, B.; Schaal, B.; Stein, J.; Tamò, M.; Murdock, L., 2012:
Regulatory considerations surrounding the deployment of Bt-expressing cowpea in Africa: report of the deliberations of an expert panel

Pearson, J.E., 2007:
Regulatory constraints for the transport of samples and compliance with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards for biosecurity and biocontainment

Yang, Z.; Robinson, M.J.; Allen, C.D.C., 2014:
Regulatory constraints in the generation and differentiation of IgE-expressing B cells

Falkowski, S.; Woillard, J-Baptiste.; Postil, D.; Tubiana-Mathieu, N.; Terrebonne, E.; Pariente, A.; Smith, D.; Guimbaud, R.; Thalamas, C.; Rouguieg-Malki, K.; Marquet, P.; Picard, N., 2017:
Common variants in glucuronidation enzymes and membrane transporters as potential risk factors for colorectal cancer: a case control study

Tănase-Nicola, S.; ten Wolde, P.Rein., 2008:
Regulatory control and the costs and benefits of biochemical noise

Senda, M., 2014:
Regulatory control in drug design of radiopharmaceuticals in Japan

Zhang, M.Ke.; Zhang, M.Ping.; Mazourek, M.; Tadmor, Y.; Li, L., 2015:
Regulatory control of carotenoid accumulation in winter squash during storage

Rumpler, M.J.; Sams, R.A.; Colahan, P., 2012:
Regulatory control of glycopyrrolate in performance horses using validated UHPLC/MS-MS methods

Zhou, X.; McQuinn, R.; Fei, Z.; Wolters, A-Marie.A.; VAN Eck, J.; Brown, C.; Giovannoni, J.J.; Li, L.I., 2011:
Regulatory control of high levels of carotenoid accumulation in potato tubers

Rojas-López, M.; Arenas-Hernández, M.M.P.; Medrano-López, A.; Martínez de la Peña, C.F.; Puente, Jé.Luis.; Martínez-Laguna, Y.; Torres, A.G., 2011:
Regulatory control of the Escherichia coli O157:H7 lpf1 operon by H-NS and Ler

Klonoff, D.C., 2010:
Regulatory controversies surround blood glucose monitoring devices

Dokladny, K.; Zuhl, M.Nathaniel.; Mandell, M.; Bhattacharya, D.; Schneider, S.; Deretic, V.; Moseley, P.Lloyd., 2013:
Regulatory coordination between two major intracellular homeostatic systems: heat shock response and autophagy

Anonymous, 1995:
Regulatory cost-benefit analysis to expand

Abelson, P.H., 1993:
Regulatory costs

Jordaan, D., 2012:
Regulatory crackdown on stem cell therapy: what would the position be in South Africa?

Nützmann, H-Wilhelm.; Schroeckh, V.; Brakhage, A.A., 2013:
Regulatory cross talk and microbial induction of fungal secondary metabolite gene clusters

Kollet, O.; Canaani, J.; Kalinkovich, A.; Lapidot, T., 2012:
Regulatory cross talks of bone cells, hematopoietic stem cells and the nervous system maintain hematopoiesis

Yamaichi, Y.; Gerding, M.A.; Davis, B.M.; Waldor, M.K., 2011:
Regulatory cross-talk links Vibrio cholerae chromosome II replication and segregation

Vorrink, S.U.; Domann, F.E., 2014:
Regulatory crosstalk and interference between the xenobiotic and hypoxia sensing pathways at the AhR-ARNT-HIF1α signaling node

Chia, N-Yu.; Deng, N.; Das, K.; Huang, D.; Hu, L.; Zhu, Y.; Lim, K.Hon.; Lee, M-Hui.; Wu, J.; Sam, X.Xiu.; Tan, G.San.; Wan, W.Keat.; Yu, W.; Gan, A.; Tan, A.Lay.Keng.; Tay, S-Ting.; Soo, K.Chee.; Wong, W.Keong.; Dominguez, L.Trinidad.M.; Ng, H-Hui.; Rozen, S.; Goh, L-Kee.; Teh, B-Tean.; Tan, P., 2015:
Regulatory crosstalk between lineage-survival oncogenes KLF5, GATA4 and GATA6 cooperatively promotes gastric cancer development

Grüning, N-Maria.; Lehrach, H.; Ralser, M., 2011:
Regulatory crosstalk of the metabolic network

Brewer, J.W., 2014:
Regulatory crosstalk within the mammalian unfolded protein response

Brouwer, R.; Cauchi, J.; Verhoeven, J., 2014:
Regulatory decision-making under uncertainty: are costs proportionate to benefits when restricting dangerous chemicals on European markets?

Evans, S.J.W.; Leufkens, H.G.M., 2015:
Regulatory decision-making: are we getting it right?

Hébert, P.C.; Fergusson, D.A.; Hutton, B.; Mazer, C.David.; Fremes, S.; Blajchman, M.; MacAdams, C.; Wells, G.; Robblee, J.; Bussières, J.; Teoh, K.; Hébert, P.; Fergusson, D.; Hutton, B.; Mazer, D.; Fremes, S.; Blajchman, M.; MacAdams, C.; Wells, G.; Robblee, J.; Teoh, K., 2015:
Regulatory decisions pertaining to aprotinin may be putting patients at risk

Küster, A.; Bachmann, J.; Brandt, U.; Ebert, I.; Hickmann, S.; Klein-Goedicke, J.; Maack, G.; Schmitz, S.; Thumm, E.; Rechenberg, B., 2010:
Regulatory demands on data quality for the environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals

Raïch-Regué, D.; Glancy, M.; Thomson, A.W., 2015:
Regulatory dendritic cell therapy: from rodents to clinical application

Gordon, J.R.; Ma, Y.; Churchman, L.; Gordon, S.A.; Dawicki, W., 2014:
Regulatory dendritic cells for immunotherapy in immunologic diseases

Qian, L.; Qian, C.; Chen, Y.; Bai, Y.; Bao, Y.; Lu, L.; Cao, X., 2012:
Regulatory dendritic cells program B cells to differentiate into CD19hiFcγIIbhi regulatory B cells through IFN-β and CD40L

Xu, X.; Guo, Z.; Jiang, X.; Yao, Y.; Gao, Q.; Ding, Y.; Cao, X., 2011:
Regulatory dendritic cells program generation of interleukin-4-producing alternative memory CD4 T cells with suppressive activity

Shurin, M.R.; Naiditch, H.; Zhong, H.; Shurin, G.V., 2011:
Regulatory dendritic cells: new targets for cancer immunotherapy

Schmidt, S.V.; Nino-Castro, A.C.; Schultze, J.L., 2012:
Regulatory dendritic cells: there is more than just immune activation

Lipavská, H.; Masková, P.; Vojvodová, P., 2011:
Regulatory dephosphorylation of CDK at G₂/M in plants: yeast mitotic phosphatase cdc25 induces cytokinin-like effects in transgenic tobacco morphogenesis

Martínez-Antonio, A.; Lomnitz, J.G.; Sandoval, S.; Aldana, M.; Savageau, M.A., 2012:
Regulatory design governing progression of population growth phases in bacteria

Acerenza, L.; Cristina, E.; Hernández, J.A., 2012:
Regulatory design in a simple system integrating membrane potential generation and metabolic ATP consumption. Robustness and the role of energy dissipating processes

Goldstein, L.B., 2007:
Regulatory device approval for stroke: fair and balanced?

Sarimski, K., 2011:
Regulatory disorders as early indicators of mental health disorders in severely handicapped children

Maestro, S.; Felloni, B.; Grassi, C.; Intorcia, C.; Petrozzi, A.; Salsedo, H.; Muratori, F., 2012:
Regulatory disorders: a follow-up study

Breckenridge, A., 2012:
Regulatory divergence

Graze, R.M.; McIntyre, L.M.; Main, B.J.; Wayne, M.L.; Nuzhdin, S.V., 2010:
Regulatory divergence in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans, a genomewide analysis of allele-specific expression

McManus, C.Joel.; Coolon, J.D.; Duff, M.O.; Eipper-Mains, J.; Graveley, B.R.; Wittkopp, P.J., 2010:
Regulatory divergence in Drosophila revealed by mRNA-seq

Navratilova, P.; Fredman, D.; Lenhard, B.; Becker, T.S., 2010:
Regulatory divergence of the duplicated chromosomal loci sox11a/b by subpartitioning and sequence evolution of enhancers in zebrafish

Lee, H.; Chang, Y.C.; Varma, A.; Kwon-Chung, K.J., 2010:
Regulatory diversity of TUP1 in Cryptococcus neoformans

Rybin, V.O.; Guo, J.; Harleton, E.; Zhang, F.; Steinberg, S.F., 2012:
Regulatory domain determinants that control PKD1 activity

Sevrieva, I.; Knowles, A.C.; Kampourakis, T.; Sun, Y-Biao., 2015:
Regulatory domain of troponin moves dynamically during activation of cardiac muscle

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Regulatory role of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha in the changes of contraction of vascular smooth muscle cell induced by hypoxia

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