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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55458

Chapter 55458 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Farinelli, I.; Dionisi, I.; Martelletti, P., 2011:
Rehabilitating chronic migraine complicated by medication overuse headaches: how can we prevent migraine relapse?

Durdagi, S.; Randall, T.; Duff, H.J.; Chamberlin, A.; Noskov, S.Y., 2014:
Rehabilitating drug-induced long-QT promoters: in-silico design of hERG-neutral cisapride analogues with retained pharmacological activity

Andreou, C., 2011:
Rehabilitating human nature

Aggarwal, H.; Jurel, S.Kumar.; Kumar, P.; Chand, P., 2015:
Rehabilitating mandibular resection with guide flange prosthesis

Rauch, J.N.; Gestwicki, J.E., 2015:
Rehabilitating mutant GCase

Homenko, H., 2012:
Rehabilitating opioid regulation: a prescription for the FDA's next proposal of an opioid risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS)

Fortis, P.; Maravita, A.; Gallucci, M.; Ronchi, R.; Grassi, E.; Senna, I.; Olgiati, E.; Perucca, L.; Banco, E.; Posteraro, L.; Tesio, L.; Vallar, G., 2011:
Rehabilitating patients with left spatial neglect by prism exposure during a visuomotor activity

Edelstein, J., 2008:
Rehabilitating psoas tendonitis: a case report

Luft, F.C., 2013:
Rehabilitating rimonabant

Braun, M.E.; Gooneratne, N.S., 2012:
Rehabilitating sleep

Griffiths, R.D., 2012:
Rehabilitating the critically ill: a cultural shift in intensive care unit care

Porter, M.A., 1991:
Rehabilitating the older injured worker

Guthrie, N., 1990:
Rehabilitating the patient with arthritis: team approach

Buchanan, A., 2008:
Rehabilitating the therapeutic ideal

Messinger, S.D., 2010:
Rehabilitating time: multiple temporalities among military clinicians and patients

Sjölund, B.H.; Kastrup, M.; Montgomery, E.; Persson, A.L., 2009:
Rehabilitating torture survivors

Blount, R.; Schuyler, D., 2011:

Sauer, G., 2009:
Rehabilitation 2008: when to use outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation?

Anonymous, 1959:
Rehabilitation Aid to Needy Disabled-A Program for Improvement of Independent Function

Anonymous, 1943:
Rehabilitation Clinics At The New York Hospital

Cools, A.M.; Borms, D.; Cottens, S.; Himpe, M.; Meersdom, S.; Cagnie, B., 2016:
Rehabilitation Exercises for Athletes With Biceps Disorders and SLAP Lesions: A Continuum of Exercises With Increasing Loads on the Biceps

Yang, N.Y.H.; Zhou, D.; Chung, R.C.K.; Li-Tsang, C.W.P.; Fong, K.N.K., 2013:
Rehabilitation Interventions for Unilateral Neglect after Stroke: A Systematic Review from 1997 through 2012

Kondo, K., 2012:
Rehabilitation Medicine in a Small Clinic: Effort of a private clinic with small inpatient facility in a province of Japan

Sharifi, A.; Kamali, M.; Chabok, A., 2014:
Rehabilitation Needs of People with Cerebral Palsy: a qualitative Study

Brackett, E.G., 1918:
Rehabilitation Of Diseased And Injured Soldiers Due To The War

Gelfand, D.; Acker, J.E.; Hellerstein, H.K., 2014:
Rehabilitation Of Patients With Cardiovascular Disease Other Than Stroke--Community Services

Anonymous, 1935:
Rehabilitation Of The Disabled: An American Experiment

Anonymous, 1945:
Rehabilitation Of The Physically Handicapped

Schurr, C.G., 1943:
Rehabilitation Of The Uni-Ocular Patient

Trimble, H.G., 1947:
Rehabilitation Of Tuberculous Patients

Lahav, O.; Schloerb, D.W.; Srinivasan, M.A., 2014:
Rehabilitation Program Integrating Virtual Environment to Improve Orientation and Mobility Skills for People Who Are Blind

Griese, M.; Busch, P.; Caroli, D.; Mertens, B.; Eismann, C.; Harari, M.; Staudter, H.; Kappler, M., 2010:
Rehabilitation Programs for Cystic Fibrosis - View from a CF Center

Elliott, T.R., 2012:
Rehabilitation Research and Development state-of-the-art conference on outcome measures in rehabilitation

Agård, A.S.; Lomborg, K.; Tønnesen, E.; Egerod, I., 2015:
Rehabilitation activities, out-patient visits and employment in patients and partners the first year after ICU: a descriptive study

Niven, A., 2007:
Rehabilitation adherence in sport injury: sport physiotherapists' perceptions

Norouzi, S.; Esfandiarpour, F.; Shakourirad, A.; Salehi, R.; Akbar, M.; Farahmand, F., 2014:
Rehabilitation after ACL injury: a fluoroscopic study on the effects of type of exercise on the knee sagittal plane arthrokinematics

Anonymous, 1939:
Rehabilitation after Accidents

Anonymous, 1942:
Rehabilitation after Injuries to the Central Nervous System: (Section of Neurology)

Fauchère, I.; Weber, D.; Maier, W.; Altwegg, L.; Lüscher, T.F.; Grünenfelder, Jürg.; Nowak, A.; Tüller, D.; Genoni, M.; Falk, V.; Hermann, M., 2014 :
Rehabilitation after TAVI compared to surgical aortic valve replacement

Serghiou, M.; Cowan, A.; Whitehead, C., 2009:
Rehabilitation after a burn injury

Teggi, R.; Caldirola, D.; Fabiano, B.; Recanati, P.; Bussi, M., 2008:
Rehabilitation after acute vestibular disorders

Srivastava, K.; Chaudhury, S., 2014:
Rehabilitation after amputation: psychotherapeutic intervention module in Indian scenario

Man, W.D-C.; Kon, S.S.C.; Maddocks, M., 2014:
Rehabilitation after an exacerbation of chronic respiratory disease

Risberg, M.A.; Moksnes, H.; Storevold, A.; Holm, I.; Snyder-Mackler, L., 2010:
Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament injury influences joint loading during walking but not hopping

Kruse, L.M.; Gray, B.; Wright, R.W., 2012:
Rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review

Salari, N.; Horsmon, G.A.; Cosgarea, A.J., 2010:
Rehabilitation after anteromedialization of the tibial tuberosity

Enseki, K.R.; Martin, R.; Kelly, B.T., 2010:
Rehabilitation after arthroscopic decompression for femoroacetabular impingement

Philippon, M.J.; Christensen, J.C.; Wahoff, M.S., 2009:
Rehabilitation after arthroscopic repair of intra-articular disorders of the hip in a professional football athlete

van der Meijden, O.A.; Westgard, P.; Chandler, Z.; Gaskill, T.R.; Kokmeyer, D.; Millett, P.J., 2012:
Rehabilitation after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: current concepts review and evidence-based guidelines

Garrison, J.Craig.; Osler, M.T.; Singleton, S.B., 2007:
Rehabilitation after arthroscopy of an acetabular labral tear

Nho, S.J.; Pensak, M.J.; Seigerman, D.A.; Cole, B.J., 2010:
Rehabilitation after autologous chondrocyte implantation in athletes

Severance, G.; Walsh, L., 2014:
Rehabilitation after bilateral hand transplantation in the quadrimembral patient: review and recommendations

Borg, Jörgen.; Borg, K.; Edblom, M.; Von Heijne, M.; Sunnerhagen, K., 2010:
Rehabilitation after brain injury in Sweden--worse than in Taiwan?

Herbert, J.; Devinsky, O., 1995:
Rehabilitation after brain injury: impact of posttraumatic epilepsy

Poulsen, L.Kronborg.; Høgdal, N.; Sørensen, L.Villemoes.; Kehlet, H., 2011:
Rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery

Wysokińska, A., 2007:
Rehabilitation after bursoscopic treatment of Osgood-Schlatter disease--preliminary report

Fosså, S.D.; Dahl, A.A.; Smeland, Sørn.; Thorsen, L.; Loge, J.Håvard., 2008:
Rehabilitation after cancer

Tannen, A., 2013:
Rehabilitation after cerebral infarct

Jalisi, S.; Netterville, J.L., 2009:
Rehabilitation after cranial base surgery

Salisbury, L.Gabrielle.; Merriweather, J.Lorna.; Walsh, T.Simon., 2010:
Rehabilitation after critical illness: could a ward-based generic rehabilitation assistant promote recovery?

Tan, T.; Brett, S.J.; Stokes, T.; Bhakta, B.; Brett, S.; Chater, N.; Cuthbertson, B.; Eddleston, J.; Gager, M.; Gibb, P.; Hoffman, K.; Jones, C.; Lurie, A.; McWilliams, D.; Ayiku, L.; Chamberlain, K.; McAllister, R.; Stokes, T.; Tan, T., 2009:
Rehabilitation after critical illness: summary of NICE guidance

Fibiger, W.; Kukiełka, R.; Jasiak-Tyrkalska, B.; Frańczuk, B., 2007:
Rehabilitation after damage to the anterior cruciate ligament for persons actively participating in sport

Kaya, D.; Doral, M.Nedim.; Güney, H.; Karanfil, Yğitcan.; Yıldırım, M.; Utku, B.; Alkan, E.; Uzümcügil, Aın., 2013:
Rehabilitation after endoscopically percutaneous intramuscular splintage for vastus medialis partial rupture - A case report and review of the literature

Jerre, S., 2009:
Rehabilitation after extra-articular stabilisation of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs

Dionyssiotis, Y.; Dontas, I.A.; Economopoulos, D.; Lyritis, G.P., 2008:
Rehabilitation after falls and fractures

Russell, W.R., 1947:
Rehabilitation after gunshot wounds of the brain

Schuh, R.; Hofstaetter, S.G.; Adams, S.B.; Pichler, F.; Kristen, K-Heinz.; Trnka, H-Joerg., 2009:
Rehabilitation after hallux valgus surgery: importance of physical therapy to restore weight bearing of the first ray during the stance phase

D.Monaco, M., 2014:
Rehabilitation after hip and knee arthroplasty: where are we now? Work in progress to build up evidence-based protocols

Cheatham, S.W.; Kolber, M.J., 2012:
Rehabilitation after hip arthroscopy and labral repair in a high school football athlete

Wahoff, M.; Ryan, M., 2011:
Rehabilitation after hip femoroacetabular impingement arthroscopy

Pils, K.; Müller, W.; Likar, R.; Gosch, M.; Iglseder, B.; Müller, E.J.; Thaler, H.; Gerstorfer, I.; Zmaritz, M.; Weissenberger-Leduc, M.; Mikosch, P.; Pinter, G., 2014:
Rehabilitation after hip fracture

D.Monaco, M., 2011:
Rehabilitation after hip fracture in older people

Giusti, A.; Barone, A.; Pioli, G., 2007:
Rehabilitation after hip fracture in patients with dementia

Guttmann, L., 2011:
Rehabilitation after injuries to the spinal cord and cauda equina

Auriat, A.M.; Wowk, S.; Colbourne, F., 2010:
Rehabilitation after intracerebral hemorrhage in rats improves recovery with enhanced dendritic complexity but no effect on cell proliferation

Wahoff, M.; Dischiavi, S.; Hodge, J.; Pharez, J.D., 2014:
Rehabilitation after labral repair and femoroacetabular decompression: criteria-based progression through the return to sport phase

Ostelo, R.W.J.G.; Costa, L.Oliveira.Pena.; Maher, C.G.; de Vet, H.C.W.; van Tulder, M.W., 2008:
Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery

Oosterhuis, T.; Costa, L.O.P.; Maher, C.G.; de Vet, H.C.W.; van Tulder, M.W.; Ostelo, R.W.J.G., 2014:
Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery

Williamson, O.D., 2010:
Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery: a review

Ostelo, R.W.J.G.; Costa, L.Oliveira.Pena.; Maher, C.G.; de Vet, H.C.W.; van Tulder, M.W., 2009:
Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery: an update Cochrane review

Wallace, G.F., 2015:
Rehabilitation after major extremity trauma

Hundepool, A.C.; Dumans, A.G.; Hofer, S.O.P.; Fokkens, N.J.W.; Rayat, S.S.; van der Meij, E.H.; Schepman, K.P., 2008:
Rehabilitation after mandibular reconstruction with fibula free-flap: clinical outcome and quality of life assessment

Capjon, H.; Bjørk, I.Torunn., 2010:
Rehabilitation after multilevel surgery in ambulant spastic children with cerebral palsy: children and parent experiences

Edson, C.J.; Fanelli, G.C.; Beck, J.D., 2011:
Rehabilitation after multiple-ligament reconstruction of the knee

West, R.R.; Jones, D.A.; Henderson, A.H., 2013:
Rehabilitation after myocardial infarction trial (RAMIT)

Jaruga, M.; Manikowski, Władysław.; Jaruga, M.; Czarnecki, P., 2007:
Rehabilitation after operative treatment of carpal instability

Podwika, M.; Łepski, M.; Woźniak, W., 2011 :
Rehabilitation after operative treatment with hip joint preservation in adults--own experience

Tanović, E.; Tanović, H.; Hajro, T., 2008:
Rehabilitation after operative treatments at the patients at the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Kim, J.Goo.; Lee, Y.Seuk.; Yang, B.Se.; Oh, S.Jin.; Yang, S.Jin., 2014:
Rehabilitation after posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a review of the literature and theoretical support

Holzer, N.; Cunningham, G.; Duthon, V.; Graf, Véronique.; Ziltener, J-Luc.; Hoffmeyer, P., 2014:
Rehabilitation after rotator cuff repair: developments and recommendations

Vitale, K.C.; Jimenez, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation after scapulectomy

Angel, S.; Kirkevold, M.; Pedersen, B.D., 2011:
Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury and the influence of the professional's support (or lack thereof)

Knecht, S.; Hesse, S.; Oster, P., 2012:
Rehabilitation after stroke

Pinter, M.M.; Brainin, M., 2012:
Rehabilitation after stroke in older people

Davis, A., 2014:
Rehabilitation after stroke--is New Zealand making progress?

Ward, H.Olivia.; McIldowie, B.; Kibble, S.; Squire, A.; Carson-Stevens, A., 2013:
Rehabilitation after stroke. Financial implications for survivors of stroke

Gommans, J.; Barber, P.Alan.; Hanger, H.Carl.; Bennett, P., 2008:
Rehabilitation after stroke: changes between 2002 and 2007 in services provided by district health boards in New Zealand

Carter, A.R.; Connor, L.T.; Dromerick, A.W., 2010:
Rehabilitation after stroke: current state of the science

Ekusheva, E.V.; Damulin, I.V., 2014:
Rehabilitation after stroke: the role of neuroplasticity and sensorimotor integration

Hundozi, H.; Murtezani, A.; Hysenaj, V.; Hysenaj, V.; Mustafa, A., 2014:
Rehabilitation after surgery repair of flexor tendon injuries of the hand with Kleinert early passive mobilization protocol

Leggin, B.G.; Sheridan, S.; Eckenrode, B.J., 2012:
Rehabilitation after surgical management of the thrower's shoulder

Goel, G.K.; Jain, D.; Goel, D.; Juneja, P., 2013:
Rehabilitation after surgical treatment for retinoblastoma: ocular prosthesis for a 6-month-old child

Levine, B.; Kaplanek, B.; Scafura, D.; Jaffe, W.L., 2007:
Rehabilitation after total hip and knee arthroplasty: a new regimen using Pilates training

D.M.naco, M.; Vallero, F.; Tappero, R.; Cavanna, A., 2010:
Rehabilitation after total hip arthroplasty: a systematic review of controlled trials on physical exercise programs

Holm, B.; Kehlet, H., 2009:
Rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty

Betlejewski, Sław.; Ossowski, R.; Sinkiewicz, A., 2007:
Rehabilitation after total laryngectomy--vision and realization

HOWIE, T.O., 2011:
Rehabilitation after total laryngectomy; successful oesophageal speech

Painter, P., 2010:
Rehabilitation and ESRD. The 5 E's work overseas--why not here?

Stevenson, V.L.; Playford, E.D., 2007:
Rehabilitation and MS

Earhart, G.M.; Ellis, T.; Nieuwboer, A.; Dibble, L.E., 2012:
Rehabilitation and Parkinson's disease

Earhart, G.M.; Dibble, L.E.; Ellis, T.; Nieuwboer, A., 2013:
Rehabilitation and Parkinson's disease 2013

Morrison, M.H., 1993:
Rehabilitation and Return to WorkDo Other Countries Succeed?

Hilleboe, H.E.; Kiefer, N.C., 2010:
Rehabilitation and aftercare in tuberculosis

Journeay, W.Shane.; MacDonald, S.L.; Bayley, M.T., 2014:
Rehabilitation and causes of premature mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury

Fundarò, C.; Casale, R., 2012:
Rehabilitation and dementia in the era of elderly workers

Rusk, H.A., 1948:
Rehabilitation and early ambulation

Fowler, P., 2011:
Rehabilitation and early anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was not better than rehabilitation and delayed reconstruction

Soman, U.G.; Kan, D.; Tharpe, A.Marie., 2012:
Rehabilitation and educational considerations for children with cochlear implants

Paul, K.L., 2011:
Rehabilitation and exercise considerations in hematologic malignancies

Naylor, A.R.; Briggs, M.S.; Kegelmeyer, D.K.; Kloos, A.D., 2013:
Rehabilitation and functional outcomes after extensive surgical debridement of a knee infected by fusobacterium necrophorum: a case report

Eckenrode, B.J.; Logerstedt, D.S.; Sennett, B.J., 2009:
Rehabilitation and functional outcomes in collegiate wrestlers following a posterior shoulder stabilization procedure

L.C.aire, Gérard.; Lamoulie, M.; Rabasse, Y.; Boisseau, N.; Villard, E.; Mekki, Fçoise.Hamon.; Brocard, M.; Roussenac, V.; Douguet, A-Sophie., 2010:
Rehabilitation and functional recovery of patients with multiple sclerosis

Rusk, H.A., 1949:
Rehabilitation and general practice

Koivunen, K.; Isola, A.; Lukkarinen, H., 2007:
Rehabilitation and guidance as reported by women and men who had undergone coronary bypass surgery

Goldwater, L.J.; Ashcraft, M.R., 2014:
Rehabilitation and heart disease; past, present, and future

Pei, Y.; Zuo, H.; Luan, Z.; Gao, S., 2014:
Rehabilitation and improvement of Guilin urban water environment: function-oriented management

Harwood, M., 2010:
Rehabilitation and indigenous peoples: the Māori experience

Colenbrander, A.; Fletcher, D.C.; Berlin, A.Jan.; Cole, R.J.; Christiansen, R.M.; Faye, E.; Fontenot, J.; Glaser, B.M.; Homer, P.; Jackson, M.Lou.; Lawrence, M.G.; Markowitz, S.N.; Mogk, L.; Morgan, R.; Sabates, N.; Santos-Jimenez, S.; Shepherd, J., 2008:
Rehabilitation and intraocular telescopes

Ravimohan, S.; Nfanyana, K.; Tamuhla, N.; Tiemessen, C.T.; Weissman, D.; Bisson, G.P., 2018:
Common Variation in NLRP3 Is Associated With Early Death and Elevated Inflammasome Biomarkers Among Advanced HIV/TB Co-infected Patients in Botswana

Aoki, M.; Moriizumi, S.; Toki, M.; Murakami, T.; Ishiai, S., 2013:
Rehabilitation and long-term course of nontraumatic myelopathy associated with surfing

Eslinger, P.J.; Flaherty-Craig, C.V.; Chakara, F.M., 2013:
Rehabilitation and management of executive function disorders

Verma, A.; Singh, D., 2007:
Rehabilitation and management of pseudophakic amblyopia in cases of unilateral congenital cataract by active vision therapy

Dicianno, B.E.; Kurowski, B.G.; Yang, J.Marie.J.; Chancellor, M.B.; Bejjani, G.K.; Fairman, A.D.; Lewis, N.; Sotirake, J., 2008:
Rehabilitation and medical management of the adult with spina bifida

Switzer, M.E., 2014:
Rehabilitation and mental handicaps

Yamamoto, N., 2010:
Rehabilitation and mobilization in hip fracture patients

McConnell, J., 2007:
Rehabilitation and nonoperative treatment of patellar instability

Marengoni, A.; Agüero-Torres, H.; Timpini, A.; Cossi, S.; Fratiglioni, L., 2008:
Rehabilitation and nursing home admission after hospitalization in acute geriatric patients

Tesio, L.; Simone, A.; Bernardinello, M., 2007:
Rehabilitation and outcome measurement: where is Rasch analysis-going?

Ciorba, A.; Bovo, R.; Trevisi, P.; Bianchini, C.; Arboretti, R.; Martini, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation and outcome of severe profound deafness in a group of 16 infants affected by congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Mau, W.; Müller, A., 2008:
Rehabilitation and outpatient physiotherapy in rheumatic disease patients. Results of cross-sectional studies of patients with rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatologists

Spruit, M.A.; Janssen, D.J.A.; Franssen, F.M.E.; Wouters, E.F.M., 2009:
Rehabilitation and palliative care in lung fibrosis

Ringbæk, T.; Wilcke, T., 2013:
Rehabilitation and palliative care of patients with severe COPD must be integrated

Luft, A.R., 2014:
Rehabilitation and plasticity

Pinner, M., 2011:
Rehabilitation and prognosis

Pejsková, I.; Marecek, A., 2007:
Rehabilitation and prosthetic care for diabetic patients after the extremity amputation

Greitemann, B., 2010:
Rehabilitation and prosthetic fitting in patients suffering from diabetic foot syndrome

Burlingame, C.C., 1948:
Rehabilitation and re-education

Kraft, H.S., 2016:
Rehabilitation and recovery after combat trauma: The new normal

Velligan, D.I.; Gonzalez, J.M., 2007:
Rehabilitation and recovery in schizophrenia

Carr, A., 2010:
Rehabilitation and resettlement (RHBN)

Ferguson, T., 1949:
Rehabilitation and resettlement of the disabled in industry

Yabroudi, M.A.; Irrgang, J.J., 2013:
Rehabilitation and return to play after anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Hudson, Z., 2010:
Rehabilitation and return to play after foot and ankle injuries in athletes

Liem, B.C.; Truswell, H.J.; Harrast, M.A., 2014:
Rehabilitation and return to running after lower limb stress fractures

Casartelli, N.C.; Bizzini, M.; Maffiuletti, N.A.; Lepers, R.; Leunig, M., 2016:
Rehabilitation and return to sport after bilateral open surgery for femoroacetabular impingement in a professional ice hockey player: A case report

van Eekeren, I.C.M.; Reilingh, M.L.; van Dijk, C.Niek., 2013:
Rehabilitation and return-to-sports activity after debridement and bone marrow stimulation of osteochondral talar defects

Maisano, G.; Molinis, G.; Tuniz, D.; Valente, M., 1998:
Rehabilitation and secondary prevention in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Din, S.; Shah, M.; Asadullah; Jamal, H.; Bilal, M., 2015:
Rehabilitation and social adjustment of people with burns in society

Schmitt-Sody, M.; Pilger, V.; Gerdesmeyer, L., 2011:
Rehabilitation and sport following total hip replacement

Borwell, B., 2009:
Rehabilitation and stoma care: addressing the psychological needs

Crisafulli, E.; Morandi, A.; Olivini, A.; Malerba, M.; Clini, E.M., 2014:
Rehabilitation and supportive therapy in elderly patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Lubrano, E.; Astorri, D.; Taddeo, M.; Salzmann, A.; Cesarano, E.; Brunese, L.; Giganti, M.; Spadaro, A., 2014:
Rehabilitation and surgical management of ankylosing spondylitis

Oretti, R.; Giorgini, T.; D.B.nedetto, P., 1998:
Rehabilitation and territory: organizational models

Cudennec, T., 2014:
Rehabilitation and the elderly are not incompatible

Koven, A.L., 1946:
Rehabilitation and the industrial worker

Westby, M.D., 2012:
Rehabilitation and total joint arthroplasty

Burton, J.H.; Marshall, J.M.; Munro, P.; Moule, W.; Snell, G.I.; Westall, G.P., 2009:
Rehabilitation and transition after lung transplantation in children

Howell, E.R., 2012:
Rehabilitation and treatment of a recreational golfer with hip osteoarthritis: a case report

Raj, V.S.; Lofton, L., 2013:
Rehabilitation and treatment of spinal cord tumors

Kuoppala, J.; Lamminpää, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation and work ability: a systematic literature review

Angelino, E., 2007:
Rehabilitation approach in Parkinson patients treated with subthalamic nucleus stimulation: objectives of psychological intervention

Kii, Y.; Mizuma, M., 2015:
Rehabilitation approaches to dysphagia that was developed for a patient who attempted to commit suicide by hanging: a case report

Marshall, R.S., 2009:
Rehabilitation approaches to hemineglect

Small, B., 2014:
Rehabilitation as a coordinated effort

Rubinelli, S.; Fletzer, A.; Giustini, A.; Saraceni, V.M.; Saraceni, V.; Stucki, G., 2013:
Rehabilitation as an optimal health strategy for synergies towards implementing the World Report on Disability. Paths for dialogue with the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers

Riva, G.; Gaggioli, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation as empowerment: the role of advanced technologies

Farber, S.M., 1947:
Rehabilitation as part of treatment

Ai, Q.Song.; Chen, L.; Liu, Q.; Zou, L., 2015:
Rehabilitation assessment for lower limb disability based on multi-disciplinary approaches

Slack, C.C., 2011:
Rehabilitation at war and at peace

Rouco, E.; Myers, D., 2011:
Rehabilitation at work

Maribo, T.; Melchiorsen, H.; Rubak, D.Balle.; Jespersen, E.; Nielsen, C.Vinther., 2014:
Rehabilitation based on the bio-psychosocial model concerns health condition, functioning and contextual factors

Janati, G.; Cheikh, Y.; Touwaye, S.; Bellemkhannate, S., 2014:
Rehabilitation by composite prosthesis combining milling of embedded bilateral edentulous: a clinical report

Li, X-ye.; Yan, A-hui.; Hao, S.; Li, W.; Jiang, X-jun.; Lu, L.; Qin, X-jun.; Yan, H-xin., 2012:
Rehabilitation by hollow obturator prosthesis immediately after total maxillectomy for malignant tumor

Isenberg, E., 2010:
Rehabilitation can be fun

Anonymous, 2015:
Rehabilitation care for a close friend proved to be abysmal

Yang, Z-Quan.; Zhang, Q-Min., 2013:
Rehabilitation care for children after trauma in the earthquake disaster

de Lima, M.Luiza.Lopes.Timóteo.; de Lima, M.Luiza.Carvalho.; Deslandes, S.Ferreira.; de Souza, E.Ramos.; Barreira, A.Kelly., 2012:
Rehabilitation care for victims of accidents and violence: the situation of the municipal districts in Pernambuco, Brazil

Berlien, I.C., 1945:
Rehabilitation center; psychiatry and group therapy

Lahtinen, M.; Nenonen, S.; Rasila, H.; Lehtelä, J.; Ruohomäki, V.; Reijula, K., 2016:
Rehabilitation centers in change: participatory methods for managing redesign and renovation

Chandra, A.; Stroube, W.B.; Willis, W.K., 2016:
Rehabilitation centers: marketing analysis and future challenges

Keightley, M.L.; Ratnayake, R.; Minore, B.; Katt, M.; Cameron, A.; White, R.; Bellavance, A.; Longboat-White, C.; Colantonio, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation challenges for Aboriginal clients recovering from brain injury: a qualitative study engaging health care practitioners

Burks, J.S.; Bigley, G.Kim.; Hill, H.Haydon., 2010:
Rehabilitation challenges in multiple sclerosis

Chen, Z.; Chen, G.; Song, W.; Liu, L.; Yang, Y.; Ling, F., 2009:
Rehabilitation combined with ventriculoperitoneal shunt for patients with chronic normal pressure hydrocephalus due to aneurysm subarachnoid haemorrhage: a preliminary study

Dreinhöfer, K.E.; Schüler, S.; Schäfer, M.; Ohly, T., 2014:
Rehabilitation concepts and return to sport after interventions on the shoulder

Hoppe, K.M., 2012:
Rehabilitation confronts technology: knowing how to manage innovations and expectations

Greenberg, E.M.; Albaugh, J.; Ganley, T.J.; Lawrence, J.Todd.R., 2012:
Rehabilitation considerations for all epiphyseal acl reconstruction

Pipicelli, J.G.; Chinchalkar, S.J.; Grewal, R.; Athwal, G.S., 2012:
Rehabilitation considerations in the management of terrible triad injury to the elbow

Saliba, S.; Saliba, E.N.; Pugh, K.F.; Chhabra, A.; Diduch, D., 2009:
Rehabilitation considerations of a brachial plexus injury with complete avulsion of c5 and c6 nerve roots in a college football player: a case study

Magasi, S.; Durkin, E.; Wolf, M.S.; Deutsch, A., 2009:
Rehabilitation consumers' use and understanding of quality information: a health literacy perspective

Lemon, J.; Ashburn, A.; Hyndman, D., 2010:
Rehabilitation content and clinical stroke subtype: a small observational study

Barzegarian, B.; Sax, C.L., 2011:
Rehabilitation counsellors: incorporation of assistive technology device selection and referrals into professional practice

Zasler, N., 2010:
Rehabilitation design

Bridge, E., 2011:
Rehabilitation difficulties

Whyte, J., 2007:
Rehabilitation effectiveness: the state of the science and a hope for the future

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