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Relationship between extracellular osmolarity, NaCl concentration and cell volume in rat glioma cells

Relationship between extracellular osmolarity, NaCl concentration and cell volume in rat glioma cells

General Physiology and Biophysics 30(2): 162-166

ISSN/ISBN: 0231-5882

PMID: 21613671

DOI: 10.4149/gpb_2011_02_162

The cell volume, which controls numerous cellular functions, is theoretically linearly related with the inverse osmolarity. However, deviations from this law have often been observed. In order to clarify the origin of these deviations we electronically measured the mean cell volume of rat glioma cells under three different experimental conditions, namely: at different osmolarities and constant NaCl concentration; at different NaCl concentrations and constant osmolarity and at different osmolarities caused by changes in NaCl concentration. In each condition, the osmolarity was maintained constant or changed with NaCl or mannitol. We showed that the cell volume was dependent on both the extracellular osmolarity and the NaCl concentration. The relationship between cell volume, osmolarity and NaCl concentration could be described by a new equation that is the product of the Boyle-van't Hoff law and the Michaelis-Menten equation at a power of 4. Together, these results suggest that in hyponatriemia, the cell volume deviates from the Boyle-van't Hoff law because either the activity of aquaporin 1, expressed in glioma cells, is decreased or the reduced NaCl influx decreases the osmotically obliged influx of water.

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