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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55470

Chapter 55470 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Korkmaz, V.; Ozkaya, E.; Cekmez, Y.; Leblebıcı, D.; Dagdevıren, G.; Cınar, M.; Kara, F.; Kucukozkan, T., 2015:
Relationship between the body iodine status and menopausal symptoms during postmenopausal period

Prompakay, R.; Promthet, S.; Kamsa-Ard, S.; Suwanrungruang, K.; Wiangnon, S.; Bradshaw, P., 2014:
Relationship between the body mass index and abnormal pap smears

Yuan, X.; Zhuo, Z.; Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Lü, M.; Xu, J., 2014:
Relationship between the body mass index, waist circumference and lipids levels among adults in Shenzhen

Tanaka, F.; Nakano, H.; Sudo, N.; Kubo, C., 2009:
Relationship between the body position-specific apnea-hypopnea index and subjective sleepiness

Isoda, K.; Ayukawa, Y.; Tsukiyama, Y.; Sogo, M.; Matsushita, Y.; Koyano, K., 2012:
Relationship between the bone density estimated by cone-beam computed tomography and the primary stability of dental implants

Wang, W.; Li, S.; Niu, D.; Liu, F.; Sun, J.; Zhang, Z., 2012:
Relationship between the bone mass and the expressions of vascular endothelial growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor, and bone morphogenetic protein 2 mRNA in avascular necrosis of femoral head

Planas, M., 2007:
Relationship between the bowel and clinical nutrition

Seki, N.; Matsumoto, T.; Fukazawa, M., 2015:
Relationship between the brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) level and remission of diabetic nephropathy with microalbuminuria: a 3-year follow-up study

Kulekci, M.; Batioglu-Karaaltin, A.; Saatci, O.; Uzun, I., 2012:
Relationship between the branches of the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the inferior thyroid artery

Ohno, K.; Shimoaka, T.; Akai, N.; Katsumoto, Y., 2008:
Relationship between the broad OH stretching band of methanol and hydrogen-bonding patterns in the liquid phase

Yasui, K.; Tuziuti, T.; Kozuka, T.; Towata, A.; Iida, Y., 2007:
Relationship between the bubble temperature and main oxidant created inside an air bubble under ultrasound

Cardaropoli, D.; Tamagnone, L.; Roffredo, A.; Gaveglio, L., 2016:
Relationship between the buccal bone plate thickness and the healing of postextraction sockets with/without ridge preservation

Li, F.; Tang, L.; Zhou, W.; Guo, Q., 2011:
Relationship between the c(4×2) and the (√3×√3)R30° phases in alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)

Matsumoto, T.; Hayamizu, K.; Marubayashi, S.; Shimizu, K.; Hamamoto, A.; Yamaguchi, T.; Hashizume, J.; Onabe, T.; Asahara, T.; Ohdan, H., 2011:
Relationship between the cAMP levels in leukocytes and the cytokine balance in patients surviving gram negative bacterial pneumonia

Talaat, W.M.; McGraw, T.A.; Klitzman, B., 2010:
Relationship between the canthal-tragus distance and the puncture point in temporomandibular joint arthroscopy

Schuster, S.R.; Tabba, M.; Sahota, P., 2007:
Relationship between the cardiometabolic syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea

Zhou, X.; Zhai, Y-Ping.; Mei, J-Gang.; An, Z-Ming.; Zhou, X-Gang.; Shi, P.; Yu, Y-Ping.; Liu, H-Ning.; Song, P., 2012 :
Relationship between the catalysis of Bence Jones protein and renal impairment in patients with multiple myeloma

Wu, H-tian.; Guo, Z-ping.; Guo, M-ke.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, Z-yong.; Wu, W-juan.; Zhang, Y-ze., 2012:
Relationship between the cause and length of posterior malleolar fragment and treatment strategies for posterior malleolar fracture in adult patients

Ishikawa, J.; Eguchi, K.; Hoshide, S.; Shimada, K.; Kario, K., 2011:
Relationship between the change in left ventricular hypertrophy and asleep blood pressure after sodium restriction and/or diuretic treatment

Zheng, Q.; Zhu, Y-yong.; Chen, J.; Liu, Y-rui.; You, J.; Zeng, D-wu.; Lin, S.; Jiang, J-ji., 2014:
Relationship between the changes in immune cells and HBeAg loss following antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis B patients

Li, J-sheng.; Liu, K.; Liu, J-xia.; Wang, M-hang.; Zhao, Y-wu.; Liu, Z-guo., 2008:
Relationship between the changes in ischemia/reperfusion cerebro-microvessel basement membrane injury and gelatinase system in senile rat

Shipilov, V.N.; Shpakov, A.O.; Chistyakova, O.V.; Bondareva, V.M.; Derkach, K.V.; Dobretsov, M.G., 2014:
Relationship between the changes in peripheral thresholds of nociception and activity of the adenylyl cyclase system in the skeletal muscles of rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes

Liu, J.; Yi, J., 2007:
Relationship between the changes of VEGF level and dendritic cells in peripheral blood of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

Jiang, L.; Dou, Z-lin.; Wen, H-mei.; Lan, Y.; Qiu, W-hong.; Li, K.; Hu, X-quan.; Xie, D-feng., 2010:
Relationship between the changes of surface electromyographic signal of thigh muscle and balance function in stroke patients

Rodrigo, G.J.; Plaza, V.; Neffen, H.; Levy, G.; Perpiñá, M., 2010:
Relationship between the characteristics of hospitalised acute asthma patients and the severity of their asthma. A case-control study

Falola, Sève.Marjelin.; Gouthon, P.; Falola, J-Marie.; Fiogbe, M.Armand.; Nigan, I.Bio., 2015:
Relationship between the characteristics of tables and benches and anthropometric measurements of schoolchildren in Benin

Ben Ali, H., 2013:
Relationship between the characteristics of the human sperm movement and their attachment to the zona pellucida

Wang, D.; Zhang, T.; Kuang, H., 2012:
Relationship between the charge-coupled device signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range with respect to the analog gain

Soares, Lís.Eduardo.Silva.; Martin, Oídio.César.Lavesa.; Moriyama, L.Tan.; Kurachi, C.; Martin, A.Abrahão., 2014:
Relationship between the chemical and morphological characteristics of human dentin after Er:YAG laser irradiation

Louboutin, J-Pierre.; Strayer, D.S., 2014:
Relationship between the chemokine receptor CCR5 and microglia in neurological disorders: consequences of targeting CCR5 on neuroinflammation, neuronal death and regeneration in a model of epilepsy

Li, J.; Zhang, L.; Xie, N.Z.; Deng, B.; Lv, L.X.; Zheng, L.Q., 2014:
Relationship between the cholesterol ester transfer protein TaqIB polymorphism and the lipid-lowering effect of atorvastatin in patients with coronary atherosclerotic heart disease

Amelina, I.V.; Medvedev, I.N., 2009:
Relationship between the chromosome nucleoli-forming regions and somatometric parameters in humans

Li, Q.; Xu, C.; Wu, Y.; Guo, W.; Zhang, L.; Liu, Y.; Yu, C.; Peng, J., 2012:
Relationship between the chronic periodontitis and the depression anxiety psychological factor

Liu, L-Ying.; Dong, F-Tian.; Li, H., 2008:
Relationship between the classification of diabetic macular edema and its related factors

Hanada, M.; Koyama, H.; Takahashi, M.; Matsuyama, Y., 2012:
Relationship between the clinical findings and radiographic severity in Osgood-Schlatter disease

van Kuijk, A.W.R.; de Groot, M.; Stapel, S.O.; Dijkmans, B.A.C.; Wolbink, G.J.; Tak, P.P., 2010:
Relationship between the clinical response to adalimumab treatment and serum levels of adalimumab and anti-adalimumab antibodies in patients with psoriatic arthritis

Wang, G.; Li, L-ming.; Hu, Y-hua.; Zhan, S-yan.; Lü, J.; Gao, W-jing.; Yu, C-qing.; Wang, S-feng.; Wang, J.; Dai, L-qiang.; Cao, W-hua., 2015:
Relationship between the clustering of risk factors and the prevalence of hypertension in the community residents living in Shanghai

Camp, B.W.; Cunningham, M.; Berman, S., 2010:
Relationship between the cognitive environment and vocabulary development during the second year of life

Li, Y-hong.; Wu, Q-lan.; Zou, Y-mei.; Pan, W-fang.; Peng, D.; Liu, X-yan., 2013:
Relationship between the colonization of Group B Streptococci, Mycoplasma, and Chlamydia trachomatis infections and spontaneous abortion due to early embryonic death

Iwami, Y.; Hayashi, N.; Takeshige, F.; Ebisu, S., 2008:
Relationship between the color of carious dentin with varying lesion activity, and bacterial detection

Bora, N.S.; Matta, B.; Lyzogubov, V.V.; Bora, P.S., 2015:
Relationship between the complement system, risk factors and prediction models in age-related macular degeneration

Zhu, M.; Zheng, X.; Shu, Q.; Li, H.; Zhong, P.; Zhang, H.; Xu, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, L., 2012:
Relationship between the composition of flavonoids and flower colors variation in tropical water lily (Nymphaea) cultivars

Barakat, N.H.; Atayee, R.S.; Best, B.M.; Pesce, A.J., 2012:
Relationship between the concentration of hydrocodone and its conversion to hydromorphone in chronic pain patients using urinary excretion data

Ehizele, A.O.; Ojehanon, P.I., 2013:
Relationship between the concentration of volatile sulphur compound and periodontal disease severity in Nigerian young adults

Moeckel, C.; Monteith, D.T.; Llewellyn, N.R.; Henrys, P.A.; Pereira, M.Glória., 2015:
Relationship between the concentrations of dissolved organic matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a typical U.K. upland stream

Shewry, P.R.; Gebruers, K.; Andersson, A.A.M.; Aman, P.; Piironen, V.; Lampi, A-Maija.; Boros, D.; Rakszegi, M.; Bedo, Z.; Ward, J.L., 2011:
Relationship between the contents of bioactive components in grain and the release dates of wheat lines in the HEALTHGRAIN diversity screen

Ren, G.; Lin, Z.; Wang, C.; Liu, W.; Zhang, J.; Huang, F.; Liang, J., 2007:
Relationship between the coprecipitation mechanism, doping structure and physical properties of Zn(1-x)Co(x)S nanocrystallites

Sarmento, Sênio.Abrantes.; Jácome, D.Cartaxo.; de Andrade, E.Magno.F.; Melo, A.V.Albuquerque.; de Oliveira, O.Rocha.; Tedeschi, H., 2009:
Relationship between the coronal suture and the central lobe: how important is it and how can we use it in surgical planning?

Golden, S.Hill.; Sánchez, B.N.; Wu, M.; Champaneri, S.; Diez Roux, A.V.; Seeman, T.; Wand, G.S., 2014:
Relationship between the cortisol awakening response and other features of the diurnal cortisol rhythm: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Kim, Y.Kyun.; Park, C.S.; Ihm, S-Hyun.; Kim, H-Yeol.; Hong, T.Y.; Kim, D.J.; Pae, C-Un.; Song, H.C.; Kim, Y-Soo.; Choi, E.J., 2011:
Relationship between the course of depression symptoms and the left ventricular mass index and left ventricular filling pressure in chronic haemodialysis patients

Yoshizumi, T., 2007:
Relationship between the criteria for metabolic syndrome and the evaluation of abdominal fat distribution measured by CT scan

Es'kov, E.K.; Toboev, V.A., 2011:
Relationship between the critical phases of the physiological state of insect during supercooling and its dielectric permeability

Navarrete-López, A.M.; Garza, J.; Vargas, R., 2007:
Relationship between the critical points found by the electron localization function and atoms in molecules approaches in adducts with hydrogen bonds

Dupont, C.; Augustin, J-Christophe., 2012:
Relationship between the culturability of stressed Listeria monocytogenes cells in non-selective and selective culture media and the cellular esterase activity measured by solid phase cytometry

Kawai, K.; Yashiro, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Yanagawa, H., 2010:
Relationship between the cumulative incidence of Kawasaki disease and the prevalence of electrocardiographic abnormalities in birth-year cohorts

Tanaka, T.; Sakamoto, E.; Shiiba, S.; Oda, M.; Kito, S.; Wakasugi-Sato, N.; Matsumoto-Takeda, S.; Imamura, Y.; Nakanishi, O.; Morimoto, Y., 2010:
Relationship between the curative effects of carbamazepine administration and the neurovascular compression volume of the trigeminal nerve measured using magnetic resonance cisternography

Cheon, S-Hwan.; Park, Y-Ho.; Paik, K-Suk.; Ahn, S-Joon.; Hayashi, K.; Yi, W-Jin.; Lee, S-Pyo., 2008:
Relationship between the curve of Spee and dentofacial morphology evaluated with a 3-dimensional reconstruction method in Korean adults

Llewellyn, H., 2007:
Relationship between the cytologic reporting rate for high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion or worse and Papanicolaou smear sensitivity: a simple mathematic proof with practical implications

Zhang, S.; Guo, Y.; Ma, Y.; Teng, Y., 2008:
Relationship between the cytotoxin-associated gene-A status of H pylori strains and cerebral infarction in European Caucasians and Chinese Han: a meta-analysis

Li, S-Hua.; Xu, X-Juan.; Liang, X-Hui.; Ma, Y-Ping.; Zhang, J-Shi.; Sun, L-Hua., 2011:
Relationship between the decline of age-related renal function and central aortic pressure in healthy Uygur population

Bian, J.; Shen, Y-Wen.; Zhao, Z-Qin., 2007:
Relationship between the degradation of myoglobin and postmortem interval

Donnikov, A.E.; Shkurnikov, M.U.; Akimov, E.B.; Tonevitsky, A.G., 2009:
Relationship between the degree of cardiovascular adaptation and Th1/Th2 polarization of immune response

da Silva, E.Moreira.; Almeida, G.Soares.; Poskus, L.Tatiana.; Guimarães, Jé.Guilherme.Antunes., 2009:
Relationship between the degree of conversion, solubility and salivary sorption of a hybrid and a nanofilled resin composite

Fan, Y-Hua.; Tang, X-Kang.; Tong, P-jian., 2013:
Relationship between the degree of displacement and the Baumnann angle in pediatric supracondylar humeral fractures

Yamamoto, M.; Teranishi, M.; Naganawa, S.; Otake, H.; Sugiura, M.; Iwata, T.; Yoshida, T.; Katayama, N.; Nakata, S.; Sone, M.; Nakashima, T., 2010:
Relationship between the degree of endolymphatic hydrops and electrocochleography

Evans, T.J.; Ganjam, V.K.; Miller, M.A.; Niswender, K.D.; Krause, W.J.; Youngquist, R.S., 2011:
Relationship between the degree of endometrial periglandular fibrosis and the presence of angiotensin-converting enzyme in the equine endometrium

Pérez, A.; Franch, J.; Cases, A.; González Juanatey, Jé.Ramón.; Conthe, P.; Gimeno, E.; Matali, A., 2012:
Relationship between the degree of glycemic control and diabetes characteristics and hyperglycemia treatment in type 2 diabetes. DIABES Study

Shen, Y.; Deng, X.; Xu, N.; Li, Y.; Miao, B.; Cui, N., 2016:
Relationship between the degree of severe acute pancreatitis and patient immunity

Lee, K.Soo.; Jang, Y.; Chung, Y-Ki.; Chung, J.Hyung.; Oh, B.Hoon.; Hong, C.Hyung., 2010:
Relationship between the diagnostic components of metabolic syndrome (MS) and cognition by ApoE genotype in the elderly

Matsushita, M.; Ikezawa, T.; Banno, H., 2008:
Relationship between the diameter of the vein graft and postoperative ankle brachial pressure index following femoro-popliteal bypass

Pyatigorskaya, N.; L.B.han, D.; Reynaud, O.; Ciobanu, L., 2015:
Relationship between the diffusion time and the diffusion MRI signal observed at 17.2 Tesla in the healthy rat brain cortex

Matsuoka, S.; Tominaga, Y.; Sato, T.; Uno, N.; Hiramitu, T.; Goto, N.; Nagasaka, T.; Uchida, K., 2008:
Relationship between the dimension of parathyroid glands estimated by ultrasonography and the hyperplastic pattern in patients with renal hyperparathyroidism

Liang, H.; Xue, Q.; Zhang, R-Peng.; Hao, X-Shan., 2007:
Relationship between the dissected lymph node number and the prognosis in D(2) gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Hirata, T.; Hardman-Mountford, N.; Aiken, J.; Fishwick, J., 2009:
Relationship between the distribution function of ocean nadir radiance and inherent optical properties for oceanic waters

Jean, S-Shin.; Lee, W-Sen.; Bai, K-Jen.; Lam, C.; Hsu, C-Wang.; Yu, K-Woon.; Liao, C-Hsing.; Chang, F-Yi.; Ko, W-Chien.; Wu, J-Jong.; Chen, Y-Hsu.; Chen, Y-Shen.; Liu, J-Wei.; Lu, M-Chi.; Liu, C-Yi.; Chen, R-Jade.; Hsueh, P-Ren., 2015:
Relationship between the distribution of cefepime minimum inhibitory concentrations and detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase production among clinically important Enterobacteriaceae isolates obtained from patients in intensive care units in Taiwan: results from the Surveillance of Multicenter Antimicrobial Resistance in Taiwan (SMART) in 2007

Long, S.; Chen, Z.; Han, Y.; Christopher, D.M.; Zhang, C.; Yang, Y.; Tian, Y., 2013:
Relationship between the distribution of plasma HDL subclasses and the polymorphisms of APOA5 in hypertriglyceridemia

Utani, A.; Tanioka, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Taki, R.; Araki, E.; Tamura, H.; Miyachi, Y., 2010:
Relationship between the distribution of pseudoxanthoma elasticum skin and mucous membrane lesions and cardiovascular involvement

Mardones, J.; Segovia, N.; Onfray, E., 2016:
Relationship between the dose of factor N and the alcohol intake of rats under self-selection conditions

Grishin, D.V., 2013:
Relationship between the duration of G1 period of eukaryotic cell cycle and age-associated changes in the expression of cyclin D1 and nuclear receptors

Jiménez-Candil, J.; Ruiz, Mía.; Herrero, Jús.; León, Víctor.; Martín, A.; Moriñigo, Jé.; Ledesma, C.; Martín-Luengo, Cándido., 2010:
Relationship between the duration of the basal QRS complex and electrical therapies for ventricular tachycardias among ICD patients

Tsukahara, K.; Osanai, O.; Hotta, M.; Sano, T.; Kitahara, T.; Takema, Y.; Tsujimoto, F., 2014:
Relationship between the echogenicity of subcutaneous tissue and the depth of eye corner wrinkles

Tsukahara, K.; Osanai, O.; Hotta, M.; Sano, T.; Kitahara, T.; Takema, Y.; Tsujimoto, F., 2014:
Relationship between the echogenicity of subcutaneous tissue and the depth of forehead wrinkles

Zhang, G.; Shirai, N.; Suzuki, H., 2012:
Relationship between the effect of dietary fat on swimming endurance and energy metabolism in aged mice

Takano, T.; Kondo, S.; Saito, H.; Matsumoto, T., 2014:
Relationship between the effect of eldecalcitol and serum 25(OH)D level

Hashido, T.; Doi, T.; Matsuzawa, H.; Kawamoto, K., 2013:
Relationship between the effect of medial rotation of the foot axis by ankle dorsiflexion and the ability to visualize the femoral neck axis in the hip joint anterio-posterior radiography: evaluation by magnetic resonance images

He, C-Mei.; Zheng, F-Lei.; Lian, Y-Guo.; Liu, Y-Ping., 2010:
Relationship between the effect of vascular endothelial growth factor on epithelial-mesenchymal transition of HK-2 cells and the expressions of bone morphogenetic protein-7 and inhibitor of DNA binding/differentiation

Sugawara, T.; Murakami, N.; Uetake, N.; Matsumoto, S.; Miyamori, S.; Okamoto, R.; Hiraki, K., 2014:
Relationship between the effectiveness and dose of micafungin in the treatment of candidemia

Matsushita, M.; Komoda, T., 2012:
Relationship between the effects of a high-fat meal and blood group in determination of alkaline phosphatase activity

Ma, K.; Li, E.; Guo, Y.; Wang, X.; Sun, H.; Shao, G., 2015:
Relationship between the efficacy of gemcitabine/cisplatin adjuvant chemotherapy and RRM1 protein expression in postoperative NSCLC patients

Wu, J-Ling.; Chen, A-Huan.; Peng, Q-Ying.; Chen, R-Chang.; Zhong, N-Shan., 2009:
Relationship between the efficacy of inhaled corticosteroids and the leukotriene expression in children with asthma

Gür, M.; Yilmaz, R.; Demirbağ, R.; Yildiz, A.; Akyol, S.; Polat, M.; Baş, M.Memduh., 2007:
Relationship between the elastic properties of aorta and QT dispersion in newly diagnosed arterial adult hypertensives

Walters, T.E.; Teh, A.W.; Spence, S.; Kistler, P.M.; Morton, J.B.; Kalman, J.M., 2014:
Relationship between the electrocardiographic atrial fibrillation cycle length and left atrial remodeling: a detailed electroanatomic mapping study

Alper, C.M.; Swarts, J.Douglas.; Singla, A.; Banks, J.; Doyle, W.J., 2012:
Relationship between the electromyographic activity of the paratubal muscles and eustachian tube opening assessed by sonotubometry and videoendoscopy

Nishimura, R.; Shibata, T.; Tai, H.; Ishigami, I.; Ogura, T.; Nagao, S.; Matsuo, T.; Hirota, S.; Imai, K.; Neya, S.; Suzuki, A.; Yamamoto, Y., 2013:
Relationship between the electron density of the heme Fe atom and the vibrational frequencies of the Fe-bound carbon monoxide in myoglobin

Acikgoz, Sş.; Ege, M.Refıker.; Guray, Uıt., 2013:
Relationship between the elevated mean platelet volume and coronary microvascular function in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Sukhanov, D.S.; Okovityĭ, S.V.; Demidik, S.N.; Ivanov, A.K.; Romantsov, M.G., 2012:
Relationship between the endogenous interferon IFN-gamma level and risk of hepatotoxic liver damage in tuberculosis patients

Huang, Q-bing., 2008:
Relationship between the endothelial barrier and vascular permeability after burns and its mechanism

Chantasart, D.; Li, S.Kevin., 2010:
Relationship between the enhancement effects of chemical permeation enhancers on the lipoidal transport pathway across human skin under the symmetric and asymmetric conditions in vitro

de Oliveira, D.Hélen.Imaculada.Pereira.; de Sousa Lopes, M.Luiza.Diniz.; de Santana Sarmento, D.José.; Queiroz, Lélia.Maria.Guedes.; da Costa Miguel, Márcia.Cristina.; da Silveira, E.Janine.Dantas., 2015:
Relationship between the epithelial expression of hMLH1, MDM2, and p63 and lower lip carcinogenesis

Laird, B.D.; Goncharov, A.B.; Ayotte, P.; Chan, H.Man., 2015:
Relationship between the esterase paraoxonase-1 (PON1) and metal concentrations in the whole blood of Inuit in Canada

Do, H.Joo.; Chung, H.Kyung.; Moon, J.; Shin, M-Jeong., 2011:
Relationship between the estimates of desaturase activities and cardiometabolic phenotypes in Koreans

Strambi, A.; Coto, P.B.; Frutos, L.Manuel.; Ferré, N.; Olivucci, M., 2008:
Relationship between the excited state relaxation paths of rhodopsin and isorhodopsin

Bao, W-bin.; Ye, L.; Zi, C.; Liu, L.; Zhu, J.; Pan, Z-yuan.; Zhu, G-qiang.; Huang, X-gen.; Wu, S-long., 2012:
Relationship between the expression level of SLA-DQA and Escherichia coli F18 infection in piglets

Ma, X-qiu.; Wang, L-pei.; Luo, Q-cong.; Cai, J-chun., 2014:
Relationship between the expression level of miR-29c and biological behavior of gastric cancer

Xie, F.W.; Peng, Y.; Chen, X.; Chen, X.; Li, J.; Wang, W.; Yu, Z.; Ouyang, X., 2014:
Relationship between the expression of CES2, UGT1A1, and GUSB in colorectal cancer tissues and aberrant methylation

Wang, X.; Yang, J.; Ma, Y.; Cheng, B.; Zheng, H.; Zheng, H.; Zhu, C.; Liu, T.; Li, Y., 2003:
Relationship between the expression of E-cadherin and MVD and its significance in lung cancer

Yu, M-min.; Gu, X-jun.; Xia, Y.; Wang, G-ju.; Kan, N-ying.; Wu, K-hua., 2014:
Relationship between the expression of HBV DNA, HBV cccDNA in human ovary tissues and the HBV intrauterine infection

Ye, F.; Lin, S-Mei.; Jin, Y.; Shi, J-Zi.; Qiu, H-Tao.; Zhang, X.; Kong, Y.; Zhao, Y-Ren.; Chen, T-Yan.; Liu, M.; Zhang, S-Lin., 2013:
Relationship between the expression of HBV mRNA in embryos and father-to-infant HBV transmission

Wang, J.; Wang, P-Ping.; Xiang, G-Ju.; Hu, X-Bin., 2010:
Relationship between the expression of IP-10 and IP-10 mRNA in peripheral blood and HBV DNA level in patients with cirrhosis

Gao, G-lan.; Wan, H-ying.; Zou, X-sen.; Chen, W-xue.; Chen, Y-qing.; Huang, X-zhen., 2007:
Relationship between the expression of P-glycoprotein, glutathione S-transferase-pi and thymidylate synthase proteins and adenosine triphosphate tumor chemosensitivity assay in cervical cancer

Liu, B.; Zhang, S.; Hui, L.; Qiu, X.; Cui, Z., 2010:
Relationship between the expression of PRDM14 in non-small cell lung cancer and the clinicopathologic characteristics

Hu, J.; Li, H.; Shi, T.; Ma, X.; Wang, B.; Xu, H.; Ai, X.; Ju, Z.; Wang, C.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, X., 2008:
Relationship between the expression of RASSF1A protein and promoter hypermethylation of RASSF1A gene in bladder tumor

Chi, X-jin.; Cai, J.; Luo, C-fang.; Cheng, N.; Hei, Z-qing.; Li, S-rong.; Luo, G-jian., 2009:
Relationship between the expression of Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 in mononuclear cells and postoperative acute lung injury in orthotopic liver transplantation

Wen, W-Sheng.; Zhang, Z.; Xie, Y.; Yi, X.; Zhao, W-Min.; Xu, Z-Wen.; Tang, A-Zhou.; Huang, G-Wu., 2008:
Relationship between the expression of TrkB and anoikis resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma line

Gershtein, E.S.; Kushlinsky, D.N.; Levkina, N.V.; Tereshkina, I.V.; Nosov, V.B.; Laktionov, K.P.; Adamyan, L.V., 2012:
Relationship between the expression of VEGF signal components and matrix metalloproteinases in ovarian tumors

Liu, X-fan.; Xue, F.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, X-li.; Liu, Y-ze.; Liu, W.; Chen, Y-fei.; Huang, Y-ting.; Yang, R-chi., 2015:
Relationship between the expression of autoantibodies against platelet membrane glycoprotein and therapeutic effect in primary immune thrombocytopenia

Maxia, C.; Perra, M.Teresa.; Demurtas, P.; Minerba, L.; Murtas, D.; Piras, F.; Cabrera, Rè.; Ribatti, D.; Sirigu, P., 2009:
Relationship between the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and survivin in primary pterygium

Gao, B-rong.; Yao, Y-yang.; Chen, Y-hua.; Li, X-ping.; Wang, J-liu.; Wei, L-hui., 2014:
Relationship between the expression of dual specificity phosphatase-1 and the prognosis of endometrioid adenocarcinoma

Ahn, K.H.; Kim, T.; Hur, J.Y.; Kim, S.H.; Lee, K.W.; Kim, Y.T., 2013:
Relationship between the expression of fibulin-3 and anterior vaginal wall prolapse

Li, H.; Diao, T.Yu.; Zhou, Z.Ying.; Yang, F.Yan.; Ma, Q.; Li, Q.Hui., 2010:
Relationship between the expression of hTERT and EYA4 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells with the progressive stages of carcinogenesis of the esophagus

Liu, J-xin.; Wang, D-jun.; Zhang, Q-chun.; Yin, B-liang.; Yang, J-fu.; Hu, J-guo., 2008:
Relationship between the expression of heat shock protein 25 and selenium binding protein 1 with ischemia/reperfusion lung injury in vivo: experiment with rats

Zhang, J-hong.; Zhang, J.; Sun, J-ya.; Tian, L.; Niu, Q., 2008:
Relationship between the expression of heat shock protein and genetic damage in peripheral blood of workers exposed to coke oven emissions

Zhao, S-cun.; Li, Z-bin.; He, T-qiang.; Yu, C-zhi., 2012:
Relationship between the expression of human leukocyte antigen G and preeclampsia

Wu, X-ai.; Sun, Y.; Fan, Q-xia.; Wang, L-xing.; Wang, R-lin., 2007:
Relationship between the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha and chemotherapy response in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Wu, Q.; Li, Z-shen.; Li, D-wei.; Peng, Z-hai.; Yang, Z-rui., 2010:
Relationship between the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha and chemotherapy response in gastric carcinoma

Lin, P.; Wang, W.; Cai, W-juan.; Han, C-rong.; Sun, Y.; Li, M.; Sun, B-cun., 2011:
Relationship between the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha and epidermal growth factor receptor and micro vessel density and their clinical significance

Zhu, H-bo.; Zhao, M-feng.; Li, Y-ming., 2013:
Relationship between the expression of leukemia stem cell immunophenotype and the treatment efficacy and prognosis

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