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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 55483

Chapter 55483 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Ringer, S., 1874:
Remarks on the Action of Hydrate of Croton-Chloral on Megrim

Anonymous, 1842:
Remarks on the Adoption of New Remedies

Stockman, R., 1896:
Remarks on the Analysis of Iron in the Liver and Spleen in Various Diseases Affecting the Blood

Lister, J., 1869:
Remarks on the Antiseptic System of Treatment in Surgery

Fraser, T.R., 1897:
Remarks on the Antivenomous Properties of the Bile of Serpents and other Animals, and an Explanation of the Insusceptibility of Animals to the Poisonous Action of Venom Introduced into the Stomach

Clark, F.W., 1901:
Remarks on the Apparent Immunity of Asiatics from Enteric Fever

McKeown, W.A., 1879:
Remarks on the Application of Simple Collodion to the Membrana Tympani in the Treatment of Various Diseases of the Ear

Higginbottom, J., 1842:
Remarks on the Arrest of Hæmorrliage after the Extraction of Teeth: With some Account of a New Instrument for that Purpose

Puosi, F.; Pasturel, A.; Jakse, N.; Leporini, D., 2018 :
Communication: Fast dynamics perspective on the breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein law in fragile glassformers

Bennet, H., 1880:
Remarks on the Balearic Islands as a Health-Resort

Clark, A., 1890:
Remarks on the Barking Cough of Puberty: Cynobex Hebetis

Bell, D., 1870:
Remarks on the Beneficial Effects of Combining Tonics with Aperients in Chronic Constipation

Nicoll, W., 1910:
Remarks on the Bionomics of Helminths: A Paper read before the Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Peacock, T.B., 1873:
Remarks on the Blister-Treatment of Rheumatism

Coombs, R.H., 1885:
Remarks on the British Pharmacopoeia of 1885

Radford, T., 1851:
Remarks on the Caesarean Section, Craniotomy, and on the Induction of Premature Labour

Wells, T.S., 1877:
Remarks on the Case of Miss Martineau

Lane, J.R., 1868:
Remarks on the Cases Admitted into the London Female Lock Hospital during the Year 1867

Stopford, J.S., 1926:
Remarks on the Causation of the Increased Intracranial Pressure Associated with Tumours within the Cranium

Markham, W.O., 1861:
Remarks on the Cause of Closure of the Valves of the Heart

Webster, J., 1849:
Remarks on the Causes and Morbid Anatomy of Mental Diseases

Clarke, J.M., 1897:
Remarks on the Changes in the Spinal Cord in Two Cases of Pernicious Anaemia

Munroe, H.E., 1915:
Remarks on the Character and Treatment of Wounds in War

Harley, V., 1895:
Remarks on the Chemical Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment of Uric Acid Gravel

Golding-Bird, C.H., 1882:
Remarks on the Choice of Mechanical Treatment in Spinal Disease: With Remarks on After-Treatment and Prognosis

Smith, E., 1911:
Remarks on the Choice of a Diuretic

Baker, H.B., 1888:
Remarks on the Classification of Disease

Lund, G., 1876:
Remarks on the Climate of Madeira

Rives, W.C., 1901:
Remarks on the Climatic Influences of Newport, R. I

Bramwell, B., 1897:
Remarks on the Clinical Examination of Cases of Aphasia

Humphry, G.M., 1883:
Remarks on the Collective Investigation of Disease

Scott, S., 1922:
Remarks on the Comparative Effects, immediate and remote, of introducing Absolute Alcohol into the Labyrinth of Birds and Human Subjects (Cinematograph Demonstration): (SYNOPSIS.)

Moore, J.W., 1880:
Remarks on the Compulsory Notification and Registration of Infectious Diseases

Eastes, G., 1901:
Remarks on the Conclusions of the Report of the Anaesthetics Committee of the British Medical Association

Yeo, I.B., 1892:
Remarks on the Conditions of Cure in Consumption

Hamilton, D.J., 1887:
Remarks on the Conducting Paths between the Cortex of the Brain and the Lower Centres in Relation to Physiology and Pathology

Field, G.P., 1882:
Remarks on the Connection between Disease of the Ear and General Medicine

Reeves, H.A., 1881:
Remarks on the Contraction of the Palmar and Plantar Fasciae

Gomez, J.L., 1899:
Remarks on the Dairies in the Capital of the Mexican Republic

Earle, H., 1821:
Remarks on the Danger of Extracting Large Calculi, with the Description of an Instrument intended to facilitate the breaking down Stones of considerable magnitude

Williams, W.R., 1883:
Remarks on the Death-Rate of Anaesthesia, with an Account of Six Fatal Cases

Buchanan, W.J., 1898:
Remarks on the Death-Rate of Dysentery and on Dysentery and Liver Abscess

Bankart, A.S., 1926:
Remarks on the Deformity of Pes Cavus

Bury, J.S., 1900:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Arsenical Neuritis

Jackson, J.H., 1888:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Brain

Malcolm, J.D., 1896:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Extrauterine Foetation, with Notes of a Complicated Case

Eddowes, A., 1891:
Remarks on the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Infective Forms of Eczema

Salter, H., 1868:
Remarks on the Diagnosis of Dyspnoea

Barnes, R., 1868:
Remarks on the Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy

Guthrie, G.J., 1827:
Remarks on the Diagnosis, and on the Inversion of the Foot, in Fracture of the Neck and Upper Part of the Thigh Bone

Warlomont, E., 1880:
Remarks on the Different Methods of Collecting, Preserving, and Employing Animal Vaccine

Buzzard, T., 1899:
Remarks on the Differential Diagnosis of Insular Sclerosis from Hysteria

Thompson, H., 1887:
Remarks on the Digital Exploration for Tumours of the Bladder

Macfarlane, T., 1898:
Remarks on the Disposal of Refuse in Some European Cities

West, S., 1897:
Remarks on the Early Feeding of Typhoid Patients

Smith, J.G., 1882:
Remarks on the Early Operative Treatment of Strumous Joint-Disease

Playfair, W.S., 1895:
Remarks on the Education and Training of Girls of the Easy Classes at and about the Period of Puberty

Shore, L.E., 1891:
Remarks on the Effect of Chloroform on the Respiratory Centre, the Vasomotor Centre, and the Heart

Virchow, R., 1891:
Remarks on the Effect of Koch's Remedy on the Internal Organs of Tuberculous Patients

Brunton, T.L.; Tunnicliffe, F.W., 1897:
Remarks on the Effect of Resistance Exercise upon the Circulation in Man, Local and General

Mitchell, S.W., 1896:
Remarks on the Effects of Anhelonium Lewinii (the Mescal Button)

Swayne, J.G., 1878:
Remarks on the Effects of Forceps-Delivery on the Infant

Silvester, T.H., 1852:
Remarks on the Effects of Iodine on the Glandular System, and on the Properties of Kousso

Toogood, J., 1842:
Remarks on the Effects of Loss of Blood

Hall, J.C., 1876:
Remarks on the Effects of the Trades of Sheffield: On the Workmen Employed in Them: With Special Reference to Inhaled Irritants

Powell, R.D., 1878:
Remarks on the Elasticity of the Lungs and Chest-Walls: With Reference to Some Phenomena of Chest-Disease

Wells, T.S., 1888:
Remarks on the Electrical Treatment of Diseases of the Uterus

Miller, R.S., 1886:
Remarks on the Employment of Cucaine

Wood, J., 1880:
Remarks on the Employment of Double Extension in Cases of Disease and Injuries of the Spine and Pelvic Joints

Hunter, W.G., 1884:
Remarks on the Epidemic of Cholera in Egypt

Celli, A., 1900:
Remarks on the Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of Malaria in the Light of Recent Researches

Walshe, F.M., 1927 :
Remarks on the Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis

Klein, E., 1885:
Remarks on the Etiology of Asiatic Cholera

Cattle, C.H., 1894:
Remarks on the Etiology of Cancer

Gimlette, J.D., 1897:
Remarks on the Etiology, Symptoms, and Treatment of Latah, with a Report of Two Cases

Lynch, M.H., 1841:
Remarks on the Exhibition of Sulphate of Alumina and Potass

Roosa, D.B., 1885:
Remarks on the Extraction of the Crystalline Lens in its Capsule

Rickards, E., 1883:
Remarks on the Fatty Transformation of the Kidney

Carpenter, A., 1879:
Remarks on the First Principles of Sanitary Work

Chiene, J., 1894:
Remarks on the Flap Method of Operating

Macalister, D., 1882:
Remarks on the Form and Mechanism of the Heart

Horsley, V., 1892:
Remarks on the Function of the Thyroid Gland: A Critical and Historical Review

Legg, J.W., 1876 :
Remarks on the Functions of the Liver in Jaundice

Adams, W., 1873:
Remarks on the Growth of Cicatrices from Wounds Made in Early Life, and the Supposed Wearing out of Some Cicatrices

Taylor, J.M., 1915:
Remarks on the Health of the Colored People

Chapman, P.M., 1901:
Remarks on the Heart-Index Interval in Aortic Regurgitation

Bickerton, T.H., 1900:
Remarks on the Holmgren Wool Test: Is it Adequate for the Detection of Colour Blindness?

Storrs, R., 1842:
Remarks on the Hæmorrhagic Diathesis, occurring in a whole Family

Shaw, T.B., 1925:
Remarks on the Incidence, AEtiology and Prevention of Rheumatic Fever in the Navy

Shaw, T.B., 1925:
Remarks on the Incidence, Ætiology and Prevention of Rheumatic Fever in the Navy

Collie, A., 1880:
Remarks on the Incubation Period of Enteric Fever

Ogston, A., 1902:
Remarks on the Influence of Lister Upon Military Surgery

Edis, A.W., 1878:
Remarks on the Influence of Obstetric Knowledge on the Mortality of Mothers in Childbed

Anonymous, 1842:
Remarks on the Injustice of Compelling Medical Men to take Parish Apprentices

Longmore, T., 1871:
Remarks on the Instruments Designed for Exploring Gun-Shot Wounds, with a View to Detect Bullets or Other Foreign Bodies Suspected to be Lodged in them

Zhou, L.; Jiang, B.; Alducin, M.; Guo, H., 2018:
Communication: Fingerprints of reaction mechanisms in product distributions: Eley-Rideal-type reactions between D and CD3/Cu(111)

Duncan, J.M., 1877:
Remarks on the Investigation of the Interior of the Uterus by the Carbolised Hand at Long Intervals after Delivery

Barham, C., 1878:
Remarks on the Isles of Scilly as a Health-Resort

Barker, A.E., 1895:
Remarks on the Limits of Drainage in Suppurative Conditions of the Abdominal Cavity

Hutchinson, J., 1883:
Remarks on the Local Origin of Malignant Growths

Gibb, C.J., 1875:
Remarks on the Local Use of Liquor Ferri Perchloridi in Cancerous Ulcerations of the Uterus

Gómez-Garrido, M., 2009:
Remarks on the Mallampati-Samsoon test

Holmes, T., 1881:
Remarks on the Management of Hospitals

Mackenzie, J., 1906:
Remarks on the Meaning and Mechanism of Visceral Pain as Shown by the Study of Visceral and other Sympathetic (Autonomic) Reflexes

Atthill, L., 1872:
Remarks on the Mechanical Dilatation of the Cervix Uteri

Coghill, J.G., 1881:
Remarks on the Mechanical Treatment of Uterine Displacements and Flexions

Williams, C.J., 1876:
Remarks on the Mechanism of the Sounds of the Heart

Weber, F.P., 1897:
Remarks on the Medical Aspect of a System of Compulsory Insurance of the Working Classes

Brendel, E., 1892:
Remarks on the Migration of Coleopters

Johnson, G., 1878:
Remarks on the Minute Anatomy of the Small Red Granular Kidney

Verdery, A.M.; Mouw, T.; Edelblute, H.; Chavez, S., 2018:
Communication flows and the durability of a transnational social field

Smith, R.S., 1883:
Remarks on the Morbid Anatomy and Pathology of Diabetes

Auld, A.G., 1897:
Remarks on the Morphology and Chemical Products of the Diplococcus Pneumoniae, and some Results of Vaccination

Fox, W., 1877 :
Remarks on the Mortality of Pleurisy Considered in Relation to the Operation of Paracentesis Thoracis

Barling, G., 1895:
Remarks on the Mortality of the Various Operations for the Removal of Vesical Calculus, Especially in Children

Gull, W.W.; Sutton, H.G., 1869:
Remarks on the Natural History of Rheumatic Fever

Stockman, R., 1895:
Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia

Peddie, A., 1875:
Remarks on the Necessity of Legislation for the Control and Treatment of Insane Drinkers

Lucas, P.B., 1841:
Remarks on the New Attempts to Cure: Or Relieve Stammer, and Other Impediments in Speech, by Surgical Operation

Nevins, J.B., 1867:
Remarks on the New French Codex

Clark, A., 1889:
Remarks on the Non-Tubercular and Non-Cardiac Haemoptyses of Elderly Persons

Assennato, G., 2012:
Remarks on the OECD report: Italy 2011

Childe, L.F., 1897:
Remarks on the Occurrence of Plague Pneumonia

Williams, C.T., 1899:
Remarks on the Open-Air Cure or Hygienic Treatment of Consumption

Cooper, W.W., 1845:
Remarks on the Operation of Extraction of Cataract

Walsham, W.J., 1899:
Remarks on the Operative Treatment of Various Internal Derangements of the Knee-Joint: Read before the South-Eastern Branch of the British Medical Association

Tilley, H., 1897:
Remarks on the Operative Treatment of a Case of Double Frontal Sinus Empyema, Complicated by Double Antral Suppuration

Grabham, G.W., 1875:
Remarks on the Orgin, Varieties, and Termination of Idiocy

Collie, A., 1878:
Remarks on the Origin of Two Cases of Enteric Fever

Anonymous, 1941:
Remarks on the Orr-Trueta Treatment

Burrell, L.S., 1933:

Ricord, M., 1843:
Remarks on the Pathogenic Action of the Ioduret of Potassium

Maclean, C., 1873:
Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of Continued Fever

Pollard, F., 1872:
Remarks on the Pathology and Treatment of Sea-Sickness

Findlay, J.W., 1900:
Remarks on the Pathology of Acute Yellow Atrophy of the Liver

Broadbent, W.H., 1869:
Remarks on the Pathology of Chorea

Hutchinson, J., 1876:
Remarks on the Pathology of Syphilis: Being the Concluding Reply on the Debate at the Pathological Society of London

Hameedi, A.; Tavakoli, A.; Marques, B.; Bourennane, M., 2017:
Communication Games Reveal Preparation Contextuality

Brittan, F., 1870:
Remarks on the Pathology of White Leg

Lima, T.A.; Faria, L.F.O.; Paschoal, V.H.; Ribeiro, M.C.C., 2018:
Communication: Glass transition and melting lines of an ionic liquid

Marcet, W., 1872:
Remarks on the Phenomenon of the Nutrition of Tissues: With an Inquiry into the Nutritive Value of Beef-Tea

Williams, C.J., 1877:
Remarks on the Physical Causes of the Sounds of the Heart

Macleod, K., 1895:
Remarks on the Physical Requirements of the Public Services

Johnson, G., 1868:
Remarks on the Physiology of Anaesthesia

McBride, P., 1882:
Remarks on the Physiology of Auditory Vertigo and some other Neuroses produced by Ear Disease

Broughton, H.H., 1841:
Remarks on the Position of Images in the Eye

Sambon, L., 1897:
Remarks on the Possibility of the Acclimatisation of Europeans in Tropical Regions

Anderson, J.F., 1903:
Remarks on the Preparation of Vaccine Virus

Newnham, W., 1848:
Remarks on the Present Aspect of Medicine

Budd, G., 1863:
Remarks on the Present Prevalence of Small-Pox

Deane, L.C., 1907:
Remarks on the Present Status of Intranasal Surgery

Davies, D., 1870:
Remarks on the Prevailing Epidemic of Scarlet Fever in Bristol

Ruffer, M.A., 1889:
Remarks on the Prevention of Hydrophobia by M. Pasteur's Treatment

Bishop, E.S., 1904:
Remarks on the Prevention of Ventral Hernia as a Sequel to Abdominal Section

Thompson, H., 1879:
Remarks on the Production of Cystitis by Contagion Through the Use of Instruments

Clover, J.T., 1874:
Remarks on the Production of Sleep during Surgical Operations

Cobbold, T.S., 1872:
Remarks on the Progress of Helminthology, and on Dr. Haussmann's Observations respecting Taenia in Infants

Drummond, E., 1884:
Remarks on the Prophylactic Power of Arsenic in Malaria

Gordon, C.A., 1871:
Remarks on the Prussian Siege of Paris in Some of its Relations to Hygiene and Surgery

Ransome, A., 1900:
Remarks on the Pure-Air Treatment of Phthisis at Home

Telford, E.D.; Stopford, J.S., 1933:

Smyth, R.M., 1898:
Remarks on the Rational Treatment of Phthisis, with Reference to Nordrach Sanatorium

Cheadle, W.B., 1878:
Remarks on the Recent Occurrence of Ague in Young Children in London: Illustrated by Five Cases

Anonymous, 1843:
Remarks on the Recently Published Opinions of Mr. Ross: On the Pathology and Treatment of Typhus Fever

Barr, T., 1881:
Remarks on the Relation of Diseases of the Nasal-Passages and Naso-Pharynx to Aural Affections

Lucas, R.C., 1891:
Remarks on the Relation of Movable Kidney to Hydronephrosis

Malins, E., 1881:
Remarks on the Removal of the Ovaries (a) For Dysmenorrhoea; (b) For Fibroid Tumours of the Uterus

Humphry, G.M., 1884:
Remarks on the Repair of Wounds and Fractures in Aged Persons

McKendrick, J.G.; Coats, J.; Newman, D., 1890:
Remarks on the Report of the Second Hyderabad Chloroform Commission

Wright, A.E.; Leishman, W.B., 1900:
Remarks on the Results which have been Obtained by the Antityphoid Inoculations and on the Methods which have been Employed in the Preparation of the Vaccine

Russell, W., 1883:
Remarks on the Site and Mechanism of the Cardiac Murmurs in Debility and Anaemia

Rumsey, H.W., 1873:
Remarks on the State Medicine Qualification

Corfield, W.H., 1875:
Remarks on the Study and Practice of Public Medicine

Adams, W., 1870:
Remarks on the Subcutaneous Division of the Neck of the Thigh-Bone, as Compared with Other Operations for Rectifying Extreme Distortion at the Hip-Joint, with Bony Anchylosis

Anonymous, 1896:
Remarks on the Surgery of Perforating Gastric Ulcer

Horsley, V., 1890:
Remarks on the Surgery of the Central Nervous System

Macpherson, J.; Wallace, D., 1892:
Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of General Paralysis of the Insane

Tuke, J.B., 1892:
Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of Intracranial Fluid Pressure

Newman, D., 1897:
Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of Malignant Disease of the Tonsil

Tillmanns, 1890:
Remarks on the Surgical Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Pleura and Lung

Caton, R., 1892:
Remarks on the Symptoms, and Treatment by Intestinal Antisepsis, of Enteric Fever

Roscoe, H.E., 1887:
Remarks on the Synthesis of Organic Bodies

Playfair, W.S., 1882:
Remarks on the Systematic Treatment of Aggravated Hysteria and certain Allied Forms of Neurasthenic Disease

Fothergill, J.M., 1875:
Remarks on the Systemic Indications of Chronic Bright's Disease

Cruchet, R., 1932:

Pearson, D.R., 1885:
Remarks on the Tendency towards Symmetrical Completion in Herpes Zoster, Explaining the Gravity of the Nature of the Completed Lesion

Baber, E.C., 1886:
Remarks on the Theory of Bronchial Asthma

Sawyer, J., 1883:
Remarks on the Therapeutic Uses of Oleates

Bell, C., 1887:
Remarks on the Tincture of the Muriate of Iron

Beyer, M.; Merkt, Fédéric., 2018:
Communication: Heavy-Rydberg states of HD and the electron affinity of the deuterium atom

Smith, K.M.; Caplan, D.N., 2018:
Communication impairment in Parkinson's disease: Impact of motor and cognitive symptoms on speech and language

Fergus, A.F., 1901:
Remarks on the Training of Ophthalmic Surgeons

Davy, R., 1876:
Remarks on the Transit of Invalids

Callender, G.W., 1876:
Remarks on the Treatment of Abscesses by Hyperdistension with Carbolised Water

Kennedy, H., 1869:
Remarks on the Treatment of Acute Rheumatic Fever

Reynolds, J.R., 1869:
Remarks on the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism by the Tincture of Perchloride of Iron

Reynolds, J.R., 1875:
Remarks on the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism by the Tincture of the Perchloride of Iron

Cantlie, J., 1897:
Remarks on the Treatment of Bubonic Plague

Moore, W.J., 1852:
Remarks on the Treatment of Burns and Scalds

Eade, P., 1888:
Remarks on the Treatment of Carbuncles and Boils

Casella, A.; Kartik, N.; Sanchez, L.; Turban, Sébastien., 2018:
Communication in context: Interpreting promises in an experiment on competition and trust

McEachern, J.D., 1924:
Remarks on the Treatment of Chronic Peptic Ulcer with a Report of Three Illustrative Cases

Playfair, W.S., 1869:
Remarks on the Treatment of Chronic Uterine Catarrh

Drysdale, G.N., 1905:
Remarks on the Treatment of Compound Fractures

Hogarth, R.G., 1897:
Remarks on the Treatment of Cut Throat, with Notes of a Case Treated by Immediate Suture in Layers

Pavy, F.W., 1869:
Remarks on the Treatment of Diabetes

Bristowe, J.S., 1880:
Remarks on the Treatment of Enteric Fever

Smith, P., 1869:
Remarks on the Treatment of Flexions of the Uterus by Means of an Elastic Pessary

Chaplin, A., 1895:
Remarks on the Treatment of Foetid Expectoration by the Vapour of Coal Tar Creasote

Stokes, W., 1898:
Remarks on the Treatment of Fracture of the Patella by the Open Method and Suture

Galloway, H.P., 1924:
Remarks on the Treatment of Fractures of the Leg

Sims, J.M., 1881:
Remarks on the Treatment of Gunshot-Wounds of the Abdomen in Relation to Modern Peritoneal Surgery

Deanesly, E., 1899:
Remarks on the Treatment of Impermeable Stricture of the Urethra by Excision of the Strictured Segment and Suture of the Divided Ends

Wiltshire, A., 1872:
Remarks on the Treatment of Malignant Disease of the Uterus

Barling, G., 1894:
Remarks on the Treatment of Peritonitis by Drainage, with Illustrative Cases

Kalra, S.; Kalra, B., 2017:
Communication in diabetes care

Murphy, J., 1884:
Remarks on the Treatment of Placenta Praevia

Rickards, E., 1892 :
Remarks on the Treatment of Pleurisy

Wilson, J.C., 1889:
Remarks on the Treatment of Pulmonary Phthisis

West, S., 1891:
Remarks on the Treatment of Purulent Pericarditis

Green, W.E., 1887:
Remarks on the Treatment of Quinsy, Especially in Infants

Maclaren, R., 1882:
Remarks on the Treatment of Recent Wounds

Herman, G.E., 1904:
Remarks on the Treatment of Retroversion of the Gravid Uterus

Marsh, H., 1885:
Remarks on the Treatment of Strangulated Hernia, Founded on Two Cases of False Anus after Herniotomy, in which the "Spur" was Removed by Dupuytren's Enterotome, and the Opening Closed by Suture

Trevelyan, E.F., 1896:
Remarks on the Treatment of Tetanus, with a Report of a Case of Cephalic Tetanus Treated by Injections of Antitoxic Serum

Lee, R.J., 1877:
Remarks on the Treatment of Tinea Tonsurans

Hinsdale, G., 1897:
Remarks on the Treatment of Tuberculosis by the Antitubercular Serum

Harrison, R., 1885:
Remarks on the Treatment of Urethral Stricture, by Combining Internal and External Urethrotomy

Keith, T., 1891:
Remarks on the Treatment of Uterine Tumours by Electricity: Its Effect on Small Tumours

Callender, G.W., 1878:
Remarks on the Treatment of Wounds

Williams, C.T., 1891:
Remarks on the Treatment of the Pyrexia of Phthisis

Hill, B., 1870:
Remarks on the Treatment of the Sick and Wounded in War

Barrs, A.G., 1890:
Remarks on the Tuberculous Nature of the So-Called Simple Pleuritic Effusion

Bidenkap, J.L., 1865:
Remarks on the Unity of the Syphilitic Virus

Philip, R.W., 1898:
Remarks on the Universal Applicability of the Open-Air Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Radford, T., 1878:
Remarks on the Use and Value of the Long Forceps

Halliburton, W.D., 1900:
Remarks on the Use of Borax and Formaldehyde as Preservatives of Food

Lane, J.R., 1877:
Remarks on the Use of Carbolised Catgut in the Ligature of Arteries in their Continuity

Rose, C., 1850:
Remarks on the Use of Cod-Liver Oil in Jail Cachexia

Aust-Lawrence, A.E.; Newnham, W.H., 1891:
Remarks on the Use of Electricity in Gynaecology

Thompson, J., 1872:
Remarks on the Use of Ergot in Cases Where there is Weakness of the Heart

Paul, F.T., 1892:
Remarks on the Use of Glass Tubes for Draining the Bowel in Colotomy, Excision of the Rectum, Intestinal Obstruction, and Colectomy

Clouston, T.S., 1870:
Remarks on the Use of Hydrate of Chloral in Affections of the Nervous System

Gray, J.A., 1892:
Remarks on the Use of Hyoscine, with Notes of a Case of Poisoning by the Hydrobromate

Spencer, W.H., 1878:
Remarks on the Use of Salicylic Acid, in Combination with Opium and Aconite, for the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism

Collie, A., 1879:
Remarks on the Use of the Cold Bath in Enteric Fever

Hicks, J.B., 1869:
Remarks on the Use of the Intrauterine Douche after Labour, where Offensive Lochia exist, as a Rule of Practice

Moynihan, B.G., 1904:
Remarks on the Value and significance of Certain Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Disease

Davidson, J.M., 1898:
Remarks on the Value of Stereoscopic Photography and Skiagraphy: Records of Clinical and Pathological Appearances

Saundby, R., 1890:
Remarks on the Varieties of Hepatic Cirrhosis

Horsley, V., 1891:
Remarks on the Various Surgical Procedures Devised for the Relief or Cure of Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux)

Arkwright, J.A., 1920:
Remarks on the Virus of Typhus Fever and the Means by which it is Conveyed

Anonymous, 1841:
Remarks on the abolition of contracts for vaccination

Barrett, J., 1841:
Remarks on the absorption of pus in small-pox: With illustrative cases

Liston, R., 1839:
Remarks on the acute form of anasarcous tumour of the scrotum

Pfäfflin, A., 2009:
Remarks on the acute intermittent porphyria

Roesler, J., 2008:
Remarks on the article genetics and immunopathology of chronic granulomatous disease by Marie José Stasia and Xing Jun Li

Anderson, D.J.; Politch, J.A., 2014:
Remarks on the article of Hadas et al.: Transmission of chimeric HIV by mating in conventional mice: prevention by pre-exposure antiretroviral therapy and reduced susceptibility during estrus

Geraert, E., 2013:
Remarks on the article of Packard: Julian Huxley, Uca pugnax and the allometric method

Bérard, P.; Helffer, B., 2013:
Remarks on the boundary set of spectral equipartitions

Von Bonin, G., 2010:
Remarks on the brain of the gorilla

Jones, H.B., 1843:
Remarks on the calculi in St. George's Hospital

Tarachow, S., 1949:
Remarks on the comic process and beauty

Alberico, N.A.; Roccatagliata, D.; Mühlenhardt-Siegel, U., 2014:
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Remarks on the preceding case of Cynanche Laryngea

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Remarks on the use of the Wonderlic personnel test as a pre-test

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Communication in Dogs

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Remarks on tuberculosis

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Communication in health

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Remarks regarding the article "The role of autopsies in 21st century medicine"

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Remarks to Undergraduate Students of Clinical Medicine

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Remarks to hospital medicine town hall. Cincinnati, July 20, 2012

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Remarks upon Necessity for the Filing in a Public Office of Plans and Statements about Certain Matters of House Construction. Upon the Study of the Origin of Contagious Diseases, and the Liability to Error in this Direction. Upon the Necessity for Uniformity in the Publication of Vital Statistics

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Remarks upon Scarlet Fever

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Remarks upon the Climate of Florida

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Remarks upon the internationalization of the Academic Society and development of the New Technology

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Remarks, Historical and Practical, on Diseases of Infancy

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Remarks, Historical and Practical: On Diseases of Infants

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Remarriage of environmental health and environmental protection

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Remarriage of war and terror widows: a triadic relationship

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Remaxol restores the liver antioxidant protection system in experimental cyclophosphan-induced injury

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Rembrandt Bugatti

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Rembrandt and tuberculosis

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Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp

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Rembrandt's doctors

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Rembrandt's reverence for life

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Rembrandt's strabismus

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Rembrandt: helping personalized medicine become a reality through integrative translational research

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Remeasurement Of The Arc Of Peru

W.I., 1900:
Remeasurement Of The Peruvian Arc

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Remeasurement at high resolving power in fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

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Remeasuring man

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Remeasuring the double helix

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Remedial Operation for Severe Postgastrectomy Symptoms (Dumping): Emphasis on an Antiperistaltic (Reversed) Jejunal Segment Interpolated between Gastric Remnant and Duodenum and Role of Vagotomy

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Remedial acculturation: cultural literacy

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Remedial action in the management of wound-related pain

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Remedial agents: missionary physicians and the depopulation of Hawai'i

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Remedial college courses

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Remedial correction of valgus foot strain by foot pronation exercise

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Remedial education in tuberculous meningitis

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Remedial ethics programs for physicians and dentists

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Remedial exercises in postural defects of the feet

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Remedial games at the Workmen's Compensation Board Clinic, Toronto

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Remedial gymnastics

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Remedial hydration reduces the incidence of contrast-induced nephropathy and short-term adverse events in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: a single-center, randomized trial

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Remedial occupational therapy in an Army general hospital

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Remedial operation for primary hyperparathyroidism

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Remedial procedures for handling aphasic patients

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Remedial reading

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Remedial reading for children with impaired hearing

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Remedial reading practices in the secondary school

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Remedial surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism

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Remedial teaching as therapy

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Remedials; posture classes

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Remediastinoscopy: a statistical reinterpretation

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Remediating Reading Difficulties In A Response To Intervention Model With Secondary Students

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Remediating affect: "Luclyn" and lesbian intimacy on YouTube

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Remediating cancer via splicing modulation

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Remediating organizational functioning in children with ADHD: immediate and long-term effects from a randomized controlled trial

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Remediating plastic waste into carbon nanotubes

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Remediating politics: brand(ed) new sexualities and real bodies online

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Remediating serious flaws in the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire

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Remediating soil lead with fish bones

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Remediation and Prophylaxis of Anomia in Primary Progressive Aphasia

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Communication interfaces and challenges in the Brazilian Unified Health System

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Remediation and re-assessment in undergraduate medical school examinations

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Remediation for struggling learners: putting an end to 'more of the same'

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Remediation in the context of the competencies: a survey of pediatrics residency program directors

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Remediation of 17-α-ethinylestradiol aqueous solution by photocatalysis and electrochemically-assisted photocatalysis using TiO2 and TiO2/WO3 electrodes irradiated by a solar simulator

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Remediation of AMD Contaminated Soil by Two Types of Reeds

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Remediation of Cr(VI) from chromium slag by biocementation

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Remediation of Cu-Pb-contaminated loess soil by leaching with chelating agent and biosurfactant

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Remediation of Cu-contaminated soil using chelant and EAOP

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Remediation of Cu/phenanthrene and combined contaminated loess soil by chemical-enhanced washing

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Remediation of DDTs contaminated soil in a novel Fenton-like system with zero-valent iron

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Remediation of TCE-contaminated groundwater using nanocatalyst and bacteria

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Remediation of a biodiesel blend-contaminated soil by using a modified Fenton process

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Remediation of a hexachlorobenzene-contaminated soil by surfactant-enhanced electrokinetics coupled with microscale Pd/Fe PRB

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Remediation of a marine shore tailings deposit and the importance of water-rock interaction on element cycling in the coastal aquifer

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Remediation of a naming deficit following left temporal lobe epilepsy surgery

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Remediation of acid mine drainage (AMD)-contaminated soil by Phragmites australis and rhizosphere bacteria

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Remediation of acidic industrial effluents by sulphate reducing bioreactors

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Remediation of alachlor and atrazine contaminated water with zero-valent iron nanoparticles

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Remediation of arabic numeral processing in a case of developmental dyscalculia

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Remediation of arsenic in soil by Aspergillus nidulans isolated from an arsenic-contaminated site

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Remediation of at-risk medical students: theory in action

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Remediation of cadmium contaminated irrigation and drinking water: a large scale approach

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Remediation of cadmium- and lead-contaminated agricultural soil by composite washing with chlorides and citric acid

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Remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil by extraction with para-sulphonato-thiacalix[4]arene, a novel supramolecular receptor

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Remediation of chlorinated solvent plumes using in-situ air sparging--a 2-D laboratory study

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Remedies For Indigestion Must Be Properly Prepared And Sold While Fresh

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Remedies For The Contamination By Sewage Of Oysters And Other Molluscs

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Remedy UK loses court case over doctors' training applications

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Remedy for all the inconveniences of life

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Remedy for radiation fear - discard the politicized science

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Remelting of highly cross-linked polyethylene worn under laboratory conditions

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Remember 1967? We do..

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Remember S.E.P.A. flap?

Jennings, J.Towne., 2008:
Remember To flip your baby (over)

Anonymous, 1915:
Remember Your Friends

Elcock, K., 2007:
Remember and learn

Soriano, J.B.; Parkes, G., 2009 :
Remember elephants and icebergs... "Your lung function should be here, but it is there!"

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Remember empathy

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Remember how it feels to be a student?

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Remember judgments and the constraint of direct experience

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Remember kerion celsi

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Remember mental health

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Remember our older Australians--and nurses in aged care

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Remember pregnant women during the seasonal influenza vaccination

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Remember that patient you saw last week?

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Remember the ACZM

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Remember the Boy Scout motto..

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Communication in Theory and Research on Transactive Memory Systems: A Literature Review

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Remember the MaineRx

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Remember the Reason

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Remember the elephant

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Remember the heat's on

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Remember the links in the causal chain of fetal alcohol effects

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Remember the people: the emotional side of case management

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Remember the touch: tactile distractors retrieve previous responses to targets

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Remember there are grants for smoking cessation drugs

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Remember these points if asked for your records

Butman, S., 2014:
Remember those midterms

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Remember to do: insomnia versus control groups in a prospective memory task

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Remember to forget: ERP evidence for inhibition in an item-method directed forgetting paradigm

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Remember to report changes

Schaum, K.D., 2010:
Remember to review the Office of Inspector General fiscal year 2010 work plan

Hernandez, P., 2008:
Remember to use our chronic obstructive pulmonary disease action plan

Bewley, S., 2009:
Remember violence when investigating stress and stillbirth

Post, M.J., 2013:
Remember what I told you about therapeutic arteriogenesis, 11 years ago?

Engmann, M., 2010:
Remember what it's all about!

Moore, P.K., 2012:
Remember why we went into this field in the first place..

Lampton, L.M., 2013:
Remember you too are mortal

Nau, J-Yves., 2009:
Remember "la vache folle" (spongiform encephalopathy)

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Remember, remember.... a child's pain experience

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Remember/know judgments probe degrees of recollection

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Remember: CHIN

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Remembered International Index of Erectile Function domain scores are not accurate in assessing preoperative potency in candidates for bilateral nerve-sparing radical retropubic prostatectomy

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Remembered affordances reflect the fundamentally action-relevant, context-specific nature of visual perception

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Remembered but unused: the accessory items in working memory that do not guide attention

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Remembered parenting styles and adjustment in middle and late adulthood

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Remembered study mode: support for the distinctiveness account of the production effect

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Remembering 'EO' and the 5 Es

Campbell, N.D., 2013:
Remembering 'collective amnesia: reversing the global epidemic of addiction library closures'

Anonymous, 2010:
Remembering 'uncle Barney' Welch: the man Mother Teresa nominated for a Caring Award

Hoffman, P.; Jefferies, E.; Ralph, M.A.Lambon., 2011:
Remembering 'zeal' but not 'thing': reverse frequency effects as a consequence of deregulated semantic processing

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Communication: Investigation of ion aggregation in ionic liquids and their solutions with lithium salt under high pressure

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Remembering 100 years of mental health nursing registration

Stephens, G.Gayle., 2010:
Remembering 40 years, plus or minus

Hogg, D., 2008:
Remembering ABCDE in general practice

Crombie, H.David.; Lincoln, A., 2009:
Remembering Abe Lincoln

Weiss, K.J.; Deutsch, A., 2012:
Remembering Albert deutsch, an advocate for mental health

Boronow, R.C.; Brunschwig, A., 2008:
Remembering Alexander Brunschwig, MD (1901-1969)

Extremera, B.Gil.; Nobel, A., 2013:
Remembering Alfred Nobel

Agrest, A.; Lanari, A., 2011:
Remembering Alfredo Lanari

Sarbó Szepesváraljai, A., 2008:
Remembering Arthur Sarbó Szepesváraljai

Klaunig, J.E.; Davis, M.A.; Trump, B.Franklin., 2008:
Remembering Benjamin Franklin Trump

Kaufman, P.L.; Becker, B., 2014 :
Remembering Bernard Becker, MD, 1920-2013

James, W.; Johnson, B.L., 2009:
Remembering Bernett L. Johnson, Jr, MD

Zhou, Y., 2011:
Remembering Bob. A patient helps a medical student and cancer survivor find the confidence she needs

Beaulieu, D., 2014:
Remembering Boston

Merrifield, B., 2008:
Remembering Bruce Merrifield. Collection of reminiscences arranged by Svetlana Mojsov

Alexander, E.; Mária, Béla., 2009:
Remembering Béla Mária (1903-1975)

Luehrsen, K.R., 2015:
Remembering Carl Woese

Grassi, W.; Cervini, C., 2014:
Remembering Claudio Cervini

Emde, R.N.; Stern, D.N., 2014:
Remembering Daniel Stern (1934-2012): a legacy for 21st century psychoanalytic thinking and practice

Morens, D.M.; Daumier, H., 2012:
Remembering Daumier's blue period

Wax, M.; Allingham, R.; Epstein, D.L., 2014:
Remembering David L. Epstein, MMM, MD, 1944-2014

Turner, K.; Shephard, D., 2012:
Remembering David Shephard, MB FRCPC (1930-2011)

Cohen, S.S.; Diers, D., 2014:
Remembering Donna Diers

Nickitas, D.M.; Diers, D., 2013:
Remembering Donna Diers: A true trailblazer

Mulliken, J.B.; Folkman, J., 2009:
Remembering Dr Judah Folkman

Andrus, J.Kim.; de Quadros, C., 2015:
Remembering Dr. Ciro de Quadros

Carter, P.L.; Gillespie, J., 2011:
Remembering Dr. Jim Gillespie as a world adventurer, master surgeon, and invaluable mentor

Edwards, K.; King Jr, M.Luther., 2010:
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Walcott, D.B., 2011:
Remembering Dr. Wilder Penfield

Atomi, Y.; Idezuki, Y., 2013:
Remembering Dr. Yasuo Idezuki, F.A.C.S, Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo

Atsumi, K.; Nosé, Y., 2012:
Remembering Dr. Yukihiko Nosé

Alzheimer, A.; Kraepelin, E., 2007:
Remembering Emile Kraeplin and calling up a paradigm shift on the eve of the first century of Alzheimer's disease

Emed, A., 2010:
Remembering Endre Somogyi (1922-2006)

Kelly, H.; Abbott, E., 2014:
Remembering Ernie Abbott

Gharib, H., 2013:
Remembering Ernie Mazzaferri - A Personal Reflection

Pasqualini, C.Dosne.; Sacerdote de Lustig, E., 2014:
Remembering Eugenia Sacerdote de Lustig (1910-2011)

Alexander, E.; Alexander, F., 2010:
Remembering Ferenc Alexander (1891-1964)

Bakewell, J.; Nightingale, F., 2011:
Remembering Florence Nightingale

Beck, D-Marie.; Nightingale, F., 2011:
Remembering Florence Nightingale's panorama: 21st-century nursing--at a critical crossroads

Cornelissen, G.; Halberg, F.; Halberg, J.; Schwartzkopff, O.; Halberg, F., 2014:
Remembering Franz Halberg, MD (July 5, 1919-June 9, 2013)

Price-Dowd, C., 2018:
Communication is a two-way street

Alexander, E.; Fényes, Görgy., 2009:
Remembering György Fényes (1924-1998)

Maple, T.L.; Markowitz, H., 2014:
Remembering Hal Markowitz

Bahnson, R.; Bahnson, H.T., 2014:
Remembering Hank

Hordern, A.; Matthew, H., 2011:
Remembering Henry Matthew

Adams, J.; Sulzbach, H., 2015:
Remembering Herbert Sulzbach and those who work for peace

Alexander, E.; Richter, Hó., 2009:
Remembering Hugó Richter (1885-1945)

Scherger, J.E.; McWhinney, I., 2014:
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Remembering Ihsan Doğramaci

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Remembering Imre Ungár (1914-1987)

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Remembering István Csillag (1913-1998)

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Remembering Jenô Pólya (1876-1945)

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Remembering Jere Goyan

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Remembering Jim Flynn

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Remembering Joanne Angle, 1941-2012

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Remembering Johnnie

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Remembering Juan Navia

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Remembering Julius C. Allen

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Remembering Józsa Ladányi (1898-1985)

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Remembering K. S. Krishnan (1946-2014)

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Remembering Karen Woo

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Remembering Katie

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Remembering Lajos Adám (1879-1946)

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Remembering Lillian Wald: remembering our roots

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Remembering Lloyd J. Thompson and June lyday orton

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Remembering Louis Tribondeau (1872-1918)

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Remembering Mafalda Gray

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Remembering Malcolm J. Casadaban

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Remembering Manó Herczel (1862-1918)

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Remembering Michael Stephen Feld: physics and biomedicine pioneer (1940-2010)

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Remembering Mississippi's medical warriors: John Young Murry, MD (1829-1915) physician and surgeon, soldier, statesman, social activist

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Remembering Mississippi's medical warriors: L. W. Brock, MD (1888-1964)

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Remembering Mollie Orshansky--the developer of the poverty thresholds

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Remembering Mr B

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Remembering Mrs. Chase

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Remembering Mrs. Chase. Before there were Smart Hospitals and Sim-Men, there was "Mrs. Chase"

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Remembering Mátyás Trixler (1940-2010)

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Remembering Obaid - one year later

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Remembering Obaid Siddiqi, a pioneer in the study of temperature-sensitive paralytic mutants in Drosophila

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Communication Is Key

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Remembering Paul C. Zamecnik, M.D., "father of antisense" (1912-2009)

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Remembering Paul On Pong Ts'o, Ph.D. (1929-2009)

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Remembering Peru: what those who made the journey had to say

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Remembering Phyllis Noerager Stern, 1925-2014

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Remembering President Barack Obama's inauguration and the landing of US Airways Flight 1549: a comparison of the predictors of autobiographical and event memory

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Remembering Prof. Ferenc Gráf--on the 20th anniversary of his passing

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Remembering Prof. Nyikolaj Ivanovics Pirogov (1810-1881)

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Remembering Professor David BenEzra, M.D., Ph.D., 1942-2008

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Remembering Professor Mamoru Tamura

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Remembering Professor Walter A. Scott

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Communication is key in any relationship

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Remembering Robert Morris

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Remembering Robyn Barst

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Remembering Rose Mary

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Remembering Sadao Otani

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Remembering Semmelweis: hand hygiene and its importance on today's clinical practice

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Remembering September 11, 2001, and the implications for physician disaster preparedness

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Remembering Sigmund Freud on his 150th birth anniversary

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Remembering Stefano Di Vittorio

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Remembering Steven M. Podos, MD, 1937-2009

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Remembering Thomas Parran, his contributions and missteps going forward: history informs us

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Remembering William B. Kannel, MD, MPH (1923-2011)

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Remembering William B. Kannel: pioneer in cardiovascular epidemiology

Anonymous, 1942:
Remembering William James

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Remembering World War I: Joyce Kilmer's Trees

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Remembering Yellapragada SubbaRow

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Remembering a dear friend and colleague: john oakley, MD january 11, 1946-april 17, 2006

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Remembering a friend, mentor, and scholar: Dr A Norman Cranin

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Remembering a motivator for patient autonomy

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Remembering a quiet New Zealand legend

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Remembering a trailblazing midwife

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Remembering a "Magical Genius": Ramanujan was born 100 years ago and grew up poor and uneducated, but his work continues to draw and inspire mathematicians

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Remembering first world war nurse hero

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Remembering for the benefit of aging

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Remembering harriet hardy, m.d

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Remembering history creating history

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Remembering inflammatory breast cancer. Are you up to date on management and treatment?

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Remembering makes evidence compelling: retrieval from memory can give rise to the illusion of truth

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Remembering my first published medical article

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Remembering my sister Rosalind Franklin

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Remembering old lessons in prostate cancer: avoiding errors 'in PARPituity'

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Remembering operations

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Remembering our beloved Lloyd

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Remembering our classics: then and now

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Remembering our history. 1984

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Remembering our origin for making our future. International Nurse Day

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Remembering pride and shame: self-enhancement and the phenomenology of autobiographical memory

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Remembering professor Roberto Stasi (August 24th 1961 - January 28th 2014)

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Remembering ray

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Remembering scope of practice

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Remembering september 11

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Remembering some effects of language and other factors

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Remembering talk: individual and gender differences in reported speech

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Remembering the Chaos - But Life Went on and the Wound Healed. A Four Year Follow Up with Parents having had a Baby with Infantile Colic

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Remembering the Details: Effects of Emotion

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Remembering the IOM report: key messages and recommendations

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Remembering the SIEV X: who cares for the bodies of the stateless, lost at sea?

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Remembering the art of nursing in a technological age

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Remembering the awakening

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Remembering the best and worst of times: memories for extreme outcomes bias risky decisions

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Remembering the bomb, 40 years after

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Remembering the contributions of two New Zealand greats: Bill Utley and Donald Urquart-Hay

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Remembering the dead in Northop: First World War memorials in a Welsh parish

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Remembering the fall of Bataan, April 1942

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Remembering the fallen soldier: John McCrae on Flanders Fields

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Communication issues in nutritional observational research

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Remembering the farmer in the agriculture policy and obesity debate

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Remembering the father of chronobiology and chronomics: Franz Halberg, MD (5 July 1919 - 9 June 2013)

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Remembering the first seizure and the diagnosis of epilepsy: how much impact do they have in our lives?

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Remembering the forest while viewing the trees: evolutionary thinking in the teaching of molecular biology

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Remembering the forgotten: psychotherapy groups for the nursing home resident

Ausubel, K., 2007:
Remembering the future

Weber, C., 2013:
Remembering the human in the technology

Leonard, L.; Timmins, F., 2013:
Remembering the importance of preventing blood-borne infections in the critical care setting

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Remembering the initial realization of one's own mortality

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Remembering the legacy of Dale E.. Brashers and his contributions to health communication

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Remembering the lost neuroscience of pharmaco-EEG

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Remembering the neediest

Anonymous, 2007:
Remembering the neglected tropical diseases

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Remembering the object you fear: brain potentials during recognition of spiders in spider-fearful individuals

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Remembering the pain: accuracy of pain recall in endometriosis

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Remembering the past and imagining the future in autism spectrum disorder

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Remembering the past and imagining the future: age-related differences between young, young-old and old-old

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Remembering the past and imagining the future: differences in event specificity of spontaneously generated thought

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Remembering the past and imagining the future: examining the consequences of mental time travel on memory

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Remembering the past and planning for the future in rats

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Remembering the past, acting for the future

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Remembering the past, an eye to the future

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Remembering the past: creatinine clearance and drug dosage adjustment

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Remembering the past: peritoneal dialysis practices

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Remembering the patient when rebuilding the Charity Hospital system

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Remembering the prolonged cold of winter

Baldwin, M.; Biernat, M.; Landau, M.J., 2015:
Remembering the real me: Nostalgia offers a window to the intrinsic self

Anonymous, 2012:
Remembering the real war horses

Mach, T.; Kostrzewski, J.Karol., 2008:
Remembering the scientific career of Professor Jozef Karol Kostrzewski, patron of the infectious diseases clinic in Krakow on his 120th birthday

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Remembering the self in schizophrenia

Hauer, A., 1948:
Remembering the sesquicentennial of the insulation element cromium

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Remembering the silver lining: reappraisal and positive bias in memory for emotion

Kaweckyj, N., 2011:
Remembering the simple things

Cao, S.; Chen, L.; Zhu, Q., 2010:
Remembering the ultimate goal of environmental protection: including protection of impoverished citizens in China's environmental policy

Schwebel, D.C., 2008:
Remembering the victims

Fernandes, A.K.; Onady, G.M., 2011:
Remembering the "Seven Rs": more ethical caveats for the PNP hospitalist

Wieser, M., 2014:
Remembering the "lens": visual transformations of a concept from Heider to Brunswik

Reiheld, A., 2008:
Remembering the "pan" in "pandemic": considering the impact of global resource disparity on a duty to treat

Mullan, Zë., 2015:
Remembering the "prevention basics"

Birnbaum, R., 2012:
Remembering the "right to treatment"

Edgin, J.O.; Spanò, G.; Kawa, K.; Nadel, L., 2015:
Remembering things without context: development matters

Valencia, A.P.; Spangenburg, E.E., 2014:
Remembering those 'lazy' days--imprinting memory in our satellite cells

Murphy, E., 2014:
Remembering times past

Weible, A.P., 2013:
Remembering to attend: the anterior cingulate cortex and remote memory

Parent, M.B.; Darling, J.N.; Henderson, Y.O., 2014:
Remembering to eat: hippocampal regulation of meal onset

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Remembering to execute a goal: sleep on it!

Cade, G.Thompson., 2009:
Remembering to forget

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Remembering to forget: the amnesic effect of daydreaming

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Remembering to learn: independent place and journey coding mechanisms contribute to memory transfer

Yamamoto, Y., 2009:
Remembering to my period of chairman, board of directors, Japanese Society for Clinical Toxicology

Thomas, S.P.; Stern Noerager, P., 2016:
Remembering travels with Phyllis

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Remembering two among us

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Remembering under stress: different roles of autonomic arousal and glucocorticoids in memory retrieval

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Remembering visionaries in nursing practice

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Remembering what could have happened: neural correlates of episodic counterfactual thinking

Anonymous, 2011:
Remembering what is important to

Stefanacci, R.G.; Haimowitz, D., 2012:
Remembering what's important in Alzheimer's dementia management in assisted living

Gude, D., 2011 :
Remembering what's new in Alzheimer's management

Watson, K.Everett., 2011:
Remembering when: Facilitators can use resident memories to spur social interaction and aid in the treatment of dementia-related disease

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