Section 56
Chapter 55,518

Researching collaboratively: implications for qualitative research and researchers

Cheek, J.

Qualitative Health Research 18(11): 1599-1603


ISSN/ISBN: 1049-7323
PMID: 18849520
DOI: 10.1177/1049732308324865
Accession: 055517417

Often discussions about collaborative research, and collaboration generally, begin at the point of how to collaborate, who to collaborate with, and what to collaborate about. Rarely do they include equally important questions of why we are having discussions about collaboration, where such an impetus and emphasis is coming from, and how it connects to the contemporary political research context. In a recent editorial in Qualitative Health Research, Janice Morse highlighted the need for reflection about collaboration. This article responds to that call, providing reflections on collaboration, the imperative to collaborate, and what this all might mean for both qualitative research and qualitative researchers. I hope to stimulate new points of departure for thinking and action shaping collaborative research endeavors without-and just as crucially, within-qualitative research.

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