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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 55526

Chapter 55526 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dong, J-Zhou.; Yang, J-Jun.; Wang, Y., 2009:
Resources of Lycium species and related research progress

Saldaña Valderas, Mónica.; Quintero Sierra, Mía.José., 2009:
Resources of Spanish clinical research ethics committees

Montgomery, M.A., 1984:
Resources of adaptation for daily living

Glushkov, N.I.; Cheremisin, V.M.; Pavelets, K.V.; Musukaev, K.M.; Chernykh, D.A., 2011:
Resources of modern methods of radiodiagnostics in optimization of surgical treatment of patients with rectum cancer

Abelson, P.H., 1991:
Resources of plant germplasm

Spirgienė, L.; Routasalo, P.Elina.; Macijauskienė, Jūratė., 2016:
Resources of residents for potential transition from long-term care to community

Fishman, M.B.; Solov'eva, M.O.; Muzhikov, S.P.; Kuprin, P.E.; Ma, C., 2013:
Resources of surgical treatment of diabetes mellitus type II

Zhao, J.; Liu, X.; Wang, C.; Zhang, Z.; Qin, S.; Zhong, G., 2011:
Resources of survey in rare and endangered medicinal plant Sinopodophyllum emodi

Anonymous, 2009 :
Resources on bisphenol A for dentists

Barense, M.D.; Erez, J.; Ma, H.; Cusack, R., 2014:
Resources required for processing ambiguous complex features in vision and audition are modality specific

Erwin, P.Campbell.; Mays, G.P.; Riley, W.J., 2012:
Resources that may matter: the impact of local health department expenditures on health status

Charbonneau-Smith, Rée.; McKinlay, R.James.; Vohra, J.U., 2010:
Resources to facilitate research in advanced practice nursing

Wright, K., 2009:
Resources to help solve drug calculation problems

Dodson, R., 2012:
Resources to help you build a drug kit

Chapman, D., 2009:
Resources to help you keep current

Ferraris, F.; Beratarrechea, A.; Llera, Ján.; Marchetti, M.; Perman, Gón., 2011:
Resources use and direct medical costs in a pediatric population with chronic diseases

Guedes, R.Augusto.Paletta.; Guedes, V.Maria.Paletta.; Chaoubah, A., 2012:
Resources use, costs and effectiveness of non-penetrating deep sclerectomy according to glaucoma stage

Seo, T.H.; Teeters, J.L.; Bush, C., 2013:
Resources used to support postgraduate year 1 pharmacy residencies: survey of residency program directors

Cleary, S.M.; Molyneux, S.; Gilson, L., 2014 :
Resources, attitudes and culture: an understanding of the factors that influence the functioning of accountability mechanisms in primary health care settings

Mbondji, P.Ebongue.; Kebede, D.; Soumbey-Alley, E.William.; Zielinski, C.; Kouvividila, W.; Lusamba-Dikassa, P-Samson., 2014:
Resources, indicators, data management, dissemination and use in health information systems in sub-Saharan Africa: results of a questionnaire-based survey

Siegel, V., 2010:
Resources, repositories and rewards

Shaw, J.L.; Brown, J.; Khan, B.; Mau, M.K.; Dillard, D., 2013:
Resources, roadblocks and turning points: a qualitative study of American Indian/Alaska Native adults with type 2 diabetes

Swank, E.; Fahs, B., 2012:
Resources, social networks, and collective action frames of college students who join the gay and lesbian rights movement

Segerstrom, S.C., 2011:
Resources, stress, and immunity: an ecological perspective on human psychoneuroimmunology

Chokkanathan, S., 2008:
Resources, stressors and psychological distress among older adults in Chennai, India

Anonymous, 2008:
Resources: free TV turnoff week poster--last call!

Altman-Traub, M., 2014:
Resources: new dietitians can find organizations, websites, and industry helpful

Longfellow, S.P., 2008:
Resources: spiritual development-youth development

Haas, S.A., 2008:
Resourcing evidence-based practice in ambulatory care nursing

Frizelle, F.A., 2008:
Resourcing for the growing burden of elderly patients with cancer

Myatt, C.A.; Auzenne, J.W., 2016:
Resourcing interventions enhance psychology support capabilities in special operations forces

McLeod, S., 2015:
Resourcing speech-language pathologists to work with multilingual children

Santoro, L.; Grazioli, L.; Filippone, A.; Grassedonio, E.; Belli, G.; Colagrande, S., 2010:
Resovist enhanced MR imaging of the liver: does quantitative assessment help in focal lesion classification and characterization?

Suzuki, H.; Tsurita, G.; Ishihara, S.; Akahane, M.; Kitayama, J.; Nagawa, H., 2008:
Resovist-enhanced MRI for preoperative assessment of colorectal hepatic metastases: a case of multiple bile duct hamartomas associated with colon cancer

Rigopoulou, A.V.; Anthracopoulos, M.B.; Katsardis, C.V.; Lymberopoulos, D.K., 2015:
RespDoc: a new clinical decision support system for childhood asthma management based on Fraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) measurements

Anonymous, 2012:

McBride, E., 2009:
Respect & reconciliation

O'Neill, D., 2011:
Respect and care for the older person

Sprinks, J., 2011:
Respect and dignity are vital to quality care provision

Richards, V., 2013:
Respect and dignity through the use of language - do I have a problem or an illness

Murphy-Shigematsu, S., 2010:
Respect and empathy in teaching and learning cultural medicine

Bhavsar, A.Rachel., 2013:
Respect and rationality: the challenge of attempted suicide

Yarkony, L., 2012:
Respect and recognition: the keys to keeping boomers on the job

Chaney, B., 2010:
Respect and the DNP

Antoniazzi, C.D., 2012:
Respect as experienced by registered nurses

Burkhart, C.N.; Morrell, D.S.; Ziemer, C., 2013:
Respect begins at home

Auster, S., 2014:
Respect each other

Clucas, C.; Karira, J.; Claire, L.St., 2013:
Respect for a young male with and without a hearing aid: a reversal of the "hearing-aid effect" in medical and non-medical students?

Garrafa, V., 2011:
Respect for autonomy and free consent in research using archived biological material

Racine, E.; Larivière-Bastien, D.; Bell, E.; Majnemer, A.; Shevell, M., 2015:
Respect for autonomy in the healthcare context: observations from a qualitative study of young adults with cerebral palsy

Varelius, J., 2012:
Respect for autonomy, advance directives, and minimally conscious state

Quadrelli, S.; Colt, H.G.; Lyons, G.; Cohen, D., 2008:
Respect for autonomy. How much do patients want to know in order to make decisions?

Rammoser, I., 2008:
Respect for being different

Mbugua, K., 2012:
Respect for cultural diversity and the empirical turn in bioethics: a plea for caution

Bracanovic, T., 2011:
Respect for cultural diversity in bioethics. Empirical, conceptual and normative constraints

Gómez-Durán, E.L.; Martin-Fumadó, C.; Barbería-Marcalain, E.; Clos Masó, D.; Arimany-Manso, J., 2015:
Respect for dementia patients' autonomy and the need for interdisciplinary cooperation

Högerås, N., 2014:
Respect for fellow human beings own choice

Milne, T., 2014:
Respect for individual choice

Elliott, K., 2009:
Respect for lay perceptions of risk in the hormesis case

Osen, K.; Johnsrud, K.; Schweitzer, A., 2007:
Respect for life and the fight against nuclear weapons

Bliwise, D.L.; Rye, D.B., 2012:
Respect for muscle

Montalban, N., 2008:
Respect for nursing

Edwards, C., 2012:
Respect for other selves

Bonnery, A-Marie., 2012:
Respect for patients and improvement in caregiving

Reid, K.I., 2009:
Respect for patients' autonomy

Barilan, Y.Michael., 2012:
Respect for personal autonomy, human dignity, and the problems of self-directedness and botched autonomy

Sieber, J.E., 2007:
Respect for persons and informed consent-a moving target

Metz, T., 2009:
Respect for persons permits prioritizing treatment for HIV/AIDS

Bierer, G., 2010:
Respect for persons: beyond the mortal world

Walker, R.L., 2010:
Respect for rational autonomy

Chapin, S., 2010:
Respect for religious views. Interview by Sidone Chilufya

Verschure, J., 2011:
Respect for reptiles

Anonymous, 2015:
Respect for self-determination and use of coercion in the treatment of mentally ill persons: an ethical position statement of the DGPPN

Dolan, G., 2009:
Respect for seniors. Environmental services and long-term care

Parker, C., 2011:
Respect for te reo Māori

DA SILVA LEAL, M., 2011:
Respect for the dead and the cremation practice

Gibson, D.A., 1981:
Respect for the disabled

Bevan, K.E.; Venkatasubramaniam, A.; Mohamed, F.; Moran, B.J.; Cecil, T.D., 2010:
Respect for the laparoscopic port site: lessons in diagnosis, management, and prevention of port-site hernias following laparoscopic colorectal surgery

Sullivan, W.J., 2012:
Respect for the subject paramount

Manca, D.; Varnhagen, S.; Brett-MacLean, P.; Allan, G.Michael.; Szafran, O., 2008:
Respect from specialists: concerns of family physicians

Rizzuto, A.M., 1993 :
Respect in clinical practice

Rushton, C.Hylton., 2007:
Respect in critical care: a foundational ethical principle

Rose, D.N.; Peter, E.; Gallop, R.; Angus, J.E.; Liaschenko, J., 2011:
Respect in forensic psychiatric nurse-patient relationships: a practical compromise

Cutcliffe, J.R.; Travale, R., 2014:
Respect in mental health: reconciling the rhetorical hyperbole with the practical reality

Vieira, M., 2008:
Respect in nursing care

Volsch, J., 2009:
Respect in the workplace

Henrikson, M., 2008:
Respect in the workplace: tips and tools for creating an environment of respect

Karebian, J., 2011:
Respect needed for RNs who make the "Michigan Difference" at U of M hospitals

Ferrante, G.; Minardi, V.; Possenti, V.; Quarchioni, E.; Salmaso, S.; Baldissera, S., 2011:
Respect of Smoking ban in public places is increasing, but relevant differences among Northern, Central and Southern Italy still exist

Elliot, S.; Becky; Woodhouse, J.; Mumby, C., 2014:
Respect of our elective placement in Uganda

Duguet, A-M., 2011:
Respect of patient's dignity in the hospital

Eckerdal, G.; Engström, I.; Lynöe, N.; Löfmark, R.; Sallin, K., 2007:
Respect patient's right to refuse life support care. New guidelines from The Swedish Society of Medicine's delegation

Ivanovic, Z., 2014:
Respect the anaerobic nature of stem cells to exploit their potential in regenerative medicine

Zee, P.C.; Turek, F.W., 2014:
Respect the clock

Noon, G.P.; Loebe, M.; Motomura, T., 2012:
Respect the history and foresee the future: milestones of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps with Artificial Organs

Leone, M.; Ragonnet, B., 2012:
Respect the wishes of our elderly

Falardeau, Mène., 2011:
Respect towards people with alzheimer's disease

Haddad, T., 2013:
Respect your elders

Widmeier, K., 2014:
Respect your elders. Special considerations for EMS response to geriatric patients

Gura, M.; Baresic, D., 2012:
Respect yourself, protect yourself: an educational campaign about vaginitis in the Dominican Republic

Parse, R.Rizzo., 2010:

Longerich, B., 2008 :
Respect, above all else

Reid, J., 2012:
Respect, compassion and dignity: the foundations of ethical and professional caring

Te Rangi, R., 2010:
Respect, pride and dignity--what do these words really mean?

Morris, E.J., 2012:
Respect, protection, faith, and love: major care constructs identified within the subculture of selected urban African American adolescent gang members

Elander, J.; Beach, M.Catherine.; Haywood, C., 2011:
Respect, trust, and the management of sickle cell disease pain in hospital: comparative analysis of concern-raising behaviors, preliminary model, and agenda for international collaborative research to inform practice

Arthur Burton, L., 1991:
Respect: Response to shame in health care

Lawrence-Lightfoot, S., 2012:
Respect: on witness and justice

Simpson, C.S., 2008:
Respectable identities: New Zealand nineteenth-century "new women" - on bicycles!

Furnee, J.H., 2008:
Respectable pleasures: class, gender, and the spatial transformation of The Hague, 1850-90

Nerurkar, P.V.; Nerurkar, V.R., 2008:
Respected Sir(2): magic target for diabetes

Stephen; Happell, B., 2011:
Respected debate or overt censorship: Respecting alternative views to the use of seclusion

Scanlon, K., 2010:
Respectful actions: exponential excellence

Falkenroth, A., 2011:
Respectful cooperation. Intercultural opening of new nursing facilities

Wasserman, L.S., 2008:
Respectful death: a model for end-of-life care

Limbo, R.; Kobler, K.; Levang, E., 2010:
Respectful disposition in early pregnancy loss

Lynöe, N.; Wessel, M.; Olsson, D.; Alexanderson, K.; Helgesson, G., 2011:
Respectful encounters and return to work: empirical study of long-term sick-listed patients' experiences of Swedish healthcare

Ouédraogo, A.; Kiemtoré, S.; Zamané, H.; Bonané, B.T.; Akotionga, M.; Lankoande, J., 2015:
Respectful maternity care in three health facilities in Burkina Faso: the experience of the Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Burkina Faso

McConville, B., 2015:
Respectful maternity care--how the UK is learning from the developing world

Allen, M.Canepa.; Ansermet, C.; Schüpbach, Jëlle.; Vu, F.; Bouche, L.; Ninane, Fçoise.; Bodenmann, P., 2014:
Respectful nursing support of patient priorities

Robinson, M-Anne., 2008:
Respectful relationships vital in times of crisis

Lévesque, J-Frédéric.; Pineault, R.; Haggerty, J.L.; Burge, F.; Beaulieu, M-Dominique.; Gass, D.; Santor, D.A.; Beaulieu, C., 2012:
Respectfulness from the patient perspective: comparison of primary healthcare evaluation instruments

Pecanac, K.E.; Repenshek, M.F.; Tennenbaum, D.; Hammes, B.J., 2014:
Respecting Choices® and advance directives in a diverse community

Bosek, M.Sue.Dewolf., 2008:
Respecting a patient's religious values: what does this require?

Griffith, R., 2014:
Respecting a patient's wish to refuse life-sustaining treatment

Duncan, R.E.; Sawyer, S.M., 2010:
Respecting adolescents' autonomy (as long as they make the right choice)

Cook, R.J.; Erdman, J.N.; Dickens, B.M., 2007:
Respecting adolescents' confidentiality and reproductive and sexual choices

Warren, R.C.; Walker, B.; Maclin, S.D.; Miles-Richardson, S.; Tarver, W.; James, C.M., 2011:
Respecting and protecting the beloved community, especially susceptible and vulnerable populations

Anonymous, 2011:
Respecting and supporting midwife-led continuity of care models

Taub, A.L.; Keune, J.D.; Kodner, I.J.; Schwarze, M.L., 2014:
Respecting autonomy in the setting of acute traumatic quadriplegia

Beach, R.; Proops, R., 2009:
Respecting autonomy in young people

Walker, T., 2014:
Respecting autonomy without disclosing information

Heinz, D., 2013:
Respecting basic rights. On the acceptability of restraining measures in the hospital during general procedures in patients with dementia

Kielhofner, G., 2007:
Respecting both the "occupation" and the "therapy" in our field

Nelson, J.Lindemann., 2009:
Respecting boundaries, disparaging values

Warren, P.S., 2014:
Respecting cancer committee members as volunteers: tools for the cancer registrar

Parens, E., 2009:
Respecting children with disabilities--and their parents

Perrin, E.M., 2012:
Respecting cultural values of toddler weight perception while discouraging parental overfeeding

Hing, N.; Breen, H.; Gordon, A., 2011:
Respecting cultural values: conducting a gambling survey in an Australian Indigenous community

Racher, F.E.; Annis, R.C., 2008:
Respecting culture and honoring diversity in community practice

Tomlinson, T., 2013:
Respecting donors to biobank research

Sudore, R.L.; Covinsky, K.E., 2011 :
Respecting elders by respecting their paid caregivers

Mallery, L.H.; Moorhouse, P., 2011:
Respecting frailty

Lévy, I., 2008:
Respecting funeral rites

Sanford, K., 2008:
Respecting immigrant nurses' skills

Williams, R., 2013:
Respecting last wishes

Santa Rosa, Bárbara.; Corte-Real, F.; Vieira, D.Nuno., 2015:
Respecting minors' autonomy in child custody cases

Neri, G.; Mastronardi, V.; Traini, T.; D'Orazio, F.; Pugliese, M.; Cazzato, F., 2014:
Respecting nasal mucosa during turbinate surgery: end of the dogma?

Klote, M.; Brosch, L.R., 2010:
Respecting our patients by respecting their records

Fischmeister, M., 2012:
Respecting ownership of ideas

Oakley, J., 2009:
Respecting participant autonomy and the disclosure of clinical trial results

Badger, J.M.; Ladd, R.Ekman.; Adler, P., 2010:
Respecting patient autonomy versus protecting the patient's health: a dilemma for healthcare providers

Redley, M.; Keeley, H.; Clare, I.; Hinds, D.; Luke, L.; Holland, A., 2011:
Respecting patient autonomy: understanding the impact on NHS hospital in-patients of legislation and guidance relating to patient capacity and consent

Whiteside, K., 2012:
Respecting patient choices

Burrows, J.; Echeverría B, C.; Goic G, A.; Herrera C, C.; Quintana V, C.; Rojas O, A.; Ruiz-Esquide, G.; Salinas R, R.; Serani M, A.; Taboada R, P.; Vacarezza Y, R., 2015:
Respecting patient intimacy

Greer, D.M., 2009:
Respecting patients' rights at the end of life: problems with the 2006 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Stone, J., 2008:
Respecting professional boundaries: what CAM practioners need to know

Bruchon-Renoir, A-Marie., 2007:
Respecting the biological rhythms in the child

Goldstand, S.; Gevir, D.; Cermak, S.A., 2014:
Respecting the child's perspective: effective assessment and intervention for handwriting difficulties

Wallen, M.; Duff, S.; Goyen, T-Anne.; Froude, E., 2014:
Respecting the evidence: responsible assessment and effective intervention for children with handwriting difficulties

Ginsburg, S., 2011:
Respecting the expertise of clinician assessors: construct alignment is one good answer

Rubin, M., 2011:
Respecting the game. Aiding others is a privilege, and EMS demands more humility than hubris

Binda, M.; Terrassier, J-Charles.; Strumeyer, C., 2010:
Respecting the needs of intellectually gifted children and adolescents

Moon, S., 2015:
Respecting the right to access to medicines: Implications of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for the pharmaceutical industry

Lewis, G.E., 2008:
Respecting the role of the surgical technologist

Muzny, P., 2014:
Respecting the will of the patient: between illusions and realities

Savary, C., 2007:
Respecting the wishes of Mister B

Kinoshita, S., 2007:
Respecting the wishes of patients in intensive care units

Rahmani, A.; Ghahramanian, A.; Alahbakhshian, A., 2010:
Respecting to patients' autonomy in viewpoint of nurses and patients in medical-surgical wards

Bailey, G., 2014:
Respecting what matters most

Farsides, B., 2012:
Respecting wishes and avoiding conflict: understanding the ethical basis for organ donation and retrieval

Zhang, J.; Lu, F.; Ouyang, C.; Cheng, Z.; Wang, X.; Liu, X., 2015:
Respective analysis of dead patients with cirrhosis by Child-Pugh score and model of end-stage liver disease score

Carreau, C.; Flouriot, G.; Bennetau-Pelissero, C.; Potier, Mène., 2008:
Respective contribution exerted by AF-1 and AF-2 transactivation functions in estrogen receptor alpha induced transcriptional activity by isoflavones and equol: consequence on breast cancer cell proliferation

Hihn, J-Y.; Doche, M-L.; Mandroyan, A.; Hallez, L.; Pollet, B.G., 2011:
Respective contribution of cavitation and convective flow to local stirring in sonoreactors

Palazzo, Cémence.; Ravaud, J-François.; Trinquart, L.; Dalichampt, M.; Ravaud, P.; Poiraudeau, S., 2013:
Respective contribution of chronic conditions to disability in France: results from the national Disability-Health Survey

Canoui-Poitrine, F.; Luc, G.; Juhan-Vague, Iène.; Morange, P-Emmanuel.; Arveiler, D.; Ferrieres, J.; Amouyel, P.; Bingham, A.; Montaye, Mèle.; Ruidavets, J-Bernard.; Haas, B.; Evans, A.; Ducimetiere, P.; Empana, J-Philippe., 2010:
Respective contribution of conventional risk factors and antihypertensive treatment to stable angina pectoris and acute coronary syndrome as the first presentation of coronary heart disease: the PRIME Study

Wei-LaPierre, L.; Gong, G.; Gerstner, B.J.; Ducreux, S.; Yule, D.I.; Pouvreau, S.; Wang, X.; Sheu, S-Shing.; Cheng, H.; Dirksen, R.T.; Wang, W., 2013:
Respective contribution of mitochondrial superoxide and pH to mitochondria-targeted circularly permuted yellow fluorescent protein (mt-cpYFP) flash activity

Parent, J-Sébastien.; Bouteiller, N.; Elmayan, T.; Vaucheret, Hé., 2015:
Respective contributions of Arabidopsis DCL2 and DCL4 to RNA silencing

Reboul, E.; Soayfane, Z.; Goncalves, Aélie.; Cantiello, M.; Bott, R.; Nauze, M.; Tercé, Fçois.; Collet, X.; Coméra, C., 2014:
Respective contributions of intestinal Niemann-Pick C1-like 1 and scavenger receptor class B type I to cholesterol and tocopherol uptake: in vivo v. in vitro studies

Sauer, E.M.; Lopez, F.G.; Gormley, B., 2003:
Respective contributions of therapist and client adult attachment orientations to the development of the early working alliance: a preliminary growth modeling study

NUTTIN, J., 1947:
Respective effectiveness of success and task-tension in learning

Becquet, O.; Guyot, D.; Kuo, P.; Pawlotsky, Fçoise.; Besnard, M.; Papouin, M.; Lapillonne, A., 2014:
Respective effects of phlebotomy losses and erythropoietin treatment on the need for blood transfusion in very premature infants

Rolland, V.; Nevoux, M.; Barbraud, C.; Weimerskirch, H., 2009:
Respective impact of climate and fisheries on the growth of an albatross population

Manto, M.U.; Hampe, C.S.; Rogemond, Véronique.; Honnorat, Jérome., 2011:
Respective implications of glutamate decarboxylase antibodies in stiff person syndrome and cerebellar ataxia

Chen, B.; Roeder, E.; Vuissoz, P-André.; Gillet, P.; Felblinger, J.; Beaumont, M.; Pinzano, A., 2013:
Respective interest of T2 mapping and diffusion tensor imaging in assessing porcine knee cartilage with MR at 3 Teslas

Pujol, B., 2010:
Respective place of MRI and EUS for taking care of biliopancreatic diseases

Kranz, G.; Haubenberger, D.; Voller, B.; Posch, M.; Schnider, P.; Auff, E.; Sycha, T., 2008:
Respective potencies of Botox and Dysport in a human skin model: a randomized, double-blind study

Halimi, J-Michel.; Matthias, B.; Al-Najjar, A.; Laouad, I.; Chatelet, Vérie.; Marlière, J-Frédéric.; Nivet, H.; Lebranchu, Y., 2007:
Respective predictive role of urinary albumin excretion and nonalbumin proteinuria on graft loss and death in renal transplant recipients

de Marchena, E.; Badiye, A.; Robalino, G.; Junttila, J.; Atapattu, S.; Nakamura, M.; De Canniere, D.; Salerno, T., 2012:
Respective prevalence of the different carpentier classes of mitral regurgitation: a stepping stone for future therapeutic research and development

Reyal, F.; Bollet, M.A.; Caly, M.; Gentien, D.; Carpentier, S.; Peyro-Saint-Paul, Hélène.; Pierga, J-Yves.; Cottu, P.; Dieras, Véronique.; Sigal-Zafrani, B.; Vincent-Salomon, A.; Sastre-Garau, X., 2012:
Respective prognostic value of genomic grade and histological proliferation markers in early stage (pN0) breast carcinoma

Zhang, G.; Liu, F.; Liu, H.; Qu, J.; Liu, R., 2014:
Respective role of Fe and Mn oxide contents for arsenic sorption in iron and manganese binary oxide: an X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigation

Ichinohe, T., 2011:
Respective roles of TLR, RIG-I and NLRP3 in influenza virus infection and immunity: impact on vaccine design

Ayari, Hène., 2013:
Respective roles of cortisol, aldosterone and angiotensin II during pathophysiology of atherosclerosis

Passerat, J.; Got, P.; Dukan, S.; Monfort, P., 2009:
Respective roles of culturable and viable-but-nonculturable cells in the heterogeneity of Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium invasiveness

Bala, Y.; Depalle, B.; Douillard, T.; Meille, S.; Clément, P.; Follet, H.; Chevalier, J.; Boivin, G., 2011:
Respective roles of organic and mineral components of human cortical bone matrix in micromechanical behavior: an instrumented indentation study

Rossi, P.; Tauzin, L.; Marchand, E.; Boussuges, A.; Gaudart, J.; Frances, Y., 2011:
Respective roles of preterm birth and fetal growth restriction in blood pressure and arterial stiffness in adolescence

Anonymous, 2010:
Respects and appropriate application of the evidence-based medicine for the improvement of the clinical practice

Anonymous, 2007:
Resperate for hypertension

Rynard, P.B.; Palij, B.; Galloway, C.A.; Roughley, F.R., 1968:
Resperin inhalation treatment for chronic respiratory diseases

Atsumi, T.; Kajiwara, T.; Tamaoki, S.; Maeda, A.; Nakanishi, R., 2009:
Respherical contour with medial collapsed femoral head necrosis after high-degree posterior rotational osteotomy in young patients with extensive necrosis

Reijans, M.; Dingemans, G.; Klaassen, Cé.H.; Meis, J.F.; Keijdener, J.; Mulders, B.; Eadie, K.; van Leeuwen, W.; van Belkum, A.; Horrevorts, A.M.; Simons, G., 2008:
RespiFinder: a new multiparameter test to differentially identify fifteen respiratory viruses

Scheraga, H.A.; Scheraga, H.A., 2011:
Respice, adspice, and prospice

Giordano, J., 2011:
Respice...prospice: philosophy, ethics and medical care- past, present, and future

Henriet, A-C.; Marchand-Adam, S.; Mankikian, J.; Diot, P., 2011:
Respimat®, first Soft Mist™ inhaler: new perspectives in the management of COPD

Majestic, B.J.; Turner, J.A.; Marcotte, A.R., 2013:
Respirable antimony and other trace-elements inside and outside an elementary school in Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Metzger, W.J.; Nyce, J.W., 2007:
Respirable antisense oligonucleotide (RASON) therapy for allergic asthma

Hoe, S.; Semler, D.D.; Goudie, A.D.; Lynch, K.H.; Matinkhoo, S.; Finlay, W.H.; Dennis, J.J.; Vehring, R., 2014 :
Respirable bacteriophages for the treatment of bacterial lung infections

Mundt, K.A.; Birk, T.; Parsons, W.; Borsch-Galetke, E.; Siegmund, K.; Heavner, K.; Guldner, K., 2011:
Respirable crystalline silica exposure-response evaluation of silicosis morbidity and lung cancer mortality in the German porcelain industry cohort

Aoki, Y.; Kojo, Y.; Yamada, S.; Onoue, S., 2012:
Respirable dry powder formulation of bleomycin for developing a pulmonary fibrosis animal model

Verma, D.K.; Rajhans, G.S.; Malik, O.P.; des Tombe, K., 2014:
Respirable dust and respirable silica exposure in Ontario gold mines

Lidén, Göran., 2011:
Respirable dust measurements in the brick manufacturing industry

Tian, J.; Fu, N.; Chen, X.Dong.; Shen, W., 2013:
Respirable liquid marble for the cultivation of microorganisms

Mehanna, M.M.; Mohyeldin, S.M.; Elgindy, N.A., 2015:
Respirable nanocarriers as a promising strategy for antitubercular drug delivery

Brüske, I.; Thiering, E.; Heinrich, J.; Huster, K.M.; Nowak, D., 2014:
Respirable quartz dust exposure and airway obstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Franque Mirembo, Jé.C.; Swanepoel, A.J.; Rees, D., 2013:
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