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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55534

Chapter 55534 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vlahandonis, A.; Yiallourou, S.R.; Sands, S.A.; Nixon, G.M.; Walter, L.M.; Horne, R.S.C., 2015:
Response to, ‘‘The unnormalized spectral indices of heart rate variability should be presented in conjunction with normalized versions of the same variables’’

Zvosec, D.L.; Smith, S.W., 2010:
Response to, "Cognitive, psychomotor and subjective effects of sodium oxybate and triazolam in healthy volunteers," 2009; 206(1):141-154

Nardone, R.; Kunz, A.; Höller, Y.; Trinka, E.; Brigo, F., 2014:
Response to, "The sleep lost"

Gallick, D.; Friedman, B.A.; Alpert, B.S.; Seller, J.D.; Quinn, D.E.; Osborn, D., 2012:
Response to--Blood Pressure Monitoring 2011; 16: 67-73

Weaver, M.T.; Dallery, J.; Branch, M.N., 2010:
Response topography in behavioral tolerance to cocaine with rats

Yotani, K.; Tamaki, H.; Yuki, A.; Kirimoto, H.; Kitada, K.; Ogita, F.; Takekura, H., 2011:
Response training shortens visuo-motor related time in athletes

Schennach, R.; Meyer, S.; Seemüller, F.; Jäger, M.; Schmauss, M.; Laux, G.; Pfeiffer, H.; Naber, D.; Schmidt, L.G.; Gaebel, W.; Klosterkötter, J.; Heuser, I.; Maier, W.; Lemke, M.R.; Rüther, E.; Klingberg, S.; Gastpar, M.; Musil, R.; Möller, H-Jürgen.; Riedel, M., 2012:
Response trajectories in "real-world" naturalistically treated schizophrenia patients

van Vugt, F.T.; Cavanagh, P., 2012:
Response trajectories reveal conflict phase in image-word mismatch

Campos, J.; Corróns, A.; Pons, A., 1988:
Response uniformity of silicon photodiodes

Nelson, N.W.; Sweet, J.J.; Berry, D.T.R.; Bryant, F.B.; Granacher, R.P., 2007:
Response validity in forensic neuropsychology: exploratory factor analytic evidence of distinct cognitive and psychological constructs

Gurbel, P.A.; Mahla, E.; Antonino, M.J.; Tantry, U.S., 2010:
Response variability and the role of platelet function testing

Gilden, D.L.; Hancock, H., 2007:
Response variability in attention-deficit disorders

Stahlman, W.David.; Young, M.E.; Blaisdell, A.P., 2010:
Response variability in pigeons in a Pavlovian task

Li, J.J.; Cutting, L.E.; Ryan, M.; Zilioli, M.; Denckla, M.B.; Mahone, E.Mark., 2010:
Response variability in rapid automatized naming predicts reading comprehension

Bruce, J.M.; Bruce, A.S.; Arnett, P.A., 2010:
Response variability is associated with self-reported cognitive fatigue in multiple sclerosis

Purcell, B.A.; Heitz, R.P.; Cohen, J.Y.; Schall, J.D., 2013:
Response variability of frontal eye field neurons modulates with sensory input and saccade preparation but not visual search salience

Préville, M.; Zarit, S.; Susman, E.; Boulenger, P.; Lehoux, R., 2008:
Response variability of salivary cortisol among older adults under psychological stress

Siller-Matula, J.M.; Trenk, D.; Schrör, K.; Gawaz, M.; Kristensen, S.D.; Storey, R.F.; Huber, K., 2014:
Response variability to P2Y12 receptor inhibitors: expectations and reality

Addad, F.; Chakroun, T.; Abderazek, F.; Ben-Farhat, M.; Hamdi, S.; Dridi, Z.; Gamra, H.; Hassine, M.; Samama, M.M.; Elalamy, I., 2010:
Response variability to aspirin and one-year prediction of vascular events in patients with stable coronary artery disease

Cattaneo, M., 2013:
Response variability to clopidogrel: is tailored treatment, based on laboratory testing, the right solution?

Owen, L.; Scholey, A.; Finnegan, Y.; Sünram-Lea, S.I., 2013:
Response variability to glucose facilitation of cognitive enhancement

Cai, C.; Ren, Q.; Desai, N.J.; Rizzo, J.F.; Fried, S.I., 2011:
Response variability to high rates of electric stimulation in retinal ganglion cells

Gregory, A.J.; Beier, P., 2015:
Response variables for evaluation of the effectiveness of conservation corridors

Takahashi, H.; Yokota, R.; Kanzaki, R., 2014:
Response variance in functional maps: neural darwinism revisited

Langley, R.S.; Cotoni, V., 2008:
Response variance prediction for uncertain vibro-acoustic systems using a hybrid deterministic-statistical method

Thethi, I.; Messmore, H.; Fareed, J., 2010:
Response variation in patients treated with clopidogrel

Werner, F.W.; Sutton, L.G., 2014 :
Response "Reverse shoulder arthroplasty glenoid fixation"

Berlim, M.T.; van den Eynde, F.; Tovar-Perdomo, S.; Daskalakis, Z.J., 2014:
Response, remission and drop-out rates following high-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for treating major depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind and sham-controlled trials

Imhof, A.; Brunner, P.; Marincek, N.; Briel, M.; Schindler, C.; Rasch, H.; Mäcke, H.R.; Rochlitz, C.; Müller-Brand, J.; Walter, M.A., 2011:
Response, survival, and long-term toxicity after therapy with the radiolabeled somatostatin analogue [90Y-DOTA]-TOC in metastasized neuroendocrine cancers

Ahrar, J.; Gupta, S.; Ensor, J.; Ahrar, K.; Madoff, D.C.; Wallace, M.J.; Murthy, R.; Tam, A.; Hwu, P.; Bedikian, A.Y., 2011:
Response, survival, and prognostic factors after hepatic arterial chemoembolization in patients with liver metastases from cutaneous melanoma

Polishchuk, A.L.; Dubois, S.G.; Haas-Kogan, D.; Hawkins, R.; Matthay, K.K., 2011:
Response, survival, and toxicity after iodine-131-metaiodobenzylguanidine therapy for neuroblastoma in preadolescents, adolescents, and adults

Guan, W-Jie.; Zheng, J-Ping.; Shi, X.; Xie, Y-Qing.; Jiang, C-Yu.; Gao, Y.; Zhu, Z.; An, J-Ying.; Yu, X-Xin.; Liu, W-Ting., 2015:
Response--dose ratio is a surrogate of cumulative provocative dosage for bronchial provocation tests in asthma

Biswas, A.; Dutta, S.; Laha, A.Kumar.; Bakshi, P.K., 2016:
Response-Adaptive Allocation for Circular Data

Lipsky, A.M.; Lewis, R.J., 2014:
Response-adaptive decision-theoretic trial design: operating characteristics and ethics

Biswas, A.; Bhattacharya, R., 2012:
Response-adaptive designs for continuous treatment responses in phase III clinical trials: A review

Ning, J.; Huang, X., 2010:
Response-adaptive randomization for clinical trials with adjustment for covariate imbalance

Wu, S.; Müller, H-Georg., 2012:
Response-adaptive regression for longitudinal data

Corso, A.; Galli, M.; Mangiacavalli, S.; Rossini, F.; Nozza, A.; Pascutto, C.; Montefusco, V.; Baldini, L.; Cafro, A.Maria.; Crippa, C.; Cazzola, M.; Corradini, P., 2013:
Response-adjusted ISS (RaISS) is a simple and reliable prognostic scoring system for predicting progression-free survival in transplanted patients with multiple myeloma

Bünning, E.; Moser, I., 1966:
Response-curves of the circadian rhythm in Phaseolus

Tebbi, C.K.; Mendenhall, N.P.; London, W.B.; Williams, J.L.; Hutchison, R.E.; Fitzgerald, T.J.; de Alarcón, P.A.; Schwartz, C.; Chauvenet, A., 2012:
Response-dependent and reduced treatment in lower risk Hodgkin lymphoma in children and adolescents, results of P9426: a report from the Children's Oncology Group

Rosenthal, C.R.; Roche-Kelly, E.E.; Husain, M.; Kennard, C., 2009:
Response-dependent contributions of human primary motor cortex and angular gyrus to manual and perceptual sequence learning

Nazem-Zadeh, M-Reza.; Chapman, C.H.; Chenevert, T.; Lawrence, T.S.; Ten Haken, R.K.; Tsien, C.I.; Cao, Y., 2015:
Response-driven imaging biomarkers for predicting radiation necrosis of the brain

Chen, J.; Proctor, R.W., 2014:
Response-effect compatibility defines the natural scrolling direction

Badets, A.; Pesenti, M.; Olivier, E., 2010:
Response-effect compatibility of finger-numeral configurations in arithmetical context

Pellón, R.; Pérez-Padilla, A., 2014:
Response-food delay gradients for lever pressing and schedule-induced licking in rats

Iannitto, E.; Minardi, V.; Gobbi, P.G.; Calvaruso, G.; Tripodo, C.; Marcheselli, L.; Luminari, S.; Merli, F.; Baldini, L.; Stelitano, C.; Callea, V.; Petrini, M.; Angrilli, F.; Quarta, G.; Vallisa, D.; Molica, S.; Liardo, E.; Polimeno, G.; Brugiatelli, M.; Federico, M., 2009:
Response-guided ABVD chemotherapy plus involved-field radiation therapy for intermediate-stage Hodgkin lymphoma in the pre-positron emission tomography era: a Gruppo Italiano Studio Linfomi (GISL) prospective trial

Reddy, K.Rajender.; Lin, F.; Zoulim, F., 2012:
Response-guided and -unguided treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Mandorfer, M.; Steiner, S.; Schwabl, P.; Payer, B.A.; Aichelburg, M.C.; Lang, G.; Grabmeier-Pfistershammer, K.; Trauner, M.; Peck-Radosavljevic, M.; Reiberger, T., 2015:
Response-guided boceprevir-based triple therapy in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients: the HIVCOBOC-RGT study

Abrahamsson, J.; Forestier, E.; Heldrup, J.; Jahnukainen, K.; Jónsson, O.G.; Lausen, B.; Palle, J.; Zeller, B.; Hasle, H., 2011:
Response-guided induction therapy in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia with excellent remission rate

von Minckwitz, G.; Blohmer, J.Uwe.; Costa, S.Dan.; Denkert, C.; Eidtmann, H.; Eiermann, W.; Gerber, B.; Hanusch, C.; Hilfrich, Jörn.; Huober, J.; Jackisch, C.; Kaufmann, M.; Kümmel, S.; Paepke, S.; Schneeweiss, A.; Untch, M.; Zahm, D.Michael.; Mehta, K.; Loibl, S., 2013:
Response-guided neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

D.M.rtino, V.; Richou, C.; Cervoni, J-Paul.; Sanchez-Tapias, J.M.; Jensen, D.M.; Mangia, A.; Buti, M.; Sheppard, F.; Ferenci, P.; Thévenot, T., 2012:
Response-guided peg-interferon plus ribavirin treatment duration in chronic hepatitis C: meta-analyses of randomized, controlled trials and implications for the future

Sonneveld, M.J.; Hansen, B.E.; Piratvisuth, T.; Jia, J-Dong.; Zeuzem, S.; Gane, E.; Liaw, Y-Fan.; Xie, Q.; Heathcote, E.Jenny.; Chan, H.L-Y.; Janssen, H.L.A., 2014:
Response-guided peginterferon therapy in hepatitis B e antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B using serum hepatitis B surface antigen levels

Sato, K.; Hashizume, H.; Yamazaki, Y.; Horiguchi, N.; Kakizaki, S.; Takagi, H.; Mori, M., 2012:
Response-guided peginterferon-alpha-2b plus ribavirin therapy for chronic hepatitis C patients with genotype 2 and high viral loads

Sherman, K.E.; Flamm, S.L.; Afdhal, N.H.; Nelson, D.R.; Sulkowski, M.S.; Everson, G.T.; Fried, M.W.; Adler, M.; Reesink, H.W.; Martin, M.; Sankoh, A.J.; Adda, N.; Kauffman, R.S.; George, S.; Wright, C.I.; Poordad, F.; Adler, M.; Delwaide, J.; Horsmans, Y.; van Vlierberghe, H.; Reesink, H.W.; Richter, C.; Afdhal, N.; Araya, V.; Arora, S.; Balart, L.; Bennett, M.; Berk, B.; Bernstein, D.; Bloomer, J.; Brown, R.; Bzowej, N.; Chasen, R.; Cochran, J.; Crippin, J.; Davis, G.; Davis, M.; DeJesus, E.; D, 2011:
Response-guided telaprevir combination treatment for hepatitis C virus infection

Liu, J.; Jadhav, P.R.; Amur, S.; Fleischer, R.; Hammerstrom, T.; Lewis, L.; Naeger, L.; O'Rear, J.; Pacanowski, M.; Robertson, S.; Seo, S.; Soon, G.; Birnkrant, D., 2013:
Response-guided telaprevir therapy in prior relapsers? The role of bridging data from treatment-naïve and experienced subjects

Zhu, Y-yong.; Jiang, J-ji., 2014:
Response-guided therapy and withdrawal time of peginterferon α for HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B

Chan, H.Lik-Yuen., 2012:
Response-guided therapy by hepatitis B surface antigen level for peginterferon therapy: what is next?

Kwo, P.Y., 2011:
Response-guided therapy for HCV

McGowan, C.E.; Dougherty, K.A.; Fried, M.W., 2011:
Response-guided therapy for acute hepatitis C: applying concepts from chronic treatment

Van den Eynde, E.; Crespo, M.; Esteban, J.I.; Jardi, R.; Ribera, E.; Carbonell, J.; Rodríguez-Frias, F.; Falco, Vç.; Curran, Aà.; Imaz, A.; Villar del Saz, S.; Ocaña, I.; Esteban, R.; Pahissa, A., 2009:
Response-guided therapy for chronic hepatitis C virus infection in patients coinfected with HIV: a pilot trial

Win, L.Lay.; James, P.; Wong, D.K., 2014:
Response-guided therapy for hepatitis C genotype 2 and 3 in those with HIV coinfection

Yamaguchi, Y.; Tamori, A.; Tanaka, Y.; Iwai, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Fujii, H.; Morikawa, H.; Hagihara, A.; Enomoto, M.; Kawada, N., 2012:
Response-guided therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis who have high viral loads of hepatitis C virus genotype 2

Tangkijvanich, P.; Komolmit, P.; Mahachai, V.; Poovorawan, K.; Akkarathamrongsin, S.; Poovorawan, Y., 2012:
Response-guided therapy for patients with hepatitis C virus genotype 6 infection: a pilot study

Lawitz, E.J.; Membreno, F.E., 2015:
Response-guided therapy in patients with genotype 1 hepatitis C virus: current status and future prospects

Marcellin, P.; Rizzetto, M., 2008:
Response-guided therapy: optimizing treatment now and in the future

Grothey, A.; Hedrick, E.E.; Mass, R.D.; Sarkar, S.; Suzuki, S.; Ramanathan, R.K.; Hurwitz, H.I.; Goldberg, R.M.; Sargent, D.J., 2008:
Response-independent survival benefit in metastatic colorectal cancer: a comparative analysis of N9741 and AVF2107

Katzner, S.; Miller, J., 2012:
Response-level probability effects on reaction time: now you see them, now you don't

Riès, Séphanie.; Janssen, N.; Burle, Bís.; Alario, F-Xavier., 2013:
Response-locked brain dynamics of word production

Rünger, D.; Ashby, F.Gregory.; Picard, N.; Strick, P.L., 2014:
Response-mode shifts during sequence learning of macaque monkeys

Asadi-Lari, M.; Vaez-Mahdavi, M.Reza.; Faghihzadeh, S.; Cherghian, B.; Esteghamati, A.; Farshad, A.Asghar.; Golmakani, M.; Haeri-Mehrizi, A-Asghar.; Hesari, H.; Kalantari, N.; Kamali, M.; Kordi, R.; Malek-Afzali, H.; Montazeri, A.; Moradi-Lakeh, M.; Motevallian, A.; Noorbala, A.; Raghfar, H.; Razzaghi, E., 2014:
Response-oriented measuring inequalities in Tehran: second round of UrbanHealth Equity Assessment and Response Tool (Urban HEART-2), concepts and framework

Moeckel, S.; Meyer, K.; Leukel, P.; Heudorfer, F.; Seliger, C.; Stangl, C.; Bogdahn, U.; Proescholdt, M.; Brawanski, A.; Vollmann-Zwerenz, A.; Riemenschneider, M.J.; Bosserhoff, A-Katrin.; Spang, R.; Hau, P., 2015:
Response-predictive gene expression profiling of glioma progenitor cells in vitro

Mavroidis, P.; Ferreira, B.Costa.; Lopes,, 2011:
Response-probability volume histograms and iso-probability of response charts in treatment plan evaluation

Endrass, T.; Klawohn, J.; Gruetzmann, R.; Ischebeck, M.; Kathmann, N., 2012:
Response-related negativities following correct and incorrect responses: evidence from a temporospatial principal component analysis

van Vliet, M.; Manyakov, N.V.; Storms, G.; Fias, W.; Wiersema, J.R.; Van Hulle, M.M., 2015:
Response-related potentials during semantic priming: the effect of a speeded button response task on ERPs

Druey, M.D., 2014:
Response-repetition costs in choice-RT tasks: biased expectancies or response inhibition?

Grzyb, K.Robin.; Hübner, R., 2012:
Response-repetition costs in task switching: how they are modulated by previous-trial response-category activation

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