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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55534

Chapter 55534 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Labbe, A.; Joober, R., 2013:
Response to the letter "Actigraphic evaluation for patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder"

Gronowicz, G.; Kuhn, L.T., 2014:
Response to the letter "Age and site should be considered when investigating the effect of growth factors on human bone-derived cells"

Beckemeyer, A.A.; Mendelsohn, N.J.; Kishnani, P.S., 2013:
Response to the letter "How to describe the clinical spectrum in Pompe disease?"

Lima-Silva, A.E.; Bertuzzi, Rômulo.C.M.; De-Oliveira, F.R.; Pires, Fávio.O., 2010:
Response to the letter "Improbable effect of carbohydrate diet on cardiac autonomic modulation during exercise"

Korkmaz, L.; Ağaç, M.Tarık.; Bektas, H.; Varol, M.Oguz.; Erkan, H.; Acar, Z.; Kurt, D.; Çelik, Şükrü., 2013:
Response to the letter "Is aortic valve sclerosis always a surrogate marker for atherosclerosis"

Cases, E.; Seijo, L.; Cordovilla, R., 2011:
Response to the letter "Palliative thoracocentesis in low income countries"

Busby-Whitehead, J.; Fordyce, M.; Pomidor, A., 2013:
Response to the letter "Readability of patient education information on the American Geriatrics Society Foundation's Health-in-Aging website"

Paasma, R.; Hovda, K.Erik.; Hassanian-Moghaddan, H.; Brahmi, N.; Afshari, R.; Sandvik, L.; Jacobsen, D., 2013:
Response to the letter "Risk assessment of methanol poisoning in outbreaks not applicable to isolated cases"

Korkmaz, L.; Ağaç, M.Tarık.; Bektas, H.; Varol, M.Oguz.; Erkan, H.; Acar, Z.; Kurt, D.; Çelik, Şükrü., 2013:
Response to the letter "Subclinical peripheral arterial disease and ankle-brachial index"

Kosiuk, J.; Hindricks, G.; Bollmann, A., 2014:
Response to the letter "Worsened diastology after radiofrequency catheter ablation in AF patients: more touches more stiff left atrium"

E.T.ntawy, A.Esmat.; Emam, S.; Shawky, H.; Salah, T., 2014:
Response to the letter "diaphragmatic nerve palsy after cardiac surgery in children: outcome and debate in management"

Bollwein, J.; Volkert, D.; Sieber, C.C., 2013:
Response to the letter "medication exposure may confound the association between dietary intake and frailty"

Agaç, M.Tarik.; Korkmaz, L.; Cavusoglu, Gökhan.; Karadeniz, A.Gül.; Agaç, Süret.; Bektas, Hüseyin.; Erkan, H.; Varol, M.Oguz.; Vatan, M.Bulent.; Acar, Z.; Mentese, U.; Celik, Sükrü., 2014:
Response to the letter "nonalcoholic fatty liver disease may be associated with coronary artery disease complexity"

Stenholm, S.; Koster, A.; Rantanen, T., 2014:
Response to the letter "overadjustment in regression analyses: considerations when evaluating relationships between body mass index, muscle strength, and body size"

Cha, M-J.; Heo, J.H., 2014:
Response to the letter: 'The prevalence of left atrial appendage thrombus and spontaneous echocardiographic contrast is positively correlated with the CHADS2 and CHA2 DS2 -VASc scores'

Giusti, Cília.F.; Amorim, S.R.; Guerra, R.Ayello.; Portes, E.S., 2014:
Response to the letter: Endocrine disturbances related to the use of lithium

Arbel, Y.; Banai, S., 2013:
Response to the letter: How to manage coronary slow flow following PCI?

Gomes, P.Moreira.; Foss, M.César.; Foss-Freitas, M.Cristina., 2014:
Response to the letter: Is there a higher cardiovascular disease risk in Japanese-Brazilians?

Lejay, A.; Chakfe, N., 2013:
Response to the letter: Lejay A, Thaveau F, Georg Y, Bajcz C, Kretz JG, Chakfé N. Autonomy following revascularisation in 80-year-old patients with critical limb ischemia. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2012;44:562-7

Janga, D.; Nauta, M.; Yoong, W., 2014:
Response to the letter: Pregnancy outcomes in older women

Ito, S.; Barrett, A.John., 2014:
Response to the letter: allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for treatment of Gaucher disease

Tekin, G.; Tekin, Y.Kenan., 2014:
Response to the letter: uric acid levels and atrial fibrillation

Boyd, A.C.; Richards, D.A.B.; Thomas, L., 2014:
Response to the letter: "Left ventricular mass as a discriminator of left atrial appendage thrombus in persistent atrial fibrillation: promise or over-enthusiasm?"

Lind, S., 2011:
Response to the letters by Christian Müller-Hergl and Michael Thomsen. The misunderstanding

Bonyadi, M.Reza., 2014:
Response to the letters by Hong-Liang Zhang and Viroj Wiwanitkit

van der Gaag, M.; Smit, F.; French, P.; Yung, A.R.; McGorry, P.; Cuijpers, P., 2015:
Response to the letters of Dr Amos and Dr Preti and colleagues

Iliyasu, G.; Lawal, H.; Habib, A.G.; Hassan-Hanga, F.; Abubakar, I.S.; Bashir, U.; Tanko-Yakasai, U.; Abubakar, S.; Abba, M.S.; Rano, I.S.; Abdu, H.; Musa, B.; Gwarzo, G.D., 2010:
Response to the meningococcal meningitis epidemic (MME) at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano (2008-2009)

Kratzke, R.A.; Wang, X.; Wong, L.; Kratzke, M.G.; Green, M.R.; Vokes, E.E.; Vogelzang, N.J.; Kindler, H.L.; Kern, J.A.; Cooper, M.Robert.; Canellos, G.; Crawford, J.; Rai, K.; Carey, R.; Cooper, B.; Holland, J.; Duggan, D.; Omura, G.; Green, M.; Vogelzang, N.J.; Berkowitz, I.; Aisner, J.; Peterson, B., 2008:
Response to the methylation inhibitor dihydro-5-azacytidine in mesothelioma is not associated with methylation of p16INK4a: results of cancer and leukemia group B 159904

Conway, D.P.; Keen, P.; Cunningham, P.; Wilson, D., 2015:
Response to the modeling analysis by Katz et al. on the impact of replacing clinic-based HIV tests with home testing among men who have sex with men in Seattle

Steyer, T.E.; Dickinson, W.Perry.; Fields, S.A.; Dobbie, A.; Whiting, E.; Brungardt, S., 2010:
Response to the murder of George Tiller

Wilson, M., 1990:
Response to the open letter from Dr. Grenn to the Honorable Michael Wilson (Can Vet J 1990; 31: 342-343)

Burns, A., 2015:
Response to the open letter of Martin Brunet (and colleagues)

Maseri, A., 2007:
Response to the open letter of the President-Elect of the European Society of Cardiology Roberto Ferrari, published in Il Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia 1, 2007

Chiarella, F., 2007:
Response to the open letter of the President-Elect of the European Society of Cardiology Roberto Ferrari, published in Il Giornale Italiano di Cardiologiia 1, 2007

Jecko, V.; Tiphaine, A-L.; Vignes, J-R., 2015:
Response to the opinion of the expert Samuel Malca, regarding the article "Ruptured aneurysm of the hepatic artery after lumbar spinal stenosis surgery. Forensic Reflections "(Neurosurgery 2014; 60 (1-2): 38-41 DOI: 10.1016 / j.neuchi.2013.08.006.)

Rapley, G., 2014:
Response to the paper by Caroli et al

Herson, M., 2009:
Response to the paper by Sara Pantuliano

Davidson, J.; Sundram, F., 2011:
Response to the paper entitled clinical and therapeutic impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT whole-body acquisition including lower limbs in patients with malignant melanoma

Basu, S.; Dasgupta, P.Sarathi., 2015:
Response to the paper entitled "dopamine mobilizes mesenchymal progenitor cells through D2-class receptors and their PI3K/AKT pathway" by Mirones, et al., 2014

Aderhold, V., 2009:
Response to the position of the "Biological Psychiatry" Working Group of the Federal Directors Conference--Association of Executive Physicians of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinics (BDK) e.V

Vergilis-Kalner, I.J.; Cohen, J., 2014:
Response to the possibility of the application of topical photodynamic therapy leading to development of more histologically aggressive subtypes of Basal cell carcinomas

Schatzberg, A.F., 2009:
Response to the presidential address

Bernstein, C.A., 2010:
Response to the presidential address

Lieberman, J.A., 2013:
Response to the presidential address

Summergrad, P., 2014:
Response to the presidential address

Belova, E.; Kanna, B., 2007:
Response to the randomized trial of recombinant human erythropoietin in critically ill patients

Ahmed, I., 2011:
Response to the ration levels on growth, body composition, energy, and protein maintenance requirement of the Indian catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis-Bloch 1974)

Fatovich, D.M., 2012:
Response to the recent best evidence topic on the use of thrombolysis in stroke

Bunge, M.Bartlett.; Pearse, D.D., 2012:
Response to the report, "A re-assessment of a combinatorial treatment involving Schwann cell transplants and elevation of cyclic AMP on recovery of motor function following thoracic spinal cord injury in rats" by Sharp et al. (this volume)

Abrams, M.B.; Nilsson, I.; Kjell, J.; Lewandowski, S.; Codeluppi, S.; Eriksson, U.; Olson, L., 2014:
Response to the report, "A re-assessment of treatment with a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (imatinib) on tissue sparing and functional recovery after spinal cord injury" by Sharp et al

Malca, S., 2015:
Response to the response of the authors (DOI: 10.1016 / j.neuchi.2014.05.001), following our "expert opinion" (DOI: 10.1016 / j.neuchi.2014.06.001)

Ioannidou, E.; Swede, H.; Dongari-Bagtzoglou, A., 2013:
Response to the review by Fisher and Ma

Khadilkar, V.V.; Khadilkar, A.V., 2014:
Response to the study by V. Kumaravel et al., titled "Are the current Indian growth charts really representative?"

Tubbs, R.Shane., 2011:
Response to the study of Cornips et al. titled "The lumbosacral angle does not reflect progressive tethered cord syndrome in children with spinal dysraphism."

Kelley, L., 2015:
Response to the study: 'syringe plunger contamination by hazardous drugs: a comparative study,' by Stephen T Smith and Mark C Szlaczky

Adalja, A.A.; Watson, M.; Wollner, S.; Rambhia, K.J.; Toner, E.S., 2011:
Response to the sudden closure of St. Vincent's Hospital: learning from a real, no-notice, prolonged surge event

Onyekwelu, O.; Dheansa, B., 2013:
Response to the systematic review of the evidence for telemedicine in burn care: with a UK perspective

Briones-Lara, E.; Palacios-Saucedo, G.Del.C.; Martínez-Vázquez, I.Olivia.; Morales-Loredo, A.; Bilbao-Chávez, L.Del.Pilar., 2008:
Response to the treatment of brucellosis among children. Evaluation with Huddleson reaction and PCR

Hajek, P.; Snuggs, S., 2011:
Response to the validity of self-reported nicotine product use in the 2001-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Cheavens, J.S.; Lynch, T.R.; Smoski, M.J., 2007:
Response to the van Alphen et al. 'reaction to "treatment of older adults with co-morbid personality disorder and depression: a dialectical behavior therapy approach"

Lockey, R.F.; Jelks, M.L., 2014:
Response to the "Allergen of the month--Melaleuca"

Ramakrishnan, P., 2014:
Response to the "Endocrinology and the arts at the feet of the dancing Lord: Parathyroid hormone resistance in an Indian icon"

Imam, T.H., 2014:
Response to the "Open issues with open access publication"

Schmitt, A.; Ehnert, S.; Ungefroren, H.; Döbele, S.; Nussler, A., 2014:
Response to the "enhancement of human peripheral blood mononuclear cell transplantation-mediated bone formation" by Yang et al

Vitale, A.; D'Amico, F.; Frigo, A.Chiara.; Grigoletto, F.; Brolese, A.; Zanus, G.; Neri, D.; Carraro, A.; D'Amico, F.Enrico.; Burra, P.; Russo, F.; Angeli, P.; Cillo, U., 2010:
Response to therapy as a criterion for awarding priority to patients with hepatocellular carcinoma awaiting liver transplantation

Seña, A.C.; Wolff, M.; Behets, F.; Van Damme, K.; Martin, D.H.; Leone, P.; McNeil, L.; Hook, E.W., 2013:
Response to therapy following retreatment of serofast early syphilis patients with benzathine penicillin

Avril, N.; Sassen, S.; Roylance, R., 2009:
Response to therapy in breast cancer

García de la Osa,; García Silvera, E.; Solano Leal, M.; Milanés Virelles, Mía.Teresa., 2013:
Response to therapy in multiple drug resistant tuberculosis patients

Evoli, A.; Bianchi, M.R.; Riso, R.; Minicuci, G.M.; Batocchi, A.P.; Servidei, S.; Scuderi, F.; Bartoccioni, E., 2008:
Response to therapy in myasthenia gravis with anti-MuSK antibodies

Xu, Y.; Tang, S-Qin.; Wang, J-Wen.; Liu, Y.; Liu, L-Zhen., 2008:
Response to therapy of 13 children with rhabdomyosarcoma

Ljubičić, A.; Varnai, V.M.; Petrinec, B.; Macan, J., 2014:
Response to thermal and physical strain during flashover training in Croatian firefighters

Whittaker, M.H., 2010:
Response to third-party review of cleaning products article

Park, H.Kyu.; Lee, H.Sang.; Ko, J.Hee.; Hwang, I.Tae.; Hwang, J.Soon., 2013:
Response to three years of growth hormone therapy in girls with Turner syndrome

Jazi, S.Mohammad.Hashemi.; Nazary, I.Ahang.; Behjati, M., 2012:
Response to thrombolytic agents in acute myocardial infarction in opium abusers versus non-abusers

Li, Y.; Liu, W-bin.; Luo, C-ming.; Feng, H-yu.; Huang, X.; Wang, H-yan.; Qiu, L.; Huang, R-xun., 2013:
Response to thymectomy and analysis of influencing factors in the treatment of children with myasthenia gravis

Gurbel, P.A.; Bliden, K.P.; Butler, K.; Antonino, M.J.; Wei, C.; Teng, R.; Rasmussen, L.; Storey, R.F.; Nielsen, T.; Eikelboom, J.W.; Sabe-Affaki, G.; Husted, S.; Kereiakes, D.J.; Henderson, D.; Patel, D.V.; Tantry, U.S., 2010:
Response to ticagrelor in clopidogrel nonresponders and responders and effect of switching therapies: the RESPOND study

Zeckwer, I.T., 2010:
Response to tissue injury of lymphoid tissue previously altered by castration, thyroidectomy and thyroid feeding

Rodríguez de Rivera Campillo, E.; López-López, J.; Chimenos-Küstner, E., 2012:
Response to topical clonazepam in patients with burning mouth syndrome: a clinical study

Zanardi, E.; Maruzzo, M.; Montesco, M.C.; Roma, A.; Rastrelli, M.; Basso, U., 2016:
Response to trabectedin in a patient with advanced synovial sarcoma with lung metastases

Martinez-Trufero, J.; Alfaro, J.; Felipo, F.; Alvarez, M.; Madani, J.; Cebollero, A., 2010:
Response to trabectedin treatment in a highly pretreated patient with an advanced meningeal hemangiopericytoma

Hodkinson, B.; Musenge, E.; Ally, M.; Meyer, P.W.A.; Anderson, R.; Tikly, M., 2012:
Response to traditional disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs in indigent South Africans with early rheumatoid arthritis

Salvalaggio, P.R.; Felga, G.E.; Alves, J.A.; Meirelles, R.F.; Almeida, M.D.; de Rezende, M.B., 2015:
Response to transarterial chemoembolization in candidates with hepatocellular carcinoma within Milan criteria does not predict post-transplant disease-free survival

Engelstad, M.E.; Bastodkar, P.; Markiewicz, M.R., 2013:
Response to transcaruncular medial canthopexy with wire and miniplate revisited

Klessinger, S.; Freund, W.; Karpel-Massler, G.; Halatsch, M-Eric., 2015:
Response to transforaminal injection of steroids and correlation to mri findings in patients with cervical radicular pain or radiculopathy due to disc herniation or spondylosis

Smith, T.A.D.; Appleyard, M.Virginia.C.L.; Sharp, S.; Fleming, I.N.; Murray, K.; Thompson, A.M., 2013:
Response to trastuzumab by HER2 expressing breast tumour xenografts is accompanied by decreased Hexokinase II, glut1 and [18F]-FDG incorporation and changes in 31P-NMR-detectable phosphomonoesters

Gibert, K.; García-Rudolph, A.; García-Molina, A.; Roig-Rovira, T.; Bernabeu, M.; Tormos, Jé.María., 2008:
Response to traumatic brain injury neurorehabilitation through an artificial intelligence and statistics hybrid knowledge discovery from databases methodology

Sudhakar, R., 2013:
Response to treatment and outcomes of acute coronary syndrome in the cancer population

Grandi, T.; da Silva, Cáudia.Maria.Dornelles.; Amaral, K.Medeiros.; Picon, P.Dornelles.; Costi, C.; da Fré, N.Nascimento.; Fiegenbaum, M.; Niel, C.; Rossetti, M.Lucia.Rosa., 2013:
Response to treatment in Brazilian patients with chronic hepatitis C is associated with a single-nucleotide polymorphism near the interleukin-28B gene

Treglia, G.; Giovanella, L.; Muoio, B.; Bertagna, F., 2015:
Response to treatment in a patient with gouty arthritis and tophi evaluated by fluorine 18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography

Kibadi, K.; Boelaert, M.; Fraga, A.G.; Kayinua, M.; Longatto-Filho, A.; Minuku, J-Bedel.; Mputu-Yamba, J-Baptiste.; Muyembe-Tamfum, J-Jacques.; Pedrosa, J.; Roux, J-Jacques.; Meyers, W.M.; Portaels, Fçoise., 2010:
Response to treatment in a prospective cohort of patients with large ulcerated lesions suspected to be Buruli Ulcer (Mycobacterium ulcerans disease)

Cruceanu, C.; Alda, M.; Rouleau, G.; Turecki, G., 2011:
Response to treatment in bipolar disorder

Matsunaga, K.; Akamatsu, K.; Hirano, T.; Ichinose, M., 2012:
Response to treatment in individuals with late-onset asthma

Attarian, S.; Verschueren, A.; Franques, Jérome.; Salort-Campana, E.; Jouve, E.; Pouget, J., 2011:
Response to treatment in patients with Lewis-Sumner syndrome

Klamová, H.; Marková, Méta.; Moravcová, J.; Sisková, M.; Cetkovský, P.; Machová Poláková, K., 2009:
Response to treatment in women with chronic myeloid leukemia during pregnancy and after delivery

Perry, S.P.; Haden, W.D., 1947:
Response to treatment of gastric ulcers; analysis of 67 cases

Sullivan, D.C.; Gatsonis, C., 2011:
Response to treatment series: part 1 and introduction, measuring tumor response--challenges in the era of molecular medicine

Yaghmai, V.; Miller, F.H.; Rezai, P.; Benson, A.B.; Salem, R., 2011:
Response to treatment series: part 2, tumor response assessment--using new and conventional criteria

de la Riva, P.; Moreno, Fín.; Carrera, N.; Barandiarán, M.; Arruti, M.; Martí-Massó, Jé.F., 2013:
Response to treatment with corticoids in a case of inflammatory amyloid angiopathy without performing a biopsy

Silveira, C.A.P.; Daldegan, M.B.; Ferrari, I., 2012:
Response to treatment with imatinib mesylate in previously treated chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients in a hospital in Brazil

Aguayo-Leiva, I.R.; Urrutia, S.; Jaén-Olasolo, P., 2012:
Response to treatment with oral alitretinoin in patients with chronic hand eczema that is refractory to treatment with potent topical corticosteroids: experience in 15 patients

Kwan, K.; Bharadwaj, S.; Inderjeeth, C., 2013:
Response to treatment with tocilizumab of reactive arthritis induced by intravesical bacillus Galmette-Guérin unresponsive to DMARDs

Ibarra-Hernández, A.; Sosa-Quintero, L.Sugey.; Garcés-Ruiz, O.Miguel.; Aguilar-López, L.Beatriz.; Rubio-Jurado, Bín.; Vega-Ruiz, A., 2015:
Response to treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia

Masi, G.; Muratori, P.; Manfredi, A.; Lenzi, F.; Polidori, L.; Ruglioni, L.; Muratori, F.; Milone, A., 2014:
Response to treatments in youth with disruptive behavior disorders

Gies, W.J.; Gies, W.J., 2012:
Response to tribute. 1937

Kandala, N-Bakwin.; Connock, M.; Pulikottil-Jacob, R.; Mistry, H.; Sutcliffe, P.; Costa, M.; Clarke, A., 2014:
Response to two recent BMJ papers on mortality after hip replacement: comparative modelling study

Wright, M.P.; Shepherd, J.D.; Barnett, M.J.; Nantel, S.H.; Sutherland, H.J.; Toze, C.L.; Hogge, D.E.; Nevill, T.J.; Song, K.W.; Abou Mourad, Y.R.; Narayanan, S.; Power, M.M.; Smith, C.A.; Forrest, D.L., 2010:
Response to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia relapsing in chronic and advanced phase following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Ali, M.Dhahir.; Badi, A.I.; Al-Zebari, S.S.M.; Al-Allawi, N.A.S., 2015:
Response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia: experience from a west Asian developing country

Ohaja, M., 2014:
Response to uganda placements (June-December 2013)

Shan, N.; Deng, W.; Fu, Y., 2015:
Response to unusual ectopic pregnancies: a retrospective analysis of 65 cases

Elder, N.M.; Atayee, R.S.; Best, B.M.; Ma, J.D., 2015:
Response to urine drug testing for oxycodone and its metabolites as a tool for drug-drug interactions

Laeyendecker, O.; Brookmeyer, R., 2015:
Response to using incidence assays within the context of the recent infections testing algorithm

Winchester, D.; Duffin, K.Callis.; Hansen, C., 2012:
Response to ustekinumab in a patient with both severe psoriasis and hypertrophic cutaneous lupus

Gutierrez Domingo, I.; Pascasio Acevedo, J.M.; Alcalde Vargas, A.; Ramos Cuadra, A.; Ferrer Ríos, M.T.; Sousa Martin, J.M.; Sayago Mota, M.; Giráldez Gallego, A.; Suárez Artacho, G., 2013:
Response to vaccination against hepatitis B virus with a schedule of four 40-μg doses in cirrhotic patients evaluated for liver transplantation: factors associated with a response

Mikkelsen, H.; Seppola, M., 2013:
Response to vaccination of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) progenies from families with different estimated family breeding values for vibriosis resistance

Turmelle, A.S.; Allen, L.C.; Schmidt-French, B.A.; Jackson, F.R.; Kunz, T.H.; McCracken, G.F.; Rupprecht, C.E., 2010:
Response to vaccination with a commercial inactivated rabies vaccine in a captive colony of Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis)

Shah, I., 2012:
Response to valacyclovir in an HIV-infected girl with Epstein Barr infection

Watt, T.; Oberfoell, S.; Balise, R.; Lunn, M.R.; Kar, A.K.; Merrihew, L.; Bhangoo, M.S.; Montoya, Jé.G., 2013:
Response to valganciclovir in chronic fatigue syndrome patients with human herpesvirus 6 and Epstein-Barr virus IgG antibody titers

Hommelstad, J.; Madsø, A.; Eide, P.Kristian., 2015:
Response to validity of the results of a perioperative protocol to reduce shunt infections

Kilpatrick, E., 2008:
Response to van de Sande et al.: The relationship between patient education and glycaemic control in a South African township, Prim. Care Diabetes 1 (2) (2007) 87-91

Donner-Banzhoff, N.; Haasenritter, Jörg.; Hüllermeier, E.; Viniol, A.; Bösner, S.; Becker, A., 2014:
Response to van den Bruel and Perera: the comprehensive diagnostic study: a new solution to old problems?

Deblois, C.P.; Dufresne, K.; Juneau, P., 2013:
Response to variable light intensity in photoacclimated algae and cyanobacteria exposed to atrazine

Wanzek, J.; Vaughn, S., 2008:
Response to varying amounts of time in reading intervention for students with low response to intervention

Atalik, K.E.; Keles, B.; Uyar, Y.; Dundar, M.A.; Oz, M.; Esen, H.H., 2010:
Response to vasoconstrictor agents by detrusor smooth muscles from cisplatin-treated rats and antioxidant treatment

Su, Z.; Gulick, R.M.; Krambrink, A.; Coakley, E.; Hughes, M.D.; Han, D.; Flexner, C.; Wilkin, T.J.; Skolnik, P.R.; Greaves, W.L.; Kuritzkes, D.R.; Reeves, J.D., 2009:
Response to vicriviroc in treatment-experienced subjects, as determined by an enhanced-sensitivity coreceptor tropism assay: reanalysis of AIDS clinical trials group A5211

Kaspar, S., 2008:
Response to views on the article of S. Kaspar, J. Siller: Crossectomy does not improve the results of endovenous laser therapy of varices

Muc-Wierzgoń, Młgorzata.; Nowakowska-Zajdel, E.; Klakla, K.; Dzięgielewska-Gęsiak, S.; Fatyga, E.; Kokot, T., 2013:
Response to vitamin D and depression in geriatric primary care patients

Smith, S.M.; Zwart, S.R.; Ploutz-Snyder, R.J.; Locke, J.P., 2011:
Response to vitamin D intake: from the Antarctic to the Institute of Medicine

Zwart, S.R.; Mehta, S.K.; Ploutz-Snyder, R.; Bourbeau, Y.; Locke, J.P.; Pierson, D.L.; Smith, S.M., 2011:
Response to vitamin D supplementation during Antarctic winter is related to BMI, and supplementation can mitigate Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation

Aguirre Castaneda, R.; Nader, N.; Weaver, A.; Singh, R.; Kumar, S., 2013:
Response to vitamin D3 supplementation in obese and non-obese Caucasian adolescents

Moffett, B.S.; Bomgaars, L.R., 2014:
Response to warfarin therapy in obese pediatric patients dosed according to institutional guidelines

Zhou, L.; Xu, Z., 2012:
Response to waste electrical and electronic equipments in China: legislation, recycling system, and advanced integrated process

Cohain, J.Slome., 2011:
Response to wax meta-analysis

Xiao, Y-ping.; Wu, T-xing.; Hong, Q-hua.; Sun, J-ming.; Chen, A-guo.; Yang, C-mei.; Li, X-yan., 2012:
Response to weaning and dietary L-glutamine supplementation: metabolomic analysis in piglets by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Larsen, H., 2009:
Response to weinmann and sparrow "heat flow from rechargeable neuromodulation systems into surrounding media"

Deyo, D., 2009:
Response to weinmann and sparrow "heat flow from rechargeable neuromodulation systems into surrounding media"

McKenna, M.; Wrightson, N.; Regnard, C.; Clark, S., 2015:
Response to withdrawal of life-sustaining medical devices and advance care planning

Lorimer, K.; Gray, C.M.; Hunt, K.; Wyke, S.; Anderson, A.; Benzeval, M., 2011:
Response to written feedback of clinical data within a longitudinal study: a qualitative study exploring the ethical implications

Bussmann, H.; Wester, C.William.; Thomas, A.; Novitsky, V.; Okezie, R.; Muzenda, T.; Gaolathe, T.; Ndwapi, N.; Mawoko, N.; Widenfelt, E.; Moyo, S.; Musonda, R.; Mine, M.; Makhema, J.; Moffat, H.; Essex, M.; Degruttola, V.; Marlink, R.G., 2009:
Response to zidovudine/didanosine-containing combination antiretroviral therapy among HIV-1 subtype C-infected adults in Botswana: two-year outcomes from a randomized clinical trial

Widodo, B.; Broadley, M.R.; Rose, T.; Frei, M.; Pariasca-Tanaka, J.; Yoshihashi, T.; Thomson, M.; Hammond, J.P.; Aprile, A.; Close, T.J.; Ismail, A.M.; Wissuwa, M., 2010:
Response to zinc deficiency of two rice lines with contrasting tolerance is determined by root growth maintenance and organic acid exudation rates, and not by zinc-transporter activity

Panigrahi, I.; Das, R.Ranjan.; Sharda, S.; Marwaha, R.Kumar.; Khandelwal, N., 2010:
Response to zolendronic acid in children with type III osteogenesis imperfecta

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