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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55555

Chapter 55555 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Peugniez, C.; Fantoni, S.; Leroyer, A.; Skrzypczak, J.; Duprey, M.; Bonneterre, J., 2011:
Return to work after treatment for breast cancer: single-center experience in a cohort of 273 patients

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Return to work after vocational rehabilitation: does mindfulness matter?

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Return to work among employees with common mental disorders: study design and baseline findings from a mixed-method follow-up study

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Return to work among employees with long-term sickness absence in eldercare: a prospective analysis of register-based outcomes

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Return to work and job retention--increasingly important outcomes in occupational health research

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Return to work and occupational physicians' management of common mental health problems--process evaluation of a randomized controlled trial

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Return to work and quality of life after therapy and rehabilitation in oral cancer

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Return to work and sick leave after radical prostatectomy: a prospective clinical study

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Return to work and social participation: does type of organ transplantation matter?

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Return to work coordination programmes for work disability: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

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Return to work five years after spinal cord injury inpatient rehabilitation: is it related to wheelchair capacity at discharge?

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Return to work following breast cancer treatment: the employers' side

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Return to work following disabling occupational injury--facilitators of employment continuation

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Return to work following knee arthroplasty

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Return to work following mild traumatic brain injury

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Return to work following road accidents: factors associated with late work resumption

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Return to work following sickness absence due to infectious mononucleosis

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Return to work following spinal cord injury

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Return to work following spinal cord injury: a review

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Return to work following traumatic brain injury: trends and challenges

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Return to work following unilateral enucleation in 34 horses (2000-2008)

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Return to work following unintentional injury: a prospective follow-up study

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Return to work following work-related orthopaedic rehabilitation: a cluster randomized trial

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Return to work for patients with low back pain: two case studies

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Return to work in a cohort of low back pain patients: development and validation of a clinical prediction rule

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Return to work in low-income Latina and non-Latina white breast cancer survivors: a 3-year longitudinal study

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Return to work in multi-ethnic breast cancer survivors--a qualitative inquiry

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Return to work in selected disabilities

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Return to work in stroke patients

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Return to work in the setting of upper extremity illness

Okreglicka, Młgorzata., 2011:
Return to work management of people with temporary disability

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Return to work of 87 severely impaired low back pain patients two years after a program of intensive functional rehabilitation

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Return to work of breast cancer survivors: a systematic review of intervention studies

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Return to work of the cardiac patient: work fitness evaluation in Occupational Medicine Division including an Occupational Cardiology Unit and Work-Physiology Lab in Bergamo

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Return to work of workers without a permanent employment contract, sick-listed due to a common mental disorder: design of a randomised controlled trial

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Return to work or job transition? Employer dilemmas in taking social responsibility for return to work in local workplace practice

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Return to work outcomes of the Redesigning Daily Occupations (ReDO) program for women with stress-related disorders--a comparative study

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Return to work rates and activity profiles: are there differences between those receiving C-ADR and ACDF?

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Return to work with back pain: balancing the benefits of work against the efforts of being productive

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Return to work with chronic low back pain: using an evidence-based approach along with the occupational therapy framework

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Return to work with chronic pain: employers' and employees' views

Darwood, R.J.; Walker, N.; Bracey, M.; Cowan, A.R.; Thompson, J.F.; Campbell, W.B., 2009:
Return to work, driving and other activities after varicose vein surgery is very variable and is influenced little by advice from specialists

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Return to work, economic hardship, and women's postpartum health

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Return to work--experiences and expectations of cancer patients during inpatient rehabilitation

Plat, M-Christine.J.; Westerveld, G.J.; Hutter, Rée.C.; Olff, M.; Frings-Dresen, M.H.W.; Sluiter, J.K., 2014 :
Return to work: Police personnel and PTSD

Precin, P., 2011:
Return to work: a case of PTSD, dissociative identity disorder, and satanic ritual abuse

Bossingham, D., 2012:
Return to work: a historical perspective

Ekbladh, E.; Thorell, L-Håkan.; Haglund, L., 2010:
Return to work: the predictive value of the Worker Role Interview (WRI) over two years

Springer, C., 2009:
Return to your senses

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Return visits by simulated patients

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Return visits to the Paediatric Emergency Department: first analysis in Italy

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Return visits to the emergency department among febrile children 3 to 36 months of age

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Return visits to the emergency department and related hospital admissions by people aged 65 and over

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Return visits to the emergency department: the patient perspective

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Return visits to the emergency department: what can we learn from older adults' experiences?

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Return-and-disposal programs commence at health systems

Shoucri, R.; Hanson, M.D., 2010:
Return-of-service programs: meeting community and student needs in an ethical manner

Azzam, R.M.A., 2010:
Return-path, multiple-principal-angle, internal-reflection ellipsometer for measuring IR optical properties of aqueous solutions

Dietrich, M.; Wasmer, M.; Platz, A.; Spross, C., 2014:
Return-to-Work Following Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Proximal Humerus Fractures

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Return-to-Work Programs

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Return-to-Work Self-Efficacy and Actual Return to Work Among Long-Term Sick-Listed Employees

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Return-to-driving expectations following mild traumatic brain injury

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Return-to-duty rates among US military combat-related amputees in the global war on terror: job description matters

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Return-to-play confusion: considerations for sport-related concussion

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Return-to-play criteria after athletic concussion: a need for revision

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Return-to-play criteria after hamstring injury: actual medicine practice in professional soccer teams

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Return-to-play criteria following sports injury

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Return-to-play decisions

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Return-to-play decisions in athletes with cardiac conditions

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Return-to-play decisions in the adolescent athlete: how to decide

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Return-to-play decisions: are they the team physician's responsibility?

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Return-to-play guidelines following facial fractures

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Return-to-play guidelines in concussion: a closer look at the literature

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Return-to-play guidelines in concussion: revisiting the literature

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Return-to-play in sport: a decision-based model

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Return-to-play interval after sport-related concussion: background review and current issues

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Return-to-play rates in National Football League linemen after treatment for lumbar disk herniation

Anonymous, 2015:
Return-to-practice courses patchy, report finds

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Return-to-work according to impairment type among occupationally injured workers in Korea

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Return-to-work activities in a Chinese cultural context

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Return-to-work coordinators' resourcefulness and the provision of suitable duties for nurses with injuries

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Return-to-work experiences: prior to receiving vocational services

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Return-to-work guidance and support for colorectal cancer patients: a feasibility study

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Return-to-work interventions integrated into cancer care: a systematic review

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Return-to-work of sick-listed workers without an employment contract--what works?

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Return-to-work policies in Finnish occupational health services

Namba, K., 2013:
Return-to-work program with a relapse-free job retention rate of 91.6% for workers with mental illness

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Return-to-work results of depressive employees in correlation to assumed chronification

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Return-to-work self-efficacy: development and validation of a scale in claimants with musculoskeletal disorders

Anonymous, 1917:
Returned Invalid Soldiers

Anonymous, 1917:
Returned Soldiers and the Medical Profession

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Returned medicines in community pharmacies of Barcelona, Spain

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Returned medicines: waste or a wasted opportunity?

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Returnees and social change in northwestern Orense, 1900-36

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Returning To Work After Spinal Cord InjuryA Case Study

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Returning back pain patients to work: how private musculoskeletal practitioners outside the national health service perceive their role (an interview study)

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Returning fat grafts to physiologic conditions using washing

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Returning findings within longitudinal cohort studies: the 1958 birth cohort as an exemplar

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Returning for a baccalaureate: a descriptive exploratory study of nurses' perceptions

Anonymous, 2014:
Returning for acute care after nursing home discharge

Långsjö, J.W.; Alkire, M.T.; Kaskinoro, K.; Hayama, H.; Maksimow, A.; Kaisti, K.K.; Aalto, S.; Aantaa, R.; Jääskeläinen, S.K.; Revonsuo, A.; Scheinin, H., 2012:
Returning from oblivion: imaging the neural core of consciousness

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Returning genetic research results: study type matters

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Returning home

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Returning home after a hospitalization, a complex organization

Anonymous, 2016:
Returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan: assessment of readjustment needs of veterans, service members, and their families

Delonnay, P.B., 2010:
Returning home to Haiti--providing medical care after the earthquake

Polglaze, T., 2008:
Returning home to care for a dying mother

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Returning home to die: circular labour migration and mortality in South Africa

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Returning home: a new chapter in Semahat Demir's career

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Returning home: forced conscription, reintegration, and mental health status of former abductees of the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda

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Returning home: historical influences on home healthcare in Canada

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Returning home: psychosocial care during the re-entry phase of cancer survivorship in rural Australia

Corbin, J.N., 2008:
Returning home: resettlement of formerly abducted children in Northern Uganda

Hunt, D., 2014:
Returning hospitalists to their formative training environment for CME: The UCSF Hospitalist Mini-College

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Returning incidental findings from genetic research to children: views of parents of children affected by rare diseases

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Returning individual research results: development of a cancer genetics education and risk communication protocol

Wiwanitkit, S.; Wiwanitkit, V., 2013:
Returning of the diabetic patients who loss follow-up for more than 1 year: what is the reason?

Gorokhov, V.V.; Uspenskiĭ, A.V.; Romanenko, N.A.; Sergiev, V.P.; Gorokhova, E.V.; Gur'eva, S.S.; Kolesnikova, M.A.; Peshkov, R.A.; Guzeeva, T.M.; Elizarov, A.S., 2008:
Returning parasites and parasitic diseases

Margheri, M.; Aquilina, M., 2010:
Returning patients after primary percutaneous coronary angioplasty: the (re) TRANSFER AMI

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Returning pediatric athletes to play after concussion: the evidence (or lack thereof) behind baseline neuropsychological testing

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Returning physicians to the workforce: history, progress, and challenges

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Returning pleiotropic results from genetic testing to patients and research participants

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Returning service members to duty following mild traumatic brain injury: exploring the use of dual-task and multitask assessment methods

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Returning the TBI patient to work; challenges in the worker's compensation system

Forester, J.P.; Tankersley, M.S., 2010:
Returning the athlete to sports after a near-fatal asthma event

Anonymous, 2012:
Returning the mouth to the body: integrating oral health & primary care

Paxson, C.; Rouse, C.Elena., 2008:
Returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

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Returning to a changed ordinary life--families' lived experience after completing a child's cancer treatment

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Returning to a new home

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Returning to community life: the Foster Community model

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Returning to competition after a serious injury: the role of self-determination

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Returning to diagnostic basics

Gofur, M.R.; Ogawa, K., 2018:
Compartments with predominant ephrin-B1 and EphB2/B4 expression are present alternately along the excurrent duct system in the adult mouse testis and epididymis

Chessick, R.D., 2011:
Returning to freud

Kimes, M., 2010:
Returning to health

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Returning to health visiting practice: completing the circle

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Returning to history: the ethics of researching asylum seeker health in Australia

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Returning to medical practice following illness or injury

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Returning to nursing is challenging and rewarding. Interview by Camille A Servodidio

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Returning to nursing practice: a learning journey

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Returning to our roots

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Returning to ourselves: Palestinian complementary healers in Israel

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Returning to overuse activity following a supraspinatus and infraspinatus tear leads to joint damage in a rat model

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Returning to part-time work by workers covered after a long disease

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Returning to physiotherapy practice: the perspective of returners, potential returners and clinical supervisors

Ashare, A.B., 2009:
Returning to play after concussion

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Returning to practice after you retire

Morse, M., 2014:
Returning to practice: a personal vision

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Returning to school increases the opportunity for lice

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Returning to school: experiences of female baccalaureate registered nurse students

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Returning to sports after periacetabular osteotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip

Lahav, A., 2012:
Returning to sports after total joint replacements and tibial osteotomies: is it possible?

Anderson, E.P.; Maldonado-Ocampo, J.A., 2013:
Returning to the Colombian Amazon

Paterson, D.L.; Lipman, J., 2007:
Returning to the pre-antibiotic era in the critically ill: the XDR problem

Shafa, M.; Krawetz, R.; Rancourt, D.E., 2010:
Returning to the stem state: epigenetics of recapitulating pre-differentiation chromatin structure

Zittle, K., 2012:
Returning to traditional midwifery

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Returning to tricyclic antidepressants for depression during childbearing: clinical and dosing challenges

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Returning to work - a long-term process reaching beyond the time frames of multimodal non-specific back pain rehabilitation

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Returning to work after a stroke: a retrospective study at the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Center La Tour de Gassies

Anonymous, 2011:
Returning to work after a workplace injury

Fenner, P., 2014:
Returning to work after an injury

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Returning to work after cancer: quantitative studies and prototypical narratives

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Returning to work after electrical injuries: workers' perspectives and advice to others

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Returning to work after long term sickness absence due to low back pain - the struggle within: a qualitative study of the patient's experience

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Returning to work after long-term sick leave is possible. Results from a cooperative project between health services and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

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Returning to work after severe multiple injuries: multidimensional functioning and the trajectory from injury to work at 5 years

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Returning to work after spinal cord injury: exploring young adults' early expectations and experience

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Returning to work after stroke: a review

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Returning to work following curative chemotherapy: a qualitative study of return to work barriers and preferences for intervention

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Returning to work following low back pain: towards a model of individual psychosocial factors

Hilchey, M.D.; Klein, R.M.; Satel, J., 2015:
Returning to "inhibition of return" by dissociating long-term oculomotor IOR from short-term sensory adaptation and other nonoculomotor "inhibitory" cueing effects

Parashar, J.Rokicki.; Schechtman, A., 2011:
Returning traveler with painful penile mass

Hunt, S.; Cross, G.M., 2011:
Returning veterans should have access to health services

Manderscheid, R.W., 2007:
Returning vets need a network of care

Anonymous, 1928:
Returns From Proposed Initiatives

Selle, W.A., 2012:
Returns of questionnaire concerning biophysics sent to deans and physiologists of American medical schools

Gold, J.D.; Wu, J.C., 2013:
Returns of the living dead: therapeutic action of irradiated and mitotically inactivated embryonic stem cells

Cunningham, S.A.; Yount, K.M.; Engelman, M.; Agree, E., 2013:
Returns on lifetime investments in children in Egypt

Doyle, J.J., 2011:
Returns to Local-Area Healthcare Spending: Evidence from Health Shocks to Patients Far From Home

Stanek, K.C.; Iacono, W.G.; McGue, M., 2012:
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Reusable ultrasound probe covers

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Reutilization of wastewater

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Rev up your EHR: how to optimize performance. Learn ways to increase revenue, improve practice efficiency and quality

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Anonymous, 1931:
Rev. Canon Arnott, F.R.C.S

Anonymous, 1935:
Rev. Horace Bagster Wilson

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Rev. John Edward Hine, D.D., D.C.L., M.D

Anonymous, 1929:
Rev. William Menzies Alexander, M.D

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Rev. Williams' love story

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Revaccination In Orange River Colony

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Revaccination in adults

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Revalidation - a personal reflection

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Revalidation and accreditation of medical expert witnesses: the next step

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Revalidation and recertification--the future

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Revalidation and recertification: the process in the United States of America

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Revalidation could be abused

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Revalidation could depend on the quality of employers' appraisals

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Revalidation for cardiologists in the United Kingdom

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Revalidation for chemo nurses: are you ready?

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Revalidation may have hidden cost as staff need training

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Revalidation of Canadian physicians

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Revalidation of a modified and safe approach of stellate ganglion block

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Revalidation of doctors

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Revalidation of physicians in Canada: are we passing the test?

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Compartment Syndrome in the Pediatric Patient

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Revalidation seems to add little to the current appraisal process

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Revalidation will not reliably detect poorly performing doctors

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Revaluation of geometric cues reduces landmark discrimination via within-compound associations

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Revaluation of the association between vascular endothelial growth factor gene 936 C/T polymorphism and breast cancer risk

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Revaluation of the classifications of bone tumors

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Revaluations For Rates And Taxes

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Revaluing and making tangible the resources for information and scientific editing in Argentina: lines of work and perspectives from the Center of Scientific and Technological Information of CONICET

Anonymous, 2010:
Revamp access with these 10 technologies

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Revamp of IRS rules urged. Not-for-profit hospitals want clear, usable guidance

Anonymous, 2010:
Revamp process for sudden surges in registrations

Anonymous, 2010:
Revamped documentation program raises CMI

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Revamping RCRA

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Revamping apps for payers

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Revamping dental school accreditation

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Revamping end-user training

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Revamping in-house clinical engineering 90 days

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Revamping neurorehabilitation in Oman

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Revamping the clinical trials system

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Revamping the reproductive health agenda in Africa after 2014

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Revamping the role of biofilm regulating operons in device-associated Staphylococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Revamping to save time and money

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Revamping your practice's retirement plan

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Revamping your resume for your specialty

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Revascularization and rescue of a failed kidney transplant in a case of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

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Revascularization and tissue regeneration of an empty root canal space is enhanced by a direct blood supply and stem cells

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Revascularization as a treatment to improve renal function

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Revascularization by carotid artery stenting and off-pump coronary artery bypass

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Revascularization following experimental mesenteric vascular occlusion

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Revascularization for iliac-femoral artery pseudoaneurysm with greater saphenous vein

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Revascularization for ischemic LV dysfunction: stents or surgery?

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Revascularization for patients with heart failure. Inconsistencies between theory and practice

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Revascularization for renal-artery stenosis

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Revascularization for renal-artery stenosis

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Revascularization for silent ischemia?: another piece of the puzzle

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Revascularization for the aortoiliac regions of peripheral arterial disease

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Revealing binding sites for myeloperoxidase on the surface of human low density lipoproteins

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Revealing cell-surface intramolecular interactions in the BlaR1 protein of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus by NMR spectroscopy

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Revealing global regulatory perturbations across human cancers

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Revealing highly conserved regions in the E6 protein among distinct human papillomavirus types using comparative analysis of multiple sequence alignments

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Revealing instances of coordination among multiple cortical areas

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Revealing interdyad differences in naturally occurring staff reactions to challenging behaviour of clients with severe or profound intellectual disabilities by means of Clusterwise Hierarchical Classes Analysis (HICLAS)

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Revealing long-range density fluctuations in dialkylimidazolium chloride ionic liquids by dynamic light scattering

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Revealing medical errors to your patients

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Revealing microbial functional activities in the Red Sea sponge Stylissa carteri by metatranscriptomics

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Revealing missing parts of the interactome via link prediction

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Revealing personhood through biomusic of individuals without communicative interaction ability

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Revealing rembrandt

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Revealing signaling pathway deregulation by using gene expression signatures and regulatory motif analysis

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Revealing single emitter spectral dynamics from intensity correlations in an ensemble fluorescence spectrum

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Revealing single-trap condensate fragmentation by measuring density-density correlations after time of flight

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Revealing sources and distribution changes of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in pore water of sediment from the Yangtze estuary

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Revealing spatio-spectral electroencephalographic dynamics of musical mode and tempo perception by independent component analysis

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Revealing strengths and weaknesses of methods for gene network inference

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Revealing the genetic structure of a trait by sequencing a population under selection

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Revealing the glycation sites in synthetic neoglycoconjugates formed by conjugation of the antigenic monosaccharide hapten of Vibrio cholerae O1, serotype Ogawa with the BSA protein carrier using LC-ESI-QqTOF-MS/MS

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Revealing the hidden curriculum and reducing cultural reproduction: small steps on a long road

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Revealing the hidden relationship between nucleosomes and splicing

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Revealing the human mutome

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Revealing the importance of meristems and roots for the development of hypersensitive responses and full foliar resistance to Phytophthora infestans in the resistant potato cultivar Sarpo Mira

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Revealing the importance of military sexual trauma and its consequences

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Revealing the incidentalome when targeting the tumor genome

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Revealing the invisible: the paradox of picturing a phantom limb

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Revealing the ionization ability of binding site I of human serum albumin using 2-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole as a pH sensitive probe

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Revealing the latent mobilization capability of the staphylococcal bacteriocinogenic plasmid pRJ9

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Revealing the link between licensed outlets and violence: counting venues versus measuring alcohol availability

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Revealing the maternal demographic history of Panthera leo using ancient DNA and a spatially explicit genealogical analysis

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Revealing the maximum strength in nanotwinned copper

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Revealing the mechanism of in vitro wound healing properties of Citrus tamurana extract

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Revealing the mechanism of tissue damage due to tobacco use: finally, a smoking gun?

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Revealing the mechanisms of tolerance

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Revealing the metabolic sites of atazanavir in human by parallel administrations of D-atazanavir analogs

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Revealing the metal-like behavior of iodine: an iodide-catalysed radical oxidative alkenylation

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Revealing the molecular mechanism of colorectal cancer by establishing LGALS3-related protein-protein interaction network and identifying signaling pathways

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Revealing the molecular mechanism of gastric cancer marker annexin A4 in cancer cell proliferation using exon arrays

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Revealing the molecular relationship between type 2 diabetes and the metabolic changes induced by a very-low-carbohydrate low-fat ketogenic diet

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Revealing the molecular signatures of host-pathogen interactions

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Revealing the multi-electron effects in sequential double ionization using classical simulations

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Revealing the mysteries of medicine

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Revealing the mystery. Interview by Kristie Nybo

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Revealing the nature of intermolecular interaction and configurational preference of the nonpolar molecular dimers (H₂)₂, (N₂)₂, and (H₂)(N₂)

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Revealing the nature of the active site on the carbon catalyst for C-H bond activation

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Revealing the nature of thio-click reactions on the solid phase

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Revealing the neural networks associated with processing of natural social interaction and the related effects of actor-orientation and face-visibility

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Revealing the neural response to imperceptible peripheral flicker with machine learning

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Revealing the order of a vortex through its intensity record

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Revealing the origin of the audiovisual bounce-inducing effect

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Revealing the origin of the vertical hysteresis loop shifts in an exchange biased Co/YMnO3 bilayer

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Revealing the pathogenesis of the 5q- syndrome

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Revealing the pathogenic and aging-related mechanisms of the enigmatic idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. an integral model

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Revealing the photorelaxation mechanism in a molecular solid using density-functional theory

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Revealing the physics of R modes in low-mass x-ray binaries

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Revealing the poliovirus's path to infection

Sato, A., 2013:
Revealing the popularity of traditional medicine in light of multiple recourses and outcome measurements from a user's perspective in Ghana

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Revealing the position of the substrate in nickel superoxide dismutase: a model study

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