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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 55556

Chapter 55556 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Qi, X.; Crooke, E.; Ross, A.; Bastow, T.P.; Stalvies, C., 2011:
Revealing the properties of oils from their dissolved hydrocarbon compounds in water with an integrated sensor array system

Valente, A.Paula.; de Paula, V.Silva.; Almeida, F.C.L., 2014:
Revealing the properties of plant defensins through dynamics

Blackwell, A.E.; Dodds, E.D.; Bandarian, V.; Wysocki, V.H., 2011:
Revealing the quaternary structure of a heterogeneous noncovalent protein complex through surface-induced dissociation

Dray, B., 2013:
Revealing the real student

Hallowell, N.; Hall, A.; Alberg, C.; Zimmern, R., 2015:
Revealing the results of whole-genome sequencing and whole-exome sequencing in research and clinical investigations: some ethical issues

Kawka, J.; Sturm, D.; Pleier, S.; Pfister, S.; Marciniak-Czochra, A., 2015:
Revealing the role of SGK1 in the dynamics of medulloblastoma using a mathematical model

Zotti, L.A.; Kirchner, T.; Cuevas, J-Carlos.; Pauly, F.; Huhn, T.; Scheer, E.; Erbe, A., 2010:
Revealing the role of anchoring groups in the electrical conduction through single-molecule junctions

Hoeppner, L.H.; Phoenix, K.N.; Clark, K.J.; Bhattacharya, R.; Gong, X.; Sciuto, T.E.; Vohra, P.; Suresh, S.; Bhattacharya, S.; Dvorak, A.M.; Ekker, S.C.; Dvorak, H.F.; Claffey, K.P.; Mukhopadhyay, D., 2012:
Revealing the role of phospholipase Cβ3 in the regulation of VEGF-induced vascular permeability

Oliveira-Sales, E.B.; Toward, M.Ann.; Campos, R.R.; Paton, J.F.R., 2015:
Revealing the role of the autonomic nervous system in the development and maintenance of Goldblatt hypertension in rats

Yamada, T.; Maigne, A.; Yudasaka, M.; Mizuno, K.; Futaba, D.N.; Yumura, M.; Lijima, S.; Hata, K., 2009:
Revealing the secret of water-assisted carbon nanotube synthesis by microscopic observation of the interaction of water on the catalysts

Cottingham, K., 2008:
Revealing the secrets of histone H3 modification

Alexandra Rowe, J., 2013:
Revealing the secrets of malaria parasite interaction with blood group A sugars

Ginger, M.; Haberl, M.; Conzelmann, K-Klaus.; Schwarz, M.K.; Frick, A., 2013:
Revealing the secrets of neuronal circuits with recombinant rabies virus technology

de Viguerie, L.; Walter, P.; Laval, E.; Mottin, B.; Solé, V.Armando., 2010:
Revealing the sfumato technique of Leonardo da Vinci by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Abbott, J.Dawn., 2010:
Revealing the silver and red lining in drug-eluting stents with angioscopy

Glantz, M.; Håkansson, A.; Lindmark Månsson, H.; Paulsson, M.; Nilsson, L., 2010:
Revealing the size, conformation, and shape of casein micelles and aggregates with asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation and multiangle light scattering

Marulanda, M.C.; Cardona, O.D.; Barbat, A.H., 2010:
Revealing the socioeconomic impact of small disasters in Colombia using the DesInventar database

Wieland, S.C.; Cassa, C.A.; Mandl, K.D.; Berger, B., 2008:
Revealing the spatial distribution of a disease while preserving privacy

Chien, F-Ching.; Huang, W.Yen.; Shiu, J-Ye.; Kuo, C.Wen.; Chen, P., 2009:
Revealing the spatial distribution of the site enhancement for the surface enhanced Raman scattering on the regular nanoparticle arrays

O'Brien, S.; Keown, A.J.; Constantino, P.; Xie, Z.; Bush, M.B., 2014:
Revealing the structural and mechanical characteristics of ovine teeth

Perry, M.; Sanguinetti, M.; Mitcheson, J., 2011:
Revealing the structural basis of action of hERG potassium channel activators and blockers

Sun, S-Long.; Wen, J-Long.; Ma, M-Guo.; Li, M-Fei.; Sun, R-Cang., 2014:
Revealing the structural inhomogeneity of lignins from sweet sorghum stem by successive alkali extractions

Morgado, L.; Paixão, Vítor.B.; Schiffer, M.; Pokkuluri, P.Raj.; Bruix, M.; Salgueiro, C.A., 2012:
Revealing the structural origin of the redox-Bohr effect: the first solution structure of a cytochrome from Geobacter sulfurreducens

Lherminier, S.; Planet, R.; Simon, G.; Vanel, L.; Ramos, O., 2014:
Revealing the structure of a granular medium through ballistic sound propagation

Piazza, V.; Weinhausen, B.; Diaz, A.; Dammann, C.; Maurer, C.; Reynolds, M.; Burghammer, M.; Köster, S., 2015:
Revealing the structure of stereociliary actin by X-ray nanoimaging

Chvátal, A., 2015:
Revealing the structure of the nervous tissue I.: from Marcello Malpighi (1628-1694) to Christian Berres (1796-1844)

Tong, M.; Yang, Q.; Xiao, Y.; Zhong, C., 2014:
Revealing the structure-property relationship of covalent organic frameworks for CO₂ capture from postcombustion gas: a multi-scale computational study

Wu, D.; Yang, Q.; Zhong, C.; Liu, D.; Huang, H.; Zhang, W.; Maurin, G., 2012:
Revealing the structure-property relationships of metal-organic frameworks for CO2 capture from flue gas

Chen, M.X.; Weinert, M., 2014:
Revealing the substrate origin of the linear dispersion of silicene/Ag(111)

Walewski, Łukasz.; Forbert, H.; Marx, D., 2012:
Revealing the subtle interplay of thermal and quantum fluctuation effects on contact ion pairing in microsolvated HCl

Jordan, T.R.; Paterson, K.B.; Almabruk, A.A.A., 2010:
Revealing the superior perceptibility of words in Arabic

Boge, R.; Heuser, S.; Sabbar, M.; Lucchini, M.; Gallmann, L.; Cirelli, C.; Keller, U., 2014:
Revealing the time-dependent polarization of ultrashort pulses with sub-cycle resolution

Lee, T-Lap.; Rennert, O.M.; Chan, W-Yee., 2012:
Revealing the transcriptome landscape of mouse spermatogonial cells by tiling microarray

King, M.D.; Blanton, T.N.; Korter, T.M., 2012:
Revealing the true crystal structure of L-phenylalanine using solid-state density functional theory

Shen, B.; Zhou, S.; He, Y.; Zhao, H.; Mei, M.; Wu, X., 2014:
Revealing the underlying mechanism of ischemia reperfusion injury using bioinformatics approach

Botonaki, A.; Mattas, K., 2011:
Revealing the values behind convenience food consumption

Ng, M-Fai.; Yang, S-Wang., 2007:
Revealing the way of self-complementary dimerization for a shape-persistent macrocycle using density functional theory calculations

Blignault, I.; Ritchie, J., 2009:
Revealing the wood and the trees: reporting qualitative research

Seewoogoolam, G.; Miller, G.; Tan, B., 2018:
Compartment syndrome of the deltoid and pectoralis major in a young man following quetiapine use

Kopp, B.; Yi, Z.; Benner, D.; Xie, F-Qing.; Obermair, C.; Schimmel, T.; Boneberg, J.; Leiderer, P.; Scheer, E., 2012:
Revealing thermal effects in the electronic transport through irradiated atomic metal point contacts

Vandevoorde, J., 2014:
Revealing three psychological states before an acting out in 32 patients hospitalized for suicide attempt

Lu, H.Peter., 2011:
Revealing time bunching effect in single-molecule enzyme conformational dynamics

Takeda, Y.; Yamanaka, K.; Yamagishi, N.; Sato, M-aki., 2015:
Revealing time-unlocked brain activity from MEG measurements by common waveform estimation

Carlson, J., 2014:
Revealing times. Hospitals, physicians face mounting policy and market pressure to disclose prices

Niu, H.; Wang, J.; Zhao, T.; Shu, N.; He, Y., 2013:
Revealing topological organization of human brain functional networks with resting-state functional near infrared spectroscopy

Lee, S-Ping.; Michaeli, K.; Alicea, J.; Yacoby, A., 2014:
Revealing topological superconductivity in extended quantum spin Hall Josephson junctions

Conrad, E.; Stein, R.; Hunter, C.S., 2015:
Revealing transcription factors during human pancreatic β cell development

Chen, Y.; Tokuda, J.M.; Topping, T.; Sutton, J.L.; Meisburger, S.P.; Pabit, S.A.; Gloss, L.M.; Pollack, L., 2014:
Revealing transient structures of nucleosomes as DNA unwinds

Despont-Gros, C.; Cohen, G.; Rutschmann, O.T.; Geissbuhler, A.; Lovis, C., 2009:
Revealing triage behaviour patterns in ER using a new technology for handwritten data acquisition

Xie, T.; Xiao, X.; Cheng, Y-Tse., 2009:
Revealing triple-shape memory effect by polymer bilayers

Wu, C.J.; Ritz, J., 2009:
Revealing tumor immunity after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Alexander, A.J.; Gatewood, S.B.S., 2008:
Revealing undetected problems with medication therapy management services

Heverly-Coulson, G.S.; Boyd, R.J.; Mó, O.; Yáñez, M., 2013:
Revealing unexpected mechanisms for nucleophilic attack on S-S and Se-Se bridges

David-Eden, H.; Mandel-Gutfreund, Y., 2008:
Revealing unique properties of the ribosome using a network based analysis

Hoot, S.B.; Napier, N.S.; Taylor, W.Carl., 2004:
Revealing unknown or extinct lineages within Isoetes (Isoetaceae) using DNA sequencesfrom hybrids

Back, E.; Jordan, T.R., 2014:
Revealing variations in perception of mental states from dynamic facial expressions: a cautionary note

Jacob, Y.; Rapson, A.; Kafri, M.; Baruchi, I.; Hendler, T.; Ben Jacob, E., 2011:
Revealing voxel correlation cliques by functional holography analysis of fMRI

Goncharuk, V.V.; Kavitskaya, A.A.; Romanyukina, I.Yu.; Loboda, O.A., 2013:
Revealing water's secrets: deuterium depleted water

Zou, J.; Hao, C.; Hong, G.; Zheng, J.; He, L.; Guo, Z., 2012:
Revealing weak differential gene expressions and their reproducible functions associated with breast cancer metastasis

Sosnick, T.R.; Baxa, M.C., 2013:
Revealing what gets buried first in protein folding

Lin, Z-F.; Shen, X-Y.; Lu, F-Z.; Ruan, Z.; Huang, H-L.; Zhen, J., 2012:
Reveals new lung adenocarcinoma cancer genes based on gene expression

Munro, N.T.; Fischer, J.; Wood, J.; Lindenmayer, D.B., 2009:
Revegetation in agricultural areas: the development of structural complexity and floristic diversity

Lange, C.A.; Böcker, L.; Katzur, J., 2011:
Revegetation of a uranium mine dump by using fertilizer treated sessile oaks

Larchevêque, M.; Desrochers, A.; Bussière, B.; Cartier, Hélène.; David, J-Sébastien., 2016:
Revegetation of non-Acid-generating, thickened tailings with boreal trees: a greenhouse study

Van Stelten, A.; Simpson, J.M.; Ward, T.J.; Nightingale, K.K., 2010:
Revelation by single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping that mutations leading to a premature stop codon in inlA are common among Listeria monocytogenes isolates from ready-to-eat foods but not human listeriosis cases

Young, K.D.; Peynircioğlu, Z.F.; Hohman, T.J., 2010:
Revelation effect in metamemory

Patil, S.; Premalatha, B.; Rao, R.S.; Ganavi, B., 2013:
Revelation in the field of tissue preservation - a preliminary study on natural formalin substitutes

Naoi, M.; Maruyama, W.; Inaba-Hasegawa, K., 2014:
Revelation in the neuroprotective functions of rasagiline and selegiline: the induction of distinct genes by different mechanisms

Patanè, S.; Marte, F.;, F.Carmelo.; Albanese, A.; L.R.cca, R.; Villari, S.Alessandra., 2010:
Revelation of Brugada electrocardiographic pattern during a febrile state

Patanè, S.; Marte, F., 2011:
Revelation of Brugada electrocardiographic pattern during a febrile state associated with acute myocardial infarction

Rooklin, D.W.; Lu, M.; Zhang, Y., 2013:
Revelation of a catalytic calcium-binding site elucidates unusual metal dependence of a human apyrase

Jacquot, A.; Bernard, F.; Dupont, M.; Taviaux, S.; Guyot, D.; Plan, O.; Badr, M.; Montoya, F.; Cambonie, G.; Picaud, J-C., 2007:
Revelation of an acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the delivery room

Patanè, S.; Marte, F.; D.B.lla, G.; Fazio, G.; Villari, S.Alessandra., 2011:
Revelation of an asymptomatic ventricular septal defect in elderly patient before a surgical intervention

Patanè, S.; Marte, F.; Portaro, A., 2011:
Revelation of an obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in an elderly patient

Patanè, S.; Marte, F.; Sturiale, M., 2012:
Revelation of changing axis deviation at the end of atrial fibrillation associated with endogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism

Patanè, S.; Marte, F., 2011:
Revelation of changing axis deviation at the end of atrial fibrillation during acute myocardial infarction

Patanè, S.; Marte, F.; Sturiale, M., 2012:
Revelation of changing axis deviation at the end of atrial fibrillation without acute myocardial infarction

Thiruselvam, V.; Sivaraman, P.; Kumarevel, T.; Ponnuswamy, M.Nanjappagounder., 2015:
Revelation of endogenously bound Fe(2+) ions in the crystal structure of ferritin from Escherichia coli

Jarkovska, K.; Dvorankova, B.; Halada, P.; Kodet, O.; Szabo, P.; Gadher, S.Jivan.; Motlik, J.; Kovarova, H.; Smetana, K., 2014:
Revelation of fibroblast protein commonalities and differences and their possible roles in wound healing and tumourigenesis using co-culture models of cells

Bhandari, S.; Deepa, M.; Joshi, A.G.; Saxena, A.P.; Srivastava, A.K., 2011:
Revelation of graphene-Au for direct write deposition and characterization

Hughes, A.E.; Trinchi, A.; Chen, F.F.; Yang, Y.S.; Cole, I.S.; Sellaiyan, S.; Carr, J.; Lee, P.D.; Thompson, G.E.; Xiao, T.Q., 2015:
Revelation of intertwining organic and inorganic fractal structures in polymer coatings

Lee, C-Yong.; Bond, A.M., 2010:
Revelation of multiple underlying RuO2 redox processes associated with pseudocapacitance and electrocatalysis

Li, D-Qiang.; Pakala, S.B.; Reddy, S.Divijendra.Natha.; Ohshiro, K.; Peng, S-Hua.; Lian, Y.; Fu, S.W.; Kumar, R., 2010:
Revelation of p53-independent function of MTA1 in DNA damage response via modulation of the p21 WAF1-proliferating cell nuclear antigen pathway

Tao, L.; Guan, B.; Liu, S., 2013:
Revelation of purchase system of developed nation to large medical equipment group purchase in our country

Lawung, R.; Chuong, L.V.; Cherdtrakulkiat, R.; Srisarin, A.; Prachayasittikul, V., 2015:
Revelation of staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec types in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Thailand and Vietnam

Lau, N-Sean.; Sudesh, K., 2012:
Revelation of the ability of Burkholderia sp. USM (JCM 15050) PHA synthase to polymerize 4-hydroxybutyrate monomer

Jin, L.; Liu, C.; Liu, J.; Hu, F.; Lan, Y.; Batsanov, A.S.; Howard, J.A.K.; Marder, T.B.; Lei, A., 2009:
Revelation of the difference between arylzinc reagents prepared from aryl Grignard and aryllithium reagents respectively: kinetic and structural features

Moh, P.Y.; Cubillas, P.; Anderson, M.W.; Attfield, M.P., 2011:
Revelation of the molecular assembly of the nanoporous metal organic framework ZIF-8

Murata, K.; Inagaki, A.; Akita, M.; Halet, J-François.; Costuas, K., 2013:
Revelation of the photoactive species in the photocatalytic dimerization of α-methylstyrene by a dinuclear ruthenium-palladium complex

Maiti, K.; Medicherla, V.R.R.; Patil, S.; Singh, R.Shankar., 2008:
Revelation of the role of impurities and conduction electron density in the high resolution photoemission study of ferromagnetic hexaborides

Yau, S.; Lee, Y.; Chang, C.; Dow, W-Ping., 2009:
Revelation of the spatial structures and polymerization of aniline on Au(100) electrode by in situ scanning tunnelling microscopy

Lang, M.; He, L.; Xiu, F.; Yu, X.; Tang, J.; Wang, Y.; Kou, X.; Jiang, W.; Fedorov, A.V.; Wang, K.L., 2012:
Revelation of topological surface states in Bi2Se3 thin films by in situ Al passivation

Ghosh, P.; Ray, R.; Das, A.; Lahiri, G.Kumar., 2014:
Revelation of varying coordination modes and noninnocence of deprotonated 2,2'-bipyridine-3,3'-diol in {Os(bpy)₂} frameworks

Yadav, M.R.; Gandhi, H.P.; Naik, P.P.; Giridhar, R., 2012:
Revelation on the potency of α(1) -blockers - parallel blockade of angiotensin II receptor: a new finding

Lawrence, R.A., 2009:
Revelations about Candida albicans, a bundle of letters from our readers, and an assault on breastfeeding

Dawson, T.M.; Moore, D.J.; West, A.B., 2009:
Revelations and revolutions in the understanding of Parkinson's disease

Du, X.; Semler, B.L.; Gomez, C.M., 2014:
Revelations from a bicistronic calcium channel gene

Bernstein, J., 1993:
Revelations from farm Hall

Martinez-Finley, E.J.; Aschner, M., 2011:
Revelations from the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans on the Complex Interplay of Metal Toxicological Mechanisms

Laureys, S.; Boly, M.; Schnakers, C.; Vanhaudenhuyse, A.; Bruno, M.A.; Noirhomme, Q.; Ledoux, D.; Faymonville, M.E.; Lamy, M.; Franck, G.; Luxen, A.; Maquet, P.; Moonen, G., 2009:
Revelations from the unconscious: studying residual brain function in coma and related states

Markoff, S., 2010:
Revelations in our own backyard: Chandra's unique Galactic Center discoveries

Bedingfield, N.; Kipp, W.; Kaler, A.; Rubaale, T., 2014:
Revelations of HIV-infected patients treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in rural Uganda

Flaskerud, J., 2011:
Revelations on the state of psychiatry today

Finlay, W., 1991:
Revelations reassessed

Lancaster, J., 1994:
Revelle on global warming

Anonymous, 2011:
Revels, reviews and renewal: looking back, looking ahead

van Denderen, Mëtte.; de Keijser, J.; Gerlsma, C.; Huisman, M.; Boelen, P.A., 2015:
Revenge and psychological adjustment after homicidal loss

Cooper, N., 2011:
Revenge of the ACL

Arnold, S.R., 2007:
Revenge of the killer microbe

Booth, W., 1988:
Revenge of the "Nozzleheads": Insect pheromones, once hyped as a panacea, have been quietly proving their efficacy; but federal regulation, the pesticide industry, and the very nature of the delicate chemicals themselves still stand in the way of their widespread use

Gäbler, I.; Maercker, A., 2011:
Revenge phenomena and posttraumatic stress disorder in former East German political prisoners

Yu, R., 2016:
Revenge, even though it is not your fault

Rosen, I.C., 2007:
Revenge--the hate that dare not speak its name: a psychoanalytic perspective

Grobbink, L.H.; Derksen, J.J.L.; van Marle, H.J.C., 2014:
Revenge: An Analysis of Its Psychological Underpinnings

Konečni, V.J., 2016:
Revenge: behavioral and emotional consequences

McGowan, J.E.; Persinger, K.D., 2010:
Revenue analysis for perioperative services

Krüger, A.; Wollny, M.; Oberkircher, L.; Bornemann, R.; Pflugmacher, R., 2013:
Revenue and losses with vertebral augmentation under the G-DRG system 2012 - a comparison of supply costs in the context of vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

Fossier, R., 2010:
Revenue at your fingertips. Four issuses determine which ePCR solution will improve your business

Manley, R.; Satiani, B., 2009:
Revenue cycle management

Dolan, P.Lewis., 2014:
Revenue cycle management 10 tips to assess vendors

Conocenti, P., 2011:
Revenue cycle management automation. An interview with Paul Conocenti, Senior Vice President, Vice Dean AND CIO, NYU Langone Medical Center. Interview by Mark Hagland

Degaspari, J., 2010:
Revenue cycle management changes horizon. Report sees rise in claims management and EDI spending

Hess, C.Thomas., 2015:
Revenue cycle management checklist for wound care

Mayer, M., 2008:
Revenue cycle management starts at registration

Crew, M., 2007:
Revenue cycle management, Part II

Christian, C.E., 2011:
Revenue cycle management. Interview by Mark Hagland

Myers, M.; Cassidy, B., 2013:
Revenue cycle management: preparing for new ways of measurement

Mugdh, M.; Pilla, S., 2012:
Revenue cycle optimization in health care institutions. A conceptual framework for change management

Thomas, J.R., 2009:
Revenue cycle rewind

Anonymous, 2014:
Revenue cycle technology: key factors for choosing a solution

Stickel, T., 2012:
Revenue cycle? More like a revenue rhythm

Iles, R.A.; Eley, D.S.; Hegney, D.G.; Patterson, E.; Young, J.; Del Mar, C.; Synnott, R.; Scuffham, P.A., 2015:
Revenue effects of practice nurse-led care for chronic diseases

Hanewinkel, R.; Gohlke, H., 2008:
Revenue for the German federal budget from cigarette smoking by persons younger than 18 years

Doran, C.M.; Byrnes, J.M.; Higashi, H.; Truong, K., 2011:
Revenue implications to the Vietnamese government of using taxes to curb cigarette smoking

Johnson, K.M., 2007:
Revenue integrity departments support the revenue cycle

Anonymous, 2011:
Revenue integrity team follows the patient stay

Burroughs, M.J., 2011:
Revenue lost and found: debt buying and your bottom line

Livingood, W.C.; Morris, M.; Sorensen, B.; Chapman, K.; Rivera, L.; Beitsch, L.; Street, P.; Coughlin, S.; Smotherman, C.; Wood, D., 2014:
Revenue sources for essential services in Florida: findings and implications for organizing and funding public health

Anonymous, 1981:
Revenue woes topic of special legislative session

Lubell, J., 2008:
Revenue, costs rise 7% annually. Census data, AHRQ report sicker patients add to costs

Shepherd, A.J., 2009:
Revenue, expenses, and returns on resources for US veterinary private practices, 2005 and 2007

Gunderman, R.B., 2007:
Revenue-based compensation

Cooper, R.; Kramer, T.R., 2010:
Revenue-based cost assignment: a potent but hidden threat to the survival of the multispecialty medical practice

Berland, D.; Shain, B.; Barron-Seabrook, S., 2010:
Revenue: understanding insurance reimbursement and CPT coding in child and adolescent psychiatry

Koepke, D., 2012:
Revenues and expenses declined in 2011, but show increases when patient severity is considered

Anonymous, 2013:
Revenues rise with patient visits. AAHA conference features positive State of the Industry Report for 2012

Eder, K.E.; Haussen, D.C.; Searls, D.Eric.; Henninger, N., 2012:
Reverberating TCD flow pattern in brain death

Omi, T.; Shinomoto, S., 2008:
Reverberating activity in a neural network with distributed signal transmission delays

Boland, G., 2013:

Dahl, J.J.; Sheth, N.M., 2014:
Reverberation clutter from subcutaneous tissue layers: simulation and in vivo demonstrations

Henyey, F.S.; Tang, D., 2014:
Reverberation clutter induced by nonlinear internal waves in shallow water

Kling, T.; Shung, K.K.; Thieme, G.A., 1993:
Reverberation reduction in ultrasonic B-mode images via dual frequency image subtraction

Hazrati, O.; Loizou, P.C., 2013:
Reverberation suppression in cochlear implants using a blind channel-selection strategy

Certo, M.V.; Kohlberg, G.D.; Chari, D.A.; Mancuso, D.M.; Lalwani, A.K., 2015:
Reverberation time influences musical enjoyment with cochlear implants

Thomas, P.; Van Renterghem, T.; D.B.eck, E.; Dragonetti, L.; Botteldooren, D., 2013:
Reverberation-based urban street sound level prediction

Zhu, J.; Chen, W.; Ye, G., 2011:
Reverberation-ray matrix analysis for wave propagation in multiferroic plates with imperfect interfacial bonding

Saranteas, T.; Karabinis, A., 2009:
Reverberation: source of potential artifacts occurring during ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia

Ward, K.A., 1960:
Reverberations from the Saskatchewan Election

Martin-Du-Pan, Rémy.C., 2011:
Reverberations of the past or the pitfalls of statistical and data manipulation

Charlton, O.C., 1915:
Reverchon Park, Dallas, Texas

Kirkup, J.; Reverdin, J-Louis., 2011:
Reverdin's needle

Anonymous, 1917:
Revere Osler

Dewey, N., 1981:
Revere Osler and Jack Slessor

Kovac, J., 2014:
Reverence and ethics in science

Monaco, A.P.; Morris, P.J., 2014:
Reverence for the organ donor

Bonderup, G.; Blicher, N., 2012:
Reverend Blicher's difficulties with vaccinations in 1807

McLaughlin, P.; Paley, W.; Sober, E., 2008:
Reverend Paley's naturalist revival

Fremlin, L.; Farrugia, M.; Piggott, A.M.; Khalil, Z.; Lacey, E.; Capon, R.J., 2011:
Reveromycins revealed: new polyketide spiroketals from Australian marine-derived and terrestrial Streptomyces spp. A case of natural products vs. artifacts

Yuan, L.; Cao, T.; Zang, Y.; Pei, J.; Duan, Y.; Gao, F., 2007:
Reversal E/A value at end-inspiration might be more sensitive and accurate for diagnosing abnormal left ventricular diastolic function

Horsley, J.S., 1916:
Reversal Of The Circulation In The Lower Extremity

Bryant, E.C., 1933:
Reversal Of The Pinhole Image

Palmer, C.S., 1920:
Reversal Of The Sodium Line

Zhang, X-Guo.; Miao, J.; Dai, Y-Qin.; Du, Y-Zhong.; Yuan, H.; Hu, F-Qiang., 2008:
Reversal activity of nanostructured lipid carriers loading cytotoxic drug in multi-drug resistant cancer cells

Costin, J.; Ansell, J.; Laulicht, B.; Bakhru, S.; Steiner, S., 2015:
Reversal agents in development for the new oral anticoagulants

Wang, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Smith, E.; Goodall, G.J.; Drew, P.A.; Brabletz, T.; Yang, C., 2011:
Reversal and prevention of arsenic-induced human bronchial epithelial cell malignant transformation by microRNA-200b

Sidhoum, V.F.; Chan, Y-Ming.; Lippincott, M.F.; Balasubramanian, R.; Quinton, R.; Plummer, L.; Dwyer, A.; Pitteloud, N.; Hayes, F.J.; Hall, J.E.; Martin, K.A.; Boepple, P.A.; Seminara, S.B., 2014:
Reversal and relapse of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: resilience and fragility of the reproductive neuroendocrine system

Barbosa, E.Correa.; Benchimol-Barbosa, P.Roberto.; Bomfim,; Rocha, Pínio.José.da.; Boghossian, S.Helena.Cardoso.; Albuquerque,, 2010:
Reversal atrial electrical remodeling following cardioversion of long-standing lone atrial fibrillation

Lamberts, R.L.; Kurtz, C.N., 1971:
Reversal bleaching for low flare light in holograms

Bia, D.; Zócalo, Y.; Armentano, R.L.; de Forteza, E.; Cabrera-Fischer, E., 2009:
Reversal blood flow component as determinant of the arterial functional capability: theoretical implications in physiological and therapeutic conditions

Bosch, A.; Bertran, S.P.; Lu, Y.; Garcia, A.; Jones, A.M.; Dawson, M.I.; Farias, E.F., 2015:
Reversal by RARα agonist Am580 of c-Myc-induced imbalance in RARα/RARγ expression during MMTV-Myc tumorigenesis

Wu, C-Rei.; Lin, H-Ching.; Su, M-Hwan., 2014:
Reversal by aqueous extracts of Cistanche tubulosa from behavioral deficits in Alzheimer's disease-like rat model: relevance for amyloid deposition and central neurotransmitter function

Li, C-Xia.; Xia, M.; Han, W-Qing.; Li, X-Xue.; Zhang, C.; Boini, K.M.; Liu, X-Cheng.; Li, P-Lan., 2011:
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Reversal of vascular leak with imatinib: a role for IL-2?

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Reversal of vasohibin-driven negative feedback loop of vascular endothelial growth factor/angiogenesis axis promises a novel antifibrotic therapeutic strategy for liver diseases

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Reversal of visual motion priming under mesopic vision

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Reversal of warfarin: case-based practice recommendations

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Reversals of national fortune, and social science methodologies

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Reverse (posterior) cloaca with congenital rectal stenosis and pseudohermaphrodism: a rare entity with rare association

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Reverse Anterolateral Thigh Flap to Revise a Below-knee Amputation Stump at the Mid-tibial Level

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Reverse BBRVT in a structurally normal heart

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Reverse Blalock-Taussig shunt facilitates the growth of the ascending aorta after hybrid palliation

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Reverse Chaddock sign

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Reverse DNA translocation through a solid-state nanopore by magnetic tweezers

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Reverse Delta-III total shoulder replacement combined with latissimus dorsi transfer. A preliminary report

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Reverse Ecology: from systems to environments and back

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Reverse Evans peroneus brevis medial ankle stabilization for balancing valgus ankle contracture during total ankle replacement

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Reverse Fox test for detecting visuospatial dysfunction corresponding to parietal hypoperfusion in mild Alzheimer's disease

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Reverse Kirner's deformity: case report

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Reverse Kirner's or ski jump?

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Reverse LISS plates for unstable proximal femoral fractures

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Reverse LISS plating for intertrochanteric hip fractures in elderly patients

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Reverse LMA insertion in a neonate with Klippel-Feil syndrome--case report

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Reverse Monte Carlo modeling in confined systems

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Reverse Monte Carlo modeling of amorphous structures in phase-change In0.21Sb0.79 thin film

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Reverse Monte Carlo modeling of ion conducting network glasses: an evaluation based on molecular dynamics simulations

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Reverse Monte Carlo neutron scattering study of the 'ordered-ice' oxide pyrochlore Pb₂Ru₂O₆.₅

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Reverse Monte Carlo refinements of local displacive order in perovskites: AgNbO3 case study

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Reverse Monte Carlo study of spherical sample under non-periodic boundary conditions: the structure of Ru nanoparticles based on x-ray diffraction data

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Reverse Mutation Of The Bar Gene Correlated With Crossing Over

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Reverse NOTES: a Hybrid Technique of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Retrieval of an Ingested Foreign Body

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Reverse Na(+)/Ca(2+)-exchange mediated Ca(2+)-entry and noradrenaline release in Na(+)-loaded peripheral sympathetic nerves

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Reverse PCA, a systematic approach for identifying genes important for the physical interaction between protein pairs

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Reverse Peristalsis

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Reverse Ponseti-type treatment for children with congenital vertical talus: comparison between idiopathic and teratological patients

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Reverse Redistribution in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: Revisited with 64-slice MDCT

Nijjer, S.;, C., 2013:
Reverse STAR for retrograde recanalisation in a chronic total coronary artery occlusion present for 21 years

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Reverse Sellick's maneuver for transesophageal echocardiographic probe placement

Kapoor, S., 2014:
Reverse Shapiro's syndrome: Hyperthermia in the scenario of agenesis of the corpus callosum

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Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty in Patients Aged Sixty Years Old or Younger: Are we Really Doing the Best?

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Reverse T3 as a parameter of myocardial function impairment in heart failure

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Reverse TPLO for asymmetrical -premature closure of the proximal tibial physis in a dog

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Reverse Takotsubo cardiomyopathy after iatrogenic epinephrine injection requiring percutaneous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

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Reverse Takotsubo cardiomyopathy associated with the consumption of an energy drink

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Reverse Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: a story of a critically ill man with transient cardiac dysfunction

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Reverse Takotsubo pattern stress cardiomyopathy in a male patient induced during dobutamine stress echocardiography

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Reverse Takotsubo syndrome diagnosed with Tc-99m SPECT perfusion study

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Reverse Takotsubo syndrome pattern induced by local anaesthesia

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Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement with Minimal ACJ Excision Arthroplasty for Management of Massive ACJ Cyst - A Case Report

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Reverse Transcriptase and Cellular Factors: Regulators of HIV-1 Reverse Transcription

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Reverse Transcriptase-PCR Analysis of Gene Expression in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Kwon, J.Yeon.; Ryu, K.Hyun.; Choi, S.Hee., 2014:
Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction-based System for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Lily-infecting Viruses

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Reverse Transrectal Stapling Technique Using the EEA Stapler: An Alternative Approach in Difficult Reversal of Hartmann's Procedure

Vlay, S.C., 2009:
Reverse Twiddler's syndrome

Seehra, J.; Fleming, P.S.; Dibiase, A.T., 2011:
Reverse Twin Block appliance for early dental Class III correction

Yun, Y-H.; Shin, S-J.; Moon, J-G., 2007:
Reverse V osteotomy of the distal humerus for the correction of cubitus varus

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Reverse Warburg effect in a patient with aggressive B-cell lymphoma: is lactic acidosis a paraneoplastic syndrome?

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Reverse Warburg: straight to cancer

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Reverse Wenckebach "pseudo-supernormal" conduction or paroxysmal atrioventricular block

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Reverse Yús flap for upper lip reconstruction

Tiong, W.Hc.; Basiron, N.Hj., 2014:
Reverse abdominoplasty flap in reconstruction of post-bilateral mastectomies anterior chest wall defect

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Reverse abdominoplasty: a practical option for oncological trunk reconstruction

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Reverse action forceps for easy insertion of endotracheal tubes into cuffs

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Reverse adipofascial flap after resection of a malignant perineurioma of the forearm

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Reverse aggregate nucleation induced by acids in liquid-liquid extraction processes

Stouby, A.; Neckelmann, K.; Licht, P.B., 2011:
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